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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  March 5, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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this one and buy more of it if it keeps falling through no fault of its own it's weak fellow shareholders not sharing costco it's always a bull market somewhere and "mad money." the news with shepard smith starts now signs of hope and new reopenings want to hit a theme park we've got big news i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc. >> we're always happy to see positive jobs numbers. >> the new jobs report shows bars, restaurants and hotels are hiring with reopenings and more vaccinations, is the economy starting to turn the corner? tonight cnbc in depth. a dallas cop charged with ordering the killing of two people. >> this individual has no business wearing this uniform. >> but his arrest comes more than a year after authorities were tipped off. lawmakers vote to strip the new york governor of his
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emergency pandemic powers. and a new account that his team rewrote a report to hide the number of nursing home covid deaths plus the new covid problem lots of vaccines but not enough people to inject them. enter veterinarians and even your foot doctor >> announcer: live from cnbc, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith good evening is this what an economic comeback looks like? there are some signs that things are getting better as vaccinations ramp up and restrictions roll back the u.s. added 379,000 jobs last month, a lot more than the economists predicted the labor department also reports the unemployment rate fell slightly to 6.2%. a year ago, employment was at a record high. then covid hit, and america lost more than 20 million jobs. they've been coming back slowly
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month after month, but so far we've recovered only about half of the total jobs lost throughout the course of the pandemic the new numbers are encouraging, but the road to full recovery remains very long. and at the same time, experts warn contagious new variants could spark another surge. and that's why president biden says americans need more disaster relief right now. >> some of the last's month job growth is result of the december relief package without a rescue plan, these gains are going to slow. we can't afford one step forward and two steps backwards. we need to beat the virus, provide essential relief, and build an inclusive recovery. people need the help now >> we have coverage from all angles tonight in a moment, we'll look at how the republicans are using the blockbuster jobs numbers to make a case against president biden's relief package ylan mui is tracking all that.
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first to cnbc's sara eisen break down the numbers for us. >> good evening, shep. overall this was the best month for hiring since october, and most of the job gains came from a place that got hit the hardest -- leisure and hospitality industries, adding 355,000 jobs in february that was mostly restaurants adding back workers as covid restrictions eased hotels brought back some workers. but this sector has a long way to go with millions still out of work as far as the rest of the economy, we did see jobs get added in health care, retail, and manufacturing though not everyone gained. we saw job losses in construction last month, likely impacted by the extreme winter weather we've been having, and state and local governments continue to slash jobs as budgets are strained add it all up, the decline in covid cases along with the rise in vaccinations is leading businesses to open their doors and hire bank of america's chief
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economist michelle meyer tells me the economy will take off in the coming months if we see this continue, and the consumer will drive it she's expecting as much as 11% growth by this summer. >> sara, we're clearly not out of the woods just yet. job growth is still pretty rocky for a whole lot of americans. >> no question the recovery is far from complete about 10 million americans are still out of work since the pandemic, and the recovery is not equal. the black unemployment rate, for instance rose in february to 9.9% the overall rate is 6.2% it's even lower for white workers. it's all part of this "k"-shaped economic recovery. the fact it's not working for everyone and it's not just racial equality. the speed of recovery differs by industry, manufacturing, housing, other areas where people can do their jobs remotely at home are all having a fast recovery and are at or near pre-pandemic levels
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but travel, retail, hospitality, bars, restaurants, even with today's big job gains are slow to recover and still deeply depressed. it's also "k"-shaped in the split between the wealthiest americans who have kept their jobs and seen their stocks rise, faring better while millions of low income americans face financial setbacks they're having to take on debt unfortunately that inequality has been the hallmark of this pandemic and the latest data tell us in many ways it's getting worse. >> sara eisen, thanks very much. president biden says his stimulus plan is ur jentally needed in order to help americans clause out of this pandemic but today the bill ground to a screeching halt on the senate floor. republicans attacked the relief package calling it a liberal spending spree they say it ignores the nation's number of growing vaccinations and today's promising jobs report. >> our country is already set for a roaring recovery
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we are already on track to bounce back from this crisis that's not because of this bill. it's because of our work last year >> and that's if we get the virus fully under control. still democrats argued among themselves as well over the size and scale of the federal unemployment payments that are critical pieces of the plan, that's now nowhere ylan mui live in washington. ylan, where do things stand? >> shep, the covid relief package has mitt a major road block in the senate. the chamber should be in the middle of voting on a mare than series of amendments right now instead it's been at a standstill for hours the issue, the boost in. reduced to $300 a week but keep them going through september workers also wouldn't have to pay federal taxes on much of that money republicans, they're fine with the $300, but they want to cut the payments off on july 18th, and they don't want to waive the
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taxes. the man who could tip the scale, the democrat from west virginia, senator joe manchin. he's been avoiding reporters and this afternoon republicans sounded a little bit sorry for him. >> there is some bipartisanship, we believe, to change the bill but partly that's an unpardonable sin on the other side >> now, if and when the senate breaks this impasse, they still have a long night and potentially a long weekend ahead of them before they can get to a final vote on this bill. and assuming it eventually does pass the senate, the house would also still need to sign off on any changes with a vote next week before it can head to the president's desk >> and $1.9 trillion package is certainly a progressive size package, so we are certainly confident, hopeful and confident that we will be able to get support in the house. >> the irony here is that this whole fight is over extending unemployment benefits, but, shep, if they don't ask fast, those benefits are going to run
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out anyway in just one week. >> ylan, thank you i have questions for jim cramer where is this economy going, and what does it mean for everybody's money? cramer will join us in just a few minutes. still no guidelines from the cdc for people who have now been fully vaccinated nothing. the head of the agency said today the issues are complex, which they are, but that the guidelines should be coming out soon, whatever that means. she also stressed got to wear masks and distance that's not changing. according to the cdc, cases are still hovering around 62,000 per day. deaths near 2,000, still several states have moved to reopen. connecticut is one of them the governor announcing his state will allow restaurants to open at full capacity. today the white house issued this message >> it may seem tempting in the face of all of this progress to try to rush back to normalcy as if the virus is in the rearview
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mirror it's not now, years of watching football on tv has shown me that it's better to spike the football once you're safely in the end zone, not after you've made a couple of completions. >> dr. fauci had some input today too, warning that we are in a plateau, which he says puts us at risk for another spike the new york governor andrew cuomo facing duel scandals that are both snowballing and quickly. new details emerging tonight about the sexual harassment allegations he's confronting from one of his former aides charlotte bennett tells cbs news' norah o'donnell she reported the alleged harassment to the governor's chief of staff but that his lawyers said it didn't need to be investigated. >> she said, you came to us before anything serious happened it was just grooming, and it was not yet considered sexual harassment so for that, we do not need to investigate. >> the governor's counsel told cbs that they, quote, continue
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to believe the matter was handled appropriately and look forward to cooperating fully with the attorney general's review and reports allege cuomo's senior aides rewrote a report about state health officials to undercount by thousands the number of nursing home residents who died in new york and more fallout as a bill to strip the governor of his pandemic emergency powers just passed in the new york state senate and now awkwardly, it heads to governor cuomo's desk for approval, which he says he will give cnbc's contessa brewer now contessa. >> so, shep, governor cuomo has insisted throughout the pandemic the data was driving his decisions. but documents discovered by "the new york times" and "the wall street journal" really call into question how much his administration was driving that data, playing a kind of shell game to control the narrative. cuomo first came under fire last march when he ordered nursing homes to accept residents released from the hospital after
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covid treatment. but last summer, the report showed how many nursing home residents died it was roughly 50% lower in the report because documents show cuomo advisers rewrote the report to exclude the deaths of residents who were transferred and died at the hospital the department of health posted a statement explaining, the report's purpose was to ensure the public had a clear, non-political evaluation for how covid entered nursing homes at the height of the pandemic the conclusion was it was staff bringing in covid, not cuomo's decision to reintroduce residents who had been infected. now, cuomo's adviser and special counsel, beth garvey, added to that statement the out-of-facility data was omitted after the department of health could not confirm it had been adequately verified it's legalese for the health department hadn't yet verified the details surrounding the hospital deaths. we reached out to cuomo for comment today. we did not hear back
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but he has said in the past he was following federal guidelines on nursing homes current numbers now show new york's nursing home death toll ranks roughly in themiddle of states overall but these new revelations about delays and misdirection are likely to add to cuomo's challenge as federal prosecutors look into the nursing home reporting and state investigators look into allegations of inappropriate conduct both in and out of the workplace. cuomo said of course this week, shep, he hasn't done anything in public office he's ashamed of. >> contessa brewer, thank you. the former president is facing yet another legal challenge of his own in federal court. today california congressman and former impeachment manager eric swalwell filed a lawsuit against president trump, his son donald trump jr., plus rudy giuliani and the alabama congressman mo brooks all for their alleged roles in the capitol riots that civil suit alleges conspiracy to violate civil rights plus negligence, inciting
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a riot, and inflicting emotional distress in response, a spokesman for the former president called congressman swalwell a low life with no credibility. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams is with us now. pete, what's the significance of this civil suit? >> well, certainly more trouble for the president, shep. this one basically takes the house impeachment article over the capitol riot and turns it into a federal civil lawsuit it says that the siege was a direct and foreseeable consequence of the months of claims by mr. trump and the others in the lawsuit that the election was stolen. they all spoke at the rally, all those who were sued, before the riot, and the lawsuit says they whipped up the crowd for violence like a similar lawsuit filed last month by congressman bennie thompson of mississippi and the naacp, this one also invokes a federal civil rights law that allows lawsuits against government officials
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swalwell's lawsuit says trump began accusing democrats of trying to steal the election well before the voting began he says after the votes were tabulated. he and the other named in the suit conspired to undermine confidence in the results. >> cops arrested a former aide in connection with the insurrection what do you know about that arrest >> right his name is federico klein he worked on the trump campaign. he was then appointed to a low-level political job at the state department he's accused of repeatedly battling with capitol police and washington, d.c. police during the riot he actually resigned from the state department january 19th, so he was still a federal employee on the day of the siege. the charges say he assaulted the police with a plastic shield two people who knew him contacted the fbi after seeing his picture. he now faces six charges including two serious felonies >> pete williams live in washington, thank you. a dallas police officer charged with hiring hit men to
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kill two people. now behind the decision to keep him on patrol for more than a year after authorities uncovered the plot the historic papal visit to iraq pope francis' first international trip since the pandemic and his mission to revive the country's shrinking christian population i'm going to show you some magic. it's the real thing. >> um, no it's not it looks like tom cruise, sounds like him not him. that's a deep fake the technology keeps getting better what happens when we can no longer believe what we see and hear >> announcer: live from cnbc global headquarters, the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith. people first by treating them right. so we're upping the benefits without upping the price. introducing magenta max. now with unlimited premium data that can't slow down
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based on how much smartphone data you use. plus get netflix on us, and taxes and fees included! you won't find this with the other guys. in fact, you'll pay more and get less. right now, pay zero costs to switch! and bring your phone -- we'll pay it off! only at t-mobile. . dallas police now rocked by a sensational alleged murder for hire plot, and the man accused
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of ordering the murders is one of their own, a dallas police officer. cops say officer bryan riser hired three hit men to carry out two murders back in 2017 then in 2019, police say one of the hit men came forward and told the cops that riser had hired him. and despite all of that, the police did not arrest or charge riser until yesterday, more than a year and a half after police first received that information. so what took them so long? here's nbc's jay gray. >> reporter: as dallas police investigators gather evidence inside his suburban home, one of their own, veteran dpd officer bryan riser remains behind bars, the alleged mastermind of a murder for hire plot. >> i am shocked the fact that he's a police officer and the fact that he's two doors down from me. >> reporter: according to an arrest affidavit, riser's plan started as a extreme to shake down drug dealers. a witness claiming the officer
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promised to provide intel about dallas-area drug houses. the witness and friends would rob those locations, keeping the drugs while handing over any money or guns to riser but that never happened because according to the witness, in march of 2017, riser paid him thousands of dollars to first kidnap and kill 61-year-old albert douglas then about two weeks later, to murder liza saenz, i woman riser called an informant. according to police records, her body was found in the trinity river. she was wearing the same clothes she had on in court just hours earlier. >> i can't make it more clear than that. this individual has no business wearing this uniform. >> reporter: but riser did stay in uniform for 19 months after the witness came forward he continued his patrol duties and at the same time was a suspect in two capital murders current dallas police chief eddie garcia has been on the job for just a month in a written statement, his predecessor, renee hall, says she was briefed that riser was a
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person of interest in 2019 and that it was a strategic decision to let him continue his job to avoid compromising the investigation. riser is still in the county jail tonight, his bond set at $5 million, and a lawyer involved in this case -- and i'm quoting here, shep -- says that a lot more will come out about the police officer as this investigation continues. >> jay gray live in dallas the former police officer charged in the death of george floyd could now face an additional third degree murder charge derek chauvin scheduled to go on trial in minneapolis next week he's still facing the more serious charges of second-degree murder plus second degree manslaughter but legal experts say the additional charge initially thrown out can help bolster the case for the prosecutors, giving the jury another option for conviction jury selection set to begin monday in minneapolis as trial preparations consume that city
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city officials say they've spent $1 million on fencing and barricades in front of the courthouse, at five police precincts, at city hall, and at other government buildings around town. pope francis becomes the first pope to step foot in iraq. he landed in baghdad early this morning, kicking off a four-day trip no open-air popemobile instead he's riding in an armored car because of security concerns the red carpet rolled out for his arrival. a military band played doves released overhead, a sign of peace pope francis visited our lady of salvation. in 2010, a suicide bomber targeted that church at least 56 people were killed the pope told reporters today he has a duty to a land that has been martyred for so many years. in baghdad, here's nbc richard engel. >> reporter: shep, there were real concerns that this trip wouldn't happen. quite a few inside the vatican were encouraging the pope to
7:21 pm
cancel it or postpone it at the very least because of the pandemic, because of the dangers. but he personally wanted to make sure that it happened, in part because his predecessor, john paul ii had planned to come here, said he was coming here, but wasn't able to work out a deal with saddam hussein this time pope francis didn't want to let the christian community in this country down a dwindling community. christians have been leaving iraq, have been leaving many countries in the middle east because of persecution by islamic extremists and just the uproar of civil unrest and civil war. and throughout his visit so far -- and it's a message we're expecting to see over the next several days, pope francis has been emphasizing tolerance, that iraq and the middle east need to put their religious differences aside. and today it was well received he got an incredibly warm reception. it seems that after hundreds of thousands of people died in this country because of ethnic and religious violence, many iraqis want to move on, and they were
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happy to see pope francis coming here and delivering that message of peace shep >> richard engel reporting from baghdad. screaming could lead to a new accurate covid test. and an opposition leader's location revealed as we go round the world in 80 seconds. russia alexei navalny's lawyer has confirmed the kremlin critic's new location he's sharing a jail cell that's located in the vladimir region northeast of moscow. navalny is reportedly in a quarantine cell before authorities transport him to a penal colony located in the same area japan. landslides hitting the central part of the country, damaging homes and cutting off roads. officials ordered about two dozen neighbors to evacuate. so far, no reports of anybody killed or seriously hurt the netherlands. a dutch inventor testing a potential new way to screen for
7:23 pm
covid. it involves screaming. works like this. a person steps into an airlocked booth and begins to scream or sing an industrial-grade air purifier collects all the particles then researchers dry them and measure them the inventor says he's working to surpass the world health organization's test accuracy standards. >> the accuracy that we are aiming for is compared to the golden standard as we speak with the pcr testing. we're not talking about quick results from the swabs, but real pcr testing, is that we have an accuracy of over 80% >> on our trip around the world in 80 seconds. edit undo, a computer function around for decades. now twitter may be about to launch something similar, but there's a catch. and a four-letter word we rarely say in this news hour on cnbc spac every day seems like a new
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full disclosure, i'm not a finance guy. i haven't studied it, don't much understand it. but everyone else hero at first in business worldwide is a markets and money genius they speak their own language,
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and today i got a vocabulary word -- spac what is that i mean i know it's a celebrity status symbol. everyone you see here is involved in a spac jay-z, serena will yiams, even astronaut scott kelly, but what are they what do they do? proving smart ones can dumb it down for the rest of us, here's cnbc's leslie picker. >> reporter: if you've been watching cnbc lately, you've probably heard the word "spac". >> spac, spac, spac, spac. >> everybody needs to have a spac. >> reporter: out of nowhere, spacs are everywhere. ♪ if you win the spac game, you know what i'm talking about ♪ >> reporter: so mainstream, they've even got a rap spacs have raised $70 billion in just the first two months of the year and are already set to break 2020's record level of funding. but where's all that money coming from, and where's it going? and why does a new celebrity spac seem to pop up every day?
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let's take a step back spac stands for special purpose acquisition company. but in reality, a spac is not a company at all it's a pile of cash. anyone can contribute to that pile of cash by buying shares in the spac, which is listed on the stock market those shares may go up or down depending on what the spac winds up buying. the person who manages the spac, whether it be a-rod, former house speaker paul ryan or grammy winner ciara, is tasked with using that cash to buy a company, any company they want that's why spacs are also known as blank check vehicles. hundreds of well known names have now jumped on the spac bandwagon bringing celebrity and marketing power to what's otherwise, well, at least initially just a pile of cash. star power can help differentiate one pile of cash from another with the goal of bringing in more investors >> it's a spac picker's market. >> we're looking at opportunities for our spac. >> the most investor-friendly spac in the world. >> reporter: but amid the recent
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frenzy, cracks in spacs are starting to show. >> generally we will have unfortunate accidents, but i do believe some of the spacs are going to transform themselves into very fine companies >> reporter: most experts agree the spac party won't last forever. many at the largest ones have actually tumbled recently. at this point they're just may be too much cash chasing too few opportunities, shep. >> now even i understand it. leslie picker, thank you get ready for some pain at the pump that's what's topping cnbc's on the money. gas prices could reach three bucks a gallon by memorial day that's according to gas buddy, a firm that tracks prices. they haven't been that high since 2014 supply of oil is down after producers cut output demand is up as economies reopen the result, more money out of your pocket. think before you tweet but for the times you mistweet, twitter is testing an undo
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button the function would allow tweets to be quickly withdrawn. it's still a work in progress and may never actually happen. even if it does, you might have to pay for it. how about this chipotle makeup. chipotle is teaming up with elf cosmetics. they'll put together a burrito and guac inspired line of products there's an eyeshadow palette with shades of green and brown, a make it hot lip gloss, even a face sponge that looks like an avocado. it will be available wednesday of next week on wall street, rally friday the dow up 572 s&p up 73. the nasdaq up 197. i'm shepard smith on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news american ingenuity from the vet's office to the racetrack. how america's vaccination effort is hitting full speed. sidelining transgender athletes the growing push to ban them
7:31 pm
from women's sports. the latest issue in america's culture war. and the job market showing signs of life in an uphill fight against the virus. new hope the economy is turning the corner on the pam. companies are hiring businesses are opening another round of financial relief appears to be close and for the first time, look at this a new gallup poll shows the majority of americans say they believe the covid situation is getting better so what does all of this mean for the american recovery? mad money's jim cramer is here now. jim, great to see you. you're tapped into the market, the economy, small business. are we looking at a roaring '20s kind of rebound? >> an uneven roaring 20s kind of rebound. thank you for having me. there will be a lot of people who will have so much and are going to do great and go everywhere then there's a whole other slug of people that it's going to be open for, but they can't go anywhere because they don't have any money. so it's an uneven boom. >> yeah, uneven is right
7:32 pm
the white house national economic director, jim, pointed out to you and the squawk on the street crowd this morning that the unevenness of this recovery so far, millions of jobs still gone, will this next relief bill help smooth all of that out, do you think? >> well, i think it will go far toward that. i mean, remember, we saw some dramatic gains among the people who basically i describe as being the majority of the country, the caucasian market, all right? the black people, hispanic, shep, it's like things haven't happened good at all and when i ask the economic adviser what's going to happen, he said, well the hope is this package could help them. i'm not sure this is a group of people that thrive on small business shep, the small businesses were wiped out during this period where are their jobs you can give them money. they want jobs >> yeah. still looking for them let's talk the market. today, jim, the dow was up 570
7:33 pm
optimism growing, but the stocks of some widely held household names have fallen sharply from the year's highs look at these. amazon, walmart, apple, tesla. tech hit especially hard why? and what should investor dozen >> all right what people buy, what stock market people buy is what we're going to buy once everybody gets their shots. they want to go places, so the airlines they want to do things, so they'll be able to buy cars. boy, the car sales are incredible, but not the electronic vehicles. the traditional guys so what's happened here, shep is people want to buy industries. they don't want to buy these companies that a lot of people think are overvalued and are from a different era these younger investors, they want action. they want to own things like the cruise lines because they know people will go for them. they don't want to own things like apple, which they think are fuddy-duddy. they're wrong, but that's the way they think >> jim cramer, have a great weekend. we'll see you on monday. >> thank you. >> on "mad money" right before
7:34 pm
the news see you. the entertainment industry stepping up to help in the fight against covid. in tennessee, bristol motor speedway converted to a mass vaccination site as part of the national initiative. it was created by live event companies that have been hit hard by the pandemic many of their workers are still without jobs but now some of them are offering their own expertise in event planning and logistics to help the vaccine hubs run more smoothly in bristol, here's nbc's maura barrett. >> reporter: i'm standing on what's usually a drag racing speedway, but today and for the last couple of weeks and for the foreseeable future, it is literally an assembly line for vaccinations we've seen hundreds of cars come through here at the bristol motor speedway, and they're able to do 1,500 vaccinations a day but they're ramping up to be able to accommodate 10,000 vaccinations a day, and that's in part due to help from this organization called covade line event venues, people that
7:35 pm
move large groups of people constantly and have that background and knowledge reached out to help health care workers because they were the ones that were initially doing the traffic control, the administrative work that we see these workers helping out with now they wanted health care workers to be able to put more shots in arms, so people from these live events companies who have been out of work for the past year lending a hand, creating a national resource guide. they've written a letter to the white house to advocate for this idea to be pushed nationally and open up more stadiums to be able to do this same thing. i want you to take a listen to michael strickland he's the founder of covade and he talks through why it's so helpful to have workers with this expertise on the ground. >> what we do for a living is move people. we handle large crowds we have the infrastructure for this we have the knowledge for this we're very, very happy to be involved it gives us purpose. it gives us something to do. >> reporter: and this push for a national streamlining effort is incredibly important because we're seeing this ramp-up in
7:36 pm
vaccine supply here in tennessee specifically, they got 50,000 more doses of the j&j vaccine and they're going to see more allocation of moderna and pfizer so this infrastructure in place will help vaccinations get done more quickly and get those entertainment workers back to work. >> maura barrett, thank you. it's not just racetracks helping out with the vaccination effort some states are looking for help from dentists, even veterinarians. here's cnbc's kate rogers. >> we need vaccinators, people to put the shots in people's arms. >> reporter: as vaccine supply is ramping up, states across the country are enlisting the likes of podiatrists, dental hygienists, and -- >> that's a good boy. >> reporter: even veterinarians to help with the effort. for this doctor in connecticut, the call to serve humans was a natural extension of what she already does day to day. >> we are big believers in what vaccinations can do. you know, we are also shepherds of public health you know, we vaccinate pets,
7:37 pm
cats and dogs and other domestic species for rabies in the interest of public health. so this is right up our alley. >> reporter: ball isn't alone, the american veterinary association says its members are eager to join the ranks. >> how can we assist there's a great deal of interest within the veterinary community to assist, to make sure we do our part in helping keep the human population healthy and safe as well. >> reporter: as ball gets vaccinated herself, she's planning to volunteer on her days off. >> i hope i'm going to be really busy i hope to be able to give them as much availability as i possibly can to just get this banged out and get as many people vaccinated as possible. >> reporter: efforts from ball and other vaccinators like her will be crucial in the coming months as the supply of vaccine starts to grow president biden announced enough doses for all americans, shep, by the end of may.
7:38 pm
>> kate rogers, thank you. the mayor of detroit threw the johnson & johnson vaccine a lot of shade, said it's not good enough for his people. health officials called him out, and now the mayor has a revised view plus a bold pre-zdiction frm a former aide to president trump. the issue that steve miller says will help the republicans win the midterms a league of her own. meet the nfl's first black woman referee. what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ your mission:
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. the mayor of detroit is clarifying a controversial remark he made about j&j's vaccine. yesterday mike duggan said that he'd be turning down his city's allotment of that shot he said while it's a good vaccine, quoting moderna and pfizer's are the best, adding that he wants to make sure his residents get the best well, today his office explained it was a misunderstanding, writing, as vaccine eligibility expands, detroit will open a second site offering johnson & johnson vaccines meantime, catholic bishop are at odds over the j&j shot even though the vatican has said it's fine to use some urging parishioners to avoid it if they can, saying it's morally compromised because it's made from tfetal tissue tennessee's website reads, fetal tissue was not used to make j&j'sonnect 1200(■i■
7:41 pm
7:42 pm
7:43 pm
7:44 pm
majorities of republicans in 2020 actually supported anti-discrimination laws >> veryxd■interesting. gabby, thank okyou
7:45 pm
ñ■g■ shattered again. the league just hired maia chaka has a game official for the 2021 season she's the first black woman to do it. the nfl announced the big news this morning one1 the "today" sw on nbc chaka has been training withç■ them for about seven years now she was part of the league's officiating development program, one ofç■x■x■x■ only two women sd >> i've just beenñr■grinding so long at this, it's just an honor to be able to join the national football league. >> chaka is just the second woman to become an nfl official. last month, sarah thomas became theqfirst woman to referee a super bowl and some big news for california theme park fans spots like ourc■ parent company universal studios set to reopen solid year but restrictionrk will still mea this is no ordinaryqwalk in the■ park and it looks like tom cruise, right? sure sounds like tom cruise. up next, why this is not tom
7:46 pm
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objeckay. check out this video ite■ looks like tom cruise showg off his golf swing on tiktok except it's not the movie star it's a deep fake controversial videos that appear to show people doing and saying things they never did or said. the artist who made the cruise videos said he didn't mean to trick anybody. he just wanted to bring awareness to deep fake technology it worked. here's nbc's tomq■ costello. >> the real thing. >> reporter: but it is not the reale■d■hing videos recently making the rounds on tiktok have users dumbfounded that the man ■ these cl cruise it's just the latest example of so-called deep fake technology, which uses software to morph ñ someone's face into so else's a youtube video last month had spider-man fans doing a double take. >> why is this happening to me >> reporter: super imposing tom
7:49 pm
h holland who currently places the web swinger on the face of tobey maguire from when he donned the famous jumpsuit nearly two decades ago. heat over their christmas message from the queen, using deep fake technology >> to say whatever i like without anymn.■■puttingñi■wordsn my mouth. >> reporter: not all deep fakes are createde1 equal, and one0■ giveaway may be the voice. cyber experts like teresao7■ peo say the face is w■critical >> deep fake technology has a very hard time doing the typical crinkle of the eyes when somebody smiles and iso■ talkin >> reporter: other areas to watch, ears and earrings, long hair8ú whd audiook appear in sync characteristics that stoodñ■ out to me when peyton used technology to puti] someone elss face on one of my live reports and later merged two videos of
7:50 pm
me to change my words. >> it is, as you know, a single engine plane. >> reporter: the technology has improved by leaps and bounds even in the last two years sinc■ we talked. still, she says, how we watch these videos can affect how believable they really are. technology has a hard time staying in high fidelity onfáñi■ largerñ■ screens >> reporter: recently the ancestry site my heritage started offering what they're calling deep nost!&■ia, a version of the technology. getting mixed reaction over this image of famedç■ abolitionist frederick douglass while the technology is often used for humor and social media, not everyone has good intentions manipulated videos of nancy pelosi, barack obama, and donald trump have all made the rounds during the pandemic, with so many of us relying on video conferencing, deep fakes have the potential to create confusion and disinformation >> where there's not a strong media environment toi■ push bac■ against the deep fakes.
7:51 pm
>> reporter: >> reporter: clint wattst■j■ testified before congress on the issue of deep fakes back in 2019, where he warned fake videos could be used by adversaries to create mistrust >> th/1 good news is there's onl a fewko■ people that can make dp fakes that are that sophisticated. the bad news, people fall for much less sophisticated ones. >> reporter: one more note on the tom cruise video %■ y a belgian using very sophisticated a.i. technology and the technology is evolving literally by the day, making it very difficult sometimest■ to determine what's real and what's not. shep, back to you. >> tom costello, thanks. fun returns. california set to allow fans to attend major league baseball games and go to theme parks come the first of april with aqlot o■ restrictions games in the hviest covid case areas will have 20% limits on fans april 1st opening day for the padres, angels ando■ñ■ a's.ñi■ then there's theme parks like universal studios. they'll be allowed toqoperate at
7:52 pm
15% capacity if their respective benchmarks state health officials say the state is acting now becauseçó■ cases and hospitalizationsç■ are down while vaccinations are going up a wild crash in the big apple, and home sweet home for group of sailors and marines on a cnbc coast to coast.ç■?■■■ new york a van slams into this black camry and sends itñ■ crashing through an outdoor dining area it happened this morning in midtown manhattan. authorities say flying debris hit two children crews also rushed two people in the black car to the e1hospital, but that wasn't all. police say the van then hit a nearby fruit stand and three other people walking nearby. everybody expected to survive. no word yet on whate1 caused the crash, but police did ta%■ the california police int(■san jose using a new strategy to help fight a recent
7:53 pm
increase in attacks on asians. ?%1■■nguale1 officers making th rounds at this%■g shopping cent trying to convince customers to report crimes. leaders say the community i■ó■ usually hesitant to call police because of the languageñ and cultural reluctance. officers say they're hoping these stepped-up foot patrols might make a difference. washington f)
7:54 pm
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royal family drama is off the charts now meghan markle and prince harry'■ oprah interview airs this weekend and the palace looks like it's inñ■ full meltdown cbs released another xd■lip, and in it markle makes clear the royals were controlling her. >> the ability to make my own choices in a way that i couldn't have yen that wasn't my choice to make.$■ launching an investigation of meghan, calling her a bully.
7:57 pm
reports in the british media ust■t■uultiple witnesses are ready to come forward to tell all about how she treatedu.x■■h palace staff think of the irony here. prince andrew accused of sexual abuse whilelp running with jeffy no investigation for him but meghan is aok bully, so was no time. that said, there is some cheery news for the royal family.e■ the queen reportedly just got two newe1 corgis, like a welcome distraction and something warm and fuzzy for the tabloids amid all the palace intrigue. we're goingjf to see lebron■ steph curry, and kyrie irving in the nba all-star gameqthis weekend e■%=um1e9■ a■uq■■also, historically blacke■t■ colleges universities check out the ç■artwork on the court in atlanta league officials there say it showcases the best of academics, music, and campus life at hbcus■ alumni from several cschools helped design it for the first time in history, all three referees officiating sunday's game are hbcu grads
7:58 pm
60 seconds left on añ■@■e to the finish jobs came roaring back last month, but the■■ u.s. has recovered only about half of the total jobs lost over the course of this pandemic unemployment also ticked down. a former aide now says governor andrew cuomo's lawyers told her the harassment she and that it diq■'t need an investigation. and the former police officer charged in the death of george floyd could now face an additionalx■b■■■third-degree mu charge.e the trial for derek chauvinjf is scheduled to start next weekq■ minneapolis. and now you know the news of this friday, march 5th, 2021 i'm shepard smith. follow us on twitter @thenewson cnbc tun. this is first in business worldwide. t em shook like ♪ ♪ hold up ♪
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