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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  August 2, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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i don't know how much simpler i can make this. when explicitly communist government forces for profit companies to turn into nonprofits, it's probably not a safe place to invest your money. i like to say there's always a bull marketsome. i promise to find it right here for you on "mad money. i'm jim cramer i will see you tomorrow. the the news a night of comebacks masks once again required in some big cities and simone biles back on the beam i'm shepard smith. this is "the news" on cnbc today we hit 70% of adults with at least one shot. >> america reaches its goal but a month late florida, the epicenter of this new wave pushed to the brink as hospitalizations hit a record high back in action simone biles will compete. the goat's olympic return and her chances at winning gold. taliban revenge killings the u.s. responds with a new
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plan to relocate afghan allies >> we have a special responsibility to these individuals. >> why critics say it's not enough. coffee prices skyrocketing the forces behind the rise and the new law that could make bacon disappear from grocery shelves. a tiktok star dies after being shot. wildfires in turkey and a bigger breed of screaming cicadas. live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, "the news with shepard smith. tokyo 2020 good evening simone biles making a comeback as we begin week two of our olympics coverage here the gymnast announcing she will compete for gold on the balance beam after withdrawing from all other events we're live tonight in tokyo. and we'll talk with justin gatlin, the last runner from team u.s.a. to win gold in the 100 meter final.
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his reaction to a texas born sprinter from italy taking the throne vacated by jamaica' usain bolt capturing the first ever 100 meter medal from italy. allyson felix and noah liles on the track the women's beach volleyball all here on cnbc we begin the news tonight with a push to vaccinate more americans. as the delta variant fuels a new and dangerous wave of covid infections the u.s. has now vaccinated 70% of all adults with at least one dose it is a major milestone but it comes about a month after president biden's goal of getting it done by july the 4th. >> while we desperately want to be done with this pandemic, covid-19 is clearly not done with us so our battle must last a little longer. and if you are not vaccinated, please protect yourself and get vaccinated. >> cdc data shows vaccinations are trending up if slightly across the nation but more
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importantly, they're rising in places that have struggled so far to convince people to get a shot here's a look at the ten states with the lowest vaccination rates. they're all reporting at least a 37% increase in the average number of people getting their first dose over the past two weeks but in louisiana it's up more than 200% encouraging progress, no doubt, but still more local officials are bringing back mask requirements over concerns about delta. seven counties in the san francisco bay area in effect starting tomorrow. the one in kansas city reinstated just today. louisiana's governor issuing a similar statewide mandate that includes schools, businesses and places of worship, but in new york city the mayor bill de blasio stopped short of requiring masks. instead he's strongly recommending vaccinated new yorkers wear masks indoors in florida, now the epicenter of the pandemic in the u.s., testing is ramping back.
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here you can see the long lines of this site in ft. lauderdale a scene we haven't seen since last year's original surge florida recorded all-time highs in both cases and hospitalizations over the weekend. new york's governor andrew cuomo issuing another vaccine mandate this time for the 68,000 transit workers who run the city's massive subway or bus system workers must get vaccinated or tested weekly starting labor day. the announcement comes less than a week after the governor announced the same requirement for allstate employees valerie castro is live in new york the governor urging businesses to require vaccines. >> reporter: shep, equinox made their announcement that private companies do exactly that, require their patrons to be fully vaccinated equinox will roll out the mandate with the locations here in new york city in early
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september before expanding it to the gyms across the country. soul cycle will do the same. governor cuomo says it's the best approach for businesses including restaurants and entertainment venues as the delta variant continues to spread. >> radio city music hall months ago reopened, vaccine only sold out all the shows private businesses bars, restaurants. go to a vaccine only admission i believe it's in your best business interests >> reporter: and as these new guidelines roll out, companies are having to rethink the start date for when workers will go back to the office in person for many companies it was supposed to be labor day travelers insurance, which is one of the largest companies in connecticut, announced today that they are pushing back their start date by at least a month citing concerns over the delta variant. travelers joined other companies like google and facebook tha made that decision back in july.
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google and facebook will also require their employees to be vaccinated when they eventually go back. tom gimble of lasalle network said they need to make the decision now so workers can make the decision before returning in person. >> what do we do the overwhelming concern when polling employees is that i feel safer around vaccinated people than nonvaccinated people with or without masks if you actually believe this is an employer that this is what's best for your employees, start it today >> reporter: and if it seems like things have changed rapidly in just the last few weeks, well, you're certainly not alone. a new gallup poll says 47% of americans believe covid disruptions will continue until the end of this year if not longer and that was 17% back in june the number of people who are
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very worried they can still be infected with covid, that number was on the decline but now it's gone up by 12%. >> valerie castro live in new york city. thank you. back to florida now where cases and hospitalizations are spiking. local coverage from nbc 6 miami and their reporter, marissa bagg. >> reporter: children are still at low risk by being hospitalized pediatricians say they are catching the virus, more symptomatic and very capable of spreading it to others when compared to one year ago dozens of kids have been checked out here at the emergency room at joe dimaggio's children's hospital here in hollywood only a handful have been hospitalized but one did pass away in june the delta variant of the coronavirus is sending kids to the emergency room at joe dimaggio children's hospital at rising numbers right now seven children are being treated for covid-19, two of them are in the intensive care unit.
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in june 36 kids went to the emergency room and tested positive for the virus in july that number skyrocketed to 190 dr. ronald ford said they're coming in with shortness of breath, fever, other flu-like symptoms some even need oxygen to recover. only a few are actually admitted to the hospital, but those increases worry him about what's to come. >> what's troubling to me is that the trend is headed in that direction. the slope of that curve is so steep right now in terms of new cases. >> reporter: ford says parents come into the e.r. with their kids looking for answers about the virus and ask how to manage a sick kid at home he says mask wearing, social distancing and good hygiene are key right now as kids head back to school in just a few weeks. with the school year starting in just a few weeks, the governor has made it so that schools cannot require students to wear masks. the governor wants that decision
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left up to the parents step in. >> marissa bagg, thank you dr. celine gounder thank you. we're hearing reports out of louisiana and florida about more kids being sicker than last year any reason to believe that delta is impacting those kids differently? >> shepherd, i think the key take home message here is that the delta variant is different it is different from the strains we saw early in the pandemic it is more infectious so it spreads more easily from person to person and the levels of virus in people who are infected are 1,000 times higher in their nose and their throat than they would have been with the early strains of the virus so if you imagine that there's so much more virus in the body, even if a child may be early in the pandemic, wouldn't have had a severe infection, now with that much more virus we're seeing kids getting sick we're seeing kids potentially transmitting onward to others. this is different. this is delta.
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>> you know, businesses are busy trying to figure out when people should return to work. medically speaking were those who were thinking about coming back after labor day, should they be postponing >> this really comes down to whether your work force is vaccinated vaccination is the way out of this pandemic. some people have compared covid to the flu that is not a correct comparison, but we could turn covid into something much more mild like the flu through vaccination. so if you're able to get your work force vaccinated, i think it's a completely different calculation than if you're not >> you know, vaccination rates are growing in areas of need, which is great news. is it too little too late to fight back against this variant? >> i think it's never too little too late any time we can save lives we absolutely should do that so i think everyone is really in the public health community. many local and state officials, the federal government in many parts of the country are trying to double down on our efforts to
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get folks vaccinated i really hope that some of those states that haven't completely come on board start to see how important it is as they see the rates of hospitalizations and deaths skyrocketing again in states like louisiana and florida. >> vin gupta, our doctor around here, is recommending people who got j&j's shot go and get a booster of pfizer or moderna if they can figure out how do it. do you agree or not? >> i think it depends on your risk profile are you an elderly person? do you live in a nursing snoem johnson & johnson, their vaccine was initially authorized by the fda as a low dose one dose and they've actually been studying two doses, higher doses, and that data is expected out later this week or later this month so we should have a more definitive answer to that question shortly. >> all right dr. gounder, great to see you.
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thank you. tokyo 2020 and we're live on the ground in tokyo. simone biles returning to the competition for the second half of the games, but team u.s.a. women's soccer out of the running? reaction from star meagan rapinoe ahead. a new world's fastest man crowned following the retirement of usain bolt and it's a man nobody saw coming. team u.s.a. sprinter justin gatlin is live with us reaction and a look ahead. later, an olympian from new zealand makes history. celebrated by some, criticized by others. lp her diabetes... but she didn't know what was right for her. no. nope. no way. but then helen went from no to know with freestyle libre 14 day, now she knows what activity helps lower her glucose.
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and can see what works best for her. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. freestyle libre 14 day. now covered by medicare for those who qualify. >> woman: what's my safelite story? freestyle libre 14 day. i'm a photographer. and when i'm driving, i see inspiration right through my glass. so when my windshield cracked, it had to be fixed right. i scheduled with safelite autoglass. their experts replaced my windshield and recalibrated my car's advanced safety system. ♪ acoustic rock music ♪ >> woman: safelite is the one i trust. they focus on safety so i can focus on this view. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ tokyo 2020 and biles is back they announced that biles will be competing in the balance beam final tomorrow this will be the first time since she pulled out of the team
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final last week to focus on mental health. meantime, on the pitch, a huge upset in women's soccer. today the u.s. lost 1-0 to canada in the semis. they have now failed to make the final in the last two olympics meagan rapinoe says there's plenty at stake. >> we have a lot to play for there's a medal on the line and that means everything no matter what color it is. >> italy is now home to the world's fastest man. marcel jacobs sprinted to gold in the men's 100 final he holds the title held for the past 13 years by usain bolt. u.s. is leading with 64. china in second with 62. the most golds, then the russian olympic committee with 50. full olympic coverage in a moment track legend justin gatlin is with us. first tom lamas is live with us.
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>> that's right, shepherd. we have seen so much from simone biles. tonight here in tokyo she's going to show us something we've never seen before. she's shown us a lot of courage and competing and putting her stamp on competition tonight this will be the balance beam. the big question is what will the routine look like? from what we understand from what mckaila skinner said, she won't have so many twists. it won't be as difficult of a routine from what we would expect from simone biles she's a six-time olympic medal winner i'm sure it will be incredible all of this coming as we had a wonderful and incredible night of gymnastics with jade carry winning the gold medal very competitive field and she nailed her routine absolutely perfectly. every flip, every turn it was just amazing. her dad is her coach so they were able to share that moment
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together she actually gave her gold medal to her dad at one point while she was taking photos. suni lee, she's won every single medal. a gold, a silver and over the weekend she won the bronze in the uneven bars. we'll see her tonight. she'll be up against simone biles. they have been so close it will be nice to see them there. finally, mckaila skinner she thought she was done with competition. simone biles decides to withdraw from the vault she gets to step in and she surges to a silver she wins she had told us earlier in the week last week that she was a little bit disappointed with how everything had played out. she gets to go home with a silver medal 24 years old shep, something interesting. simone biles stepped away. she ended up sharing the spotlight with all of these other incredible u.s. gymnasts and they have all shined, shep. >> fantastic tom, thanks a lot. let's turn to justin gatlin.
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it's great to have you here. italy's marcell jacobs, man, how surprised was everyone >> we were very surprised. people in the track world, you watch the sprints. you watch the progression over this season. he's ran 6.40 in indoors and then he went outdoors and broke the national record for italy at least twice. he did his pr twice in the semis and in the finals. >> still mighty impressive you were fastest man in the world. american fred curly took the silver in tokyo. what do you think it will take for the united states to get back on top of that podium >> mental. it's -- it's seizing the moment. being on that big stage and you know you have to be bigger than the moment you have to think of it as the best practice in your life don't let the moment be bigger than you and when you cross the line, celebrate with everyone else. >> someone thinking of that is american noah liles. do you think he can pull it off?
7:18 pm
>> i think that he's on a different path than everyone else who's running right now he's the world champion. now he's going to try to be the olympic gold medalist and champion he needs to seal that deal no question at all. >> think he's got it >> i think he has it, but he has some tough competition against kenny bederick and knightlin in there as well. >> i want to ask you the what if question on sha'carri richardson she was pulled out of the games from smoking pot the jamaicans took the gold. there was a blistering 10.61 to win the gold do you think sha'carri could have beaten that time? >> i have to be a little biased because i train with sha'carri richardson i've seen her do some amazing things i know she was on pace to run 10.5 taking away nothing from elaine thompson they are legends in their own
7:19 pm
right. it would have been a spectacular race. >> yeah, i'm sorry we didn't see is it. justin gatlin, thanks so much. tourists forced from their hotels devastated farmers trying to save their livestock fires raging in europe we're on the ground next to villagers as they try to protect their homes. a blockbuster deal why reese witherspoon sold hello sunshine and for how many millions challenges. and a few surprises. but wherever you are on your journey. your dell technologies advisor is here for you - with the right tech solutions. so you can stop at nothing for your customers. (struggling vehicle sounds) with the right tech solutions. think premium can't be capable? think again.
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wildfires are ripping through villages in southern turkey killing at least eight people and forcing hundreds of others into hospitals. the flames have been racing over hills, burning down homes and farmland sending people running for their lives. distraught villagers have jumped in to fight the fires themselves saying the government hasn't done enough to help them alex crawford from our sister network sky news was on the ground in southern turkey as people desperately tried to save their homes.
7:22 pm
>> reporter: this is quite an extraordinary local effort these are just villagers without any training just a desire to beat back the flames from their homes. they used water bottles to dampen the area around their houses it's all they have but there's another breakout on the other side of the village. the fires moving in on them on several side and many villagers are very critical their government wasn't prepared. >> translator: i feel tired and helpless we can't do anything our houses are burning our forests are burning and there's nothing we can do. >> reporter: where are these people, she's screaming? there's growing anger. the help isn't coming quickly enough the fire is engulfing this house and over and about to burn tractors and farmland. it is outpacing firefighters at
7:23 pm
a rate that's nuts and they can't keep pace of it. we saw one farmer desperately pouring buckets of water around not nearly enough to stop this angry fire a russian helicopter was trying to douse the flames part of the international help after the turkish leader admitted his air fleet was not adequate panic is building up and at a rapid rate the fire is advancing and the winds are picking up helping it rip through the surrounding forest as the firefighters decide to pull out, they warn everyone to do the same. their plan is to return with reinforcements but right now the fire's too strong and people are scrambling to get to safety. this has happened within the
7:24 pm
last 20 minutes. walls of flame get out, get out, they're shouting there's no clarity on exactly how these fires started although some have been blamed on ars sen nists but the forests are tinder dry and the ferocity of the fires has been shocking. >> look at that sheet of flames and that has happened within minutes. and now it's coming from both sides. and it's moving this way wow. that is -- wow turkey has already been suffering badly economically because of coronavirus and the fall in tourism. these fires will deliver yet another cruel punch and they're not over yet alex crawford, sky news in southern turkey. >> while crews battle to get ahead of the fires in turkey, reports of progress in the western u.s. this weekend. the bootleg fire in oregon now 84% contained they tell us
7:25 pm
though still the largest fire in all the nation on saturday it had only been 54% contained and the dixie fire in california now 35% contained after a few days of slow growth gave crews a bit of a leg up fire officials warning that might be the calm before the storm. he said regions moving into a dryer and hotter period which could lead to more and bigger fires. the activity this year far outpacing 2020 more than 500,000 acres in california burned so far this time last year that number was 130,000 acres. california voters passing a law to give breeding pigs a bit more room. now experts are warning that that compassion will cost. why you're going to have to shell out more cash for a slab of degreesy greatness. after months of negotiations and back and forth, the senate laying out the bipartisan infrastructure plan. what made the cut as they worked to advance it?
7:26 pm
and the u.s. expanding the policy allowing more afghan nationals to enter the country as the taliban surges there. that's next aswe approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc. mutual save? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ breakfast is about to get more expensive the cup of joe already costing more volatile weather hitting farmers' crop production in brazil they tell us.
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bacon's about to get expensive, too, after an animal welfare proposition in california has hog farmers scrambling to comply with new rules how's it going to affect you >> we americans love our coffee and we drank a ton of it last year, shep 44.5 billion last year much more made at home $2 billion was spent on at-home coffee makers and accessories as the pandemic swept the country americans are making their way back to coffee shops at a time when coffee prices have been volatile july up 10% and up 30% year to date this is due to several factors including a drought and frost in brazil, protests in columbia, shipping containers and supply chain woes consumers are spending about 3% more on average for regular and specialty cups of coffee compared to a year ago this holds true for specialty coffee in particular at gourmet
7:29 pm
shops. some big players like starbucks are able to purchase far in advance to protect from this kind of price volatility it's not just coffee prices on the rise another breakfast staple may be in danger. bacon here in california next year the state will start to enforce a new animal welfare rule that voters overwhelmingly supported in 2018 requiring more space for breeding pigs, chickens and calves. >> the ability for us to be this flexible and to be this nimble in changing the supply chain, i mean, simply is impossible so the reality of the matter is is that the consumers simply aren't going to have product available to them if this law is kept in place because there simply isn't going to be enough production that will comply by 2022 >> reporter: and we all know supply and demand. if there's less bacon, you can expect prices to increase as well shep. >> kate, thanks. bill and melinda gates are
7:30 pm
officially divorced and that's what's topping cnbc's on the money. king county court in washington state approved the divorce this morning. officially ending their 27-year marriage melinda french gates filed for the split back in may and said that the couple's relationship was irretrieve bring broken. $1 billion deal. electric jet startup lilium signing the deal with brazilian airliner azule the jet which can take off and land vertically are part of a plan to build an electric aircraft network across brazil in 2025. reese witherspoon's hello sunshine sold to disney execs. the deal backed by private equity firm blackstone values the company at $900 million. witherspoon set to join the board there and continue to run hello sunshine her company makes movies and tv series that focus on women including the hbo hit big little
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lies and apple tv's good morning show you can catch witherspoon and sarah harden on tech check at 11 a.m. cnbc. on wall street, the dow down 97 s&p down 8 the nasdaq up 8. i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news emotional reunions at heathrow airport after tight travel restrictions lifted in the u.k. a tragic ending to a first date a ticktock star dies after being shot ina movie theater. secretary of state blinken announcing a new policy. >> the u.s. opening up the refugee program to even more at-risk afghans as the taliban hunts them down. secretary blinken says afghans who did not qualify for special
7:32 pm
visas but are in serious danger can apply. for example, that includes afghans who worked for american ngos or media organizations and now have a target on their backs. meantime, violence is escalating in afghanistan as u.s. troops withdraw today the american embassy in kabul accused taliban fighters of massacring dozens of civilians in a series of revenge killings dan, there's a imaginer catch to this refugee program >> that's right, there is a big catch. that is the afghans have to get themselves out of the country to apply for this refugee status. and that is a very dangerous prospect the taliban, it is moving fast on the march now threatening several cities in the north and the south and the west and even if they get to that country, they've got to wait a year or more to have their application processed. so the biden administration has opened the door wider to
7:33 pm
thousands of afghans to relocate them to the u.s., but the door's not fully open and the move is getting a mixed review from some of the refugee organizations and veterans who fought for these afghans, many of them former interpreters you have matt zeller who's long been a champion of these afghan interpreters saying these afghans don't need more paperwork, they need an air lift there is an evacuation going on, air lift going on but for a much smaller group of afghans who qualify under a different program, much stricter criteria. 2500 afghans being flown directly to the u.s. that leaves tens of thousands of afghans in limbo in the meantime, the taliban is on the march and the situation is precarious. >> thank you. the united states, israel and the u.k. all blaming iran for a deadly drone attack on an oil tanker this happened on thursday off the coast of oman in the arabian
7:34 pm
sea. the u.s. is confident that iran used a suicide drone packed with explosives to strike the tanker killing two crew members tehran denies any involvement. the u.s. navy sent a destroyer and aircraft carrier to escort the vessel to safety in recent years israel and iran have engaged in a series of tit-for-tat exchanges but 24this is the first time somebody has died the white house is working with with allies to figure out an appropriate response. the united kingdom lifting restrictions on american travelers. starting today, fully vaccinated folks no longer have to quarantine when they get there plenty of emotional scenes at london's heathrow. families and friends reunited after not seeing each other since the start of the pandemic. >> i've been really on edge for the last couple of days. i didn't know what it was going to be like coming in and like i
7:35 pm
said, we haven't seen each other in three years that was really overwhelming it's really good to know that i'm home and i feel so good. >> the cdc and state department urging people to avoid traveling to the united kingdom because of the surge in covid cases there. a rising tiktok star with more than a million followers shot in the head at a movie theater. now a man's in custodyas an anguished father goes after him in court. plus, ten people shot outside a grocery store in new york why the nypd is calling this a coordinated attack. and new tonight, a new union election recommended at amazon in abalama the charges of interference against the company. whether it's ensuring food arrives as fresh as when it departs. being first on the scene, when every second counts. or teaching biology without a lab. we are the leader in 5g. #1 in customer satisfaction.
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a tiktok star has died days after somebody shot him and his friend in the head at a movie theater in corona, california. police say anthony died on saturday they say a gunman opened fire on
7:38 pm
them both last monday night during a showing of "the forever purge. workers found the two victims as they were cleaning the theater after the movie was over an 18-year-old woman was already dead but he was hospitalized on life support the suspect appeared in court on friday and the young victim's father confronted him as he left the court. >> look at me, raffl look at me. >> no, don't no, don't. >> look at me, dude. [ bleep ]. >> prosecutors and police say the suspect appears to have no connection at all to the victims. they say they're working on adding a new murder count to his charges. a judge delayed his arraignment in which he would normally enter a plea that is now set for thursday. a brazen and coordinated gang-related attack in queens, new york, on saturday. that according to the nypd two gunmen shot ten people and
7:39 pm
escaped on scooters. here's the video from officials. you can see the shooters in black hoodies there, taking out their guns then seconds later two others drive by the surveillance camera on scooters. police say they approached people on foot firing multiple times into the crowd and then jumped onto the scooters only three victims were known gang members who they believe to be the targets and the other seven were bystanders. amazon warehouse workers in the reason a federal label -- i should say labor official said the company improperly pressured employees to vote against joining the union. the official recommends the nearly 6,000 workers hold a new election they voted by more than two to one to not unionize. amazon is going to challenge the
7:40 pm
ruling we have reached out but we haven't heard back. after months of negotiations a bipartisan group of senators has finally written an infrastructure bill and now we know what's in it. the bill is 2700 pages it authorizes more than half a trillion dollars in spending for roads, bridges, and other physical infrastructure. nbc's sawhill kapur. how are they divvying up this money? >> shep, it's finally infrastructure week. $555 billion bill. $110 billion will go to roads, bridges, and highways. that is the core of this about $73 billion will go to modernizing the electricity grids. 66 billion on passenger rail about 39 billion on public transit. 5 billion to upgrade the water
7:41 pm
the only debate how much to spend and how this is going to be paid for. some of these numbers may not be the final version. the congressional budget office is still scoring some of the provisions as we speak, but this is the crux of it. the votes have begun today chuck schumer is in a hurry. wants to get this done this week so they can move onto the separate multi-trillion dollar bill mitch mcconnell has said there's no rush and that the senate should take its time and do what he calls a robust amendment process. of course, shep, the threat of keeping senators in town for the august recess tends to be a motivator to get them to move more quickly and to get legislation wrapped up i suspect at the end of the day some objections will be there. there will be some from the right of the republican party, throw a wrench in this saying we shouldn't do all of this spending they're likely to get this done
7:42 pm
because 67 senators voted to get this done. there's broad buy-in looks like to be the first broad bipartisan win for the president. >> in the senate, then what? >> it goes to the house. nancy pelosi said she will not consider the bill until they send over the bill which addresses the other priorities of senior democrats like transportation chairman peter defasio as well as house progressives who want investments in health care, child care, bolstering climate change -- sorry, mitigating climate change which they say this bill doesn't do a lot of. that is the priority of many democrats. they want both bills in the house before they consider either. >> sahill, thank you. tonight bad news and good news about bust. the cicadas are bur yessing underground. the bad news, another kind of
7:43 pm
cicada is taking its place we go to the expert next. >> it's safe to go into the water but it might be crowded. part of the east coast lighting up with rather large activity. sharks, and we introduce you to some of them . no foods you love. stressed? no stress. exercise. but no days off! easy, no? no. no. no. no. but with freestyle libre 14 day, you can take the mystery out of your diabetes. now you know. sir, do you know what you want to order? yes. freestyle libre 14 day. try it for free. (struggling vehicle sounds) yes. think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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introducing the first ever at4 lineup. premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc.
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gentle well, just as we're starting to think we're done with cicadas, skype 'tises says there's a new brood in town. they're bigger, may be uglier and listen to what they sound
7:46 pm
like brood x plagued areas from pennsylvania to tennessee from late spring into the summer. those cicadas have mostly died off. the dog day cicadas are just getting started. professor, we thought this nightmare was over and now they're screaming. >> they are, indeed. while brood 10 is almost gone, the eggs are hatching as we speak. 50 or so hatched in my hatchery here in cincinnati we're no longer hearing the brood x, we're hearing the dog day cicadas because they're out in the dog days of summer. >> these are quite different from the other ones, right >> they are. they look very different they have the beady red eyes, black bodies, orange wings the dog day cicadas are larger, more blunt size.
7:47 pm
they have black eyes, gray eyes, green eyes they look camo colored khaki green, green, black and brown in a nmottled pattern. they come out in individuals just a few here and there. to get the notice of a female, they have to scream even louder. >> in the same areas, northeast and delmarva or other places >> there are approximately 163 cicada species that aren't periodical cicadas they're emerging all throughout the united states. we have different species. some overlap in different states but here in ohio we have 14 species that we see every year and what really gets the confusion going is that we've had all this publicity about brood x, once every 17 years people get them out of their system and there's morrissey
7:48 pm
kad - more cicadas. >> what do they do they can't hurt you? >> no, they can't hurt you, bite or sting or anything they're going to make a lot of noise. you can hear them quite a distance away. if these were out in the numbers of periodicals, you couldn't hear a thing it would be blasting with sound. these are camo colored if you hear a tree buzzing away, you hook up in the tree, you'll have trouble seeing them they're backlit. it takes a while to pinpoint where are they in the tree the males are singing to attract the females, when he does, the they'll mate, she'll lay her eggs there's the dog day cicadas, annual cicadas they are also called harvest flies. >> are they in one place more than any others? >> they're going to be -- the ones we're seeing here in the
7:49 pm
east are mostly in the eastern deciduous forest we have prairie cicadas in the midwest. desert cicadas in the southwest. depends where you live, what cicadas are already present. >> get used to the noise professor. >> thank you. a surge of shark activity on cape cod this weekend right at the start of one of the busiest months for shark detections. take a look at this. the blue squares here are all confirmed shark sightings reported off the cape in the past two days. according to the atlantic white shark conservancy. they're not afraid of getting close to shore here. this yellow square is a buoy that can detect every time a tagged and named shark swims past only 100 yards off shore just today marly stopped by. a 10 foot female at about 3 in the morning. that's when this was taken last night a visit from danny here, an 11 foot male that's been at this buoy 14 times this
7:50 pm
year before him, scar face they named this one, a 12 footer who seems to be freaking the lower cape more and more this particular year tokyo 2020 the women septathlon world record, 7,291 points yet to be broken the woman who set it is jackie joiner kersy and she's here next who this olympic legend is watching as track and field gets going in tokyo the news continues coming right up to run a growing business, is to be on a journey. and along the ride, you'll find many challenges. your dell technologies advisor is here to help. so you can stop at nothing for your customers. [engines revving] ♪ ♪ return to rugged.
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tokyo 2020 minutes away from nbc sports primetime olympic coverage here on cnbc. big night for track and field. the star sprinter noah lyles making his olympic debut at the men's 200 meter. allyson felix looking to sprint to another record. she could be the most decorated track and field athlete. brazil versus switzerland and later gold medals in the men an women's canoe final. jackie joyner-kersee widely considered the all-time in the heptathalon and it's an
7:53 pm
honor meeting you. what americans do you have your eye on, jackie especially with sha'carri richardson out of the games? >> so we have a real strong american team both on the men and women's side my husband, bob kersee, who is coaching allyson felix and looking out for them and looking to see what's going to happen in the women's septhathlon with our three women. looking for one of them or all of them to get on the podium but then tyler davis in the long jump who broke my collegiate record brittney rece, look time history there. >> you are all full into this day. usain bolt not on the track for the first time since '04 is there anyone who could try to fill those running shoes >> you know what, it's not so much about filling those running
7:54 pm
shoes but bringing excitement. fans are not going to be here. bringing people to our sport who wouldn't necessarily want to watch our sport and hopefully they tune in and once we're able to bring fans and everyone back together, they will continue to be a fan for life. >> it's hard to miss out on that allyson felix, jackie, in her fifth games. 35 years old and still doing it. you made it to four olympics how impressive is this woman >> oh, allyson is very impressive you talk about grace and humility just an outstanding individual you know, and being able to make her fifth olympic team and i'm looking for her to -- i sent her a note just telling her to enjoy this journey, you know just enjoy. >> expect the unexpected and don't forget the joy one more thing, i want to talk long jump. women's final coming up tonight. you're considered one of the best to ever long jump what are you expecting
7:55 pm
>> oh, wow i'm expecting upsets i hope brittney reese who made her fourth team has been there tyra davis, the young phenom from the university of texas, she is bringing so much excitement i know the young lady from germany who is the reining olympic champion but, hey, i think u.s.a. gonna bring the fire bring the distance, you know, bring the star power. >> they've got a fan in jackie joyner-kersee. thank you so much. meagan triplet is here hosting the olympics late night and overnight on cnbc. great to see you >> good to see you, too. >> start with gymnastics, why don't we all eyes on simone biles return. >> my eyes are all on simone biles. this is the last day i'm super excited to see this. the fact that she's taking on beam she's opening up about the twisties it's a moment to cheer on
7:56 pm
simone for team u.s.a. you're not only going to have simone biles but suni lee i'm hoping for more medals all around whether it's simone or suni lee just exciting. >> soccer. women's soccer can get a bronze. tough loss to canada. >> meagan rapinoe said it. this is the one team that they did not want to lose to is team canada there is some rivalry there. they just didn't have it going this is a group that -- where you look at it and the only goal was that penalty and where you had your goalie come out of the game yes, she did go the right direction but couldn't hold it off. now they have a chance to get another medal. wasn't the color that they wanted but bronze is still up there. they have to figure out how to get those juices flowing as meagan rapinoe said it i can't put my finger on it. we have the chance we can't figure out how to get us all clicking together.
7:57 pm
>> along with the olympics, you find a lot of time covering basketball and the memphis grizzly. clearly the u.s.a. has the best players but i don't know if we have the best team, do you >> we've seen u.s.a. get things going against iran and the czech republic they've limited the fouls. they've limited the turnovers. they've found their shot but you talk about the memphis grizzlies. we're taking on spain? do you remember who's on spain the gasol brothers ricky rubio. these are two teams that know so much about each other. we played them in 2008, 2012 in the gold medal games and the semi-final in 2016 in rio. spain wants to get past team u.s.a. there's passionate guys on both sides. team u.s.a. can take what they did against the czech republic and iran it will take every single guy from starters to the bench they're going to have their moment this is going to be the biggest test >> i am excited. >> i'll see you later.
7:58 pm
>> i'll see you in a bit. the olympic weight lifter laurel hubbard may not have made the podium but she did make history. she became the first openly transgender woman to compete in any games. she didn't compete -- complete any of her three lifts but she got applause from people in the room hubbard competed in men's events before quitting the sport years ago. some athletes have questioned whether she should be allowed to compete in women's events saying she has an unfair advantage. the weight lifter told reporters she knows there's controversy but she thanked the olympic committee for saying sport is something for all people it is inclusive. it is accessible. the women's three meter spring board event yesterday british olympic swimmer tom daily was hard at work fans spotted him in the stands knitting he says he picked up the hobby during the pandemic and that it helps him kind of keep sane
7:59 pm
during the olympics. turns out he was making a dog sweater or jumper as he likely calls it the morning after winning the gold he whipped up a little something to keep his medals safe. >> this morning i made a little coozie for my medals so they don't get scratched so here it is it slots in like this and then i've got union jack on one side and the japanese flag on the other. >> a little cozie. what's next? team gb sweater. daily says he sells all of his creations on his instagram made with love by tom daily donates all of the money to charity. caleb dressel dominating the tokyo olympics winning five gold medals the 4x100, 50, 100, the 100 meter butterfly and 4 by 1 medley relay only three other male swimmers
8:00 pm
have done that what's next for one of the biggest names in sports? i'll ask him when he joins us on the news tomorrow right here if you're just tuning in for track and field or beach volleyball, we're glad to have you. we hope you'll be with us tomorrow night for "the news." it's here. right now, let the games begin ♪ ♪ he's going to stand alone in olympic history! the greatest olympic champion of all time ♪ ♪ a track and field matriarch takes the olympic stage once more while a precocious newcomer bursts on to the scene and baudin


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