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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  July 6, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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with pricing, apple buy. >> and nathan? >> via com, sun valley going on, i expect we have a lot of heat about that this summer look at that >> see you back here tomorrow for more "fast." "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now my mission is simple -- to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertai but to educate and teach you so call me at 1-800-743-cnb or tweet me @jimcramer. rather than freaking out at today's market -- >> whoo!
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>> with the dow declining, even the nasdaq went up a little bit, 0.17, i got to teach you how to se use a sell-off >> no, no. >> to do some -- >> buy, buy, buy. >> buying. let's get opportunistic together if you think about it logically you should be drawn to a sale. when macy's throws a sale you love it but when the stock market throws a sale we have a million excuses for not buying maybe the charts turned bad or stocks still too expensive you could have made those same arguments every step of the way as the average marched higher. it's easy to give yourself away. the market was up for seven straight days. let me give you the secret to buying high quality stock, not mean stocks that fizzle after a few days three ways i have learned in 43 years, three ways to approach a sell-off, okay first, you can buy the strongest stocks because they're now battle tested. they fail to go down when so many others got hit when the
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market was ugly at one point you could see the winners. second, you can buy the stocks you like where you have been waiting for a pullback remember how we used to say, geez, if i got a pullback -- it happened third, you can buy the stocks of companies that had good news today but failed to rally because the overall tape was too ugly these are the three ways, okay if you want to write it down that's fine. these are the only three way, though, that's it. i'm just throwing it all -- let me give you eal-life examples that fit into the silos. stocks that triumph are the most fertile, they would have been up if the averages hadn't dragged everything down so let's start with one up, amazon, today amazon effectively won half of a defense contract most assume would go entirely to microsoft $10 billion win, makes a ton of sense for the pentagon because it's based on the cost and quality of amazon web service, best in the industry the house that andy built so the contract makes for a nice present on the day when he takes the reins as ceo
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of course, amazon hasn't exactly pulled back, just made an all new high that's okay. as strong as i've seen it and people like to buy momentum plus this is what i think is important. only up 13% for the year three percentage points behind the s&p 500. you're not buying this thing at an outrageous increase versus the s&p. why is that? well, a lot of people are hung up on the pandemic versus nonpandemic. put it out of your head. it spent the last month and a half roaring high. more on it later when we talk about the biggest winners. very counterintuitive. amazon, the business they took is sticking. once you abandon brick and mortar stores for the web you don't go back. everything else is extraneous. now, the big issue with something like amazon is the people wanted to say, i missed it isn't that the big objection but you could have said that same thing thousands of points ago and would have been dead wrong. don't use it as an excuse.
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i remember when i first bought it for my charity trust and it was trashed viciously -- ripping -- said -- he ripped -- they ripped off the post office even though it was an evenhanded transaction. i was on vacation. real nice place and decided to jump on that 300-point decline to do some buying. then the stock dropped 200 points more the next day i bought more but i can tell you it sincerely wrecked my vacation and my wife hated me for it even though we had to pay surge pricing and was a miserable time in our lives because of this darn -- probably too much information. anyway, that was more than 2,000 points ago i still remember the vacation as miserable but, hey, good for charity. what else works in this category how about apple? this is a high quality company with a pristine balance sheet. look, there's no rocket science to what i'm doing here beatdown and only down a few weeks from its 52-week high it's
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up half as much -- even though it's better than nearly everything in the index, time and again own apple, don't trade it more than ever it's been right analyst said it's done better ahead of a new launch. it shows you apple's potential if the market hadn't gotten hit. you buy strength in this tape. it bothers me tremendously that at 120, 119, 118 people came on our air and said i. it's not worth buying no catalyst. i would like to expose those people and defrock them. they are charlatans. there, i said it all right, did someone say, i think he called me a charlatan good i should mention some of the ransomware stories because of this weekend more tiber theft. they do tend to trade down three or four days later, better buys than when cybertheft is not top of mind so they do not get included in the stocks that rally when so many others fell what about the second group. terrific stocks, waiting for a pullback
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what does it describe? oil, went to 76. pulling back 74 later in the day, soon, though, despite today's decline here's what you'll hear. the drumbeat for 100 we do have much more demand than supply so it can happen you need oil companies that got a disciplined management and allows you to profit from higher prices and need debit which was down 5%. i love it. even it's one of the year's best performers rare chance to buy one on a roll you can't say, oh, no. devon is down, here it is. finally group three, the stocks in the positive catalyst like analyst recommendations and would have been up huge on any other day, oh, textbook. american express this point goldman sachs recommended it until buyers realized there was no need to change because amex-w would get dragged done
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gol goldman sachs or the rest or aditi asides from being the same etfs we know that because we had them on the show, remember when its ceo steve spoke to us in brooklyn he said business is extraordinarily strong just small or medium size enterprises. imagine what happens when international travel comes back. instead it barely budged in a bunch of financial etfs that got dragged down as they were hammered by the fiasco. think of stocks as textbook examples of what you can buy on a down day the crucial part i left out, you can't buy them all alt once. when i bought amazon stock after trump bashed it then he did the same thing again the next day i was fine because i left room to buy more at lower levels. it's not because i'm clairvoyant, i didn't know amazon would get hit again, i left room because i know i'm only human the people in my twitter mentions column think i'm more
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than that but i'm not. when people buy stocks we almost never nail the timing. when you buy a stock at the exact bottom i'm calling that a miracle. much more often you end up buying it too early or too late so you have to leave room, that way if the stock goes down, you won't panic and sell instead, you can just take the pain in stride and buy more of a good company at a lower level. the bottom line, remember the three types of stocks to buy on down days. the ones that rally anyway the ones where you're finally getting a long awaited pullback and one that is got recommended but failed to rally because of the bad pick do all three just so long as you approach the sell-off, not as a reason to panic, but as an opportunity i need to go to bob in new york, bob. >> caller: yes, hi, booya, jim i purchased a position three or four months ago before the transition company brought it
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over to the new york stock exchange nothing but a dog ever since and heard things about it. just signed with microsoft and with michigan's fed box i believe, a bet and the stock doesn't move. >> bob, you're right but i'll tell you down here at 11 we're doing a piece about it this evening i think pay safe is worth it bill foley, we trust bill foley. he is the chairman and founder it's an inexpensive stock. it was very expensive and inexpensive in 2024. i'm gaining down 25%, call me a buyer. pay safe i want you to recognize you'll be shopping for bargains today in the dow stocks where -- that was the true epicenter i want you to use one or three of these methods i need you to remember them. i come back to them time and time again on "pad" as we kick
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off the second half of the year i'm looking back at the second quarter's strongest stocks and telling you what it means for the future so you know what to buy. plus, why the top stocks in the nasdaq may have been written off too soon and if you're thinking of investing in a chinese stock i'm going to tell you why didi may have you pumping the brakes so stay with kramer >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow on twitter. have a question, tweet him, #madtweets send jim an email to "mad money" @ sur
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let's talk spacs some started making a comeback t time to talk about them. special purpose acquisition companies that completed mergers and been de-spac'd like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, not a dog being spade. last year spacs would pop and when the market got flooded with these things, the spac stocks stopped rallying and profits in any case turned to losses which you know is one of the cardinal sins we talk about on "mad money. nobody wants to go near these things, once it americans with another company the stock has a chance to go higher. even then you need to be pretty selective with your stock picking so first take a look we've got great things at cnbc going and one is the spac 50
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index, it contains 50 of the biggest premerger spacs but the newly created cnbc post-spac index which includes former ones that completed a major deal within the past years, hey, this one is showing sign of life. it's got pulse so which of the post-spac stocks are working here that maybe you can buy, make some money in i'll give you four of the highest profile winners giving you a little about each one so you kind of know the difference between unsuccessful spac and successful one chronological order by date of deal and start with one you've heard me say many finals stem inc., smart energy storage play they make batteries for businesses with renewable energy assets where you put excess solar or wind power to use it even when the weather is wrong and pair that with an a.i. driven software system that helps determine the best times to switch between battery power on site generation or the grid now when star peak energy
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transitioned announced its smerjer with stem, it was a hit immediately and spent the next few months soaring and spoke to the ceo. he told a terrific story but i'm afraid it got ahead of itself and peaked at 51 bucks and collapsed with the rest of the spac complex i told you to buy this one if it drops to the 20s, it did it's now 36. not bad. if you got in near the lows in mid-may youmore than doubled your money we had a major reversal. what makes the story so compelling first off our electric grid, oh, come on, it's a disaster every new headline drives more business to embrace smart energy storage. one reason i like gen-rap. second, stem is a key vendor for blue chip companies that wouldn't to make a big deal about reducing their carbon footprint. third and most important, it knocked it out of the park when it reported may, 200% plus revenue growth management reaffirmed the full year forecast.
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while the stock had a big run, you got it when it comes back. next up, a week and a half ago we spoke with an old friend of the show, a man by the name of brent saunders, the former ceo of allergen, he then sold it to abbvie for 63 billion. i think abbvie got it for a steal. i think abbvie has done very little with it it's very disappointing. not long after that closed he launched a spac and last december made its move snapping up hydrofacial and changing the name to the beauty health company, a hydramabrasion play it abrased my eye. it is to sell to deterrmatologis and retailers like sephora which is a winner. it got very little love out of the gate even when the rest of the group was flying after it collapsed as the merger
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approached the stock started running and continued to climb since the deal closed may 5th. the beauty health company skin already has a real business and sold 17,000 deliveries across 87 countries and make money selling consumables every time systems are used and coming out of the pandemic, business is picking up because people want to look good and at $200 a pop hydrafacial is cheaper. i think the growth potential is just -- it's enormous. when we spoke to brent, he said they're working on an at home verse, also planning to expand into hair care with the beauty health company trading at $18 and change, i like the stock right here right now you have my blessing to buy beauty health, simple skin third post-spac winner, sofi tech starting with online lending and moving into investment accounts and more traditional banking. now they're aiming to become a charter national bank. coo anthony is a friend of the
6:19 pm
show, west pointer had him on five times and i came away impressed every time with what he's building hard not to. now a spcpalihapitiya, chamath and five weeks ago they completed a deal and went back to 24 a month ago before pulling back to the high teens this is an opportunity people worried about coming away with insider selling there's created a buying opportunity. once again sofi is a real business with excellent financials and had seven straight quarters of accelerating membership growth and crushed the sales and earnings estimates too and so far built an incredible brand thanks to the terrific student loan refinancing business, i almost consider them the default financial services provider for young people away from robin hood, of course. i like the stock here and i wish they'd merge with robin hood wouldn't that be a killer. finally one that is not talked
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about at all i don't know, maybe you heard someone talk about it, i haven't. wm technology. the post-spac company you know as weed maps consumer cannabis app that helps you find legal dispenries and order ahead of time for take-out or delivery and have 10 million monthly active users and growing as more states legalize and the company sells a cloud-based software offering that helps refer retailers. one-stop shop. pancake with the rest of the spacs it rallied 70% from may lows to its peak the day after it's merger closed in mid-june and pulled back more than 5 bucks to below 17. ah, this, my friends, is an opportunity. rather than betting on individual weed growers or retailers which i think is way too hard i like to go to the picks and shovel place that sell the entire industry. the weed maps business is good but the cloud business is great.
6:21 pm
so are financial, not only is wming technology profitable, it's profitable, even though it's in the weed business, and more than 100% earnings growth in the latest quarter. yes, buy wm tech as the hated spacs complete deals and become post-spac stories sometimes they turn into winners. what do they have in common? these were were all real companies making real money long before they became public with a merger with spac that's the pattern for what works in de-spac companies and rem re reminder, cnbc has the absolute best charts and graphs on spacs. go there, buy these. stick with cramer. coming up, who is better and who is best? cramer spreads the summer love on the s&p 500's best bets from the year's first half next
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♪ the second quarter in the books, what can the best performers of q2 tell us about the rest of the year you might think that the biggest winners would be the re-opening place, but that would be totally wrong. when you look at the top five in the s&p 500 and the top five in the nasdaq for the previous quarter, only one of those stocks was a re-opening play, instead you got a wide variety of winners which tells you about the broad-based strength of the market even on an ugly day for the average, so i want to start with the biggest winners and spend a little more time on the biggest because it's so important. yes, number one in the s&p is nvidia and it was up nearly 50% for the quarter. now, you know i love nvidia, right? ilove it so much that i named
6:26 pm
my dog after it, right now, just so you know, this is nvidia, the second we lost the first. jensen was kind enough to let me have my dog go into headquarters why would you want to go into headquarters this is a company with a hammer lock on artificial intelligence and graphics processors and become our largest semiconductor company. it blew david faber away and he's not interested in anything i have to say. company has a $516 billion valuation. up from just 15 billion five years ago. i mean that's incredible nvidia caught fire this quarter thanks to an amazing, well, i mean, wow, just the last three months, fantastic raise guidance and increasing likelihood that the regulators around the world will allow it to acquire a company called arm holdings. the british chipmake their makes central processing units for
6:27 pm
cell phones and personal computers. remember, nvidia makes graphic processors these are two areas where nvidia has zero overlap hence why i have said from the beginning that the deal will go through but some people think i'm parroting jensen wong. i wish i could parrot jensen wong this weekend we gotbig news on the acquisition. a blog post from a fella by the name of simon, the ceo of arm but how it's important for the united kingdom to approve the deal lest arm fall behind in artificial intelligence and mentions the company contemplated raising money through an ipo but and i'm quoting here, determined that the pressure to deliver short-term revenue growth and profitability would suffocate our ability to invest, expand, move fast and innovate, end quote. thanks heavens there's someone willing to tell the truth. joining forces with nvidia arm can make the united kingdom into a meaningful player in the era of artificial intelligence british authorities are worried about letting an american
6:28 pm
company snap up one of the few tech heavyweights in their country. they don't have a lot. the authorities don't want nvidia to move all the research to the u.s but seagers argues whether than siphoning off talent it would increase resources in the uk if he can get the british government on board it's huge. maybe some of you think of nvidia as a cryptocurrency play because graphics cards are used to mine bitcoins and theorem it's a tiny portion of the business, it could be 400 million according to some of the things i have seen and mostly chips not up to specification for gaming yeah, scraps kind of piece of the pie and lots of younger people who say, it's an ethereum play. buy it because of the rest of the business there is a reason jensen wong is known as the da vinci of tech. renaissance man with a ton of
6:29 pm
different priorities high performance computing, gaming customer service, pick and place robots, ones that go around and literally deliver you coffee which i could use right now. fraud detection. but he seems to have the most interest in creating self-driving cars working with mercedes to make it happen truly vehicles have taken a step backward every time a self-driving car crashes it crashes the entire industry. humans don't have a great track record when it comes to avoiding accidents. if anyone can pull it off, jensen can, that's why i am proud to call ragoo nvidia he answers to nvidia but only if you have a piece of steak in your hand. second biggest winner, you new there had to be an energy. devon energy up nearly 34% for the quarter. the company is run by this fellow rick muncrief, odd in itself the new devon is a combination with the old devon with
6:30 pm
moncrief's old business but anyone who knows him and got to meet him a decade ago, it's such an outperformer and understands wall street is sick and tired of oil companies that spend beyond their means and are awful stewards of capital. rather than chasing production growth the oil patch is now about efficiently spending money and generating cf, free cash flow that's how you measure it. the new devon has a variable dividend that gives you a huge yield like right now as long as crude stays above 60 bucks a barrel, 7% yield no wonder everyone likes it. i'm not deterred by the decline in oil number three, i may call jensen wong the da vinci of tech but few ceos would ever call their past quarter a present day michelangelo that's exactly a pool corp ceo pete described it as the fourth quarter of last year it may sound like pure hubris
6:31 pm
but business gets better and better and michelangelo quarter was a warm-up for a true masterpiece. i thought michelangelo was a top of the game guy. i don't know what he's thinking. some like rothko go for a bunch of money but you can't bash michelangelo it's a backyard improvement stock at a moment when people are supposed to be leaving homes for the first time in age, right, but you have to remember the housing market is on fire. rising home values, people are much more likely to invest this property and that's including building a pool and that's why it's up 33% for the second quarter, 32.9. who is splitting hairs i wish i had more. as long as housing stays strong, en fuego you have to go to the fourth best performer to find a genuine re-opening play. gardner, symbol i.t., information technology here's a consulting company for everything related to enterprise technology one that is chiefly known for its in-person conferences.
6:32 pm
very much a pen-t-up demand story. even as it's well known for brand name benchmarking gartner magic quadrant, while it picked up a lot of business during the pandemic it's clearly investors believe they'll get a major boost as those come back with the stock up more than 32% last quarter i think the easy money already has been made. this one is not for me finally if you want to be transported back in time to four years ago i would say how did you do that? i would say, you would think i was crazy if i fold you that he can question faksz, yes, the credit monitoring company that was really kind of one of the original hacksters in history would finish in the top five up 3 % for the quarter. amazingly it survived. and credit checks will no doubt accelerate once they spend beyond their means, something that's -- equifax shocked wall street with its much better than expected stocks.
6:33 pm
i think this could be a terrific second half story. i'm saying buy this one because the company is moving its business to the cloud, higher expenses because of that initially which would make it cheaper to run without any compromise in security we think of them as such a credit monitoring and verification company but not the dominant one with 115 million active users, a third of the darn country, the breadth is astounding so big that even as more tail off a quad, a little in the quarter, business accelerated. this might be the single most unheralded financial technology play out there yes, i am endorsing equifax, bottom line, the s&p's top performers show you the incredible variety of what's working. a tech, oil, home improvement and information technology specialist and credit analysis company. talk about a disparate goop of winners, i love them all but my heart belongs to nvidia. jim, in north carolina, jim whitehurst, that's where you're from jim. >> caller: a big north carolina
6:34 pm
b-b-boo-yah to you i appreciate everything you do for the little guy. >> i am loving it. a buddy from charlotte telling me, it is so on fire there but raleigh-durham too and did you know that the outer banks is eight hours from charlotte that's something i learned this weekend. all right. let's go >> caller: all right, i've got a headache on my plate today i've been in the gaming stocks since last november, december, and i've done nothing but watch my pennant gaming go south and was wondering what your take was on the gaming industry and pen national in particular >> this stock had a run that was really one of the greatest runs ever when they hired barstool now it turns out that the states are a little slow in legalizing gambling but this is a coiled spring and i go to barstool
6:35 pm
every day and i've got to tell you. they have every sport covered. portnoy is incredible. i know that the people, you know, that's politically, whatever, i don't care, i love sports and i think penn nan is here to stay and envy you for being in the stock so patience even with portnoy is a virtue. eric in massachusetts. eric >> caller: hey, jim, boo-yah, buddy. >> boo-yah >> my stock is jetblue i opened a position early in the pandemic i'm up over 70%. still bullish given the expansion of both dominion and international routes but the last three months down 20% has got me concerned should i buy -- >> you know, it did poorly with oil down today i mean southwest is my favorite. but i'm not going to try -- i think jetblue -- i like the management, i see them come on cnbc all the time. but i feel very slighted because they haven't come on our show. that said, 16 bucks, i don't know, 14 down, 20 upside
6:36 pm
i like that. the stock market showed broad-based strength look at these different kinds of companies in q2. wow. i like it. a lot of serbs are working but we are so not done there's much more "mad money" ahead. my countdown of top stocks continues. this time i'm tackling the nas, this list will shock you and didi and what it means for the overall market and all your calls rapid-fire, tonight's ee list of "lightning round" so stay with cramer hey, dad! hey, son! no dad, it's a video call. you got to move the phone in front of you it's a mirror, dad. you know? alright, okay. how's that? is that how you hold a mirror? [ding] power e*trade gives you an award-winning mobile app with powerful, easy-to-use tools
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♪ if you told me three months ago that the best performers in the nasdaq second quarter would
6:40 pm
be some of the covid winners, companies that did well during covid, the ones that were supposed to get hammered, call me skeptical but that's what happened some great stocks that were counted out way too early as we moved into the post-pandemic environment got a big boost driven by i think sellers' remorse. the best performer in the nasdaq is a good example. moderna, up a shocking 79% everyone figured it would reach peak sales in 2021 but thanks to the delta variant, it looks like they may have a better than expected 2022. eu for example added 150 million more doses to its original order, united states tacked on another 200 million and moderna expects to sell a huge number of doses to india and millions more to american teenagers who barely started to get vaccinated. all because their vaccine seems to work best against the delta variant. pfizer would argue otherwise nobody else comes close.
6:41 pm
in terms of valuation this is where i struggle moderna's very hard to pin down. it has a nearly 900 -- it has a $94 billion market cap, 94 billion. but a lot of people fear it could be like gilead which came up with this incredible cure for hepatitis c, stock ebb went all the way up and wall, got cut in half because they cured all the patients if you think covid is behind us moderna is a sell. if you think the delta variant is just the beginning and might need regular booster shots there might be more to it. whether they can offer personalized cancer vaccines is ha they're working on in time to offset the decline in sales. before the pandemic that's what the story was about, putting everything together though i think the stock is too high at this point because if they're successful at cancer vaccines, the comparisons are so difficult because how successful they were at covid number two, nvidia already covered that because it was the best performer in the s&p the next stock classic example of what i'm talking about you
6:42 pm
wouldn't have expected to win, d d docusign it took the world by storm during the pandemic. it might take a hit as business travel comes back, docusign is offering new categories like the agreement cloud. plus, the near term introduction of notary replacement is huge. notary, i got to tell you, you know, try to search for one, you won't need to. i think zoom's too cheap here but truly like doku sign as ceo dan springer on the show always reminds you once people have tried it they don't go back no wonder it was up 38%. next up we all know how companion animals took off during the pandemic. dogs are everybody's best friend, terrific piece in "the new york times" about it just yesterday. couldn't have come at a better
6:43 pm
time for the animal diagnostics company. humanization of pets had played out. it peaked. this wave of new pets have come into a world where people know you have to go to the vet more than once every couple of years and ignorance has been replaced by logic and learning. no cessation of pet adoption according to data i got from the petco people, the people who have only one pet are increasingly take on a second one like we did. pet adoption agencies are more and more select about potential owners and testing their animals for all sorts of illnesses including a fecal test made by idex and robot's position. i used to talk about getting rid of it. making a fortune testing for african swine fever in china idex typically justifies valuation with terrific results. i think the company will surprise, indeed, in the second
6:44 pm
half number four, i love this condition. intuit either the luckiest around or the smartest maybe both they have a fantastic operation making software for small and medium size businesses, think quickbooks, needless to say the outlook has improved dramatically paid 18.1 business for credit karma which i was critical of. many others too. because it looked expensive. 40% of their new customers come from intuit's user base. niece guys give you a free credit score they are a2kik9ed to seeing scores and companies are desperate for your data. brilliant company. my favorite, turbotax. can you imagine how many people might have gone to an h&r block office instead turned to turbotax's online video offering which was safer. game, set, match like docusign i don't think you go back to the old way of tax prep and that's intuit's
6:45 pm
competitor with it up 28% i think they have a good chance of continuing its winning ways. if only because the products keep getting better and better if you don't own a small business i don't think you understand how great these guys really are intuit, 28%. more to run. finally there's an old favorite that's called intuit surgical that you can argue could be classified as a re-opening story. so many had to postpone nonurgent surgery during the height of the pandemic i think that's wrong and think the real story isdifferent as i see it intuit rallied because it has a gigantic replacement cycle and it still has a ton of room to take market share given the uses for its incredible machine, colorectal, thoracic, gynecological and prostate this is a remarkable company their machines give you lower cost, along with better patient experience, better surjts cal experience and better outcomes why isn't the darn thing mandated they should install them at every hospital in america.
6:46 pm
some believe they're at the end of its rope because medtronic has a strong competitor but people have been writing them off like that for ages and do like medtronic but would stick with intuit. of all the winners i expect it to do, well, i don't know, tied with -- i would say -- i expect it to do best but it's going to be a push between intuit and intuitive. it's intuit/intuitive. i just thought of that the bottom line, hey, come on. statements you have revelations while doing the show, it's always tough to repeat a great performance. not if you have brilliant team pe end i'd buy intuitive and intuit moderna weakness moderna itself is just too hard for me to figure out at least at least levels sometimes by the way you just have to throw up your hands and say i don't know but i also would say, stick with cramer >> announcer: coming up next --
6:47 pm
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osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. >> announcer: "lightning round" sponsored by td ameritrade it is time, it's time for "the lightning round." >> sell, sell, sell. >> buy, buy, buy [ buzzer ] >> then the lightning round is over are you ready, skee-daddy. mel in california. mel. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. my dog daisy barks a big boo-yah to your pup nvidia. >> i'm liking it very much
6:51 pm
in sync and how can i help. >> caller: rad net many in new york and -- >> a great situation they should consolidate every one of them. they have a lot going. i'm glad you brought it to our viewers' attention it is a good situation don in colorado. don. >> caller: hi, jim first time caller from durango, colorado >> okay, durango >> caller:le jim, yes, back in march you gave a speculative buy for bio genomics >> you have to have a pass stish of them. i agree with kathy wood. she has a lot of them and one or two will make up for all the rest i think it's a good spec evan in ohio >> caller: jim, how are you.
6:52 pm
>> real chill. mostly garden and dog. no more criticism of anybody because i am the gandhi of the garden what's up? >> caller: you're the gandhi of the garden >> gandhi of the garden. >> caller: all right hey, i'm first time, long time and appreciate everything you do i wanted to -- >> thank you. >> caller: infrastructure bill getting batted back and forth and we all know we need it i'm a smaller investor and been investing in real estate most of my life and realize you have to plunge your i.r.a. i look at caterpillar and vulcan and cat, that stuff is expensive and started did research and landed on a company, modine manufacturing. >> that's a sweet one. you got a sweet industrial that is uncovered by most people and your homework has put you in the right place. i like your call to sam in pennsylvania sam. >> caller: hi, jim >> sam >> caller: i'm from bryn mawr,
6:53 pm
pennsylvania. >> yes. >> caller: my question is about dcia they've done nothing and down 60%. >> i know. i know and you know what, this is a tough one because tom seybold i know is only a moneymaker. tom is -- i don't know why tom hasn't come on the show. he's an old friend from the days of my hedge fund and i think he's a good guy and i know that the stock has been very, very rocky. a lot of younger people got in thinking it would be the next snowflake. it's just an interesting business it's an a.i. business and, frankly, i'd rather be in nvidia when it comes to a.i. because jensen wong is a.i., i need to go to brandon in washington, brandon. >> caller: hey, hey, jimmy chill, much love from washington state. >> holy cow, that's far away oh, my >> caller: can you do your magic and give your opinion on nano dimension. take your nndm >> 3d then suddenly out of
6:54 pm
nowhere ddd works and everyone wants to be in 3d. no, it's played out in my view someone could say set up and that, ladies and gentlemen, the conclusion of "the lightning round. [ buzzer ] >> announcer: "the lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade coming up, so much for eastern promises cramer takes aim at the recent record for chinese ipos and the result is a sea of red "mad money" will be right back
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you've been watching the show for a long time and known for years i've been rallying against chinese ipos because they tend to perform so much worse than american ones every now and think i make an exception. alley babby and last week didi global, basically the chinese uber [ boo [ [. >> i'm never going to make that mistake again. no more chinese ipos, period they're either bad companies or good businesses in which the ruling communist party can crack down at any moment and that's
6:58 pm
what happened with didi. maybe cleared it with the government ahead of time phenomenal growth. only reached a third of the country with their app looked like a fabulous multiyear rollout story. the chinese government suspended new user registrations and had didi kicked off every app store just a few days after its ipo, thanks for nothing that's why it plunged 0% today i didn't see it coming but i should have. the viciousness of what happened really is extraordinary. we don't know if management had a good idea of what's coming but sure didn't do a great job of communicating that risk to investors. we also don't know if the bankers knew although we might find out if the s.e.c. bothers to investigate i don't see how the brokers can orchestrate another chinese ipo in good conscience that's assuming good conscience is part of the equation. a full stop from any offerings from china and absurd and someone besides me has to say enough as for the people's republic of china, what can i say. if their government was trying to sabotage american investors and make them lose the maximum amount of money, this is how
6:59 pm
they did it. even without the active interference of the chinese communist party these deals are no picnic. we've had 35 dhz ipos. 22 are now below their offering price, 15 of them are down more thank 20%. the median deal is down 11%. while there are a few big winners that's a pathetic track record there is a lot of blame to go around most falls on the regularitiers. i don't understand why our government doesn't demand the full disclosure from them as they do american companies after this they should block chinese companies from our capital markets until we get major concessions on trade and regulation sure, that could damage some american businesses that do big business over there. nike has been soaring because they know how to play ball in china and maybe they don't like that but they do the communist party could crack down if our government takes a more aggressive posture but at this point i think it's worth the risk we have been patsys for too long china still hasn't abandoned its
7:00 pm
unfair trade practices and didi fiasco is beyond the pale and time to put a stop to them and i'm saying done. enough i always like to say there is always a bull market somewhere i promise to find it right here for you on "mad money. i'm jim cramer see you tomorrow th elsa getting stronger. could cause life-threatening storm surge on florida's west coast. i'm shepard smith. this is "the news" on cnbc. >> there's going to be storm surge. >> tropical storm elsa set to slam into florida. the dangerous system threatening millions, already breaking records. tonight, the forecast and impact more bodies pulled from the rubble as rescue operations pick up speed a report sheds new light on concerns before the collapse. >> the whole world wants to know what happened here. russian


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