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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  June 5, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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a ppen with this business. we're really gonna take over the world with potatoes. i really believe it. ec the head of the fbi compares the attack to 9/11 facebook suspends the former president for two more years could he return just in time for
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another run at the white house aliens or something else the new report from the government on those mysterious unexplained or flying object citings. new concerns from the cdc over unvaccinated teenagers. new data on high earners fleeing high tax states. plus a new weapon in the fight against a wisdom by cell phone apocalypse >> announcer: live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith good evening the american economy is healing slowly employers across the country added 559,000 jobs in may. about twice the number added last month but still below what the economists had been expecting. and the economy is still about 7.6 million jobs short of where it was before the pandemic in february of last year a steep hole that's proving difficult to climb out of. >> this is progress, historic progress, progress that's pulling our economy out of the worst crisis it's been in 100
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years. as we continue this recovery we're going to hit some bumps along the way. of course that will happen we can't reboot the world's largest economy like flipping on a light switch. >> as the president also noted, this report captured data up until only may 12th. since then the cdc and many states dropped indoor mask rules for people fully vaccinated pan. and 21 million more adults are fully vaccinated drawing many back to offices, restaurants and travel that was reflected in the report too. the biggest economic employment gains in the leisure and hospitality industry it added 292,000 jobs mostly at restaurants and bars cnbc senior economic correspondent steve liesman on our story tonight. leisure and hospitality workers and some bumps in play what does it mean for the labor shortage >> you know, employers are finding, shep, sticker shock
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when they see what it costs to bring people back to work. they've been accustomed to the supply of labor. wages up $1.29 over the past year high unemployment benefits keeping some on the sidelines. others people have difficulty finding child care support jobs may not be in the right place. workers may not have the right skills and there is another factor here many millions during the pandemic they just dropped out of the labor force and took the opportunity to retire, maybe became stay at home moms or dads or just out looking for work -- stopped looking for work some may never come back or only at a higher wage. >> states are cutting jobless benefits this month. do you have an idea how big a factor that could be for the june report? >> yeah, well it's going to be a massive experiment in the impact of the extended unemployment benefits 25 states ending them this
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month. economists expect this to help bring millions become. they think most of the labor shortage problem will work out over time. most of that is when the extended benefits end, schools reopen and when the right workers get in the right place with the right skills. but shep, i got to say some of this hangs around a while if you are millions not coming back to the workforce. >> steve liesman, good weekend thank you. another industry hiring in big numbers, cryptocurrency. hundreds of jobs are open and some with no crypto experience necessary. that story coming up just a little later in this news hour the former president trump could be coming back to one of the biggest social media platforms in the world just in time for 2024. facebook announcing the former president will remain suspended from their platform for two years. but the company did open the door for his potential return after that if certain conditions are met. for months now the former
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president trump has been exiled from twitter, facebook and other social media platform after his supporters stormed the capitol and launched a deadly insurrection today the former president responded to the suspension repeating the same dangerous lie that got him suspended in the first place, that the election was stolen he also lied about the number of votes he received. in the written statement, the former president writes facebook shouldn't be allowed to get away with this sort of censoring, silencing and ultimately we will win and our country can't take this abuse any more. former president trump has not ruled out another run for the white house. not publicly in fact, he is speaking at a north carolina gop convention tomorrow under the stipulations of his suspension from facebook, the former president could potentially return to that platform in january of 2023. cnbc's valerie castro is here. there are some major caveats for the former president here. >> shep, everything will be closely scrutinized by facebook once that suspension lifts and permanent removal is not out
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of the question. right off the bat facebook says it will look to experts, though not specifying who they would be, to assess whether the risk to public safety has receded the company says it will look at violence, restrictions on peaceful assembly and any other markers of civil unrest if these things are determined to affecting public safety, the suspension could be extended facebook released this table showing the penalties for public figures who break the rules during times of civil unrest and ongoing violence, suspensions range from one month to two years. and in some cases permanent removal. even though the former president has expressed his unhappiness with the continued ban calling it censorship, first amendment experts say that's a stretch. >> the idea that donald trump or any other political figure is silenced because they aren't facebook is a little specious. what you really have at best is
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a contract dispute they have the terms of service which appear to allow them to make a judgment. but even -- not even offering a reason. >> facebook announced changes to the way it treats politicians. until now even if they violated the rules the posts would remain because facebook considered them news worth by default but that's no longer the case they'll be subject to harmful speech guidelines like every other user facebook says there may be cases where posting are exempt and will make it publicly known. >> valerie castro thank you enjoy the weekend. >> to casey newton editor of platformer and cnbc contributor. casey, facebook's original decision on former president trump was criticized by some as arbitrary. give us an idea, is this one clearer what -- what do you make of this one? >> it is a little bit clearer because it's at least written down when facebook first gave trump an indefinite suspension there was actually no such thing as an indefinite suspension anywhere in fischer's rule book
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that's why its oversight board came in and said if you want to inference the rule you have to write it down. there is a lot to say about the ruling but it's now somewhere in fischer's community guidelines. >> does the suspension address the issue? or did facebook really kick the can down the road? >> i have to agree with you there. this is a bit of a punt, right i think there were certainly a lot of folks who wanted facebook to remove trump from the platform indefinitely. in fact nick klegg leading policy and communications said as much when they referred the case to the oversight board. but now they said already, give it two years see how things change then. and then a decision. so, yes it feels like they are punting again on the issue. >> casey read some research on this today this is a number 90% of republicans say they believe social media siting censer political viewpoints from pew research what does this decision do to that perception? >> i'm sure it is only going to
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heighten it. you know, at the same time, platforms are allowed under the first amendment to have rules. they're allowed to enforce behavior, you know, just in the same way a shopping mall can kick you out if you're in there causing trouble with the megaphone. facebook can kick you out if you're inciting violence that isn't how republican see it and this only angers them more. >> casey thank you. a development tonight in the criminal investigation into the trump organization a new york grand jury is expected to hear testimony now from one of the company's senior executives that's according to the reporting of "the new york times. the paper reports the manhattan district attorney has subpoenaed jeffrey mcconney to testify. he is the trump organizations controller prosecutors have been conducting a wide ranging investigation into the organization's business dealings, looking into the potential of tax fraud no charges filed against the former president at all, and he has not been accused of any
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wrongdoing, though he has called the investigation a political witch hunt the threat from ransomware attacks is serious and growing and now the fbi director christopher wray is drawing parallels to the attacks of 9/11 inside the world's largest cryptocurrency conference. underway right now in miami. the industry booming and looking for workers. and buying a horse used to be just for the superrich now everybody can get in on the action but is it worth the investment >> announcer: the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith. back in 60 seconds ♪♪ [sfx: revving trucks] pilot over radio: here we go, let's do this. ♪♪ pilot over radio: right there, right there. [sfx: revving trucks] pilot over radio: g complete. how do you introduce the larger-than-life gmc yukon?
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with the world's biggest tweet. the next generation gmc yukon. premium that's made to be used. welcome to allstate. ♪ ♪ you already pay for car insurance, why not take your home along for the ride? allstate. here, better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands. click or call to bundle today. the insidious wave of ransomware attacks striking across the country has apparently claimed another victim this time it's local tv news cybersecurity experts say it appears a cyberattack against
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cox media group knocked at least two of the local tv stations, one in pittsburgh and the other in orlando off the air or not knocked off the air but hit them and hard. employees tell nbc news managers instructed the stations to shut down company computers and phones fbi director christopher wray says the challenge our nation is facing right now from ransomware attacks is so immense it's comparable to the terror attacks of 9/11. he followed "the wall street journal" the fbi's investigating about a hundred different types of ransomware, and that most of them trace back to hackers in russia as we reported last night u.s. officials tell nbc news the biden administration is planning to have intelligence agencies spy on cybercriminal gangs and potentially launch counterattacks against hackers inside russia. cnbc senior washington correspondent eamon javers now eamon you spoke to a top justice department official about the relentless attacks what did you learn >> that's right, shep, lisa monaco has been leading the charge at the department of
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justice. she launched a 120 cyberreview created a new ransomware task force and issued new guidance to the doj, and the fbi mandating immediate reporting to headquarters of any ransomware cases that pop up. one of the key issues in this is whether or not the companies hit by ransomware are paying off the criminal gangs to get access back to their own computers. so i asked monaco whether jbs the giant meat processing company hacked this week paid off the gangsters or not here is what she said. >> i don't know the answer to that. >> do you think that the government should know whether the companies are paying ransoms or not. >> yes, i think we need to know. >> i also asked her what happens when the attacks on the nation's food and fuel supplies are not ransomware only. what if the acre wants to lock up the systems and not sell back the key. is the united states prepared for that >> the threat to critical infrastructure, the threat to
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companies across all sectors is very real. the most important thing we can be doing is not allowing ourselves to be victimized in the first place. >> you know, i was struck by the fact that she didn't say just, yes, the united states is prepared now we also heard directly from russian leader vladimir putin today. he denied russia is behind the recent spate of attacks despite the u.s. government recording that it it is. putin called the allegations absurd and said he explained his view is the united states is trying to prevent russia's development. he said everything the u.s. does starts from that position. now white house officials say one of the things that they're trying to do is build an international coalition against ransomware the biden administration hopes to put pressure on russians through the global process and we'll see how well or not well that's playing out soon at the upcoming biden/putin summit in geneva. >> eamon back to the ransomware issue, why wouldn't a company tell the government whether they paid or not?
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>> well, that's the big question you saw lisa monaco say she don't know whether or not jbs paid the ransom to the criminals. we did see them get up and running quickly this week. the question is whether they paid or didn't pay you can imagine this is enormously sensitive for a company. because they are sending cash, dollars, changed in cryptocurrency, collect directly to criminal gang there are all sorts of branding pr and legal headaches associated with that any company may simply not want the government to know what their interactions have been with criminal gangs, particularly if they are sending cash. >> eamon, thanks speaking of crypto, the biggest crypto conference in all the world is happening right now in miami. it's called bitcoin 2021 and it's expected to draw up to 50,000 people. some big names headlining the event. the twitter ceo jack dorsey, the pro skater tony hawk
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the boxer floyd may weather and texas congressman ron paul at the conference in miami here is nbc's shaquille brewster. >> you see the crowd behind me, shep this is one of the largest crowds the building has seen since the pandemic this is a soldout event. more than 12,000 tickets sold this time around, up from 2,000 back in 2019 and this just shows the excitement around cryptocurrency as more people invest into the virtual monetary device. when i talk to people they are saying they are coming to learn about cryptocurrency and get in on some of the success in growth you've seen. you're hearing that from the mayor of miami who is one who convinced organizers to move the event from los angeles to here in miami listen to what he told me. >> whether we like it or not we're going in into a scary technological world that's becoming more technological. and cities will survive and thrive based on the editions they make to prepare residents for that world. >> he later told me that he is
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trying to make miami the crypto capital of the world he says he is taking solid action to make that happen paying certain employees in bitcoin if they want, and also taking taxes, accepting tax payments in bitcoin. shep. >> shaquille, thank you. >> one of crypto's biggest promoters appears to have fallen out of love with bitcoin elon musk tweeted a breakup meme with hashtag bitcoin and a broken heart emoji on that, bitcoin fell by more than 4%. other digitals coins followed. ethereum down 2 per. musk's favorite, dogecoin fell about a percent. but despite the volatility, the crypto industry is growing and that means job opportunities. according to, the share of crypto currency's job severance increased by nearly 200% the last year and the share of available crypto jobs increased by nearly 30%. cnbc's kate rogers following this what kind of jobs are we talking about here
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>> hey, shep when you hear crypto jobs you may think they're tech and finance positions. but in talking to companies hiring in this tight labor market, it really appears there is room for everyone 2021 most in demand crypto jobs are software architects, developers and engineers and security engineers as well google search terms showed those looking for crypto jobs are at all-time high and growing. the top locations for jobs for with are the corridor with listing in san francisco, los angeles, austin, phoenix and atlanta. crypto companies like krackin, the bitcoin in exchange platform say there are opportunities companywide looking to bring on about 1,000 workers from engineering to client services, the work is remote and the pay is the same whether you live in california or iowa >> this we do find is actually highly attractive for people that are in lower cost areas of
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living. >> now, blockfi with the crypt offer exchange is hiring about 88 workers a month those positions wide ranging some include customer support where past crypto experience isn't necessary. >> we hired someone who used to be an assistant store manager at a pizza shop in arizona. and what was incredible about the applicant is he was able to communicate that a hungry client is a lot like escalation the end experience is how do you turn the bad experience into something positive >> blockfi told us they want passionate open minded people who are of course willing to learn more about crypto, shep. >> thanks good weekend. united airlines getting in on the incentive game when it comes to vaccines. and employees might want to take notice plus mcdonald's trying out something new for the future drive-through orders when we take a look at what's on the money. and reports of the navy from mysterious flying objects.
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but as it turns out there is no clear conclusion according to the "new york times" the report shows no evidence that the sighting by navy pilots are aliens and won't give an explanation for what they might be. which means the inexplicable may remain that. >> here is stephanie goss. >> there is a whole fleet of them. >> a report that the government cannot explain the them. >> a report that the government cannot explain the mysterious objects caught on video by the destroyer so to cylindericle spear sphereses splashing in the military from an upside down pyramid object to above the navy destroyer so to cylindrical pear spheres splashing in the ocean to video showing one of the stealth ships tracking an unidentified object in the sky. >> 38 knots. >> ahead of the release of a declassified pentagon report, "the new york times" says these papers do little to clarify what the videos show. "the new york times" reporting that intelligence officials are worried the videos show america's adversaries may be racing ahead of the u.s. in
12:24 am
elite weapons technology developing elite weapons technology senior officials expressing concern to the paper about china or russia, possibly experimenting with hypersonic technology aircraft and missiles that can reach speeds as high as 4,000-mile-per-hour. according to the times, the report scheduled to be released by june 25th clarified rowe clarifies that most of the more than 120 incidents over the past two decades are not from the u.s. military. or other advanced u.s. government technology. >> whoa, it's getting close. >> the times also reports the pentagon found no everyday that the phenomena are aliens although the pentagon confirmed the validity of the videos, they still can't explain what their cameras and sensors have been picking pup the pentagon declined nbc news's request for comment. jeremy korbel is the man releasing the many of the leaked videos >> there is pressure by the global and american public for answers. >> and it's not just the public
12:25 am
asking questions former intelligence officers and even presidents have been talking about this for weeks now lawmakers on intelligence committees are demanding answers. >> there is enough obvious evidence here that we need to take this seriously, not downplay it. >> for the news, i'm stephanie gosk are you a millennial and hoping to retire young according to a new study your n before yours and there might not be time to generation is not as strong financially as any generation before yours and there might not be time to close the gap. vice-president kamala harris taking on the border and voting rights how she is handling her biggest lift yet as vp. and kids and covid a new rise in hospitalizations causing widespread concern, as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on hour and the top of the news on cnbceast cancer, what does it mean to be a thriver? it means we grab a hold of what matters most. we sweat the details. ask for what we want. get what we need. and we need more time.
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12:28 am
democracy horse ownership. >> what we want to do for the shareholders is allow them to have an experience, make them feel like they're part of the ownership group when the horse is running down the stretch. >> sports blocks and my racers offers shares. for less than $100 microinvestors can own a fraction of winning and studd eo fees the authorized by the securities and exchange commission requires investors to hold shares at least a year kevin richardson who owns two owner, h shares in max player says he is in it for bragging rights. >> being just a part share owner, having a piece of a great horse is not netting you a whole lot of money. >> investors have opportunities to meet the trainers, visit the stables, even get a picture in the winners circle >> you shouldn't go in thinking you're going to make a lot of money. >> the numbers just don't bear it out your better bets might be gambling. >> i think the running joke is if you want to make $10 million in horse race racing you start with 100 million. >> investing in race horses is
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just a start for sport blocks. the company is offering shares in professional human athletes and a piece of their future earnings for the news, i'm contessa brewer. >> contessa, even if you don't own a horse you can still watch the final leg of the triple crown, belmont stakes tomorrow afternoon, 5:00 eastern, 2:00 pacific on nbc. get the shot, get more vacation time at united airlines that's what's topping cnbc on the money pilots and flight attendants sharing the vaccine status with united by next wednesday will get up to three extra days in next year's vacation bank. or get the vaccine by july the 1st and get two days the goal here, get shots in more employees arms and fast. wal-mart giving everyone thanksgiving day off the nation's largest retailer reports it will close all stores in the u.s. on turkey day for the second year in a row they call it a thank you to employees for working during the
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pandemic mcdonald's testing automated voice ordering at driver throughs in other words, you talk to the speaker box, kind of like you do to siri or alexa no human order takers. still kinks to work out but the ceo says he is the confident the robot will replace the people. and at wendys frosty friday, ceo says he is every friday this month wendys giving away a small frosty to anyone shows the mobile offer at the drive through. no minimum purchase required and if it's breakfast it's a frosty chino ice cream with cold brew and like peacock, free as a bird on wall street, the dow up 179. the s&p up 37. and the nasdaq up 200. i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour, time tor the top of the news a water crisis in the west
12:31 am
extreme drought conditions forcing people in some states to start conserving water right now. start conserving water right now. a russian tennis player arrested over allegations of match-fixing at the french open. and the cdc's new concerns about the growin a russian tennis player arrested over allegations of match-fixing at the french open. and the cdc's new concernsne he is she is deeply concerned by the number of hospitalized adolescents, the comments in the wake about the growing number of kids hospitalized with covid. cdc director walensky issuing the stern warning saying these he is she is deeply concerned by march ended up in intensive care the number of hospitalized adolescents, the comments in the wake of a new cdc study,> dr. s
12:32 am
fda commissioner board member o emphasizing severe covid-19 can occur in all ages. but kids age 12 to 17, hospitalizations rose from march to april of this year. and nearly one-third of those hospitalized from january to march ended up in intensive care important to note, there were no reported deaths from covid in that age group during that time. dr. scott gottlieb former fda commissioner board member of pfizer and lumina cnbc contributor and more of the new book system failure why covid-19 defeated us and how to beat the next pandemic. how concerned are you about adolescents and covid. >> look it's concerning the trends on hospitalizations and the data cdc put out or emphasized today i think it's a reflection of the contagious variants. we are seeing they are more contagious across all age groups attacking more adults and kids you see more kids contract symptomatic covid and more hospitalized as a result particularly b.1.1.7. >> new york state said they are eliminating the mask rule for e eliminating the mask rul camps and schools regardless of vaccination city the big city is continuing the mask mane. who is doing it right? put out y said that they are strongly
12:33 am
encouragin >> well, look, the city -- the guidance that they put out today said that they are strongly encouraging masks inside the schools but not requires are requiring them i think they are trying to change the guidance to conform to the conditions prevalent in the summertime it's hard to run summer camps inside the schools which is where a lot of summer camps are run in new york city and require masks indoors but not in outdoor setting prevailens likely to be low this summer so i think the risk is substantially reduced. i think masks in indoor settings with indoor kids with the stuffy indoor environment with not good air filtration is a prudent precaution to take at this point. i can understand why new york city wants to make the accommodation or new york state wants to make the accommodation to facility summer camps. >> this morning on "squawk box" you said something about restaurants. and that the cia and other intelligence agencies need to be the ones to find out the origins of covid what are the red flags for you >> well, the red flags in terms of just sars cove 2 is the side of the ledger that point in the direction that it came from animals hasn't budged since the outbreak began but the side of
12:34 am
the ledger suggests it could have come out of a lab continuing to expand we have the circumstantial evidence of illnesses reported of people working in the wuhan laboratory, the lab that has been suggested could be involved in doing research with this particular virus that occurred in november at the very time we now believe the virus first made its arrival into the setting in wuhan. we have the fact the chinese into the setting in wuhan. we have the fact the chinese government withheld key information that could be exculpatory that could point in the direction of a zoonotic source and the people working in the lab and the early strains, as well as information about some of the infections they have not made patient samples available from early infections which could help discern where it originated from the fact they withheld the key details that could be exculpatory is a piece of information. also we have done an exhaustive
12:35 am
search for the animal source and haven't found it there's been more evidence, circumstantial evidence albeit, that suggests this could have come out of a lab. i think we need to have open minds about the potential. the one thing we have looked at early on, the reason why a lot of virologists early on didn't feel it could have been a lab source and more likely a zoonotic source is looking at the strain itself all of the again etic strain could be found in nature. it's plausible it came from nature that's probably the more likely scenario but over time, the fact that we have discounted some of the theories around the zoonotic source, for example the wet market, the food market in wuhan being the original source of this and the fact that chinese government withheld key evidence and the fact we now know there have been illnesses around the institute at the time the virus first made the arrival in wuhan, i think all of that is suggestive and requires further investigation. >> and they won't tell us what the illnesses were
12:36 am
you would think if somebody had flu or some kind of cold, they'd release the details so we'd all shut up about it they haven't done it and that stinks. dr. gottlieb, enjoy the weekend. thank you. and nationwide surge in crime is happening and it's hitting hard in new york city. as that city starts to reopen. the nypd reports a 22% spike in overall crime in the month of may cared to may of last year. of course last may we were in lockdown but the biggest drivers of this, shootings, up 73%. robberies almost 50% grand larcenies and felony assaults also climbing and the surge of hate crimes is also leaving communities on edge we've been reporting on the surge in anti-asian hate crimes, jumping more than 300% in the big city in may compared to the same time last year. crimes involving sexual orientation up 188%. anti-black crimes up 80% and anti-semitic hate crimes up 37%. the reward for information about the freeway shooting that killed
12:37 am
a 6-year-old is now at $500,000. it happened last month in southern california. ayden leos sitting in the back seat of his mother's car on his way to kindergarten when somebody shot him. the california highway patrol b. the california highway patrol releas releasing this photo of the suspect's vehicle. it's a white vox wagon golf sports wagon, a 2018 or 2019 model they say the listen number you can't see in the pictures. police say it was a male passenger who pulled the trigger. after a 2-year legal battle, house democrats finally had the chance to question former president trump's white house counsel, don mcgahn. mcgahn testified behind closed doors before the house judiciary committee. we're told we'll get a transcript in a week according to the mueller report in 2017, then president president trump told mcgahn to oh order the firing of special counsel bob mueller but mcgahn refused and threatened to resigns.d threatened to
12:38 am
resigns. democrats subpoenaed subpoenaed mcgahn to force him to testify democrats subpoenaed mcgahn to force him to testify about efforts to obstruct the russia investigation. but the trump justice department fought that in court to block his testimony. house judiciary chairman gerry nadler said mcgahn i'm quoting shed new light on several troubling events but republicans claim they learned nothing new today. some of the white house's biggest challenges are falling on the shoulders of vice-president kamala harris this week president biden gave her a new assignment protect voting rights across america. that's on top of the vice-president being the administration's point person on the surge of migrants at the southern border. on the vice-president's growing workload, here is cnbc's senior congressional correspondent elan mui. >> the night that kamala harris made history at the first woman, first person of color elected vice-president she made clear winning a seat at the table was the first step. >> now is when the real work
12:39 am
begins the hard work. the necessary work the good work. >> that work now encompasses an expansive agenda, from voting rights to vaccinations, small business to access to broad band and her highest profile assignment so far, a solo trip l to guatemala and mexico this weekend to tackle root causes of the surge in migration. >> i said when we became a team got elected, that the vice-president's going to be the last person in the room. she didn't realize that means oe last person in the room. she gets every assignments. >> critics say he she has been handed impossible tasks and the white house has been forced to clarify her role in the situation at the border as largely diplomatic but the tough assignments may reflect the trust of the president. they forged a close republics reports say. >> president biden has been making a real effort to send the message that vice-president
12:40 am
harris is somebody who he respects, who does have access and does have influence. >> aides tell cnbc there is a central theme to the vice-president's work. breaking down barriers, confronting injustice, to create a more inclusive community those who tracked her political career by california congressman ro khanna a fellow indian american say that message is also personal. >> she understands that there are people across the country, across the world who are looking to her for inspiration, looking to her to say that they have a place in american society as well, that they could ente well, that they could enter t ts bigger polit public service. >> harris said her top priority is making sure the president is successful the few doubt that she has bigger political dreams of her own. >> when joe biden selected kamala harris as his vice presidential running mate he sent a message to the democratic party.
12:41 am
he knows as a white male in his 80s he is not what the future looks like and kamala harris is. whether it's literally her or women and people of color more generally -- >> still the odds are stacked against her shep our nation has had 49 vice-presidents, almost all wanted to be president but only 15 have actually doneye it zblirjts elan, thank you. there is a wealth migration happening in america a new report reveals the big it. >> elan, thank you. there is a wealth migration happening in america a new report reveals the big number of high-income earners who moved away from high tax states plus a major drought on the west coast and heat wave to the east coast, the weather for the weekend coming up. strip away what you don't want, like added sugars and preservatives, and what's left is the good stuff. the real fruit and vegetable juices of naked. strip down to naked.
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florida manatees are dying at an alarmingly high rate this year 761 sea cow deaths recorded so far. that's on track to florida manatees are dying at an alarmingly high rate this year 761 sea cow deaths recorded so far. that's on track to surpass the
12:44 am
record setting 804 deaths back in 2018. marine biologists say bad water quality is the to of run off trigger algae blooms killing off sea grass, a vital food source for manatees essentially dying of starvation and malnutrition at the current wildlife service the manatees could be umped bumped up to endangered status as summer a approaches the water cries he is at the california oregon border is suffering from extreme drought at that rate, fire season an heating up right now 75% of california isey after ranchers were forced to truck in water the drought impacting everything from suffering from extreme drought at that rate, fire season and shrinking reservoirs with a year-round concern to the 37 million people affected. the state's 1,500 reservoirs are 50% lower than normal. and the bay area, marin county, declaring a state of emergency after ranchers were forced to truck in water the drought impacting everything from fresh water fish and
12:45 am
irrigation to hydroelectric power, which supplies most of the state's grid in oregon, the drought forcing the fish and wildlife department to consider new restrictions foe the northeas fishermen. right now stream flow in the state at a quarter of what it should be. and all the warm weather is expected to continue the northeast bracing for august-like temperatures with new york state under heat advisories starting sunday and triple digits expected around arizona, texas, new mexico meteorologist bill karen with us now. bill how hot is it going to get? >> i mean, it's already been blistering hot in areas like -- you can't picture it getting that hot if i told you it was 106 todayuy in one spot in the country, the last spot you would ever guess is bismarc in one spot in the country, the like close last spot you would ever guess is bismarck in other words they were 106 in the north -- in areas that have never ever been like close to 100. they were near it today up along the canadian border. this was the hottest in years for a lot of the locations the temperatures themselves grand for example, 102 degrees grand for example hadn't hit a hundred in 31 years.
12:46 am
so droughts feed themselves. this drought e so droughts feed themselves. no minnesota. very little soil this drought expands from the west through the northern plains in the da costa on northern minnesota. very little soil moisture. and that's just feeding this incredibly warm. and tomorrow we see numerous records fargo breaks the record. green bay breaks a record the . probably three or four days 90 to 95 but the first official heat wave of the summer season, washington, tomorrow then as we mentioned all of this heat begins to head east now this will be the typical summer-like heat wave in areas of the east. probably three or four days 90 to 95 but the first official heat wave of the summer season, washington, d.c., baltimore, philly, new york hartford all se talking about with the drought in the west? 100% of the state of the way up to boston it's early, owning the beginning of the summer. you have to wait and think to yourself, is this possibly what it means the rest of the summer? here is the story you were talking about with the drought in the west? 100% of the state of california,
12:47 am
74% in extreme and shep, this is the story of the summer, i believe. here are the current reservoir levels in california i mean, look at the numbers. i mean these are exceptionally low. and we're just starting the dry season there is going to be fights over water for the months ahead. >> months. bill karens, thank you millennials are doing worse financially than any generation that came before them. that from a new report from bloomberg. which says it's because the and now they're saddled withemic hit millennials at critical points in their careers. and now they're saddled with more debt and average year of college for a millennial almost 25 grand compared to just 10,000 for a boomer it's also more expensive to own a home $216,000 the take awa the median price, $$328,000 now compared to the boomer cost of $216,000 the take away here, a post-covid economic boom if it happens might be the last chance for this generation to get rich before going to retirement well as most americans were stuck at home during the pandemic, one group had already skipped town a new report from goldman sachs shows in 2019 about 1.5% of households making more than
12:48 am
$1 million left stakes with high taxes.lion left stakes with high taxes. the great 1 percenters escape. cnbc robert franke now, what specifically has rich people on the move >> well, they're leaving for retirement, shep, better weather and leaving for taxes. now there is the really important tax change in 2017 that limited the state in local tax deductions that's known asyd salt that the salt cap raised tax rates by 4% for those taxpayers in new york and california and it widened the gap even more the cap effectively raised taxes for high earners in high-tax states this report from goldman sachs you mentioned said that the salt cap raised tax rates by 4% for those taxpayers in new york and california and it widened the gap even more compared to states with no income taxes more than 6,000 people making more than a million dollars left new york state due to salt that doesn't sound like a lot of people
12:49 am
but since 1% of the people paid moving. >> they're moving from new york, new jersey, connecticut, california, they are moving to 40% of the taxes it doesn't take much to start hitting tax revenues. >> yeah, you reach a point of diminishing returns. where are the wealthy americans moving. >> they're moving from new york, new jersey, connecticut, california, they are moving to florida, texas, tennessee and nevada, generally states with no income taxes and warmer weather. what's not to like now this is shifting the entire geography of wealth in america north to south and it's also reshaping economies and the real estate market let's look at palm beach they are literally running out of mansions down there in palm beach florida. a that's a high class problem. the average home price in palm beach now almost $10 million, shep because they are running out of supply. mark anthony flipped his house in miami for a $3 million profit brokers telling me, shep, the wealthy new yorkers keep on coming they thought it would slow after the pandemic receded but it's still going on. >> see how they like but it's still going on.
12:50 am
>> see how they like it in the summer robert have a good weekend thank you. the third eye. in eastern religions it's a source of wisdom, a gateway to high are consciousness now, it's a way for dummies on phones to stop running into things a robotic third eye for tech addicts. who would wear that? >> and shot girl summer. it's like suns guns out for the vaccinated crowd and looking good is big business jane wells is in malibu. hey, jane. >> hey, shep, i can't wait to break up with this thing but as americans are starting to unmask and go out in public, we realize we have a little work to do the business of getting waxed after getting vaxed. when we come back. ♪ hey hey hey. ♪ goodbye. ♪ na na na na... ♪ hey hey hey. ♪ goodbye.
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well it's finally here shot girl summer that's what the kids call it summer 2019 was deemed hot girl summer after a hit song that year by megan stallion summer of 2020 not discussing that. now summer 2021 more than half of all adults have vaccination shots and many ready to make up for lost time, hence shot girl summer some women gearing up by stocking up on beauty products sales of lipstick, perfume and hair care all up double digits from last year shot guys getting in on the action too as masks come off. scooping up beard oil and shaving kits vaxed and waxed and reporting for malibu here is cnbc's jane wells. >> it's been a long year time to put away the sweat pants. start working out. lose that mask find some lipstick and hit the beach.
12:54 am
america is vaxed and waxed hot girl summer is now shot girl summer and vaccinated americans are trying to lose the covid 159 they gained during covid-19. >> i mean, you know get the best beach body on now because starting in three days it's summer. >> right. >> nothing says beach body more than outdoor salsa lessons in malibu taught by gleb from dancing with the stars. and classes are full here at raffe lounge. >> how much is business up in may versus april >> 100%. i don't want to say it's a blessing because it took a toll on a lot of people and businesses but people start to pay attention to health. and that's an amazing thing. >> whoa you go through a period of darkness you learn about yourself just brings you into such a deep state of gratitude.
12:55 am
>> three, two. >> classes are also full and indoors again at the studio mdr, a boutique gym which barely hung on during the pandemic. >> business dropped by 90% it was insane. people are coming back and they're excited. people wants to be with people >> that's true for 36-year-old emily bernath planning her first trip in a years she bought a cap that says vaccinated and learning to dress again. >> i noticed i had to take some photos of myself before i leave the house to see what even looks rights because i don't know how to dress. yeah trying to figure that out. >> yeah, i'm trying to up my wardrobe game too. though in malibu that really means sort of upgrading the leisure wear though it's going to be a long time before i can get rid of these and put on these shep.
12:56 am
>> you know we laughed at the phrase shot girl summer, jane. but sounds like serious businesses for place that is really need the foot traffic. >> gyms have suffered like you can't believe the last year. and small boutique gyms have not gotten the covid recovery that the larger chains have it's been really tough and most of the smaller boutique gyms have gone out of business. >> jane, enjoy the weekend great to see you a russian tennis player arrested at the french open did you hear about this? accused of fixing a match during last year's tournament the paris prosecutor office reports police arrested yana i forget how to say it sisk ova and charges of bribery. at the time two newspapers one in germany, one in france reported there were serious betting patterns in the first round of the woman's doubles match there. of particular interest to authorities was the crucial fifth game of the second set of sisikova double doubles match.
12:57 am
tied at two games apiece the tennis pro double faulted twice. her opponents went on to win the game and match the 26-year-old player denies the allegations. for everyone looking down at their phone while walking around, there is a new invention to help you avoid bumping into stuff. it's been dubbed the third eye a south korean industrial designer developed in robotic eyeball for mobile phone use tors strap on their foreheads. then the device opens the eye lids whenever the user is sensed lowering his head. when the user comes within a few feet of an obstacle it beeps to warn of the danger the designer says he hopes the third eye lets people recognize the severity of their gadget addiction. like who would wear that seriously? a minute left in the race to the finish the may jobs report out. employers in the u.s. added 559,000 jobs last month.
12:58 am
about twice the number added in april. it's below what economists had been expecting but the report suggests the economy is slowly healing. facebook is announcing former president trump will stay suspended from the platform for two years. but after that he could potentially return to facebook under certain conditions it's going to be a scorcher this weekend the northeast bracing for a heat waive and triple digit temperatures expected arizona, texas and new mexico now you know the news for friday, june 4th, 2012 i'm shepard smith. follow us on instagram and twitter at the news on cnbc and t-mobile is the leader in 5g. switch today and unleash the power of 5g with iphone 12 pro on us. that's the powerful iphone 12 pro on us.
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