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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  July 14, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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maybe this generation, okay? and we're in a recession. you don't think people are gonna be, like, looking for different ways to spend their money on legal services? the news with shepard smith starts now the crucial fight for voting rights today the pres the crucial fight for voting rights cnbc the fight for voting rights. president biden delivers a major speech >> fthere's an unfolding assault taking place in america today with an attempt to suppress and subvert the right to vote. >> texas democrats jet to washington to block republican voting restrictions. >> we are laiving right now on borrowed time in texas >> now the pressure on congress
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to act raging wildfires, extreme drought and a deadly heat wave gripping the west. the millions impacted and the danger to their power grid everybody back up, stand down >> dea informants. one of the men arrested after a haitian president assassination, a former source for american law enforcement. what we know about the suspect fake vaccine lotteries medical scams an false cures for covid amid the new dramatic surge across america new generals in the escalating cyber war. cnbc names its top state for business and giant pet goldfish taking over lakes. good evening the battle for equal voting rights has now reached the white house. president biden making an
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impassioned call to protect voting rights across the nation. in a fiery speech, the birthplace of the constitution, the president accused republicans of waging an unpatriotic and un-american assault on democracy by enacting voting restrictions in gop controlled states. >> 21st century jim crow assault is real. it's unrelenting we're going to challenge it vigorously we must act and we will act. our cause is just. our vision clear and our hearts are full we the people for our democracy, for america itself we must act. >> the president calling on congress to pass voting rights legislation with a slim majority in the senate, any bill is doomed to bill without gop support because of the filibuster president biden has been under increasing pressure from civil rights groups and progressives to do more texas democrats are on a
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desperate last ditch mission to block voting restrictions in that state democratic lawmakers from texas skip town and flew to washington under threat of arrest during an emergency legislative session call by the governor they are covering all angles here tonight priscilla thompson is in austin and peter alexander. >> reporter: the president calling this an issue a test of our time arguing the country is facing democracy or autocracy he said it's the right to vote at stake the president taking aim at fo former president trump saying the big lie is a big lie >> asking my republican friends in congress and state and cities and counties to stand up for god sake and help prevent this
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concerted effort to undermine our election and the sacred right to vote. have you no shame? >> reporter: the bottom line is the democrats face a real dilemma on this. to pass the federal voting rights bill in senate, they need ten republican votes they have none now the alternative would be to eliminate that filibuster rule which they could do if every single democrat was on board but two democrats oppose it. president biden hasn't said wa he's willing to do btabout it the texas democrats don't have the vote to need the republican backed bills in their home state. republicans say they are just delaying the inevitable. the vice president met with the texas democrats and praised them as fighters. the white house has not said whether president biden will meet with those legislatures as well >> peter, thanks more on the lawmakers from texas who fled the state filibuster a
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gop voting bill they argue is restrictive. back home republicans in state house voted for the sergeant at arms to track down the democrats who left and the republican governor greg abbott says when they step back into the lone star state, texas rangers will arrest them. priscilla thompson live in a austin outside the state house. >> reporter: the stalemate here in austin continues. house members voted along party lines to grant permission to the sergeant of arms to go after those democratic members of the house that have left and even arrest them. this comes as that is likely not going to happen because representatives are in washington, d.c. and law enforcement does not have a jurisdiction there texas law enforcement does not have jurisdiction there.
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the governor's agenda has been delayed but not denied and the bills will get a vote. listen to what one house republican told me >> we will continue to have special sessions until they come back i suspect our colleagues will come back and have to engage in this debate and vote on a bill. >> reporter: as for what comes next on the ground, earlier today the texas senate did pass their version of this more restrictive voting bill. they will continue to hold meetings and work on legislation but they cannot pass any bills without a quorum >> thank you this isn't the first time texas democrats have left their state in the name of politics. back in 2003, a group of lawmakers fled to oklahoma the issue redistricting and in 1979, the killer bees was on the lam so long the texas rangers were brought in. ahead on the news, how long it took for those lawmakers to return and which of those efforts was successful
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new developments tonight in the investigation into the assassination of the president of haiti turns out one of the suspected killers is a former dea informant. two law enforcement officials say joseph vincent, one of the arrested american suspects was at times a confidential source for u.s. drug agents one of the former informants reached out to his contacts in dea after the assassination and they told him to surrender the hit squad announced they were with the dea as they carried out the attack and gunned down the president of his home sd >> this is a dea operation both haitian and dea officials said that announcement was a total lie. we're hering e ie ing -- hearin retired sniper who says he was
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recruited. they were being hired to provide security he ended up not going to haiti because he tested positive for covid. thank you. what's the latest on the ground there tonight? >> the latest on the ground is police have issued wanted posters for three individuals. one is a convicted drug trafficker with ties to south florida. the other one is a former senator and the other one is a former government worker ta are dangerous and they are searching sdplp do we have anything solid yet or any good leads from your reporting on the motive for all of this >> no, we're still trying to figure out the motives an put together the pieces. when you look at that the doctor, who arrested the third haitian american in this case, he filed for bankruptcy and
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$400,000 in debt this was a multimillion dollar operation. how does someone deeply in debt afford such expensive assassination. >> who would want a group or a person to come in and take over a government that faces so many challenges, economic, social and otherwise? >> reporter: they said the mission was not to kill the president but it was to serve an arrest warrant on him, take him to palace and install a provisional president. what happened, what went wrong, were they the shooters of this c case that what they want to know. >> the question is whether this was a botched attempt to bring the president into custody or whether one in such a group might have had his own ideas. >> reporter: haitians are asking whether they were the one who assassinated the president or a set up
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that's what they are asking themselves i've said to the police chief just days ago, these guys are saying they with not there to kill the president he says their mission was to kill the president on sunday he announced their mission was to provide security and at some point the mission changed. when did it change why did it change? we want to know the answers to that >> the concern is for calm across the country do you have a sense for where that's going >> reporter: i have to tell you, i've been here since day one people were shocked that every day life is starting to come back you have to remember this is ka country dealing with so many problems there's a covid surge going on there's an armed gang. they want answers and they are trying to resume their lives but tomorrow will be once since this happened we're waiting to see what happens day by day >> i can't thank you enough for the reporting there on the ground best to you and your colleagues at the miami herald. raging wildfires torching
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home and moving fast across 12 different states what firefighters say they are seeing on the ground amid this historic fire storm that they have never seen before more heartbreaking news out of surfside, florida officials identified the youngest victim yet pull from the rubble where we stand nearly three weeks after the condo collapsed. two suspects in that denver hotel arrest speaking out from jail what their now saying about the arsenal of weapons, body armor and ammunition found inside a hotel room
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what's on the horizon? the answers lie beyond the roads we know. we recognize that energy demand is growing, and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up. at chevron, we're working to find new ways forward, like through our venture capital group. backing technologies like electric vehicle charging, carbon capture and even nuclear fusion. we may not know just what lies ahead, but it's only human... to search for it. wildfires now raging across 12 american states according to national interagency fire center idaho, arizona, montana, kr calik california ards and oregon
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the beckwourth fire in california is the biggest in state. it's now 46% contained crews say they reached a very good place but across the west there's still reporting conditions we have never before seen >> fire behavior here is the last couple of days has been phenomenal we're in the bulls eye of an extreme drought here where the fire is at and the conditions on the ground are exhibiting just that the rate is spread and fire behaviors incredible it's opinion really taken its toll on our firefighters response >> wildfires in california are far out pacing those last year almost 5,000 fires total, scorching more than 140,000 acres. nearly triple the area of this time last year
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oregon's bootleg fire is coming dangerously close to a critical area for power lines it's threatening to cut power to millions in california on the banks of lake tahoe, here is jake ward. >> reporter: if you want to understand how much heat has transformed california, this is the place to understand it throughout human history people have retreated up into the mountains to get away from the heat but today is not that day temperatures near record highs here of course, we're also seeing the effects on the lake. where i'm standing, i should be in two feet of water that water has fallen down and the famous clarity of this water has also been damaged. it's now as murky here as it has ever been. all of this as 30 million americans across the western united states are under a heat advisory that's according to the national weather service. noaa is saying at this point,
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june is the hottest june america has ever recorded. that's why the governor of california signed an executive order trying to increase electrical capacity. trying to keep the lights on trying to keep the ac running and that as two firefighters burn just north of where i'm standing which could endanger the power supply here. there's a sort of spinal column part of the central nervous system of the electrical grid here that runs from oregon down through california and even into southern california that's under threat for fire. if that goes down and these incredible temperatures continue, it could be very dangerous for california >> jake, extreme weather is doing another kind of damage on the other side of country. torrential rain and flooding in philadelphia leading to rescues. this is what a street looked like yesterday there's about 30 minutes north of the city. if philly, cars submerged. a woman and her 2-month-old
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daughter pulled to safety after being trapped inside this car. rescue crews graping people from balconies traveling back and forth for hours. north of philly in bucks county, national weather service reports up to ten inches of rain fell in a few hours. the weather service calling this a hundred years flood. meaning there's a 1% chance of seeing this much rain. 95 people now confirmed dead and 14 others still potentially unaccounted for in surfside, florida nearly three weeks after a condo tower came crashing down one of the identified victims is a 1-year-old baby girl making her the youngest victim identified so far in the collapse her parents bodies were identified just last week. family members say her mom was five months pregnant the mayor of miami dade county said zuej crews have recovered 8 million pounds of concrete and rubble at that site.
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the megaladon was the king of the ocean years ago had a mouthful of enormous teeth, each as big as a human hand that's from the smithsonian institution. now those teeth are a really hot commodity with tourists and collectors all anxious to learn more about the apex predators from the past and the ones lurking beneath the waves right now. >> reporter: it's the making of hair raising movies. >> no. >> reporter: apex predators lurking in the oceans. waiting for that precise moment to make a move to attack. the megaladon. one of the largest predators to roam the ocean >> what was a megladon
12:21 am
>> they were the tough guys of the ocean. >> reporter: today the species is extinct zach has been searching for the past on the seabed for over 40 years. sdp >> you're holding a piece of history. fp you're willing to search and brave the waters you can be rewarded >> reporter: they lived approximately 16 million years ago. they were as big as a school bus and wayed over 50 tons nearly triple the size of today's great white sharks surviving on early species of dolphins, whales and seals. >> are we sure there's no more out there? >> the shark has opinion extinct for millions of years. there are still people who would love to believe and probably do believe that the megladon exist in the depths somewhere. >> reporter: on this day, venice, florida, the shark tooth capital of the world is our spot
12:22 am
for some digging >> where are we in. >> we are getting ready to pass snake island and making our way west out of the venice >> the hunt is for >> megladon teeth. >> reporter: that's right. teeth. some sharks have seven rows of teeth that push forward and fall out. >> it's the biggest shark that nobody has seen. it's called the megladon extinct but left behind some fossils and we're going in to find some. >> reporter: about 15 feet down we spot what we set out to find. >> what is that? >> i found the tooth to a megladon shark >> just out here >> waiting for you to find it.
12:23 am
>> reporter: these waters rich with discovery >> got to ask you, what is that? >> that is a sliced section of whale rib bone whether it was eaten or not, most likely it was >> this is -- >> that's a fossil it is fossilized like a rock. >> reporter: it's no surprise searching for megladon teeth has become a phenomenon. >> they tend to be almost an american icon. there's a lot of variation in them you can also find a better one you can always buy a better one. it's everything you need in a fossil. >> reporter: tourists flock to beaches around the country to join the hunt. >> it's kind of addictive. shake it and see what we can find. >> reporter: for zach, fossil hunting is personal. a skill he learned from his father as a child. now a passion he's passing onto his own kids >> your kids will be finding
12:24 am
these when you're long gone? >> my kids, their kids those teeth will be there for generations. >> reporter: finding megladon teeth like this not only requires patience and good fortune but as zach who not only has a hobby here baa business, primitive past, tell us they are worth something. the most expensive one he sold to a collector, $50,000. >> wow, thank you. track and field star allyson felix says she became a mother, one of the biggest sponsors did not support her. now she's launching a new partnership to make sure other moms aren't forced to sit on the side sidelines. the tennessee department of health making a huge move, abandoning vaccine outreach programs to adolescents and not just for covid cases across the country are now surging faster than we might
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be prepared for. that's next as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top bottom of the hour and the top of the ns om ♪ ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪ that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪
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there's an america we build and one we explore. one that's been paved and one that's forever wild. but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure. you get both. introducing the wildly civilized all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l one of the biggest companies offer major incentive to get people to come to work they will offer emergency child care and help with tuition payments that's in addition to boosting hourly pay and giving more time off. mcdonald's is far from alone companies big and small have
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been forced to rethink how they get employees back with new data on what bis businesses are facing here is cnbc rahel >> the survey today, nearly 3,000 senior managers all of them plan to hire in the back half of the year people who were let go, furloughed because of the pan demonstrate ib and 51% are looking to fill new positions. senior district director says this is the most active labor market she's ever seen in her 25 years of experience and employers are responding, putting their best offer forward. according to this report, 48% of companies are providing signing bonuses. 43% are giving more paid time off and 40% are offering better job titles while compensation is important, employees are also looking beyond just pay. >> it's been a bit of a shift where we have seen employees really take interest in care
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what are the values of the company. they really want to know what are those organizations stand for, how are they treating their employees. >> the search for the right candidate has employers looking even partser 60% of kpcompanies are brn broa their search >> thanks. why our wallets are feeling the burn that's what's cnbc, on the money. >> consumers feeling the effects of rising inflation on the prices of everything from food to gas that's according to the labor department in the last year consumer prices are up 5.4%. the biggest jump in 13 years a big driver of that, gas prices they are up more than 45% compared to a year ago the jump in inflation raising concern that fed may withdraw its low interest rate policy sooner than expected boeing cutting delivery targets for its 787 dream liner
12:29 am
to deal with a production related issue near the nose of the plane. the company expecting to deliver fewer than half of the 787 remaining in inventory this year the supposes no immediate threat to flight safety but that it will inspect data to determine whether the 787 currently in service should get similar fictions mattel unveiling a naomi osaka role model barbie. it costs 30 bucks. it's already sold out online the four time grand slam champ had the world buzzing when she withdrew from wimbledon to prioritize her mental health the dow down 107 the s&p down 15. the nasdaq down 56 i'm shepard smith on cnbc.
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it's the bottom of the hour. time for top of the news massive covid fraud. the new numbers of just how bad it's been and how much money has opinion lost did the russian ransomware gang go dark or did somebody take them down covid cases going in the wrong direction. >> i don't want to talk about this and you likely don't want to hear about this, but get this covid is surging unvaccinated people face sickness, hospitalization and death. what's worse, if covid keeps spreading because so many of us are not getting vaccinated for various personal reasons, the opportunity for covid to mutate against something which the vaccines don't work is greater and greater. take a look at this map. new covid cases are up more than 50% over the last week in 34 states all of those in red. all but three states over the
12:31 am
same time show covid cases increasing the city of chicago has reinstated quarantine rules for unvaccinated people traveling from two states. missouri and arkansas. anybody from those two states coming into chicago area is now required to show a negative test or to quarantine for ten days. nationwide, average daily cases have more than doubled over if past three weeks that's according to johns hopkins. this has happened extraordinarily fast we had a month's long sustained drop in covid cases. that ended three weeks ago and since then, there's been a swift rise with no signs of slowing down having questions about this vaccine is okay and understandable and there's opinion times when those who are not he has tants have been demonized. officials admit they should do beater job with the way they get this message out the science is indisputable. if you've decided not to get
12:32 am
vaccinated, your risk increases every day and if the spread continues and because of that spread, we get a new mutation that the vaccines will not stop, our entire recovery is in danger the push to get every one vaccinated is accelerating but in state of tennessee, at least for young people, they are going in the opposite direction. not just for covid but now for all vaccines tennessee's top vaccination official says she was fired after she tried to encourage vaccinations for teenagers without their parents consent. michelle fiscus sent a letter to medical providers saying they can vaccinate minors older than 14 without their parents approval she cited the state's mature minor policy it's in place since 1987 that angered some state lawmakers who said the department is over stepping its legal authority and even discussed eliminating the entire agency
12:33 am
she told the tennessee newspaper she's a scapegoat who was fired to appease those lawmakers and trying to promote science based education. a spokesperson would not comment on her termination new today, the tennessee department of health is now stopping all vaccine outreach for adolescents after pressure from republican state lawmakers. this from an internal report obtained by the tennessee newspaper. no more events at school, no reminders, no encouraging at all. not just for covid but all vaccines the state chief medical officer no proactive outreach regarding routine vaccines and no outreach regarding the hpv vaccine. in france, there's a sudden and record breaking rush to get the vaccine because the president there told the country they'll need to be vaccinated if they want to do just about anything
12:34 am
president macron delivered the warning last night in a televised address and since then, 1.3 million people have signed up to get shots that's daily record according to the system that tracks france's vaccine appointments most of the sign ups, people under the age of 35. president macron told the country they will have to show proof of vaccinate starting next month if they want to enter any restaurants, any shopping malls or get on any train or plane as it stands now france has 37% of its population fully vaccinated scammers are taking advantage of the pandemic by stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from americans that's according to recent data from the federal trade commission since the start of covid, americans have filed more than half a million fraud claims and lost more than $450 million. cnbc christina is with us now. these scams are everywhere
12:35 am
>> everywhere. we thought wasn't it enough with the pesky robocalls and now you have scams from covid treatment fraud to covid cure scams. americans are getting duped and losing big the latest fraud to make wavers revolves around state vaccine lotteries that are massive monetary prizes to get who get vaccinated >> i'm sitting there and all of a sudden i get a message from the california vax to win. it looked like facebook messenger and i'm watching it live so as soon as it popped up and popped up on my screen, i got super excited. i was like no freaking way >> roman thought he was one of the lucky ones to win $50,000 for vax for the win but the facebook web link wanted his personal banking details alarm bells went off and disappointment settled in. >> afterwards, it was just like, oh, no talk about a roller coaster of emotions
12:36 am
just booming to the moon and just dropping back as quick as possible i think the long term effects it lasted about a week of feeling a little depressed because you're so excited for that moment >> e-mail is the most commonly reported contact method used by fr fraudsters there's been $37 million in losses this year alone california was the state hardest hit pi by scammers. those between 60 and 69 lost the moment amount of money the amount of fraud described as unprecedented. >> my 34 years at the better business bureau, i've never seen so many scams on one particular matter like covid. i've seen many different scams over my career what happens is they started early on with test kit, fake test kit and they moved onto contact tracers and they moved onto stimulus money. then they moved on how to get yourself into line better for vaccine. >> the president of the better
12:37 am
business bureau for chicago went onto tell me he had his identity stolen just a few weeks ago. these scams can happen to every one as the fraudssters try to capitalize on the pandemic, unfortunately. >> if they ask for too much personal information, don't give it >> it happened to me, so it can happen to anyone >> thank you an up date on our top story now as we reported earlier, texas democrats chose the nuclear option yesterday they fled the state to break the quorum without a quorum there can be no vote on legislation. it's an attempt to derail a republican backed bill though dramatic, the move is not new to the texas democratic play book back in 1979, a group of liberal state dubed the killer bees hid in a garage. texas rangers were dispatched to find them, arrest them and
12:38 am
return them to senate. the rangers even staked out the so-called queen bees spouses the spouses of the missing lawmakers. the senators evaded capture for four days. as it turned out, the stunt worked and the bill that the bees were protesting went away decades later in 2003, a group of house state law dems attempted a similar move donzs of lawmakers fled to oklahoma to block a republican redistricting plan the group specifically crossed state laws to avoid being pursued by texas rangers as the killer bees had been when they returned, rick perry called a special session they vote was again delayed when 11 democrat state senators went on the lam to albuquerque. they managed to stay away for more than a month. in that case, eventually, one of the state senators cracked and returned those lawmakers delayed the bill but ultimately it did become law. history tells us this move by
12:39 am
texas democrats is really a sort of a crude filibuster and may end up only delaying the inevitable danny fenster, a u.s. journalist still detained in myanmar. another hearing is set for today after tomorrow tonight, an update from his brother on the family's fight to bring him home mystery in the cyber world the notorious russian gang that's gone offline. president biden adds some soldiers to the front lines of soldiers to the front lines of the high-tecwa
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. the russian cyber gang went offline. these were the hackers behind attacks.
12:42 am
it also hit the world's largest beef producers in jbs. the group are evil has made tens of millions o of dollars by hacking the organization locking their data and demanding money to get it unlocked the mysterious disappearance comes after president biden last week said he warned the russian president vladmir putin that he needs to take action against hackers in his country what are you learning about what happened >> it all began to unfold early this morning researchers began to see this was happening early today. the happy blog where they would post stolen documents as a way
12:43 am
to pressure victim companies to pay up no indication why the sites are down one possibility is this is the result of a hidden campaign by the u.s. government against revil. action against the cyber gang could take place in the days and weeks ahead. another possibility is this is activity from the russian government in the wake of that appeal that you talked about from president biden to vladimir tu pin last week the third explanation is revil took itself offline deciding to lie low while the scrutiny is to high >> the president was get the cyber security team he wanted in place. yesterday the senate confirmed easterly as the director of dhs cyber security the senate confirmed chris to be
12:44 am
biden's cyber director running a newly created unit out of the white house at a time of major ransomware i can tell you had lunch yesterday with mike rogers he's the former director of the security agency. he was extreemmely bullish it's going to be staffing up this new unit. >> huge problem. thank you so much. we want to update you to a story we have been following closely here the imprisonment of a u.s. journalist in yanmar a country now controlled by the military after a coup back in february danny is a managing editor of the independent newspaper frontier myanmar in may authorities detained him at myanmar's paairport. the government accused him of
12:45 am
inciting violence, charges he de denies he is facing a three year prison sentence his next hearing is day after tomorrow danny's brother is here now. bryan, i know it's tough for you to do this and i can't thank you enough your parents were able to speak with danny how is he holding up >> yeah, last week they were able to talk to thim for the first time at that time it was 46 days after his detainment it was really nice it was very motional i kind of hung back. i got to see them talk to them and the emotion coming out it was all great he sounded well. we had major scare because covid hit the country hard especially the prison he was displaying those symptoms last week. >> is he getting treatment >> no. no treatment, no testing we're very frustrated and concerned. >> the hearing on thursday, do you have any sense that the
12:46 am
legal system there could lead to his release? >> no indication of that unfortunately, all these hearings, we haven't gotten any heads up, information. they are speaking burmese. he doesn't understand what's going on we are anticipating similar suit >> clearly a journalist under attack what do you want him to know >> we're doing well all things considered we're not resting until he is home we have been successful and all the support. the success to us is danny fenster back home in the united states >> the best to you we're hearing from two of the people facing charges afterpolice found drugs and guns inside a hotel room in denver. he was similarly in the wrong
12:47 am
place at the wrong time. the other addmits he was there o sell drug pps he arrived at the friday to drop off heroin to the suspects and that's when denver police showed up one of the other men arrested says he was not involved with drugs ar guns. he told our local nbc 6 that he saw the guns in a different hotel room but there was no intention to hurt anybody in tonight's all-star game. >> it would never be my intention because to sit there and fire live rounds into an audience >> cops were worried they found an arsenal of weapons inside the hotel room. at least 12 guns, body armor and a load of ammunition all four suspects face weapon and drug charges a drug set their bail at 50 to
12:48 am
$75,000. self-defense traping for flight crews was brought back this month after an increase in unruly passengers. incidents up 62% in the first six month offense the year yesterday nbc 2 news in fort myers obtained video of police forcibly removing a passenger after she refused to wear a mask flight attendantss say she became unruly, even spitting on other passengers cops took her off plane and arrested her in a separate incident, american airlines confirmed to nbc news that a passenger was restrained and taped to her seat after she bit a flight attendants and tried to open an exit door mid flight tomorrow in rare interviews, we'll hear from multiple flight attendants about the concerning rise in bad behavior and how many of them fear for their safety one woman asking we conceal her identity so she can speak can didly. >> 35,000 feet is not the place
12:49 am
you want anything to go down >> is it makes you reconsider your job right now >> yeah, for sure. >> that's story tomorrow night on the news on cnbc. ever thought your pet goldfish could get this big? see it against the shoe there? turns out they can and this growth spurt now causing a problem in one state's lakes and ponds. team usa just not showing up on the hard wood yet the losses wracking up as they prepare to make a run at the gold what makes virginia the top state in the usa for business? ot introducing the new citi custom cash℠ card, a different kind of card that rewards rashida where her spending is trending. just ask overly confident diy rashida rashida: wait, was this the right wall? or last minute gift shopping rashida rashida: i'm putting a bow on it! wow. even sneaking away for a vacay rashida. rashida: shhh! i've earned this? from home improvement, drugstores, select travel and more earn 5% cash back that automatically
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olympic track star allyson felix is teaming up with her sponsor ath leta to give out $200,000 worth of granting for pro athletes who are moms. the money helps them pay for child care while they compete. the story goes back to 2019 when felix went public with her story of being a mother as a pro athlete. she says her contract with nike ended after she gave birth to her daughter and then nike wanted to cut her pay by 70% now she's fighting for other mothers in sports. six of them are headed to the olympics including an olympic volleyball player laura wester another one the olympic marathon
12:53 am
trials and is to get a grant she also got the go ahead to bring her 6 month old baby to the games with her felix hopes the grants make it possible so moms don't have to choose between work and family, but knows there's still a long way to go. bad news for team usa. the men's basketball team 0-2 ahead of the olympics. it's a historic reality in the pros playing era kevin durant and company lost to australia in an exhibition game in vegas the americans were leading at halftime, but the aussies clawed their way back nine years ago, team usa beat the nigerians by 83 points the u.s. has had half of their losses in the span of 48 hours not quite panic time, the
12:54 am
three-timed defending gold medallists are playing against argentina. the big mystery revealed cnbc has named virginia america's top state for business in 2021. that state beat out runners-up north carolina, utah, texas, and tennessee. virginia also won the top state the last time cnbc did this study two years ago. since the pandemic, a lot of requirements for be being the top state have changed drastically, yet virginia wins again. scott kone is in norfolk to explain it all what sent virginia to the top of the list >> reporter: virginia has been called the cradle of presidents because so many presidents were born here, but it is also the cradle of talent the state is the number two state for education where we measure the states across ten categories of competitiveness,
12:55 am
close behind massachusetts, also number three for workforce they're having a hard time attracting work ers to the state because of the high costs. but still a very smart, educated workforce. this state has done well on a category that we have re-imagined during the post social reckoning time. the state has, in the last just couple of years, has protected lgbt lgbtq rights and expanded voter rights >> two years ago, ralph northam was facing calls to resign >> reporter: he said at the time he was not going to resign but devote the remainder of his time to increasing equity in the state. a lot of folks were skeptical at
12:56 am
the time his message today was that the ranking today proves that good business and inclusiveness are not mutually exclusive >> when you do the right thing for people, it's not only right for them but good for business a lot of good things are happening with virginia with equity we're an inclusive state and open for business. >> reporter: northam is not up for reelection this year you can't be reelected in virginia the republican nominee says he's doing poorly costing ter arm blington named the fitt city in the nation nearly 86% of people in arlington reported exercising in the past month, rounding out the
12:57 am
top five, seattle and mad sison wisconsin. what happens when you dump your goldfish in a lake? sometimes they become massive. take these four-pound goldfish in a minnesota lake. some take two hands just to hold these were caught outside minneapolis. please don't release your goldfish because they grow bigger than you think. it's illegal to release them in that state they uproot plants causing poor water quality. they call for finding responsible friends to care for them president biden making a fiery call to action to protest voting rights and protect them in a speech today, he called on congress to pass legislation to
12:58 am
fight back against restrictions in gop-controlled stating. new covid cases are up 50% more and more counties with low vaccination rates are seeing a surge of infection putting people at unnecessary risk of hospitalization and death. and wildfires raging in the west one of the fires forcing evacuations in oregon and threatening california's power grid and now you know the news of this tuesday, july 13th, 2021. i'm shepard smith. follow us on instagram and twitter. (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪
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