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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  July 1, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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in china so which ones would you say might be a buy right here? >> you know we, still like tencent. but you've got to be careful you have to be a long-term owner. also billy. >> all right nadine, tim, james, thank you. that does it for us on this special edition of "fast money"ful the news with shepard smith starts right now starts now the country's top stories playing out in courtrooms from coast-to-coast new reaction to bill cosby's release, the supreme court makes a decision on voting rights, and the trump organization charged i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc the trump organization and cfo allen weisselberg plead not guilty to charges of fraud and grand larceny. what is in the newly unsealed indictments? rescue efforts back on after fears of a second collapse >> there is still a possibility someone could be alive
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someone could still be breathing. someone could be there >> the consoler-in-chief thanking first responders and visiting victim family shock and outrage. bill cosby's accusers speaking out. after the former tv star's release from prison. the supreme court closes it term with a major decision on voting rights the ruling and how it will impact all of us at the polls. 17 injured in a fireworks explosion. and represent liz cheney gets the nod to investigate the capitol hill riot. >> live from cnbc, the facts the truth. the news with shepard smith. good evening former president trump's family business is facings it gravest threat yet the trump organization ands it money man, indicted, charged and
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accused what prosecutors call a sweeping and audacious illegal payment and criminal tax fraud scheme the manhattan district attorney accusing the company's chief financial officer, allen weisselberg seen here in cuffs and white mask of helping orchestrate the scheme which allegedly gave expensive, off of the books perks to executives instead of money to help them dodge taxes. prosecutors say that weisselberg personally enjoyed $1.7 million worth of benefits on which he should have paid taxes including a mercedes-benz cars, manhattan apartment, all allegedly paid for by the trump organization here are the charges handed out from a new york grand jury scheme to defraud. criminal tax fraud grand larceny in the second degree and falsifying business records. today the trump organization and weisselberg pleaded not guilty to all charges, and his attorney has vowed to fight them all in
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court. the trump organization claims the investigation is a political vendetta in a statement the company writes make no mistake, this is not about the law. this is all about politics never before has this district attorney's office or even the i.r.s. criminally charged a company over employee benefits it should be noted former president trump was not charged. let's bring in dave, a reporter from "the new york post" who covers former president trump -- "washington post," apologies david, based on the indictment today, what is your understanding of how the alleged scheme was conducted and what evidence did the prosecutors present? >> well, the prosecutors have pretty compelling evident. they say there were two sets of books. one set of books for their internal use to keep track of all of the payments they gave to the executives, cash payments,
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direct deposits, free apartment, a free car, furniture, flat screen tvs, carpet they kept track of that saying if we gave you $100,000 in non-cash compensation, we are going to subtract that from cash and your salary is the same. the other set is what they showed to tax authorities. it did not show any of the other stuff beyond the regular salary, the free apartments or cars or anything else. the prosecutor said it was a scheme to hide a huge portion of the executive's compensation and that meant the trump organization and executives themselves did not pay taxes on that part of their salary. >> david, the former president wasn't charged but he ran the company which is now charged and has been indicted. what is the former president's exposure like? >> we are still trying to figure that out donald trump was not charged
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today. it says weisselberg did not run the scheme alone and ran it with others in the company's leadership the company is a small company there is only one leader, donald trump. trump himself is not charged or even really mentioned as an unindicted co-conspirator. weisselberg is a beneficiary of the scheme and the mastermind. financial crimes, it is important to show you that the person you are accusing knew what they were doing and did it anyway weisselberg has the level of knowledge to say he must have done it on purpose trump is harder and prosecutors want to build the case to a point later on they can charge trump saying here is the evidence that trump participated in this and knew it was wrong and did it anyway. >> thank you attorney and former federal prosecutor the trump team says that these sorts of cases are usually handled in civil court and not
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criminal and critics argue they are relatively small charges for a large and extended investigation. in the eyes of the law, are these minor? >> i would not say they are minors they are felonies. one of the statues charged, the second more serious felony in the new york law it is actually more serious than we were led to believe by reports, shepard a day or two ago, i was very interested to see the indictment i thought that maybe they had come up short a little bit but when we see the charges they are more extensive we have a scheme to defraud over many years involving about $1.7 million if i remember correctly. and i think it is a significant amount of tax laws, federal, government, state and city really evidence regarding how it was structured to show it was a
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very deliberate, well conceived scheme as opposed to something that was one off or something small. >> for prosecutors this is about flipping weisselberg, getting him to cooperate in a bigger investigation. lawyers say the maximum he is likely to get is about a year in jail if any time at all. are the charges strong enough to get any type of cooperation? >> i am skeptical of that, shepard. i think that people who are saying it will not be enough to get weisselberg to flip have a point. if somebody is looking at a year or two, they are going to try to challenge it the evidence is strong i think if the indictment accurately describes the evidence, it will be a difficult case to try. but nonetheless i think someone like weisselberg is willing to
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roll the dice if that is the only down side thanks so much >> thank you >> search and rescue operations in surfside, florida are back in full power that is how the miami-dade mayor put it after a 15-hour work stopover concerns of further collapse from parts of the building that still stand. they paused the efforts around 2:00 after rescue crews spotted widening cracks and say they saw a column swaying 6 to 12 inches. no word why they were able to restart the search but local officials just gave an update and still the numbers remain the same 18 confirmed dead. 145 people still unaccounted for. we are seeing new video of the moments before the collapse. water pouring out of the roof. this is the garage on the ground level of the building. the couple that posted this on
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tiktok say they recorded it minutes before the building came down today president biden visited surfside and promised that help is on the way meeting with first responders and the families of the building the president said he and the rescuers are holding out hope for those that have not been found. the search is back on this evening? >> shep, news the search is back on is a huge relief for families anxiously awaiting for any word on their loved ones. we told you about pablo rodriguez, his mother and grandmother were inside the building when it collapsed and at this point he wants to know they have been accounted for so they can find closure. the news the search was temporarily halted was difficult to hear today. >> i understand their trepidation and concern about the remaining building and the debris pile falling. you know, i do not want anything
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to happen to them either they are tirelessly working and trying to do the best they can i understand and i am frustrated >> reporter: president biden made an appearance at the memorial he also vowed that federal funds will pay for 100% of the search and rescue costs for the first 30 days and says the families he met with are realistic about the circumstance and want that confirmation >> they look and they see the floors literally cement upon cement upon cement they know the chances are, as each day goes by, diminished slightly but at a minimum, they want to recover the bodies >> reporter: at some point today there was discussion or debate whether or not the remaining portion of the building that was
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swaying, the portions that were swaying, whether or not that portion should be demolished i spoke to a structural engineer today and he told me if the decision were made it would be a tedious process that would have to be removed bit by bit they couldn't bring the whole thing down and preserve the search site. he said something like that would take weeks urban search and rescue division supervisor. jason, thank you you have been on that pile looking for survivors. the search is back on. do you approach removing debris any differently following the structural concerns on which we reported >> the training that the men and women come in here with, i would say they are not approaching it differently other than the heightened awareness they trained for this and watch out for each other as well as
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the team itself. the ones that are behind the scenes like the engineers watching this and meticulously paying attention to every piece of the building and the pile and watching it. because of that and the way they work together and the programs and the policies in place, they are meticulous about how they do it and for it the rescuers are ready to perform just as they have since the event took place. >> our viewers should know you were there in the middle of the night when the dig was called off because of the fear of structural problems. can you give us a better idea of what they saw and what led them to shut it down for the 15 hours? >> specifically to what was highlighted earlier, the engineers were watching and observing. so those specific details, they have when we were on the pile, we had the loud noises of the hand tools they are using, jackhammers and the drills and
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the heavy equipment working too. among all of that was a sound within the building that was still standing with that the awareness was made, silence on the paul and start the evacuation process and within three minutes we got everyone back on to the beach, the area of refuge, the evacuation point for them. >> three minutes, that is incredible i understand you brought along one of the cameras they use to search through the rubble in the small cracks can you show us? >> absolutely. task force four allowed me to borrow the camera. this is a camera that allows us to get into the void spaces of the cracks the camera, we can articulate the good image >> the lens is on the end of the
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stick? >> it is and we can change it around ands it position by articulating it and we have a microphone so we can listen for noises there is a mic to hear noises and speakers so that we can speak to people on them too and allows us a deeper look beyond the concrete pile. we can drill holes or dip the camera down. >> that is what they are using to listen and to see what may be down there hopefully someone in a void and has survived these many days >> correct one of the many devices. absolutely >> the work is incredible. what i saw there over the last week was just amazing. and i don't think people have an idea for how hard people are working and how determined they are. i know all of the families are grateful and all of us that met you certainly are. thank you, and continued safety.
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>> thank you for the opportunity. we certainly will. >> of course the return to normal is bringing back the, well, pesky colds with a vengeance. doctors now warning about the threat of other viruses not named covid. 17 people hurt, cars and buildings damaged. look at this police have confiscated thousands of pounds of illegal fireworks. what went wrong? and tiktok removes more than 80 million accounts from their platform the reason so many were booted off. welcome to allstate. ♪ ♪ you already pay for car insurance, why not take your home along for the ride?
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allstate. here, better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands. click or call to bundle today. you're in good hands. ♪♪ (vo) the rule in business used to be, "location, location, location." now it's, "network, network, network." so you need a network that's built right. verizon business unlimited starts with america's most reliable network. then we add the speed of verizon 5g. we provide security that's made for business and offer plans as low as $30 per line. more businesses choose verizon than any other network. we are open and ready for you. covid watch is not over. america's top health experts issuing a new warning about the delta variant. covid case numbers have been going down for weeks, but there is brand-new data showing
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average daily cases increased by 10% over the past week the c.d.c. director attributes the spike to lagging vaccination rates and the delta variant she described as hyper transmissable. >> it is clear communities where people remain unvaccinated are communities that remain vulnerable as the delta variant spreads, we except to see increased transmissions in the communities unless we can vaccinate more people now >> the c.d.c. director added that a third of all counties across the nation vaccinated less than 30% of their population the majority of the counties are in the south and the midwest the white house today announced plans to send covid response teams to fight the delta variants in vulnerable communities. dr. scott gottlieb, author of
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uncontrolled spread. he is on the boards of pfizer and a cnbc contributor the white house sounding the alarm about delta. are they overreacting? >> i don't think they are overreacting the first decoupling is a macro decoupling as cases pick up, we will see less death and hospitalizations because of the virus that is what we are seeing in the united kingdom people that are older have gotten out and been vaccinated in higher numbers. you are not seeing the same morbidity and mortality from the virus. the other coupling will be a geographic decoupling where certain parts will be more prone to surges and outbreaks. the northeast, parts of the pacific northwest, san francisco where vaccination rates are high
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they are not going to see the same level of spread about you in parts of rural parts of the country, the south, rural counties you will see more outbreaks and consequences there are a lot of people not vaccinated and and still vulner to the virus >> the push has been on for months what is the realistic expectation for the new covid vaccine response teams >> i think the administration is doing the right thing in shifting their strategy. it was a top-down strategy we ran national campaigns. we need to put resources into local communities to allow local groups to encourage people to get vaccinated find ways to get more vaccines
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into the hands of small providers to encourage their patients to get vaccinated a grassroots, bottoms up effort. it it will be costly and take more time. the people that are unvaccinated, many have a longer consideration period the people that had the intense demand to be vaccinated, most have come out to get vaccinated. now a remaining 10 to 15% of the american population vaccinated >> dr. scott gottlieb, as always, thank you. health experts predicted common colds and illnesses would come roaring back as well it appears they are right. >> my 16-year-old son started to see his friends again after a year and a half of not and going out to dinners all of a sudden runny nose, stuffy nose.
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stuffy head. >> reporter: families are finding getting back to normal means a return of viruses, other than the ones that cause covid >> i knew it was not covid but i insisted on buying tests and testing him at home. >> reporter: since the c.d.c.'s guidance that fully vaccinated people can go without masks, colds and other infections have been on the rise >> we started to see this already that there will be a risk of respiratory infections respiratory virus. >> he was in the hospital for four and a half days on oxygen >> he was causing the c.d.c. to
7:22 pm
issue a health alert >> i think it is kind of a signal hello. this is going to happen in the fall more colds for sure. also, watch out for influenza. that is the really nasty one >> with all of the covid measures in place, we saw no flu last year. some warn the lack of exposure means they could hit us harder as they start to circulate again. there is no vaccine but there is one for flu and they are encouraging everyone to get it if it is in time >> more unmarked graves of indigenous children found buried near a former catholic-run boarding school in canada. following the discovery of hundreds and hundreds of bodies at two similar sites
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his number... delete it. i'm deleting it. so, break free from the big three. xfinity internet customers, switch to xfinity mobile and get unlimited with 5g included for $30 on the nations fastest, most reliable network. 17 people hurt when this happened last night in los angeles. cops say they found about 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks at a home there, along with more than 200 small improvised explosive devices. this is what the aftermath looked like. the bomb squad moved some of those into a truck designed to safely detonate the explosives but the police chief admits they botched it the blast ripped apart the truck, flipped a car and shattered windows in homes and businesses and at least eight
7:26 pm
family his to leave their homes for the night. cops say none of the injuries is life threatening >> protocol were followed and pursued. but something happened in that containment vehicle that shouldn't have happened and we don't know why and intend to find out why >> law enforcement arrested a 27-year-old man accused of bringing the explosives in from out of state and planned to resell them for the fourth of july and faces charges of possession of a destructive device all future federal executions halted merrick garland is concerned about how arbitrary the application of the federal death sentence is and how it impacts people of color. the pause so that the d.o.j. can study the issue more carefully the last federal execution took place days before president biden took office. this does not affect the justice
7:27 pm
department's pursuit of the death penalty for the boston marathon bomber. another mass of human remains found what used to be a boarding school for indigenous children, the third group to make such a gruesome discovery 182 unmarked graves in british columbia 40 miles north of the montana border, bringing the total number discovered to more than 1,000 here is the back story in the 1900s, 150,000 indigenous children were separated from their families and sent to boarding schools run by the canadian government and catholic church survivors long said they were physically and sexually abused and that children disappeared from the schools, casting a shadow over the canada day celebration. communities altering or
7:28 pm
scrapping their plans saying it is not a day for celebration >> we, as canadians, must be honest with ourselves about our history. the truth is that we have got a long way to go to make things right with indigenous people >> pope francis now agreeing to meet with indigenous groups in december after they and the prime minister demanded an apology from the catholic church, survivors of the schools and indigenous leaders from the unemployed to the ladies of leesure, the pandemic paying off for people of all financial backgrounds, in some cases coming out richer than they went in richard branson, planning a big move in the coming weeks, hoping to take the lead in a very expensive race and bill cosby, spotted outside of his home after being released from prison. but now, a brand-new legal fight as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of e wsn thne o cnbc :
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♪ ♪ when technology is easier to use... ♪ barriers don't stand a chance. ♪ that's why we'll stop at nothing to deliver our technology as-a-service. ♪ >> millions of tax refunds mia still waiting for your federal tax refund, you are not alone. the i.r.s. is behind on millions of returns by the end of tax season in may, 35 million returns still needed to be manually processed the fact, nearly three times
7:31 pm
larger than it was in 2020 and a four fold increase from the year earlier the report blaming covid and lock down for all of the pile-up. tiktok dropping the hammer and removing more than 82 million accounts in the first quarter of the year according to the company's blog some of the reasons, explicit material, violent extremism and bullying 7 million of the accounts belonged to children under 13. the first time tiktok published the number of underage accounts booted off of the platform 82-year-old wally funk finally go to space thanks to blue origin's jeff bezos in the debut flight funk was part of the mercury 13 space program back in 1961 underwent rigorous astronaut
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training but never went to space. the crew currently funk, bezos, his brother, mark and a yet to be named passenger that paid $28 million for a seat on wall street, the dow up 131 the s&p up 22. nasdaq up 18 i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it is the bottom of the hour time for the top of the news speaker pelosi naming the republican congresswoman liz cheney to the team that will investigate the attack on the capitol. the response from the g.o.p. college athletes start to make deals on day 1 of the ncaa's rule change and why female players might benefit the most and the fall out after bill cosby's release from prison. he left his home in pennsylvania and headed out of state to spend the next three weeks with his
7:33 pm
wife, camille from cosby's lawyer, andrew wyatt here he is helping the 83-year-old who is said to be legally blind. the lawyer says that cosby was up until 2:00 in the morning saying he doesn't want to go to sleep because he is afraid his freedom is all a dream he will need his rest. the attorneys for the accusers said she is moving forward in los angeles with a civil suit against bill cosby about that cosby said they are not worried. >> that is far from our concern. right now mr. cosby has been vindicated we will think the judges will look at it fairly. >> what is next for the former comedian in and out of court >> reporter: bill cosby spent a day in his pennsylvania home
7:34 pm
before he was off again. we are learning more about the last 24 hours from his long time spokesman. the family knew there was a decision that would be coming from the pennsylvania supreme court but did not know what it was or when exactly it would happen he tells us cosby was in his cell in a maximum security prison in pennsylvania and actually asleep. the guards came, opened up the cell door and said you're free the pennsylvania supreme court threw out his conviction the district attorney at the time said there i was not enough evidence to prosecute him at the time and instead he made a promise he would not prosecute so that it would compel cosby to give a deposition in the civil case that she was filing this is what he had to say today about that >> i found another solution to get a positive outcome for the
7:35 pm
complaining witness. to this day the case hasn't gotten better. just because 80 people came forward, they didn't go to the police and press charges that evidence is not admissable. >> reporter: he still has a pending lawsuit that was held until the pennsylvania supreme court made the decision, which was announced yesterday. but his spokesman said that he is going on with life and will move on with a documentary and he was actually on the phone this morning with comedy club owners >> the house speaker, nancy pelosi, gets to choose eight of the members of the commission to investigate the january 6th attack on the capitol. her first pick, a republican she named representative liz cheney, and she accepted she joins seven democrats as pelosi's picks to investigate the attacks. kevin mccarthy can choose five
7:36 pm
other fist he wants and is not too pleased that cheney accepted the role from pelosi saying -- >> i was shocked she would accept something from speaker pelosi it would seem to me she is maybe closer to her than us. i don't know >> nbc news reports mccarthy threatened to strip republicans of existing committee assignment fist they accepted pelosi's offer but cheney said she is not concerned about that >> my oath my duty. all of our oaths and duties is to the constitution. that will always be it >> panel members will begin with testimony from capitol police officers about their experiences on that day. supreme court handing republicans a major victory today in their quest to impose restrictions on voting in a 6-3 decision the supreme
7:37 pm
court ruled in favor of arizona's voting restrictions rejecting claims under the voting rules ballots cast in the wrong precinct are invalid and now a class 5 felony for third party community groups to collect mail ballots. covid plunged the country into a recession and many lost jobs and businesses despite that there is a new report out showing most americans got richer in the pandemic last year u.s. households added more than $13 trillion in wealth, the biggest increase recorded according to the federal reserve. christina, how did americans come out of the crisis with more money? if. >> wealth increased despite the pandemic because of several factors. many were able to save more and pay off debt
7:38 pm
think of the savings on restaurants, babysitters and travel and took advantage of the loans like a mortgage. you add monetary stimulus, government aid and a strong rally in financial markets, up goes the bank accounts the wealthy are more likely to own stocks and mutual funds and disproportionately benefitted. low are income americans saw their wealth increase. all of your cashes, investments, cars, homes. it sounds like a lot of money but does not compare when you look at the top 20 making an extra $10 trillion during the pandemic that is why lower income family might need more additional support in the near term >> we have seen some jobs recouped and some wage increases but it needs to be broad based to ensure it is sustained and
7:39 pm
continues to provide enough of a buff ter to spend at a decent clip >> people are returning to the office and the government aid will run out >> wealth increased across all u.s. households as you mentioned. what about the ultra rich. >> the ultra rich, $30 millionor more the group grew 1.7% in 2020. an extra 4,700 people or over that actually joined the ultra club in 2020 and the vast majority of the ultra rich live in the united states, especially in new york followed by china and then in japan. >> christina, thank you. a mixed report on the state of the job market
7:40 pm
364,000 americans applied for first time jobless benefits, the lowest number since the pandemic began. the level of continued claims increased. the report comes as more than 20 states cut federal unemployment aid. republican governors argue the extra $300 in benefits keeps people in their homes and out of the workforce. another ruling in the free britney movement and it is bad news from the pop star's perspective. the ball is back in her court as the legal wrangling continues. >> the whole place is on fire from people in a small town decimated by roaring flames. the wildfire raging through homes days after this area eritigstemrare tpetu ev d you know prilosec otc can stop frequent heartburn before it begins?
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the record breaking heat wave now linked to hundreds of deaths across the pacific northwest and western canada a coroner in brit urb columbia said at least 486 people died over the last five days there. earlier officials in oregon and washington reported dozens and dozens of heat-related deaths bringing the toll in the region to more than 500 this comes as the wildfire nearly wiped out a small town that set an all-time national heat record in canada. thermometers hit 121 degrees on tuesday. a local official said it took about 15 minutes for the wildfire to engulf the entire town he estimates that about 90% of the town burned to the ground. and look at this the wildfire so big that the massive plumes of smoke seen
7:44 pm
from an airplane officials say an evacuation order is still in effect britney spears denied. a judge in los angeles denied the pop star's request to remove her father from her conservatorship. the judge signed the order yesterday despite her rare, emotional testimony that her father bullied her and had obsessive control over her life and wants to mary her boyfriend and have more kids but says that her father won't let her jamie spears denies the accusations and now petitioned the court to investigate the claims britney's father said the co-coservitor has control over britney's personal life and medical treatment. a lawyer says she has been a tireless advocate for britney and well-being and it does not affect her right to mary or plan a family the case is back in court in two
7:45 pm
weeks and she can file a formal petition civil rights attorney and former prosecutor and cnbc contributor. britney's request has been denied would it be better to request the end of the conservatorship entirely >> that is a good question and one of the things is that the wealth management organization recently asked to withdraw on the basis they thought the trust was voluntary and learned it wasn't that tells me that britney has outsmarted many of the lawyers on the case and was wise to approach the court the way she did. >> i was go to ask you if you thought britney made a mistake speaking out publicly? >> no. i think a lot of lawyers said she did. initially i was skeptical.
7:46 pm
this move seemed like it managed to attract the type of attention she wanted it to someone that can engineer the result, can you honestly say they are not capable of making life decisions for themselves. >> i hear you. i have been looking online and a lot of people are drawing lines between bill cosby walking free and free britney petition being denied highlights problems with the justice system overall your thoughts. >> shep, i think that is a hard truth and one we have to face nonetheless. no matter how you study what happened with bill cosby's case, he was allowed to purchase his way out of prosof prosecution you have someone with the resources to provide security and decision making processes, and she is not being allowed to do it. hard to reconcile those two things >> we hear britney can file a
7:47 pm
formal petition to end the whole thing. any idea why she would not do that already >> i think it raises questions they are saying we are out because we thought it was vol untear and he we learned it isn't. that is like me saying i was hired to work on a case but i didn't know what i was supposed to be doing. britney maintains she didn't know her legal rights and begs the question whether the people that are supposed to representing her are doing what they are doing should she have done things differently, it is hard to dovetail that with the lack of advice she seems to be receiving about how to handle herself in court. >> it is certainly all a mystery. thank you. hey, as of today ncaa athletes can cash in on their fame from sponsorships and autographs to endorsements and video games, students can now get paid. it did not take long for some to take advantage of the brand-new
7:48 pm
opportunities. courtney reagan spoke with some of them. >> reporter: hi, shep. new state laws and ncaa rules went into effect at 12:01 a.m. allowing college athletes to profit off of their name, image and likeness for the first time. >> the beauty of all of it is that it is technically a free market, and there is no cap on what any individual athlete can receive. >> just two of the four deals derek king announced in the first 24 hours of the new rules. >> i don't think it is out of the realm of possibilities that we will see athletes command seven figures per year i don't think we are only talking about the star quarterback at amajor university or star wide receiver i think we will see other
7:49 pm
athletes >> it expands visibility for female athletes that don't get as much attention as their male counterparts these two basketball players at fresno state that got a boost mobile endorsement today >> it is definitely worldwide with boost mobile. that is why we are shocked holy cow this is unreal yeah we are super grateful to be partnered with them and we love what they skprept that we can incorporate it so easy into our social media >> reporter: it is not just global or athletic deal. some market local businesses or their own outside endeavors. jordan bohannon is monetizing his podcast and endorsing a local fireworks business the new allowances are music to marshall offensive lineman, the football player can make money playing live music shows using his real name instead of lucky
7:50 pm
bill >> what is off limits, courtney? >> reporter: good question they can't sign deals that conflict with their school's corporate deals like wearing under armour shoe on the field if your school has a deal with nike and can't use trademarks or sign deals going against the school's honor code. >> thanks so much. the lgbtq community applauding an announcement by the state department brand-new options available for your passport and a star spangled american comeback meet three business owners that went from wondering if anyone would come tou thrghhe door to planning a full red, white and blue blowout ♪ t-mobile america's largest, fastest, most reliable 5g network.
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bezos is not scheduled to go up until july 20th. eli musk, no plans yet to head into orbit planning party it up for the fourth of july weekend, you are not alone. four of five americans will celebrate the holiday and spend about $80 a piece on food alone. our american comeback series takes us to newcastle, pennsylvania where we spoke with three entrepreneurs who are going all out for the fourth of july after struggling through the pandemic andrea day with stories of their american comeback. >> the one word that describes the last year is action. >> for us it is roller coaster >> for me it is traumatic. >> reporter: this is newcastle, pennsylvania where three small businesses are making a comeback jeanine bennett worked as a nurse saving lives before she
7:54 pm
bought the bakery. a year into it covid hit and she was left scrambling to save her business but she is as curbside pickup, online orders and nonstop work helped the bakery pull through >> we would do anything to keep the business alive >> reporter: it worked and now she is hoping the fourth brings a bigger boost >> we sell a lot of hamburger buns >> buns to booms stephen is the ceo of pthis company creating fire work displays about 3,500 shows a year, not during the pandemic. >> we were having shows cancel by the hundreds each week. it was really morally devastating to the team. >> reporter: to survive he had to cut his team down to barebones. >> we focused our innovation internally to be better and more efficient.
7:55 pm
>> reporter: turning into a major win. >> we were awarded the halftime super bowl show in tampa that cot pu-- catapulted us into a fresh year we are looking forward to a really busy and spectacular fourth of july >> not far away mp coney island hotdogs. >> my family started 100 years ago. >> reporter: covid almost ended the run. they were forced to close one location their second store, saved by the drive through. >> we had to adapt to find a better way to serve more people through the drive through, and thankfully we were able to do that >> reporter: another life saver, another wholesale chili business >> we make it and package it and sell it to grocery stores. >> reporter: the business is growing strong and coney island, better than before >> people love the cihli
7:56 pm
we are going to continue to make it >> reporter: out of the chaos, major life lessons >> have you to be willing to adapt and to change with the times. >> we are certainly not pandemic-proof >> always expect the unexpected. every day we are getting a little bit busier. >> it is going to be another great 100 years for coney island >> our future is bright. fourth of july will mark a really fresh start for america >> reporter: shep, it is also a great start for steven's business they are producing about 450 fireworks displays across the country just this week, and that is almost back to normal he says you know what, it is a huge relief to make it this far. >> no doubt. changes are come to your passport the state department making the little blue book more inclusive for the lgbtq community. passport applicants will be able to choose a gender without providing medical documentation
7:57 pm
and the state department planning add a third option, in addition to male or female it will be an x the president of the largest lgbtq advocacy group applauded the decision saying it will decrease the risk of discrimination, harassment or violence for any vulnerable group. one of the most deadly snakes in all of the world has been t terrorizing a neighborhood in raleigh. a snake that can spit venom from nine feet away animal control today wrangled it back up using a glue trap and taken to a safe location to have all of the glue taken off of it. no word if the owner will get it back 60 seconds left on a race to the finish the trump organization and the money man indicted, charged and accused of running a sweeping
7:58 pm
tax fraud scheme that allegedly involved giving expensive perks to company executives instead of money to help them dodge taxes the chump and chief financial officer, allen weisselberg, pleading not guilty to all charges including second degree grand larceny and falsifying business records the search and rescue is back underway in surfside, florida after a 15-hour pause over fears of another collapse. america's top health experts issue a new warning about the delta variant. national numbers are going down and new data shows average daily cases increased by 10% over the past week. now you know the news. this thursday, july 1st, 2021. i'm shepard smith. thksoran f checking in tonight we will see you back here tomorrow night for the news. now it's, "network, network, network." so you need a network that's built right. verizon business unlimited starts with america's most reliable network.
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