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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  July 12, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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free or die. it's live like a moron and get covid like a moron do not confuse them. i like to say there's always a bull market and i promise to find it just for you right here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow "the news with shepard smith" starts nowin america and there e covid is surging again i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc to the j&j shot. vaccine hesitancy grows and delta cases rise. >> the good news about the vaccines is that they protect against severe disease and in particular from delta. president biden meets with local law enforcement after another bloody weekend. >> we have to come together fulfill the first responsibility of the democracy, to keep each
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other safe. >> his plan to fight crime and a wave of violence. a doctor arrested in florida accused of being one of the master minds of the assassination of haiti's president. how authorities say he pulled it off. the billionaire space race has a winner. >> a complete experience of a lifetime. >> what you missed from the interrupted live feed and what's next for commercial space travel rare mass protests in cuba. texas democratic lawmakers flee the state. extreme heat fueling a wildfire explosion >> announcer: live from cnbc the facts, the truth, "the news with shepard smith. good evening another setback for america's vaccination effort the fda warning today the johnson & johnson vaccine is linked to a serious but rare autoimmune disease the cdc reports about 100 cases have been reported out of the
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nearly 13 million j&j shots administered this couldn't come at a worst time for america the white house has been pushing to convince more people to get vaccinated as the highly contagious delta variant continues to spread. the country seeing on average nearly 20,000 new cases a day. that's up more than 70% over the past three weeks according to johns hopkins. the surge comes as pfizer officials held a meeting today with the fda and the cdc to discuss the need for a third dose of its vaccine. but other countries are not waiting. today israel started giving out pfizer's booster shot to adults with weak immune systems cnbc's senior health and science correspondent meg tirrell now. first, on the j&j set back, what do we know >> yeah, so it's a disorder called guion better asyndrome. it can dawes muscle weakness or
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paralysis. the fda saying tonight it's updated fact sheets for the j&j vaccine note there may be an increased risk though they haven't definitively established that it causes the disorder. also rare cases in the europe with the astrazeneca vaccine which uses a similar technology. of the 100 reports the fda said 95 were serious and required hospital zblapgs and there was one reported death the cdc saying most of the cases were reported two weeks after vaccination, mostly in males and many aged 50 and older and though the rate is very low, less than 1 in 100,000, the fda says risks to watch out are weakness or tingling in the legs and arms, difficulty walking or facial movements both agencies say there is no suggestion of a link with the moderna and pfizer vaccines which have been given to many more people. more than 146 million in the
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u.s. compared with 12.8 for the johnson & johnson. use of all three has been in decline since mid-april. some experts worry a mention of a risk like this could discourage people on the fence from getting vaccinated. polling data from kaiser family foundation show half of people not vaccinated cite worries about side effects as a reason why. the fda and cdc emphasizing most people fully recover from this tis order and say the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks. >> pfizer is making its case today on the need for boosters any clarity on that? >> yeah, we heard from the company, actually, minutes ago saying it had a, quote, productive meeting with the u.s. public health officials on the research program and preliminary booster dairt from clinical trials saying they share a sense of urgency in staying ahead of the virus and scientific data will dictate next steps after last week when the fda and cdc made it pretty clear they don't
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want americans planning on boosters anytime soon, trying to keep the focus on as many people as possible getting their first shots. other countries already moving ahead. we heard from france today that people who got vaccines in january and february will be offered boosters in the fall something the u.k. said it's considering as well. this is not sitting well with officials at the world health organization who said some countries haven't been able to protect health care workers yet with first doses >> we need to decide what our priority is and what part is a global crisis are we not getting. this is still a global crisis and it is a time to protect those who are most vulnerable in our society. >> the w.h.o. also saying the data don't yet support the need for poobooster shots. >> thank you. nevada is fueling the impact or feeling the impact of delta now. that's according to recent data from the health department the state reported an average of more than 500 covid
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hospitalizations up nearly 80% over the past two weeks. nbc's steve patterson is live in las vegas for us what are health officials doing to curb this spread? >> reporter: it's to the point where health officials are practically begging people to get vaccinated the delta variant here is pushing nearly every metric from case count to positive rate to, as you mentioned, hospitalization, which are at a point that we have not even since mid-february but the part that is so enraging for these health officials is that they say it doesn't have to be this way if more people would just get vaccinated. yet the state vaccination rate at 39% b but you could find communities near the strip that are less than 25% we visited some of these communities, went to a vaccination drive at a nearby apartment complex. i found some young women who say they wanted to wait to get the vaccine. i asked why. here's what happened next. what took you guys so long
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hrjts earp indecisive. >> yeah, a little scared. >> wanted to see what would happen. >> reporter: they say they are not happy that they got the vaccine. what happens next is fema is in touch with the nevada government we should see federal surge teams on the ground here in a matter of days very reminiscent of the height of the pandemic. >> steve patterson on another hot day it vegas. tokyo under its fourth state of emergency as the olympic games kick off in less than two weeks. health officials there reporting a rise in covid cases. tokyo seeing an average of nearly 800 new cases each day. up nearly 90% over the past three weeks. actually more than 90% the state of emergency announced for the duration of the olympic games. the measures set to force restaurants and bars to close early and stop serving alcohol entirely the strict rules come a week after organizers banned fans at nearly all olympic venues.
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violence in america. president biden meeting with police chiefs and mayors at the white house as he tries to combat the surge of violent crime that is sweeping the nation the president is urging hard-hit communities to use covid relief money to help local law enforcement efforts. the meetings come after another bloody weekend in major american cities chicago plechb people killed in boston ten shot, but all are expected to survive. a recent abc news "washington post" poll found nearly half of the country, 48%, disapprove of president biden's handling of crime. so the gop is pouncing crime is shaping up to be a major campaign issue and political cudgel for republicans as they try tyke back congress in the upcoming midterms afrmt the cpac conference the crime wave was one of former president trump's main talking points here is senior white house reporter
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shannon pettypiece. >> reporter: today at the meeting with mayors and local police officials president biden urged them to use the $350 billion in state funding in the covid relief bill passed march to hire more police officers and fund public safety programs among the initiatives that biden said he'd like to see more resources go towards arer those to stem the flow of illegal guns, expand summer programs and help formerly incarcerated people re-enter the work force his call for additional police hiring is a message that runs counter to the push by some democrats to cut police funding following the killing of george floyd. and among those at the white house today was the newly minted new york city democratic mayoral nominee eric adams, a former police captain who ran against call city fund the police. he said he told the president he supports adding more police if needed, but said systematic issues are needed to be addressed as well. >> it doesn't matter how many police officers you put on the
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streets. we can't continue to respond to symptoms it's time to respond to the underlying causes of violence in our city. >> reporter: all this comes amid a backdrop of republicans looking to seize on crime as an issue to help them retake the house and the senate in 2022 something that white house officials say they are well aware of and looking to counter. shep. >> shan, thanks. we will be dedicating time covering this issue in depth joining us next week for violence in america, daily reporting from across the country and with insight are from top and local officials next week on the news on cnbc. in denver a hotel worker has stopped what police originally said they feared could have been another las vegas-style shooting cops say they arrested four people after a housekeeper reported finding an arsenal of weapons inside a hotel room. at least 12 guns, body armor and ammunition
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police say one of the suspects had requested a room with a balcony overlooking ang alley. the hotel just one block from coors field where thousands of fans are set to gather for the all-star game tomorrow night but the fbi and local leaders say there is no reason to believe that there was any threat directed at that game and they are reassuring fans the event is safe and secure police say they have not found any plot to carry out a mass shooting at all. the men face weapons and drug charges. a judge set their bail for 50 to $75,000. thousands of people taking to the streets, rare protests in cuba over a lack of freedom, vaccines, food, and a struggling economy. now the government is cracking down more fallout after the assassination in haiti another suspect arrested in florida. how authorities say he had planned to install himself as the haitian president.
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carbon capture and even nuclear fusion. we may not know just what lies ahead, but it's only human... to search for it. president biden today calling the protests in cuba remarkable and unprecedented. >> the united states stands firmly with the people of cuba as they assert their universal rights and we call on the government, the government of cuba, to refrain from violence, attempts to silence the voice of the people of cuba nvlgts a news conference the cuban president blamed america for the country's suffering saying the u.s. trade embargo is suffocating their economy. in a rare show of public defiance thousands of coons flooded the streets demanding an end to a decades long dictatorship and protesting the lack of food and covid vaccines.
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freedom. cuba is in the worst economic crisis since the 1990s and covid is ravaging the country. health authorities reporting almost 245,000 total cases on an island of just more than 11 million people in solidarity people in miami's little havana took to the streets today gathering in front of cafe versailles an iconic cuban-american hangout and carrying a banner that said "homeland and life" in spanish the name of his song that has become a rallying cry for cubans nbc's ed augustine is in havana. have you seen -- what have you seen the last 48 hours >> reporter: i have been living in cuba for eight years and i have never seen scenes like this yesterday in havana i saw thousands of people protesting the government, chanting things
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like down with communism, freedom and patria evita, homeland and freedom there were violent crashes between protesters and police. i saw protesters throwing paving slabs and bottles at police, smashing windows, overturning police cars. in turn, i saw police using pepper spray and batons to beat back and repress protesters. later in the day people supporting the government came out, thousands of them, together with the police and the army, which at that point had been deployed they managed to quell the protests and from their point of view reclaim the streets an extraordinary day that i will never forget today here the internet has been out cut. there is a tense calm that descended over the capitol the police are out in force and there h there have been state organized shows of force so policemen and teachers and
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other people employed by the state, very difficult to know whether they want to be there or not, turning up in the thousands supporting the government at very clearly state organized demonstrations. >> we have seen demonstrations before nothing this big, certainly, in decades. but usually the day after there is a huge lockdown what are we expecting tomorrow >> reporter: i think it's very difficult to tell. i am talking to you from a country where the internet has been cut for more most people. things are fluid there were huge protests yesterday at least in havana th i suspect that authorities are rounding up people who demonstrated specifically and also those who used violence yesterday at the -- sorry, who were violent during the protests and they will try to take the wind out of the sails. what the coming days will bring my guess is as good as anyone else's on the island
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we are in unchartered territory. >> ed, thank you. police in haiti say a doctor based in florida was one of the master minds behind the assassination of haiti's president. haitian investigators claim this man, hired a team of mercenaries who allegedly gunned down the president of his home last wednesday in the middle of the night. haitian officials say he wanted to seize power and become president himself. a college professor who met the doctor told "the new york times" he claimed to be on a mission from god, but his arrest is raising some major questions the "miami herald" newspaper reports it's unclear exactly how the doctor could have afforded to pay for all of those mercenaries, many of them ex-soldiers from colombia who say they were being paid $3,000 a month. a team of u.s. investoigators is on the ground in haiti to help with the investigation the white house says the american delegation briefed president biden today after meeting with leaders of haiti.
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in india officials say 38 people have been killed by lightning in the last 24 hours across two states. 11 of those were tourists. some struck while taking selfies near a watch tower, according to police these are their shoes marking where they were standing when it happened 18 of them struck and killed were in a northern state that borders nepal, according to government officials, mostly farm laborers working to neelds. the prime minister, narendra mody, promised financial compensation for the victims' families the meteorological department predicts more storms are coming. flash flooding the next few days as the southwest monsoon sweeps the country. once again, a group of investors is trying to beat the system they say that they have a new, some might say, precious weapon of choice. and italy secures a victory against england in the european
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♪ xfinity is here to inspire your biggest dreams ♪ celebrations underway in italy after the national soccer team won the european championship the team drove through rome, greeted by thousands of adoring fans some people waited for hours just to get a glimpse of their heroes holding that trophy last night italy won the
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tournament, beating england in a dramatic penalty shootout at wembley stadium in london. the victory extends england's misery in failing to win a tournament in five decades the heartache on the front pages, daily mail, it all ends in tears daily express, it hurts, but we are so proud of you. not everyone's being supportive. three black english players are facing racist abuse after missing their penalty kicks. in rome, here is nbc's molly hunter. >> reporter: across the entire country they are still celebrating. italians partied into the night and the focus is on the players, on the game, on their big win, of course. and back in england the picture couldn't be different. it's not just the heartbreak of missing out after 55 years it is this ugly racist side that reared its head. three young black players missed their penalty kicks.
7:23 pm
all really talented guys on england's national team. seven out of england's 11 starters against italy have apparent or a grandparent born overseas they were able to unite the country. it wasn't just racist tropes insults really awful nasty language online. it was also offline. marcus rashford, one of the players, a mural was defaced with offensive language. the community covered it up. the nation has been swift from the mayor of london to the prime minister boris johnson denouncek the racism he tweeted this england team deserved to be lauded as heroes, not racially abused on social media. prince william who was in the said he was sickened adding it must stopped now now, racism in football it's not new. those watching closely say with what they have seen in the last 24 hours has reached a new low shep. >> thank you. the united nations high
7:24 pm
commissioner for human rights presenting a report today on racism specifically systematic racism and human rights violations against african americans and people of african descent around the world. >> behind today'sisticic racism acknowledgment of the responsibility of states and others that engage in or profited from enslavement. the transatlantic slafrs and those who continue to profit from this he legacy, individuals were deprived of lives, livelihood. >> resources and rights and this still continues. >> the council called for this report a year ago followed the death of george floyd tcht focuses on the number of black people killed at the hands of law enforcement. they received information on 190 deaths 98% occurred in europe, latin america, and north america commissioner also presented a series of recommendations to
7:25 pm
address existing problems. they include guaranteeing the right of freedom of expression and peaceful assembly during any racism protest, acknowledging systemic racism and holding law enforcement officials accountable. the cost of your morning cup of joe is going up, but this time inflation is not to blame. the troop withdrawal continues in afghanistan we'll hear from the top commander as he leaves his post for the last time. and as republican-backed voting bills move through the statehouse in texas, state democrats are on the move, literally, and it could mean facing arrest. that's next as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on cnbc. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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backing technologies like electric vehicle charging, carbon capture and even nuclear fusion. we may not know just what lies ahead, but it's only human... to search for it. remember gamestop? the stock went skyrocketing in january after some investors on reddit tried to teach wall street a lesson. reddit has a new target now. silver they call themselves silverbacks or stackers, physically stacking up silver bars or coins to flaunt the social media site and, they say, it's an all-insurance policy against inflation. cnbc's christina with us now. >> they actually have a few other names like silver apes
7:28 pm
123,000 plus members encourage each other to by bars and coins of silver as a hedge against inflation. one website even markets t-shirts that say cash is trash, silver is moan "game of thrones still t-shirt. it's roughly $26.34 an ounce today, but many want to see that price soar some say to a thousand bucks online traders and reddit groups argue there are more digital trades for silver than actual real bars of silver in vaults. in other words, if demand for silver increased, supply would run short and the price would surge. but the squeeze though on silver differs from the squeeze on companies like gamestop. there is a lot of silver out there and not a lot of short sellers to attack. >> if you think of the history of silver, humanity has been mining this sufficietuff since discovered picks and shovels
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a little light gold, it doesn't get thrown away. >> many online retail investors believe currencies are vulnerable, especially in the future and could lose their value. and so that's why physical investments like bars of silver are the way to go according to them they even helped push up the price of silver in january to a five-month high. and according to the silver institute, the demand for bars like this one that i have on the your screen now are expected to soar to 26% of total demand for silver up from 8% last year alone. one member of a group called silver apes said he believes the market is manipulated by certain banks and that's why he is holding on to this stuff for a little bit longer. >> christina, thanks. tesla's ceo testifying in court today. that's what is topping cnbc's "on the money. elon musk defending in a delaware courtroom tesla's acquisition of
7:30 pm
solarcity, the electric vehicle shareholderers to recover $2.6 billion that they paid for the solar panel maker. musk says there was no financial gain because it was a stock for stock transition if musk loses he could have to pay more than $2 billion. your morning cup of coffee is getting more expensive. the reason brazil is facing a debilitating drought. the country produces one-third of the world's coffee. now the total harvest is expected to drop by the most year over-year since 2003. for context, the going way of arabica beans was $170 last week, up almost 60% from last summer. the move blac"black widow" e in $80 million at the box office, the most of any film release inside its wake of the pandemic the marvel film a big hit on disney plus which took in another 60 million in sales.
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global le, bl"black widow" brouh in over $2 million over the weekend. on wall street the dow up 126. the s&p up 15. the nasdaq up 31 i'm shepard smith. on cnbc, it's the bottom of the hour time for the top of the news >> an explosion of wildfires across multiple states in the west weeks of extreme heat and drought fueling. a symbolic end to america's longest war. and democratic lawmakers fleeing the state of texas and risking arrest they say they are boycotting gop efforts to pass sweeping voting laws during a special session of the legislature. democratic state lawmaker trey martinez fischer posting this photo of himself and others and his colleagues on a flight to the nation's capital it's one of two charter jets
7:32 pm
carrying 50 democrats. martinez fischer also asked volunteers and voters to help fund their hotel rooms and flights with donations by leaving the state, they are breaking the quorum in the legislature and they could face arrest the republican governor there, greg abbott, slammed the move in that statement saying texas democrats' decision to break a quorum of the texas legislature and abandon the texas state capitol inflicts harm on the very texans who elected them to seven. at the end of me democratic lawmakers through national attention when they staged a w walkout on this very same bill priscilla, you spoke with one of these democrat lawmakers earlier. what did you hear? >> those lawmakers are expected in washington, d.c., within the next hour where we are going to hear from them for the first time since they made that dramatic escape. but i did speak with jasmine crockett on her way to the airport. she tells me that the democratic
7:33 pm
delegation plans to spend the entire three weeks remaining in the special session in washington, d.c., with a focus on lobbying senators there about the need to pass federal voting legislation with the specific emphasis on senator joe manchin and kyrsten sinema even if that means abolishing the filibuster to get that legislation passed, take a listen to what she said about what they are hoping to accomplish in washington >> the goal is to apply more pressure this time we move the needle last time and it wasn't the entire delegation. we should have the majority of the delegation there in d.c. with us, so the goal is going to be to say, listen, we have done everything that we could >> reporter: now, as for what happens here in texas, tomorrow the house is still expected to gavel in at which point the republican speaker of the house could decide to send law enforcement after those missing lawmakers, but, of course, that
7:34 pm
law enforcement will only have jurisdiction here in texas as long as they remain in washington, d.c., it's unclear if republicans here will be able to do anything about it. shep. >> priscilla, thank you. major league baseball's all-star game set for tomorrow in denver. it was originally set for georgia, but after republicans in the state legislature there passed a new restrictive voting bill mlb pulled the game in protest. noah pransky spoke to leaders from both parties in that state about what happened and how they say the move hurt georgians. >> reporter: the braves not being able to host the all-star game this year, how did that emotionally feel >> it was a really big disappointment they said it is a whole bunch of things it didn't do. once you hitthat national narrative, it was like out of, you know, control freight train and couldn't stop it >> reporter: breath has a thing about setting the record straight
7:35 pm
>> president trump did not carry the state of georgia what he said was not factually correct. >> reporter: but the georgia republican is pushing back against democrats this time in a claim his state's new election law will suppress roets. the out rage in march led to major league baseball's baseball relocation from georgia to colorado. >> deciding that there will be no absentee ballots under the most rigid circumstances, this is gigantic. >> there is an example of people not checking out and reading the bill and they listen to the national media that was telling people one thing, but that's not exactly what the bill is all about. >> reporter: he says in some ways the peach state is more progressive on voting than some liberal counterparts. >> you can vote absentee, early, 19 days in some counties, 17 minimum everywhere else and ev election day, three opportunities to vette. >> reporter: he contends it's minor and suppression are
7:36 pm
overblown. he is also not alone "the new york times" nate cohen wrote restricting how people can vote rather than who can vote unlikely to change turnout much and could backfire on republicans make democrats more v motivated to show up and vote. you will not find a ton of support here in cobb county. they went for joe biden by 14 points last november many feel like collateral damage. >> it's obvious. georgia passed a law cobb county paid for it. >> reporter: commissioner jair can richardson you don't like that law that was passed >> i do not. >> reporter: but you don't like how mlb reacted? >> i don't very disappointing very unfortunate we saw that game as an opportunity. >> reporter: not just an economic one one for the commission's new democratic majority to showcase cobb county's growing diversity and advance their progressive political shift.
7:37 pm
instead richardson's concerned the relocation could do the opposite do you think their decision is going to pay any dividends on the voting rights front? >> absolutely not. if anything, it hardened everyone's positions it further seeds the division as opposed to bringing people together >> reporter: georgia republicans haven't blinked since mlb announced the decision on april 5th. in fact, other gop-led states have followed their lead. >> it's not like we are over anything at this point there is still disinformation taking place and i think this is a serious issue we are going to have to deal with as a country. >> reporter: will the braves get another all-star game? >> i am sure they will. >> it's a missed opportunity there will be another one. >> noah pransky from atlanta. america's top kpander in afghanistan stepping down. at a ceremony in kabul, general miller handed off his command to another general who will be based in florida, not afghanistan.
7:38 pm
the new commander to be able to launch airstrikes to help the afghan military as taliban forces make huge gains nbc's courtney kube is in kabul and spoke to general miller on his way out. >> reporter: that's right. we caught up with general miller as he was getting ready to leave the country for the last time. he was the commanding general here for nearly three years, longer than any other u.s. military leader during this nearly two decades of war here in afghanistan and we asked him what it was like to be leaving here for the last time. >> well, it's a little bit different to be leaving for the last time certainly. just rprocess over time. >> reporter: at the ceremony in kabul, general miller handed over control and authority for u.s. forces afghanistan to the commander of u.s. central command general mckenzie he already had had authority for the u.s. forces in the region, but now he will have the authority to do things like call in airstrikes against the taliban if necessary
7:39 pm
but it's important to point out that that authority, the ability for the u.s. to continue to conduct airstrikes against the taliban, is most likely going to end when the military mission here officially ends on august 31st most of the u.s. troops, most of the equipment are already out today though. >> courtney, thank you. weeks after the building collapsed in south florida the search for remains continues but now multiple factors making the process a lot more difficult for families to find closure. more manties have died in the past six months than any other year in florida's past and in most cases, the grim cos linked to one thing. cting... -twins! ♪♪ we'd be closer to the twins. change in plans. at fidelity, a change in plans is always part of the plan. ♪ ♪
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the mayor of miami-dade county says crews recovered four more victims from the surfside building collapse bringing the death toll now to 94 22 people presumed unaccounted
7:42 pm
for 2 1/2 after that 12-story condo building fell. the mayor saying it's getting harder to identify the victims. >> i want to stress that the police and the medical examiner teams are continuing their around-the-clockwork to identify victims. however, the process of making identifications has become more difficult as time goes on, and the recovery at this point is yielding human remains >> crews are also facing severe storms with flash flood warnings throughout the day and that, of course, is complicating the search efforts nbc's vaughn hilliard has the latest on the search from surfside. >> reporter: this recovery effort was hampered in surfside over the course of several hours today as strong rains and wind and significant lightning descended on to surfside here halting these recovery efforts the mayor of surfside saying they, throughout most of the building now, they are now near that garage level, suggesting that most of the rubble from
7:43 pm
that collapse, from that structure have been removed to a secure location not only where they are going through the rubble to gain further evidence of what may have brought down the building and working through the items, hoping to return those possessions to surviving loved ones we should note over the course of the weekend the mayor of miami-dade county presenting keys to the county in an honorary way to the commander of israel israeli forces who left town sunday. 12 soldiers who have been here for two weeks helping in this recovery effort. but every day we are continuing to get the names and faces and stories of more loved ones who lost their lives, including here this weekend edgar gonzalez, a father of two girls. one of those girls, 16 years old, devon, she remains in a surfside hospital here along with her mother angela both of them survived the collapse they went from their ninth floor unit, descended to rubble on the fifth floor.
7:44 pm
they are still surviving, but their father, edgar, confirmed deceased here this weekend this is the type of story that so many here across the greater miami area continue to grapple with through the recovery process. >> thank you. searing heat fueling california's largest wildfire of the year now the beck worth complex fire started really as 2-2 separate fires ignited by lightning the combined fire is raging on the border with nevada this was a ranch in the town of doyle. you can see some livestock amid the smoke. the fire exploded by 20,000 acres yesterday. firefighters in 100 degree temps were able to gain some ground. it's now 23% contained the fire destroyed 20 homes in doyle, according to the fire district there. in oregon the bootleg fire doubling in size in the past couple of days, according to firefighters t growing for the sixth day in a row, burning
7:45 pm
across the power lines and threatening to disrupt a major power grid between oregon and california it's still zero percent contained. hellish temperatures in the west are complicating matters. las vegas at an all-time high of 117 yesterday. and in death valley the national weather service recorded 130 degrees on saturday. if verified, that would be one of the highest temperatures ever recorded anywhere on earth florida manatee deaths are breaking a grim record manatees died in the first half of this year than in any full year in florida's recorded history. 841 deaths so far for 2021 that's according to the florida fish and wildlife commission it breaks the record set back in 2013, 830 deaths for that entire year fish and wildlife reports more of the map tease are dying of starvation manatees eat seagrass and majority of the seagrass has
7:46 pm
died off in the lagoons where they migrate during colder months, leaving them with nothing to eat manatees were considered an endangered species for 50 years. in 2017 officials reclassified them as threatened. every year cnbc rates all 50 states for our study, america's top states for business. but as the economy roars back to life from the pandemic there is a whole new list of factors going into the decision. working from home makes having good broadband a must. health care access now an even bigger priority and how inclusive each state is also a concern for many work he is and families rating the states when a lot of the rules have changed >> reporter: while you were quarantining - >> apple's investment in north carolina -- >> reporter: the states were still battling. >> many of us in the economic development world are overseeing the best times ever. >> reporter: but a year of pandemic and social reckoning
7:47 pm
has transformed the battlefield. >> thinking about economic development in a new way. >> reporter: states are recalibrating and some business owners are rethinking. >> had i realized then that i had a transgender child, we would not have moved to texas. >> reporter: even as many jobs go remote working from anywhere, experts say location matters maybe more than ever. >> we are seeing employers move to where people want to live. >> reporter: they are asking new questions about inclusiveness, about infrastructure and about health care. and the states are responding. >> a business is never going to choose a state to relocate or to expand in just based on subsidies that the government is providing. they are going to want to make sure that the work force there, that their supply chain is there. >> hopefully, we won't have to endure another pandemic or another disaster, but we may right? we may
7:48 pm
and what will happen if and when we do? we are going to be better because of this experience. >> reporter: tonight after nearly six months of crunching the numbers, we have made our bay to america's top state for business america's top state for business will be revealed on cnbc tomorrow you can also see where your state stacks up at top states which they once you find out where i am, it's going to make a lot of sense this state has put a lot of the factors together to compete. not every factor, but no state is perfect it will give us a sense where things are in this new competitive landscape. >> scott, live somewhere tonight. did you catch richard branson pulling ahead in the space race that's not all technically, the video feed was a mess we have the video and sound of what was happening when that feed crapped out and details of branson's major announcement.
7:49 pm
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>> the virgin galactic founder richard branson as he and five others briefly achieved weightlessness yesterday aboard virgin galactic's unity 22 with that branson won the billionaire space race, at least for now, but everyone back on
7:52 pm
earth missed that seminal moment in private spaceflight because the live stream of the launch malfunctioned. viewers were late to the party it didn't show the actual takeoff. also the mid-flight announcement of a new global sweepstakes so win two tickets on a future flight the company did release some of that footage afterwards as you just saw despite the technical glitches on the live stream, branson's flight has some big potential impact only the push for commercial travel to the stars with what it means for the next phase of space race, here's cnbc's morgan brennan. >> reporter: a journey 17 years in the making. the unity 22 mission represented a major milestone in commercial sp spaceflight. for virgin galactic it's only the beginning. >> this is the moment we become a consumer company built on the heart of the world-class aerospace organization. >> reporter: with this mission, which hosted 500 people here at spaceport america, virgin
7:53 pm
galactic moves closer to officially becoming the world's first commercial space line. it's a reality setting in for yannick silver, who bought his six-figure ticket in the mid 2000s. >> going up and greeted by your friends and family. >> reporter: and for new mexico it's a potential boon after the state spent an eye-popping and controversial $250 million to make the world's first purpose built commercial spaceport a deal struck with branson back in 2005. >> make no mistake today is in that top three economic platforms and just the tourism, that by itself will be in billions. >> reporter: 600 people currently hold tickets to ride on virgin galactic's somepace plain, purchased for 200 to 250/50 thousand dollars apiece sales are now poised to restart later this summer. >> we have planned to open up sales following the second of these test flights where we test
7:54 pm
the private astronaut experience. >> reporter: unity looked pristine despite connection issues to branson who was trying to speak to spectators on earth. spe that next flight could take place in coming weeks. then a trip for the italian air force and if all goes according to plan commercial service starting next year. >> for the first few years it's going to be expensive because we have a lot of bills to pay and there are a lot of people out there willing to pay it. but in the years to come as we get more and more spaceships, the price will come down. >> reporter: ubs predicts space tourism could generate $4 billion in revenue in 2030. virgin galactic aims to grow to hundreds of flights per year it went be alone as blue origins looks to launch its service as well starting with a trip next week that will include that company's founder, jeff bezos.
7:55 pm
shep. >> morgan, thanks. nicole stott now retired nasa astronaut and iss and shu shuttle crew member worked in space for more than 100 days how big of an impact could branson's trip have on the commercial space race? >> well, i think it's already having an impact people are paying attention. i think it's going to be huge. we are on that cusp, right going over the edge just like they did yesterday, and i think it's just going to accelerate from here. very excited for the people that are going to have the opportunity to take this ride. >> sure. you have heard the critics who say this wasn't space, it was suborbital what do you say to them? >> you know, i think we have better things to argue about, right? and nasa, you know, nasa calls 50 miles space let them have it, man. look at it wouldn't you want to be there, too? >> yeah. you know firsthand the effort and training needed to mike it
7:56 pm
to space how big of a risk is a trip like this >> well, these things are risky for sure i think that's why this didn't happen in two years. i remember being there in 2004 -- are where this started for virgin there were those who thought it will be a few years from now before we're flying passengers to space as tourists we have seen that, rocket science is rocket science. takes a little bit longer. we have to pay attention to the lessons that have been learned and move forward that way. i think these companies are trying to do that in the most diligent fashion possible within this kind of realm of risk that exists here. >> is part of this -- do you see a future where people could go up to that level, jet over to london in, say, an hour, hour and a half is that part of all of this? >> i think, you know, i'm not in, you know, in the mix
7:57 pm
directly, but my sense of what somebody or a company like virgin would be looking at is exactly that kind of business model. the extension of virgin atlantic, how do we take people in this way, a really cool fashion from point a to point b in a much quicker way. >> would you go? i mean, if someone bought a seat for you? >> i would go. i would go, absolutely and there is that sweepstakes out there for somebody and their guest. i am very happy that's going to happen for two individuals i would love to put my name in, but we'll let somebody else go. >> a mighty good cause it's an honor. thanks for coming. appreciate it. 60 seconds in a race to the finish the fda warning that the johnson & johnson is linked to a serious but very rare neurological disorder there have been 100 cases
7:58 pm
reported out of nearly 13 million shots according to the cdc. anti-government protests erupting across cuba thousands of demonstrators protesting the lack of food and covid vaccines and worsening economy and demanding an end to the communist dictatorship. and president biden set to give a speech tomorrow on voting rights the white house says mr. biden will make the moral case for protecting american's access to the ballot as republican led states pass voting restrictions laws. now you know the news of this monday, july 12, 2021 i'm shepard smith. following us on -- follow us on instagram and twitter at the news on cnbc and check out the podcast. the news podcast on apple, spotify, your votefari podcast platforms. and stay right there "shark tank" 90 seconds away
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