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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  August 11, 2021 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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that's all for this edition of "dateline." i'm natalie morales. thank you for watching. see you tomorrow "the news with shepard smith" starts now. this is the news on cnbc >> my resignation will be effective in 14 days >> governor cuomo's fall from the political mountain >> in my mind i've never crossed the line with anyone >> blooming legal problems and the lieutenant set to make history as new york's first woman governor front line nurses, frustrated and heart broken. >> it is unnecessary and it is preventible. >> the reality they wish all americans could see.
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>> closing in from all sides the taliban sacked another capital. our report from afghanistan on the taliban atrocities and stories of abuse on women and girls. a blockbuster bipartisan break through. the senate passes the $1 trillion infrastructure bill and reflecting on last year's deadly derecho storm and the news over election lies. and a shoplifting sea gull caught on tape >> announcer: live from cnbc the facts. the truth. the news with shepard smith. >> good evening. after months of denials, new york governor andrew cuomo said he is resigning. his stunning announcement one week after the release of the state investigation that concluded he sexually harassed 11 women including his own staff members and a state trooper.
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today even as the governor apologized for some actions to his accusers, and admitted he made mistakes. he insisted the investigation's findings were false. >> i am a fighter. and my instinct is to fight through this controversy because i truly believe it is politically motivated. i believe it is unfair and it is untruthful i think that given the circumstances, the best way i can help now is if i step aside and let government get back to governing. and therefore, that's what i'll do >> after the resignation speech in manhattan, governor cuomo climbed aboard a helicopter and flew off he is still facing multiple criminal investigations and it is unclear whether state lawmakers will still pursue impeachment. the governor says he'll leave office in 14 days. when that happens, alone
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governor kathy hochul will become new york's first woman governor this is a shocking fall from power for a governor who enjoyed a 73% approval rating last year. a governor who followed in his father's foot steps and won three election in land slides. a governor who became a household name and a national political star during the pandemic won an emmy award for his covid briefings and was even talked about as a possible presidential candidate. now there is this. we're covering all angles. valerie castro from governor cuomo's accusers the albany times on the precarious future and the woman who will replace him first, contessa brewer live at the state capitol in albany. >> reporter: good evening to you. governor cuomo said today, impeachment would be a waste of resources. but here at the capitol, lawmakers are pondering next steps. new york's assembly judiciary
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committee chair said state lawmakers could still pursue impeachment to prevent him from holding office in the state ever again. in his resignation speech, he both apologized for offending the 11 women mentioned in the attorney general's report and defended himself >> in my mind, i've never crossed the line with anyone but i didn't realize the extent to which the line has been redrawn. there are generational and cultural shifts that i just didn't fully appreciate. >> reporter: at least four district attorneys are looking into the allegations against cuomo. with albany county confirming, a criminal investigation is underway right now, he does not face any charges as we speak the sheriff here though got a specific explain over groping of the accuser brittney commisso.
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and today they said it was cuomo's office that referred that complaint to the sheriff while the governor has denied that claim lieutenant governor kathy hochul tweeted out today that the resignation was the right thing to do. she said she is prepared to lead of course, the next 14 days, the state capitol will prepare for a trans i go of power. we've heard from state leaders, from county executives and party bosses saying they're optimistic hochul will bring in a new level of governance. >> some of the governor's accusers have been demanding this resignation and they've finally gotten their wishful what are the accusers saying >> it is a range of reaction some say it is sad that cuomo seemed to take no real responsibility for his actions others are saying they're thankful their voices were finally heard. the attorney for charlotte bennett who accused the governor of making inappropriate comments issued a statement saying the
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governor's decision on resign is not the end of our reckoning with sexual harassment but it is a step in the right direction. lindsey boylan, the first woman to come forward, said in a statement, from the beginning i asked that the governor stop his abusive behavior it became abundantly clear he was unable to do that instead of attacking and blaming victims until the end. karen hinton, another accuser, had this to say. >> what he did with those women was unforgivable and the sad part of it is he brought it, he also brought it on himself and he blamed others >> when cuomo initially responded to the attorney general's findings earlier this month, he tried to explain his affection with a slide show featuring photos of him kissing and embracing a variety of people something he said he did as a sign of warmth with everyone
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but one of the women featured in the photos spoke out today i know what attorney gloria allred embarrassing and said she was embarrassed when he used to it explain away his actions >> i do not appreciate him using, i do not appreciate him using my picture to spin a story. i do not condone his actions toward any of the women who have come forward and i do not appreciate being made to look as if i do. >> gloria allred announced at that time, she is also representing the female state trooper who has not been publicly identified but said he did the right thing announcing his resignation. >> brendan lyons now, thank you. a second generation governor born into political life, discussed by some as a future
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presidential possibility fallen from the political apex how do you measure this collapse >> it is really something. internally in the newsroom this evening, we were remarking that it was the biggest collapse of a governor in a generation he was certainly on top of his game a year ago, on top of the mountain and he said something, something that you just played, a clip where he said he didn't understand that the lines had been redrawn but governor cuomo redrew those lines. he signed into law the sexual harassment standards that were he will '58 in 2018, 2019, for some sort of conduct is acceptable and the steps for punishment so i think for him to say he didn't understand and attribute it to generational and cultural breakdowns in communication, it falls short for a lot of people. >> he didn't address the allegation that he reached under her shirt and touched her over
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her bra. at the same time the albany county sheriff said he is moving forward with the criminal part of all this, and to brit anycommisso's groping allegations. is that the biggest threat to him legally speaking >> potentially it is remember, there are three investigations still left. the assembly in their impeachment investigation which could certainly move forward or they could hedge that and end it with issuing a report and stop short of impeachment. but sustains or doesn't sustain whatever conduct has been alleged. the u.s. attorney's office in brooklyn, that investigation is still active although it seems to have lost some steam the albany county sheriff and the district attorney are not going to allow someone they said to resign their way out of criminal exposure. so they will move forward with their investigation. and it is something the governor, i'm sure, has in the back of his mind right now >> you know that capital as well
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as anyone. and here's the question that keeps going through my mind. are we in the position now where leaders of this state can not pursue things further, and survive themselves politically because for a lot of women i know, and advocates for a lot of women, that's a lot of people. for that bunch, i've heard this isn't enough for them. >> indeed. you're right that's where over the next several weeks, a lot of the debate will take place because again, someone resigns do we then stop our investigation of this person not prevent them from running for elected office again or do we do our job? the debate will also be, cuomo said it today, is it going to cause such a distraction and waste millions of dollars to go through something that is inevitable he has resigned. ultimately, impeachment would be to remove him from office.
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this was not unexpected. when melissa, the secretary to the governor resigned sunday night abruptly, that sort of signaled that she may be heading for the exits before he did. and she was with him today, by the way, in new york she accompanied him to deliver his remarks. >> from can he survive the year to a week and done stunning, really, in its speed thank you for your time, from the albany times union the battle to protect kids from covid in the classroom. there's a new push and a new push back in states that are banning mask mandates. the growing number of schools defying their governor's orders, and what happens if students don't comply front line nurses in their own words. the reality on the ground and the message they want everyone to hear. and fighting back against the big lie in court
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dominion voting systems sues for billions two conservative networks and their reporters. the case and how much money that company is seeking in damages. ♪ ♪ welcome to allstate. where everything just seems to go your way. ♪ ♪ you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. ♪ rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪
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♪ rock the boat don't tip the boat over ♪ here we go. ♪ don't rock the boat, baby rock the boat ♪ see disney's jungle cruise. it's time to rock the boat, america. president biden said today he's very concerned about schools being able to stay open and the president says he's admitting that he's worried about covid spreading among children who are too young to get vaccinated the president is urging schools to follow the cdc guidance and require masks. kentucky's governor leading that call he issued a new order mandating masks in all k-12 schools. in texas and florida, the debate over masks keeps growing as kids return to classrooms and covid cases and hospitalizations continue to worry many health officials. today, the fed said florida 200 ventilators to help the state
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deal with the latest surge still, when it comes to schools, governor ron desantis is not budging on his decision to ban masks. >> if you look at the data, it is totally reasonable for a parent to say i would rather send my kid to school without wearing the mask so that's what it is about it is about presental choice not government mandate >> the american academy of pediatrics look at data statewide and found children account for 15% of all new covid cases last week. now a number of school districts in florida including broward county which is the ft. lauderdale area are going against the governor's order this school board voted 8-1 to require students to mask up in schools despite what the governor said. and the judge in texas now temporarily allowing san antonio and bexar county to mandate masks despite the overnor's ba on just that here's morgan chesky >> reporter: we are in the
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middle of a covid emergency that medical staff across the state of texas says is and was very much preventible, and you look at the dwindling space, at the icu's. not just here in austin and across the state it is incredibly concerning. at last check in the city of austin, in the metropolitan area, home to nearly 2 million people there are only six icu beds available. you go to the north and the dallas-ft. worth metroplex, that number is not much better. nearly 8 million people call that area home this is absolutely a concern and coupled with that is the fact children will be going back to school incredibly soon. we know the executive order from greg anti-said school districts could not issue their own mask mandates however, defying that, we're seeing dallas school district, austin school district, and others around the state doing that exact thing and this is one summit's explanation. >> we're asking people to be kind but be firm
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we'll do some progressive discipline we'll ask them to leave. >> for months now we've heard from governor abbott say should the district violate his order, they could be risking a fine and risk losing state funding. as of right now, there is no move against this decision by the governor or his office >> thanks. dr. scott gottlieb do you see a scenario where the virus forces them to go fully remote this school year? >> unfortunately it's possible specially if you go into this school year without the mitigation we had last year. we can't expect to have less measures implemented in terms of trying to control the infection in schools and expect the same result in terms of keeping the infection at bay so masks are one option, one tool schools should be looking
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at there are other things they could be doing keeping children in defined social pods is important so you don't have an outbreak using testing more forcefully. making sure you retrofit air systems and try to get better air in the schools a lot of things schools could be doing. unfortunately, a lot of schools are taking their foot off the break before the school year begins and we don't know what the circumstances will be. the goal should be to keep the schools open and keep the measures in place until we see how it goes. >> you heard the governor say it is perfectly reasonable for a parent to want to send an unvaccinated kid to school without a mask that he is happy with the trend. is that accurate might we be heading to the other side of this delta surge >> well, the surge in the south is certainly peaking there's evidence that cases are starting to decline on a daily
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base across much of the south. arkansas, louisiana, missouri, florida as well. just because cases are declining on a daily basis, doesn't mean you're not accruing new cases every day. we'll continue to accrue new cases even as the case count starts to come down. unfortunately, they've maxed out their health care system in the south and they'll continue to see hospitalizations rise even as cases continue to fall. part of the challenge is that covid patients who get admitted to the hospital stay longer so it is hard to discharge them particularly when they get into the ic you were. to the extent many hospitals are maxed out, some health care systems. it will continue for weeks to come >> quickly on kids 5-11. american academy of pediatrics, they are pushing to approve it already. >> what the fda is doing is asking for more data so they sent a letter to the
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agency about the expansion clinical trials. i think the fda is asking for more data. if the circumstance changes and the situation worsens among kids, we see outbreaks among kids i think the fda will be in a position to make an earlier decision if they have to from a public health standpoint they're trying to get more data so they've required longer and larger details >> as always, thank you. most americans say they have high trust in doctors, nurses and pharmacists. that's according to a new poll from the university sxhik the associated press researchers say trust is critical right now as states work to get more people vaccinated and try to get delta under control. in places where cases are rising, health care workers say it feels like they're struggling through the same old dark days of the pandemic all over again andrea day spoke with three nurses about their challenges and frustrations as they continue to try to save lives.
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>> what is going on is that people in our community are dying and it is tragic and it is heart breaking and it is unnecessary. and it is preventible. >> reporter: tracy hill is a nurse in springfield, missouri, and shared these last words from a patient with covid struggling to breathe >> he started to cry and he said i'm angry with myself because i'm not vaccinated he died two days later >> reporter: missouri ravaged by the delta variant. where front line nurses are once again desperately trying to save patients >> does what is happening now seem like history repeating itself >> yeah. we were windingdown. and then all of a sudden we're back with numbers higher than what we've ever been and there is definitely a level of frustration there i think we feel let down >> it is hard to see people getting so sick right now when there is potentially something
4:21 am
they could have done about it. >> it is hard to see someone almost my age in the ic oumpb a ventilator that really hits home. >> reporter: in missouri, less than half the population vacc vaccinated >> there are lifejackets and i don't understand why some people would rather drown >> you can't help but saying, if you had gotten the vaccination, you might not be in this situation. >> reporter: what they wish everyone could see, the reality they face every day. >> i think if people could see what's inside, they would be scared and they would make better decisions >> reporter: and all the nurses we spoke with say this frustration does not change the level of care they're giving each and every day but they just wish people could see that almost every serious case is someone who is not vaccinated >> thanks. ever thought of a shoe as a piece of art something you put on a shelf instead of on your feet?
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after months of negotiating and days of debate, a landmark $1 trillion infrastructure bill has finally passed the u.s. senate if it goes through, it will be the largest federal investment in roads, bridges and rail in decades. i will also includes money for access to high speed internet, water projects and clean energy programs it passed the senate in a rare overwhelmingly bipartisan way. the vote 69-30 19 republicans joined all 50 democrats. the bill won the backing of a wide spectrum of republicans from mitch mcconnell to chuck grassley and rob portman
4:25 am
>> a real lasting bipartisan victory for the people we represent. the bill called the infrastructure investment and jobs act will improve the lives of all americans >> one concrete example, improvements on this bridge. it connects rob portman's and mitch mcconnell's states both lawmakers have said, the bill could fund that project drivers trying to cross the ohio river every day know of the aggravating traffic on the brent spenls bridge. it connects cincinnati to northern kentucky. it opened 70 years ago back then it was expected to accommodate about 80,000 cars a day. now it usually handles double that local business owners say they lose business because of the construction deliveries are never on time and bill would go toward constructing a second bridge next to the brent spenls to ease traffic jams and bottlenecks but
4:26 am
it still faces an uphill battle in the house it is headed there next. senior congressional correspondent, one hurdle cleared. another to go. how does that look >> well, the divisions over this bill and the house are already on display and i'm just talking about the democrats. on one side, moderates like the congressman from new jersey and one of the leaders of the bipartisan problem solvers caucus they sent a letter pleading with nancy pelosi to bring the infrastructure bill up for a vote asap. it says after years of waiting, we can't afford unnecessary delays but progressives don't want to rush in and most don't want to support the bipartisan bill if the rest of the democrats' agenda gets left behind. their own letter says, our caucus is clear. the bipartisan bill will only be passed if a package of social, human, and climate infrastructure is passed
4:27 am
simultaneously at an event in california today, pelosi seemed willing to wait, at least for a little while. >> with all the almost in the world for this senate bill, i'm glad it passed i'm glad it is bipartisan. strongly so. important to job creation and the rest but it is not the totality of the vision of joe biden and the congressional democrats. >> the senate just started debating that second package of human infrastructure today the house will return from recess the week of august 23rd to start work on it as well. the price tag is $3.5 trillion republicans are calling it a spending spree democrats promise it will all get paid for >> thanks. was the saudi government connected in any way to the attacks of 9/11? survivors want answers that they say could be in classified documents. the doj is now reviewing files possibly for public release, but family members of the victims say that is not good enough.
4:28 am
people in afghanistan leaving everything behind and fleeing to a makeshift camp if they're lucky. they're bringing stories of violence and threats of forced marriages, and the taliban gains ground those stories, next. as we approach the bottom. as we approach the bottom. hour and t t ♪ ♪ welcome to allstate. where everything just seems to go your way. ♪ ♪ you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today.
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on wall street, the dow up 163. s&p up 4 the nasdaq down 72 i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it is the bottom hour time for the top of the news >> more lawsuits over the big lie. dominion voting systems sues two more right wing networks and reporters for defamation as covid delta spikes, restaurants and bars push to extend outdoor dining but not everyone is on board and horror stories from afghanistan. after the taliban captures another regional capital the united states sending a peace end voluntary to the million-dollar east to send a warning. if the taliban takes the country by force, the rest of the world will isolate it. apparently thinking that might resonate with the terrorists who wanted and prepared for this war for decades. the taliban is already seized nine regional capitals over the
4:32 am
last five days and effectively, they've cut off the main highway connecting the country's capital of kabul with northern afghan provinces. it comes as the united states finalizes its troop withdrawal from the country the international committee of the red cross said its staff has treated thousands of people hurt in the fighting over the last few days thousands of others are flooding into kabul on the run from the insurgents the capital is holding for now but what is happening on the ground is horrifying with some of the stories from those refugees, here's nbc's kelly cobiella >> reporter: we're hearing absolutely harrowing tales of survival from these families who have fled fighting in the north. most of them came from the city of kunduz. 300,000 taken by the taliban on sunday one woman, a teacher, said she left at such short notice, she was not able to take anything
4:33 am
other than her teaching certificate and the clothes on her back she left with eight of her grandchildren, and she said she spoke to a neighbor a day later who told her that her home had been bombed. we spoke to another woman who told some very disturbing stories about the taliban. she said the taliban was targeting women, particularly women who worked in government, and she also said that a friend of hers, a colleague, was killed >> reporter: she also told us that families are being ordered by the taliban to give them lists of the unmarried and widowed women in their households so they could then be married off to taliban fighters. at this moment tonight, there is a battle ongoing for the biggest city in the north.
4:34 am
government forces trying to hold off the taliban and in fact, the war lord and former vice president headed there to back up government forces with the brookings insti institution, author of the book, art of war in the age of peace the u.s. says violence levels in afghanistan are unacceptable >> they had to know this was coming maybe not this quickly but who thought there would be peace this is war. outside of the biggest city in some of the others, they're cruising to victory. what should the goal be now? >> you summed it up now and it is tragic. i don't think president biden made the right choice but we are where we are i think the major goal has to be to hold on to some of the larger cities that you mentioned. the afghan special forces are still the best fighting forces in the country but there are only 12,000, 15,000 of them. they can do a lot if they are used well in the right places.
4:35 am
so the government has to avoid the temptation to retake every small capital in taliban hands and really focus on the big prizes, the big cities, the major arteries of transportation >> is there a way to assist in one way or another that maybe you could lay out? >> yes, i think they could go back the way we were 20 years ago when we helped the northern alliance defeat the taliban after 9/11 we could use u.s. air power out of the persian gulf. at least during the days of most intensive taliban effort to take certain cities we have to keep the money flowing to help faye afghan police and i think we should pay some of the militias that are friendly to their cause even if they're not official it is ugly, not the way they should be but we're in the land of even worst options. >> anecdotal evidence is in. i don't have to tell you, the
4:36 am
people are furious and that say they blame specifically our special envoy and some are calling for his head 20 years later, how do you even quantify the level of american failure here >> reporter: well, shepard, i'll say one thing. i believe in our troops and diplomats and aid workers. we invehaven't been attacked ag for 20 years so thank you. having said that, i agree with you. this is more about failure than it is about success. and i don't blame him entirely he was trying triangulate -- >> but they do they blame him because he struck the deal with the taliban and most of the anecdotal evidence is that people never thought the taliban would do what they said they would to and sure enough, they didn't do it. >> president biden didn't really need to pull the plug either the deal that was struck was not being complied with by the
4:37 am
taliban west didn't have to comply with the deal the other side was cheating on so there's blame to be shared fairly widely, i'm afraid, on the american side. you've written for as long as i've known you keep the government in control of kabul at a very minimum so you could have some control over parts of the country so there's freedom for some people, at least a space where they won't be murdered or tortured or some 13-year-old girl will be married off to a fighter if kabul falls, what does that mean to the greater region >> well, i think the united states can still find a by to prevent the development of a new south af sanctuary for isis we'll have to do it more officially from the indian ocean and aircraft carriers. from the persian gulf and kuwait and long range airplanes i think we will find a way to
4:38 am
reduce the likelihood of another big attack coming out of afghanistan. it will be very tough in terms of refugee flows and there really isn't any good story. i don't think the taliban necessarily win this clean and fast the other scenario is a prolonged civil war. either one is very bad >> thank you speaking of 9/11, the families of 9/11 victims doubling down now on their ultramatum to president biden. they've that, you will declassify efld from the terror attacks or you will not come to next month's memorials pretty strong. the pressure comes after the justice department announced it will conduct a fresh review of the classified files following years of pleas from the victims' families who insists the documents might show a link between those attacks and the saudi arabia government. in response to the doj review, an advocate for 9/11 families whose own father died in the attacks, put out a statement
4:39 am
today writes, unfortunately, we have heard many empty promises before we hope the biden administration come forward to provide the information the 9/11 community has waited for 20 years, so we can stand together with the president at ground zero on 9/11. dominion voting systems suing two more media outlets and the former ceo over lies and conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. the company is taking on news match and the owner of one american news, or oan. the suit also names current oan white house correspondent chanel rion and christina bob lawyers say they cast dominion as a villain while lying about election fraud the company is seeking more than $1.5 billion from each outlet, and from the ceo, patrick burn
4:40 am
they didn't immediately respond to request for comment news match released a statement staying outlet simply reported on allegations made by well known public figures including the president, his advisers and members of congress. dominion has a long list of other lawsuits underway over similar accusations. those defendants have all previously filed to dismiss the lawsuits one year later, remembering last summer's deadly derecho that devastated parts of the midwest. have you heard the final cost of this it is incredible tonight the stories of why rebuilding has been neither quick nor cheap. plus the debate over outdoor dining a life line for many restaurants during the pandemic. now some local residents are now some local residents are fighting the idea of i'm dad's greatest sandcastle - and greatest memory! but even i'm not as memorable as eating turkey hill chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream with real cocoa. well, that's the way the sandcastle crumbles.
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devastating derecho devastated parts of the midwest states. it raced 770 miles across the middle of the country tearing down homes and trees ultimately killing four people this iowa, illinois and indiana. it was also the costliest thunderstorm in american history. $11 billion worth of damage including the farms and crops. the hardest hit state, iowa. where local officials said more than 1,000 houses in cedar rapids alone were unlivable. tonight, rehema visits one family on the road to recovery >> reporter: ed and lindsey miles can finally walk through the second floor of what will soon be -- >> i'm really excited about this part >> reporter: their brand new home >> it is starting to feel like we are settling in, even though we're not living here yet. >> i'll second that. >> reporter: four bedrooms and two and a half baths to call
4:44 am
their own. after surviving the harrowing storm last august, unleashed 140-mile-an-hour winds across the midwest. the violence destroyed their house. ed won't soon forget >> the thing that sticks out in my mind, just being down, hunkering over the girls and waiting for the storm to end >> reporter: once it did end, a new nightmare. rebuilding with so much of the area in desperate need of rehab, insurance companies and building companies were overloaded for months their contractor finally able to demo and start construction this april. eight months after mother nature rimmed the old house apart the ongoing pandemic supply chain issues have made things all the more difficult >> now we find ourselves ordering certain materials before we even pour concrete or
4:45 am
dig a hole in the ground >> reporter: further exciting it, the soaring cost of building materials. >> this same house built last spring would have been $50,000 to $70,000 cheaper >> garage doors are 10 to 12 weeks out. >> reporter: if all goes according to plan, the family should be moving back in the fall >> we know that we're certainly fortunate to have the resources that we have no matter what, we know we'll be okay >> reporter: the couple's three daughters say they can't wait. for the news the pandemic is still causing massive shifts in the way businesses operate especially bars and restaurants, right? with more cities bringing back indoor mask requirements, a lot of americans are wondering, is outdoor dining here to stay? it turns out it is really complicated. outdoor dining shacks like these in new york city allow many restaurants to stay open when covid shut down the economy last year some local groups are now pushing back here's cnbc's kate rogers.
4:46 am
>> reporter: for match shuster, this has been a life line. his bistro is set to celebrate the outdoor dining structure taking up several parking spots on san francisco's busy market street has allowed him to make up for lost business when indoor capacity was restricted with wine tastings, to go drinks and more >> on some days, the park would allow us to have an extra 50% in business so especially, we're a 50-seat restaurant when we were at 50% capacity, that is 25 people. so being able to seat another 25, 30 people outside allows us a substantial amount of revenue to stay open >> reporter: as covid cases continue to climb around the country, and major cities like new york city, are now requiring proof of vaccination for indoor dining, restaurants are once
4:47 am
again looking to parklets to build business and stay afloat four states and more than a dozen major cities from portland to chicago and baltimorehave either extended or are pushing to extend outdoor dining programs including parklets. the group's research shows some 84% of diners said restaurants should be able to continue offering outdoor dining on a permanent basis. this spring, 90% of operators said they would continue on offer expanded outdoor seating if their jurisdiction allows it after the pandemic ends. but in some neighborhoods, there is been pushback against outdoor dining programs. on new york city's lower east side, the group is led by deyaenl who said she is pro business but the outdoor dining program in the city is not being properly regulated >> should we be giving our public land to the private sector one industry will have it on our street the landlords and the restaurant
4:48 am
industry, bars, clubs, whatever it is, will now control the road so i don't know if that's the right use for our street >> if more cities and restaurants do continue to require proof of vaccination for indoor dining, parklets like these do provide another sxopgs one that some diners may feel safer with eating outdoors, given cases continuing >> parklets, today's new word. thank you. collecting sneakers is a modern passion and a booming business, it turns out americans spend big money to get their hands on the latest air jordans and according to the research group, the sneaker resale market could potentially reach $30 billion by the end of the decade one of the companies cashing in on this trend is stockx. it has everything from high end collectibles and one of the challenges is separating the real from the fake at the company's headquarters in
4:49 am
detroit, frank holland >> they have an eye and a nose for their business >> you can decipher a lot whether a shoe is real or fake just by the smell. >> reporter: justin works at the detroit headquarters >> we don't know what we're getting until it gets to our station. so we have to be equipped for every brand. >> reporter: she said 99.5% of the time it garnl he's the you get the real deal when you shop for dead stock, jordans, easies and more they are sneakers that have never been worn no, longer made and with high demand, they originally called it self-stock market for sneakers. now has over 6 million buyers and 1 million sellers. >> the value proposition we offer is offer brand new products in original condition and these products are typically not available anywhere else. so it is a very different value proposition for the products we sell on our platform and that's differentiated from other market places that sell used goods or
4:50 am
in a consignment model >> reporter: it is forecast on grow to $30 billion. stockx has expanded birkenstocks are now big sellers, hand bags creating new opportunities and challenges >> with sneakers, it is a lot easier to see a defect a stitching flaw where with this, you have to know what you're looking for >> reporter: like many retailers, stock x saw growth during the pandemic. the question now is will consumers be willing to pay the high price for high end sneakers >> thanks. the government tried to find out the truth about ufo's and apparently came up empty knew a college professor giving at this time old college try himself. his project to find out what if anything is flying around. first, a criminal caught red handed after he attempted robbery and we have the video.
4:51 am
there's the perp she's a baby, too little to fly. employees blocked him after he tried to steal a stuffed toy fish see that it all went down at a candle store in port clinton, ohio about, an hour east toledo the shop owners say he's been hanging around the store for weeks. this is his third attempt to steal that stuffed toy fish. the store workers say they did get the toy back the sea gull dropped it off as he ran off
4:52 am
4:53 am
early last month the pentagon released the report on everything the government knows on ufos. turns out it was not much or still top secret a few days later the professor of science at harvard was provided with new research money and a question about aliens. enter the galileo project.
4:54 am
it will install small telescopes all around the globe to keep eyes on the skies. it filters out birds, drones, all of the flying objects we've described. the professor is here now. he's heading up the galileo project. what are you hoping to accomplish what are you hoping to get out of this? >> well, very simple thing, high resolution image of what is called unidentified ariel phenomenon they say a picture is worth 1,000 words. in my case it is worth 66,000 words, the number of words in my book "extra terrestrial. a month ago the pentagon released a report to congress where there are many objects are not identified whose nature is not known so we are here to help as scientists because that's our profession we're getting paid to figure out
4:55 am
what the objects on the sky mean. >> one of my bosses asked today, but don't we already have telescopes looking up there for ufos >> yes, we do, but when a bird flies above an astronomical telescope, they ignore it. we refocus on the bird if a drone flies by, we are looking for it anything that is made by foreign countries as far as i'm concerned is very boring we would be glad to give the data to anyone in washington we refocus on things that cannot be explained by human made technologies and can potentially be of extra terrestrial origin that will be exciting. it may be a mixed bag. even if one is extra terrestrial, it will change everything. >> you mention your paper from 2018 which suggests we might have already had a contact
4:56 am
>> right. >> what's your sense of things and why is it important for us to try to prove it beyond that >> right because science is guided by evidence and the evidence was incomplete and what we really need is indisputable evidence. basically high resolution image, megapixel image of an object that shows it's not natural in origin, it was manufactured by an advanced technological civilization far away from earth. that will demonstrate that we might not be the smartest kid on the block and, you know, it will change our perspective about our place in the universe, will change our religious, philosophical believes and will change our relationships with each other much of the history is trying to feel superior and that would make no sense if there is someone more advanced than all of us. >> avi loeb, hope you're right
4:57 am
if they can fly at high speed, they can keep us out of the loop the soccer superstar lionel messi landing in paris where he signed a reported two year, $82 million project with psg, paris sat. germaine. their new hero waived and there he is from the window. he bid an emotional farewell to barcelona. he told reporters that he wanted to stay but under the strict salary cap rules they couldn't afford to keep him messi is regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of all time the argentinian has scored more than 600 goals and won 36 titles for club and country. 60 seconds left on a race to the finish new york governor andrew cuomo says he's resigning and leaving office in 14 days.
4:58 am
it comes one week after the report from the attorney general's office after a report saying he sexually harassed 14 women. progressive house democrats won't support the new bill unless the senate passes a separate, much larger social spending package. several school districts in florida and texas defying orders from their republican governors and requiring students to wear masks as covid cases and hospitalizations spike and now you know the news of this tuesday, august 10th, 2021. i'm shepard smith. follow us on instagram and twitter on @thenewsoncnbc. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple loves camping adventures and their suv is always there with them. so when their windshield got a chip, they wanted it fixed fast.
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they drove to safelite autoglass for a guaranteed, same-day, in-shop repair. we repaired the chip before it could crack. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust, when you need it most. ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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