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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  October 8, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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industrial policy. our trading patte epartners do d why they've run circles around us for decades we should do it, too i like to say always a market somewhere. i promise to find it for you right here on "mad money." economists thought things were getting better but now we get the numbers. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc >> i see 194,000 that is real low >> the jobs report misses. hiring slows >> maybe it doesn't seem fast enough we're going to make it faster. >> cause for concern or another bump in the road. the committee investigating january 6th now threatening criminal charges against steve bannon as the white house blows a hole in the former president's legal strategy
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anti-mask protest erupts parents on both sides of the issue losing patience. growing furious. tonight, inside the fight dividing a community doses of fentanyl sold on snapchat the company cracking down on drug dealers using the platform after multiple children died from taking counterfeit pills. a suicide bombing at a mosque kills dozens. new york city ending gifted and talented student programs. and the first verdict in a college admissions scandal >> live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith. >> disappointing jobs data today, proving what experts have warned the economic recovery from covid will take time and we'll face setbacks definitely had one today in a major miss from the september jobs report.
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the u.s. economy added just 194,000 jobs last month. economists had expected gain of half a mil that said, the unemployment rate did drop to 4.8% with schools reopening and federal unemployment benefits ending, there had been optimism for job growth instead, the second month in a row with data well below economists predictions also the slowest monthly job growth this year, showing that the hole that the pandemic left is filling in much too slowly. jobs cratered in march and april of last year because of pandemic shutdowns. in the year and a half since then, jobs have slowly trickled in, regaining more than 17 million, but 5 million jobs have not come back. many of them because americans have been reluctant to rejoin the workforce. wages did grow a labor force participation rate dropped. despite this, president biden
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still touted today that the numbers show continued progress. >> today's report has the unemployment rate down to 4.8% a significant improvement from when i took office and a sign that our recovery is moving forward, even in the face of the covid pandemic >> for comparison, after the great recession of 2008, the jobless rate didn't get up to 4.8 or down to it, i guess, for six and a half years president biden and economists are also cautioning don't take the numbers at face value. they say there are more bright spots when you look under the hood cnbc's senior economic correspondent, steve liesman, has done just that the economists don't seem as worried as many people might expect, steve. >> it's a snapshot that only captures from mid august to mid september. there were storm disruptions and delta concerns were starting to's take some of the sting out of this
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july and august revised up by additional 169,000 jobs and there are indications that it's been better. hopefully we'll get enough to fill $5 million jobs >> where are the jobs, steve >> let me start with where they're not. we lost 180,000 jobs in public and private education. a lot of this is technical noise created by the pandemic. fewer teachers were fired during the summer, so there were fewer to hire come september we had good growth in the good sector, travel and retail. those numbers should improve as americans feel more comfortable venturing out. >> what does it say about unemployment benefits? they expired and yet >> we just don't know enough yet. this will show that studies that we want the benefits, they had
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stronger job growth, but that could have been because they had fewer covid cases. the benefits expire beginning of september. takes time to good work and good work just because benefits run out doesn't people people find a job right away there's a lot more to it, like childcare, for many parents. >> have a good weekend thank you. former president trump will not be able to use privilege to block evidence from the january 6 committee. the decision came from biden he's instructed the national archives that it must turn over internal trump administration records to that investigating committee. in a letter, the counscil writes these are unique circumstances -- provoked and fanned by those sworn to protect them executive privilege should not be used to shield from congress or the public. information that reflects a clear and apparent effort to
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subvert the constitution itself. mr. trump's former chief strategist, steve bannon, says he will not comply with the january 6 east committee subpoena and in the response, they are threatening to pursue charges against him. two former trump officials, mark meadows and cash patel are engaging with the committee, as they put it, according to the chairman former president trump is vowing to keep fighting against the release of the white house records. in statement, quote, they are trying once again to use congress to persecute their political opponents. their requests are not based on law or reality it's just a game to these politicians. let's bring in pete williams are we getting a set up for a legal battle to decide this, paid >> without question. here's why the courts have never said what authority a former president has to exert privilege
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what the supreme court said in 1977 in a lawsuit involving nixon is that when the incumbent president says material ought to be turned over, the weakens the former president's claim that it shouldn't be there are other things the supreme court has had before, that the privilege applies only to discussions about the president's official responsibility so you might well ask well, does talking about efforts to undercut confidence in the election count as something that's part of the president's official responsibilities. but because there's these questions are not 100% clear, yes, they're going to be litigated. the president will unkdoubtedly go to court and block this material from being turned over. >> i don't bannon's claim that he's protected by president trump's assertion of executive privilege. >> when his lawyer wrote that letter, he add asserted it at that point it's sort of an opening gamble it by his lawyer i think bannon's claims of
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course are predivorced from the president's. he was at one time an adviser, but not during this critical time i think he faces some potential exposure here. the committee is saying if people stiff them on the subpoena, they could vote to find those people in contempt and refer it to the u.s. attorney for potential prosecution. i think he'd better be careful >> thank you federal prosecutors have landed the first conviction tied to the brazen college admission scandal dubbed operation varsity blues. the jury today found two wealthy fathers guilty of paying bribes to get their children into top schools. john wilson, a private equity financer and gamall abdul, a former casino executive. they are the first to have fought the accusations in court. the charges here, aziz paid $300,000 to get his daughter into the university of southern california as a basketball recruit and wilson paid $1
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million to get his daughters into stanford and another 20 grand to get his son into usc. 48 of the 57 people charged in this sprawling scheme have pleaded guilty or agreed to. a handful are scheduled to go on trial next year. david, the longest sentence among those pleaded guilty in this was just nine months. a lot of critics have blasted that as a slap on the wrist, but now these two parents have been convicted and could get up to 20 years. how important is the sentencing going to be? >> i think it's very important, especially for the people who are going to see if they run the risk of going to trial we can be guilt of sin, the injury doesn't have to commit you, you to acquit you, you have to be relatable. >> then the coaches involved go on trial next month and more parents in january were you their attorneys, would
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you advise them to reconsider after what we just saw on these convictions? >> absolutely. and this isn't law, shep, this is common sense. you tell them look, whether or not you're making a good deal is based on a good deal 33 are doing a maximum of nine months these two are facing up to 20 years. they're not likely to get that, but yes, you should reassess >> this happened really fast this jury wasn't messing around. were you surprised by any of this >> no because it's a hard sell it's not surprising that people who thought they could buy their way into top schools thought they could buy their way of prosecution. when the jury comes back this fast with guilt verdicts on every count, that sends a message you should have been able to foretell before it hit you. >> have a good weekend thank you. an 18-year-old accused of opening fire at school in arlington, texas two days ago is
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out of jail. his family says he's back home after being let out on bond yesterday. the release comes as the family of one of the victims says he's fighting for his life. they say he's in a medically induced coma now and was set to get two more surgeries today they say four bullets hit him. one in the stomach, chest, arm and leg. we're also getting video that police may show how it all started. i should warn you, the video is disturbing police say they believe this fight happened just before the shooting they also say they believe the shooter is the student you see here in the white shirt. the suspect's family says he was bullied. and they aren't saying this justifies the shooting or anything like that instead, they're saying he was defending himself. >> he was robbed it was reported. it happened not just once. it happened twice. he was scared. he was afraid. there's a video that's all out
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on social media and it shows that he was being attacked >> his grandmother told her nbc station she thinks the suspect's family is trying to make it sound like he's the victim, but she says the victim is her grandson school board meetings. they're the front line now in the war on masks we're on the ground in a community severely divided over mandates the ruling by a federal judge that has students on both side of the argument fired up some doctors are now being accused of giving kids bogus waivers to skirt the rules on face coverings the reports that have officials investigate. plus, it will be one of the last acts of mayor deblasio in new york city. it's a huge change for city schools that has some parents furious. (burke) i've seen this movie before. (woman) you have? (burke) sure, this is the part where all is lost and the hero searches for hope.
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in favor of some parents who filed a lawsuit. that's not the case in knox county, tennessee, where a federal judge ruled that students will be required to wear a mask while in class that move reverses the decision of a school board. it previously made masks optional this ruling is divides the community. some parents and students applauding the judge's decision while others say look, enough is enough in knoxville, here's cal perry >> it's really the back and forth, the switching of the policies that has so many upset.
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we're seeing the pouring out of emotions now at these school board meetings i was at a meeting on wednesday where more than 60 people signed up to speak about masks even though it wasn't on the agenda one of these speakers talks specifically about what he's going through when he goes to school and refuse to wear his mask because of the rules, the school is separating out those stupts >> my greatest concern is that mie right to an education has gone out the window. i have sat in the isolation roo with zero instruction and no work on campus friday will be my last day as a kcs student. i believe i have the right to a publi public education just as much as any other student in knox county, but i don't see anyone standing up for me or these other students. >> some students want to be wearing masks and want everyone around them to wear masks. we now have parents protesting
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outside of some of the schools at least one student says she feels threatened by those protests >> they hold up signs like good little sheep they are comparing us to animals that are simple minded in our face, every day, whether you are pro mask or anti which is frustrating because i just want to have a peaceful day at school and not have to worry about my state of the. >> for the protester's part, they say they're peaceful and get out of the way of any student trying to get to the school, but it goes to show you what a divisive issue this is, what a difficult time this is for people here in eastern tennessee and this is a school dirt district with 59,000 students >> thank you there's one thing nearly every american can agree on, misnm misinformation is a problem. according to a new poll from the pearson institute and associated press, 95% of americans
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recognize and 95% say they hold social media for spreading this. when it comes to covid, some are accusing doctors of pushing this information. in michigan, the detroit free press reports today the state is looking into allegations that doctors disparaged vaccines and filed bogus waivers for kids to get out of wearing masks in schools. dave now, the reporter who wrote that story, dave, thanks you report that in cases, some cases a doctor in florida is writing a waiver for kids in michigan, which is obviously suspect. >> that's right. i talk today a private school administrator in metro detroit and he said five families turned in waivers and didn't give my medical reason they were all signed by the same doctor this was not an isolated incident he said there were almost 100 instances of waivers that he deemed kind of sketchy >> dave, beyond flagging these
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suspicious waivers, can the schools do anything practically speaking >> this administrator told me his hands were essentially tied. he cited the federal law that affords rights to people with disabilities he said if the school were to say these students, you know, couldn't have this waiver, they could be violating their rights. a federal court this work ruled that athletes at western michigan university should be allowed to have religious waivers to not get the vaccine and then determined those waivers for invalid. >> from your reporting, if a doctor is found to be filing a fraudulent waiver or lying, do those doctors face consequences? >> they do the process in michigan is a little opaque, but if one of these licensing boards determines that a medical professional has violated the public health code, their licenses could be suspended or
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prevented. >> dave, thank you california has a new rule. it's now against the law to remove a condom during sex without permission from the sex partner. that's known as stealthing the new law denies, or defines it as sexual battery and that gives victims the ability to sue for damages. in a study two years ago, 12% of woman say they've been a victim of stealthing. in another study found that 10% of men admit they've done it similar bills on stealthing have been introduced in new york and wisconsin, but neither has passed the assemblywoman who wrote it, christina garcia, she said in a statement that i urge other states to follow california's direction and make it clear that stealthing is not just immoral but illegal. apple introducing plans to build a new regional headquarters and the location suggests the
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homeless a number that's grown four years in a row according to the department of housing and urban development. world homeless day is sunday so we paid a visit to los angeles county where one woman has become a real bright spot in a dark corner of the city known as skid row with her story, here's cnbc's frank holland. >> how you doing, ken? >> she may call everyone else king and queen >> you are the king. >> but shirley is the royalty here on l.a. east skid row where an estimated 5,000 homeless live according to the city cease homeless authority >> she do the most wonderful thing for me and everybody else. >> coming up on six years, her non-profit called beauty to the streets feeds 500 people every saturday >> make sure you're in the line! good morning
7:24 pm
>> provides even hair and makeup services >> got you looking good, girl. look at you. >> giving the homeless a chance to look in the mirror, focus on their dignity. >> a makeover makes you feel good it makes you think and it makes you love yourself. >> a calling the mother of six found following a traumatic loss of her own >> my son's not here for me to take care of anymore, but there's other people's kids for me to take care of >> her quarter of a million fol lores fund these >> they come out and talk to you. try to make us feel like we somebody >> but if anybody attempts to call her a hero, her answer is as full as her lashes. >> no. no no you supposed to feed people who are hungry courtesy and decency >> while the overwhelming response to beauty to the streets -- >> i can't believe that the
7:25 pm
universe would use me for such an amazing assignment. >> she says she's in it for the long haul. >> all right, guy, we'll be back >> i'm frank holland it's u.s. figure skating and this time, the coach is accused is a woman the accusations taking drastic action when -- counterfeit pills that look legit, but contain a deadly dose of fentanyl. the feds say kids are getting when they show up for sale on social media sites that's next as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top bc the news on a friday. cn
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bad news today for companies trying to dodge taxes. a new global corporate tax rate of 15% agreed upon by more than 130 countries. the goal is to crack down on tax havens under these new terms, large corporations will have to pay taxes in any country where they do business. not just where they have a physical presence. the exact formula needs to be worked out for how much companies will owe and here in the united states, the agreement needs to pass congress, which these days is never easy president biden says the playing field will finally be levelled the treasury secretary, janet
7:28 pm
yellen, called it a once in a generation moment. oil prices are through the roof that's what's topping cnbc news on the money crude prices topped $80 a barrel today. the highest level in seven years. as the pandemic loosens its grip, demand has increased at the same time, supplies are limited because opec has decided not to increase production that sent the cost of oil up 60% in the united states at the beginning of this year that means gas is going up, too. the national average hit $3.26 a gallon today more than a dollar higher than this time last year. apple moving into hollywood. the company building a new headquarters with more than half a million square feet of space for teams working on apple tv plus, apple music and artificial intelligence it's a sign the company will continue to invest in its content. and who's pay a million
7:29 pm
bucks for one pair of sneakers southeby's believe they'll get at least that for this first pair of nike airs that michael jordan wore in a game in 1984. chicago played denver that night and jordan gave the pair of sneaks to a nugget's ball boy. on wall street, all red, but not too bad. dow down nine, s&p down 8. nasdaq down 74 i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news another scandal rocks the sports world. an olympic skating coach under investigation after accusations of abuse the boston marathon. covid canceled last year, now thousands of runners descend on the city for marathon monday
7:30 pm
but for one athlete, it's much more than just a race for the finish line. and deadly doses of fentanyl being sold to kids on snapchat the dea warning that drug dealers are selling fake prescriptions to kids on social media platforms. officials say children are buying count counterfeit pills that contain a deadly dose of fentanyl according to the cdc, it killed nearly 60,000 people last year. many social media platforms announced plans to crackdown on sales of the illicit drugs this week, snapchat posted tools to educate kids about the harmful effects. for some devastated parents, it's too little too late >> we need them to take action >> following numerous protests to take action, snapchat and its
7:31 pm
parent company, snap, say changes are in the works to make the platform safer heartbreaking stories of children unknowingly dying after buying on the app led to the outcry for reform. >> our son ordered drugs off of a colorful menu. the words would have alerted us if we had had parent monitoring software allowed on snapchat >> that sort of software is not one of the changes, but the company says it's made significant operational improvements over the past year to eradicate drug sales from our platform those improvements like proactive detection include artificial intelligence systems that detect and filter out drug related content and help drug dealers who are then removed from the platform. a new portal called head's up displays educational information when someone searches for drug related keywords mental health help is also displayed to raise the dangers of counterfeit pills
7:32 pm
a third party monitoring system called s3 is another tool searching for posts that refe reference snapchat many parents say they still want that parent monitoring software. something to alert them to suspicious activity. the platform says it is working on new family safety tools to provide more ways for parents to partner together with their teenagers to stay safe on snapchat isis-k claiming responsibility for a devastating suicide bombing that killed dozens of worshippers inside a mosque in kabul. another warning here the video is graphic and disturbing a taliban official says the blast killed at least 43 people. wounded more than 140 more happened during friday noon prayer when mosques are typically quite crowded. the explosion just days after a deadly bombing outside a different mosque also in kabul
7:33 pm
this is isis-k's deadliest attack outside afghanistan since the suicide bomber killed troops back in august the white house has faced harsh criticism for deporting thousands of haitian migrants back to haiti. a country in extreme turmoil poverty is widespread. food, hard to find we went to haiti to witness the dire situation on the ground that's driving haitians to seek refuge in the united states. >> across haiti's capital city, a landscape of despair we're on our way to the area that was recently devastated they're doing food distributions. this is it we flew with the organization's country director in haiti. when we arrived, we drove towards a remote commune, an
7:34 pm
area that faced extreme poverty before the quake due to a lack of jobs in the area. >> here, you have the -- among people and you need to properly identify who they are. >> they might be starving. >> exactly >> this is one of their food distribution sites pierre's leading us into it now. >> we met several women, including this single mom of four kids. >> can you tell me what life is like here? >> this is not a great place >> do you know anybody who's left >> yes. there are a lot of people leaving. >> hunger isn't the only life threatening reality for haitians >> some areas are really like, y war zone, you don't go there anymore. >> we flew back to par port-au-prince on the un chopper. >> much of the city now is
7:35 pm
controlled by violent gangs. we're heading to a clinic. they say they're seeing an uptick in violence half of the patients who arrive here have life threatening gun shot wounds. often from high powered firearms the patient that's inside this bed is a victim of gun violence. haitian trauma surgeon sends to the neediest patients. how many of the people that you meet as patients do you think would consider leaving haiti for another country including the united states? >> 99% >> 90% why so high? >> violence. poverty. >> and those are the patients you treat every day. >> yeah. >> victims of gun violence >> stabbings car accidents. you have to move from one place to the other even you as a doctor, is it fair to say that you might think about one day leaving haiti because of the situation here? >> yes, i do because at the end, i got
7:36 pm
dreams, too. i want a better life, too. i don't need to be rich. i don't need that. but i need to enough to feed my family >> it's enormous pressure for you as well. >> shep, as the doctor continues that absolutely heroic work, the u.s. says the number of haitians that have tried to leave by boat has tripled in the last year thest a situation the biden administration says they are committed to addressing through what they call haitian-led solutions. >> shep. >> jacob, thank you. more allegations of abuse rocking the sports world tonight. this time, it's figure skating the u.s. center for safe fort temporarily restricting an olympic pairs coach amid allegations of abuse "usa today" reports she is barred now from contacting a dozen skaters. she's also not allowed to coach other athletes without another adult present as safe sport
7:37 pm
investigates one of the athletes she used to coach spoke to "usa today. tara cain told the reporter she eventually left the sport because of the abuse she suf suffered under her she is accusing her of constant verbal abuse including sexual contents warning now, her story includes descriptions of self-harm. she says one night, her coach said her career would end because of the kind of person she was, not because of her skill. she says that let her to cut her wrist and that bleeding was so bad that she went to a skating partner's room for help. she said she was so afraid the coach would find out about that she and her partner superglued her skin back together kayne told "usa today," in my head, i thought i was going to die but i was afraid to go to the hospital because i didn't want delie la, the coach, to know about any of this we reached out to her. she said she has no comment at this time and the u.s. center
7:38 pm
for safe sports says it doesn't comment at all on ongoing investigations a controversial education plan is headed now for a major overhaul why the mayor of new york city says the whole thing was a mistake from the very beginning. moose in maine they're dealing with a climate change problem not necessarily warmer temperatures or rising water something much smaller and much more deadly and just in to cnbc, an update from the coast guard on what caused the oil spill off the asofouern california we're getting it together now. we'll have it for you next
7:39 pm
7:40 pm
new information out about the oil spill off the southern california coast we've just learned as it turns out authorities believe an anchor did strike that pipeline. but not recently that's according to coast guard officials who say it's likely the impact actually happened several months ago up to a year
7:41 pm
ago. earlier this week, officials revealed that the pipeline had a 13-inch split in it and had moved 100 feet from its position on the sea floor investigators still haven't identified which ship might be to blame officials say about 131,000 gallons of oil leaked out. the spill has closed beaches, shut down fisheries. there's concern a storm tonight could push more of that oil on to shore a monumental change today in the largest school district in america. new york city mayor bill deblasio announcing a plan to phase out the gifted and talented program in the public schools. the controversial move is one of deblasio's last as mayor it works to eliminate what critics say is a to tier education system, segregating children by both wealth and race here's bertha coombs >> i want you to highlight >> new york city's gifted and talented program is unusual for most school systems.
7:42 pm
it's based on a pre kindergarten test deblasio announcing the system will be phased out >> we're going to be ending something that i think was a mistake. >> critics say by relying on one early childhood test, the program shut out too many students of color. they make up a quarter of the system's one million school children >> using that one measure to sort students and then having them be in these separate trajectories seemed really unfair it was leading to more segregation and harming black and latinx students in the city. >> the program will continue for current students, but new classes will be kept in the mix with some special attention. phasing out this program is a mistake, she said, adding seats should be expanded to all
7:43 pm
communities throughout new york city and the testing process improved some parents say scrap it all. >> let's revisit whether or not there needs to be a distinction at all as opposed to raising up the overall level of curriculum pointed at all kids. >> with deblasio's term ending in december, it will be up to a new mayor to decide whether to proceed. a spokesman for leading mayoral candidate eric adams says he will assess the plan and if elected, relevserves the right implement policies google flights is going green. you'll now wbe able to check the level of carbon emissions on your flight searches in a non-stop flight from new york to l.a., google estimates on an airbus 321, up to 641 kilograms of co 2 are emitted into the atmosphere during that six or so hour flight and if you click on the emissions estimate there on the search, you can see what's typical for whatever
7:44 pm
route your taking. some are higher. some average some lower in addition, google is including fuel efficient routes on maps and options for greener nest thermostat settings. climate change is disrupting the balance of life in ways you might not expect for one, the moose population in maine. it's dropping. the experts say it's related to climate change certainly, but not in the way we might think. in this case, it's not happening or impacting the habitat of the moose. instead, the change in temperature is allowing one of its mortal enemies to thrive here's nbc's kerry sanders >> majestic, magnificent, but here in maine, moose are in peril. >> we're getting october and november weather, we're getting 70 degrees, the 80s. every day it's warm out, kind of what's going on in the woods
7:45 pm
>> what's going on is climate change biologists in maine say winters are now two weeks shorter than they once were that gives the blood sucking ticks that only target moose 14 extra days to latch on to them in numbers never been seen >> now you've got 60,000 ticks on you at a time of year you're trying to make it through. they're weakened they're anemic >> those ticks are drawing an astonishing 15 gallons of ticks every two weeks. increasingly moose, especially the calves, are dying. we joined state biologists on an ariel survey of maine's northern moose territory. >> off we go and we're airborne >> in this sparsely populated region, there were three moose for every resident >> down there, there's one there. it's going to be pretty tough to see. >> two decades ago, there were 100,000 moose in maine
7:46 pm
now it's estimated there are only 60,000. ticks to moose are like mosquitos to humans. >> you imagine yourself out in the woods and there's mosquitos everywhere you don't have bug repellant and your hands are tied behind your back >> that sounds very painful and in this case, it can be deadly >> absolutely. >> moose tours are big business, but spotting a moose, which is never easy, has become even more dift difficult. >> you don't make appointments with nature. >> so you feel lucky today >> yes >> moose callers like veteran master guide roger lambert mimic a female moose >> you're trying the draw the male out >> and they play act because a moose's eyesight is so poor. a comical routine that at times, draws moose out of the woods >> do a little nasal >> you squeezing your nose
7:47 pm
>> a little bit if you need to >> damn good >> i learned from the best and bingo, a moose these regal antlers up to 5 feet wide in what may say counterintuitive to save the moose, state biologists say some must be sacrificed to hunters. the theory, with fewer moose, the ticks will die it's believed then a healthy moose population can rebuild for the news, i'm kerry sanders. >> damn good, kerry. daniel craig's final mission as 007 shaping up to be a real success. ticket screenings brought in $6.3 million thest the best opening yet analysts expect it will rank in 100 million this weekend
7:48 pm
this is the fifth movie with craig slinging around a license to kill as james bond. no word yet on who's going to fill that spy's fancy shoes next looking for something to do this weekend how about a peek at one of the spookiest attractions in all the midwest. it's called the ghost ship and for the first time since 2017, it's back open for any brave souls willing to step on board. there, the ghosts come out all year, not just at halloween. local reporting from nbc affiliate kbrj 6 in duluth, minnesota, and their reporter. >> i'm afraid every day on here, for sure >> even the event staff is scared of the ship, but they say it's an event that's become an iconic part of october in duluth >> it's become a tradition for many people. you know, they're very excited because it's been gone a few years, to come back for the
7:49 pm
haunt. >> steve on the deck is one of the master minds behind the terrifying tour. he says a lot of work goes into building each year's haunted house. >> we're planning for this next year's haunt already we've gone through exactly what we've done, how we prepared the room, and our goal is to actually scare everyone we can >> but halloween isn't the only time the ship is haunted workers say the ship is spooky all year round >> we have a certification from the duluth paranormal society saying we're a haunted site so it probably adds a little something to it. >> but lucy, communications director at the deck, says the ship is more than just a spooky attraction >> we're just hoping to have that sense of community we've always had before. there are typically long lines and there's a lot of visiting in those lines. people literally and
7:50 pm
figuratively get cold feet in those lines. ♪ >> and aside from the huge crowds and fun frights, the haunted ship's ultimate mission is clear >> our dpgoal is to scare the hc out of you >> thanks. two women, one goal. run the boston marathon. come monday, only one of them will be lacing up her sneakers cnbc's perry rosen with their story, next. and some unexpected action at the sea hawk's game the team's mascot takes a detour to hang out with one lucky fan (burke) smart dog. with farmers crashassist, our signal app can tell when you've been in a crash and can send help, if you want it. get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. only comcast business' secure network solutions
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let's keep making a differene together.
7:53 pm
a magistrate in nevada today recommended a civil rape case against soccer star cristiano wr renaldo to be dismissed. renaldo denies the alsos and says their relationship was consentual prosecutors dropped the criminal case against him two years ago after they said they couldn't prove the allegations. she also says they pressured her into signing a settlement. she says she got $375,000. the judge recommended dismissing the case because her lawyers based part of her lawsuit on leaked documents which contained
7:54 pm
confidential conversations between renaldo and his lawyers. mayorga has less than two weeks to reject the ruling she . for the first time since the pandemic hit, runners will tow the line for the boston marathon on the actual course the race on monday it usually happens in april, but covid. organizers say they're planning for 20,000 runners to show up at the starting line. that's about 20% fewer than a normal year, but so much better. a couple thousand of those runners will be doing it for charity. cnbc has the story of a woman who can't wait to cross the finish line. not for herself, but for somebody else. >> growing up just north of boston, she was one of the fastest around >> yes, i was very proud i was a track star in high school >> running the boston marathon was the dream. but she was running with a secret >> in high school, people didn't know i had cystic fibrosis
7:55 pm
because i didn't want to be known as the sick girl going around >> it's a progressive disease. where lung function declines as she gets older right now, her lung function is at 48% >> their struggle is very internal >> jessica garden was her physical therapist for years and remembers a conversation from 2018 >> she told me her goal was to run it in 2020 so i said you know what, if you do this, you know, if we work on this and if you prioritize your health and train, i will run it with you. >> for a year and a half, she trained, but the 2020 race was delayed and then went virtual. doctors said covid was too much of a risk. >> i was just really hurt because i worked so hard >> the cruelty of cf is it's genetic. alex is her big brother. >> seeing him makes me want to
7:56 pm
be better, do better and really try and make a difference so that we can both have the future that we deserve. i'm sorry. >> it's all right. weren't running just for yourself you were running for him >> yes yes. for him and all the other cfors l like us. >> that point, i'm no longer running with you, i'm going to run for you. >> it's a promise jessica kept finishing the virtual marathon in 2020 and it's a promise she keeps again on monday. >> i felt like i asked my patients with cystic fibrosis to dig deep, to do a little bit more i felt i needed to embody that >> it's amazing to see that even though i'm not on the course that my story, and in a way, my triumph will be there. >> she'll be at mile marker 11 cheering jess on she has to be away from the
7:57 pm
crowd because of her health. together, they have raised thousands of dollars for cf research >> thanks. the seahawks lost to the rams yesterday, 26-17, but their mascot, their mascot scored his own touchdown. right into the end zone. that's tommy the seahawk's live hawk. he flies out of the tunnel before every game and this time, he took a bit of a detour. diving into the ground and landing on a fan and he handled like a champ this isn't that hawk's first offense either he did the same thing in 2014 when the seahawks faced the giants the hawk has been flying out of the tunnel at games for 17 years. he's been to two super bowls and even has his own twitter account. that hawk isn't the only thing that's soaring according to new data from nielsen, the nfl is getting more than -- and that's a 20%
7:58 pm
increase over the same time last year legal officials say the return of the fans is helping and the games have been pretty exciting, which attractis more fans. a disappointing september jobs report. the u.s. economy added only 194,000 jobs last month. economists had predicted it would be around half a million donald trump cannot use executive privilege to block white house records from the january 6 committee. that's the decision from president biden. now, you know the news on this friday, october 8th, 2021, i'm shepard smith. follow us on instagram and twitter at in news on cnbc and listen to the podcast on apple, spotify on your platforms and kerry, damn good job damn good.
7:59 pm
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