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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  July 9, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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all right, time now for the final call kick it off, carter. >> buy fastenal. >> one word, luv >> put spreads on. >> love it, at wthas fast, guys. thank you. "mad money" starts right now have my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. i'm just trying to help you make money, call me or tweet me for weeks now, we've been flying
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blind, trading stocks without much of a clue about earnings. mostly taking our cue from the much larger bond market. and today treasury yields soared, and so did stocks. the dow jumping 448 points, basically a redo, a do-over from yesterday's decline. we've emphasized you need to use selloffs as opportunities. not reasons to panic next week, we stop flying blind, sort of. we kick off what feels like an endless earning season now with so many ipos, i say sort of, because earning season kicks off with the major banks all the stocks in the market, they're the ones the most hostage to interest rates. rates go down, banks make less money, they go up, the banks
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make more money. i think some of the bank stocks stole from their upsides today, but we finally saw a break in the decline, and a nice move upward it's too late to save the quarters but i think the banks have a chance to resume the climb that began earlier this year when they thought the fed would raise short rates. which they will eventually with that in mind, what's the game plan for next week? monday, we expect to see what happens with the covid delta strain, as we heard last night, the fda's foolish decision not to approve the vaccines beyond emergency status has kept people from getting their injections.
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and it makes it harder for businesses to insist people get vaccinated i think we'll get more clarity out of china about what is next now that president xi seems eager to keep ramping up the belligerence every sunday night. i think he's just testing president biden. i hope president biden is ready. and tuesday, we have the best consumer and bank reporting on earth. at the moment, look, pepsico, they have to talk about how raw costs keep going up, especially freight. jpmorgan should give us excellent numbers, too, but trading and lending are not as high as they should be i would hold off from buying them before earnings reports
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and with i got to tell you, i w both goldman and jpmorgan went up more than 3% today, this conversation would be a lot easier and the cpi comes out tuesday morning. last time, we got a red-hot cpi, and the market sold off hard investors thought the fed would slam on the brakes, but they were dead wrong. if we get a hot cpi, and we probably will, the inflationistas will try to get you to sell off stocks wells fargo, bank of america, and citigroup will report monday if we hear a good tale, i think
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the stock can break away from the group, maybe even make new highs for the year bank of america, that is different. i'll say this, if you believe the economy will get stronger and interest rates will rise and maybe rapidly, you want to buy the stock of bank of america right here, right now. delta airlines reports, too. i want to know how much damage the delta covid strain is doing to delta and we need to know if travelers are coming back. it's hard to read. are lots of international cancellations occurring? it's always a possibility because of delta and finally, we hear from blackrock. engine number one, the hedge fund that spent $12 million to get three seats on exxon's board of drirectors if they support this going
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forward, it has major implications for all companies and thright now, i think there'a lot of evidence that the inflation is transitory given what has happened in the last eight or nine weeks and the chinese economy has slowed down and they're a huge consumer of commodities. i'm much more worried about what china does to taiwan, in terms of the global economy, it means china will get its hands on the key foundry for much of america's chipmaking i think they can tell us whether microchip prices have peaked i hope one analyst will ask if they're frightened about chinese
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takeover, but earnings calls are not press conferences. and president biden, i didn't hear anything about the health insurers that's good news for united health, it reports on thursday it's still viable. i know it's over 400, but i foolishly sold this about 100 points ago, after making about 100 points i thought i was being a pig, but i was being a fawn and alcoa, looks like many of the cyclicals have peaked. this one is especially important, as the rise in costs has been a major stumbling block. pay attention, friday, we get the first important regional banks, horizon i think the market is red hot, maybe the hottest in the country. we'll also hear from kansas city
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southern, expect to comment on biden's new-found hostility to industry i think the white house is trying to block the deal bottom line, what happens next week will color the entirety of earning season if we get some good ones, we'll be in party mode but negative numbers from the banks and upsetting covid stats could make for a tough earning season especially if we saber rattling from the people's republic of china. tony in north carolina >> caller: thank you for all you're doing >> you're very kind, thank you. >> caller: i wanted to hear your thoughts on the earnings, it's still a young company. i want to hear your thoughts on grow generation. >> it's a stock that we got behind in the teens, then it got to 60, and we aborted ship
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it's got to come back down i like it much more than any of the actual cannabis stories. thank you for the kind words i appreciate the comments. next week, we'll color the entirety of earnings season. i'm not betting on negative bank results, but bad covid numbers could set a somber tone. on "mad money" tonight, how is synaptics taking advantage of the market i'll sit down with the ceo and we'll look at crypto, and i'll sit down with the ceo of lightspeed so stay with cramer. >> don't miss a second of "mad money. follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question?
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i'm sure this isn't something money can't solve? what the fudge? oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! what do we do with all these tech stocks after these great runs that are flirting with new highs? synaptics makes human interfaces, everything from touch screens to fingerprint sensors to high-quality displays they're surged from the 30s to the 150s we recommended them right before the pandemic hit
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since then, it's up an astounding 80% it's a fabulous 5g place, and we'll see more and more connected devices thanks to them but the stock has had a monster move let's kick the tires with the president and ceo of synaptics welcome back to "mad money." >> great to see you, and thanks for having me again. >> of course you're a self-effacing gentleman, and you said you didn't understand why your price earnings multiple was so low, given all the things that happened in the interim, what has happened, you had a very good business that suddenly everybody realizes is a very good business, versus when we talked to each other last. >> yeah. great recollection i think we've done a couple of things that have gotten
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attention. we talked about it last time we got together, the first thing was gross margin improvement we've made monstrous strides in that department. when i took over the company two years ago, they were tagged at below 38%. and had been there for quite some time. and we have made significant strides now, we're in the mid-to-upper 50s big, big move in that department the second thing you alluded to, we've been able to diversify the company, we moved from mobile and into iot so those two things are kind of the big, big moves in our story. >> now, it does seem, when i hear about the semiconductor shortage i don't want to call it low-end versus high-end, but a lot of companies are chasing
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high-performance computing they're not going for full featured semiconductors like you are. how did you know to pivot? as far as i can tell, i want iot, i do want pc. but i want things, more importantly, and you have to explain this word to me, you're hoteling, and i want auto. everybody chased the same market, you got out and went into a better market how did you see that you had to go into things that actually turned out to be perfect, oddly, for the pandemic >> yeah, we made two great acquisitions one was a set of wireless connectivity assets from broabr broadcom, and that worked out super well that's brproven to be a great move and a company called
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displaylink, they're based in the uk they have this really cool technology that enables you to dock your pc to multiple monitors it can be an apple pc, a windows-based pc, and a chromebook, and as people went home, it was a big win now as people go back to the office, now people are going to share their office space, called hoteling and there will be a docking station, and more likely than not, it's a displaylink docking station. we couldn't be more pleased with the way these acquisitions have worked out. >> some people feel like the pc market has slowed. i feel that judging from what has happened in your company, i'm not sure that it made that
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much difference to you you took a lot of the share of what happened with pcs, it's been riding the wave of pcs. >> we have a pretty diversified business, pcs, mobile phones, and more importantly, we're in the internet of things as we talk about our pc business, there are our core touchpad and fingerprint, but also this angle that has to do with the docking station side of the equation the two together have built us a pretty strong, sustainable business one that, if the pc market does downturn, we've got a whole another leg to stand on, which has to do with the docking station business so in aggregate, it's been a great story for us. >> how about security cameras, drones, autos, we should talk about those.
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those are businesses that people forgot to do when they were chasing high-performance computing. >> you got it just right i think it's been a play for us, particularly in the wireless side of our portfolio. i mentioned that wireless asset that we got from broadcom. we positioned it not to go after the mainstream types of products like high-performance computing or really high-speed types of applications, we positioned it to go into things. things like drones, things like automobiles, like games. we've done really well with that business it's outperformed our best expectations and i think it's because we didn't go after what everybody else was chasing we repositioned it to go after an interesting market that has turned out to be a great grower. >> we have to leave it there but as much as i like amd and
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nvidia, you need the mosaic. you have pc, mobile, hoteling, iot, auto, i'm not worried about you if things suddenly switch. michael rosen, president and ceo of synaptics "mad money" is back after the break. coming up, don't make a move until you hear cramer's take on a critical crypto caveat can you cash in and let stability reign? find out, next
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cryptocurrency, but not the risks. the biggest risk to the ecosystem right now, so-called stable coins, like tether. they're supposed to be pegged to something in the real world like the u.s. dollar, and most people think they are lots of people swap between them when they want to do business. te why is this such a significant risk while tether is ostensibly pegged to the dollar, each of the stable coins is backed by tether's reserves, and we don't know what those are, except that they include a ton of commercial paper, short-term loans to companies in unspecified regions. i think they've adopted an
6:25 pm
ill-advised strategy with little transparency in the last months, lots of important institutions and politicians have started to look into the risks of stable coins, especially tether. but not enough is being done to fix what many including some of my chinese sources say is a ticking time bomb. let me catch you up on what has been going on here tether has more than $60 billion in reserve assets, and roughly half of that is commercial paper. but here's the problem i know a lot of people in this market, and nobody in the commercial paper world that i know seems to have ever heard of these guys that's what tim, the former chairman of the commodity futures trading commission, told us last month. a few hours later, the financial
6:26 pm
times said, until last week, we hadn't really heard of them, said a trader at a large bank. it was news to us. remember, these are short-term loans to businesses. but we don't know which businesses so if major players in the industry haven't heard of tether, you have to wonder whose paper they're buying when we reached out to them, they told us they hold special paper from international issuers. which i don't think is that much to go on and none of the paper comes from cryptocurrency exchanges which is good, but not that illuminating whose paper is it? we don't know who the banks are, and we don't know what part of the world the paper is coming from here's why this is important if they're holding commercial
6:27 pm
paper from chinese companies, that's different from if they were, say, canadian companies. a few weeks ago, another one of the stable coins collapsed what matters is, titan went to zero in a matter of minutes. some big-name investors like mark cuban got burned. he's calling for more regulatory oversight, and i hope we get it. here's why we had to go back two weeks ago, the president of the boston fed gave a speech where he highlighted stable coins like tether as a major potential challenge to financial stability. he's not super worried about the crypto ecosystem, but last week,
6:28 pm
fitch spelled out the risks in more detail. if there's a run on tether, they have to sell the reserves to pay off people who want to trade in coins for coldollars. that would have an impact, especially if president xi ordered it and something like tether may not be stable if short-term credit spreads widen significantly, as has occurred in 2020, 2007, 2008. this is in contrast with the way stable coins are marketed to the public and secondly, an open letter was published calling for greater oversight of the crypto ecos ecosystem. pointing out they're ripe for manipulation and outright fraud.
6:29 pm
once the federal government starts shining more of a light on crypto, i have to believe that stable coins will emerge as a bigger focus now, something else has changed in the last month, beyond the fact that tether is getting more attention. in the first five months of the year, the amount of tether in circulation surged to more than 62 billion in the last month, it's pretty much flatlined, actually down very slightly. that may be because crypto has not had a great month. when we reached out to tether, they said demand is down but does demand for tether rise as bitcoin goes up, or does tether drive the price of bitcoin higher obviously, correlation does not
6:30 pm
eq eq equal causation. one more theory, these people worry that tether's paper comes from chinese ississuers, and they're trying to stamp out crypto entirely. i'm not trying to bash crypto. the opposite i think we need some kind of stable coin. but tether is too opaque for me. maybe a usd coin, which is the second largest stable coin, it's far from perfect, but it's a u.s. company, with u.s. bank
6:31 pm
accounts it has some flaws, and just like tether, we don't have much insight into what their investments are. and the company behind the plans to become public, be prepared for more to come tether, at least the powerful people are starting to take notice of what is going on it's too important not to be regulated. we think it's our duty on the show to point out the weaker links so you know. dan in texas dan? >> caller: jim, thanks for taking my call i wanted to play crypto, and i wanted to get into it without
6:32 pm
owning the actual coinage, but buying a business that benefits from it. i bought coin bbase, what do yo think? >> i would like to have the ceo come back on look, it was launched in a strange way. i was trying to get people not to overpay by giving a price, and i said please don't overpay, it went right beyond it, and then it went down. my take is, it's reached the level, and i think we're okay here raymond in california. >> caller: hi, jim been following you for over 15 years, first time calling in. >> okay. >> caller: thank you and your team for the hard work. >> thank you people are so delightful i have to kick back and thank
6:33 pm
people for calling in and following for 15 years how can i help you. >> caller: i had a question about marathon digital holdings, mara with the crypto market, what is your take? >> they're the biggest and best, and sometimes i like to own the picks and shovels. you have a good one. i've looked at marathon digital. time and again, i've said, maybe that's the one other than coinbase that should be able to play this rather than just going and buying the actual crypto i got comfortable with it, but you're right, this is a good one. tether remains cryptic, and it has to be regulated. and i know new york state doesn't let it happen. much more "mad money" ahead, including my exclusive with
6:34 pm
lightspeed how they're helping hospitality players go digital then, i'll tell you why what we're seeing in the market, and it has nothing to do with the alphabet and tonight's edition of the lightning round. so stay with cramer. rush hour will never feel the same. experience, thrilling performance from our entire line of vehicles at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2021 is 300 for $379 a month for 36 months. experience amazing. don't like surprises? [ watch vibrates ] proactive notifications from fidelity keep you tuned in all day long. so when something happens that could affect your portfolio, you can act quickly. that's decision tech, only from fidelity.
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we're always searching for exciting new financial technology plays, and last fall lightspeed posted, and they make
6:38 pm
point of sale, they lived up to their name then the hypergrowth cohort rolled over, it's a very expensive stock. lately, they've made a huge comeback, jumping up to $85. most of the revenue, of the best kind but they've done a lot of acquisitions to boost revenue. could the stock have more room to run and what is the state of their industries they play in? let's check in with the co-founder and ceo, to learn more about the company welcome to "mad money." >> thanks for having me on. >> i don't know if you know, but i'm a lightspeed client, you
6:39 pm
probably do know that. i wanted to say, we did the work, and felt that you were a great alternative to the other people, and your salespeople were very kind but it is a crowded market and many companies wanted our little bar's business. how does lightspeed distinguish itself from square, clover, other companies that are aggressive and wanted our business >> yeah, we've always been that one-stop commerce platform retail, hospitality, and how we differentiate, we've gone beyond the point of sale. lighting up the digital strategies it's more important than ever to be able to go beyond just your physical business. we saw that during covid, delivery is important, e-commerce, all of the different work flows are key to your
6:40 pm
business going forward. >> and you've done a huge number of acquisitions, and a lot of time that gets difficult you say, wait a second, they're fast-growing, but how can they manage all of these different companies? >> i think that this has been a unique opportunity in the market commerce is radically changing we're not going to be doing business in our retail stores and hospitality businesses post-covid now is a great time to bring some of the best players together under the lightspeed banner shopkeep, vend, other well-known names. and also some forward-looking acquisitions with new order and equid. and that's understanding that, you've said it on your show many
6:41 pm
times, if you don't have the supply, you won't be successful. now you have the scale, 140,000 merc merchants, and now we have to make sure the businesses have supply and they've got to have the right digital strategies as well all the pieces are coming together for us to be a one-stop platform for the future of commerce. >> my company came in via upserve, and we were delighted to work with the new lightspeed people and how many other companies have you been able to keep it's a big world, and that's an opportunity for toast to move in, or for square to come in how sticky are these customers >> these customers are well-established, and you're doing significant volume they're doing north of 600k in
6:42 pm
annual revenue, and they want solutions that will meet all of their needs today and into the future they're less likely to churn because they're well-established and they want to make sure they have lots of room to grow. lightspeed has always been an aspirational system, but it's gone from a nice to have, it's become must-have an absolute necessity to have a system like this it's not whether you're going to do the digital piece of the puzzle, it's now you must do it. and you're going to thrive by making sure the businesses you run are well-rounded and resilient, no matter how the economy changes and how consumer tastes evolve. >> and you have good relationships with both stripe and google that's not easy. >> absolutely. >> and they seem to be getting stronger and stronger. with stripe, i don't think people know how powerful it is,
6:43 pm
because it's a private company but i find them to be amazing to a retailer or restauranteur. >> we're, google came to us because we're a representative for physical retail. there's no company that you would come to that's in the new school of cloud players than lightspeed to be able to do what we did with google it's a first of its kind partnership. to be able to show local inventory, that's how we were able to innovate with google and the same with stripe, we're doing a lot of these experiences with stripe for the first time in the market. and so a lot of these big players are noticing that lightspeed is pushing ahead because of its scale and because of the needs of our innovative customers, pushing ahead quicker than others.
6:44 pm
when we ally with big companies, we're able to do remarkable things for the businesses we serve. >> i wish i could demonstrate what they do, but they have a great website, and you can see everything they do, this is a small business gem there are a lot of small businesses, and they can't compete with the big guys without an outfit like lightspeed dax, the founder and ceo of lightspeed, thanks for coming on "mad money." great to meet you. >> thanks so much. point of sale is a great battleground we deal with a lot of companies like square, we've had clover on before it got merged i hope you understand this is a great growing area but you got to do the work because these are expensive stocks "mad money" is back after the break. >> stick around. >> i would stay with cramer. >> the lightning round is coming up next.
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and introducing jelly beans with two times more biotin. it is time time for the lightning round play the sound are you ready? i'm going to start with greg in texas. greg >> caller: hey, jim. i have a question this afternoon regarding -- >> i'm sorry >> caller: at&t? >> i'm not a fan, you should go with t-mobile or verizon let's go to kelly in nevada.
6:49 pm
>> caller: hello. >> hi, how are you >> caller: i'm doing well. i was wondering about atkor? >> i need to see more. matthew in california? >> caller: i hope you're enjoying the summer. the garden looks amazing i hope my portfolio grows just like it. and how about arrival? >> you know which one i like best ford i like tesla, i spoke to ross gerber today on twitter. we both think that tesla is at
6:50 pm
the right level. how about jean in california jean >> caller: hello there, dr. cramer how about cerf >> understand, this is a very -- those of us who have had to deal with someone in our lives that needed a blood transfusion, thi is a very niche business, i'm going to say no. >> caller: thank you so much for the education you share. >> thank you. >> caller: i'm calling today for your thoughts on cemex. >> i like these guys i do a lot of business in mexico i like cemex it's an $8 stock, but this is a
6:51 pm
great play of infrastructure it's also a great play on a country that i think is not nearly -- people say mexico is a failed state, but i'm a believer in mexico. kevin in new york. kevin? >> caller: mr. cramer, how are you? >> i'm good, how are you. >> caller: not too bad i recently bought alc, a little bit over $16 i don't know if i should dump it. >> this is a company that has not had a great record of success. it's a biotech company, a lot of other companies do the same thing that i like a lot more how about josh in colorado josh >> caller: how's it going? >> not bad, how are you. >> caller: pretty good longtime listener, first time ever calling. >> thank you. >> caller: this is really cool
6:52 pm
>> how do i help >> caller: i have a million stocks i could ask you about, but i have one i'm really interested in because i play poker on my phone. zynga? >> i like zynga. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade. coming up, enough with the alphabet soup. whatever pattern the recovery makes on the charts, cramer is focused on helping you grow your portfolio. "mad money" will be right back it's a thirteen-hour flight, that's not a weekend trip.
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it kind of feels like we've been through the whole darn alphabet with the recovery first, we thought it would be an "l," with a flat line where the economy limps along the bottom, right? and maybe for years, because of
6:56 pm
covid. who knew when we could solve it. then it miraculously became a "u" last spring, when congress passed a huge package, and then that "u" turned into a "v. a rapid decline, then followed by an equally rapid recovery only the real optimists believed this could happen, with the vaccines like moderna and pfizer but we need to retire the alphabet there's no letter that describes this trajectory. turns out the economy is more like a check mark. where many businesses are now doing better right here, doing better than they were in 2019. the last full year before the pandemic hit i find this to be marvelous. every day we hear another one of these stories. last year, it was levi's, aided
6:57 pm
by the fact that 35% of americans changed waist sizes during the pandemic. suddenly, millions of people can't fit into their old pants they said some were smaller, some were bigger, by the way when you're stuck at home, you can get away with wearing stretchy casual wear but when you go back to the office, you need to wear real pants, the kinds that actually fit. what else is driving the check mark recovery? how about the businesses that weren't struggling, between all the newly available storefronts, some were able to get bigger that's one of the reasons the malls are doing so well. the so-called "a"-malls are
6:58 pm
actually healthier than they were when the pandemic got rolling. a total anomaly. now think about simon properties and speaking of anomalianomaliee hybrid workplace has given people reasons to get a second home and e-commerce has created a massive amount of warehouse construction online business is booming and it requires a lot of equipment meanwhile, we're building a ton of infrastructure to export oil, gasoline, and other petroleum by-products. the last stimulus contained a big giant tax credit, and this will be the biggest in history
6:59 pm
the steel tariffs have our mills run running flat-out all the changes have created a staggering boom, producing a fabulous check mark economy that almost no one saw coming there's only one thing that can stop it, a big spike in covid infections because people in certain parts of the country don't want to get vaccinated they get mad at me on twitter for saying it's good to get vaccinated the most vulnerable states are also the ones the most hostile to new covid restrictions. so they shouldn't really hurt the economy. the rest of the world has been much slower to embrace the vaccine. if europe and asia get hit, that could hurt us. but unless the delta variant upends the global economy, i think the check mark is here to
7:00 pm
stay that's good news i call that a high quality problem, when people ask you about what kind of recovery, say cramer says check mark i'm jim cramer, see you monday the news with shepard smith starts now sight. i'm scott wapner in for shepherd smith. this is the news on cnbc covid and kids, the new guidance calling for schools to fully reopen and no masks for children who have been vaccinated pfizer promoting a covid booster shot the cdc and fda say not so fast. tonight the debate heating up. president biden's crackdown on big business. >> capitalism without competition isn't capitalism it's exploitation. >> the executive order's impac


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