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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  July 15, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> good stuff. outside of the dell martin tweem team, i'm a whip snake fan guy, your final trade. >> i don't know what a yo man is nem, mining. >> appreciate it thanks for taking it easy on me and thanks for watching "fast money. >> my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it "mad money" starts now >> hey, i'm cramer welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica i'm trying to make you money my job, not just to entertain you, but to educate and teach. call me or tweet me @jimcramer this is a macro market where stocks go up or down based
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on the strength of the overall economy and the performance of individual companies, called the microeconomy, is often lost in the shuffle. but how the heck do we predict where the economy is headed? if you're a money manager, you have been taught pretty much from day one, as i was, to watch the bond market for clues about where stocks are going now, i'm always pointing out that the bond market, which i know is incredible boring, the bond market is larger than the stock market, more important, bond yields are tells. that means they can tell you, say, when stocks are overpriced. which brings me to today's session. you couldn't tell from the averages with the dow inching up 54 points, s&p declining .3%, and the nasdaq losing .7%. but for many stocks, today was absolutely hideous
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at the same time, it was a glorious day for bad prices, which rallied again. cutting their yields even more dramatically the benchmark ten-year treasury bond pays 1.3% you don't want to buy that when you see that action in treasuries, it's supposed to be a real bad sign for the economy. there's just one nagging problem. the bond market is saying right now doesn't seem to make much sense to many people including me there are discordant voices out, but they're pointing out that bonds don't seem to be functioning as a predictor of the broader economy anymore. if they were, rates would be going up, not down we know inflation is raging right now, and businesses are getting stronger worse, many investors listen to fed chief jay powell's two days of testimony on the hill, came away feeling like he is simply out of touch he keeps saying that inflation is transitory. but they're convinced everything is going up in price, especially labor, the kind of inflation
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businesses most fear so we have to ask, who's right is it the bond market or the inflation numbers? and the growth numbers and more importantly, what does that mean for stocks in your portfolio? are the stocks that are getting crushed an opportunity or are they fool's gold? first, i have been in this business long enough to know that you don't quibble with the bond market. i take what it says loud and clear because historically when i have gone against it, it hasn't worked out well for me. not always, but most of the time right now, there is a real conundrum, and it's putting major pressure on many talks especially the speculative high growth names that have profited ever since young people got into the stock market more than a year ago let's explain the action in the bond market. again, i'm trying not to bore you. and i'm also not going to get political. theory one, it's possible that our bond yields are plummeting simply because u.s. bonds are
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for better risk-free returns than bonds for anywhere else in the world, all sorts of countries issue bonds. this is important. worldwide, there are trillions of dollars searching for the highest quality, most liquid, and highest yielding pieces of paper. believe it or not, right now that's u.s. treasury it's entirely possible that the action in the bond market means absolutely nothing because our rates are better than most countries. under this theory, what are bonds inthey're a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing if that's true, then the higher yielding dividend stocks deserve to go higher i told you clorox is bottoming, pepsico is going up, and for everything else, there's no impact whatsoever. bonds may be going up in price and down in yield because jay powell is right when he says inflation is transitory. the key components, used cars, food stuff, energy, they may be
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collapsing at once i called the top in oil today, well, it's an attempted call top, it may still go up, but i smell it, i smell it, it's too high wage inflation, i think, should moderate once the extra unemployment benefits expire at the end of the summer and more people come out looking for jobs if this theory is correct, it would be bullish for stocks. however, if that were really true, you would expect the stocks to war because they thrive in a low inflation environment. instead, they got obliterated. stocks are saying this view is definitely wrong theory three, there's always the chance that bond yields are falling because the economy is headed for a slowdown. given that today we got the lowest jobless claims since the pandemic began, i find hat hard to believe, and small business information we get shows that small business is incredibly strong wells fargo told us over and over again how strong business is, unless of course the delta covid variant hits everything, slowing business more than we realize. possibility. i don't want to believe it i don't want to believe we're on
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the verge of putting masks back on because people refuse to get vaccinated it's a possibility, a real possibility. if this is really about the delta variant, it explains the economy. those are the three scenarios. okay let's relate them to your portfolio. i believe that the second one, the bond market is predicting an inflation is peaking and jay powell is correct is right but you know what, when it comes to trying to figure out things, you know, it's not that my opinion doesn't matter my job is to figure out what the big buyers and sellers are thinking not what jim cramer is thinking. i know what i'm thinking if theory two is right, how do we explain the weakness in so many areas of the market, including areas that should be thriving i thing i have it. i think i have it, and it's none of those none okay i think right now, we have a lot of speculation in the system in part because the government is giving away so much money, in part because there's a new
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cohort of investors, younger people who tend to borrow money to buy everything from bitcoin, which is being crushed, by the way, to all sorts of high growth stocks that they don't know the first thing about and all this junk they keep taking up that should be much lower these younger investors seem drawn to technology, biotech, meme stocks, the latter becoming the name for the stocks that are the reddit contingent that game the ungamable. i think they're starting to get blown out. i knew it was going to happen eventually in some ways the stock market mirrors the slow motion washout we're seeing in cryptocurrencies and the meme names like amc which actually went up today, and gamestop which closed down 80 cents i don't trust either of though things gamestop is up 75% or 80%. come on, enough. just ring the register at the same time, we had so many ipos and spac deems that the supply of new stock is overwhelming especially since big money
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managers don't want it under that scenario, stocks don't just languish, they go down especially the speculative stocks and recent ipo names nobody cares about why are stocks going down right now? most people think the answer lies in the yield conserves. what bonds are doing i get that that was the way i was taught, too. but right now, no. we have an answer that can jive with theory number one, and it means nothing, means nothing to do with the stock market that's right that's what's happening. many stocks are getting hit here because there's not enough cash to buy the junk that has been created of late. all the biotech, something or other as a service play. stocks are going down because just like the merchandise in the store, there's too much inventory and it's being marked down speculative ones are always the first ones to go for the most part, the spacs aren't worthy of your time or money. if the ipo spigot doesn't turn off, if more and more stocks are pumped out, stocks will keep falling under they own weight. the smaller ones first
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that's why faang was the last to go down. what can turn things around. if we get new underwritings and the earnings continue to be good, i remain a bull. but you have to stop the new supply please hence the answer, stocks are going down because people need to sell. they don't want to lose money. mark in ohio, mark >> caller: hi, jim thanks for having me on. and thank you from all of us that are new and learning how to invest >> that's what i want. you want you to learn correctly. teach a mack to fish what's up. >> caller: going on technicals and fundaments, i know you have been a fan of southwest for some time >> you bet >> caller: my question relates specifically to united airlines. it has been on a downward trend the past three months and appears to be completely oversold and below the 200-day moving average, regardless of the good news including purchasing new planes, increased passengers, hiring thousands, and so on. i have a fairly hefty position in united, and starting to get
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ner nervous. do i continue to hold for bluer skies or cut my losses >> i think that what you're going to get is you're going to get international back so i'm going to say believe in scott kirby. don't sell the stock i think stocks are falling because there isn't enough money to buy all the new supply coming online which, by the way, is mostly second rate. if it stops, being a bull should be a good thing. i'm not turning against the market, but please stop printing more stuff on "mad money" tonight, the labor shortage opposed to the stock longage and the care economy are front and center and with federal unemployment benefits expiring in september, why don't we go to the source, gina ray mundo, and the stock market has never looked so artistic i'm docking into which second-hand names could be the crafting king, and of course, gaming got caught up in the meme media, and after -- mania, and
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after some insider selling and a fall from its highs, could it be game over for corsair? i'm going to have the ceo. so stay with a still bullish but sick of new merchandise cramer >> don't miss a second of "mad money. follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question, tweet cramer, #madtweets send jim an email to madmoney at, or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to ok, at at&t everyone gets our best deals on all smartphones. let me break it down. you got your new customers — they get our best deals. you got your existing customers — they also get our best deals.
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denying it's big the white house initially wanted a $2 trillion infrastructure and jobs package, but that's been split into two seprlt pieces of legislation. you have the smaller bipartisan bill for physical infrastructure, that's nearly $600 billion in new money for roads, bridges, broadband, and electric grid. we're going to mention that in a second then a whole bunch of other goodies the administration jammed into a $3.5 trillion budget proposal, something democrats can pass on a party line vote, assuming the whole caucus is onboard. we're talking about universal pre-ki pre-kindergarten, expanded medicare coverage, green energy, two years of free community college and an extension of the tax credits, including the boosted child tax credit that went into effect this week a lot going on here. we were lucky enough to catch up with gina raimondo, the secretary of commerce, earlier today, frequent guest. we're going to get a clearer picture of the president's agenda why don't you take a look? >> madam secretary, welcome back
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to "mad money. >> how are you >> i'm well. i hope the same. i have something that has been on my mind for some time, which is how can we have so many job openings and so few applicants, and you answered the question for me in a series of thrt interviews we have a national women's employment crisis, and that's somewhat behind us, isn't it >> yes and no. schools opening was a great thing. child care opening back up helped women but i wouldn't say -- i don't think that is behind us. we still have millions of women who are out of the workforce, and we know the number one reason that they say they're out of the workforce is they're still struggling to get care for their kids or their elderly loved ones so i think, jim, we talk -- you and i have talked a lot about how to make america competitive. we must invest more in our caregiving infrastructure so that women can participate fully in the labor market. if we're going to really
6:17 pm
compete. >> i have been thinking about the infrastructure bill. and i think when i read your writings and your interviews, i am struck. the infrastructure bill really would help the most -- i would say the people who have the best shot at doing well in america, white males. but that's not who needs the help we need women, hispanics, blacks, to learn how to code, to learn how to to things as part of the new economy, but i rarely see the government promoting that >> well, what you are saying is, of course, music to my ears. and i'm so proud to work for president biden, who does say that and who has put forth to congress a serious proposal around, you know, calling for a million to 2 million apprenticeships and making sure that women and people of color have their fair share of those investing in home care, investing in paid family leave, investing in public pre-k.
6:18 pm
you know, every kid ought to be able to go to pre-k in a public school it's not enough to go to school just k-12. and when i became governor of rhode island, jim, a third of rhode island kids couldn't even go to all-day public kindergarten, which is bad for their kids and bad for their parents, mostly moms, who need to hold down a full-time job so listen, i couldn't agree more with you i have talked to a lot of ceos recently who have said, you gotta help us out. we need women to come back to work we have been offering promotions to women, some of our star employees, and they have said no because they're juggling the demands of taking care of their loved ones i think this is as important to our competitiveness as anything else >> well, you and i both know a lot of good business people. and we have to peek about that because i know you have a very
6:19 pm
important supply chain conference coming up but when we speak about a marc benioff at salesforce, jeff lawson, they're committed to teaching people how to code at home why do we not have that summit where we literally show people online, maybe even through youtube, how to get started so they feel emboldened >> yeah. so by the way, whenever i'm with you, i love the energy >> thank you >> that is a good idea it's not enough. some people, and i lived this as governor, it is more than that we have to provide basic math and, you know, basic digital skills, digital literacy, and then work up to what you're talking about. but the answer is, absolutely. and by the way, girls need to be given that opportunity people of color need to be given that opportunity we are never going to be able to
6:20 pm
compete unless we produce a lot more people who have digital skills, coding skills, data science skills, and we're never going to be able to do that if we're only focused on white men. >> amen. so true. i just wish the country had more of an imperative on that i do want to get to another issue that's very important. we keep hearing, and i know jay powell is doing his absolute best, that one of the big problems with inflation, which would therefore make people feel interest rates should go up, are supply chain issues. i have issues to do with the fact we're importing so much from china instead of making things here. i also recognize we have covid issues but i think that we need to address this as companies and as a government, and you're putting together a summit that to me is going to give us a lot of answers to what's really going on >> yeah, thank you for saying that supply chains are so disrupted, like nothing i have ever seen. which isn't too surprising we shut the economy down
6:21 pm
precipitously, like never before companies stopped ordering, and now we're trying to crank back up and it's disrupting in semiconductors, food, et cetera. one of the areas very disrupted is in home building. i'm sure you see it in your life, go to home depot, try to buy some lumber. price is very high so tomorrow, we are having a home building and construction supply chain convening at the white house. i'll be one of the leaders in that we're going to bring together people from all parts of the industry retail, saw mills, loggers, et cetera, and really find out what's going on and what can the government do, and what can industry do to unclog the supply chain. the key to bringing down prices is more supply >> madam secretary, i'm so thrilled you have an open and engaging dialogue. i believe with business people,
6:22 pm
because business is the greatest force for social change in this country, but it must be engaged and at times be pressured in the way you pressure it, which is you speak the language and if you speak the language, they're going to do what you want so i want to congratulate you for everything you're doing. everyone is following your moves because we all know that what you're trying to do is bring america together and have business be an engine for growth and change so thank you for everything you're doing >> amen to all of that and i'm going to stay at it. we're just getting going we're seeing results, and we need a lot more. >> i know you are. and i'm proud to have you on the show thank you so much. thank you. >> thank you >> that's the u.s. secretary of commerce, gina raimondo. "mad money" is back after the break. >> coming up, it's a second-hand smackdown. cramer applies a five-finger analysis to stocks you can't afford to miss next
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last week when we melt the ceo of poshmark, i don't know if you saw it it was at the that dac it was a social commerce platform, a big digital platform i thought he told such a compelling story that i had a your eco moment. i realize we have a powerful long-term theme. these web based second-hand marketplaces are doing brisk business as their stocks have pulled back hard from their highs. we can't let the stock determine the business a lot of people feel that way. i talked about that at the beginning of the show. so look at this. look at these guys so far this year, we have already had two ipos in the space. there's poshmark, okay, that came in january. then there was followed up by a thing called threadup in march kind of funny. that's all about second-hand apparel for women and kids two years ago, we got the real real that's digital consignment shop for all sorts of luxury goods.
6:27 pm
then there's the more iconic names, ebay practically invented the business they have seen a major resurgence, and then there's cramer favorite, etsy, which is more of a marketplace for hand-crafted goods but they recently bought a marketplace called d-pop, and at $1.6 billion deal that closed this week, it's a very popular site just before i get into all these pieces when i talk about how we have too many stocks going, i mean these you're going to hear why because it has to do with what's happened in the marketplace. what makes the story so enticing in the last year and a half, consumers have been transformed by covid people are more value conscious, that's a new trait makes buying used more appealing. at the same time, we're much more willing to purchase things online and we have lots of spending money look at the new child tax credits we got today, plus, second-hand goods appeal to environmentally conscious young people because it produces much less pollution think landfill
6:28 pm
which of these is the best investment sometimes you have to pit stocks against each other to figure out the one that you like most so tonight, we're holding a second-hand smackdown. five resale marketplaces enter, one resale marketplace leaves. let me go through them one by one so you understand and get comfortable with which one you might like we'll start with poshmark with the social discovery kicker. they had 7 million active buyers and 5 million active sellers they have more than 80 million registered users the u.s., canada, and australia, you could argue they're just getting started. they came public with a bang in january. the ipo price was $42, and at the beginning of the year, the market was in speculative mode, and we're wiping out a lot of this excess. poshmark has been paying for it ever since stocks plunged from the highs, we're talking about a 70% decline. finally seeing the bottom in may along with the rest of the turbo charged growth names
6:29 pm
poshmark has rebounded nicely from the lows. in the last couple weeks it has erased most gains because the lock-up on selling expiring. too much supply. so now that they may have sold, i think you may be getting a pretty good opportunity. on monday, the stock caught an upgrade from steifel, gave it a $50 price target not $100, $50. next up, one that i know very little, never met them or anything, but i do a lot of studying, which is thre thredup. substantially smaller than poshmark even though it has a similar market capitalization. they had 1.3 million active buyers in the past 12 months, but just 428,000 active sellers. sounds like a lot of sellers except when compared to poshmark this came public in march. stock priced at $14 and spiked
6:30 pm
to $31 it plunged back to $14 and change in mid-april before recovering to $31 a couple weeks ago. tin last few days, it's been obliberating, sinking to $25, including a hideous 8% decline today. that again is totally what we talked about at the top of the show too much merchandise, too much speculation. third, we have real real, the online consignment shop for all sorts of luxuries. this is another small one, and the latest quarter, they had less than 700,000 active buyers over the previous 12 months. these guys have had a rough time in late 2019, not long after the real real became public, a cnbc investigation revealed serious problems with the company's authentication processes a major issue when you're dealing with luxury items. then the pandemic arrived and the stock collapsed from the mid-teens to the mid-single digits they worked their way higher and the stock took off late last year when the company reported marginally better than expected sales. they have had two more quarters
6:31 pm
that weren't that impressive and they had a 2% decline today. unlike poshmark, the real real doesn't have a consistent area for bulls to rally around other than the tact that my wife used it how about the big dogs everybody knows ebay they have 187 million buyers and 20 million sellers worldwide the stock has had a remarkable resurgence in the past year and a half in 2020, they delivered 19% revenue growth they also bought back $5.1 billion worth of stock that's big when ebay reported its most recent results in late april, the headline numbers came in better than expected but they gave cautious guidance for the next quarter see, they're worried about what happens to e-commerce as the world goes back to normal. they got downgrades and got hammered from the low $60s to the mid-$50s, then a funny thing happened after that, ebay spent months steadily working its way higher
6:32 pm
to the point where the stock hit a new all-time high a couple weeks ago. finally, etsy, and that's a little different this is mainly a marketplace for hand-crafted goods i go there a lot thanks to their recent acquisition of d-pop, they have a second hand marketplace with 4 million active buyers, 2 million active sellers why it's a small piece of the pie, it had triple digit sales growth etsy rebounded hard off the may lows, but in the last couple weeks, it has pulled back. why, because the big growth stocks have fallen out of favor again. my thesis, there's too many of them now, how do those players stack up against each other? to do that, we have to talk numbers. to get apples to apples as best we can when it comes to the smaller second hand marketplace, i like poshmark the most. positive earnings before interest, tax, appreciation, in comparison, thredup only grew 15% and they don't expert to
6:33 pm
turn a profit until 2024 of the three smaller ones, the real real is poised to have the fastest growth going forward, but that's because 2020 was a big down year for them so they're up against easy comparisons. even as the growth is picking up, they're losing lots of money. wall street expects $1.78 of losses this year i would go with the more consistent poshmark and no cnb investigation. how about the major players? ebay and etsy. these are great companies. the choice is more about preferences. ebay is a driven value stock trades at just over 15 times estimates. even as 15% earnings growth. i like that. etsy is a growth story, although they're up against tough comparisons in the next couple quarters after that, its long term prospects are fantastic. bottom line, it's a whole new category, and i like it. it's a bull market category, second-hand, but in this market, you need to be selective in your stock picking which is why i prefer poshmark if you want the
6:34 pm
smaller high growth. ebay if you care about value, and etsy if you have the patience to stick with one of the great long-term groelth stories. tom in massachusetts, tom. >> caller: boo-yah >> thank you for all the great work you do, you're amazing. i feel like you're three steps ahead of everyone. >> you're very kind. very kind. >> caller: and we really appreciate it out here so my question, jim, is about lowe's, versus home depot. lowe's has 1970 stores home depot has 2300 stores hd has a little bigger yield but what impresses me about the depot is they just announced their $20 billion share repurchase you know, which exhibits strong conviction in their business so i hold them both in my portfolio, but my question is, should i sell lowe's and move into maybe a costco, jim >> you know, i can never tell people to sell lowe's since marv
6:35 pm
elson took over. it's a remarkable transformation you can see it in your lows. i have three different lowe's i know to and they're sensational. i also like home depot i would not sell either. you're not that diversified, but you're in two great ones these are three of the best companies we have in america okay, look, i love the second-hand category a whole new world. this is it but you need to be selective i need you to know, this is the high growth one, this is the value one, and this is the junior going to senior growth stock. i probably like this one best. why? not just because it's from brooklyn "mad money" ahead. corsair gaming has tumbled from the highs after getting caught up in the meme trade is there more to the story than being a reddit fave? it's being wrenched out of this market i have the exclusive with corsair. >> then the united states has a chance to show the world who we truly are or were or can be. it's a harsh lesson.
6:36 pm
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sometimes high quality companies get the rodney dangerfield treatment. they get no respect. take corsair gaming which has high profile gaming hardware to high performance computer components, the ones that make you win. i thing they have a great business and the recent quarter was terrific right now, wall street is dubious about anything connected to gaming. there's a sense people spend less time playing games now that we can go places again we have to learn more about this that's why the stock has been stuck in the low $30s since
6:40 pm
march. the memesters tried to gun it up, pushing it from $32 to $for 42 in less than a day, but they're not the real steal within a week, it had given up all its gains. now the stock is back down to there 30, could it be worth buying let's check in with andy paul. welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks, jim and good to be here. >> okay, so andy, i look at all of these new releases you have that just make things better and better and more lifelike i look at what nvidia is doing in the chips and say, anybody who thinks that somehow now that the pandemic is winding down, we're not going to game, is frankly completely out of touch with the american and worldwide consumer you must have good data that proves that out, correct >> yeah, i do. so it's interesting, jim i spent a lot of time looking at data one of the things i realized is most investors don't really have a good grasp of what's happening and what's going to happen with gaming hardware, peripherals, streaming gear, that sort of
6:41 pm
thing. so i'll give you a few numbers firstly, if you look at the growth in the number of gamers over the last five years, and let's forget about covid for a second, just look at '15 through '19, what you see is about a 3% to 4% growth every year. when you look at gaming video software, that grows at 6% or 7% when you look at gaming hardware, that averages about 24%. so the point is, the fastest part of the market is growing is the gear that people are buying to make their game play better and so it's more that gamers are spending more time playing games and spending more money to make their games better on hardware that's been a trend over the last four years. now, if you look at what happened last year, in 2020, when more people were spending time at home, all that accelerated. but the same ratios. so you know, the 3% more gamers went to 14%.
6:42 pm
24% growth, 14% growth in gaming software, but hardware jumped to almost 80% growth. so what's happening is people are doubling down on buying gear and quite honestly, that went on even though as you mentioned, graphics cards, last year, today it's almost impossible to get a graphics card. >> right but you know, and then i think about what netflix did today and i think, if i watch netflix on my very good hppc i my wife watches it on her apple. will they enhance the experience if they get into gaming? >> that's right. so you know, we're still at the very early stages. the numbers i have got show that last year only about 5% of gamers in the u.s. actually bought incremental gear. so it's a very untapped market in fact, we look at the last three or four years where you start getting into refresh cycles, it's only about 20% premium gamers buying gear a huge untapped market
6:43 pm
if you draw any parallels between any other sport, you'll quickly see that you talk to somebody about how much money they spend on golf clubs or skis, you know, one of the things i like to think about is the last -- the first set of golf clubs you bought, the last set you owned? of course not. same with skis people start learning how to buy and use gaming equipment they're going to keep upgrading over the next few years. that's the same with building game pcs, buying content created gear and gaming peripherals. so we're still at the very early stages of our long-term generational shift here. >> i'm a huge fan of what adobe does they do so much good stuff i have to imagine that everything that you do on adobe could be enhanced by using corsair equipment. >> well, it could. i mean, adobe is not the central point of what content creators are using to stream. we're really involved at the moment in letting them broadcast their video. that's a good segue, jim, because i want to spend a little time talking about new products
6:44 pm
we launched today. one of them is, we're in the camera market. we have launched the face cam, this is what it looks like it's a beautiful camera. in fact, you're looking at me through the face cam our code name for this internally was not a web cam so interesting background here elgato is a company we bought three years ago. they have been in the streaming space for about ten years making specialized gear and most of it was making an interfice between high-end professional cameras and pcs and so what most high-end streamers actually use for camera broadcasting is dsr cameras. but in order to get that into a pc, you need to convert the hdmi to a usb stream. that's what we have been doing we have become expert at it. we decided to jump into the space. but what we wanted to bring to the streamers and content creators was a device that is like a web cam, except it's got all the controls and features that you see in a dsr camera
6:45 pm
so for example, i have this beautiful glass lens i have a sony sensor, digital sensor in the back of this i have software that allows me to control, you know, white balance, shutter speed, contrast, and i can set all those settings in the flash in the web cam. it's like using a dslr camera. it gives high quality output >> all right, well, let me say, all this stuff is very interesting, but there were these people, these wall street bet guys who hijacked your stock. what did you make of that? i know you did sell stock into it i can't blame you because it was so artificial. what did you make of the fact they chose your stock? how does that happen >> firstly, if you look at all the message boards on any of the retail stock programs, 99% of the comments are 100% positive mostly people who have used corsair products, know about us,
6:46 pm
our long history everyone is super positive about it but unfortunately, as you well know, they're balanced out by the short hedge funds that spend their life shorting. that's really a balance, and we have seen that with a lot of stocks >> it was a battle between the long and shorts, not about corsair, correct, sir? >> that's right. >> we have to leave it at that, but i love your equipment. and, i think you can design stuff that looks great i know that's what my daughters try to do, so i know i'm in good shape on this. andy paul, cofounder and ceo of corsair gaming great to seeyou again. good to talk to you. >> thanks, jim >> i frankly don't understand how logitech can go up so much, and this stayed the same, but i understand and i hate what happened with the memes long/short it had nothing to do with the company. maxim marinin is back. >> coming up next. >> let's make money together >> cramer is bringing the thunder. and answering your burning questions in today's edition of
6:47 pm
"the lightning round."
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it's time for the lightning round. and then the lightning round is over are you ready? let's start with ginger in arizona. ginger >> caller: hey, jim. how are you? >> i am good thank you for asking how about you? >> caller: i'm great big shout out from beautiful scottsdale, arizona. >> i love scottsdale
6:51 pm
what's up? >> you need to learn my question for you is, i own a mining stock for over a year now. >> i think it's a good company you do need a stronger economy than we have, but it's well run. hold on to it. we go to xishan. >> caller: boo-yah thank you for taking my call my question is for a stock that went to the moon and came back it's quantum >> oh, my. you know what i'm hearing and the reason it's been going down is people at other companies, notably ford, that think they have a better battery. what it's really going down about is not that the battery doesn't work but there are other companies with better batteries and i'm beginning to believe that is the case don in tennessee don. >> caller: good evening, jimmy chill. a big southern boo-yah from your loyal crew in memphis, sir >> i have to tell you, the chill says i should have moved to tennessee. everybody keeps moving there
6:52 pm
amazing. $1500 for a flight to nashville. isn't that expensive >> caller: that's all right. i watch you all the time thanks for all you do. my lightning round question is in regards to vmware seems like a few months ago, we had positive things to say about vmw, and now with the recent separation with dell, the stock has been fluctuating between the mid-160s, closing at $150 and change, i believe. can't seem to maintain any constant positive momentum >> i would rather own dell than i would vmware because of the change in the structure. i would rather be with michael dell let's go to john in arizona. john >> caller: hello, jimmy. how are you doing? >> i'm good. the chill is fine. how about you? >> caller: doing all right a lot of rain out here >> same here >> caller: okay, i have a stock -- >> vero, they have to show the better data. they have to go out of stage two and into stage three if stage three is as good as
6:53 pm
stage two for what they're doing in cancer, the stock goes much higher that, laidies and gentlemen, th conclusion of the lightening round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade >> coming up, cramer breaks down how the white house can help a key u.s. ally and stare down its ongoing chess match with china next it's a thirteen-hour flight, that's not a weekend trip. fifteen minutes until we board. oh yeah, we gotta take off. you downloaded the td ameritrade mobile app so you can quickly check the markets? yeah, actually i'm taking one last look at my dashboard before we board.
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coming up, what health experts say the fda has to do now to beat covid. plus, the new problems for colonial pipeline on the news minutes away united states really has an incredible chance here got a chance to show the rest of the world who we are that we stand by our allies, that we're a good friend to have, that we're not a pitiful helpless giant right now, taiwan is faced with a covid outbreak, far too few vaccines they're also in the fight of their lives to maintain their de facto independence from the people's republic of china so we can kill not one but two birds with one stone
6:57 pm
if we help taiwan get vaccinated, we save lives. we're also show china we mean business without getting the military involved. sure, last month, our government tripled the number of vaccines to taiwan and a bunch of tech companies are buying 10 billion doses from germany, but this is a company of 23 million people, and right now, only 6% of them are vaccinated that's not enough. don't get me wrong i think we have an obligation to help vaccinate the rest of the world, simply because it is the right thing to do. millions of americans refuse to get the jab. and our government is sitting on something like 80 million spare doses of the moderna vaccine so i think it's time for the white house to step up and help our allies i know there are billions of people around the world who need this thing, but the harsh realities of geopolitics mean that taiwan should be at the head of the line, even though their outbreak is relatively small. compare today what we're seeing in the rest of the world here's why don't get mad at me.
6:58 pm
i know, i don't like to conflate this, but you have to hear me out. right now, i believe the single largest strategic challenge facing our country is an bellig and they want to take taiwan president xi made a speech where he called it his first priority. taiwan exists in a gray area it's independent, but pretty much every country on earth pretends its part of china so long as china doesn't do anything to enforce it, because taiwan is a u.s. ally, and a great ally, the chinese government probably won't invade, but they have been conducting a relentless pressure campaign in order to make taiwan's government more pliable. that includes sending their fighter planes into taiwan's air space all the time and interfering with their attempts to buy covid vaccines from the rest of the world. our government needs to send china a message that we won't let taiwan twist in the wind and the easiest way to do that would be to send them millions more doses of the vaccine in addition to being a true democracy, taiwan also has a
6:59 pm
vibrant business community, one that is dominated by taiwan semi-conductor which is arguably the most important company in the world right now. one of the major players in the secured 10 million doses of the pfizer vaccine from germany. taiwan semi makes most of the chips used for the internet of things and automobiles they're committed to building a jiggi gig gigantic foundry in arizona. so why not help them out when the white house is figuring out how to allocate vaccines to the rest of the world, i think taiwan special status needs to be taken into account. we're sitting on a million doses, 80 million doses. 80 million taiwan doesn't even need a quarter of that. i think we should give them away if americans don't want them, we might as well help people in the rest of the world while lending a hand to one of our closest, most embattled allies. frankly, anything that deterred china from making a move on taiwan could save many more
7:00 pm
lives than the vaccines themselves you see, the price of freedom is a lot higher than the price of vaccines i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer see you next time. the news with shepard smith starts now covid is surging l.a. county reinstates indoor mask mandates for everyone i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc an urgent threat the surgeon general ringing the alarm, not about delta but vaccine misinformation >> this is avoidable illnesses and death. >> as we see the effect first-hand >> i wish i would have made better choices for her >> the assassination plot in haiti delivers another shocking curveball. some suspects arrested once trained by the u.s. military >> plus, mee


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