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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  April 28, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> i'm not anti- -- i'm anti-doge and i want to be long on gm tomorrow. >> guy >> mr. wonderful. >> brew ntl naiadeiafincl. >> the stock draft my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it, "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you money. my job is to entertain and teach you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. is this market driven by price
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increases or performance so far they're willing to inaugural the inflation in the economy allowing us to believe stocks have been growing due to earnings growth but you may not know with the dow dipping 165 points s&p down but the nasdaq losing .28%. right now wall street is divided into two camps you got the skeptics that think the market is roaring simply because of liquidity meaning there is so much money floating around the market can't go down and the true believers who think stocks are roaring because there are so many attractive opportunities versus keeping your money in a stagnant pool of cash cash is still pawn stocks are king. let me think about that. maybe more like bishop or knight because the king would give better returns after incredible earnings numbers we're seeing, starting to annoy me.
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most stocks aren't getting much pin action in part because the market had a miraculous run and makes everything seem like a yawner and it's starting to bother me. so amd can report a breathtaking number and puts people to sleep like xanax, lunesta. how do i know all those? the back out of the park and the stocks have done nothing the consumer product names, they can't get momentum unless it a beneficiary of the great reopening, nobody cares. who can do that? only the companies that can put through gigantic price increases and we don't really care for those. without having to spend more money. what does that mean? inflation winners, the companies that make steel. buy the cleveland cliffs, okay or copper, yes, all right, buy the freeport
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i don't mind buy alcoa. if you have to eat the cost of inflation, money managers don't have an interest in betting up the stock no matter how good your company is. that can't last. we heard apple, facebook, ford, apple shot the lights out. delivering a smashola quarter, i made that word up. every major line item. the stock kind of shimmied up as i told you it would do apple is chronically under estimated. own it, don't trade it if someone tries to say the best days are over and most people will because that's the same wrap facebook war, too after putting up magnificent numbers thanks to the advertising business the same story that's fueling alphabet's explosive move. i told you bizarrely, it's often ill advised behavior which is code word for bad behavior would be rewarded in a higher stock price. for ford, it reported a monster earnings beat but also slashed its forecast because that gosh
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darn chip shortage is hurting their ability to boost production and only got worse this big fire at a japanese semi conduct tore plant, as much as i love the profitability -- the guidance was hideous and horrible exand discouraging how do we make heads or tails? do you mind if we think 9 five days out, let go straight to the source with jim far lly, the president and ceo. i'm looking at a set of figures that says this is a new ford committed to profitability that sells cars and trucks and still able to grow in a whay we didn't think it could do? >> give me a sense of what happened when you focus on a customer particularly when you focus on a customer who wants small to mid sized business, wants a ford truck.
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>> boy, you know, that is our wheel base actually, around the world they love ford and we do it really naturally you know, it's a complicated business you have up fitters for the vehicles you have to have the right kind of choice for them you know, we have six or seven different choices for the new electric van for example some people just have one. that's not going to do it for the diversity of the market. so it's also durable you know, you have to have experience of long-term reliability and have a whole different choice it's very rare, jim, you find a commercial customer who wants 10 or 15 vehicles where they want just one vehicle they want three or four different types of vehicles. >> and you've got them okay now let take a look at these numbers. obviously, this quarter is about as big as i've ever seen ford when itcomes to being profitable but you then guide down substantial it can earn given the fact you
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have a tremendous over hang of chip shortage that's really slicing into your ebitda. >> it is absolutely so in february when we guided, you know, we said there would be somewhere between 10 and 20% of production would be impacted in the first quarter. it actually wound up being 17% we lost 200,000 units. now, in the first quarter, we offset all of those production cuts in terms of kreeincremental pricing and price control. we accelerated spending on e.v going forward, second quarter is going to be the trough for us. you know, this fire onmarch 19th in japan is a big deal. it's about 30% of the global chips for auto we got caught up in it we definitely have dual source coming out of there but we have
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single sources and we think this quarter will be ourthe most difficult. we think the chip shortage may extend we may lose what we did in the first but as we come to the last part of the year, you know, we're really moving. the good thing is, our business is so much more, you know, robust to absorb these body blows. we're also seeing commodity cost increase but able to offset them with the actions we're making. >> all right let's talk cars. you're a car guy let's talk cars. mus mustang. >> we're totally sold out, jim. >> two and four-door. >> sold out for almost two years. >> wow. >> f series, that's a big hit. the one that i'm most proud of, probably we got a new f series out, more of everything. we got a hybrid version that's not for fuel economy but power
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and a lot of people in texas were powering their house with that power and we can power a house for four days with the hybrid it a great towing vehicle like a diesel truck the f-150 is really hot. days on the lot is about 25 days and the average price is now 53,000, which is up a lot. i think 30% in the mix is platinum and above series. >> jim, listen to elon musk the other day and talking about a car, if you look at the numbers, it will cost you you don't have anything. your e.v. is kind of like green washing. do you think your e.v. could cut into what tesla is doing and do you ever have a car that doesn't need to advertise? >> i think we got it now we haven't done public advertising for it we have a reservation system the breakthrough, jim, is not the electric drive train it the fact we're looking at this as a digital product like your cell phone and all those services, all those experiences that we can over there update to
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make your product better quality-wise but give you new service like a remote pickup and delivery for commercial services i think that's why people want these e.v.s long term because they get a better experience it's better for us, too. we do have to work off this trough of cost and the batteries and vertical integrations will be key. >> all right so i'm used to looking at ford numbers and saying wow, north america great. oh, look at that big loss in europe oh, south america. there goes the whole quarter that's not happening anymore >> no. no we're seeing a billion-dollar turn around in overseas operations 1 billion. so, you know, europe is the start so far china is close to break even south america is improving we still have a little more work to do but i think we've made the tough decisions to restructure the business you've been on us for a long time on this one, jim.
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>> true. >> and we're close to the end here we're making real good progress. in europe for example, we're down about 11,000 people and that's the plan. so we're cutting out the cost. the revenue is coming in with the better product we're now in markets where we do well the ranger is a juggernaut in australia, south africa, these markets. that's why we're staying in and not leaving because we can make money with ranger. >> so you're thinking confident trough everyone else says this could last until 2023. do you have a mysterious collection of chips we don't know about >> we have some confidence based on the input it's a little opaque right now we do count on a rebound in our production in the second half, and boy, '22 is going to be incredible year for us why? because our average age of our showroom in the u.s., the biggest most profitable market down to three years. we have by far the freshest
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lineup in the industry we're hitting the stride with the new product and you're right, i don't know what's going to happen. we're seeing pressures on pricing and inflation but we see those as one-timers as we work through the supply shock probably the biggest i've seen in my career, frankly. >> look, let's leave it there. we'll count on 2022 being huge if this is the trough, we have big numbers and you're running ford very different, jim farly you're running it like ferrari. >> ford versus ferrari. >> thank you, jim farly. don't go anywhere, my exclusive with yum brands and sales force is just ahead. stay with cramer >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets. send jim an email to
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there is a pattern this earning season driving me crazy. companies report spectacular numbers and the market shrugs and they roared. you know the name, terrific tool maker. monster beat higher than expected for the shooting match product. everyone better, they raised the forecast and what happened when the stock went lower, at least it went up for a few minutes the darn thing sells for 19 times the earnings called a steel. don't take it from me. the ceo of black and decker to get a better read of the
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quarter. >> thank you so much, jim. >> jim, i got to tell you, something is wrong with the market, not you. i was looking. i was thinking maybe you had 45% organic growth than what i buy when i go to home depot but figure sure, covid knocked sales down so it's an easy comparison and looked at 2019 it is still an amazing number versus a booming year in 2019, correct? >> correct absolutely the whole market has changed. >> great conference call i want everyone to read the conference call. secular trends of consumers changed. tools remain on a roll and i love this one. blazing hot markets across the globe? >> absolutely. let's just go through it north america up 41% u.s. retail up 48% europe 47% can you believe it the u.k. greater than 80%
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growth france, italy, spain, others all greater than 30% growth. emerging markets 77% growth. it just unreal and this is a market, a typical quarter for us in the prepandemic era might have been, you know, six, eight, good would be 10, 12% growth this is just off the charts. >> it is very clear and you said several times in the conference call that this is not a one-time only this is not a reopening, closing trade. something is happened. a reconnection it almost home and garden, secular trends of the way consumers think and act. what made people change so much? >> well, it started with people in their homes and they were just spending an enormous amount of time in their homes so some were board some were looking to repurpose their home to create an office
6:18 pm
some just wanted to get back into diy and make things and so you had that it started with that but then what happened was the pros have been out for a month or so in the beginning but they started coming back because contractors, renovations were really, really hot and got really hot in the u.s. and then it kind of extended, you know, all around the world and so you have diy, you have renovations, now we have commercial renovations where major companies like ours are repurposing their office facilities for hybrid work all that going on and at the same time, you've got the rise in outdoor electricity a lot of people spending a lot of time in the garden and electric is more and more in vogue because of the economic benefits and also, the ecological benefits. lots of different things going on and we have a rebound in industrial and automotive and
6:19 pm
mro. >> let me pause. i was on an amazing google call last night and they talked about youtube being amazing and drilled down why is it amazing people like my family, we don't know how to do electric but we go on youtube and figure it out. we watch it happen how much of diy is the incredible growth of youtube telling us how to build things >> yeah, it's got to be a big help, you know i remember reading about the history of stanley and how in the 70s, you know, we were selling books to people on how to do that kind of -- those kinds of projects. now it just at their fingertips and pervasive and that has to be a force. >> okay. steel, resin, batteries, base metals people were focused on inflation. you put numbers on and i don't think it destroys the story but speak to how we sure some of these because some of these things like batteries, steel, maybe there should be some sort of policy solution. >> yeah, you know, i've been in
6:20 pm
the sea level job at this company for over 20 years now and seen my share of inflationary times and i said in january because the question came up on the conference call, i said don't worry about inflation because if it comes, we'll handle it. so we had a $70 million, $75 million estimate in the january time frame we bumped that up to 235 million. a lot of that has to do with steel and resins as you point out, electronic components and it's hard to tell whether it's a chanc phenomenon or something just embedded in the core from our perspective, we're able to recover 30 to 50% of that in price generally speaking and we offset the rest in productivity andthis time won't be any different. that new inflation number is baked into the guidance. i'm not sure what we can do from a policy perspective but we're dealing with it. >> all right now, last thing, i like always
6:21 pm
to tell people you have to believe in management if they do a couple things. one, is if they invest in the business and two buy back shares 20 million share purchased two mexican plants and one fort worth plant. pretty big commitment by you. >> huge commitment we're spending over $100 million on capacity ads and frankly, they come at a great time because we need that extra capacity as the year goes on it looks like and certainly we're adding hundreds of engineers to work on innovation and feet on the street to work on customer sales and, you know, on sight, a big retailer and so on so it's a great time because there is so much margin to working with and so much ability to reinvest and that's what we're doing. >> congratulations i thought i was reading it wrong and it was spectacular jim, ceo of stanley, black and decker great to have you on the show. >> thank you so much, jim. take care. >> this is an astonishingly
6:22 pm
cheap stock after its run and i agree with jim it's a secular growth trend meaning it's not cyclical. it will go like this people rediscovered their home, their garden "mad money" is back after this >> announcer: coming up, after serving up an appetizing quarter, the top of yum brands goes one on one with crime tore see how it preparing for the great restaurant reopening did you know that petco, is now a health and wellness company?
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this past year has felt like
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a long, long norwegian winter. but eventually, with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew. and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world. viking. exploring the world in comfort... once again. the restaurants keep putting up excellent numbers but the red hot stocks do okay take yum brands, kfc, taco bell and pizza hut and had higher than expected revenue, fabulous 9% same stores sales growth and the stock barely budged because
6:26 pm
management didn't give us a forecast as they hold back but also because the stock was run still, irritating some unbelievable numbers for free. let's take a close look with the ceo of yum brands to learn more about the quarter. mr. gibbs, welcome back to "mad money." >> hi, jim, thanks for having me on. >> david, i've seen at various times one taco bell might be doing well or kfc might be doing well i've never seen them all do well why is that happening? >> you're exactly right. this is a quarter with wide spread growth in the business and saw all four of our brands globally positive on a one-year basis and importantly, positive on the two-year basis. we haven't seen that for awhile and it's a real sign of the strength of the business as we adapted to the challenges of the pandemic, strengthen off premise and delivery business and most importantly, embraced digital. the digital business is on fire. we set a digital record with $5 billion of digital sales. >> i want to talk about digital. give me a couple acquisitions i
6:27 pm
thought were note worthy including one that caught the attention of google that talked about how to be able to place money to get the biggest bang for the buck you're getting a lot more for a lot less. >> we appreciate the shoutout by google they're good partners of ours and yes acre -- acquisition of a company that can leverage the skills to help us maximize our spend to actually reduce the amount of money we spend on media but grow sales faster by placing just the right kind of ads in platforms like google. >> i also like this other acquisition you did, which to me, lowers probably i think the age of your average user, which therefore creates a more long-term life user and pretty brilliant, isn't it? >> absolutely. that's tiktok you're talking about. they're a great platform for
6:28 pm
social media orderings so if you're on facebook in a lot of countries we operate, you can order from us through tiktok's platform or a text exchange method. artificial intelligence. something we have in place in almost 1,000 restaurants and driving sales growth these acquisitions are no brainers for us. we take these incredible skills and we can scale them across our 50 thousand plus restaurants nobody has the ability to scale things like this like we do. >> so talk to me about pizza hut. what changed here? people have been in your shoes before and people have also been on the other side who deliver pizzas and they have always said you don't have to worry about pizza hut. it ain't going anywhere. what changed. >> pizza hut brand with carryout brand has been in transition to embracing technology as a way for digital ordering we've made great progress on that over the last few years and told people about it but we're
6:29 pm
starting to see an acceleration in that progress, the last year provided the perfect environment for the investments that we made in tech that we've made in suring up our operations to really drive the business. that's why you're seeing such impressive numbers we've had a compression. the progress we made in the last year getting our digital business up to 65% of the orders in the u.s., that would have taken a lot longer than it has because of the consumer's embrace of digital but also, we used the last year as an opportunity to close under performing stores which really strengthened the business as we can position the stores in the right place with the right as said and more of a delivery carryout. >> more than 150,000 restaurant haves gone broke in the last year because of the pandemic more importantly in many ways, they can't afford the technology we don't want to see small businesses get hurt. that's not why we got in our position at the same time, a company is well capitalized like yours with good franchises and technology
6:30 pm
is very hard to beat you came out of this pandemic stronger than you went in. >> no doubt. you saw the numbers for q 1 and jim, i'm with you. we don't want to see any small businesses harmed. in fact, our franchises, we have 2,000 franchises at yum. they are small business people and we've been thankful they are part of the system and we can support them through this time and that they're coming out stronger and the benefits of scale of being part of a system like that when you're a small business person like our franchises are evident at this time. >> will i have to one day come out here and talk to you about habit burger >> we need to make a road trip this happens in new jersey because we started to open up in the east coast with great success and it's a small acre session we did just 300 units or a little less than 300 units we don't buy anything unless we think it could be a big idea this could be a 10,000 plus unit concept. the food is fantastic with a
6:31 pm
great heritage started in santa barbara 60 years ago similar to other brands, great heritage and it's ourjob to help scale it around the world since we've acquired it, it was the brand that was hurt the most by the pandemic. they did about 60% of their sales in dine-in yet emerging stronger than you can ever imagine you saw the 13% same sales growth the leadership team is great the franchises are excited from other brands in jyum of jumping into the habit everything is lining up to be a big positive. >> wouone last question, without guidance we'll have the confidence what do we say to the doubters. >> number one, we have enormous confidence and you're seeing that again in the performance this quarter the digital business on fire, the development numbers are obviously competence opening 435
6:32 pm
units this quarter when expectations were much lower than that and that's back to the pace than a record we set in 2019 the challenge we have, which you know well is we're not a u.s. business we're a global business. >> right. >> we're in actually more outside the u.s. than we are inside the u.s if we were providing guidance on the u.s., we certainly could do that but when you talk about the alcoh challenges people are experiencing around the world. certain markets on lockdown and what is going on in india, i talked to a leader there the other day. my heart goes out to our teams around the world and the challenges they're facing and we can't predict how some of those will play out. the one thing in the short term, what i can predict in the long term is we'll be able to weather the storm and challenges and take care of our communities and team members and we'll come out stronger no doubt. but if we have trading restrictions and certain markets that emerge in the next quarter or two, it will make it hard to provide guidance nobody should confuse the lack of guidance for a lack of
6:33 pm
confidence. >> very, very fair and much more than what i seen a lot of analysts offer that's a clear way to look at your business next year. david gibbs, thank you for coming on the show, sir. >> thanks a lot, jim. >> inexpensive stock still looking for some they're here yum is one of them i like that stock. "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: coming up, when the country mobilized, they answered the call. in a changed world mark shares what sales force is doing to inspire america. next did you know that petco, is now a health and wellness company? i adore their groomers and their vets our physical, social, and mental health cared for in one place. ♪
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this weekend the whole nbc
6:37 pm
news family is holding a huge event inspiring america where we high light extraordinary people and organizations that are making a positive impact in the communities. look, i'm a big believer in the idea business can be a powerful force for good provided the people running it want to do good and especially since the pandemic got rolling, few executives helped us cope more than mark. we'll hear about the numbers in a month or so but we want to recognize the great work they have done during this difficult period welcome back to "mad money." >> great to be with you. thanks for having me on "mad money." >> so mark, i gather this was your first pandemic so what went through your mind when we learned governments wouldn't be able to do enough and were very confused but you weren't >> well, jim, this pandemic is not over it's still going on. we can see today what's happening in india and so many places in the world where so many people are still suffering and as you know, jim, we started sales force because we so
6:38 pm
strongly believe that business is the greatest platform for change when you have an incredible company like sales force with 60,000 people and over $200 million in market capitalization and all this amazing technology, it can be deployed for good. we're great at giving a great shareholder a turn since i first went on your show, i think we've had a 5,000% return but we've also had a great stake holder return, as well. we've done millions of hours of volunteering and given away hundreds of millions of dollars to our local communities including 120 million here at our local san francisco public schools and we also run over 50,000 non-profits and ngos for free it's right up our ally when, you know, people need our help they know who to call. they can call sales force. >> i first saw a plan of action when i went to you had thought it through who did you bring in the good people said somebody has to do this.
6:39 pm
>> you're absolutely right, jim. we starteded t to get phone cal saying we need to put our technology into action to help during the pandemic and one of the key things we built was and that allows organizations to start doing contact tracing, which we've learned is a critical part to fight the pandemic because you have to know where and how and who is spreading the pandemic so that you can basically close that down and vaccinate and then move on to your next cohort and is a critical time of that you probably remember, jim, when we had genoa on the show and sh called this. i never heard of gina and i worked with the state of rhode island but of course, we're going to answer everyone's call and we did and within two weeks had a contact tracing up and running for her. >> there is also things that a leader has to do to demonstrate leadership a plane, a 747 full of ppe goes
6:40 pm
from china to here that is you. a mask contest to try to get people to wear masks because it wasn't the way that the government was thinking, that's you. how do you choose what to do how do you choose what to get involved how do you put your name on something? >> well, jim, that really all started with sam of the chancellor of the university of california saying he needed help acquiring more ppe i didn't know what ppe was i didn't understand what it was. we all know now what ppe is. today, we just are getting ready to have a plane to new deli with things they need right now as the pandemic surges in india this is not over you're right, in the united states we land planes during the crisis in new york, in chicago, in detroit and in san francisco and we're also landing a plane in london, as well, when that
6:41 pm
peaked and that's something we can do we know how to work with our partners and be able to provide those resources to people who need it. this is a critical moment where every company has to do something. look, nobody can do everything but everybody can do something and when you're managing for all stake holders, it means that those items, those relationships for example you have can be put to good. we can do well and good. we can do both. >> now what happens when a government is, let's say on a collision course with something you want to do or you're convinced it's the right thing for the people but the government may not be? how do you reconcile >> well, jim, i think a great example is, you know,what we did with masks you know, we knew we had to acquire millions of masks. we knew we had to give millions of masks to people all over the world because it was one clear way that we could fight the pandemic but in some governments at the time, there were mixed
6:42 pm
messages around mask wearing now we realize it's a critical way to stay safe and that's still happening today. you know, we can wear masks less if we're vaccinated but for many people in the world or most people in the world are not net vaccinated so masks are still critical. >> are you asking people of sales force to get vaccinated? >> well, i think it's important for everyone to get vaccinated and to get safe. you can see what is happening in india because the country has not yet fully embraced vaccination and i certainly hope that they do here in the united states or other countries like the united kingdom or israel, you can see how vaccinations have made a dramatic difference in the organization and we encourage our employees, as well, to get vaccinated it's going to keep them safe and their families safe, as well. >> let's say this is your second pandemic, which you and i both know is going to occur what do we do? what does a nation do? does a company do?
6:43 pm
give us your blueprint for the one that is the second pandemic. >> well, i really am a fan of what has happened in singapore, jim. i've gone to singapore twice as you know in the last nine months to study what they did, how did they succeed, why is that one country that without vaccination has been so successful and i'll tell you what they did number one is they really said hey, no one can enter or exit the country right now. we need to really lock our borders and really get clear about what is happening inside this space two, they added contact tracing, which was critical so every restaurant i went in and every store i went in and when i went into my office, i basically had to tell my phone where i was, and that was important because if for some reason, i had gotten the virus while there, they would have notified everyone i was around that was something that was -- they would need to get tested for or they would have to get
6:44 pm
vaccinated for example and the third thing is they did massive amounts of education they really informed everyone exactly how to take care of themselves and it was very impressive and i really command the singapore government for the tremendous work they did when i work around the world, i say wow, this is a country that stayed safe because of direct actions of their leadership. >> good. we need to learn from others people who do it right and you do it right, mark beniof. >> thank you, you do it right, too. thanks for your help with masks. >> thank you. >> you will hear from many other incredible individuals inspiring america, the 2021 inspiration list airing saturday may 1st at 8:00 p.m. and here on cnbc may 2nd at 3:00 p.m. eastern "mad money" is back after the break. >> announcer: stick around. >> may i make a suggestion i would stay with cramer.
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it is time, it is time for the lightening round, buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell and then the lightening round is over are you ready ski daddy? time for the lightening round. we'll start with joel in new york, joel >> caller: hey, boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah, joel. >> caller: joel in riverdale, actually. >> nice. love riverdale. >> caller: i'm interested in the
6:49 pm
indian vaccine stock, which is -- >> well, no, i know oxygen is the caompany based in philadelphia i thought was a great spac and a heavily shorted meme name. how about john in new jersey, john >> caller: from hampton, new jersey, the blueberry capital of the world. thank you for your service, jim. we love ya and want to give woo hoo to my temple buddy what's your take on ino, another pharmaceutical >> the sack exchange becoming with a meeting where i am from. now, we had shares of kim on and he had some -- there are -- the speculative stock that has isn't delivered. how about that let's be nice. robin in florida, robin? >> caller: hi, jim greatings from sunny fort lauderdale. >> nice.
6:50 pm
i like fort lauderdale my wife lived in dell raray for awhile she wanted me to give up my show i said no. >> caller: come on down. >> do the show from there maybe. how do you do that >> caller: my 93-year-old dad and i are big fans of you and jury shows and we bought plug in december he got out, but i'm still in i'm wondering with the class-action lawsuit, et cetera -- >> don't worry about that, robin. if you believe in hydrogen power, plug is the winner. many people don't believe and it results in issues involving accounting that i didn't like and that made me sour on the stock but i would welcome the company andy back because that was painful. i did not like it when the accounting regularity will sell. i need to go to peter in connecticut, please, peter >> caller: coin based with global inc. >> peter, i believe people will
6:51 pm
use that as a proxy for owning crypto i'm with lisa ellis, the best analyst that says the stock can only go to 600 i stopped reading my mentions column in twitter because people hate me and one of the reason is coin base but there are so many other reasons to hate me i'm glad there is a hit list for me let's go to jerry in new jersey. >> caller: hello, jim. this is jerry from the wonderful jersey shore. >> hey, south or north >> caller: listen, jim, spring is here, summer is coming, people are buying pool supplies. >> yes, they are. >> caller: i'm invested in less lee. what do you think? >> i see your leslie and raise you pool corp. i like pool corp down six today 415 and buy ten, not 100 but you're fine. how about we go to mario in ohio. >> caller: boo-yah, jimmy chill.
6:52 pm
first-time listener, long time lis listener. >> what's up >> caller: i want to shoutout to my grandparents and brother. we've been watching for years. >> thank you. >> caller: don't listen to the noise on twitter we love you. >> that's okay i won't let them get me down i'm from philadelphia. if i can get addresses and names rather than phony ones, it would be a different story what do you says, guys yes. mario, let's go to work. >> caller: so my question is about kellogg. with the reopening upon us, do you believe that kellogg will beat street estimations? >> i think that frankly, it's had a nice little run, not a big one and it's good to be able to -- the food, it looked -- and that, ladies and gentlemen is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade coming up, a walk down wall
6:53 pm
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do not, i repeat, do not try
6:56 pm
to take your queue from the action right now every time we run through, overwhelmed with quarterly reports. the market gets really stupid. just today the stocks of microsoft and amd among many others including stanley black and decker reacted absurdly to a pair of incredibly great quarters and knocked down $7. they are firing on all cylinders very heaven sake the cloud, windows, xbox, you name it. the reaction frankly is worse. they delivered 93% revenue growth, roughly 200% earnings growth substantially raised their full year forecast to levels much higher than anticipated. they're taking market share from intel across the board i think the stock should evolve as much as $15 on the news to $100 in shares instead it pulled
6:57 pm
back more than a dollar because of pressure, amd is acquiring cloi closing until the end of the year but i mean, come on the stock is a buy then there is spotify that plunged 12% on a solid set of numbers. you have people tripping over themselves to find something wrong with it so they can justify the throng of sellers. let me throw in starbucks. didn't deserve to be down 3.2% not what i heard from kevin johnson this morning on "squawk on the street. i have news for you, though. i don't blame the sellers. i don't blame them i blame them gauntlet. they become trigger happy traders who shoot first and ask questions later. then people look at the initial action and try to find some sort of explanation for it rather than doing their own darn homework but that's a good thing. let me tell you, that will be a good thing because when the market makes mistakes like this,
6:58 pm
you have to treat it as a buying opportunity. don't look at the crowd and say they're right. there is nothing wrong with microsoft. you're getting a rare pull back of the stock and he's taking share and taking names under the leadership of dr. lisa sue as for spotify, it's a less compelling story and had a slowdown and monthly average user that's the only line i quibble with the stock didn't deserve to get hit that hard. wait for sellers to dissipate with that and starbucks and buy the stock with stanley back and decker tomorrow morning. how could so many investors be wrong about stocks is going on? well, it happens all the time when union pacific reported last week, the numbers they looked incredibly disappointing but then ceo lance fritz explained there were a lot of one-time issues. without them, the quarter would have been fantastic. uh-uh. didn't matter at all why? because the stock dropped six points immediately and continues
6:59 pm
to fall which convinced people hey, union pacific must be in bad shape but the sellers were dead wrong and since then the stock has come roaring back at an all time high today you had to use the weakness to do buying and run from the -- you didn't run from the fire you went into it because it wasn't a fire at all. this is a george michael market. you got to have faith. i have fifth in you and lance fritz because of his bankable track record but know his record i have faith in daniel for spotify because time and again he's proven the doubters wrong including those people in arsenal but when it comes to lisa sue, one of the greatest years of our time, everyone that bet against her has been shot to pieces she turned in a semi conductor company to make something worse that can go toe to toe and win doesn't take a huge leap of faith to believe in lisa sue and microsoft. he succeeded non-stop at creating value every time the stock pulls back, it's been a buy. please, do not trust or take your queue from the action especially the craziest part of the earning season, the
7:00 pm
gauntlet if you do your homework, you know when the market is making a mistake and getting you these incredible opportunities don't trust the stock. trust yourself i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it here for you on "mad money. i'm jim cramer see yo> a community demands transparency they want to see what happened when an officer's bullet killed a black man. tonight an answer. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc the court therefore, finds that good conscience does not exist. >> body cam video will not go public in the shooting death of brown. the fbi searches rudy giuliani's new york home and office electronics taken tracking the investigation. the president addresses the congress on the eve of


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