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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  June 3, 2021 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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that's all for this edition of "dateline." i'm natalie morales. thanks for watching. [theme music] amc stocks wd ride plus a ransomware attack on beef what it means on the home and on the ranch. i'm shepard smith this is cnbc. >> a parallelizing attack leaves a permanent mark. >> we have a very fragile system >> why american cattle ranchers have research and develoent districted a breaking point after the jbs cyber attack >> plus we go inside one america's decrepit schools. >> this does not look like america to me.
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we look like a third-world country. >> how an infrastructure could help >> israel's longest prim minister kicked out of office tonight. what we know about who is incoming >> the girl who slapped a bear to protect her dogs speaks out. >> if i didn't do something about it who knows what might happen to her. >> a major decision looms in the fight against alzheimers and new challenge that can sink the cruise industry and rally for amc stock sent to an all-time high >> announcer: live from cnbc the facts. the truth. "the news with shepherd smith. this week they threatened our food supply attacking the largest meet supplier in the
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world. jbs. we can say that the largest meat packing plant is back online the fall out is deep we'll hear from a cattle rancher caught in a cross fire says this could be a breaking point for hibusiness cyber attacks have been relentless and a threat to our economy and lives. a water supply in florida by dumping in chemicals molson coors was hit with a ransom attack as well. and gas shortages last month as the colonial pipeline was a attacked and san diego hospitals hit. we begin tonight with the crisis at hand and senior washington correspondent ean javers we are learning more about the
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ransomware gang that attacked one of the biggest meat suppliers anywhere >> they're known as r evil, the group that attacked a company affiliatedith apple in april they're a russian-speaking gang prably operating out of a former soviet sa they are just one of a number of high profile russian-linked gangs targeting western companies. the white house doesn't believe vladimir putin is behind it, but he has the power to intervene. i spoke to one of the companies about what has to happen now >> we are tired of hackers hacking our hospitals and infrastructure and doing their ransomware acts.
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we know he where the actors are >> reporter: president biden not committing to any specific action but fielding question from reporters about what he's going to do. >> mr. president, will you retaliate against russia for the latest ransomware attack >> we're looking closely into it >> do you think putin is testing you? >> no. >> what can washington do about all of this? this there's a number of ideas that are under consideration here in town more sanctions to cut russia off from the global economy, new rules on cryptocurrency, or just flat out making it illegal for american companies to pay off the criminal gangs the problem is all those ideas have their critics too it's not clear how congress and the white house will be able to stop this. shep >> eamon, thank you. it's not just a meat giant
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conglomerate feeling the pain. cattle ranchers are taking major hit from this ransomware attack. we are near a ranch near sacramento here is jacob ward >> reporter: ransomware in california is having an immediate effect ranchers say a delay of a couple of days in the meat-processing industry could reverberate all the way from grocery store shelves back to the pasture. >> there's four companies that control 80% of the market. 50 years ago there used to be a butcher shop on every corner now you're hard pressed to find one anywhere in town we have a very fragile system and these kind of events bring that to the forefront and show people how critical to have a safe food supply >> reporter: ranching is, of course, an ancient way of life, but in the modern era, it's been
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digitized. each one of these cows is given a tag on its ear that gives them a unique identifier which helps build a system that allows everything from a usda food safety tracking system to the ability to forecast markets to the ability for you and i to know what fresh meat and what is not all of that is under threat in this new era of ransomware shep >> jake, hackers are attacking the way new englanders get to the beach. just today we learned a ransomware gang launched a cyber attack against the ferry service to cape cod nantucket and martha's vineyard. the steam ship warned customers theyight experience delays and would not be able to make reservations online or by phone. this recent string of hack attacks took a more sinister turn last month when a russian-based group took over america's largest pipeline in a recent article, "the new york times" dug into the inner working of dark side that's the group behind the hack during interviews with hackers
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themselves, the times found the groups went well beyond just hacking business, they opened doors for less sophisticated hackers. earlier i spoke wi andrew cramer the moscow you correspondent for the times. andrew, thank you. your article details the inner working of dark side, the ransom ware gang. that shut down the pipeline, what is did i have about their operation than past hacking groups >> well, the most distinguishing characteristic of dark side is its business model and mode of operation. it's highly organized and highly compartmentalized. it operates something like a franchise. you can get the software and you can use it as well as use the dark side's reputation as it were to extract money from their targets mostly in the united states >> you don't have to come up with the ideas yourself in the way that mcdonald's give you
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marketing and access to their product and the research this ransomware is furnished to you. >> that's right. it's a business model like a franchise. a hacker would have to gain access to a system or server but then would use the ready-made software from dark side and other such services that an individual hacker might not have access to. >> it's interesting because one of the quotes in your article stood out. cyber criminal nows can be a i guess that's self-explanatory. >> that's right. it used to be an activity that required a high degree of computer skills but if you become an affiliate of some of the other businesses that operate ransomware as a service, you don't need all the skills. you do one small part and the rest of can be bought off the shelves. >> that sounds like we're not going to see less of this. we're going to see even more
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would your reporting bear that out? >> i think it's been a growing business in russia and other former soviet countries. there's no reason for them to stop as long as long as they are making these very significant profits. >> andrew cramer from the "new york times", now, here's the big unknown, how many ransomware attacks are there in a week. some businesses never go public. how much money hackers have stolen, we may never know. he drove into downtown nashville on christmas morning and blew himself up in an rv and created widespread destruction new questions emerge about the bomber and what police did and did not do before the attack a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old broke into a home, unseveral guns and that's when their showdown withops began. it's trading frenzy that triggered a trading freeze
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the story behind the massive moves at amc stock today >> the facts, the truth, "the news with shepard smith" back in 60 seconds, the fair and honest bidding site. an ipad was sold for less than $24; a
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playstation for less than $16; and a 4k television for less than $2. go to right now and see how much you can save. remember, shipping is always free. christmas day, 2020. a bomb shatters the quiet street in downtown nashville, the area already evacuated after a computerized voice from an rv warned of an impending explosion., 63-year-ol police say this man, 63-year-old anthony quinn warner detonated the rv bomb. the explosion killed him the blast injured three other pele and damaged more than 40 downtown buildings, including an at&t facility, crippling 911 operations and cell phone service across the region. new today, after a five month investigation, a report raises new questions. could the bombing have been avoided entirely here is cnbc special correspondent.
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scott cohn >> reporter: on what should have been the most peaceful morning of a most unpeaceful year. christmas in nashville was one more confirmation of a world coming apart at the seams. >> this could have been the greatest mass murder in the history of tennessee >> reporter: only the suspected bomber, 63-year-old anthony quinn warner died. they're still cleaning up the damage and the trauma. what if authorities had been warned that the i.t. specialist had been building bombs in his rv it turned out they had been by a friend of warner's pamela perry that came out soon after the bombing. a new report by a special commission details the signals investigators missed >> we have the benefit of hindsight and obviously those police officers did not. >> reporter: the eight page report, the product of a five month investigation says perry was distraught, suicidal when
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she called 911 on august 21st, 2019 warner was ruining her life. she said, and she needed to save the innocent from him. officersaid perry rambled, was paranoid, she agreed to be day taken in for a mental health scan and investigators did try to follow-up including going to warner's house, but they never made contact with him and the matter stayed unresolved until christmas morning more than a year later, pamela perry knew right away who did it, she called authoritiesgain >> there's no way we can no this bombing could have been prevented. >> reporter: the so-called after actioneport by the special commission investigating the police response does make a number of recommendations, including bett follow up on open cases and documentation officers said they made multiple attempts to contact anthony warner, the suspected bomber but there's no record of it. shep
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>> scott, cohn, thank you. police are still searching for the shooters who they say killed two people d injured 21 officials are no more in hialeah, south florida over the weekend officials are now offering 130 grand for information leading to the arrest today, there's new footage that appears to show a second car may have been involved here's nbc's sam brock >> reporter: with the man hunt intensifying across florida for three gunmen, new views are coming to light ofhe harrowing events at the banquet hall where 23 were shot and two killed. first this split screen shows the front entrance sveillance camera with party goers waitingg quickl and a trio of shooters emerging quickly spreading panic. the business has a corner camera and a source confirms to nbc news this new video is authentic. it shows gunfire seeming to come from a second car at the other end of the parking lot then a man appears to get inside that car as the shooting subsides
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miami dade police did not immediately respond to requests for comments about a possible second car or additional suspects as the community coping with gun violence visibly grieves >> what you have seen is someone taking a firearm and causing as much damage as possible to innocent people and that's not something we should accept in the united states of america >> reporter: the miami dade county commissioner has also viewed the new video >> do you believe there's additional shooters targeting these people >> the videos that i've seen, to me, indicate there's another vehicle that's involved. there's another shooter that's involved at least one >> reporter: as this man hunt enters the fourth day, violence is unfolded with regularity recently in miami. from a brazen shooting last week where a man fired his weapon in broad daylight hanging out of a car window to a south beach confrontation outside a famous restaurant >> this past week was just out of control >> reporter: seemingly no space safe as miami dade's mayor addresses what she calls a few
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bad dangerous cycle spawned by a few bad actors >> will this leave a scar on miami dade >> nobody ever recovers from this kind of violence. >> reporter: i'm sam brock a 12-year-old and 14-year-old child in custody after they broke into a home, stole the homeowners guns and opened fire on police. it happened last nightt enterprise about 35 miles north of orlando the shiff there calling it something i've never seen in 35 years in policing. today they released body cam and aerial footage of the stand off. police say the two teens ran away from a juvenile home for troubled children. they were on the lam for several hours before they broke into the empty home police say inside that home, a shotgun, ak-47 and 200 rounds of ammo. when the deputies surrounded the home, the 14-year-old girl opened fire. deputies say they shot her as she fired at them from behind a
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trash can in front of the house. you can see her lying on the ground there in this video she's now in the hospital recovering police say the boy surrendered and they took him into custody >> they kn they were cops and shot at them they wanted to harm them the word of the the words of the 12-year-old >> the sheriff says the two teens walked the length of the house and opened fire on deputies from different angles he says they shot from the pool deck, from the bedroom window and from the garage door the whole thing lasting about 90 minutes before the two taken into custody luckily none of the officers was hurt : what's what's inside your child's school asbestos and lead paint and kids are rashes inside the most
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dilapidated schools in america the push to get schools in ders plus, a second blood sample and a second failed drug test. the consequencesor the kentucky derby champion and his legendartraine ♪ sometimes you wanna go ♪ ♪ where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪♪ ♪ and they're always glad you came ♪ ♪ you wanna be where you can see(ah-ah) ♪ ♪ our troubles are all the same (ah-ah) ♪ ♪ you wanna be where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪ you wanna go where people know ♪ welcome back, america.
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prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. medina spirit, the kentucky derby winner may soon lose the title after the horse fail yet another drug test. a second blood sample taken on derby day now confirms the presence of betamethasone. a steroid used to treat pain and inflammation in horses, churchill downs suspended
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legendary trainer bob baffert for two years. he claims the positive test may have come from an antifungal that they used on the horse leading up to race his lawyer today said another tt to round of tests was sent to a lab to prove the steroid came from the ointment and not an injection. the kentucky horse racing commission has yet to complete its investigation, but if medina spirit is disqualified, e colt will only be the second horse in the 147 year history othe race to be stripped of its title for a positive drug test a make or break week f president biden's ambition plan to revitalize the country's infrastructure, he sat down with the republan senator for about 45 minutes today searching for a breakthrough on negotiations the white house says they had a constructive and frank conversation and they plan to meet again in two days, friday as of now, the two parties are still running into some math problems
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president biden's proposal down to $1.7 trillion thlatest republican offer, 928 billion.772 billion that leaves about $772 billion to figure out somehow. caught in the middle, a crumbling american infrastructure this caution tape is at the auditorium for a high school in philadelphia whe students and teachers are all too familiar with infrastructure problems where crumbling ceilings and damaged floors are fact of life. administrators say it shows how desperately that extra funding is needed. here's our nbc news reporter >> reporter: good evening. thiss a beautiful school but it was built in 1912 which is the same year that the titanic sank and inside, according to philadelphia federation of teachers, there's a number of health and safety hazards for the children and educators lurking. that includes exposed asbestos, lead paint that is clumping from the walls. the entire fourth floor has been
4:23 am
condemned, condemned after rain water was pouring in and myself infesinnmice infestations we talk to the principal and some student who is say they don't feel safe. >> this does not look like america. it looks like we're in a third world country inside the building, that's sad it's sad they're not getting the full experience of the american education system >> one time during -- i forget which room it was like the whole ceiling just went down >> it was my room to >> it almost hit a teacher >> the ceiling in. >> the ceiling went down >> a piece a square it wasn't down and we were all shook. i couldn't concentrate during my test >> there was a hole in the ceiling in the tiles and a bucket at the bottom where water would just slowly drop and trickle down basically, and there were buckets all throughout the area where the hole was to catch any water that was falling >> reporter: that principal that we just heard from also talked
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about an unexplained rash that he and other staff have received here this is not just about philadelphia the first comprehensive report on the state of school infrastructure in the united states was issued late last year and what it found was tens of thousands of schools that have a need for desperately needed repairs and updates to their hvac system. for instance covid is just exposing what was a decades-in-the-making epidemic with the nation's schools and infrastructure posing health and safety problems. back to you, shep. >> heidi, thanks another meme stock on move tonight. frenzied buying. this time for amc entertainment. records broken and trading halted again and again kate rooney on how it all happened
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israel meets a midnight deadline to avoid its fifth election in two years. it means big change in leadership what now for the caretaker prime minister benjamin netanyahu cruising in the controversy. what the conflicting rules from the cdc and florida's governor means for the companies and anybody who wants to set sail as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top othe news from cnbc. cnbc. i'm evie's best camper badge. but even i'm not as memorable as eating turkey hill chocolate chip cookie dough creamy premium ice cream and chasing fireflies. don't worry about me. i'm fine. you can't beat turkey hill memories.
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meme sto madness, amc edition. look at this chart
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amc surged more than 90% in the single session to $63 a share. the move so dramatic, the new york stock exchange halted trading several times. when you look at the year, the rise is even more dramatic the movie theater chain in this case up 3,000% cnbc kate rooney, i know theaters are back open but this seems incredible what's happening here? >> if you're confused, you're not alone. amc caused a lot of folks on wall street to really scratch their heads. movie theater chain has billions of dollars in debt it struggled to meet rent repayments and many of us are now used to streaming moves movies from home yet, younger investors really love this name the hype is coming from online trading communities. notably wall street betss his ad
4:28 am
this week he started playing to that reddit crow adam aron knows his audience and this week he started playing to that reddit crowd in a tweet about company news yesterday, he painted amc as the little guy. he said watch out nay sayer, amc is going to play on offense again. here we go they are rating stocks they see as a underdog, youemember gamestop, aders rushed to buy that name as sort of a turn around story for a struggling brick and mortar video game store. the really stick it to the hedge funds who bet against that stock. today amc went a step further in trying to reach this new audience they launched a port on amc website. for shareholders, those who own amc stock can sign up for the perks including early screenings of movieand free popcorn in statement the ceo says he's really taken pride in relationships with amc theater owners over the years. he's now taking that same approach with shareholders he says after all these people
4:29 am
are the owners of amc and i work for them you can debate if this stock is worth 60 bucks or not and many have today one thing is for sure, it was not a good week to be on the other side of this trade those betting against the stock known as short sellers lost $2.7 billion today alone. back to you. >> kate rooney, thankses dogecoin surges ahead of its coinbase debut and that's what's topping cnbc on the money. coinbase announced it will let coinbase says that makes it the sixth largest currency of them all
4:30 am
by market value. right now it is up 30% at 43 cents a share. amazon will stop testing job applicants for marijuana use the e-commerce giant adjusting its drug policy now that recreational marijuana is legal in many states employees regulated by the transportation department like delivery drivers still need to be tested and test negative. babe ruth still breaking records after all these years. his 1914 minor league baseball card sold for a record breaking price. the investment platform collectible, won't say exactly how much but the company told cnbc its reasonable to assume the buyer paid around the value price. nearly $6 million. that's about a million more than all previous records the card features the bambino as a 19-year-old pitcher for his hometown baltimore orioles on wall street the dow up 25. the s&p up 6 the nasdaq up 20p 20 i'm shepard smith on cnbc, it's
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the bottom of the hour time for the news.ews. the fda says to make a the fda set to make a major decision on a new drug to treat alzheimer's. coach k hanging it up. the retirement announcement from college basketball's winningest coach. america reopening more by the day but cruises out of florida remain anchored. >> the cdc has signalled cruise lines could set sail from the state next month as long as nearly everybody on board proves they are fully vaccinated. but in florida, requiring proof is not allowed governor ron desantis signed the law banning vaccine passport it takes effect the first of next month now the governor is threatening to fine cruises $5,000 for each customer asked to provide proof of vaccination >> we have laws that protect the people and the privacy of our citizens and we are going to enforce it nobody has fought harder not just for cruises but the entire leisure and hospitality sector
4:32 am
in this state in its history than me. what cdc has done by closing the cruise industry for over a year, they do not have the authority to do it >> the governor has sued the cdc. challenge its vaccine requirements so far no ruling from the court. nbc shaquille brewster covering the story. from the port of miami >> reporter: well, shep there's a lot at stake here, the port for the past 15 months it's been pretty quiet here as the cruise ships which were home to some of first super spreader events here in the united states were grounded based on cdc regulation now there are some light at the end of the tunnel but you have the cruise operator saying it's vaccinations that's the key to help them sail again as soon as the end of this month. there's some data to support that there's a new survey saying 80% of cruise goers want passengers to be vaccinated
4:33 am
i spoke to a cruise analyst about the urgency. the urgency to settle the dispute with the state of florida and to get passengers back on the ships, listen to what he told me. >> they really need these first cruises to be absolutely perfect. no break outs of covid customer service has to be pre-pandemic levels and if something goes wrong, there's another break out, that's really going to set them back. >> reporter: there's reports the governor's office is working with cruise officials to find a work around. perhaps saying when cruise ships are at sea they're in international waters which would allow them to require the proof of vaccinations. the governor's office denies that and says he's going to enforce florida law. there's a lot of uncertainty here in miami. >> shaq, thank you a summer of freedom. that's what president biden promised americans today as he
4:34 am
declared june a national month of action. the president pushing to get more people vaccinated in hopes of getting the country back to normal >> america's headed into the summer dramatically different from last year's summer. the summer of freedom. the summer of joy. the summer of get together and celebrations all american summer that this country deserves after long, long dark winter that we all endured. we need every one across the country to pull together, to get us over the finish line. >> the president also laid out a campaign to meet his goal of getting 70% of u.s. adults, at least partially vaccinated by july 4th it plans to recruit black own barber and salons to provide shots at the shop. another initiative includes free child care for parent who is want to get vaccinated the administration created a site where americans can learn about incentives like free beer,
4:35 am
flights and tickets to sporting event. cdc reports nearly 63% of all u.s. adults have received at least one dose so far. any day now the fda is expected to make a major decision in an experimental drug for alzheimer's. the agency is to decide whether to approve an antibody treatment. aimed at slowing cognitive decline. the drug could offer more hope for the more than six million americans living with the disease. the medical community is starkly divided. some doctors say if it's approved they won't prescribe it cnbc health and science correspondent meg tirrell explains why >> reporter: when jeff was diagnosed with alzheimer's five years ago at age 51, he says he had one question for his doctor. >> i said how long do i have to live she said, you know, i don't want to go there. you are young. we caught the disease really early. you still have a lot of your
4:36 am
faculties left >> reporter: she recommended he look for a clinical trial and he found one for a drug >> we all firmly believe that this medication has done exactly what it is supposed to do which is to slow the progression of the disease. >> reporter: now that drug is before the fda for a decision that could be historic if approved, it would be first new medicine for alzheimer's disease in 18 years and the only medicine approved that slows its progress >> it's enormously impactful to think we could say there's an approved drug we would prescribe and give to you that might slow down the process. >> reporter: the agency's decision is anything but straight-forward in march 2019, biogen, theid company said it was aducanumab and said it was discontinuing
4:37 am
the program after two phase three clinical trials appear to show the drug didn't work. seven months later, an about face new data suggesting it might and encouragement from the fda to file approval. the rocky path goes beyond this drug it's latest in a long line that have targeted the plaque build ups in the brain to try to slow the declines in memory and thinking clearly that come with alzheimer's. up until now, all have failed. advise tor with the mixed trial data, outside advisors to the fda were unconvinced for aducanumab unconvinced in a meeting in novemberyeses, 10,0 noes and one uncertain. >> reporter: it's a moment of intense hope the fda is said to issue. its >> we have zero yeses, 10 no's and one uncertain. >> reporter: it's a moment of intense hope the fda is said to issue its decision by monday, june 7th if approved, the drug would likely only be for people early in course of their disease doctors tell us it would be a tremendously important start for patients there's much more to do.
4:38 am
shep >> thank you very much meg tirill the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is on the verge of being ousted from office a coalition of his political opponents agreed today to form a new government without him the coalition is wide ranging including parties from the left and far right. even one that represents palestinian citizens of israel the move will mark an end to netanyahu's 12 years in power, the longest in israel histoend s power. 12 years >> reporte from tel aviv, here is kelly cobiella >> reporter: this is a crushing blow to israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, but it's not quite every yet. this coalition government still needs to be approved by the lac next 12 days knesset, the monday israeli parliament. parliaments a vote has to take place in the
4:39 am
next 12 days by law. that's by the 14th of june, a monday if the parliament does approve this coalition government, neftali bennett will be sworn in as the new prime minister. he's a former ally of benjamin netanyahu. he served as his defense minister, his chief of staff he's considered very far right he has a lot of support among the religious right. he's a former leader of a settlement movement and doesn't believe in a two state solution. what does it mean for the future of big issues here in the middle east and in israel? well, these parties basically don't agree on any of those big issues some things like middle east peace and a long-term peace plan will probably be on hold for a long time. the coalition more likely to focus on domestic issues like the economy and the coronavirus. in a statement, the head of the coalition saying the new government will do everything it can to unite every part of israeli society. shep >> kelly, thanks
4:40 am
it's been big year for mars, but now another planet is orbiting into the headlines. two missions on the books to explore the second rock from the sun. and a monumental change is coming to college basketball coach k is hanging it up but not before giving the game one last gift we'll talk to a legend in his own right. jim boeheim live on coach k's good-bye the epson ecotank. no more buying cartridges.
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look at all this ink it comes with. big ink tanks. lots of ink. no more cartridges. incredible amount of ink. the epson ecotank. just fill and chill.
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one of basketball's al one of basketball's all-time greats announced today he is calling it a career. duke's mike krzyzewski is calling it a year with 1,170 wins
4:43 am
his accomplishments go beyond the college game he was an assistant coach for the dream team in barcelona. and he became the only head coach to lead a nation to five consecutive gold medals. he made duke so dominant they became the team outside everybody cameron indoor loves to hate. while you rooted against them, any real fan, undoubtedly respects them. the farewell tour looks to start this fall. when duke looks to rebound after missing the ncaa tournament for the first time since 1995. wow. the syracuse head coach jim boeheim with us now, he coached with coach k in 2008 olympic team and 2016. coach, thanks very much. i don't know what to say it's like part of my basketball life is disappearing. >> we're losing the best he's the best of the modern era.
4:44 am
you really stop and talk about coaches. john wooden's in his own category he's in his own category it's been almost 50 years and he's been the best coach and the best base for college basketball the olympic team, all that his leadership and obviously the time like this where we're desperate for leadership he's trying to provide it. roy williams is trying to provide it our new director in the nabc, craig robinson, is trying to provide this leadership. we need to get things settled for the players. the transfer portal is done. we need to get them in the nil and get the image and benefit financially. we need to get that done if they would live to guys like
4:45 am
mike krzyzewski, it would get down push it down to congress and they are having trouble deciding whether it's monday or tuesday down there i think coaches could do this. i think we could get this thing done and allow us to move forward and let the players benefit from their own images. that can be done why it hasn't been done, too many people trying to do something and it's too hard. mike is a guy you can listen to and he can give guidance if someone would listen it seems the last person or anybody wants to listen to are coaches in this day-to-day >> the people that do the work his wins tell the story but not all of it. it's one thing to win but to consistently win and to consistently have that quality of players amid rule changes and everything else, what is his special gift >> his ability to work with anybody.
4:46 am
the change when he went to the olympics and able to watch him work with lebron and the great players, how they just fell in line obviously, it's a favorable situation because we only had the nba players for about 35 days it's still to get them to play together, to get guys to say like dwyane wade said i'll come off the bench. chris paul at the height of his point guard career, is still pretty good right now, said, coach, i'll come off the bench mike krzyzewski was able to doo levels get his players to understand this is what we need to do this is the stan that at all levels and get the players to get his players to understand this is what we need to do this is the standard we need to have everybody thinks it's easy winning gold medals, it's not. >> nobody thinks that's easy coach, i'm completely out of time i need one thing one name who does duke go for >> well their assistant john, i'm sure will be the guy
4:47 am
there's a lot of guys that could do it but he's been there. he's right in the mix. he's been doing the recruiting he's recruited all of the players that are there, i'm sure he'll be the guy >> all right >> i don't think you'll get anybody else we're losing a great coach it's been an honor for me to just be his friend for your timt >> t >> coach boeheim, good luck to your orange and thanks for your time tonight >> thank you you know, we're 50 days out from the summer olympics in tokyo on nbc one of the most decorated american athletes will not be there.just today, kerry wals just today, kerri walsh jennings three time volleyball champion lost in qualifying round it would have been her sixth olympics at age 42, but one u.s. water polo player is still going for gold for the red, white and blue johnny hooper said he is doing it for his family and is not afraid to get a little hurt along the way. >> let the games begin my name is johnny hooper, i play water polo and i'm from pacific
4:48 am
palisades, california. >> most polo players have busted their nose you're kind of pretty. >> i got a couple of war scars i got one on my side shout out to my teammate he played at ucla he gave me a good scratch when i was coming out of the water like that it's part of the sport if someone wants to get physical with me, i'm there for the smoke. i'm usually going around as quick as i can to the goal and scoring. >> hooper let's fly and hits from distance. >> my mom's she's funny, i can't look at her in the stands because she's pretty stone cold. if i miss or if i score, it's one pretty stone cold face my grandma lives in japan now. she's staying alive to see her only grandson play in the olympics i love the culture there but i love playing for the u.s i think it will be a super awesome time to go there and play >> we have been having a little olympic competition going on here bring out the challenge. ready. go >> your mother's japanese, correct?
4:49 am
>> yes this is insane >> let me do another one that was embarrassing. >> johnny hooper going for olympic gold and as i mentioned, the summer games in tokyo just 50 days away you can watch across all nbc properties, including one i'll be hosting in primetime right here, cnbc in middle of the ocean the waves can routinely be as tall as houses, heavy for cruise ships but these four men are crossing the atlantic ocean in a row boat, up next, what inspired their dangerous journey. an outbreak of slimy sea snot taking over beaches and killing marine life.s an yeah, he said sea snot if you think this is bad, wait until you see what it looks like under water.
4:50 am
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we're hearing from teen who shoved a bear to protect her dogs we showed you this video last night. it happened east of los angeles. you can see the 17-year-old push the bear off the fence >> i was like, oh, my god. there's a bear and it is taking my dog it's lifting her up off the ground if i don't do something about it, who knows what might happen to her >> she's right about that. take a closer look at first the bear swipe as her dog. just as she comes outside the s
4:53 am
bear grabs the smallest and most special puppy of the whole family she's a service dog. she says she knew she had to protect her. >> she's the baby of family. we go everywhere with her. couldn't bear to lose her, having anything to happen to her. >> she knows she got lucky and her advice to others in this weird situation. don't fight a bear sea snot that's what they're calling it, for reasons you'll understand. a thick, slimy layer of a thicks that's spreading in turkey scientists are sounding mucousy grossness that's spreading in turkey. scientists are sounding alarmed because beyond lookinga combination of plankton which is disgusting and it poses a threat to marine life and fishermen
4:54 am
sea snot, why is it happening? where is the risk. we asked an oceanographer. generally >> what we're seeing is a combination of plankton which is small one cell algae the bacteria that are feeding on them and the thing that binds them together is the mucus this was a result of a phytoplankton bloom. they are small marine plant that's are the base of the marine food chain and when they are in presence of large amounts of nutrients, they generally bloom. large quantities are reproduced. >> they are. professor told us this event is not unique to turkey >> a couple of years ago there was a big event where the core of engineers had to release large quantities of nutrient-laden water from the aa snot it's likely we'll see these kinds lake okeechobee into the bays and resulted in plankton bloom similar to this, sea snot. it is likely we'll see these kinds of events at more frequent intervals because of the increase in nitrogen pollution
4:55 am
>> the professor noted climate change's role. it's not the cause of sea snot the warming waters make the situation much worse environmentalists talk about the three rs to beat pollution reduce, reuse and recycle. a group is adding a fourth r rowing on monday four men set sail from new york city. they have a grueling voyage ahead of them. paddling up to 4,000 miles across the atlantic ocean. all to bring attention to the plastic polluting our waters more people have climbed mtc everest than rode across the atlantic it's an epic adventure that most of us wouldn't dream of taking on boat not much larger than an suv. >> we'll be rowing from new york city to london >> matt mason is a former british royal marine he and his three team member vs have been training for about three years the to take this grueling non-stop, 70-day journey. >> 70 days at sea. two hours on, two hours off. you will see rapid weight loss,
4:56 am
real sleep deprivation and chronic seasickness. rashes and sores all over the body due to salt water it's gonna be really, really tough. >> the crew plans to use this machine to pump their fresh water. they have to go to bathroom using a bucket and will likely face serious life or death dangers. >> when you're in mercy of mother nature, anything can happen >> we have life jackets as well if someone does go over board they're going to say man over board. they will stay buoyant in the water. >> why would they choose to set sail on one of the most unpleasant and dangerous voyages imaginable well, they are doing it all to raise money for charity. specifically, the royal marines charity and plastic oceans organization each year the world dumps more than eight million ton of plastic waste into our oceans. raising awareness about the dangers of this global catastrophe is something matt became passionate about while serving in military. >> you see the real impact
4:57 am
when you're traveling the world and seeing it, so as a team we decided to raise money and raise awareness for that issue >> the team says they have already raised more than $70,000 there are through their various sponsors and they hope to raise even more awareness as people follow them along their trip >> if you go on our website you can track us, you can see how hard we're working or how much the weather dictates where we're going. have even though most of the journey will be dangerous and difficult, matt says there's one thing he can't wait to experience at sea. >> being able to jump into the ocean is going to be one, amazing experience swimming mid-atlantic is going to be incredible >> right now the team is about 130 miles into their journey you follow their progress at nasa administrator, bill nelson, delivered his first state of nasa address today. he announced two discovery missions to explore venus, named
4:58 am
divinci, to explore whether the planet ever had a ocean and truth will map veritas, or truth, will map the planet geological history. meat packing unions say their plants in the united states are back online after ransomware attack on the biggest meat supplier. the fbi identified a russian speaking cyber game. as the culprit israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's rivals have formed a coalition that would oust him from office medina spirit has failed a second drug test churchill downs has banned the trainer for two years. now you know the news of this wednesday, june 2nd, 2021. are the color cartridges in your printer ready for anot i'm shepherd smith follow us on instagram and twitter. @thenewsoncnbc n ecotank. no more cartridges. it comes with an incredible amount of ink. just fill and chill.
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