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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  October 12, 2021 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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no, she's home. that's all for this edition of "dateline." i'm andrea canning. thank you for watching. [theme music] se southern california neighborhood multiple homes on fire we're live on the ground with the latest i'm shepard smith. this is "the news" on cnbc pandemic game-changers merck requests emergency use for its antiviral pill, as astrazeneca says its new drug both treats and prevents covid southwest airlines cancels more than 2,000 flights. >> why didn't they cancel them sooner or try to reschedule them
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>> people left stranded and furious. >> i have about $4,500 charged on my card for all of the different hotels, ubers. >> what's to blame for the disruptions, and is holiday travel at risk pretty incredible. it's like out of a movie. >> a navy engineer and his wife charged with espionage, accused of trying to sell nuclear submarine secrets in a peanut butter sandwich. nba superstar kyrie irving said to miss hannigan games because he won't get the shot. >> not playing games. >> the fallout from the decision and how much money he can lose. the fear of flooding hits china. the u.s. opens talks with the taliban. and the massive solar flare set to hit earth >> announcer: live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, "the news with shepard smith." good evening, america could have a new and easy-to-use
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weapon in the fight in the pandemic the drugmaker merck asked the fda to authorize its antiviral pill for emergency use to treat people with mild-to-moderate covid symptoms if the agency signs off, it will be the first pill shown to work against covid and americans could get it by the end of the year meantime, astrazeneca reports new data shows its antibody cocktail cuts the risk of severe covid and death by half when given to covid patients within a week of their first symptoms on the booster shot front, a panel of fda advisers scheduled to meet later this week. members are set to discuss whether people who got moderna and j&j shots should get an extra dose millions of americans are not yet eligible for a booster so far u.s. regulators have approved extra doses only for some adults who got pfizer's vaccines for months now health experts debated whether it's safe to mix and match the vaccines but we may get clarity on that in the coming days. dr. fauci has signaled studies
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on the effectiveness of getting different shots could be released this week former cdc director scott gottlieb is with us now, former member of pfizer and lumina, author of "uncontrolled spread." the mixing of vaccines is a concern for millions of americans. should the fda and cdc gotten to this sooner? >> they had a study under way looking at this, the nih sponsored a study mixing and matching these different vaccines that could be reviewed in the fda advisory committee meeting i think that will show there are not untoward effects from mixing vaccines that's what we've seen from the data overseas but we wanted a large u.s. study to affirm that and that's going to help people in the u.s. get booster shots. even if people try to maintain the same booster they receive previously, we know there will be inadvertent substitutions in the marketplace and we know there will be situations where patients had a hard time accessing the same brand of
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vaccine they had previously, so the data affirming the safety of mixing these vaccines is going to help make this process of boosters more seamless. >> dr. gottlieb, mask requirements are still prevalent in parts of the u.s., regardless of vaccination status. as cases continue to decline, when can those masking rules be lifted >> look, i think this is going to be a local decision based on what local prevalence is we're seeing cases overall nationally decline but i think that's masking what is really going on nationally. we've seen sharp declines in the south where delta largely run its course so cases are coming down sharply in populous states like texas and florida, but you're seeing pretty dense epidemics in the midwest and plain states and the northwest have not had the delta wave yet i think there's presumption the high rate of infection will create a wall of immunity to prevent delta from getting in the part of the country the way it's affected other parts but i think there's a delta variant
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that will sweep the northwest and northeast, not nearly as dense as the south, but we're probably still in store for more spread in certain parts of the country right now where prevalence is low enough that they can make decisions to suspend mask mandates in certain regions. >> doctor, merck asked the fda for emergency authorization for its pills to treat covid if approved what can that mean for deaths in the u.s. and around the globe >> i think what we are seeing is an overall significant improvement in our therapeutic toolbox against this virus, not just against vaccines and therapeutics but dying not tick tests. the top-line data was probably the best treatment effect we've seen from orly available antiviral drugs in the treatment of any respiratory pathogens this can make a real difference. southwest airlines is scrambling to control a crisis the company canceled more than
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1,800 flights over the weekend and grounded more today. here you can see long lines in southwest counters in dallas, nashville and san jose similar scenes playing out around the country, leaving thousands of passengers stranded and a lot of them upset. >> i have about $4,500 charged on my card pending for all of the different hotels, ubers, everything we had to go back and forth with. >> they had to have known something was up why didn't they tell us? why didn't they cancel them sooner or try to reschedule them now it looks like nothing is scheduled, nothing for the next couple days out of here. >> southwest blames the cancellations on delays and bad weather and air traffic control problems and staffing issues they say it's not because of backlash over the company's vaccine mandate. and the union for southwest pilots said the pilots are not calling out sick to protest the vaccine requirement. cnbc's phil lebeau is with us now. the other airlines appear to be
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imag managing things just fine. what's happening with southwest? >> southwest is a victim of being a little too aggressive when it comes to setting the schedule for the last weekend, so when you have the weather problems in florida, air traffic control issues friday night. what happened after that they had to cancel a bunch of flights. southwest is a point-to-point system, shep so when one pilot is canceled or flight canceled, then you start to get crews out of place very quickly, opposed to other airlines which is a hub and spoke model, so when they have cancellations, all right, maybe they will not be able to fly one place but they have a crew to pick up another flight this is going to take a couple of days still for southwest to straighten out. >> phil, the pilots' union for southwest said there's no connection to the covid vaccine mandate but they're not happy with that either. >> right they're not happy with the airline management on a number of levels and haven't been for some time, shep. look, they take great pains to say this is not a sickout, this is not our way of putting -- sticking our finger in the eye of the management by calling in
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sick and so there are more cancellations. and they say that the sick rate, if you look at it now compared to earlier this summer, it's no different. but they have a number of issues, this management. this is a sore point that needs to be rectified. >> phil, holiday travel coming up is this a glimpse of what's to come >> possibly. if some of these airlines are far too aggressive, look, we saw this earlier this summer with spirit we are seeing it now with southwest, if some of these airlines are too aggressive and don't have the staffing there, they just have to realize we cannot bring back as many flights that is out there in terms of demand. we'd like to honor the demand, we'd like to fly more, but if you don't have the staffing -- and remember, you had a lot of pilots, shep, that took early buyouts a year ago so you don't have as many pilots in the system. >> yep phil lebeau, thank you. a u.s. navy engineer and his wife arrested and charged with trying to sell nuclear-powered submarine secrets to a foreign power. investigators say the buyer was actually an undercover fbi
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agent. the feds say an undisclosed foreign country alerted the fbi back in december after it received a mysterious package containing u.s. navy documents, an sd card and a letter. it read, "please forward this letter to your military intelligence agency. i believe this information will be of great value to your nation this is not a hoax." an undercover fbi agent started communicating with the package's sender through encrypted emails and otherwise, pretending to be a foreign country that wanted what he was selling. nbc's ken dilanian now the details on this, it's an incredible story. >> really remarkable, shep jonathan and diana toebbe are charged under the atomic energy act with attempting to sell the secrets of the reactor of the virginia class nuclear submarine at $3 billion each those are some of the most advanced weapons in the american arsenal. the fbi got on to this couple, as you said, back in december 2020 when an unnamed country
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received a packet of materials the fact that the fbi obtained those materials suggest, that and other clues, it was an allied country rather than adversary. but essentially the fbi ran a sting operation, began communicating with this couple and induced them to instead of transmitting the material electronically, to go physically to locations, what are known in spy parlance as dead drops, where the fbi was waiting and recording. at one of those dead drops, jonathan toebbe allegedly hid a memory card inside of a peanut butter sandwich. in another case inside of a sealed band-aid wrapper. the fbi, under the guise of being, again, this foreign intelligence agency, paid this couple about $100,000 in cryptocurrency, shep, but actually jonathan toebbe expressed an interest in getting as much as $5 million for all of the secrets that he had. now, this couple is facing these serious charges. they are scheduled to appear in court tomorrow in west virginia,
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and because this involved atomic energy, these charges carry life in prison terms, shep. obviously, jonathan toebbe was a navy engineer. his wife was a ph.d. in philosophy, who was teaching at a private school in annapolis. and that school said in a statement today they are shocked and appalled by these charges, shep. >> ken dilanian, thank you a business says at least two people are dead tonight, two injured after a small plane crashed into a california neighborhood it happened in the town of santee, just outside of san diego. a spokesperson for u.p.s. said one of those killed was an employee after the plane struck one of its trucks. officials describe it as a brutal scene, with debris extending almost a block away. the plane was a between engine cessna c340. the plane was heading to yuma, arizona and trying to land in a nearby field local coverage now, nbc 7 san
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diego and their reporter, dana griffin, is live on scene. dana >> yeah, behind me you can see the aftermath of this horrific plane crash. the debris still stretches at least another block. we know two homes appear to be destroyed, five others sustained some sort of damage. behind me you can see just this burnt-out shell of a u.p.s. truck where we have confirmed one of their driver was killed in this crash. now, the cessna went down around 12:15. video shot by witnesses show a huge ball of fire. according to those witnesses, the plane crashed in the street and a wing clipped a u.p.s. truck that happened to be right at the intersection. the driver of the truck is one of two confirmed fatalities. after impact the fuselage of the plane flipped towards the homes and a huge ball of fire, that thick black smoke poured into the sky. when the fire was out, the deputy fire chief described it as a brutal scene.
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out of those homes we told you were destroyed, luckily one was empty. i spoke with the homeowner's sister who was emotional, yet grateful, her family survived. >> my brother was one of the houses hit they were not home we're very, very lucky as i understand, there are a couple of people who didn't make it i'm so sorry it's pretty terrifying and this happens pretty frequently, with the field here, i feel like this happens at least once a year. >> so a woman and her husband were taken to the hospital we have not received an update on their condition two fatalities, a u.p.s. driver and the other likely the pilot shep >> dana griffin, thank you face to face with the taliban. a u.s. delegation meeting with a group for the first time since u.s. troops pulled out what they discussed and how the state department says things went. an ex-associate of rudy giuliani set to stand trial.
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who the federal judge said he's trying to weed out during jury selection. and netflix, the streaming giant teaming up with walmart to engage with fans like never before now you'll be le t
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the taliban says the u.s. will not formally recognize their role but will begin providing afghanistan with humanitarian aid they say that was the outcome of two days of talks in doha, qatar between u.s. and taliban officials. a spokesman for the state department wouldn't confirm whether aid was committed, but did say it came up in those talks. he said the discussions were candidate and professional with the u.s. delegation, reiterating the taliban will be judged on its actions, not only its words. nbc's josh lederman covers the state department for us. josh, this was the first face-to-face meeting since troops left in august, i
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believe. what was on the table today? >> a top u.s. priority, shep, is ensuring safe passage out of afghanistan for u.s. citizens and afghan partners. on that, the taliban had been showing some flexibility, with reports today even of another evacuation flight leaving kabul. the u.s. also wants assurances that the taliban will continue the terrorism threat now that the u.s. military is out the u.s. and the taliban have a common enemy here, the islamic state affiliate in afghanistan still, the taliban are saying that they don't need u.s. help and are handling the islamic state themselves the big ask for the taliban is financial. roughly 40% of afghanistans gdp comes from foreign aid after this weekend's meeting in doha, no signs that the u.s. will unfreeze some $10 billion in central bank funds, but the taliban spokesman has been saying that the biden administration did agree to provide humanitarian assistance. secretary of state blinken has said any aid wouldn't flow through the taliban, but instead
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be routed through independent groups to ensure it's used properly and the taliban seems to be okay with that for now, pledging after the meeting to cooperate with charitable groups delivering aid the state department also said it used the summit to stress human rights, including meaningful participation of women and girls in afghan society. that's a promise that the taliban has made that human rights groups say so far has not been met the taliban's interim government includes no women in the cabinet, and in most of the country, school for girls remains closed for now the two sides will continue talking the taliban saying the u.s. agreed to hold more face-to-face meetings in the future if required shep >> josh, thank you rudy giuliani's former associate lev parnas is set to go on trial tomorrow federal prosecutors say the soviet-born florida businessman was part of a conspiracy to funnel foreign money to u.s. politicians with illegal campaign contributions lev parnas is also accused of using a shell company to
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disguise a $325,000 donation to a pro-trump super pac. parnas' alleged partner in crime was igor fruman. he pleaded guilty last month and admitted to soliciting illegal campaign donations the judge said he will question potential jurors during jury selection from parnas' trial to weed out anybody who has a strong bias towards giuliani or former president trump parnas first made headlines back in 2019 when it came to light he and igor fruman helped giuliani dig up dirt on joe biden in ukraine. nbc news' danny cevallos is with us now how will the judge go by finding strong bias in jurors? could it be realistic by the former president >> no, it is not realistic and the judge conceded that. even though they will ask about strong feelings between trump and giuliani, it's if those
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feelings will interfere to be fair and impartial to the government yet they pulled a strategic maneuver to minimize the importance of giuliani and trump by dropping one of the notable charges, the influential charges for trying to oust the u.s. ambassador marie yoev v norv it. that was a couple years ago, long time to remember. but they're trying to make trump less of an issue, they can never make him a nonissue, and the judge has to sit through that now. >> the prosecutor told the former judge he expects president trump and rudy giuliani to be mentioned very peripherally in this case. do you see that happening? >> no, i see it beginning mentioned peripherally and then some a lot more than peripherally all in all, all of these charges, the sin kwan none lead back to rudy giuliani and trump.
4:20 am
even though the charges used against trump and giuliani have been dropped by the federal government, it's in rudy giuliani's interest to say trump will be mentioned peripherally because they're going into the jury selection and they don't want to lose jurors they like because they find out they have strong feelings about giuliani and trump and perhaps they see parnas as a sympathetic figure remember, parnas came out very quickly and offered information to congress, data, emails, all kinds of different things. so the government wants to reduce the image of parnas as a kind of political prisoner and instead paint him as just a common criminal looking to make a fast buck. >> danny, if you were representing lev parnas in court, what would your strategy be >> bring in trump, bring in giuliani as much as you possibly can to the extent the judge lets you and make it clear parnas is not them he's somebody that was essentially bamboozled by them and argue that parnas campaign finance law, i didn't know anything about that.
4:21 am
i thought i was acting at the direction of the president and i thought i was acting at the direction of rudy giuliani, america's mayor afterall that would be my approach but parnas' defense has already done a fine job anyway without me. >> danny cevallos, thank you called out on capitol hill a whistle-blower blasts senior leadership with the capitol police what the top bosses allegedly did wrong during that attempted insurrection on januar ♪ ♪ ♪
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a popular fast food chain is asking corporate employees to actually work at the restaurant. raising cane's chicken fingers report one-third of its corporate staff volunteered last week to work as fry cooks and cashiers it's their solution to the nationwide labor shortage that's showing little sign of improving. this week we're launching a new series called "the lost workers. tonight we'll explain who some of the missing ones are and why they're on the sidelines cnbc's senior economics reporter steve liesman is with us steve, you looked through some new data for this. what did you find? >> shep, three classes of people stand out, women, new retirees and immigrants for example, of the 3.1 million fewer workers in the workforce, 63%, or about 2 million, are women. this is the reverse of most
4:25 am
downturns. women age 20 to 34 represent half of the missing workers. it began in the trump administration, before the pandemic, came to nearly a halt during the pandemic and eased somewhat by the biden administration david buyer, senior fellow at the caden institute, he estimates there are a half million lost legal immigrant workers in this country. finally the number of americans 65 and older leaving the workforce this month ratcheted up to a new level with the pandemic and it's yet to return. 145,000 americans in this age group drop out of the labor force every month. that's up from 93,000. do the math, a million extra retirees right now some workers, they may not be lost, they could be misplaced. wealthier people, they moved out of the cities. poor and low-income workers, they didn't have that choice that could be a reason the unemployment rate in the ten biggest cities in the u.s. is now above the national average
4:26 am
before the pandemic, the two were equal the unknown question, can these lost workers be found? that is back into the workforce to help fill the 11 million open jobs, shep. >> what a big number, steve. thanks. ls our lost worker series continues all this week. tomorrow, vaccine mandates for schools. is a requirement to get the shot making it even harder to 23find teachers that's tomorrow on "the news." an emergency landing at a busy airport, panicked passengers, reports of a suspicious device and now it seems it may have all been a misunderstanding. one of the best players in all of the nba taking a stand that will have him sitting out games and risking him losing miio miio ♪ ♪ train your mind. ♪ ♪ train your game. because your only limits... ♪ ♪ are the ones you put on yourself. ♪ ♪
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teaming up with walmart to create a dedicated hub on the website. you can buy merchandise from s "quid games," kober kai, among other shows. and we're loving this. mcdonald's giving away free breakfasts to teachers, faculty and staff for five straight days this month as a thank you for all they do. it started today and lasts through friday anyone who qualifies needs to show a valid work i.d. for free breakfast. on wall street, the dow down 250, s&p down 30, and nasdaq down 93. i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news a crypto nightmare hackers going after crypto platforms in the u.s. and victims having everything stolen isn't even the biggest problem. cows, they have a lot of
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gas. scientists say that gas is warming the planet, so now they're suggesting a new diet plan but first, one of the nba's biggest stars takes a stand that has him missing games. the league's regular season just a week away now but kyrie irving may have to sit out roughly half of all games because of a local vaccine mandate. and the brooklyn nets appear to be coming to terms with the possibility. >> i think we recognize is he's not playing home games, so, yeah, we're going to have to for sure play without him this year, so just depending on when, where and how much. >> under new york city rules, everybody must prove they received at least one covid vaccine dose to enter indoor gyms that includes barclays center, the nets' home arena if kyrie irving remains unvaccinated, his decision could cost him millions of dollars >> reporter: kyrie irving has been the face of vaccine
4:31 am
hesitancy in the nba, forcing the brooklyn nets to game plan for life without one of its biggest stars. >> we're still processing the possibility and that may take some time. >> reporter: the seven-time all-star last spoke about his vaccination status a week and a half ago. >> i would love to just keep that private and handle it the right way with my team and go forward. >> reporter: irving did practice with the team over the weekend after it was ruled the nets' practice facility was private property, not falling under new york city's vaccine rules. how big of a deal is this kyrie irving cannot play in home games? >> it's a major deal for the league. >> reporter: irving can miss hannigan a total of43 games in the regular season, all of their home games and games against the new york knicks. "the washington post" reports it could cost him more than $16 million in fines how quickly do you think the nba wants this whole thing with kyrie to be wrapped up >> there's no question for everyone involved, the quicker this is resolved, the better
4:32 am
but obviously, there's no resolution right now. >> reporter: one of the most vocal players against getting vaccinated has been andrew wiggins. like irving, the golden state warrior would have missed every home game. he said he felt forced to take the shot. >> came down to getting the vaccination or don't play basketball. >> reporter: lebron james recently confirming he has been vaccinated but held back from advising others. >> i don't feel like for me personally i should get involved in what other people should do for their bodies and their lovelihood it would be like me talking about somebody, if they should take this job or not >> reporter: still not clear why irving won't get vaccinated. he keeps talking about his privacy but never says exactly why he won't get vaccinated. more and more players are taking the shot league sources tell us 96% of nba players are vaccinated we're one week away from opening night, shep. >> perry russon live tonight in boston, thank you. after a 30-month hiatus because of covid, runners from around the world once again
4:33 am
raced in the boston marathon today. organizers rolled out several safety protocols runners had to show proof of vaccination or negative covid test the field much smaller than normal, about two-thirds the usual size and the race began with a rolling start to allow for social distancing. but that didn't stop the crowds from lining the 26.2-mile course covid canceled last year's marathon and this year organizers postponed it from the spring for the first time in its 125-year history kenyans swept the field today. benson kipruto broke the tape at 2:09:51 and diana kipyogei funnished in 2:24:45 the top american finishers in the men and women's races were both about two minutes behind the winners. the first person to be charged with pandemic loan fraud has now been sentenced to more than four years in federal prison authorities say he also faked
4:34 am
his own suicide. his name is david adler stably the man here officials say it happened like this stably and a partner claimed they owned four businesses hit by the pandemic, and because of that, they tried to get more than half a million dollars from the government in loans. someone noticed and tipped off the police, and they found it was all a lie. in may of last year both were arrested and released on home detention but then prosecutors say stably removed his electronic monitoring device, left suicide notes and left his car unlocked near the atlantic ocean. over the next three months, prosecutors used -- say he used fake i.d.s and stolen license plates, even changed his own phone number but police managed to track him down just north of atlantic. a judge sentenced him to four years, eight months in a federal prison. crypto making a major comeback today the price of bitcoin up more than 3% and trading north of $57,000 for a single coin for
4:35 am
the first time since may it's now about 12% away from hitting its all-time highs investors aren't the only ones cashing in on the crypto surge hackers are draining many accounts on coinbase that's the biggest crypto platform in the u.s. now users are taking aim at the company's consumer -- i should say customer service department. they say coinbase is leaving them hanging and hackers walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars eamon javers reports in an ongoing cnbc investigation, "kritio nightmare. >> i was kind of panicked to tell you the truth. >> reporter: eric and molly richardson say they saved nearly $1.1 million of cryptocurrency in a coinbase account but in july eric got an alert on his phone. the message said someone had logged on to their account eric clicked on the test, logged in and soon received an email that their two-factor authentication which vert fifie
4:36 am
security settings had been changed. >> he was in a state of shock. so i tried to stay calm and looked up coinbase online trying to figure out how to get ahold of their customer service. >> reporter: like thousands of other coinbase customers, the richardsons say they got nowhere when they tried to get immediate help that's because the company didn't offer any kind of live phone support. email was the only option. >> and within the 20 minutes that we sent the email, somebody had done 110 different transactions, sending out about 21 bitcoin >> reporter: in all the hackers stole some $700,000 of the couple's savings they're not the only ones, as cnbc reported in august, cryptocurrency holders across the country have been victimized by hackers who drain their accounts and then they can't even get anyone on the phone to resolve the issue. coinbase said in august that it had finally set up a phone number for customers to call if their account had been taken over but that doesn't seem to be fixing the problem
4:37 am
customers told us the live support was useless, a joke, and it was only for accounts that are actively locked. so we wanted to see what would happen when the richardsons called coinbase's new customer support line. >> i'm going to call and see if i can get my account fine finally unlocked and should i ask if they will give me my money back >> reporter: a coinbase agent does answer. >> i got logged out of my account two weeks ago and have not been able to get back in somebody stole 21 bitcoin out of it. >> reporter: the agent said he doesn't have access to his file and he should respond to someone he had already responded to. the coinbase said, we recognize the challenge some experienced with our customer accounts improving customer assistance continues to remain a top priority aeric said his bigger regret is not doing more to safe guard his bitcoin before the theft, which he thinks that happened because
4:38 am
that text alert was likely a phishing attack. one option he considered but didn't follow up on was a hardware device used for cold storage of cryptocurrency. >> i was beating myself up every day, i have my friend's voices in my head, eric, put it on cold storage and i just didn'tp. >> reporter: nicole, who helps clients secure their cryptocurrency, said cold storage is virtually hack proof. you get a private key, like a password to buy and sell crypto, and you store that key offline. >> when you keep your funds in cold storage, you own those funds, you have access to them, they're offline away from hackers. >> reporter: of course the problem with even that solution is owners can lose their passwords or something can go wrong with the device itself as far as the richardsons, soon after our interview, coinbase restored access to their account. they also received a credit from coinbase, but nowhere near what they lost, just $2500500 worth f
4:39 am
bitcoin. >> i felt like they kicked sand at my face i felt like is there anybody senior even looking at this? >> reporter: coinbase said they won't refund the savings because athe company is not responsible for the hack customers filed more than 12,000 complaints against the company with government and consumer agencies since 2016. meanwhile an additional 1,600 complaints have been filed just since our story aired in august, most of those over customer service, shep. >> more than a million dollars of bitcoin in today's numbers, that's a lot of dough. thank you, sir a capitol police whistle-blower is accusing the agency's senior leaders of serious failures during and 4r50eding up to that attempted insurrection on the capitol on january 6th. in a letter to congressional leaders last month, the whistle-blower claimed two of the agency's top bosses mishandled intelligence of the major threat they were facing and failed to pass it along. the whistle-blower also accuses the chiefs of sitting back and watching the riot unfold instead of taking appropriate action,
4:40 am
while officers were literally fighting for each other, their lives and the congress in the letter, the whistle-blower blasts congress for doing nothing to hold the two capitol police bosses accountable. in response the capitol police boss put out a statement saying, "a lot has changed since january 6th. although there's a lot of work to do, many of the problems described in the letter have been addressed." a bomb scare led to a emergency landing at newark's laguardia airport saturday "the new york daily news" reports a woman saw a passenger scrolling through what she thought were bomb-making instructions on a phone. then according to the report, she pulled out a device and started fidgeting with it. she thought it was a setting a timer on a detonator listen to how the pilot told the air traffic control. >> we are declaring an emergency. we have a situation here where a suspicious person has an item that's -- that looks like an explosive device. >> and a video taken on the
4:41 am
ground shows emergency responders surrounding a man on his stomach with his arms splayed out. it's not clear to us if this is the same person that caused the emergency landing. either way, it was all a massive misunderstanding "new york daily news" reports the passenger was just a vintage camera aficionado looking at pictures of videos and cameras on his phone and later took out his home camera and started adjusting it authorities also did not charge the passenger saying he didn't make a verbal threat and certainly wasn't carrying a suspicious item. new test results sending people back to the water off southern california's coast but only some beaches given the all clear after the recent oil spill. california making changes on the toy aisle, becoming the first state in the country to make the move. plus, cows, they pass gas. and then that gas warms the planet, which isn't good for them or us so scientists decided to try
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just in out of texas, the governor there just banned all vaccine mandates governor greg abbott did it by executive order. he said the vaccine is safe and effective but that it should always remain voluntary and never forced this expands the previous ban on mandates, which applied only to ones issued by state government. but the governor of texas says he took issue with president biden's push to have employers require the shots, so he decided to ban all mandates. a rescue operation under way in northern china after flooding there killed at least 18 people. 120,000 others forced to evacuate crews working overtime to repair several damaged dikes in the
4:45 am
province of shanxi local officials say the nearby river at its highest levels in four decades torrential records triggered landslides across more than seven cities, destroying several thousands home, half a million acres of farmland. that's more than double the size of new york city the crisis comes just three months after floods in hue than province killed more than 300 people and displaced millions of others. cow burps are rough on the environment. cows, as a matter of fact, release a lot of gas, as cows do, and that gas is warming the planet so researchers in new england are trying out a brand-new diet plan to give cows and all of us a little relief. here's cnbc's diana olick. >> reporter: on a research farm at the university of new hampshire, scientists are feeding cows seaweed in an attempt to reduce the amount of methane they produce how much methane comes from
4:46 am
cows >> about 25% of meth age is produced directly from fermentation by the cows. >> that's burping and farting together >> both, both. but 95% is burping. >> reporter: all of that gas is contributing to global heating >> despite their best efforts to try to find ways to reduce that sort of carbon hoof print, there's alot more that can be improved in terms of changing cow's diets. we think seaweed can be part of that ugs sloo. >> reporter: there are 250 species of seaweed in the gulf of maine and many also grow on the west coast as well as in europe. >> so it's a giant repository for us to look for other potential solutions. >> reporter: after receiving a $5 million charitable grant over the summer for the first study, bigelow labs was just granted $10 million from the usda for further research into seaweed feed while the purpose of the study was to reduce methane emissions, they had to be very careful the seaweed didn't affect milk
4:47 am
production because that's what makes these cows valuable to the market. >> farmers get the feed based on milk, fat and protein, so all goes to reduce methane but at the same time not reducing those milk components. >> reporter: researchers say they think the seaweed may actually improve that performance because reducing all of that burping and farting, allows the cows to use that energy instead for milk and beef production. >> we think this is a great market opportunity for dairy production and it's also a major commodity for the state. >> reporter: not to mention a breath of fresh air for the planet for "the news," i'm diana olick in new hampshire. welcome in southern california, beaches are back open after the massive oil spill last week. officials in huntington beach made the call after tests showed no signs of oil toxins in the water. surfers wasted no time catching waves, too that's not the case in nearby
4:48 am
newport beach, where officials are awaiting their test results. hazmat suits are combing through the sand to remove tar balls last week somewhere between 25,000 and 130,000 gallons of oil spilled into the ocean after a ship's anchor hit an underwater pipeline. they say the damage from the anchor likely happened several months to a year before the pipeline actually ruptured investigators still have not identified which ship may be to blame. it's official, california will require large retailers to have gender neutral toy sections in addition to toys for boys and girls. california governor gavin newson signed the bill into law over the weekend. our own jane wells reported on this back in march when it was still just an idea the law takes effect in 2024 businesses that don't comply will face a fine of $250 for the first offense and $500 after that a solar flair explosion on the sun, it's now raising alarm
4:49 am
bells on earth the problem scientists say could happen tonight. plus, captain kirk's trip delayed. blue origin forced to push back the launch, making william shatner to wait a little longer to become the oldest person ever in space. >> the thing i really want to do is come back down. and more breaking news int every day, coventry helpsnt people get cash for their life insurance policies they no longer need. i'm an anesthesiologist and a pain physician by specialty. i was trying to figure out what i could do with this term life insurance policy. i'm sorta stuck because i can't just go out and buy more insurance, because of my diagnosis. i called coventry direct and everything clicked. there actually were a lot more options that i thought there ever would be. coventry helped michael like we've helped thousands of people sell all or part of their life insurance policies for cash. even a term policy. there probably are a lot of people that are in a similar
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we may soon get an answer to one of the main questions to the death of gabby petito, how she died cnbc has just learned the teton county coroner will hold a press event tomorrow to talk about the case gabby petito's death, of course, was ruled a homicide last month but authorities gave no details. her boyfriend, brian laundrie, is still missing and is the only person of interest in the case of course, more on what the coroner had to say tomorrow night on "the news." captain kirk is going to have to wait an extra day to go to space william shatner and his three fellow astronauts grounded because of the weather blue origin made an announcement in a statement just yesterday. the national weather service predicting strong winds in the air, gusts to nearly 75 miles an hour. >> the 75-mile-an-hour winds is like overwhelming, and that's close to hurricanes. i don't want to be on a rocket
4:53 am
on top of a rocket in 75-mile-an-hour winds. >> wise. the launch now scheduled for wednesday. william shatner's 90 years old these days he'll be the oldest person to travel to space. shatner says he was personally invited by jeff bezos to take part in the mission. shatner is said to be joined by the company's vice president of mission and flight operations as well as two civilians who paid for their trips. those tickets expected to cost more than a quarter million dollars each weather on earth isn't the only concern for scientists. a massive solar storm is set to hit earth starting tonight and scientists warn it could cause serious disruptions. on saturday a solar flare, similar to the one you see here, erupted on the surface of the sun directly facing earth. authorities say the resulting geomagnetic storm could disrupt power grids, knock satellites out of whack and move the northern lights as far south as new york, wisconsin and washington state they say it's most likely to
4:54 am
cause problems tonight and into tomorrow michio kaku is with us now, professor of physics at the college of new york city and author of the book "the god equation: the quest or the theory of everything." professor, it's good to talk to you again. explain to us how an explosion on the sun nearly 93 million miles away potentially causes big issues here? >> the son last saturday had a temper tantrum there was an explosion on one of the sun spots, ejecting a huge amount of material of gas and ions into outer space and it took a few days, a few days to go 93 million miles and it's going to hit the earth tonight and just think about it, we astronomers and physicists are keeping our fingers crossed, hoping that we're going to dodge the bullet but in a worst-case scenario, it could cause blackouts, damage our satellites and even endanger our astronauts in outer space.
4:55 am
this is something of great concern. >> and i'm reading it could even move the northern lights that sounds science fiction, you know. >> that's right. we're talking about the aurora borealis, normally seen in iceland and alaska we might be able to see it as far south as new york city that's the best-case scenario. the worst-case scenario is damage to the telecommunications network around the united states, our astronauts in the international space station, even the launch from florida, that could be in danger -- from texas, that could be in danger because of the fact we're talking about a storm of ions in the atmosphere now, remember, a big one, a really big one like the one of 1859, that could cause a planetary blackout think about that hundreds of cities blacked out simultaneously in a worst-case scenario that could cause food riots everywhere as refrigerators go
4:56 am
out. mass rioting because burglar alarms and the police are paralyzed. astronauts being forced to hide in secluded chambers within the international space station. we're talking about a nightmare scenario if we have a giant solar flare like what happened in 1859. but back then, of course, that was at the beginning of the electric age so we didn't really miss hannigan too much. >> right but now it could paralyze the earth. >> let's hope that doesn't happen michio kaku, it's always good to see you. thank you. this is national coming-out day and d.c. comics is announcing its new superman is bisexual jean kent is the child of clark kent and lois lane who inherits his dad's powers he will start a relationship with a male friend in the next comic. this isn't the only way the new character is modernizing his story. so far young john kent has protested refugees deportation, battled climate change,
4:57 am
wildfires and stopped a school shooting superman joins a newlist of newly outed superheroes including batwoman, green lantern and batman's sidekick robin. the new superman son of ka legal episode five will be available november 9th. james bond may save the world but he may not be able to save the theaters. the latest bond movie called "no time to die" missed expectations at the box office. opening weekend it brought in $56 million and experts predicted more than $60 million on the low end some analysts said it could break $100 mill. but this is the fourth best opening for a bond film in the franchise's last 60 years. globally "no time to die" snagged $162 million an overwhelming amount of people who saw it over the weekend said it was the first movie in a year
4:58 am
and a half wow. texas a&m topped off alabama but the school is paying a price for the celebration. the sec fined the school $100,000 after fans stormed the field. they upset 'bama with game-winning field goal. it was 31-28 conference officials say it's the second violation aggie students also stormed the field back in 2018 if it happens again, the next fine will be up to a quarter million dollars. worth every single solitary penny. 30 seconds on the race to the finish at least two people are dead after a small plane crashed in a neighborhood near san diego and destroyed two houses witnesses say that plane flipped a u.p.s. truck, killed the driver, before it slid towards a home and exploded. now you know "the news" of now you know "the news" of octo at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard.
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become an owner.
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