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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  April 27, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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hey, it's florida. it really does boil down to that. it's flor-i-duh. i'm jim cramer see yo "the news with shepard smith" starts now the mask debate, is it getting old and annoying tomorrow we expect some clarity. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc wear a mask outdoors or no >> i thi masks outdoor or no? >> new cdc guidelines are coming what about people who are skipping their second dose state of emergency in elizabeth city in north carolina after the the shooting death of andrew brown jr. >> let's be clear, this was an execution. >> the city allowed them to see just 20 seconds of body cam
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video. >> 20 seconds is not transparency the police report to consider gun rights. what protection does the second amendment gives for carrying firearm in public? >> politics and gender identity, civil rights calling for economic pressure to derail the surge in anti-trans law. summer travel to europe, possible for vaccinated americans. why your favorite shows from the '90s sounds different in the stream ♪ live from cnbc, the facts, the truths, the news with shepard smith. good evening, the family of andrew brown jr. is calling his death an execution after they watched police body cam video of sheriff deputies shooting during a raid at his home in elizabeth
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city, in north carolina. we have not seen the video after calling for the video release, brown's family and their attorneys say they were allowed to watch a 20-second snippet from a single deputy's body cam deputies ran up and guns drawn >> the sheriff's truck blocked him in his drive way so he could not exit he had his hands firmly on the steering wheel they wentup to his vehicle and shoots him >> oh no sure did >> he still stood there with his han hands on the steering wheel. they were still shooting him he drives off the car and runs in the the tree. >> that from the attorney. this is brown's son coming next. he says it was clear in the video that his father did not
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pose a threat to deputies. >> it is like we are against all odds in this world my dad got executed just by trying to save his own life. >> we could see the body cam video for ourselves. k kerry sanders is in elizabeth city for us tonight. we have an update from the sheriff's office, right? >> reporter: they will support the release of all of those videos, as many as eight body camera videos on top of the fact that there are some dashcam videos but in north carolina it requires a judge to order the release. the sheriff department does point out under the state law, they can blur faces. if and when that video is ordered to be released to the family and the public, it is likely that we'll see a blurred face on the deputies who were there. the family kpexpected to get soe
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transparency and accountability, none of which they have gotten the one clip over and over and concluded as you heard that this is not just to them. it is the ig biggest unjustice y see. i should point out that she lives across the street from the victim here and that she is related through marriage to the victim but this is what she had to say about what she saw as it unfolded >> he was sitting in his car and about that time the police pulled up behind him and he started to drive off and they started shooting and you can see mud slinging up on the side of his house everywhere and, they shot out the back window of his car and he lost
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control. >> the attorney ss say they believe the victim was shot in the back they plan to conduct a private autopsy and release those results to confirm what they are alleging later this week, shep >> kerry sansanders, thank you it comes days after the feds announced the probe of the minneapolis cop shot in the wake of george floyd's death. louisville police have been under scrutiny over the killing of breonna taylor. the probe will look into whether there is a pattern of racial discrimination and the use of excessive force in that department
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>> it will determine whether lapd engaged in unconstitutional stop, searches and seizures and search warrants on private homes. as in every investigation, we'll follow the facts and laws where they live. >> both the mayor and chief applauded and welcome the investigation. >> i think it is a good thing. it is necessary because police reform quite honestly is needed near every agency across the country. if us at louisville, llpd are going to be one of the flagshipped then bring it on >> the feds will take into consideration of the $12 million
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breached with breonna's family which will include on reform >> nbc's pete williams is with us now >> this investigation is much broader than what happened in that case and a look of the entire police department to see if there is a pattern or a intentional practice of violating civil rights especially of racial discrimination so, with last week's announcement of minneapolis, this now makes two new civil rights investigations of police departments since the attorney general garland rescinded a trump administration policy, one that made it impossible to open these civil rights investigation. the justice department say there will be more of these police investigations to come, shep >> this morning the supreme court agreed to take up a case on gun rights, specifically
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whether you can carry a gun outside your home. pete, this is a rare kind of case for the court at least as of late. what can you tell us >> it is one they ducked considerably this is the case where gun right advocates hoped that "there is a right and keep bar own a gun, that it was notteaa . the court saidr arms." the court says it provided the rights to keep a gun at home for self-defense what about outside the home? >> the court ducted that issue but today decided it will hear this case most likely because of the arrival of amy cohen barrett. the case comes from new york that state bans carrying firearm openly residents can get a concealed
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permit but only they can show some special needs beyond self-defense the court will hear this case in the fall, i would guess november or december. >> pete williams, thank you covid watch, the white house is expected to relax guidance on wearing masks outdoors the announcement will come tomorrow sources tell nbc that recommendation are still being full finalized. today dr. fauci reaffirms that the guidance will be based on science. >> the risk of infection is outside is really minimum, if you are vaccinated and you are outside is everyn less what we'll be doing is clarifying the situation of masks in vaccinated verses unvaccinated people. >> right now more than a quarter of all americans have fully
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vaccinated the cdc reports more than half of u.s. adults received at least one dose it is certainly progress new data shows the rate of daily vaccinations is slowing down cnbc's meg tirrell covers science and medicines for us what does this mean for the slow down of vaccines going forward >> daily shots administered are down 20% from their peak we are averaging 2.7 million shots per day compares to 3.4 million on april 13th. we are entering a new phase of the vaccine roll-out where folks who really wanted a vaccine have gotten one we are hearing from the cdc of a growing group of people who despite public health guidance only gotten one dose of the pfizer and moderna vaccines and have not come back for their second shot. the new york times reported it
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is a pool of 5 million people in the u.s. and the cdc confirms that's about 8% of those receiving one of those vaccines. there are a couple of reasons for that at the beginning, the people vaccinated were accessing the shots at work or where they live as they are available to healthcare workers and people at long-term care facilities. it was easier to get that second dose the cdc says now work needs to be done to understand that folks are not returning for the second shot are not coming back because of hesitancy or because of lack of access. public health experts are emphasizing we do really need both shots of the two shot vaccines >> there is some protection from one dose but the important thing to know is that we don't know how long it will last and the level of protection, antibodies is lower if you just get one
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dose >> the extra boost of protection provides more of a buffer against variants of the virus. >> johnson & johnson's single dose of the vaccine is back in the mix after federal health officials gave states the green light to start using it again. the cdc and the fda lifted the cl pause back on friday the benefit of the shot far out weighs the rare blood clot johnson & johnson vaccines in america could prevent 2200 icu admissions and 1400 deaths erin mclaughlin is live for us. >> reporter: here at this vaccination center, the johnson & johnson shot is essential component to their overall strategies south la was hit extremely hard. 25% they estimate were testing
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positive for the virus efforts like what you see behind me are essential just over this way you can see they're preparing the doses, all three vaccines being offered today, johnson & johnson and pfizer and moderna over this way is a group of people waiting to make sure they have no adverse reactions to the shots itself everyone receives a j&j shot will receive a copy of this literature outlining those rare side effects of blood clots, and really seen as an important component in terms of educating people and making them aware should they have those rare effects. the j&j shot is an essential component to their overall strategy and explain why >> we have other pay shtients traveling outside the country who really wanted j&j or those living here came here to get the
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j&j. people in the community wanted j&j because they only wanted to be poked once. we were so excited that we can unlock our fridge and use it we had several doses and we'll do a lot of that today >> reporter: many of the people you see here telling me they are concerned about j&j and they seen those news reports and aware of them and they have been requesting moderna and pfizer as a result erin, thanks, the president's near 100 days in office how does the public thinks how he's doing so far? steve cornacki >> the president pledges covid aid to india as that country continues to sink the weight of the virus. we are on the ground in new dehli. the 2020 census data is in
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a lot of states are gaining and others are losing seat in the house. what it does it mean >> the facts the truth, the news with shep p pard smith back in 60 seconds. the bowls are back. applebee's irresist-a-bowls all just $8.99. the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. join the fight with the alzheimer's association. ♪♪ ♪ when the road feels endless ♪ ♪ don't know where your strength is ♪ ♪ it's been so long ♪ ♪ you get a call from a friend to remind you ♪ ♪ that you're not alone ♪
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♪ then you know deep down inside ♪ ♪ it's gonna be all right ♪ ♪ all right ♪♪ i'll get i will get it done in my first 100 days in office we heard it so much. a political cliche that's been uttered on campaign trails for many decades now since president roosevelt coined it back in 1983 for president biden is nearly up he says he hits 100 days in office this week the exact number is 53% approved and 39% disapproved of the job he's doing that's according to a brand new nbc's poll
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steve cornacki is with us. >> where does biden get his highest mark as president? there is the coronavirus and his handling o f the coronavirus overall 69% of american say they approved of how shhe's handled coronavirus. democrats approved more than three quarters has handled the coronavirus. those are his highest marks. where does he get th oe lowest marks?f on thein dependence on the issue of border security and immigration, nearly 60% of americans disapprove of how biden has been happndling the border again, what jumps out there is his own party, more than one and four democrats say they disap disapprove of how biden handles
12:18 am
the border >> it is an interesting story here two-layer to it. if biden is at 53% right now, let's look at the modern president at the same point, 100 days in. biden's predecessor, biden is 10 points over him. trump never got a 50% job approval rating of his four years. biden is equipped to that. if you take a step beyond that besides trump, biden is below where all of them were in some cases significantly below where they were at this point. he's better than where trump was. he's not where his modern predecessor were >> steve cornacki, thanks. let's go to geoff bennett now. we have seen this score card from the brpublic what's the white house is pointing to as its biggest successes and loss opportunity
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>> reporter: the white house points to president biden's hahn handling of covid. the president articulated a vaccination goal and he mobilized the full force to meet them in terms of areas of improvements, you can point to the immigration situation on the southern border. the administration struggled at times to respond to the influx of migrants. kamala harris held a meeting with the president of guatemala to talk about the root causes o f migration. the immigration is trying to address this right now as a diplomatic issue as well >> let's look ahead, as the administration tries to move to congress, what issues can we expect the focus to be on next >> reporter: i put this question to the white house's press secretary today. she says expect this white house to expand access to healthcare and of course they're trying to get behind this pracolice reform
12:20 am
push happening on capitol hill the thing we'll be paying attention here is how involved he gets. as they try to hash out some sort of police reform legislation. how will the president involves himself and making sure it gets across the finish line >> geoff bennett, thank you. the president is wrapping his first 100 days with a joint session in congress. we'll have it right hereafter the news the address is set to begin at 9:00 eastern, we'll have that and analysis after on cnbc a violent weekend for synagogues and america's biggest city on a cnbc trip. coast to coast >> new york, police in the bronx are looking for this man accused of throwing rocks at four synagogues over night on friday and saturday two of them were hit twice the vandal broke windows and glass doors. the nypd hate crime task force
12:21 am
is investigation the cdc is out with new covid guidelines experts say it is okay if children are within 3-feet from one another, they just have to wear a mask. if they are eat or drinking, six-feet apart all the time. the cdc advises, activities should be outdoors as much as possible virginia, business is booming to a small town of christian berg the music shop started the whole thing by posting this message "hey super shoes, want to start a sign war"? >> hey bear dance market, our sign is higherwar. dozens of bills in state th.
12:22 am
well, dozens of bills target the transgender community. the most by far involves sports. next, i will look at what has passed and awaiting signature. >> 35 years of the disaster in chernobyl. a new plant. are you managing your diabetes... ...using fingersticks? with the new freestyle libre 2 system,
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more bills targeting trans . more bills targeting transgender people introduced in the state this year from ever before that's according to the data of the nonprofits human rights campaign so far eight antilgbtq bills have been signed states introduced 15 bills that limit trans access to bathrooms and locker rooms 43 allowing refusal of service for religious reasons. here is cnbc's scott cohn. >> reporter: in connecticut, advocates for transgender athletes have managed to run tout clock a federal judge throwing out a lawsuit by selena soule and three other athletes
12:26 am
>> no matter how hard we try or train, they'll beat us >> reporter: you don't want to h human nd other girls, are we no >> what are we are we not humans like everybody else >> reporter: the girls have graduated and regardless set off a fire storm in state capitals across the country signed into law so far in alabama, arkansas and tennessee and mississippi. >> this will ensure young girls and mississippi have a fair levelled plain field . >> reporter: opponents say the law has no basis in science. transgender females have no physical advantage especially rules require hormone suppression policies qualified they're hoping economic pressure
12:27 am
may turn the tie soon after the ncaa threatened to pull events from states the human rights campaign is calling on the ncaa to follow through on its threats in other states >> i don't see how states can be competitive where they in they does not prevent opponents o doc doctrinate >> if they can fin because it is wort shep that in real life these situations are exceedingly rare. >> scott, thank you. after a year of covid, downsizing, the gap between ceo pay and worker pay had only grown wider. what bernie sanders wants to do to corporations if the status quo does not change.
12:28 am
yesterday, india's cases, we are in new dehli as the world is responding to india. >> vaccine task force. an orderly way to help us get back to normal or another way to help us discriminate against unvac unvaccinated s and preservatives, and what's left is the good stuff. the real fruit and vegetable juices of naked. strip down to naked. i'm ordering some burritos! oh, nice. burritos?! get a freshly made footlong from subway® instead. with crisp veggies on freshly baked bread. just order in the app! ditch the burgers! choose better, be better. subway®. eat fresh. ♪ when i was young ♪ no-no-no-no-no please please no. ♪ i never needed anyone. ♪ front desk. yes, hello... i'm so... please hold. ♪ those days are done. ♪
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their first quarter's sales jumped by 74%. apple reports since planning to open a new campus in raleigh. the company wants to invest in billions of dollars in north carolina and plans to hire 3,000 workers there. no work yet on when con trans construction will begin. domino's trying to stop pizza chains, "the noid. on wall street, a mix bag. the dow is down 62 and the s&p is up 7 and the nasdaq is up 122. i am shepard smith on cnbc
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it is the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news submarine found and its condition confirms the worse students struggling with remote learning, inspiring retired teachers to get back in the game vaccinated americans can plan to travel to europe this summer, they say they'll be welcomed that is includes all three shots used in the united states, pfizer, moderna and j&j. it is unclear when travel can resume or how the eu will determine who's been vaccinated or not some sort of vaccine passport will be necessary, a digital document that should window proof of vaccinations forward.
12:32 am
cnbc's contessa brewer explains. >> reporter: airlines and united are rolling out app so passengers can document they had their shots. brown and cornell universities required students to be vaccinated to return to campus basketball, the miami heat plans to vaccinate the seated sections >> reporter: health passport may play a big role in las vegas casinos and conventions, sports or entertainment like cirque du soleil, the company's chairman is jim murren it is just in my mind, when post that tragedy, we had to change the way we checked into airports
12:33 am
and got into planes. the same thing happens here with live entertainment and conventions. >> reporter: best known for airport security is now processing health. this is a vast intrusion of privacy. rand paul is sounding the alarm. he calls it a power grab which would determine your suitability. governor of texas, arizona and idaho banned government from requiring it montana's governor forbade private business the white house says it will be left to private industry >> there will be no centralized vaccination database and no federal mandate requiring everyone to obtain a single vaccination credential >> vaccine passports are already come into play 27% of employers are using some kind of third party app to track their workers' vaccination
12:34 am
status and another third are considering it >> con tessa, thanks. the united states will start sharing its stockpile with the rest of the world. it is unclear where the doses will go. the move can make roughly 60 million vaccines available for export in the coming month president biden spoke on the phone with the indian prime minister narenda modi. india has now reported of a world record number of cases for the fifth straight day the latest, more than 352,000. the most america ever recorded in a single day was 300,000 back if january across india, doctors and nurses are saying the healthcare system is collapsing. icu is full and ventilators are
12:35 am
running out and covid patients are dying. >> crematories are overwhelmed and bodies are being burned in the open air flames like these light up the night skies. a alex crawford is in new dehli. >> reporter: for many is a race they are losing, the race to find oxygen before coronavirus overwhelms them. quickly he's shouting. they know every minute counts. the narrow streets outside is crowded with vehicles, full of sick and dying people. desperate premeople gasping fori that the hospital can't provide. >> is this the only place you
12:36 am
can get oxygen >> i heard authorities are bringing us supplies >> reporter: many tell us they have been turned away by several hospitals before reaching here no one is able to help these people and some don't make it in time he's dying, he tells us. this tragedy has been multiplied over and over. indians are being abandoned in a teeth of this deadly issue the people have yet to see it. they're taking it where they can and secretary temples. >> why is the government doing anything >> i don't know what the government is doing.
12:37 am
>>t assist i don't know what government is doing. we we ca can do it, what then do government a it.ot >> that's a question he's asking india's grim statistic keeps on rising they're promising free vaccinations for all in this, one of the world's biggest vaccine is only around 2% of indians are fully kn inoculated >> the surgeon are testing positive with the positivity rate sores every single person being tested is positive. >> india is being engulfed by this fire. for the news, i am alex crawford a heartbreaking phase of the missing submarine as we go
12:38 am
around the world >> in indonesia, only 53 members under the submarine are dead the sub crushed by the pressure broken into three pieces no word yet on what caused the subway to sink in the first place. ukraine marking 35 years since the chernobyl disaster a memorial service is held reactor number 4 will explode. the world found out only when monitors and sweden detected radiation there. this is what it looks like in chernobyl now? >> residential area filled with apartment blocks and houses. part of chernobyl will now be used to store nuclear waste.
12:39 am
>> a massive crack down on the mafia. charges in cluscludes weapons part of the investigation dating back to 2015 >> pakistan. roshanda, carrying books, as part of a project. children can continue to learn even with the schools closed >> you can see kids are excited for their few books and restock every few days part of our trip around the world on cnbc. the money ceos make is under scrutiny again especially for those running for company hard hi
12:40 am
the chiet by covid t frank dell rea saw his competition more than double the hotel chain laid off a quarter of its work force and lost more. the ceo was complicated nearly $56 million last year. leslie picker is with us is there a bit of a disconnect here >> ceos are paid relative to their workers. but, in 2020, a year with so much suffering economically and physically if disparity was magnified last year for every 50,000 dars that the meeds yan they're earng 238 times that of the median employee took the gap has been widen over the
12:41 am
last few decades bernie sanders is looking to change that by applying a special tax on any corporation where the ratio is 50 to 1 of higher america are tired of corporate greed. >> they want corporation to invest >> overall, ceo pay ticked down slightly last year the median ceo made about 15.5 million in 2020 about 200,000 less than the year before a big reason why was a majority of conversations come in the form of stock option even if a ceo agreed to slash his or her salary and bonuses or if their company receivered bail
12:42 am
outs or laid off thousands of workers, they have made a p portion. it is all about that balance that cutting pay too much can work to your attention and motivation the question is where to draw the line, shep >> not here. >> 2020 census data is out representation are shifting. tonight the states that are gaining and the ones that are losing >> price are on the rise, why? >> a look at what's going on behind the scenes. # that's putting a bit of extra pressure on that grocery bill. ♪♪ strip away what you don't want, like added sugars and preservatives, and what's left is the good stuff. the real fruit juices of naked. strip down to naked. if you wanna be a winner then get a turkey footlong from subway®. the real fruit juices of naked. that's oven roasted turkey.
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the 2020 census data is in now we know which state will gain or lose texas will get two more congressional seats. two of them.
12:45 am
these will get one more. colorado, montana and oregon and florida. california has lost a seat for the first time other states are dropping a seat a census official said this. had just 89 more people in new york, the state would have held onto all of its congressional seats. ali vitali is with us now. >> when you hear 89 people in new york would kept a seat, that's really striking it speaks to why advocates are so vocal that people needed to participate because it translated into having their voices heard in congress we are starting to get this picture of who gets what seats but a fuller picture of where populations are growing. the south and west, we saw 9% and 10% average growth in
12:46 am
population while the northeast saw lower population increases with that. with growing population comes with growing political influence, considering the top four states most represented in congress, texas and florida are two of them. this is just the first step learning the data of the 2020 census we'll get into the demographic break down and the restricting information that states across the country are going to redraw their electoral maps data itself is a political but just consider the fact that when you look at those states that gained seats, who's in control of that redistricting process? >> in texas, florida and north carolina is republicans. until montana and colorado, they got independent commissions. in oregon, democrats granted republicans veto power over proposed map that's going to be an interesting case to watch, too
12:47 am
it is important when the census was taken. they sent out census forms in the middle of march and one week later, cities and states started closing down because of covid and add on top of that wildfires and hurricane seasons. it has not been delayed and despite all of that show, commerce secretary says she believes the count was complete and accurate, i heard from officials say they are very confident in these numbers >> ali vitali today. the largest ever summer food program to feed low income kids. when schools out, many low income children don't have the access they need to regular meals and some of them go hungry officials say the program will feed up to 34 million children, giving families $375 for each child to pay for the child
12:48 am
>> the money comes in a form of a benefit card states will give them out, that's the plan. >> the secretary of agriculture. >> we'll trust parents do the right thing for their child. they don't have to file resources. >> congress funded the program for this summer and next summer. also, about $12 billion. every trip to the grocery store is getting a bit expensive. according to the labor bureau, some food stables will cost you more this time last year >> a dozen eggs, a loaf of bread? >> the reason? economists blame rising gast prices and bad weather that damaged crops.
12:49 am
the impact is widespread here is cnbc's seema modi. >> general mills, higher raw materials. >> we see them multiple fronts and being lodgigistic cost. to offset the higher cost, kimberley-clark is raising prices of kleenex and tissue it will be up to the retailer to pass on the cost to consumers. >> what consumers should be doing is comparing prices. it is not about hording prices prices are going to go up over the next 12 to 18 months
12:50 am
>> the u.s. economy gearing up for a big rebound. consumer spending at restaurants and hotel, that could hold people back. >> if your cost of living rises faster than your wages, you will be slowing down the rate of your spending >> the problem is you can't not buy toilet paper, these are essential items every house needs. they're expected to be effective than most. >> seema thank you. learning during the pandemic had taken a hit, millions of kids struggling with remote learning now people who are pitching in, who having not been inside a classroom for years, hoping that old lessons can be made new again. >> some of them pretty recognizable ♪ >> some can make a break or
12:51 am
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the final months of the school year, new numbers reflected just how challenging the pam pandemic has been.
12:54 am
>> concerns over struggle, students gave one senior community an id. >> here is cnbc, andrea day. >> what's that number? >> 141 >> perfect. >> meet thomas >> i got your answer >> what's your answer? >> 70. >> joans taken on a new student. because i have not taught anybody for a long, long time. >> she lives at west minister can berry, a senior living facility that's virginia beach it is connecting to seniors with students online. >> it is very exciting to learn
12:55 am
from her very challenging in a good way >> alex is in second grade, he has not been back to school since his class went virtual >> when we started, i rocked it. >> alex's mom crystal is a nurse working the night shift. struggling and trying to balance home life and work life is difficult. it is more than what i ever expected or wanted >> i am the lucky one for sure >> this is my owl. >> look at his great big eyes. >> ryan, tell me how you are doing today? >> she logs on three times a week to teach ryan this is an opportunity to connect with the child and help to do some good. >> ryan's mom bynnest
12:56 am
>> for the first time ryan made the honorable. >> we are glad to have you >> the best part, the tutoring is totally free. >> for the news, i am andrea day. you can find more information. tv shows were often defined by their theme songs. web people's tieing the clap to the friend's song. these days, super fans like "charmed" were in a rude awakening, they found the theme songs were completely changed. >> here is the original dawson >> i don't want to wait, like a
12:57 am
trip down memory lane, but on netflix. >> still slaps but not what fans remember or want to hear as one viewer puts it it is not just theme songs, fans thoe noticed a ton of background music. why are streaming services ripping the heart of of the teen's drama >> show in the 90s, they did not license this song for more than 5 years. >> those services are opting to put in cheaper songs if you are really mad about it put up a fight the new york times reported sony ga gave in striking a deal. a new master so you can go back
12:58 am
to bringing it like nothing has ever changed. they'll release the findings of the sheriff department while searching search the justice investigation announcing an investigation of the louisville, north carolina here comes a year after breonna's death. >> i am shepard smith, follow us on instagram or on twitter at the news on cnbc really hope that this vaccine can get me one step closer to him. to a huge wedding. to give high fives to our patients. to hug my students. with every vaccine, cvs is working to bring you one step closer to a better tomorrow.
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♪ and i will lend ♪ ♪ a hand to you ♪ ♪ would you lend a hand to me? ♪ ♪ everybody deserves ♪ ♪ to be free ♪♪ narrator: tonight on "american greed: bonus edition," a family at war. michael scripps, heir to a multimillion-dollar media empire, is charged with stealing millions from his mother, melissa. he sort of gets up in the morning, yawns, picks out, "i think i will send myself $17,383." narrator: but for years, melissa does not even notice. she has her own issues. scripps: melissa looks at me, goes, "hi. i'm melissa. would you like to smoke some opium?" narrator: and in this family, money is no object. dezsi: there was talk about chartering private jets for their pets. narrator: and $90,000 goes to one night


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