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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  April 28, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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does, guys. >> that's a great point, mike. the business models are very different. what do investors' value more, that mostly ad-based business model or the billions of millions netflix spends on con tentd. we will see. it will be a good topic to watch. meantime, we are gearing up. we are in the middle of the busiest earning season apple and facebook after the bill "half time report" starts now. >> thanks. welcome to ""the halftime report". i'm scott wapner bracing for apple, reportings earnings after the bell. that stock underperforming this year is this the moment things turn around we debate apple along with the other big movers join joining me for the hour, kari firestone. jon najarian, john terranova good to see everybody. go to the wall we are negative across the board
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for the dow, s&p, russell, the yields, ten-year, 163. all eyes on apple though, right? that's the big story, doc. this is your super bowl. you own the stock, you own the calls. this is the moment we've all been waiting for. >> yes, sir. >> how big is this >> it is huge, scott apple's been doing just so many things right i think, even though the stock has not outperformed its peers this year nonetheless, the fact that the app store accounts for 15% to 30%, you know, of the revenue that they derive, this is a huge driver right now it will be into the future, scott. they've just started more aggressively pushing ads in the app store. so when those of us who have already downloaded the new operating system sit there looking in the app store, it has an ad before you get to what you searched for it has the ad running there on the top. >> right, right.
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>> for whatever app they might want to push. >> let me ask you this. >> that's going to be billions of dollars go ahead. >> let me ask you this you nervous? >> uh-huh. >> you nervous >> no, not even a little bit, scott. not even a little bit. i mean i think that that, the new chips, they already have their m1 chip. they've been moving away from amd and intel and producing their own. we have talked about that ad nauseam. the new chip, the m2 if you want to call it that, we're not sure what apple will end up calling it, but that is going to be a game changer yet again because it is a combination with these chips of getting things to run fast and not draw too much power. >> okay. >> right now everybody has chips that will run fast, but then they draw a lot of power is this new chip going to be some sort of game changer in that regard, scott and now you have got a lot of these crypto exchanges like
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binance is listing tokenized apple, tokenized, they already had coinbase as token. like an etf you are creating more demand for the stocks through these sorts of applications apple has nothing to do with that, and the secreturities and exchange commission is probably not happy about it but binance is offshore, it is not something they can directly impact, and yet demand for .01th of a share of apple which they can offer is something that democratizes trading. >> i bet the guy in the upper right-hand corner of the screen is nerves. that's jim lebenthal, the farmer why is he nervous probably because he bought the stock, more of it recently in recent weeks. he thinks the next stop will be
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150ish i'm sure he thinks that. >> uh-huh. >> are you nervous, jim lebenthal? >> yeah, well, you know, listen, you know i'm honest with you, scott. i'm a little nervous i feel better after listening to jon. i love that unabashed enthusiasm here is the thing. the stock is up 10% in a month more or less it makes me feel good about the shares i added, but recently the last week or so it has been sideways honestly, price action has been a little sloppy, so the market is not expecting great things from this quarter. by the way, this quarter, the first quarter of the year, their second calendar year quarter, is not a great quarter for them it is not like you are expecting them to shoot the lights out what i'm looking for. >> here we go with excuses here we go, here we go. >> no, scott, i have said 150. look, it is out there. i will say it again, 150 is it 150 tomorrow that would be nice, scott. i don't think so. >> i'm not talking about tomorrow. >> i do think it is 150 -- well, you sound like it. >> i'm saying --
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>> you call me out, sounds like you are talking about tomorrow. >> i'm saying is this stock going back to 150 or down to 125? because a lot of people watching the program are thinking, i sure as heck hope it goes to 150. but imkaernd the stock has been not great compared to the rest of the faangs, are low. >> scotty, listening, the easiest thing to say to folks watching is look what i did, i bought it at 120 to 125. if it goes down to 125 tomorrow, i am not going to be thrown from the horse. this is a fabulous company by the end of this year i think it will easily set a new high. i think it will do itover the summer and be over 150 so i can't tell you what tomorrow's share price can bring, nobody can tell you that. but i do think over the coming months this stock is going higher why? tremendous cash flows. those cash flows coming from the services business that jon mentioned, buying back shares like crazy do we really think that there
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isn't a good iphone upgrade cycle going on right now of course it is good it is a question of how good. >> yeah. >> so don't worry about tomorrow worry about december 31st, and you will be very happy buying this stock at 125 or 135. >> is that what we need to watch, joe, more than anything, the upgrade cycle as jim says? i honestly don't know how great that's going to be or is it more about the wearables, the accessories, the services, sort of that next generation of apple, if you will >> so let me throw a curveball to really set you off. i think the unappreciated capitalist for this quarter is actually shareholder return. they have a desire to be cash neutral on their balance sheet they've got $112 billion in debt, they're got $195 billion in cash. they're churning about $75 billion to $85 billion in free cash flow. they're going to look at what apple did with the buy back.
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i think they have to increase significantly their bye buy bac, and their dividend and the shareholder return could be the story for the quarter. >> it has run a little bit into the number but overall it has under performed. maybe shareholders are saying it is better off, it is not a microsoft. mock kn microsoft knocked the ball out of the park. then they got up and knocked the ball out of the park again, and the stock was down today because it has been such a great performer, up 14% is microsoft year-to-date, so you have to be careful what you wish for, too some folks sell stocks to take some profits even if the quarter has been great i wonder what is going to happen with this one. >> i think that apple, which has had less of a run. it is up 17% since i think march 9th, but it has been underperforming since september 2nd. has less a likelihood to be hit hard than any of the other
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faangs that's because there's not been this drum beat of enthusiasm about how great everything has been as the stock has been underperforming, people have used apple as a source of funds for months now, and it just has been, i would say, on the underside of, you know, hot ideas in technology. if they report a decent quarter and talk up things such as the cash flow or repurchasing shares, discuss china, the chinese business has got to be very strong. china's opened in all places, and you hear about the consumer spending in china. has to be very good for apple. they'll talk about the new operating system, pre-selling the iphone 12. the services business, and what they're doing in advertising, that's going to generate a lot of enthusiasm. it is going to be hard, i think, to push this stock down much, even if it is slightly lower
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expectations about the next few quarters, it shouldn't be more than a few points to the apple shares so i think it is going to be okay this quarter, and it could come out with something that generates excitement, and we'll see a really nice day. >> joe, if you want the nasdaq to go higher, you better hope that apple does well i mean, right? >> agreed. >> it is a market cap weighted index. microsoft is down today. there are questions about where apple stock is going it has been stalled out. yes, it has had a nice little burst over the last month, but if you are a tech investor, if you are watching this program, you have a lot of money in the nasdaq, in those type stocks, you better how much that apple knocks it out of the park because the next leg higher for the nasdaq, where is it going to come from if it doesn't come from mega cap tech >> well, it would only come from a pull back in yields, and long duration assets right now are in a vulnerable position once again
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because the ten-year treasury is rising to 165, energy is favored. you have much better conditions related to europe, and the first of the month is coming next week i suspect you will see a lot of the safe haven in-flows into u.s. equities, in particular for mega cap technology. they will come out now that there's some better conditions in europe. they'll go into european equities, they will go into emerging market equities so there has to be a blockbuster, fundamental earnings report received into the market from apple tonight for there really to be a fundamental catalyst to take that technology higher, because crosscurrents are coming in the current weeks in the form of higher yields and the reopening of europe. >> unless you think, jim, that, you know, look, alphabet -- >> hey, scotty >> yeah, yeah. i was coming to you anyway what have you got? >> yeah, i'm sorry for jumping in, but, you know, your question about the nasdaq and whether apple can lead it, i think there's something else that's been holding back the nasdaq
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besides large cap tech, which has had a rally. i think it is the renewables i mean you look at, you look at tesla, all right it is off 10% in two weeks didn't have a good response to its earnings report. you look at some of the other renewables like in phase, it was an important part of the nasdaq, not as big as tech, i'll grant you that but that's what has been kind of weighing on the nasdaq, if you ask me you mentioned google, which obviously is crushing it that's not as big as apple in the nasdaq, but it is still big. i don't think the problem for nasdaq has been tech, and i don't think it is going to be tech i think it is some of these higher-priced portions of the nasdaq that are coming down to reality, and that's what is holding it back. i think it is going to continue, too. >> no, but that's exactly why, jim, i suggest that in order for the nasdaq to take the next leg higher it has to come from the four horsemen of tech, of mega cap tech or thereabouts, these
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big, big cap tech stocks need to be the ones to lead perhaps if the nasdaq is going to have a next leg higher, because a lot of those high-growth, high-valuation stocks have come back down to earth some of them like tesla like you are suggesting haven't traded all that well lately, so where is next leg going to come from that's why facebook is important today too, jim, right? >> listen, i agreen. t listen, i agree. google knocked the cover off the ball microsoft knocked the cover off the ball, it is off a little bit. facebook should do well, though there is a risk with facebook. let's face it. the new change in the apple ios system that causes people to opt in to have their data used by facebook, i'm surprised people aren't paying more attention to that so facebook might get a little bit of a come uppance today, but apple, amazon, qualcomm, there are others in large cap tech it doesn't have to be across the board that large cap tech wins.
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>> kari. >> you can have a few microsofts and googles to carry the day. >> kari. >> we like facebook. we think it is an attracting stock right here it is selling for a slight premium to the market multiple and, you know, it has a lot more growth coming. not only are they one of the heavy advertisers, and i know jim made a good point about apple's operating system and privacy, but even considering that, facebook is still able to target advertising based on preferences that the consumer, that the users are putting into the system so it is not as if it has destroyed the model facebook and google have used in their algorithms, they are still able to do a lot of targeting, so the advertising market is still good for them, will continue to be good for them this year. you have whatsapp still under monetized in terms of the value facebook can derive from them.
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we think it is a stock underperforming, began to outperform in march and should continue to and ought to have a good quarter. >> you notice how jim slyly threw qual kcomm into the mix about the stocks that are important today? >> yes. >> i caught that it reports after the bell. jim, talk about a stock you have been hanging your hat on, this is one of them. >> yeah. yeah, and i have been. i'm not backing off of it. i don't like the price action into tonight's number, i don't i don't. but, look, i'm not trading around this quarter. this is a stock that much like apple, i think we're going to see nice new highs it has another about 15% to go to a new high. i think you will see that before the end of the year. again, and i'm not being a smart alec, does it happen tomorrow? not likely by the end of the year yes. it is a great return to look forward to over the next eight months if you want me to come on tomorrow, maybe i will be eating
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pie, maybe it will be humble pie, maybe boston cream pie, i don't know but i feel by the end of the year both of those names will be nicely higher. >> okay. i wanted to give you a chance to at least go there since you own qualcomm doc, you have qualcomm calls for what it is worth >> yes, and i'm right there with jim. like it. gosh, scott, this side of tech has pricing power like crazy qualcomm, nvidia, amd, even though amd, the reaction today not quite what i expected, but nonetheless going forward to jim's point, if you are somebody with a little patience that one is going to outperform like crazy. here is why i think facebook is going to do so well, too, scott. the ad numbers out of google were phenomenal obviously, and then they announced a bunch of ot things like that $50 billion buyback. but how about this they said 1 billion hours a day
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are watched on youtube that is a phenomenal number, scott. it speaks to, of course, how many people have mightrated over to youtube instead of the networks and other ways of watching and consuming media but i think apple, the reason it has been held back this year, scott, just putting a bow on it, was warren buffett i don't blame him. we talked about it here on the show back in january when mr. buffet announced that he had lightened up, and for that reason that's really what took the stock from the 130s into the teens. >> i know. >> it has been climbing back up, you know. >> his position is still like worth $30 billion or whatever it is. >> that was just risk management. >> some astro nomical number i probably got the number wrong, but probably not by much. >> right the firm still owns a ton of it. they are still believers i think after this digestive period basically from the
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knockdown to where it has come back to now -- >> all right. >> -- i think that's why jim is going to be right about this going through 150. >> now, i don't have pete here to tell me why microsoft is the greatest thing since sliced bread or that satya nadella is the greatest ceo this side of brian cornell at target. so, joe, i'm going to have to go to you on microsoft. okay what do you make of what is happening with the stock today knock it out of the park earnings cramer couldn't say enough nice things about the quarter that microsoft booked, and yet the stock is lower today great report, he said. people just want to take some profits. they're going to take some stocks down based on nothing he tweeted there was nothing wrong with microsoft at all and it should be bought. is this a cautionary tale for those who rode some of these stocks way up into their numbers? >> no. it is not. i think the azure growth matching the prior quarter at 50%, that's been cited as being
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disappointing, but i always look at positioning positioning for microsoft was incredibly high in terms of the number of funds that were allocated there. it is also viewed as an esg stock, so all of the esg funds own it if it is going to see a little bit of a correction, which i think it is about to see, you've got the 50-day at 242, the 100-day at 233 and the 200-day at 222 so it could easily fall back to those levels i would add more to my current position because the fundamental strength of this company over multiple years will still dominate >> oh, okay. i thought you had a few -- >> and, scott. >> yeah. >> just real quick. >> yeah, i didn't realize he was done he sounded like he had a few more words to get out there, but that's all right go ahead, doc. >> all right pete texted me and said satya nadella said digital adoption curves aren't slowing down, they
12:19 pm
are accelerating, scott. he said this is the beginning, not the middle innings this is the beginning. so that's why you should get all bulled up about this earnings report, and the fact that you are getting a 3.5% pullback or wherever it is right now, i think that's a gift. that's from pete for you, scott. >> okay. >> scott. >> kari, are you a buyer on this dip? if it goes down even more, will you be a buyer >> yeah, perhaps, but it is 5% off its all-time high. it is a stock that was up 50% over the last year and it has just come down, you know, an inch so i think that it was a great quarter. yes, some people are selling maybe they're investors who were a little disappointed, the same as with apple. these, you know, double trillion dollar companies are sources of funds, and maybe because interest rates went up a little bit, people moved some money around, they put some money perhaps into fixed income. you know, who knows? but i don't take it as a sign there's anything wrong with microsoft. they raised the guidance for the
12:20 pm
second quarter it is not as if they stood still and said, you know, we had a great quarter, now the next one or two aren't going to be very good you know, they're running on all cylinders, and all of their three business segments were ahead of expectations. even the bulls thought that the numbers were good. so, you know, i think it is a stock, yeah, i can pull back a little bit we would buy more because we're underweight microsoft and it would be an opportunity if the stock came back, i don't know, to the 50-day moving average i don't know if it will even get are. >> joe, give me something real quick, 30 seconds literally on pintrest stock is getting smoked today. you sold it about 12 days ago or something like that. obviously you are happy that you did that is correct but if you liked it then, are you buying it today on the discount you are getting? >> no, i sold it on april 16th when it went from 84 to 75 what i don't like is when a company says that the retention of maus from 2020 are in place, but we don't know if or when they are going to leave.
12:21 pm
that's concerning to me, scott so the absence of clarity and the ability to retain the mau growth from 2020, i'm not going to buy the stock here on the dip. >> interesting to hear you talk about that the other big story today, of course, decision dade y for fed. more attention paid to what chairman powell said than what the fed does today our friend steve leishman is here with us is he going to stick to the party line, i'm not thinking about thinking about thinking about, or is something new going to happen today? >> the only thing that could be new today was if he drops one of the thinking about i don't think he is going to i think he is still very much on pause. i think he is looking through this concern about inflation that's ot there. he is looking through what is probably right now double digit growth in the united states in this quarter, and he is looking through the huge fiscal spending that is happening until we get jobs down to where it was before the pandemic, on or thereabouts, and/or when he sees the
12:22 pm
infection rates come down probably in the fall. >> what about the idea of what some people are talking about these days about, steve, it is time for the fed to at least start talking about taper, that there's too much liquidity in the system and things within the stock market, and certainly in certain parts of it and beyond, are starting to get out of hand? i want you to listen to what rick rieder told us and i want your reaction to it because it plays into what he and some investors are thinking >> i will feel more comfortable when the fed starts to actually move and actually starts to describe tapering, and while the markets may have a tough time with that i think changing that communication is really important, because putting $120 billion a month into a system that is already flush with liquidity, you know, is overdoing it a bit that's where i think you need to see it pare back a little bit. >> steve, i guess it comes down to how much of a bubble the fed wants to inflate before it says
12:23 pm
anything. >> yeah, i mean rick has a lot of company if you look at the results of our latest cnbc fed survey, scott, 68% say qe is not needed at all to help the markets function 65% say it is not even needed to help the economy so i think we could have done away with qe a long time ago, given how low rates are, given how well the economy seems to be coming back. but powell, i think, wants qe as a buffer he wants that out there as a way to keep the markets from raising -- from thinking the fed is about to raise rates. as long as the qe is out there and the fed isn't tapering, the market isn't going to start to price in higher rates. scott, i want to leave you with this one idea. i think the thing that matters most is not the inflation rate, not the gdp rate, not the fiscal spending i think it is still the infection rate i think what the story is that powell does not want to go into the fall -- if you look at the course of infection rates, we had a huge spike back in the
12:24 pm
fall of last year. i don't think powell wants to be seen to be tightening into that rise in the slope. probably not going to happen again. hopefully not going to happen again, but i think he's going to want an all-clear from the cdc, the nih, the pdq, before he starts to raise rates that we're all clear on rebound in the infections. >> i threw out my bubble comment and you didn't react to it, which i was somewhat surprised by, but maybe powell is taking some comfort in the fact that some of the more euphoric sides of the market are self-correcting in a sense, right? >> yes. >> spacs have -- >> undoubtedly. >> -- self-corrected nfts seem to be self-correcting. those massively high-flying growth tech stocks with huge valuations have self-corrected so you think that factors into how they're thinking about the type of bubble that they may be inflating? >> i think so.
12:25 pm
i think they like to see some steam come out of very, very hot markets. i mean we keep asking powell whether or not he thinks markets are overvalued and he says no. by the way, it is not like the markets are acting like they are overall overvalued specific sectors get hit, i think it is something that gives powell some relief. >> all right we will see what happens today steve, you will be all over it, we know. thank you for coming on here steve liesman, our senior economic reporter. up next, boeing taking a wider hit than expected. what should you do with the stock? we will let you know we will talk starbucks and veeps au as well, and ahead of the nfl draft kickoff. rich eisen joins us. run, rich, run doing a lot of great things in the community and for st. jude children's research hospital we'll talk about that when we come back. a plan that can help grow and protect your money. now or in the future.
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♪ >> welcome back i'm rahel solomon. here is your cnbc news update at this hour. a prosecutor in north carolina says that andrew brown jr. drove his car into law enforcement officers before they opened fire and fatally shot him. he also disagrees with brown family statements that the car was not moving when the shooting started. we're now hearing from a user in the derek chauvin trial. he says most of their deliberations were spent
12:29 pm
convincing one person who was uncertain about part of the jury instructions otherwise, he says that deliberations should have taken about 20 minutes the leader of northern ireland is resigning first minister arlene foster says she will step down at the end of june. key members of her party signed a letter of no confidence. the fda is close to a ban on menthol cigarettes the decision would have immediate impact on sales. instead, it would start a rules making process that can then take years to complete scott, you are up to date. i'll send it back to you. >> rahel, appreciate it. thank you very much. the busiest week of earnings continues. shares of boeing are sinking today after reporting a wider-than-expected loss jim lebenthal, you own it. i have a question from steve in new jersey to farmer jim do you regret not parachuting out of boeing with stephen weiss prior to earnings and the
12:30 pm
announcement he knows he sold and is back in for another trade, but do you regret that, jim >> no, i don't we got -- we got to give our boy steve weiss a "w" once in a while because he's been sorely lacking in those recently, at least as far as he and i go. so you get the win on that one, steve. that will keep you out of the psyche ward, for now anyway. i bought some more this morning, too. so -- >> oh, you did you bought more? >> yeah, i did. >> you bought more on the dip? >> i bought more i bought more. what this dip is, it is not about first quarter earnings because the earnings were terrible we knew they were going to be terrible were they a little more terrible than expected? sure, but i don't care i think the reason the stock is down is because the street wanted more clarity on meeting 787 delivery expectations for the rest of this year. they didn't get that clarity but you know what? that is a question of how fast the recovery is going to occur, not a question of whether boeing is going to recovery that's the sort of normal give and take in a stock i can live
12:31 pm
with. >> okay. >> if they said there was a new problem with the 787 or the 777 or 737 max, something they had a new charge to write off, then i would be worried i'm not worried about the pace of this being a month or two longer than what the street expected the recovery is on track. >> well, i was going to ask you, because you made me think about this, you know, the way that you and steve weiss have a different way of looking at this name, why is boeing an owning stock rather than a trading stock is it for the very reason that you just said, because you are willing to look out to the long term, whereas maybe you have to be a little more nimble in a name of like this giving the ups and downs and ebbs and flows of what boeing has done >> i think you can be both, scott. let me explain this. the stock is trading -- you know, you go back to june of last year, this is where it was trading. granted, it was a little higher than it should have, but the point being it is still trading as if the pandemic is still going on the pandemic is going on, but
12:32 pm
we've got recovery we have got reopening. this is a stock that in 2022 you should expect to have a three handle in front of it. you should expect it to be in the 300s now, can you trade around it you certainly can. you know why take a look at the chart this stock keeps taking three steps forwards and two steps back that's not my m.o., i'm an investor more than a trader. however, i picked up more shares today because i think we're at the end of the two streps back i think steve has been doing a good job, though i hate giving him props. >> you look like you're going to the club for bunch get the burger if you go starbucks, joe starbucks is down 3%, another stock everybody loves. what do you do here if you have been in this stock listening to you and josh brown and said this thing is great, you got to buy it, now what >> i think you buy the dip i think it is a play on
12:33 pm
reopening in europe. better non-u.s. vaccination and improvement in the virus i think that was the story of this quarter the u.s., the china numbers, they were both very strong, but this is about brazil, mexico, india and the restrictions that were in place in europe. that's why you are seeing the correction in the stock price, but i think you absolutely buy it. >> i think we got the 21 club closed, by the way we need to get that place back the burger is too good. >> it did close. >> that's a shame. it is a new york institution somebody rescue that place. >> absolutely. >> visa, kari, you own visa. solid quarter. what do you make of it >> visa really did a great job with the quarter considering that cross-border volume is still very weak. so they beat the number. the stocks underperformed until recently it started to pick up the pace payment volume was up 11%, and they talked about how in april
12:34 pm
the volumes are up 29% in the u.s., and that's a great number compared to 2019, not '20. compared to '19, some of that money is stimulus checks obviously. but, still, very strong. so they've set themselves up for really good second quarter and, you know, we think there's more to come here for visa. it really gave us an outstanding quarter, and that's why the stock is reacting so well. >> okay. coming up, jon has unusual activity, plus we will get you ready for amazon's earnings. they are tomorrow. a reminder, you can always watch or listen to us live on the go on the cnbc app. we are back on "the half" after this break
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dr. jay, unusual what do you have for us? >> pitney bowes, pbi they're buying with the stock at about $9.50. these calls, they bought 13,000 of them, 1.3 million share equivalent i jumped on the nine calls instead and i'm selling higher strikes against it second trade, scott,
12:38 pm
harley-davidson, july option so further out into the option they're buying the july double nickel, the 55 calls they're paying about $1.45 for that out of the money call with the stock around $49 i will be in that trade probably for two months again, i bought and at-the-money and sold that higher strike rather than chasing that higher strike, scott. but i'm in both of them, and hopefully both of them are going to be winners. >> yeah, monster last year for hog, there, doc, up 125% thank you. up next, nfl network host rich eisen is with us. we will talk with him about the draft, of course, as well as his annual 40-yard dash charity fundraiser for a very good cause. "halftime" is back in two minutes.
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♪ ♪ all right. the nfl draft kicks off tomorrow night in cleveland, and one of this year's highlights will be the run, rich, run, annual charity campaign from the nfl networks rich eisen. he has run the 40-yard dash to benefit st. yud children's research hospital and this year
12:42 pm
he enlists nfl legends and well-known business entrepreneurs to help in the cause. together they donated more than a million dollars to st. jude. the competition will air on the nfl network on saturday at noon. rich eisen joins us live right now as we watch him run. welcome. it is good to have you on. >> thanks for having me on i really appreciate it. >> you know, i can't believe it has been 17 years that you have actually been doing this thing has your time gotten better or worse through the years? >> well, i'm a fine wine, uncorked every single year usually around the combine but due to covid, the combine got cancelled, so i wanted to make sure that i continued to get better you either wake up with it or you don't. you look in the mirror, you can either feel it or you don't. i thank god i feel it every year i am getting a little bit slower though the last couple of years, but the number that's most important obviously is what we raise for st. jude children's research hospital. >> that is exactly right tell me about that, the partnership you have had with them has lasted now for, what,
12:43 pm
six years? >> yes it has we turned it into a charitable -- i have been running since 2005 just for a lark, and then about six years ago we changed it into a fundraiser where we asked people to donate and then run their own 40 in their own work clothes at their own place of business, safely obviously, and upload the video to social media using thethe hashtag of run rich run, with a link to st. jude to donate last year i got a call from mark laurie, who i'm sure many of your viewers known quite well. he found my run, me running in my suit, because that's the way i do it at my workplace at the combine, and he saw me running in my suit and was wondering what the charity was all about and then he donated generously for a chance to run with jerry rice last year he went on a run with jerry.
12:44 pm
thanks to his largesse and thanks to him and his friends betting on him or jerry with all of the proceeds going to st. jude, we raised over a million dollars, also with the help of the nfl and owners like steve bisiadi, he and his wife give generously every year. we expanded it and got seven more runners from marks world and seven more from mine we are already a million bucks in we run it at sofi stadium, the home of the rams and the chargers, two weeks ago and we will show it all on nfl network saturday during the draft. >> i guess my money would be on michael vick for obvious reason. jason robins is well-known to our viewers, of course draftkings as well so you really have put together quite the collection of business leaders and former athletes. i can't wait to see the actual result this weekend. >> yeah. all of them run.
12:45 pm
je jenny flies, they all run. michael vick was somebody everybody was keen to see run. rob woodson, said the last time he ran a 40 was 1987 so we're going to show them all, chris carter, ray lewis to name a few. terrell davis, who was the nfl network analyst sitting next to me in 2005 when all of this was born out of just sheer boredom waiting to record a segment. i asked him how fast he thought i could run the 40 in my chute and lace-up dress shoes. he basically said i couldn't i kurscursed him out, went on t field, ran it, not knowing that the nfl network production crew was recording it, surprising me with it. here we are 17 years later, hopefully raising as much money as we can for st. jude. >> let me ask you about the draft if i can. >> sure, please. >> it seems like the first two picks are obviously in stone at this point, right? we would be shocked if anything other than what people have been talking about takes place.
12:46 pm
it feels like at number three, with the 49ers, is where things can get really interesting. >> yes, that's where things can get a little loose because we don't know who the 49ers are going to select, and as if there wasn't enough drama about it, it has been building for a month because it was during zack wilson's pro day he is the one you are alluding to about being set in stone at the jets at two, and we all know trevor lawrence is going to be number one from the minute he was essentially born so the question is, it has been about a month ago when the 49ers traded all their capital from two draft first rounds in the future along with their 12th overall pick to trade all the way up to three. we have only seen three quarterbacks taken in a row atop a draft twice before, the last in 1999. we have never seen four in a row, and atlanta made history with their fourth overall selection there. that's the mystery, three and four, and then what happens after that. >> can't wait to watch it.
12:47 pm
i know everybody is excited about it thanks for joining us. appreciate your time, rich eisen. thanks as well for all you are doing. we should let everybody know ""the rich eisen show"" airs on peacock, monday to friday, 12:00 to 3:00. you can donate use the #runrichrun. you can donate at >> i appreciate it before i go, how did the markets do while i was on the air? did it go up >> it is rising as you are speaking >> i'm a factor! i'm a team player for the markets. thanks for having me. >> we're at the very least off the lows of the day, which is good sign. >> good, my pleasure. >> you be well as we mentioned the draft kicks off tomorrow on "power lunch" cnbc's "stock draft" is back starts at 2:00 easter up next, our experts take
12:48 pm
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try to get you ahead of amazon that stock reports tomorrow too. we'll talk more about it on show, obviously. now there's so much speculation about a stock split. is that what you're starting to think a lot about heading into tomorrow >> yeah, we are. there's been a fair amount of speculation in the options that would benefit those at the money
12:51 pm
and out of the money options not necessarily on an earnings beat but on a potential for a stock split. it's rumored everywhere, i guess and if that plays out, scott, i do think even though the company remains the same that access to the markets will make it more att attractive to some investors >> kerry an under performer is amazon of late what do you do with it >> it hasn't moved until very recently it peaked early september. we're starting to see investors begin to come back because this revolution toward accelerated e-commerce is still in play. it's not ended because people are going to go out to a store people buy online. we know that's happening and we heard now from both microsoft and google how strong cloud
12:52 pm
storage is and that's gad for aws. we think that will have an extremely good quarter we think the quarter will be fine in stock can continue to outperform >> i'll tell you who needs amazon to do well is the joe t you knew exactly that i was coming to you. joe t. etf people followed you into that from this program. >> yes, absolutely you and i had a conversation regarding the stock split a couple of o months ago you are obviously correct with your thoughts back then. the only question which stock gets tossed out of the dow jones industrial i think it will be intel and they will put amazon in it when you see the stock split. sf >> what do you think about that jimmy? >> i'm totally out of intel. >> it's going to trail you
12:53 pm
forever. it's baggage that's what they call that >> one stock is going out of the dow. we got figure out which one it is >> dow would be crazy >> he says a guy with organic chemistry and molecular biology your bookshelf, i don't hear much from you about biotech. no love or not interested. serious question >> it's a good question. i think the reason i haven't been doing much in pharma or biotech, i just haven't liked the political winds. if you notice president biden hasn't been going after drug price flg ing from the proposal putting forward. i need to start paying more attention now that the political winds seem to be easing in putting drug price controls. >> he's been busy with talking about raising taxes and things like that and the virus.
12:54 pm
he might goat that >> let's hope it doesn't come back to it >> we'll take break. we're back with final trades
12:55 pm
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keeping your oysters business growing has you swamped. you need to hire. i need indeed indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a shortlist of quality candidates from a resume data base claim your seventy-five-dollar credit when you post your first job at first, please. >> thermofisher. it's down from its peak in november it's in three sweet spots of health care, instrument, testing and clinical research. >> thank you doc. >> heron therapeutics. biotech stock.
1:00 pm
i bought calls today >> farmer jim. >> kinder morgan the strength in its business is finally being recognized >> all right, the etf known as joe t. >> eqt natural gas price is up over 101% this month. >> bracing for apple can't wait the see what happens in the talk about it on to tomorrow's show. "the exchange" is now. thank you, scott he here is what's ahead the fed says it's transitory and investors are caught in the middle inflation will be to watch we'll discuss that and what else to look out for. the president unexpected to unveil a nearly 2 trillion dollar plan this evening and the keyword will be taxes. tax credits offset by tax hikes. we have the details. we start with the markets and


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