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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  July 27, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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i don't want endless self-promotion but there's got to be a way of being cautious without shooting your stock in its own face i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise you i will find it just for you right here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow "the news with shepard smith" starts you now >> vaccinated or not, masks are back i'm shepard smith. this is "the news" on cnbc >> cdc whiplash. for most of the country, masks once again recommended indoors, including for everyone in k through 12 schools >> we are dealing with a much different strain of this virus >> and being vaccinated will not exempt you a setback for two of the biggest names in the olympic games. simone biles withdraws from the olympics teams final >> i was like you guys need to relax. you're going to be fine without me >> will she defend her
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individual gold. and days after she lit the olympic flame naomi osaka eliminated the pliz on the capitol, their injuries and pleas to investigate and and their anger. >> the indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful! temperatures on the rise the heat dome that's about to settle over the country and bring record temps coast to coast. inside america's only operating rare earth mine. britany spears making a big move and a man survives a sidewalk explosion >> live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, "the news with shepard smith. >> good evening. just two months ago, the cdc told fully and vaccinated americans you can ditch your masks in most indoor settings. it was exciting and a hopeful sign that the worst of this
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horrible pandemic was behind us. but today, reality set in, as the agency issued a major reversal, now vaccinated people should once again mask up indoors, if they're in parts of the country where covid is surging locally. the cdc director citing new data from several states and counties to back up the agency's decision dr. walensky says the delta variant is different from previous strains, and in rare breakthrough cases, vaccinated people can indeed have just as much viral load as an unvaccinated person, and that makes it possible for the vaccinated to be contagious and spread the disease to others >> this new science is worrisome and unfortunately warrants an update to our recommendation this is not a decision that we or cdc have made lightly this is weighs heavily on me >> the cdc also reversed k through 12 guidance.
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it's now recommending everybody in every school wear masks indoors, vaccinated or not this applies to students, teachers, staff, visitors, everybody and in a statement, president biden acknowledged this will come as a disappointment to many, writing in part "masks students is inconvenient i know, but it will allow them to learn and be with their classmates with the best available protection." on the vaccination front the president said the administration's considering whether to require all federal employees to get vaccinated. the new information comes a day after the veterans affairs department became the first federal agency to announce just such a move. in a moment we'll hear from dr. peter hotez about the mask guidance first to meg tirrell the cdc's recommendation applies to well most of the country, right? >> yes, it does, shep. the cdc is making this guidance for areas with substantial or high transmission.
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take a look at this map. that's all the counties in red and orange all together it's almost two-thirds of all counties in the united states. it's ametric based both on the spread of covid, how many people have the virus, as well as whether counties are able to do enough testing to stay on top of it the cdc also saying that fully vaccinated people who aren't in hot spots might still want to mask indoors if they or someone they live with are at higher risk of severe disease or kids under 12 who can't yet be vaccinated white house press secretary jen psaki was pressed on the cdc's about-face and said even though the previous guidance was two months ago things changed rapidly. >> the reality is we're dealing with a different strain of this virus than we were even earlier in the spring, back in may, when the masking guidance was done, provided by the cdc at that time that is their job. their job is to look at evolving information, evolving data, and
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evolving historic pandemic, and provide guidance to the american public >> the cdc says the delta variant is twice as contagious as the original strain of the virus and the agency's data show it made up less than 2% of cases in early may now, it's more than 80%, and the prevalence in some areas of the country is even higher director walensky taking pains to emphasize the vaccines are still very effective in protecting people from severe disease and death from covid, and that most spreads still happens from unvaccinated people already the guidance taking effect in some areas including the white house, and official there noting washington, d.c., is classified as having a substantial level of community transmission, so the masks are back on indoors. shep >> meg, thank you. dr. peter hotez, co-director of the center for development at texas hospital you called the variant a game changer, did a long time ago
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is this new guidance from the cdc in your estimation necessary to battle it >> yes, it absolutely is, shepard. before people start to panic and get upset, it's important to remember these vaccines are holding up really well against symptomatic illness and against serious llness, hospitalizations, icu admissions nothing has changed and probably the most important part but remember, we were hoping for two performance features from these vaccines one to keep you out of the hospital, prevent symptomatic illness, that still holds. the piece that's changed, shepard, is that this virus is replicating in higher amounts than we've seen before, maybe a thousand times more virus particles than the previous lineages, and that's one of the reasons why this virus is so much more trance smissible, twie as the original lineage, and the other performance feature other than preventing symptomatic
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illness was the hope that it would also stop asymptomatic transmission, and that we show that with the original lineages with the uk lineages and with the delta variant, the second performance feature is not holding up as well so because there are so many more virus particles, the amount of neutralizing antibodies from vaccines has gone down with the delta variant so we're not stopping that asymptomatic transmission as well and that i know is confusing but that's the reason why for the vaccine recommended that if you're in an area of high transmission, you're vaccinated to put on the masks. there is potentially a way to get around it, the third immunization may come through in terms of revving up back the virus neutralizing antibodies and going back to the original not having to wear masks >> between now and then, masking is the way and the cloth mask and the paper mask we all used to wear in the beginning that worked great against the
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original they don't work against this, i'm told we need a kn or n95 mask you wear a cloth mask it's like the water bottle charade at the tlc, not the tlc, the place where they scan you at the airport, tsa it's like that, it doesn't really do anything why isn't anybody talking about that >> i think the surgical mask still may have a lot of ability. that's what i'm doing right now, wearing a straightforward surgical mask, and especially in areas of high transmission, and this is the other nuance i think that hasn't been emphasized enough. we're looking at very different parts of the country, so if you're up in the northeast, and massachusetts and vermont, where you're doing a great job, all of the, most of the adults and adolescents are getting vaccinated, you know what? transmission is still really low and you could probably stick with the original guideline. down here, where almost nobody is vaccinated, states like
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louisiana, 17% of adolescents, 30% to 40% of young adults and the school year is starting, things are going to rev up and it becomes important >> quickly on schools, k through 12 schools wear a mask it's another reversal. is is this a messaging issue that hurts credibility or a change in the virus you have to react to >> i think the emphasis is the fact the cdc is working to be evidence based, not doing this lightly. the original evidence showed with the uk variant, which was our dominant variant in the spring, that things were looking up, that we were slowing transmission in many parts of the country and maybe if you're vaccinated, you don't have to wear masks, not that is imurgency of masks in the schools but that is the reality of delta variant had we worked to vaccinate the country as proposed we might not be in this situation >> and might not get whatever the next variant is coming dr. hotez, thank you health care systems are once
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again being pushed to their limits in parts across the nation washington state for instance our nbc station reports some er doctors are turning waiting rooms into triage centers because they don't have the resources. a doctor at a hospital in kansas city says they're at full capacity right now, no more beds at all she attributed it to the rising number of covid cases there as well as other childhood diseases that she says have recently been spreading. and in arizona, state data shows the number of covid patients in icu beds has doubled over the past month alone tokyo 2020, simone biles bowed out of the gymnastics team finals as you no doubt heard, then of her teammates she later said, they stepped up when i couldn't arguably one of the biggest stars in the games making the decision to as she puts it, put her mental health first. now will she defend her individual all-around gold
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shannon miller no stranger to the pressure of fighting for the olympic medal the most decorated female in gymnast history here on the treasure and scrutiny facing our athletes the man accused of killing eight people at spas around atlanta just came clean on at least part of what happened that day. his plea and his punishment. paul loves food. but his diabetes made food a mystery. everything felt like a “no.”
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but then paul went from no to know. with freestyle libre 14 day, now he knows how food affects his glucose. and he knows when to make different choices. take the mystery out of your glucose levels - and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free. visit ♪♪ simone biles' olympic run in jeopardy her stat to us compete in the individual events up in the air. she pulled out of the gymnastics team final due to what she said was mental health reasons. team usa gymnast originally said she had a medical issue but biles later clarified saying she's physically fine, but that mentally she was not in the right head space >> it's okay, sometimes to even sit out the big competitions to focus on yourself because it
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shows how strong of a competitor and person that you really are rather than just battle through it >> so her three other teammates carried on without her and held on foresilver after the russian olympic committee team dominated the final event. the host nation suffered its own major blow, naomi osaka knocked out of the olympics when she lost in the third round at the singles tournament, the 23-year-old's first competition after a two-month mental health break. full olympics coverage in a moment gymnastics legend shannon miller on what simone biles is facing tom llamas is live from inside the gymnastics venue what exactly happened, tom >> shep, great to be with you. it happened just behind me an the ariaki gymnastics center simone biles in her first vault she bailed early, landed hard, and from there it was became over she exited this gymnastics center, coming back later, pulling out of the competition the whole thing was only six
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seconds but it rocked team usa and it definitely rocked the tokyo games but to her credit, biles showed back up in a warmup suit and cheered on her team team usa took the silver gold in the team finals. biles later saying it is incredibly hard. she is the face of these olympics, the pressure is weighing on her shoulders and it was too much for that moment the big question will we see biles again? we could possibly see her up to five more times in the all-around, which is on thursday, and then from sunday to tuesday, she's qualified for four individual events so there's still a lot of gold medals possibly in biles' future the question where will she be mentally she's taking this day by day and a practice coming up later today. we'll hopefully have more information. turning to swimming, one of the best stories of the olympic games. lydia jacoby from alaska the eyes on lilly king for that race
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comes out of nowhere winning that race and eruptions happen at watch parties across america including in seward alaska only one 50-meter paul in all of alaska where she trains. she's only 17 years, the first gold medal winner from alaska in swimming, so we are so happy for her and incredible moment also today in the pool, katie ledecky who gold medals in the first time ever the 1500 meter a mile-long swim but her strength is she's a long hauler so this could be another gold medal for team usa we're watching the action from tokyo, shep and bring it to you. >> tom, can't wait thank you. >> gymnastics legend shannon miller has experienced that immense pressure of competing on the world stage. she's the most deck tated woman gymnast in olympics history with a total of seven medals in barcelona and atlanta and look who's here, shannon miller herself. most of us can never relate to
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the pressure that's on biles you can. help us understand >> it's always hard to put yourself in a position of another athlete because every athlete comes to the games with their individual experiences and what they're dealing with not only inside the gym and the pressures surrounding this score but everything that's gone on in their life and so i don't want to conjecture what's going through simone biles' mind as an athlete, there's nobody that could put more pressure on myself than me i want to go out there i'm competing for my country i want to make sure that i'm not falling. i don't want to fail i don't want to let everyone down you take to that heart when you're competing for something bigger than yourself and it really is taking the time to focus and make sure you're working on the mental game as much as the physical game >> how tough is it to flip the switch you stopped one thing for
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whatever reasons and now have to do something similar that doesn't sound easy. >> no. i think any athlete will tell you the mental aspect ofsport is so critical what i think is important here is you have simone, who clearly knew something wasn't quite right, and when you are flying and flipping and turning 10, 15 feet above the floor looking for a landing, you better be in the right head space or bad things are going to happen. she nuf enough about herself, her body and awareness this is the no the day let me take a breath and see what lies next >> we've been foe you canning on mental health and the olympics help us understand this progress >> i think for me, i'm a huge advocate for women's health and wellness and have been for over a decade my work overlays cancer awareness but it is important to
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include mental health along with our physical and emotional health and we have to stay on top of it and i think it's really hard sometimes to make our health a priority, because oftentimes we're taking care of everyone else, and that's not just athletes. that's moms, that's just people going out and living our lives through this pandemic, and otherwise, and my message is really just to get back to care, get those screenings and get to those appointments and take stock, take awareness of your own body there is no one that's a better advocate for your own health than you are >> back in '96, who can forget carrie strugg fighting off offense pain she was sending love to simone this afternoon today some are calling simone biles being brave enough not to compete and take care of our mental health. how do you so he it? >> every experience is different and i think we all show bravery in different ways and so i think you can't really compare the two
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moments. i can say that as the 25th anniversary of the '96 games it brings back a lot of the great memories and being so proud of being able to represent the u.s. and bring home the first gold but i think it's so important for the message to be sent it is important to be aware of your body, be aware of your emotional and mental state as well it's a good message for all of us >> shannon miller, incredible memories seeing and having you here thank you. enjoy. tokyo officials are reporting a surge in covid infections today the olympic host city hit 2,800 new cases. hospitals across the city are filling up officials say they're doing everything they can to add more hospital beds. today japan's prime minister blamed the surge in cases on the delta variant but says he does not plan to shut down the olympic games. it's official now. texas and oklahoma are moving forward and hoping to join the
7:20 pm
southeastern conference. it just means more in a joint letter sent today to the conference commissioner, the programs formally asked to join come 2025, the presidents of the two schools wrote in part "we believe there would be mutual benefit to the universities on the one hand and the sec on the other hand the sec commissioner says the league will consider the request in the near future the announcement comes a day after texas and ou notified the big 12 they will not renew their media rights once the deal expires in june of 2025. it's possible the teams could try to leave the big 12 before then but if they do, they'll pay a penalty of around $76 million each the free britney team making a move against her father. the new court filing to remove jamie spears as conservator. the reason behind it and who they want to take his place. rare earth minerals make magnets that are used in almost everything right now, the u.s. has only one
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the man accused of kill eight people at several spas in georgia pleaded guilty to four of the murders today a judge in cherokee county quickly gave him four life sentence no, sir parole. victims family members crowded into courtroom robert long shot and killed four people at young's asian massage in march and drove to atlanta killing four more. prosecutors said a man survived the attack was also in the courtroom and still has a bullet lodged inside him. the gunman shot anyone and everyone we saw and described l running for their lives and hiding in ma janlg rooms long faces separate charges in fulton county for murder and terrorism. long is said to appear in court
7:24 pm
and could face the death penalty there. six of the eight victims were asian women. britany spears' lawyer officially filed to remove her father from her conservatorship, that filing yesterday includes new testimony from her medical team saying he should be removed for the sake of her mental health britany spears' lawyer just took over the case two weeks ago. he's arguing a public accountant should replace jamie spears. the singer's mom and the other conservator are both backing the move in court documents. in them her mom accused jamie spears of using their daughter's medal aides, household staff and security detail to keep him informed on each and every detail of her life his team hasn't commented on the petition it comes about a month after britany spears testified in court that her dad was abusing his power over her he's since denied claims britany spears' lawyer says they may file a petition to end the
7:25 pm
conservatorship all together at some point the pentagon ending pressure on china for rare earth minutials used to make special magnets found from airpods and electric cars to guided missiles just yesterday, pentagon officials went out to the california desert to check on the only operational rare earth mine in all of america cnbc's brian sullivan is there in mountain pass brian, a lot at stake there. >> reporter: there certainly is, shep we are here. you think about it, the u.s. used to lead the world in rare earths decades ago, then we lost the lead to china. now we realize just how critical the minerals are in the rocks behind me to make some of the most sophisticated military equipment in the world, which is why as you said some of the top scientists at the pentagon were boots on the ground literally in this mine yesterday invested nearly $10 million taxpayer in
7:26 pm
this facility to make sure we have the supply of these critical rare earth minerals what are these minerals? there's 17 of them and they're in these rocks they go into these magnets, magnets may be the new semiconductor that power everything from military equipment to teslas, wind turbines, even what makes your iphon iphone vibrate instead of ring doing this is a four-step process. you mine it, you have a bulldozer in the ground. we have that in the united states unfortunately right now, that's all we have. everything here is now shipped to china for processing, then they make metals, then they make the magnets. right now the majority of the magnets are also made in china australia has a little business but if the owner of this mine, mp materials, if they have their way, they will start making the actual magnets around 2025, but to your point right now, this
7:27 pm
critical part of supply chain infrastructure that we never thought about before and these key magnets at critical part is out in the high desert of california, the pentagon is concerned they want to make sure it continues to be operational and that is why we are out here in mountain pass, california right now still a china story. the next cyber war could become a real war, that warning from none other than the president today, as the fbi admits there are some hacks they just can't crack new safety settings for instagram, designed to keep certain users way from certain others and the events of january 6th laid out in dramatic fashion by four men sent to the capitol to protect and serve. what they saw, heard and endured in their own words, as we approach the bottom of the hour, and the top of the news, on bccn
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because better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. >> turning to wal art in employee, what's stopping cnbc's "on the money. the nation's largest private employer will pay for college tuition in books for all of its full and part-time employees in the united states. the company said to drop the $1 a day fee for employees currently in the education program, set to start in three weeks. instagram introducing new safety settings for teens, the plan make new accounts private
7:30 pm
by default for kids under 16 and make it harder for adults to interact with young users. it will restrict the types of advise advertisers that can target them. instagram sparks controversy with news it's working on a separate app for kids under 13 arabica coffee prices rising to their highest prices in seven years. the reason, severe frost in prime growing region of brazil 11% of the country's crop is affected cough etrees are sensitive so if a farm needs to replant trees, production would take around three years. >> on wall street the dow down 96, s&p down 21. the nasdaq down 180. i'm shepard smith. on cnbc, it's the bottom of the
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hour instead of raising prices some companies are shrinking their products, and social media is taking notice. 100 years ago insulin changed diabetes from a death sentence to a manageable condition. now the challenge, making it easily accessible. four police officers tell their stories of the attack on the capitol. the first public hearing for the house select committee on investigating that attempted insurrection the describes describing the attack, some choking up with tears in their eyes, demanding action now from our congress to punish those responsible all the way up to the highest levels of government we also saw new disturbing police body cam video and heard communications between the rioters themselves the officers, one in particular, use extremely graphic language, and a racial slur. the kind we normally bleep or
7:32 pm
paraphrase but since they risked their lives to defend the capitol and returned to the scene to recount that day for every american, we're leaving the censoring to you >> so many of the people i put my life at risk to defend are downplaying or outright denying what happened. >> push 'em back >> i feel like i went to hell and back to protect them and the people in this room, but too many are now telling me that hell doesn't exist or that hell actually wasn't that bad >> this is now effectively a riot >> the indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful! >> heave-ho, heave-ho >> mob of terrorists were coordinating their efforts shouting heave-ho as they
7:33 pm
synchronized pushing their way forward crushing me further against the metal door frame ow ow ow directly in front of me a man seized the opportunity of my vulnerability and grabbed the front of my gas mask and used it to beat my head against the door never uttered any words that i recognized but opted for gutteral screams i remember him foaming at the mouth. >> they're coming, baby! they're coming, baby >> at some point during the fighting i was dragged from the line of officers and into the crowd. i heard someone scream "i got one." [ screaming ] >> i've got one. >> i heard chanting from some in the crowd "get his gun and kill
7:34 pm
him with his own gun." they tortured me, they beat me i was struck with a taser device at the base of my skull numerous times, and they continued to do so until i yelled out that i have kids. >> you can't do this, man. i've got kids. a few did step in and intervene on my behalf other officers were then able to rescue me and pull me back inside but at that point i was unconscious. >> we need a medic >> mike, stay in there, buddy. mike, it's jimmy i'm here mike >> for the first time i was more afraid to work at the capitol in my entire deployment to iraq >> they've got the gallows set
7:35 pm
up outside the capitol building. it's time to start [ expletive ] using them >> i too was crushed by the rye t y rioters. i thought thinking to myself, this is how i'm going to die >> one woman in a pink maga shirt yelled "i hear that, guys? this n[ expletive ] voted for jo biden" and the crowd perhaps around 20 people joined no screaming "boo [ expletive ]!" no one had ever, ever called me a [ expletive ] while wearing the uniform of a capitol police officer. >> what would you task this committee in its body of work, what would you like to see us do >> if a hitman is hired and he kills somebody, the hitman goes to jail but not only does the hitman go to jail but the person who hired them does.
7:36 pm
it was an attack carried out on january 6th and a hitman sent them i want to you get to the bottom of that. >> to that end, the investigation continues. and the justice department telling several former trump administration officials, and this is important, that if congress comes calling with questions about the efforts to challenge or overturn that 2020 election, they can testify brand new. nbc news reports the department sent letters to officials who have been asked to testify or answer further questions from the house oversight and senate judiciary committees one went to jeffrey rosen the acting attorney general after bill barr stepped down so in this letter the justice department says while it typically resists such actions, at the times asserts executive privileges, the extraordinary events in this matter constitute
7:37 pm
exceptional circumstances and added that president biden agrees the white house releasing a 21-point plan for how to deal with a month's long surge of migrants arriving at the southern border. the goal speed up processing of asylum claims migrant families could get asylum approved faster or be deported faster. some of the key points here, more power for asylum officers, they would have the authority to grant asylum claims or deport migrants that bypasses the immigration courts which have a backlog of more than 1 million cases. a top cyber official testifying on the growing threat of ransomware in a hearing that happened in the senate judiciary committee. last year alone a 300% increase in attacks which amounts to more than $300 million in ransom paid but the dangers of a cyber attack about much more than ransom money as the president made clear today in a speech to
7:38 pm
the top intelligence officials in the nation, cnbc's senior washington cor srespondent eamon javers is with us. >> the president said there's an increasing chance that a major cyber attack could lead at some point in the future to a shooting war he made the comment while speaking to the u.s. intelligence community leaders at the liberty crossing headquarters of the office of the director of national intelligence >> i think it's more likely we're going to end up, if we end up in a war, a real shooting war, with a major power, it's going to be as a consequence of a cyber breach, of great consequence. >> meanwhile on capitol hill today, senators were still reeling from the last major round of cyber attacks with one venting his frustration about the colonial pipeline attack that caused gas shortages up and down the east coast earlier this year >> that's not a success story. that's a failure story
7:39 pm
that's something wrong in the way we're doing business right now. >> officials testifying today offered up two new pieces of information that may not make that anger cool down any time soon first, they said that even though some high-profile groups such as revil have gone dark lately, there are still as many as 100 active ransom ware groups operating around the world senators also got a grim assessment of vladimir putin's response to president biden warning him to crack down on those russian hackers during their face-to-face meeting in geneva this summer >> there is no evidence that putin is heeding this warning as yet, correct >> i think that's fair, yes. >> shep, the fbi said today that in about half the cases, the bureau isn't even able to figure out which criminals carried out the attack, that's just not the sort of intelligence you want in a situation that the president
7:40 pm
says could someday lead to a war. shep >> eamon, thanks a massive heat dome parked over the country 42 million of us beneath it. the highs from montana to the gulf coast the and a miracle drug turns 100 years old. why are people still pcerid out? lowering the cost of life-saving insulin next above everything? you decide fast... is never fast enough. you put muscle over matter. and you make horsepower... a superpower. ♪ welcome to the brotherhood of muscle.
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a massive heat dome is parking itself over the u.s. this week, brings scorching temperatures to tens of millions of us. forecasters are predicting temperatures will climb to 10 to 15 degrees hotter than average the extreme heat and high humidity come after a deadly heat wave in the western u.s. last month meteorologists bill karins tracking it all for us bill >> here we go again, right so we dealt with the early heat wave in the summer in the northwest, record shattering this is not like that. this is what you expect in the middle of the summer and the midwest and deep south you haven't had a horrible summer.
7:43 pm
it hasn't been hot that changes 38 million people impacted, we can travel 1,800 miles from billings down to new orleans, and we have heat advisories or heat warnings and for some of the areas you haven't been under a lot of these conditions this summer, so we're roughly 38 million, we added more people in the northwest, as the new forecasts come in. how hot will it get? the sizzling temperatures as we go to tomorrow, omaha 100. rapid city 101 st. louis is very hot, too, and then the heat really begins to build into the the tennessee valley and all the way down to the gulf coast heat index values up to 110 and late in the week this is where it's going to sizzle, dallas a good summer it's over, temperatures above 100 through the upcoming weekend >> bill what about the wildfires out west >> crazy with the smoke. people in connecticut yesterday calling the fire department saying they thought there was a fire nearby. that fire was 2,000 miles away the smoke has been relentless
7:44 pm
all week long. here is what we're looking at. air quality alerts, montana, northeast, ohio valley tomorrow we'll get smoky problems this has been the summer of unhealthy air quality, with all the fires. here is our smoke forecast little icons show you where the fires are. 9 large fires burning and as we go throughout the forecast the end of today towards tonight look at the smoke in the northern plains, that's heading into the ohio valley tomorrow, and then along the mid-atlantic coast, into thursday so this is so unusual, shep, to see this much smoke on the eastern sow barred we didn't have this last year even with the record-breaking season >> bill karins, thanks a century ago diabetes was a death sentence two canadian doctors isolated the hormone known as insulin that's when everything changed but today, the 100-year-old medicine isn'taccessible to
7:45 pm
everone. here is meg tirrell. >> reporter: kathy says her son, nick, had a few loves, basketball, his brothers and people he worked with at a pizza place but didn't have health insurance which made paying for the insulin he needed for his diabetes a struggle that one day four years ago came to a tragic end. >> my younger son called me and i could tell she was crying. what's up? he goes, i just found nick dead in his apartment so that's how i found out. >> reporter: nick was rationing his insulin which cost $800 a month. he was 36. 100 years after the discovery of the miracle drug its price puts it out of reach for people who like nick fall through the cracks of the health care system an estimated 5% or more americans don't have health insurance, leading them to have to pay full price for medicines. for two of the most commonly used the list prices before insurance or discounts nearly tripled between 2010 and 2018.
7:46 pm
>> and then backlash came and from 2018 forward, the price of insulin has been flat as a pancake, the list price has been flat and nobody pays list prices. >> reporter: the list prices haven't dropped. because of a complex system of health care companies that benefit from higher prices >> the incentive system for the people that administer the drugs is to maintain a certain minimal level of revenue for the franchise or for the business so they can take a percentage of it for their role in the market >> reporter: advocates are pushing for action a rising college senior is part of the insulin for all movement calling for state and federal policy changes to cap the price. >> it's devastating living with type i diabetes and a drug been around for 100 years continues to be price gouged >> spokespeople for eli lilly,
7:47 pm
sanofi and nortis say they make it low or free to patients who need help including those uninsured. others in the system like pharmacy benefits managers say they've negotiated prices lower for people with insurance and point the finger at the drugmakers for not bringing prices down more some like the analyst say the only real solution is dramatic reform of how we pay for drugs overall in this country. shep >> meg, thanks as always have you noticed anything strange about the food you buy maybe your morning cereal? kind of like candy bars did back in the day, some products are suddenly getting smaller the psychology behind shrinkflation. plus talk about a walk to remember look at this a sidewalk grate exploding underneath a guy in new york how he survived, and where the flames came from, before olympic surfing coverage begins right here in just 13 minutes.
7:48 pm
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there's a thing you might have missed calling it shrinkflation a sneaky tactic companies use to help with costs. a box of cereal the shopper who buys it every week would notice so the company keep the same price but puts a little less cereal in the box. here's sara eisen. >> fewer chips in the snack bag lately does that family size box of cereal not last as long as it used to? you're not managing things consumer companies that make food and beverages and paper towels, household staples have been shrinking package sizes, weights and quantities why? thanks to covid disruptions mainly commodity prices have spiked this year from sugar or so i beans to corn and aluminum for packaging or transportation for shipping
7:51 pm
instead of taking the hit, manufacturers are passing higher costs on to the consumer and without you noticing, because the actual sticker price of the item doesn't change. it's not a new strategy but the trend is accelerating at the moment with companies including kimberly-clark, conagra and pepsico having to raise prices the ceo justifying the increases "obviously same as everybody else we're seeing inflation in our business across many of our raw ingredients and some of our inputs in labor and freight and everything else. advocates say they've seen product downsizing ramping up in the past few months. >> it's absolutely a sneaky process. of course they know that most consumers are not going to catch the fact the product net weight has changed, consumers just don't pay attention to that. they get a general sense of the size, carton or box or package that they buy and they grab it the case of general mills, for
7:52 pm
example, apple cinnamon cheerios went from 20.1 ounces to 19 ounces still called family size the family must have gotten smaller but you lost a full bowl of cereal recently >> reporter: in other words, our costs are rising even though prices aren't changing we reached out to general mills about the changes but haven't heard back and by the way, the best thing to do about this is pay attention to the net weight of the products you buy most often, that way you can double check when you go to the store whether its changed and look at the competition. a new york city man blown off his feet look at this there he is walking across the sidewalk in queens when it explodes beneath him there it is. the man knocked to the ground, ungulfed in flames but somehow managed to get up, dust himself off and walk away. his name is barry west he was walking into a nearby store to pay his cell phone
7:53 pm
bill here is the video again. you can see the smoke coming up from the grate, just as he passes over it west suffered second-degree burns. his friends tell nbc 4 new york he's recovering in a hospital on long island. the electricity company con ed is investigating what caused that explosion men's surfing, rogue and rugby on the line-up for font's cnbc prime time coverage of the olympics later this week, back to the beach for women's volleyball and next, keri walsh jennings, one of the best to play the game on her old teammate's quest for gold and her plans for 2024. and a heavy lift by a young woman omfr the philippines bringing her a lot more than a medal. just wear something crazy, remember it's a costume party. a costume party!? yes!
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7:56 pm
klineman cruised by spain in straight sets. the duo 2-0 in tokyo, took home silver in the world championships and looking to do better keri walsh jennings the most decorated beach volleyball player in history, gold medals in 2004, '08, '08 with misty may trainer and bronze in 2016 with april ross april ross winning with new teammate alix klineman last night. think they can bring home the gold >> of course when you watch the girls play, shep, they are so eye of the tiger and focused, there to win and they got silver in the world championships and i've won silver at a world championships and this is pure motivation. >> last night, the storm, tropical storm was coming in, it just seemed like it was never going to stop raining and they just laser focused >> yes you know, it is what it is
7:57 pm
as cold as it can get, we played in snow, rain, any condition and those girls both usa teams went to florida for humidity and heat training so they're ready for anything as long as there's no lightning they'll push through for sure. >> the u.s. winning surprising golds but struggling in some of the big team sports including women's soccer, men's basketball you fought through adverse of your own what do the teams need to do >> they need to stick together and remember who is behind them. they have a legion of americans behind them. sport is sport, nothing guaranteed as long as they have the american spirit with them and stick together, they'll be fine. it's a long tournament >> i hear you. it is indeed this is just thefirst time you haven't competed in the olympics in two decades you just missed the cut for tokyo. do you have your sights set on paris in 2024 or is that a rap >> it's hour to hour right now you asked me and i'm like put me in, coach!
7:58 pm
i have three children and my husband to think about and if we can do it all together and i get a great partner, paris is only three years away i can do anything for three years. i have so much fire in my heart. we'll see. i don't know as of this moment i'm in >> nice. how weird is it, before we go, with the protocols, and empty stadiums and the vibe being different? >> it's heartbreaking to a certain extent but every single athlete there is there for one job and they're just solely focused on winning so it's probably sad for us with the whole experience of it, but it doesn't take away that this olympics brings the world together and brings america together so it's sad but it is what it is and it's their job is our job to make the most of it >> loving every minute kerri it's an honor. >> thank you athletes around the philippines have been competing in the olympics for almost 100 years now and not one had taken home a gold medal until now.
7:59 pm
hidilyn diaz broke two records in the process, lifted almost 280 pounds to beat the world record holder in her weight class from china look at this, that was yesterday. today officials and companies in the philippines say they will reward her with two new homes, look at that those homes the equivalent of $600,000 diaz said at one point during the pandemic her gym closed so she started lifting bamboo rods with water bottles as weights for the woman who grew up in poverty it paid off. first olympic gold add millionist her country has ever known. a sixth man stealing the show at the usa men's basketball game against france and now we're allowed to show you the video. during halftime this japanese basketball shooting robot came out and took three shots including this free-throw, and look at that all three of them just like that, nothing but net. can't argue to that. not today. not ever though they're a little slow of course the robot saw more
8:00 pm
success that night than team usa did. they lost to france but they still have a shot at gold. if you're just tuning in for the men's surfing finals they're coming and we hope you'll be with us tomorrow for the news on cnbc 7:00 eastern, but right now it's time to let the games begin! cnbc's prime time coverage begins right now. tokyo in the eye of the olympic storm. surfers brave the churning sea and a pacific point break setting. on the


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