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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  July 15, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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tonight on "fast money," a semi smackdown the chip stocks getting crushed, what does that mean? opportunity for you. we'll break down how our traders with playing the big pull back netflix raising the game what the company just did that got a lot of investors interested and later on a birthday buzz kill, happy birthday, you're 15 years old today but it was hardly a party for investors the headline that took $1.5 billion off the twitter market cap coming um welcome, it is another big show
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tonight or this afternoon on the west coast i'm brian and once again for melissa and your trader lineup, tim seymour, nadine tourman and dan nathan and guy adami we're going to start with something a little different today. not the macro market something more near and dear to my own heart and that is oil because we had a big warning for big oil. listen to what cramer had to say about crude oil today on "squawk on the street." >> we're going to see maybe a million barrels back in the permian and the economy will not be able to hand itle the economy doesn't have that much demand. so there will be a tipping point supply i'm calling the top right here >> big call by jim now oil settling down more than 2% today after hitting seven year highs last week don't want to make too much. still above where we were a month ago. but when oil goes down, you know what else falls? energy stocks. the sector certainly has been
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the worst performer in the s&p today. down about 7% this month after being red hot to begin the year. dan, you kind of hit on this last night you talked about oil you also, it sounds like, would agree with jim, you think there is a near or shorter medium term peak for the price of oil? >> well it sounds like, brian, that jim agrees with me because i said it last night we call that scooping them in the business no, jim is a genius and listen, he's looking at a lot more input that i'm looking at. and the things i'm thinking about very simply are that china gdp print, while it was still good at 7.9%, it came in below expectations we also know that they took some stimulus measures late last week we know that mike santoli just said on "closing bell," the forecast for gdp has come down a bit. ours is expected to be 7.9 it was 10% a month ago so when you think about the pace of the recovery, crude oil is
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one of the last industrial commodities that hasn't come in yet and to your point also, the oil stocks are leading the way the oih is down from the recent highs and the lxe is down about 11% from those recent highs. so i think it is interesting that the stocks have rolled over before the commodity it is down about 7% in the last couple of weeks. not a disaster by any means but if some of the data starts coming in a little weaker, crude is going to be on, i think, a very similar course to some of the other commodities that we've seen come in as of late like copper and lumber. >> well if it is lumber, than that is a whole different game i've never seen a commodity move like that. guy, how much do you think this has to do with interest rate bonds are super tankers and move slowly but mikesantoli talked about it, as rates go down the big cyclicals get hit. how much of this is less
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fundamental, more rate driven, if any. >> part of the story, no question about it. i think part of the story is the fact that the dollar has gotten off the mat. it has rallied obviously there is some seemingly concern that this variant strain will cause a slowdown in europe, possibly over here. just as we speak, a few minutes before the show, the yankee game against the red sox got postponed on the back of covid fears. so there are concerns. so the slow down abc aspect is out there. but the equities have led names that i like, psx that made a rocket ship i thought to 100 and stopped at 94. look at how quickly that stom has given almost the entire move back trading 77 now. although crude, the commodity is just starting seemingly to turn, some of the equities have let -- it begs the question of the equity bottom from the commodity. i know we're going to have a 13-year chart that dan pointed out that shows we bumped up
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against a huge down trend line going back to 2008 so it leads to you believe that maybe the commodities start to roll over. i wonder if the worst is over for the equities >> yeah. well, tim, let's kind of stick on this but i want to go to some sound today from treasury secretary janet yellen, because there is a great fear around the world, around the delta variant, thank goodness in the u.s. with the mrna vaccines, pfizer and moderna look extremely effective in preventing symptomatic or serious cases. that is a cdc again not my opinion. europe, they have more astrazeneca, less effective. i only bring that up, not because we want to talk about science and vaccines, but because it goes to the demand for oil story, it goes to the economy story. here is what janet yellen had to say about one of her concerns around the delta variant on cnbc earlier today. >> i do think it is a risk i think it is not just a question of the united states, it is a question of risks around
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the world. i am very concerned that although advanced countries are making good progress with vaccination in many parts of the, and especially in low income countries, vaccine rates are extremely low. as long as that's true in this virus and it is easily transmittable across borders we have to worry about the development of variants that could pose future threats. >> so, tim, your take? >> well, we're talking about demand factors and again, guy, maybe people don't want to drive to the bronx so some of the gas demand is part of this but jim is talking about supply dynamics and that is so much more important when we're think being oil for last ten years and if you think about u.s. production, opec was out there saying they think non-opec
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production is going to be 2.1 million barrels of additional oil in the market and they think there is any digsal 3.3 barrels of demand i think 700,000 barrels a day of that demand. i think the other supply side dynamice dynamics, the places where you have the highest oil demand and we're back below 2015 averages on where those stocks are. so i think this is a case of where the market is just positioned so different coming out of this. i care a lot less about demand, and also i'll just say that if you look at where overall oil companies as investments and gas companies and exploration companies are investments for investors, these are companies that have changed approach to the balance sheets when they raised a lot of debt during the last couple of months, couple of years and they're doing it to spruce up the balance sheets,
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not to drill at all costs. and i think that is what is very different and very under-appreciated by folks that are looking at energy trade. i think the companies are much more investable than they've ever been. >> honestly, tim, you're exactly right. and i hate to use this term, they were stupid for years and they spent money into the ground and many of them are hedged at $55. they don't have the profit to drill. we'll see though nadine, i'm going to ask my team if you could throw a five or ten year uih and i and i bring this up because this is tom lee's thing and he highlights it almost nightly which is one of these is mispriced. when oil is at $70, the oih, has been you are great and good work, the oih is at 500. so it is about half that so either the price of oil has
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to come down, or the oil stocks are wildly underpriced do you have a view -- look at that spread. do you have a view on what that may be >> i think i'm closer to where guy was. which is the stocks had led the downturn here. and i think that tim and dan make good points about supply and demand but i view the current softness as more of a consolidation all of these stocks were hitting the top end of our trading range and this often happens and it doesn't mean that they can't take a leg up higher i'm looking at the ovx and that is the volatility of oil and it is sitting at 38 it doesn't move that much today. you would have to see it in the 40s to get nervous so i'm not nervous about it. i'm looking at the xle, it is the low end of the trading range, with 8.5% short interest and a six to one upside so i think you could continue to play this i think the demand is important, supply, too. but it will continue to be
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strong as we see reopening so i'm in the giving up on it quite yet. >> and everybody is driving and traffic, i talked to somebody today who lived on the upper west side and it took an hour to go to fort lee, new jersey for more on somebody that knows about new york traffic, and also knows about oil and oil stocks, paul sankey, is lead oil analyst at sankey research one of the few analysts alongside alena croft and others who have made the track to an opec meeting in austria. so he knows of which he speaks he joins us now by phone paul, you've been listening to this it does appear that based on demand estimates, supply constraints, everybody has a car. something seems wildly miss priced or am i wildly off base >> hi, brian hi, everyone i met brian sullivan while i was hanging around the opec meeting.
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that is a great pleasure to meet there is a lot of things that are mispriced. the big headline is either the dollar is too strong or the oil price is too weak. that is overriding and secondly are the rates going low or higher, one would be inflation which would be negative for oil but if you think that rates must go higher, the dollar must get weaker, then you're going to be bullish oil. and then there is the second element that you are have been referencing which is the oil stocks and the commodity if it has opec in it, generalists don't want to know if you're dependent on a debate between mbz and the -- the absolute ruler of the uae and the crown prince of saudi, generalists american ooinvestor just throw their hands in the air because it is impossible to value that and that gives the
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stocks volatile and uncertain. and we've had multiple liquidation. i don't look your compares so much of the oih because as tim was saying, capital discipline is going to be negative for the oil service stocks and that is the oih eps. but i think the improved strategy that was referenced which is clear gets plea to a 10% cash yield for shareholders for names like eog and premier and the best quality names are getting to double-digit returns and i think anyone should buy that based on the fact that over ten years you'll be completely paid out >> yeah, and i know jim cramer is peaking on oil, talked about devon the other day and pioneer, run by the only ceo you and i have seen at an opec meeting, scott sheffield. the only one that is considered one of the best in the business.
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let me ask you this, i'm sure tim wants to jump in but a quick question, paul and i'm going to ask in a simple td way so forgive me. what is more important, the dollar and rates or supply demand fundamentals. >> i think it is equal i think the mistake is everybody talked opec and supply demand fundamentals an i'm sitting there going the dollar the 93 implies oil at 60. that implies that fundamentals are very strong and markets really concerned about the demand resurgence. and by the way, people are not driving. i'm from mexico here and demand here is still weak it is still in a covid situation. and air travel, [ inaudible ]. so the demand side is increasingly rapidly in terms of sf strengthening but that are make it easier for opec to manage the market >> paul, it is tim
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so in terms of marginal barrel of oil that could come on market, let's look back to -- back to the future in terms of the u.s. market which really was part of the change in the supply demand and drove a bigger wedge in opec than i they they've recovered from where do you see the u.s. market being a marginal barrel of oil back on the market at higher prices and again as best you can in a short amount of time describe where these guys are hedged an profitable and where higher oil prices don't mean we'll see a flood of new oil. >> eog said they would make a 30% well head return at $40 oil and a 15% return of $40 oil and they made a minus 2% last year in 2020 when oil averaged 40 so the answer i think is over 50 is the break even for these companies. break even is not good enough. you need -- and i think it is close to 55. and on top of that we now require 10% return so essentially 60 is now
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definitely to me the mid cycle 60 i 40 is the low and it is problematic for the global economy. >> all right so you know you like eog, devin and pioneer and those are the names that you hear as having best management. but you're right, paul, they need the big companies, the chevron and exxons to invest in drilling otherwise the smaller players won't benefit. i know you're neutral to negative on the space. are there any refiners you do like here? you mentioned a few producers, me refiners that you like? >> only if opec decides to increase, for the up stream guys we think we're going into a great earning seasons and q3 is above consensus is we like the upstream names and they've have a tough q2 earnings. >> like a chevon for example. >> no, chevron is less refining but exxon is already warmed
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shelf exposed and thein defendant refiners. >> i meant on the up stream side the names that you zpo like. >> well i think i would throw in there apache, as just one that i have recommended but here i think it will have a prettygoo run here once we turn oil which is the key oil equities, that is. >> paul, avenue ravels, wherever you are in the world. and hopefully global will come back paul sankey, likes devon and pog and pioneer. and guy, you talked about phillips 66. again it -- i like talked fundamentals and opec and the inner play between the parties but he makes a darn good point, i almost said something else about the rates and the dollar if you're going to trade macro commodities, you better know currencies and rates, right.
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>> and that is how you led the conversation you were correct to do so. without question, the most important chart, tim would agree and nadine and dan as well, the most important chart is the u.s. dollar i make the joke about the wrecking ball and katy perry, but it is true that the dollar controls everything and the interest rate on the back of that and i think if you're looking for a trade, psx against the april 1st low which i believe was 75 is an interesting trade ahead of earnings i believe on august 3rd >> are you saying psx people could soon hear it roar? is the katy perry trade? >> that is very good, by the way. for you. >> i had to do it. in the music for dan and tim, i don't know if i have all of the pearl jack or foo fighters.
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welcome back to "fast money. everybody. well biogen was one of the biggest movers in the market today. particularly among the big cap stocks down nearly 7% then after two major hospital operators, cleveland clinic and mt. sinai will not administer the new alzheimer's treatment. just last month the fda approved the drug based off two large but somewhat inconclusive studies of the effect in slowing cognitive decline in people with mild alzheimer's symptoms nadine, the stock getting a huge lift when that alzheimer's treatment was announced, now you have two leading hospital networks, that are networks that hold a lot of pull with what other hospitals do, saying they're not going to do it. any action here on biogen? >> you know, my colleague was
5:22 pm
saying this is a lot like olympian whose results are questioned because of the doping, right. and this is one of the kind of things that headlines could be seething this company for a while. so we don't trade it i think guy called it weeks ago. you buy lilly. i think that he had a great call on that. they've obviously done a lot in the alzheimer's space and would you be careful about biogen here if you have to trade it, the low end is about 323 >> yeah, guy, i mean, obviously she's giving a shoutout on the lilly side as well you still have an opinion on that and also biogen. >> no, i appreciate nadine remembering that and we said when it was trading north of 410, this is the opportunity to take profits it is the news you've been waiting for and got it and look for a pullback and you buy it with both hands
5:23 pm
at 330 and the stock traded 370. but today, you are right about the two hospitals and the unh commentary didn't help either. but biogen management addressed and you'll hear more from them, these are the growing pains or hurdles with one of the first gen drugs and i think this was inevitable i do think this is more than just an alzheimer's drug company. i think the guys and gals would agree with that. and in earnings, i leave on the 22nd, this feels like another bottoms. this is not for the faint of heart. we've pointed that out a number of times but i think it is really interesting play here in the mid 320s >> okay i. and i'm going to come to you, dan, and not put you on the spot of moderna as a stock. headlines just crossing moderna, the vaccine maker, obviously, is going to be added to the s&p 500. it will replace alexian pharma you don't have to comment on
5:24 pm
either names unless you want to. but there r there trades here based on when companies get added to major indexes as a whole. >> i'll tell you, moderna has been up 10% in two days. some fund managers got the early call on that one and there is good news about the potential to use the mrna technology for other pretty disastrous diseases. and i have to give guy other shoutout he doesn't give himself a shout out but we'll give him one he's been calling to buy on every pullback had you a breakout, i think at 180 and here we are here at the stock is at 280 in the after market so good on you i wouldn't be buying it here i know fund managers have to buy it here. but i think you wait for a pullback back toward 200 but i don't know it is f it is getting back there any time soon. >> looking at the chart. not only intra day, after hours, but to your point, dan, night little run up into the surprise
5:25 pm
announcement about the addition to the s&p 500 maybe computers just know everything and by the way, with the yankees getting canceled or postponed tonight, we have to give guy as many shout outs as possible. what is he going to be doing in morristown, new jersey, restaurants sipping a kiante we have a lot of show left here is what is coming up next on "fast..." >> chip stocks getting fried today so do they have more room to change. the traders are plugging in next and plus netflix and game. the streaming giant making a big move into the gaming space in hopes of leveling up en've got that and a lot more wh "fast money" returns. sofi is a one-stop shop for your finances designed to work better together. save, spend, borrow, invest, and earn cash back rewards, all in one app. that's how you get your money right with sofi.
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welcome back to "fast money. we have pretty much a semiconductor smackdown today led by that stock right there and that is taiwan semi. down 5.5%. and now that fallout from tsm did spread to the rest of the chip space the semi etf falling more than 3% today even as apple, a big consumer of chips rose to an all-time high the smh is 15% taiwan semi. dan, as that stock goes the smh is going to move what else do you make with some of these moves. >> i think it is about the setup. i know tim has noted on many occasions the under-performance of semis over the last few months relative to the nasdaq and you just mentioned taiwan semi, it is the big kahuna the sales out look was good. we know there are supply constraints right now. i think investors were concerned
5:29 pm
about margins but the most important takeaway to me and just so you know, this is my final trade a few days ago, on the the show here, i like the break out of the down trend that has been in and now back in the down trend i still like it here i think the fact that they said, yes, some of the shortages will continue into 2022 but some of the auto shortages are like to abate over the next quarter or so. that is why i think you want to buy this stock in the high teens here because i think you probably a q4 run-up back to the highs near 140. >> tim, how do we frame it when i hear shortages i think pricing power, but at same time if you don't have product to sell, you have no power. so how do we frame it? >> well, i think also for taiwan semi, they've been in a sweet spot where also as intel has been floundering in foundry, and other spots, taiwan semi has been the go-to and the stock has prices in a lot of re-rating
5:30 pm
we all point out the importance of the semis and the leadership. again, i think the market moves on semis overall, even though they have outperformed the qqq or the smh or semiconductor over nasdaq 100 by 22% in the last 12 calendar months. so i think the argument really is, yes, that supply disruption supply chain is not an indictment on overall demand, it is a question of -- look at what is going on with nvidia. i think these are single names that got very crowded. i don't think it is indictment on fundamentals in the space but you've seen investors roll down the curve of quality or in terms of specialize is into commodity chips and you have to watch the semis in the market right now and i think today's move is something you have to take notice of. also the stock is 6% of the largest position in the emerging markets index. it is such an important stock
5:31 pm
globally that kind thkind of move you should pay attention but a lot of it is valuation. >> yeah, and great point about how much they matter so so many -- so many other things there are huge chunks of etfs that you might not realize that you own these semiconductor. one trader is making a huge bet that there could be a lot more carnage ahead. for one name in this group let's find out who and why mike khouw joining us with the "options action. what is the bet, mike? >> we saw a lot of bets on the volatility today but the one we're going to highlight is in micron technologies which saw 1.7 times of the average put trading and that was the result of a single trade. somebody was rolling out the july 75 puts out to the september 75 puts and bought over 12,000 and spent $3.42 blowing out the july 75 they had
5:32 pm
for about 13 cents and so this is an out lay of $14 million bucks in premium, but when you see this kind of volatility sometimes you see it fall through in the options market and that is what we're seeing here. >> mike khouw with the options trade there. nadine, your thoughts. semiconductor, micron, what have you? >> when you look at results, 50 basis points of their 240 basis points of taiwan semi was due to effects so i way wave that off that is not a fundamental problem. so i'm more with dan here. as i think of this as a time to re-enter i actually like the smh a little bit better than the single stock. i'm looking at a 6 1/2 to one upside to down side right now. it is a 15% implied volatility premium which means are paying for protection so if you believe there is a need for semis and we could all agree that there is, i view this
5:33 pm
as a little bit more, again just like oil, you see things that have run up. they consolidate a little bit and this is when you can reenter. you could pick your names and go to etf and smh >> but i will say that taiwan, mike, and nvidia, two stocks that are 25% of the smh. if those stocks don't perform, it is tough to see how the overall etf does. >> that is true. at same time i would say that the upside. >> you just bailed -- >> nadine, i would say he's so eager, he's started prepping are you worried about that concentration on that etf, nadine >> sorry, no i even look at taiwan semi, we have about 8 1/2 to one upside to down side so it might have broke ep some short-term trends but interimme
5:34 pm
interimmediate trends are still there. you could also just get a basket. >> thank you and mike if you're out there, thank you. and we are were sitting in front of the camera there waiting for tomorrow because "options action" is in 24 hours mike is ready to go. 5:30 p.m. eastern time check it out after the 30 minute "fast money" at 5:00 p.m coming up, forget netflix and chill. maybe it is time to netflix and game streaming giant may be making a big move toward making gaming a reality. julie boorstin up with that next plus, happy birthday twitter. they could cry if they want to some investors are because twitter stock fell 3% today. we'll tell you why, and what ulha a billion and a half in market cap. stick around "fast money" is back in two.
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welcome back some big news on netflix making a big move into the gaming space in a major announcement for the company today. letez get to julia boorstin with all of the details of the gaming world netflix wants to inhabit,
5:38 pm
julia? >> well, brian, netflix is showing commitment to expanding it to gaming with a big hire into a new position, vp of game development. this is industry veteran mike murdo, he was from the facebook reality where he over saw oculus and before that he worked at electronic arts and zenga. netflix has pointed to gaming as well hit game fortnight in particular as key competition for their streaming business now it is experiment with bander snatch and has partnered with outside game developers for stranger things games. the netflix could produce its own game titles or even offer a streaming game bundle like apple's subscription apple arcade which could be included to bolster the value of the core subscription or forra higher cost here. they could use that to boost the price. but netflix shares did fall about 1% today bernstein with an outperform
5:39 pm
rating notes that video games could enhance the netflix value but warns this could signal weak earnings reports and that management could see its core business reaching saturation an netflix does report after the bell on tuesday so we'll have to watch and see if this was a reading of the tea leaves here that they need other ways to expand, brian. >> just a quick follow up, if you said it i apologize, i have a lot going on do we know how much it might cost, is it included in the waver $18.99 a month or an extra fee? >> brian, we are so far before that there is so much to figure out before netflix would get there so we don't know if they're going to be offering this streaming subscription service that is sort of the assumption just because netflix does streaming, they could add games. and there is that question, though, remember the netflix have three different tiers you could pay more in hd or access to more streams, the very
5:40 pm
basic tier cost less so maybe whether they include it in an upper tier or add a separate tier to add on games or whether this is part of the core netflix service. but it is so far away from us actually having an answer to that question. i think netflix doesn't yet know the answer to that question. >> yeah, julia, big story. nobody cares what i think. kind of genius to get the younger folks. julia boorstin, thank you. guy, first off, comment on that. but think about it this way. you have a teenager who is playing, i don't know, fortnight or player battlegrounds and there is a billboard in the game for the new season of stranger things there are so many tie-ups that you could think of it is kind of cool i just don't know if it will matter for the stock. >> a lot to unravel. you asked that question about your predilection of gaming and you want to know because you want to know your love of fortnight is profound with that said. >> i'm more of a pub g guy --
5:41 pm
>> are you >> thoughing around the lingo. >> ahead of earnings, this is ahead of earnings, there is clearly something amiss. maybe you'll not see the subscriber growth. i give thex the benefit of the growth and say they're getting into a vertical that makes sense. this stock has traded sideways since this time last year. 480 to 550 i say this is building a base but the naysayers say it is rolling over we'll find out on the 20th predisposed myself to think this takes the next leg higher. >> and nadine, predilection, a buy as in favor of something, do you have a bias in favor of netflix either way >> i'm a little bit worried this is more like maintenance capex to get people to stop switching, right. so is this an offensive or defensive more i don't think any of us have enough details to know but we'll find out more.
5:42 pm
so the stock has a good setup. so it is bullish short-term and intermediate term. it has big premiums so people are paying for protection but it is a fair fight in my trading range. i would hold off i don't like it when people announce something supposedly big like this before earnings and maybe i would trade it if i wanted to own netflix, but this is maintenance capex in hiding >> not a ringing endorsement there and i like your point here yeah, we're going to get into gaming that is it gaming nadine, guy, thank you coming up, a twitter takedown. the social stock sinking today even on its 15th birthday. happy birthday, twitter. we'll dig into what is behind the move and get a trade on the twitter, next. >> miss a moment of "fast" catch us on go, follow the "fast money" podcast g
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carbon capture and even nuclear fusion. we may not know just what lies ahead, but it's only human... to search for it. welcome back to "fast money. maybe not so happy birthday tor twitter. the company falling more than 3% after pulling the plug on its competitor to facebook stories called fleets. if you don't know what they are,
5:46 pm
don't worry, you're clearly not alone. a news coming on the 15 ng anniversary of twitter launching to the public. happy birthday, i guess. twitter shares up more than 26% on the year. dan nathan, don't want to make too much of this move. don't know if anybody cared about fleets they just dumped it, they have a predilection to dumping fleets as we say. any take on twtr >> yeah, i think the company is developing products at a speed which a lot of investors for years and years wished they were and they're doing it in the fact that they dump one that people didn't like and didn't use makes sense. you know why they're making space on your scarce screen for something that will work well which is twitter spaces so they're moving very fast and i think they're really listening to users right here and that is going to be a good thing for them to better monetize the users. so i think the stock had a big run and got hit last quarter,
5:47 pm
down to $50 and up here to $70 and i suspect is comes in again before earnings. i don't think you buy it for the earnings right here. maybe there is a surprise. maybe there is a surprise on ad growth but the stock has had a big run in a short period of time. >> and tim, you can't kill them for killing fleets you have to try things and they work or they don't it doesn't matter. >> this investor day of three, to four months ago, set the bar for a company too high, but more importantly monetization for years. i actually think they have the engagement i think the ad acceleration is impressive and you have a case why dau growth is good enough. i like it into earnings a week from today their guide on q2 revenue, anything north of a billion dollars i think the stock will run and i think people are looking at the top line, not just dau's i think they're looking for
5:48 pm
these guys to continue to grow the revenue stream and i think they are >> daily active users watching twitter stock down today as well we have breaking news out of the west coast and the largest county in america making another mass move. kate rooney, what do we know >> that is right, brian. good to see you. los angeles county will now require its residents to wear masks inside this is after a rise in kocovid cases and new protocols will go into effect saturday night at 11:59 p.m. he said the requirements will be similar to what was in place prior to california's june 15th reopening. it comes just two weeks after the county recommended similar protocols but they are now requiring masks indoors in l.a. county back to you. >> kate rooney thank you. listen, guy, i'll go to you. guy, i'm not going to ask you to
5:49 pm
comment on masks or what california does or the right to make their own rules talk to us more about the potential for a reopening stall, an economic stall. by the way, the yankee game postponed tonight, the three pitchers who tested positive for covid, they were all vaccinated. they're probably asymptomatic. but there is still maybe a bigger reopening risk here than we're making, maybe, i don't know >> yeah, and none of us want to be alarmist by any stretch but some of the headlines are reminiscent and i want to be careful here with the languages. back when you were loefting the show and melissa was on maternity leave we remember getting headlines like this and thinking what does it mean we're starting to get them again. and maybe it all goes well for jim cramer's call and then dan's call over the last couple of weeks in terms of the slowdown maybe it means rates continue to go lower you have to take all of these thing news consideration
5:50 pm
oneoffs notwithstanding, when you add these things up, the olympics, all of the different things, they are starting to be a little worrisome through the lens of investing and trading. >> yeah. and listen, we could talk some day offline about the march days of last year when it was all of us together and then one of us and then none of us and then thank god for the vaccine. coming up, the big money and the big weekend ahead for one of america's fastest growing sports something cool and different ahead of the premier league la crosse will join us, next.
5:51 pm
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and above simone... getting an opportunity to show her stuff. nonstop, displayed at the highest performance level... finding something and the us takes gold! ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ - yes! ♪ ahhhhhhh ♪ ♪ dream until your dreams come true ♪ welcome back a big weekend ahead of big money on the line for one of america's fastest growing sports let us bring in new premier league la cross founder and all time scoring leader, paul raible i don't know anything about la cross. dan does i'll let him jump in here. and your partner with nbc sports, we appreciate how much people are watching this on tv >> well we actually set our top
5:54 pm
two ratings days over the past two weeks, one on nbc and last weekend in minnesota on nbc sports of our three year deal. so viewership is trending upward relating to the sport. it is been around for centuries. it is a native american game we do our best to honor those roots an it is popular at the college level and internationally with full membership at the olympic level. so we're hoping to see it in l.a. 2028. but 2.5 million participating and fans and the partnerships with nbc and the likes of ticket master and and hex, crowd strike, to continue to grow it. >> hey, paul, listen, congrats, man, 35, you're having a heck of a season the league is having a heck of a season so congrats on that you just mentioned these partnerships brian mentioned nbc. all weekend long, i could watch you on nbcsn and peacock, but you have these deals this public deal
5:55 pm
talk to our audience, why did the pll need a trading app partner. it is pretty amazing and you're active on the app and i get to see a lot of things that you're investing in and why you're doing it. >> yeah. and i love to be on the show as much as i can. i grew up kind of looking at the financial services model and investing and figuring out resource and building companies as a means to create a career outside of la cross and it is intersected with building the pll with my co-founder and older brother mike this is another example of what we could bring to the table. it is unique to other leagues and we're a true model so we bring to the table as on site activation, online through our social media strategy on broadcast with nbc and we activate using league ip and team ip and access to our players. so we are bundled the advertising model. prosports is a combination of ticket sales and media, to merchandise, and sponsorships.
5:56 pm
so that is what we focus on. >> paul, we really appreciate you come on. and appreciate the partnership with nbc and peacock look at the sales growth up 93.5% appreciate it. buddy. take care. and catch the premier league la cross all-star game this saturday, july 18th, 7:00 p.m. eastern live on nbc sports network and streaming live on peacock. there you go blaze and grant. all right. up next, your final trade. icy hot. ice works fast. heat makes it last. feel the power of contrast therapy, so you can rise from pain. it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. get ready for it all with an advanced network and managed services from comcast business.
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time now for your final trade. l let's go around the horn we lost team his feed dropped let's start with nadine. >> brian, we would go into the xlk today, that is a tech etf, it hit the low end of our trading range at 14494 so it is good to go >> dan nathan? >> yeah, despite today's drop in taiwan semi, i think it is still in the up trend that has been in play since may i think the news gets better from here so i like tsm.
6:00 pm
>> good stuff. outside of the dell martin tweem team, i'm a whip snake fan guy, your final trade. >> i don't know what a yo man is nem, mining. >> appreciate it thanks for taking it easy on me and thanks for watching "fast money. >> my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it "mad money" starts now >> hey, i'm cramer welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica i'm trying to make you money my job, not just to entertain you, but to educate and teach. call me or tweet me @jimcramer this is a macro market where stocks go up or down


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