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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  April 27, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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announcement, because our scientists are convinced by the data that the odds of getting or giving the virus to others is very, very low if you're both fully vaccinated and out in the open air the cdc sells clarified which outdoor activities are safer or less safe, depending on whether you've been vaccinated the bottom line is clear, if you're vaccinated, you can do more things, more safely, both outdoors as well as indoors. so for those who haven't gotten their vaccinate yet, especially if you're younger, or think you don't need it, this is another great reason to go get vaccinated now now. yes, the vaccines are about saving your life, but also the lives of the people around you
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they're also about helping to get us back closer to normal in our living, more normal living getting together with friends, going to a park for a picnic without needing to mask much we're back to that place now, as long as you get vaccinated so go get the shot it's never been easier p once you're fully vaccinated, you can go without a mask when you're outside and away from big crowds i want to thank the team at the cdc for everything they're doing to help us lead with science, and bring our communities out of this crisis safely and responsibly. i also want to thank everyone who has gotten a vaccine for doing your patriotic duty and helping us to get on the path to independence day, which i'll be discussing in more detail next week in the meantime, i urge all
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americans, don't let up now. keep following the guidance. go get your vaccination now. it's free and it's convenient. 90% of the american people live within five miles of a site where you can get a vaccination. you can do this. we will do this. thank you all, and god bless you, and as much as the temptation is to stay outdoors in the beautiful day >> reporter: why didn't it apply to everybody if the risk is so low. >> one at a time. >> reporter: why doesn't this new guidance apply to everybody? >> because the science indicates it's the most certainly way that both people have been vaccinated, the people you're
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with, and you're outside. >> reporter: you chose to wear a mask as you walked out here. what message were you sending by wearing a mask outside alone. >> watching me take it off and not put it back on until i go inside. >> reporter: any meetings scheduled with vladimir putin? >> i'll discuss that on another day. >> reporter: will you make it faster for them to get the vaccine we will get soon >> india -- >> reporter: what do you say -- >> this is the last question i'll take. i'm really going to be in trouble. with regard to india, i spoke at length with modi, the prime minister we are sending immediately a whole series of help that he needs, including providing for those remdesivir and other drugs that are able to deal with this and prevent in some cases, but
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help recovery. secondly, we are sending the actual mechanical parts that are needed for the machinery they have to build a vaccine. that's being done as well. we're also discussing -- i've discussed with him when we'll be able to send actual vaccines to india, which will be my intention to do. the problem is right now we have to make sure we have other vaccines like november novavax and others to oil and i think we'll be able to share vaccines as well as know-how with other countries who are in real need that's the hope and expectation. i might add when we were in a bind in the very beginning, india helped us. thank you. all right. there is president biden after repeating the news out earlier today, kellie, that americas are
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free to go outside in small groups and do so maskless. he and the cdc still suggests wearing a mask in large groups, so you would have to say that's progress meg tirrell, wrap what we just heard. >> the president answering the question, he was asked why was he still wearing the may have been give the guidance, and he said watch me put this mask away and not put it back on until i get back inside. for people who are fully vaccinated if you're outdoors, not in a crowd, you don't have to worry about wearing a mask. they are trying to provide incentives for people to go out and get vaccinated particularly for seniors, 68% of
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seniors in the u.s. fully vaccinated we are starting to see the pace of daily vaccinations flag, so entering this new period of trying to reach people the president also hinted we are going to hear more about his plans of reaching independence day, july 4th, where he's giving this date of trying to reach an independence days in this pandemics. >> he indicated novavax, which is expected with results any day now. the message has just been on astrazeneca and presumably follow-on vaccines behind them we don't need them for the next few months because of the supply we have. kelly, sending it back to you. >> a big distinction he was
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ma making. we are sitting at new highs. the earnings season is coming in better than expected some of the big global industrial companies commenting. sherwin-williams, with double-digit sales growth, do it yourself work there, that's the sign of the reopening. industrial earnings a bit on the mixed side they had a 14% increase in volume, but they declined to provide any real guidance.
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still, the beat was so big stock was moving nicely in the >> they're now giving guidance for the year company are are continues to beat 17% to 20% earnings beat is very common now, with a third of the s&p 500 reporting. remember, historically, before covid, companies would beat by 3%, 4%, 5%, they would say that's pretty good
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companies on massive scale, a real sign that they're continues to have to raise the numbers, and tyler, you know as well as i do, that's what makes the stock market move on the up side robert, thank you very much. ? yub 24 hours from now, we will get the next fed decision and the press conference our next guest will be keenly focused on what chair powell says, specifically about inflation. always good to see you thank you for joining us today how worried are you about insurgent or incipient inflation? >> tiler, first of all, it's good to see here good. i could say our disposition in terms of inflation is consistent we've been of the camp for some time, referring to a theme we have, a step-flation i think it's consistent with also what you've heard from the fed recently, talking about the
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up tick, being more transitory and so we're watching that closely. we know it's a risk case we could have sort of unanticipated inflation, bur our base case for a longer arc of time is the structural forces you see, whether it's technological advancement or other forces, will keep inflation at bay >> so it may by in certain a
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areas. >> that's probably a comfortable space. the caveat i would give is twofold. one isoftentimes it's not just the level of inflation, tyler, it's really what are the forward expectations the reality is if we get unanticipated hikes in inflation, that can give some disruption to the portfolio. that's important to note the other thing i would say, is if you think about the recent history we've had over the past couple years, we've talked about a target of inflation that we haven't achieved for any meaningful period of time. so some might argue we would be comfortable seeing inflation getting to that level and hovering after it if it's for the right reason >> let's just baseline it here a bit. in my baseline portfolio, right now, would you be emphasizing risk assets more than non-risk assets, number one number two, if i'm a stock investor, what kinds of equities would you be going for if i have a lot of monday in my
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bond fonz, as a lot of americans do, where should i be? >> i think those are exactly the right question you're investing over the long term it's not whether or not you're exposed to risk, but how much and in what ways do you optimize it? via have i i would say for emerge sergeant equities, but rear constructive there. one of the things i look at is
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valuation, so the spread of the valuation is uss equities is relatively high. the last thing i would mention, in terms of exposure is think two areas, where are you in terms of getting rewarded for certain risk factors so certainly like value and small size or small-cap stocks here, if you think about it, tyler, cyclical names have been outperforming already over the past three, four months, we probably should continue to see that trend so that's something we would be emphasizing. from a tactical standpoint, one of the things we did more recently, is we increased our waiting to natural resources all right. we have to leave it there. thank you for your time. he's growing increase by worried about inflation, sore are the pants pants in our survey, inflation climbing the list of biggest worry.
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also getting good marks in this group, 61% say will increase growth. we had that debate with different analyses out there,
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but whether it will help or hurt growth monetary policy, meanwhile, is also another risk. the fed is seen on hold this year, but respondents think the fed should be responding more to economic growth and the massive spending for the administration by raising rates sooner. kelly? >> at the same time we've been speaking about the different between reflation and inflation. or is this all just kind of a catch-up from the pandemic, a one-time catch-up? >> yeah, i'm going to answer that question just one very small slice of it. you have an discussion with barry knapp. i don't buy that i think when you get price increases, that's going to bring supply to bear i think that supply will come from the united states, it will come from abroad there are some friction shuns when it comes to tariff, but i think the whole global supply chain will re-form itself,
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reroute itself, and come back and provide pressure on the feature of the global economy for several decades. >> there's a case to be made that the walls are going up, but even if you state that's going to happen, i think one of the arguments is that the supply chain itself is just becoming more expensive, it's not as cheap to outsource to china as it might have been 10, 15 years ago. >> i think that's right for sure i think there's still other places to go it looks like you won't let me go until i agree that inflation is a problem, but i do agree >> i think it's interesting. >> it's something that needs to be watched for sure, but i still am a believer you'll have a temporary surge in inflation, and it could get quite hot when we look at the numbers in the summer, the supply chains will come back, and that you're nothing going to have this
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persistent inflation that's out there and that, yes, prices are up, but there are other places as well, where companies are allowed where they can move to get lower prices. >> we'll going to have you and barry debate this in the days ahead. >> works for me. coming up, we'll get you ready for a tidal wave of earnings in the tech area. the five biggest companies in the world. $8 trillion of market cap will all report over the next three days enpor nc ruratready for th wh "weluh"etns
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. welcome back, $8 trillion set to report. it's been a monster first quarter for earnings can they tech giants keep that momentum going we're joined by jason epstein. let's start with google, what's your expectation >> google has the most exposure to the reopening, whether it's the travel industry, live entertainment, as well as local businesses, so the thought there is that, you know, they're probably best positioned, you know, from the what does it look like, when we have taken a look at street numbers, we're about 3% above the street for the
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second quarter, and about 2% above for the year, so it does look like they're set up for a very nice beat. >> do you care if the amazon does a stock split in. >> look, i think it helps the retail investor. even if you split it, it's constituent not a $10 or $20 stock, but look, gently the retail investor does like stock splits, but there are protects in the market that allow you to buy fractions of share we position have snap a twitter, but it seems that twitter that is lost its mojo what does the company need to stay and what are the expectations for thursday? >> i think why you've seen it
2:22 pm
languish a bit is they hosted an investor event, and kind of gave their multiyear outlook, that they were targeting basically, you know, close to 50% growth over the next few years, and kind of late out their goals to get there. and the stock kind of ralliedo that you kind of have an information vacuum i can't imagine they'll give you any out-of-mean full update. >> so you may see a slowdown, simply twitter has the least built-out and -- out of all of the company that we're talking about. while really is in a position to get those dollars, and budgets are being raised, twitter is
2:23 pm
going to have to work harder for the guidance, and we don't think they actually beat the whispers, as they call it. investors are trying to understand what they think i think that told you, you know, there's probably less risk going into earnings from a his per, and can you beat the expectations for the rest of the names. again, we can probably google. we think they can use second quarter, and even looking out,
2:24 pm
there's, i think upside to it. >> quick question, if i might, jason. it has to do with twitter. is there any way to quantify -- forgive me if you mentioned this -- to quantity pit that president trump is no longer on the website and it seems to have lost a bit of its political juice. >> look, i think they have gotten that question in the past they already saw the data. so i think from a revenue standpoint, no impact, to the extent there may have been some engagement impact, they have lost it by other products. you just keep launching new products, you make your product easier to use and more accessible to people so i think it's last year's story at this point. jason, while we have you, can we talk aboutthe stock draft?
2:25 pm
just two days away. >> thursday it our day. >> thursday the big day for the nfl draft, but stock draft, we didn't have it last year it's 60 names in the universe, our teams, ten teams, your coverage universe has eight stocks on it if i said, okay, just pick two names -- pick even one, what would be your top pick for the draft? which company will be the best performer? >> given i don't know all the companies in there, but i'm going to guess i would probably go with amazon at this point. i think there is a lot of concern that there was a pull forward for covid, and people will go back to buying their shampoo in stores. we have seen the patterns in e-commerce, with digital technologies that once the genie is out of the bottle, it doesn't go all the way back in so i probably would go with amazon >> amazon equals trevor lawrence, i guess, if you were
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taking it to the nfl analogy there. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you for having me >> we're less than two days away this thursday for a very special edition of "power lunch" you don't want to miss up next, it's tillman tuesday. the billionaire will weigh in on restaurant reopening, crypto e is, he's on the other side of this break the right moves fast... get decision tech from fidelity. [ cellphone vibrates ] you'll get proactive alerts for market events before they happen... and insights on every buy and sell decision. with zero-commission online u.s. stock and etf trades. for smarter trading decisions, get decision tech from fidelity. you need a financial plan that can help grow and protect your money.
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welcome back i'm rahel solomon, this is your cnbc covid update. in the last 30 minutes, president biden took a walk outside the white house to speak to reporters while he says there's more needed, stunning problem has been made. to keep that going, he's urging everyone to get vaccinated >> the bottom line is clear. if you're vaccinated, you can do more things, more safely, both outdoors as well as indoors. so for those who haven't gotten their vaccinate yet, especially if you're younger or think you
2:30 pm
don't need it, this is another great reason to go get vaccinated, now. >> the president was referring to guidance from the cdc today on wearing a mask when outdoors. take a listen. >> generally, for vaccinated people outdoor activities without a mask are safe. however, we continue to recommend masking in crowded outdoor settings and venues, such as packed stadiums and concerts, where there is decreased ability to maintain physical distance and where many unvaccinated people may also be present. some good news >> indeed, rahel thank you very much. let's turn or attention to the oil market, which is closing for the day. dom chu? >> u.s. benchmark west texas intermediate, $62.94, 1.66% gains. currently $66 had the 45, about,
2:31 pm
on the one hand you have downward pressure as concerns about the economic impact of covid cases surge in india and brazil continue to lead demand on uncertainty and opec and its partners countries reportedly looking to ease output cuts, according to a reuters report, that would put more downward pressure on prices with more supply of oil coming to the market possibly, but overall, those markets are in a holding pattern right now. as you can see, they have been for a few weeks, we are going to get private sector oil later on today, this afternoon with the official data out tomorrow morning. tyler, those could be big catalysts. >> dom, thank you very much. consumer confidence jumping to a 14-month high, but in spite of this good news, many restaurants are still having trouble finding workers to come back to work for more on the challenges, and a check on his businesses,
2:32 pm
tilman fertitta, chairman of restaurant corporation, and owner of houston's team. you were personally frightened by it, from what you saw since then, what have you learned and what can the country take away from texas's approach to covid and what texas has done and experienced? >> well, it's really amazing, and looking at like the month of april, we're up 2% in revenue, compared to 19, which is the highest in the nation for all of our business what's interesting is new york is down 50%, and yet we have a fewer cases percentage so everybody criticized governor abbott for opening this up last
2:33 pm
may, we've been open, so obviously it was the right decision, but now what we're all fighting, of course, is there's no employees out there, and now you've got the new american jobs act for the infrastructure that is going to make the labor market even tougher. what's amazing, tyler, our average wage for non-tipped employees is $14.50 an hour our problem running with 6% to 7% unemployment, that 6% to 7% doesn't want a job you can get a job in any industry you want basically right now. >> i really agree with you on that, because you see ads and banners at stores and whether it is bed balt & beyond, target or a local restaurant, or a big national chain like yours, people are looking for workers do you attribute most of that inability to attract workers to the ideas that workers are receiving and riding on unemployment benefits?
2:34 pm
>> 100%. it's the extra $300 a week when i first said this on cnbc a few weeks ago, everybody looked at me like i was crazy then they all realized this is what's happening there's no employees out there we are offering bonuses everywhere at the same time my casinos are having record-breaking mondays, okay that's stimulus, guys. that's where your money is going. it's going out there, and all of your high-end department stores, your lieouis vuitton, and i see what's going out there when i truffle. it's not just houston. people are spending money. people are chomping at the bit to resume normalcy, and now we learn today we can go outside safely without masks, according
2:35 pm
to the cdc if i were to sum it up, i think i'm hearing you say we do not have an employment recession in the company. number two, the extended unemployment benefits, well-intentioned though they may be is actually restarting a full recovery >> 100%. what's happening now, you're getting ready to have huge inflation for the consumer, because the people in the slaughterhouses, the people raising the chickens, the people raising your produce, they can't find employees, so they can only produce so much, so what happens? they raise the price to the consumer businesses like mine, which is retail, which is restaurants, which is hotels, and on and on and on, then what happens? we have to raise the price to the consumer we have to pay more, so therefore you've built yourself in the inflation that you always wanted, it looks like. >> systemwise, did i hear you say your revenues are above 2%
2:36 pm
first quarter -- above where they were in 2019? >> no. in texas they are. >> i'm sorry. >> in different -- the states that have been open that have knocked out this covid are way ahead of everybody else, but a state like new york is still off 50%, because they're making it so different on tourism, and they're still not allowing groups for business meetings, et cetera, et cetera. >> let's turn -- i remember last year, and i think you still senior probably right on this. you said it was going to take until 2022 for there to be really a full recovery in some areas you've already seen it, but do you still stand by that 2022 prediction? >> yes, definitely, but the only reason is to -- let's be honest. the first quarter has been crazy busy april has been crazy busy. remember, we didn't even open up in l.a. and new york until like
2:37 pm
february, but people are just so want to get out there and spend money, they have money, you know, there's $3 trillion more in savings that this there was in 2019, okay? so there is so much money out there, i still think because of conversation and the business traveler, you will not get a full recovery with conventions and conference -- conventions and conferences until '23, but we're on our way up. i said this, too this will be the roar roaring $ getting it out i didn't get ppp money, i got no support from the government, but they're giving it to me right through through the stimulus all of us consumers businesses are happy to take it. >> we'll go dance the charleston
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soon is there any enter prices for bitcoin as a payment >> my dealership was the first ever to take it. we're using it everywhere now, the houston rockets are taking it even my restaurants like ma maestro's is starting to take it it is here to stay this is where it is. it's inevitable that this was going to happen, and we'll have it probably within all of our restaurant brands, or 80% to 90% in the next 90 days where you don't have to use a mastercard, visa or american express, you can use bitcoin or other digit at occurcurrencies. >> your team lost one of its best players for the rest of the year, john wall, and the team has had some struggles this year i want to ask you a broad
2:39 pm
question -- what have you learned about the nba and running a franchise since you took over the rockets a couple years ago? and what do you wish you had known then that you didn't know? >> well, number one, we're the most injured team in the history of the nba number one this year, but number two, you have to have a superstar. if you look at who wins, and who were the last contenders, you have to have not even one superstar, but two superstars. that's just the way it is. when you have five guys on a court and a guy can touch the ball, every single time you go down the court it's not like baseball or football it's so important to have a superstar. we feel it right now without james. we understand that our team's effort was to do whatever it took to win a championship the last four years. we used all the energy, all our
2:40 pm
draft picks, everything we could. we didn't get there, but you know what? we made a great trade for james. we had so many picks coming up in the future. this is just a cycle you go there. that's why your bostons, your l.a.s, your miamis, after you've been challenging for a title for so many years, even if you don't win it, you kind of start rebuilding again i feel comfortable with our gm, our coach, and we'll be back sooner in the playoffs than you can believe. >> fantastic, tillman, thanks as always for being with us we appreciate it so interest, bitcoin displacing mastercard and visa. >> wow yeah big moves. let's get to the bond market rick santelli tracking the action rick >> yes, at 162, up five basis points
2:41 pm
if anybody recalls, this one xwrufd, but here's an intraday of tens. the intraday one we traded above 152, we have yet to close below it, so and how and which side we close on, if we close above it back to you. >> well, it's not just tech heavyweights boeing is up next our traders weigh in on the big industrial stocks. jetblue says demand is returning. look at that, up 38% since jan
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welcome back earnings from 3m and general electric shedding light on the supply chain constraints companies are facing and the use of price increases to offset higher costs i'm told several issues are making it hard to predict when the business will snap back. let's bring in the trading nation team for today. gina, just on ge's -- what does that tell you about boeing beauings has been able to deliver planes i think that could be very good
2:46 pm
for ge >> you're right, these stocks have more than doubled up over 100% so at 19% above the 200-day moving average, the stock i would have to pick actually is boeing this is an interesting company for two key reasons. one is down over 13% it's a much better risk/reward structurally it's at an interesting level. it's still within an up friend from last november it's a must to really be selective and understand your risk reward. so i like boeing at 240. i think it gets up above 309, 310, so it's about a 6 to 1 risk
2:47 pm
/reward. thank you both kelly and tyler, back to you. >> seema, thank you very much. is demand about to take off for the airlines is the company is bullish on a rebound on a travel post-pandemic. the ceo, joe ana garrity will join us next
2:48 pm
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shares of jetblue were tdown 2.5% today but the company is sounding optimistic about a rebound
2:51 pm
citing greater than expected demand for leaisure travel joining us now in a power lunch exclusive is joanna garr itty with our own phil lebeau >> thank you, joanna, for joining us today you guys are talking about potentially breaking even in q3 and profitability later this year give me a sense what you're seeing of the market and demand here in the u.s. right now >> sure, thanks, phil. we're encouraged by what we're seeing this summer this is largely a leisure-led recovery all signs are positive vaccinations rates are up, booking curve is extending, load factors are increasing this gives us a degree of conference that we'll see ebitda operate in q3 and the rest of the year >> obviously you have huge explore down to florida as well as to the caribbean.
2:52 pm
people say, sure, we're seeing a benefit because people wanting to there what are you seeing in other markets away from what we might consider hot travel markets right now? >> sure. we've been disproportionately impacted through the pandemic because of our northeast geography. it reopened, so we're seeing strength there we're also seeing strength in trans con. overall the network is performing well. as you said, florida leisure and caribbean leisure are driving a good recovery into the summer. >> joanna, you mentioned the northeast. you have the co-chair agreement with american airlines, gives you greater exposure at la guardia and other routes that previously you were like, yeah, we would like to do some more in this particular area how much is that bringing in customers right now? >> we've announced more than 130 routes tied to the nea and new network development. we're encouraged by what we're seeing it's still early stages. from jetblue's perspective, being able to partner with american airlines is going to
2:53 pm
give us additional network strength, more choices for our customers. we'll bring more low fares to customers. frankly, doing that in constrained airports, boston and new york, these have been locations that were tougher to get into la guardia has been slot constrained. this is a real opportunity for jetblue and american we'll also be able to offer our customers reciprocal frequent flier benefits it's a win/win for both, in a market that's been adopdominatey two large carriers >> you've got the pandemic over in europe and the uk has been impacted as well will you have to push back the launch of that service >> we're still on track for q3 deployment i think the developments in the eu have been very positive obviously more and more customers are getting vaccinated is going to be important we certainly expect the uk will open up as we step into the fall this is an area where the pandemic has given us more
2:54 pm
opportunities in terms of the potential airport we fly to. jetblue will disrupt this place. we've announced mint cabin, we think it's going to be compe exceptional, we'll offer low fares. >> joanne that, one last thing you talked about on the conference call today your travel product, seeing real growth there this is essentially people going to jetblue saying, we're going to book our entire vacation, not just our flights is that what we're likely to see more of in the future, people saying they want one-stop shopping >> we certainly think so this is addressing the gaps in a seamless booking experience for customers who want to buy a vacation when things go bump in the night, which they sometimes do with airlines, we're there to protect the customer and make sure the customer gets rebooked. we're excited about this we announced paisley, also an opportunity to offer additional products to customers who do not necessarily want a full vacation
2:55 pm
product offering we think this is the future. we are seeing, you know, a strengthening in demand there. the attach rates are going up. and really pleased with what this is going to bring for customers in the future. >> joanna, president and ceo of jetblue, thank you, joanna, for joining us today bottom line, guys, we're all hearing about optimism that we really see the return, close to profitability, in q3, if not by q4 >> phil, thank you very much up next, call it video call inspiration. a look at how all those home conference calls are helping the remodeling industry. don't forget, you can always watch us live on the go on the cnbc app we'll be right back. hey lily, i need a new wireless plan for my business, but all my employees need something different. oh, we can help with that. okay, imagine this... your mover, rob, he's on the scene and needs a plan with a mobile hotspot. we cut to downtown, your sales rep lisa has to send some files, asap!
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welcome back, everybody. we've talked a lot about the housing supply shortage and this huge move and this rush into the suburbs. there's another aspect to the trend that could become just as important and interesting. dom chu is watching what you may be missing >> reporter: so kelly, tyler, younger prospective homebuyers in the u.s. want their greenacres experience. the one thing that stuck out to me, 29% of prospective homebuyers age 18 to 23 that wasn't to buy in rural, that's right, farm areas. another interesting aspect of that report, so many folks have had some kind of stay at home
2:59 pm
experience they've used videoconferencing i've seen tyler's kitchen. we're apparently getting more inspiration from those folks in video chats. the survey says 37% of folks have gotten home improvement ideas from seeing fellow callers in their homes, some food for thought, tyler, kelly. i want tyler's kitchen is what i've come down to. >> hashtag >> the kitchen is good it just depends on what i hang on the peloton on any given day. you maight not want that i find myself looking, kelly, at people's bookshelves to see what's on their reading list >> they're quite revealing i wonder if people regret, sometimes, people are learning too much about me. >> steve liesman's plays to his role, it's a lot of bernanke >> and his wife's book >> and his wife's book >> what about the artwork, guys? bob pisani, remember all the artwork, the bands, the vintage posters from back in the day >> can i throw in a vote for
3:00 pm
team suburbs here? i know what the taxes are like but there's trash collection there's sewer, there's water you better be pretty handy if -- i've thought about it, dom, i don't think i'm up for it. >> i'm a suburbs guy, i'm fine with infrastructure, i'll stay right there. >> thanks, everybody suburbs, rural, whatever >> "closing bell" starts right now. welcome to "closing bell." i'm sara eisen with will frost the dow is inching into the green, the s&p 500 is flat any close positive for the nasdaq or s&p 500 would be a new record close let's look at what's driving the action now one hour left of trading a number of names seeing big moves on a packed day of earnings season. ups is surging on blowout numbers. 3m, eli lilly, t


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