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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  April 30, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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with the rates if you hate the tax man, you're an owner, not a seller and the rich person that i ever met, hates the tax man. there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it here for you on "mad money. i'm jim cramer see you tonight, reopening america big announcements and big changes coast to coast i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc 100 million adults in the united states now fully vaccinated. >> after a long and hard year, protected from the virus >> and they're off the kentucky derby is back disneyland reopens in-person graduations. full capacity baseball cruise ships not far behind. america reopening. the fbi reportedly warned rudy giuliani two years ago that the russians were targeting him,
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an influence operation to skutle the biden election israel mourns after a stampede at a religious festival dozens dead. americans among them covid misinformation it's an industry 12 social media accounts responsible for the majority of covid lies now, the groups fighting to get to the truth plus, human smuggling investigation. 90 people found in a texas hole. mysterious sonic attacks reported near the white house. and a homeless community creates its own oasis. live from cnbc good evening a year after the start of a pandemic that at times seemed would never end, 100 million americans have now been fully vaccinated against the virus that's new today from the white house. >> that's 100 million americans with a sense of relief and peace
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of mind, knowing after a long and ready had a year, they're protected from the virus >> cities and industries across america gearing up for a full-fledged, albeit new normal summer bars and restaurants in new orleans, back to 100% starting today. in a week, new york city's indoor dining will be up to 75% and gyms to half capacity. travel surging to more than 1.5 million passengers through tsa checkpoints yesterday. this time last year about, 150 people flew. and delta airlines set to start selling middle seats tomorrow. it was last american airline holding out. and the atlanta braves announcing they'll start trying to fill all their seats beginning next week. summer activities as well, muse he'lls and concerts. the smithsonian set to reopen seven of its museums and the in a zoo preparing to open in may
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nbc news kerry sanders in miami, the cruiseship capital of the world. >> reporter: after more than a year of turbulent borders, the cruise ship industry is ready for smooth sailing ahead >> this is the first glimmer of hope that is allowing to us be able to set sail >> reporter: since last march, the cdc banning voyages from u.s. ports because of covid. now in a letter to industry executives, the cdc is setting new standards that may allow ships to sail again as early as mid july >> it's been 14 months this industry has been shut down. 14 million passengers, american passengers for a year have not had a chance to sail the economic impact is massive >> reporter: most of the major cruise lines have been sailing, but from europe, asia and the caribbean. it was not like that before the pandemic >> nearly 60% of all cruising originates from u.s. ports
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and nearly half of the people who are cruising are americans >> reporter: for months, the cruise line industry has been working on its own safety protocols. many of which align with the cdc's blue principle the cdc now advising cruise lines, they can skip simulated test cruises if 98% of crew and 95% of passengers are vaccinated >> we're really very pleased and very excited because it really does set forth a pathway that we think is achievable, practical, and safe. so yeah. we're feeling pretty good. >> i myself couldn't be happier. >> michelle is an avid cruiser who went 30 years as a travel agent has booked tens of thousands of vacations at sea. >> people love to cruise and i think, you know, hopefully a year from now, well, you know, be looking back and we'll be full steam ahead
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>> it's not just cruises mickey, goofy and the gang are back after more than a yeartion disneyland open for business there are covid restrictions parks in california allowed to operate at 25% capacity. only residents of the state allowed. guests will have their temperatures checked, masks and social distancing required but covid will not dampen all the fun. julia boorstin live in anaheim what is it like with all the changes? >> reporter: well, look, it doesn't seem to be dampening all the fun with people wearing their masks, along with mouse ears and lots of disney gear and they're here to visit their old favorites as well as to see the changes, the prooflts made during the 412 days that it was closed >> welcome back! >> reporter: disney fans race in the after reserving their spots and paying $154 a ticket with
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cast member hired back for the day's opening. >> a signal to the world there's light and hope and optimism >> reporter: while some attractions such as the mono rail are due due to covid restrictions and they had to hold off on the star wars ride, many were redone including haunted mansion and the snow white ride guests are happy >> i've missed it. it has been over 400 days. >> amazing now that we have the park to ourselves, i feel good >> we're season pass holders the tickets opened up like last friday we had to jump on it >> reporter: and disney used the cloerk you are as an opportunity to focus on tech upgrades like touchless food ordering and an app called disney jeanie >> it is something coming soon i think this will revolutionize the theme park industry. and you can imagine, this is a tool which you basically tell jeanie what you want to do and jeanie is in the background
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reorganizing every minute to make sure your experience is optimized. >> reporter: the company is finishing its next big expansion, california adventure is preparing for its avengers complex. the park is not hosting traditional parades and fireworks because they draw such crowds and no hugs from mickey mouse but you can still take a selfie with him >> thanks. while the kids are excited about disney in anaheim, in louisville, adults are excited for the best two minutes in sports, the kentucky derby there have been many records set at churchill downs the fastest time held by the legendary secretariat won in' 73 the biggest long shot to win the racewas in 1913 when it was th odds and horses with a name starting with the letter "s" have won the derby 19 times more than any other letter while history remembers the
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horses, some jockeys are forgotten. especially black jockeys who dominated the sport in the early days of the derby. cnbc frank hospitaland is live for us at churchill downs. >> thank you the kentucky derby will be right here behind me tomorrow. the winning jockey will get a big purse and a page in the history books. this year, a not increased effort to recognize that the first chapters of this storied race were written largely by black giants the first race at churchill down this is season on tuesday honoring isaac murphy. one of the greatest jockeys of all time the three-time winner of the kentucky derby, part of a tradition as old as the race for the roses. >> the very first jersey, 1875 >> reporter: this year kendrick will be the first black jockey in the derby since 2013. one of only a handful in the past century the last black jockey to win, in
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1902 >> he was a pioneer, a trail blazer he made a way. >> reporter: his grand daughter, dr. amy casey, grew up hearing about windfield's glory days >> he ended up speaking four or five different languages he made $300,000 he made his rags to riches story real >> reporter: his last kentucky derby in 1903 as black jockeys faced physical threats and legal discrimination >> as you get into the 20th century, you're in the industrial age racing is a more lucrative sport so white jockeys are pushing black jockeys out of the sport >> reporter: the official sponsor of the derby selling these, gold and silver mint julie emcups preserving african-american turf history. >> this is an important part of that history that we want to make sure no one forgets >> reporter: at the kentucky derby muse he'll, pictures,
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silks and stories. >> as far as getting all the glory that comes with it today, that didn't happen that didn't happen to any of the african-american jockeys in that time >> reporter: casey's family now toasting with one. those silver mint julep cups >> as one of the greatest jockey that's ever lived, it's a trail blazer, as a champion, as a winner, classic winner >> reporter: this week churchill jones helped launch champion for change an initiative design to help get more black people in the sport and the business of thoroughbred racing >> you're the man. have fun you can catch the 147th running of the kentucky derby tomorrow on nbc the show starts at 2:30 eastern. one of the happiest days on israel's ultra orthodox calendar becomes one of the country's worst tragedies in a matter of
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seconds. the deadly stampede as we learn americans are among dead another republican led state. another bill to restrict voting rights to at any time new restrictions and the governor waiting with pen in hand. on the first day of war in afghanistan, 90% of americans supported the effort after 20 years and four presidents, the forever war is ended. tonight, remembering the long road in between. >> the ftsac the truth, the news with shepard smith. back in 60 seconds just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again! aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪♪ [sfx: revving trucks] pilot over radio: here we go, let's do this. ♪♪ pilot over radio: right there, right there. [sfx: revving trucks] pilot over radio: g complete. how do you introduce the larger-than-life gmc yukon? with the world's biggest tweet. the next generation gmc yukon. premium that's made to be used. a deadly stampede at an israeli religious festival has killed at least 45 people and injured more than 150. tens of thousands of people last night gathered on mt. vernon to celebrate a jewish holiday mt. marin, i should have said. the jewish holiday celebrated there. it marked the biggest public event in israel since the start of the covid pandemic. witnesses stay stampede began
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like this. a large crowd trying to leave the festival site through this narrow tunnel-like passage at one point the passage becomes a sharp corner leading down a flight of stairs where people were trampled and crushed to death. the israeli consulate in new york saying four americans were among the dead the u.s. embassy spokesperson while not confirming that number, tells nbc news, multiple u.s. citizens were among those killed and injured the fbi warned rudy giuliani that russian spies were targeting him to help spread disinformation and discredit joe biden, leading up to the 2020 election that's according to a source who tells nbc news that rudy giuliani received the so-called defensive briefing in 2019, while he was trying to dig up dirt on the biden family had ukraine. the "washington post" first broke the story. giuliani is flatly denying the reporting. here's a statement his attorney put out. this statement is totally false, according to mayor giuliani.
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the event described never happened but another close ally of the former president, the republican senator ron johnson of wisconsin has confirmed that he himself did receive a similar briefing but insists it had no substance. the revelation comes just days after federal agents raided giuliani's apartment and office in manhattan, seizing his computers, cell phones and ipads. "the new york times" reports the firing of the u.s. ambassador to ukraine is at the center of the investigation into giuliani. the timing of that 2019 fbi warning could be critical in any criminal case that might come along against giuliani because it would show the feds warned him if foreigners with whom he was dealing might be russian spies. nbc's julia ainslie covers the department >> we understand that person is named andre. he is a member of parliament and he was someone giuliani was regularly meeting with on his
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trims to ukraine that year in 2019 we understand that even after this defensive briefing where he was warned, he continued to meet with him later, his name became more public when our u.s. treasury sanctioned him for being an agent of russia. so at the heart of this is whether or not giuliani knowingly met with russian agents to dig up dirt on biden and whether or not he then fed that back to then president trump. in 2019, he was still president trump's lawyer but while we think that this could be critical trying to understand what giuliani knew when and what, we understand that briefing done by counter intelligence officials at the fbi is separate from the criminal probe that led to the collection of the electronic devices from giuliani's home and his office early wednesday morning. giuliani has not addressed this report about the meeting about, this defensive briefing, but he
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has talked about the raids and here's what he had to say on his radio show >> obviously, the stand u.s. attorneys hate me and they hate trump, which is probably the whole thing. to believe that i'm some kind of russian agent? look at my career. look at my background, my career and what i've done >> so you can see, lots more denials from giuliani and his attorney it is something that is certainly giving us more bread crumbs as we get to the bottom of what exactly giuliani knew and whether or not he was giving information from russian agents to the president at the time >> thank you florida has become latest republican-controlled state to pass a sweeping voting restrictions bill following the 2020 election. the legislation would restrict ballot drop-off boxes and add hurdles for voting by mail the republicans state lawmakers say it will protect voters from
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fraud but democrats say this is designed to target minorities voters it now heads to the desk of governor ron desantis. asked whether he will sign it, the governor said, of course deep in the heart of a california homeless encampment, something you might not expect to find. a health clinic. a store. ea pizza oven. now hopes to expand as the city weighs whether to shut it down and transplant patients. while they come from all different backgrounds, it is a different story from their surgeons except at one hospital. next, neat women running an elite surgical team of their own.
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homelessness is rising in america. at the start of 2020, nearly 600,000 americans lived on the streets or in shelters that was before the pandemic for those without permanent homes, access to food, health care and a hot shower can be a daily struggle but a community of homeless people in oakland, california, came up with a solution. here's cnbc's kate rogers. >> reporter: if you look past the dusty roads, piled up cars and garbage, rvs and makeshift shelters under interstate 880, you'll final something unexpected there is a communal kitchen, hot shower, health clinic, and pizza parties are held for the wood street encampment.
7:21 pm
it is called could have been on wood the idea sprung up thanks to organizers local groups, essential food and medicine and artist building communities along with input from residents >> we believe the residents themselves are the ones that have the solutions and the answers. they're already doing it we just need to stop criminalizing people for not having a home. >> reporter: a go fund me page for cobb on wood has raised $22,000 with the hopes of expanding into residential cabins this person has been living in an rv on the wood street encampment for seven years with her dog brucy. she now run the kitchen. >> we can be empowered to do things ourselves and not have to lean so on the outside community. >> reporter: while it has been a bright spot for some, there is talk that people will be kicked out of encampment as the land is owned by the california
7:22 pm
department of transportation in fact, moreno says several families have been removed to clear the road caltrans which confirm in local media report that cob on wood is safe for now, did not respond to request for comment. she said the situation at wood street is untenable for housed and unhoused residents in the district adding, my office is also helping to open up a conversation between cob on wood and caltrans so we are working on one agenda with the best intentions of the district as our guide. >> he says he came here because local police said he could park his rv in the encampment and be left alone now he says he feels betrayed by the city as he may have to leave. >> if you need us to do it in a different way, then tell us which way you would like it to be done. please give us a break we have nowhere else to go >> reporter: anywhere between 150 and 300 residents live here in this community, and organizers say they want to seat
7:23 pm
at the table with caltrans and hair hoping to halt the eviction thanks a call about a missing or possible kidnapping leads to a much bigger discovery on a cnbc trip coast to coast. texas. police suspect human smuggling after finding more than 90 people packed inside a house in southwest houston. they say five of them are women. the rest, all adult males. no kids. authorities made the discovery after getting a call last night from one of the victims' relatives. police say they're concerned some of the victims may have covid. no word yet on who owns the home or how all those people got there. new york harvey weinstein's extradition to california to face 11 charges of rape and sexual assault may be delayed he appeared before a judge from prison he is currently serving a 23-year sentence for sex crimes bust prosecutor in los angeles want him transferred to the west coast to face additional
7:24 pm
charges. his extradition date is set for may 30th but his lawyer told the judge that he plans to file paperwork before then which will further delay the process. weinstein said he is innocent and any sexual activity was consensual first lady jill biden celebrating arbor day planning a tree on the north lawn of the white house. the shovel she used was made of original white house wood. reporters brafrlged off from today's tree topping by asking the first lady about a new member of the biden family jill biden told craig melvin, their getting a cat pretty soon. that their dog major who has had his troubles, has had some training to be cat friendly when the little one arrives >> they took him into a shelter with cats. he did fine. >> president biden said with a smile, the new cat was not his idea california another successful test flight for the world's largest plane. the rock soared over the mojave
7:25 pm
desert for more than three hours. it has a athlete 85-foot wing span longer than a fbl field from goalpost to goalpost strategio launch is the company behind it. it reported the rock will help launch ihyper sonic shipments in mid air. in the health care field, transplant surgery is a highly specialized skill and most transplant surgeons are men. but at baylor, texas, it is a different story. reporting from dallas flt worth and their reporter >> reporter: the transplant, you can literally turn someone's life around. >> transplant patients come from all backgrounds. historically that has not been the case with transplant surgeons >> there are few women in transplant so to have a single program with five women is pretty unique. >> reporter: the fab five is how
7:26 pm
they are known at baylor scott and white. the largest team of female transplant surgeons in the country in a male dominated field, they add new voices >> we do have a greater chance of understanding and meeting the specific needs of each unique patient we're facing i think gender is a big part of that >> not only females but minority population that's are generally underserved. it is extremely helpful for all of our transplant patients >> reporter: the fab five are part of a culture shift in the operating room >> yes i didn't have many female transplant surgeon mentors but it never deterred me >> i think society will recognize this is not an either/or decision i think you can be a surgeon you can be a transplant surgeon. and you can have a family. >> reporter: women make up more than half of medical students but only one quarter of surgical staffs and fewer still are transplant surgeons. >> as a surgical trainee, it
7:27 pm
really inspired me to watch the organs go from cold and gray on ice and then we plug them. they fill with blood and it is alive. >> reporter: what do you all hope that young girls and women who are in medical school right now see when they see you all on the same screen together >> i hope that they see that they belong here >> reporter: for the news, i'm knoll walker vaccine misinformation it's common on social media sites and it's growing rapidly experts warn it could discourage a lot of people. our reporter looks into where it's coming from and what is being done to stop it. the white house making a big announcement on travel here from india. as we report, we approach the bottom of the hour so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a little differently. hey, i'll take one, please!
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unfairly cut out of commissions, when in store customers checked out using a mobile app an independent arbitrator ruled in their favor saying the company would have to take care of it. and a little blue box may come with something special for him. tiffany announcing that it is selling men's engagement rings for the first time the luxury jeweller tapping into their new market that caters to same sex couples and gender fluid fashion trends on wall street the dow down 186 the s&p off 30 the nasdaq 120 it's the bottom. hour time for the top of the news >> hitting the road? bring your mask. the announcement from tsa about trains, planes and buses the draw down in afghanistan begins tonight how america's longest war began. and the concerns from afghans who grew up free from
7:31 pm
the threat of the taliban. and calls to rein in vaccine misinformation as the rollout stalls >> an example unfolding in miami. you may have heard about the private school telling its teachers not to get the vaccine citing debunked claims about its impact on fertility. the co-founder falsely suggesting that vaccinated people may be trags mitting something from their bodies, and should not be near students until more information is known. a teacher at the school even told a 10-year-old student, don't hug your vaccinated parents for more than five seconds. that teacher and the school's founder later apologized for the remarks. but you know, a card hate. so where's the misinformation coming from? what is being done to stop it? here's cnbc's meg. >> this is one of our really daunting problems. >> for dr. peter, come batting vaccine misinformation has become almost a full-time job. >> we have to make this work >> alongside his work,
7:32 pm
developing a coronavirus vaccine. >> it is equally important now to do something in parallel which is to combat this massive onslaught of anti-vaccine, anti-science, disinformation >> reporter: he says it has exploded during the pandemic the it tracks misinformation online says followers on facebook, twitter, and instagram, 425 anti-vaccine accounts rose by 877,000 from june to december to more than 59 million. they say two-thirds of the content is attributable to just 12 people who they call the disinformation dozen among them, robert f. kennedy jr. who the "washington post" reports was invited in january to speak at miami's academy. calls are rising for social media companies to remove access for these users. arguing they violate terms of service agreements by spreading
7:33 pm
misinformation kennedy jr. said in a statement, the center for digital hate has not been able to identify any example of vaccine misinformation that he has shared while another of the dozen said he disagreed that he was doing the public a disservice. lawmakers have taken up the issue as well. writing a letter to the ceos of facebook and twitter this month. >> do you agree that more action needs to be taken? the response to the letter i would start with you >> i know that we've assessed that content and removed the accounts that were violating, and i can follow up more with you on the specific details of that >> reporter: now, hotez is calling for even more action from the highest levels of the government against these groups and russia which u.s. officials have said is also spreading disinformation we asked the surgeon general today about this and he said, the administration strategy is putting out accurate information and working with social media
7:34 pm
companies to rout out disinformation >> the cdc is reporting faye some reaction to the j&j shot were actually anxiety related. >> that's right. this dates back to about three weeks ago when mass vaccination sites from colorado to north carolina to georgia temporarily closed after reports people felt dizzy or nauseated or even fanltd after getting the j&j shots. there was an investigation noting all of the reactions were anxiety related. none were serious. they happened in all different states between april 7 and 9 all in, 64 people experienced these anxiety-related symptoms in four of the five sites, it was all on the first day they started giving the j&j shot. now, one thing the cdc points out, this is the only one dose vaccine out there for covid. so people who have a fear of shots may gravitate toward that one and they of course may also be more likely to experience
7:35 pm
anxiety. none of this is related to the rare cases of blood clots seen with the j&j vaccine and the cdc isn't recommending any changes >> all right thank you. don't forget your mask if you are traveling on a maybe, bus or train tsa is now extending the mask mandate on public transportation it was set to expire in two weeks but will now last until at least september. tsa officials said it is consistent with the updated cdc guidance they will also continue to fine people who refuse to wear a mask penalties start at $250 but could increase to $1,500 for repeat offenders the u.s. is restricting travel from india, beginning on tuesday. the white house citing a deadly wave of covid infections sweeping the i center field u.s. citizens are except though india has now recorded more than 300,000 new cases per day for nine straight days and the death count is overwhelming alex crawford from our sister
7:36 pm
network sky news is in new delhi. >> the volunteers picking up the covid dead no one else will. the kindness of strangers in the most awful of circumstances. they all have jobs now on hold so they can help in this national crisis they've been collecting bodies in their makeshift ambulance since first light. this is their fifth in a few hours. all carried from home where coronavirus struck and where they breathed their last without ever getting to hospital when they arrived at the crematorium, it is absolutely packed and they're at the back of a long cue of funerals. this is pretty astonishing almost everywhere you look there are ambulances carrying a number of dead people there are something like 42 ambulances that we've counted that go all the way down this road, and the crematorium is working nonstop.
7:37 pm
the number of deaths in india continue to rise along with the spike in coronavirus cases. they don't have time to wait it will be a while before the funeral can be held. the crematoriums already got a backlog and their furiously building more pyres. and the volunteers have had a call to pick up another body this time it is personal it is his cousin they're taking incredible risks, doing a job they don't need to do while coronavirus tears through their own families for the news, i'm alex crawford. a deadly car bombing in eastern afghanistan today. officials say at least 27 people dead dozens more wounded. no one claimed responsibility. the governor there-the government is blaming the taliban. the attack come as the united states just yesterday began a final drawdown in afghanistan after nearly two decades of war. the trump administration originally pledged to be out by
7:38 pm
tomorrow margs 1st but president biden pushed that target date to september 11th. the administration hoping to turn the page on the conflict that has left more than 2300 american troops dead and cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars in a moment, we'll hear from retired four star admiral about the withdrawal, the potential consequences but first, cnbc on 20 long years. >> reporter: the very first american strikes came 26 days after the september 11 attacks the goal, to bring the terrorism leader blad osama bin laden to justice. >> it will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped, and defeated >> reporter: those early months were filled with righteous anger and unnerving fearful the country was united pollsters found 90% of americans supported the war on its first day. by december, fast moving
7:39 pm
american troops had bin laden cor co cornered but the guards failed to block routes into pakistan bin laden and his body guards simply vanished. not to be seen by americans again for a decade for years, the casualty count rosa's americans struggled to deal with the threat of improvised explosive devices a debate about the practicality and morality of arming unmanned surveillance drones and under the obama administration, america turned to a new way of war. killer robots with names like predator and reaper, raining down hell fire from the sky. by 2011, u.s. intelligence discovered that bin laden was hiding in a come pound deep in pakistan a country that was officially an ally of the united states. president obama gave the order to raid the compound >> a small team of americans carried out the operation with
7:40 pm
extraordinary courage and capability after a firefight, they killed bin laden and took custody of his body >> reporter: in 2014, obama announced u.s. forces would leave by the end of 2016 >> americans have learned that it is harder to end wars than it is to begin them >> reporter: that date came and went a third american president, donald trump, who argued that we should pull out of afghanistan, instead in 2017 announce ad new policy principle real pitch would boost troop levels >> after the extraordinary sacrifice of blood and treasure, the american people are weary of war without victory. >> reporter: that approach, too, failed to bring the forever war to an end. now, joe biden, a fourth president, will attempt to do what his predecessors could not. >> the war in afghanistan as we remember the debates here, were
7:41 pm
never men to be multigenerational undertakings of nation building it is time to bring those troops home >> reporter: the war in afghanistan began amid an era of anger and fear in manager. 20 years later there is no longer a shadowy evil doer in a cave for americans to seek out and destroy. it is such a different time. maybe. in way, at retired navy admiral james now, former supreme allied commander at nato and now senior analyst, admiral, it is great to see you again. thank you.
7:42 pm
>> what is your position >> i take a little different look at this if i were advising the president, as i did president obama in 2009 to 2013, i would have said, keep that small number of troops that are still in afghanistan there and let's face it. as commander, we had 150,000 international troops there we're now down to 2,500 american troops very small number. i think it continues to be an opportunity to put pressure on the ban, get a political settlement and i'm concerned that pulling they will out will cause a collapse in the afghan security forces this is an issue where different people can have different conditions i would have said small
7:43 pm
investment, big leverage i think it would have made some sense. >> condi rice has said, she thinks we could end back in there. what do you think? >> i think she's right what we are doing, i am assured in what the pentagon is doing, all of us, all of them have saluted the president and said okay, we'll pull the troops out. how can we set up an over the horizon capability in the gulf, central asia, south asia, can we utilize to get back in let's remember we went there to crush terrorism which had attacked us. it is entirely possible it could reflash. not only taliban but also al qaeda. now the islamic state. we'd better be prepared to come back in if we have to. >> we've left a mess for a lot of people. the "new york times" spoke to women saying they're really worried. one woman saying, i remember when americans came and said
7:44 pm
they would not leave us alone, and that afghanistan will be free of oppression and we'll be free of war and women's rights will be protected. and we did say every single word and now it looks like that don't we have responsibilities to the people to whom we made promises >> i feel we do. and this argument that hey, it's time to come home. believe me, i understand the sense of afghan fatigue. but we still have 35,000 troops in south korea, decades after that war we have 50,000 troops in europe. keeping 2,000, 3,000 troops in afghanistan to try and maintain what we have done, i think, is positive and again, the key here is, avoiding a resurgence of terrorism which could strike us again. >> you think about all the friend lilies we had. more than 100,000 by one count who were close with the americans. and now the americans are
7:45 pm
leaving and now americans have a refugee rule and policy that doesn't allow any of those friendlies to come over here what the hell will happen to them, you know >> that is a huge mistake. if you look back at the end of the war in vietnam, we certainly made our mistakes in vietnam one thing we did well, we gave access to our friendlies, as you call them. vietnamese who worked with us. the vietnamese-american community is dynamic a huge part of america today i would say we ought to take the same approach in afghanistan as we pull out. if you work with us, if you were an sbrerp rhetter, if you worked at the embassy, part of the military, ought to have the opportunity to come to the united states. these would be great american citizens >> but that is not our policy. and i know a lot of fighting men and women who are embarrassed about it >> indeed. and count me among they will, having commanded that mission for four years
7:46 pm
>> admiral, it is my plan to start your novel this weekend. i'm looking forward to it though i am a little scared of it great to see you again and again and again. >> i am deed it is thank you. mysterious attacks against u.s. diplomats first discovered in cuba now possibly near the white house. senate intelligence confirms a weapon is behind the attacks and how did a submarine end up so deep that rescue efforts were impossible? the underwater anomaly that may have led to the death of 53 sailors. [ humming ] alexa? play "ooh la la." [ "ooh la la" by cherie playing ] the moxie showerhead speaker. only from kohler. ♪ you get a call from a friend ♪ ♪ to remind you ♪ ♪ that you're not alone ♪ ♪ and you know deep down inside ♪
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♪ it's gonna be all right ♪ ♪ all right ♪
7:48 pm
there's a new theory in the sinking of the indonesia submarine. the officials say they believe it could have been due to a giant underwater wave. one strong enough to push the submarine deep underwater, past its ability to handle all the pressure rescue crews found it off the coast of bali broken into three parts, four days after it lost contact duringa training exercise no survivors among the 53 crew members. today the family members of the crew paid their respects, dropping flowers off the
7:49 pm
shipment near the waters where the sub was last spotted the navy officials say they will try to salvage the wreckage. a funeral is set for monday for an dru brown jr. the black man killed by sheriff's deputies in north carolina civil rights leader, the reverend al sharpton will deliver the eulogy at the memorial service in elizabeth city there will be viewings on sunday the deputies shot and killed brown in his car while executing a drug-related search warrant at his home last week lawyers for brown's family have called the shooting an execution. they say the officers opened fire unprovoked as brown tried to drive away to save his life but the district attorney said brown hit the deputies with his car before they fired. an attorney for the deputy says the shooting was justified remember when american diplomats in cuba were hearing those strange sounds and then suffered brain damage from some sort of mysterious invisible attacks? well, there is now a report that
7:50 pm
actually multiple reports, of an eerily similar incident near the white house last year. and senate intelligence leaders now say they will get to the bottom of it they say the so-called havana syndrome attacks against u.s. personnel appear to be increasing josh letterman has reported extensively on these mystery attacks since they first surfaced in havana after five years, have we learned anything definitive? >> when this first came to light in 2017, the u.s. government referred to them as targeted attacks, affecting u.s. personnel serving in cuba. over the years, the investigation stalled and the u.s. stopped using the word attacks, or weapons. instead, simply referring to these as health incidents. as the u.s. government struggled to figure out what was going on and a growing number of experts questioned whether it might just be mass hysteria today two top senators briefed on the intelligence say these were definitely attacks carried
7:51 pm
out by some time of weapon nbc news has reported that the u.s. government considers russia to be the most likely culprit. and a report last year by the national academies of science found brain injuries were most likely caused by pulsed microwave energy the cia director said it is a serious threat >> that kind of technology is very real. and it can threaten people not by bullets simply by using the capabilities to send a wave into an embassy >> what has made this so tough to solve is the fact that the symptoms the americans are reporting are so vague things like nausea, hearing loss, and problems with balance and memory many reported hearing this sound before falling ill
7:52 pm
now the u.s. government is scrambling to figure out just how widespread this is with new reports of new possible cases in russia, china, and now even here in the united states and just this week, the canadian group of diplomats accuse their own government of withholding information about three new cases of brain injury among canadian diplomats who also served in cuba >> josh letterman, thank you memes. you share them, you make them, and now you can sell them. next, the prices being fetched for some of the most famous/nonfamous faces on the internet ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ excuse me ma'am, did you know that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? thank you! hey, hey, no, no, limu, no limu!
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with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. in the prime time special inspiring america, the list of honorees includes the late alex trebek and his wife jean lynn manuel miranda, bubba
7:55 pm
wallace and many more. for the special i had a chance to meet the crew of inspiration 4, the first all civilian crew heading to space >> i think it helps that i've gone to spacex several time. i've gotten to know the lead engineers for every mission. i trust them and i trust our commander. i know we're in really good hands. i think i'll have some butterflies but i'm not nervous. >> so you're still human >> oh, yeah. >> no butterflies would be pretty weird >> they're going to be the fun kind of butterflies. >> this crew has had weeks of training not months, certainly not years. do you think you're ready? are you concerned about a lack have experience? >> so i know we will be ready when we get to the launch. so there's an awful lot we have to accomplish from now until then i've looked at the training curriculum no one made this up, right so when nasa has a rocket, they're drawing on 60 years of
7:56 pm
history and lessons learned. that's what spacex did in collaboration with nasa, with dragon and falcon 9. so that i know the training plan that we're going to be adhering to is correct and reviewed by all the right people west just need to make our way through it over the next five months. >> space is risky. maybe more risky for civilians how concerned are you? >> so i look at things on a relative risk basis. i've done some risky things in my life. i put riding on falcon and dragon more on the lower end of the spectrum, relative to flying 18 inches apart from another aircraft >> the special is inspiring america. the 2021 inspiration list. tomorrow night at 8:00, 7:00 central on nbc and then sunday at 3:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnbc who says you won't amount to anything making memes on the internet not anymore. after the arrival of nonfungible tokens
7:57 pm
nft's are like certificates of authenticcy. the buyer can resell if the value goes up like trading card or hang on to it for the bragging rights. they are exploding, now going for thousands of dollars sometimes half a million a meme gold rush take this one known as disaster girl she's 21 now and is just sold the nft for about $430,000 overtly attached girlfriend? a woman smiling into the camera sold her meme for a little more than $400,000. a cat with a pop-tart body running into a rainbow trail because of the internet, $580,000 of the and this one known as bad luck brian. pennies come paired to the others just $36,000 talk about bad luck, brian break-in just outside of hartford, connecticut. the suspects caught on camera. a family of black bears looking for a rid.
7:58 pm
bear alert maybe some snacks. owners say the paint wasn't scratched. some minor upholstery damage 11,000 bear sightings in connecticut in 2020. and a record of 45 home break-ins. so far only one grand theft auto attempt. 30 seconds left on a race to the finish at least 45 people are dead and more than 150,000 hurt after a stampede in a religious festival in israel. a u.s. official tells nbc news, multiple americans were among the victims. and the tsa extending the mask mandate on planes, buses and traends. it was set to expire in a couple weeks. people had refuse to wear masks will be fimed. now you know the news of this friday, april 30, 2021 see you back here friday have a fantastic weekend
7:59 pm
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