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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  February 17, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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pete rose rookie card and mel, you asked about my kyle ripkin card i have a tops baseball open pack i want to sell to gary sounds like he's a buyer. >> thanks so much. we'll be back tomorrow with another "fast money" special report in the he is a buyer >> and tim delano and lindsay, thank you for the time, and we will be back with another "fast money" report, but we start with shep shepard. >> and pfizer is saying that the pr vaccine may not be as good against the south african strain. i'm shepard smith, and this is the news on cnbc. round two -- >> this is a storm of the century, and it is hard to deal with it all. >> another brutal winter storm is hitting from texas to new england. plunging temperatures. deadly power outages.
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how much more can people take? >> the president wants students to be in school learning. >> reopening schools in covid. what will it really take tonight the new time line. and cdc guidelines. massive and dangerous. the justice department unravels a billion dollar extortion scheme, and who they are saying is behind this global cyber attack. >> i did not choose wine. wine chose me. >> less than 1% of the wine makers are black, and tonight in the era of racial reckoning, uncorking the potential of a career in wine. >> announcer: live from cnbc global headquarters, the facts the truth with shepard smith. good evening it is happening again. another dangerous winter storm moving across the u.s. right now. the national weather service is warning that it is going to bring heavy snow and treacherous
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ice from the deep south to the mid-atlantic the brutal weather is ripping through the communities and many still dealing with the power outages and freezing temperatures the. snow is blanketing cities and towns from texas to kentucky and right now more than 100 million americans are under some type of winter weather advisory, and the sheriffs in arkansas are pleading with people to stay off of the roads. so far, little rock with 9" of snow officially and forecasters say another half foot on the way. today a power company warned the people in carolinas about potential outages that could last for several days and affect as many as a million customers there. and this morning temperatures plummeted below freezing in every single is state. the extreme cold is showing no signs of letting up. tomorrow, the temperatures in the teens in denver, st. louis and detroit, and to the south, well below freezing in houston
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and shreveport. the winds could make it feel like 1 below in tulsa and abilene, and tomorrow, minus 8 with the windchill. and looking at what happened with the energy grid in texas and we are live at warming center in kentucky and in little rock on the dangerous conditions in arkansas, but first in texas where 2.5 million homes and businesses are without power and no heat or running water. a dire situation. help could be days ahead. nbc's jay gray from mckinney texas, just north of dallas. jay? >> hey, there, shep. for the last couple of days we have shown you what the ice and the snow is doing outside, but tonight, we will take you inside and give you the idea of what this winter storm is doing to some of the houses in this area, and it is devastating. the family here, they were out of town when the pipes broke and spraying water across the entire
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area. and now, you can see that it has left a mess behind here, and adding to this, they are out of town still, and they can't get home because of the conditions. >> reporter: mother nature's relentless assault on texas continues and for many, the attack has turned personal. >> we moved the fridge quickly and the water is just flooding, and it is like, it is like the "titanic" in here, and we are about to go down. >> reporter: the pipes are freezing and breaking across north central texas faster than the plumbers can get out there to fix them. >> every plumber is backed up and the phones are ringing off of the hook, and getting text messages through the website. and everybody has freezes or already getting the breaks. >> and master plumber roger winfield warns that things are going to be worse when the temperature starts to rise. >> when they start to thaw, that is going to be freeze breaks, and people are going to be rushing to turn the water off. >> reporter: until it is warming up, millions of families are
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dealing with blackouts to protect the electrical grids has turned into days without heat. >> it got down to 51 degrees in our house by 6:00, and we have a 2-month-old baby, and we were snuggled up, but it is too much. >> so the bells went to stay with relatives. in houston with families and nowhere to go, the local celebrity and furniture store jim mcingvail has opened up the furniture store. >> we have power here if you need a place to go. >> reporter: tonight, social and other social media is asking people to come in to help, but the catch is that local crews say they can't get to places like this, because of the road
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conditions. >> jay gray, live in dallas area tonight. the texas governor is taking an extraordinary step now. greg abbott is banning the export to natural gas to other states, and texas needs it, because the historic blackouts are plaguing the state. and texas is the top producer in all of the country, and nearly double number two florida, and as much as the next two states combine and this is according to energy commerce, and so texas is angry and they want to know when it is fixed. brian sullivan is covering this. brian, this is not the first time that texas has plunged into a real electricity crisis. >> you are right, shep, it is not. being this cold is not this rare in texas and unprecedented, because it has happen before. the state has had problems in past. take 1989 or 2011 as recent examples where there were
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rolling blackouts with severe weather then. in both cases the federal regulators got angry and issued calls to better winterize the critical equipment, and putting out multi-page reports on it, but the words did not translate to action. where the action is right now is the blame game. politicians are using this outage on both sides as an opportunity to debate the energy policy as jay showed you the families are freezing in their own homes. and the debate is where the failure came from and some of the right are blaming the frozen wind turbines and the green energy, and some of the other sides said, no, don't blame the renewable, because it is the fossil fuels that failed and it is easy for both sides, because they are both right based on whatever data they are looking at. we dug into the power production in the storm, and versus the average storm into the storm, and look at that from the raw size production because natural
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gas was having more of a impact, but the storm slammed all of the power production on the percentage basis almost the same, and the drop in power was equal across the board, and nat gas and wind and nukes all down, and solar doubled because the contribution to the grid, shep, it is too small to help much. to the briefing this afternoon, the officials with ercot which is the electrical reliability council of texas sounded hopeful that more customers would be brought online soon. >> as more are coming on, we are utilizing maximum amount as possible to restore to consumers as soon as we can. >> but that is more to wait for the millions without power to night, and 3-plus million tonight, and as the political infighting of the cause and the source is bringing them nothing
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but cold comfort. >> brian sullivan, thank you. so now the next round of this weather with so many people with lights out, heat out and water off, what is coming? jan ja jannice huff is with us. what is out there? >> well, it is a cold rain in baton rouge turning to freezing rain in natchez, mist, and more rain and snow in little rock. so another low pressure in texas that hit earlier is rolling off to the north and east and major ice storm for virginia and north carolina thursday. and a significant ice accumulation is expected there and more snow in washington, d.c., and baltimore and up to new york city in the day thursday and parts of southern new england will site on the lighter side as the storm rolls off to the east. how much snow are we talking with this?
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well, 1 to 3 inches from paducah to memphis, and 5 to 8 in d.c. and the higher elevations a foot there. the and new york city, about 5 to 8 inches thursday, and southern new england, 3 to 5 and upwards to 9 inches of snow. temperature-wise around the country, you can see the large dome of cold air still sitting from chicago to houston tonight, and it is 38 in houston, and 22 in memphis, and erie, and so the real stretch from central texas to the mississippi river and the ohio river valleys and into the northeast this is mainly for ice and snow right now, and for tomorrow, that is going to be rolling across the country and off to the east, and affecting millions and millions of americans in terms of more power outages, too in these areas where they are expecting a large accumulation of ice. and the carolinas and up into
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the virginias and portions of kentucky as well. there is some good news ahead in future as we are looking ahead to the temperature outlook starting next week and going into the beginning of march, and we will see the temperatures above average in the east melting the snow and ice and making it more comfortable for everyone, and the below average temperatures in the west coast states will cool down, shep. >> janice this last trek coming up florida and mississippi and up to tennessee and mid-atlantic and what is with everything taking that trek is it something with the jet stream >> that is the jet stream exactly, that is the storm trek to usher the storms up the country and around the world, and took a huge plunge down the mexican border over the last few days. we had earlier in the month what is called the stratospheric warming, and the layer where all of the weather happens and where we breathe. that warming is bumping the jet
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stream around and the polar vortex is bumped around and that is why we saw all of the cold air plunges coming as far south and last as long, but there is going to be a reprieve and things will change in a week. >> all right. we will see you tonight at 11:00 on nbc 4. tonight's breaking news coming up the brand-new details the on pfizer on the test tube trials of the vaccine. it is concerning news about how well it is going to work against the south africa variant of the vi virus. and getting the schools opened and doing it safely. the administration is calling it a priority, but should that include vaccinating the teachers first. in the first live one-on-one, pressing the vice president on getting the vaccine to teachers. >> teachers should be a priority along with other front line workers. what happened in the reddit rebellion?
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what was robinhood's role? congress set to grill the ceos. and mar's rover on the final ap flo approach to the red planet, and in the final miles of the journey. the facts. the truth. the news. shepard smith. back in a moment. where i needed it. ♪ rock music ♪ >> man: that's service i can trust... no matter what i'm hauling. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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and now the breaking covid vaccine news. pfizer is reporting breaking news, and there is test tubes showing the variant of the south african strain and news from pfizer that it may reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. so now meg tirrell has the latest on this break news. what can you tell us >> hello, shep. the letter that was reported to
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the new england journal of medical says that the vaccine that could neutralize the different variants and they said that the neutralization versions were 2/3 lower of the older variants of the virus. what is unclear is what effect that would have in the real world. we don't know exactly what level of neutralizing the antibodies are needed to provide that protection, and we don't have real world trial da ta like we saw from johnson and johnson or novavax to protect against the variant. it is not surprising that in the lab that you would see a reduction in titres or the neutralization that we would see in the studies like dr. fauci has mentioned several times or if there is protection against the severe disease like we saw
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in the j&j, and even though the efficacy is still protecting in the severe disease and hospitalization. back over to you >> thank you, meg tirrell. and now the white house and reopening schools. and it has issued clarification over clarification to reopen safely. president biden said a top priority, but four weeks into office, there are more questions than answers, and at times the statements have had to be walked back. >> the goal that he set is to have the majority of the schools, and more than 50% open by day 100 of his presidency. that means that some teaching in classrooms, and so at least one day a week. >> that is not true. it is a mistake in communication. the goal is five days a week. >> the vaccination of teachers is not a prerequisite of opening of schools. >> so we are not, and dr. walensky spoke to this in her
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personal capacity and she is obviously the head of the cdc, but we will wait for the final guidance. >> well, the cdc released new guidance and said that vaccination of the teachers is important, but not a mus north in-person learning. the white house said that it supported the new guy dance. >> -- new guidance. >> it is not a requirement. >> but not a requirement, but the president and vice president both believe that teachers should be vaccinated. so we spoke to savannah guthrie today. >> that is right, shep. parents and teachers are looking for guidance from the administration. so i asked if she could assure parents and teachers that it was safe to return to school. >> the teachers should be a
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priority along with other front line workers, and i believe up to 22 states i believe have prioritized the teachers -- >> but they are not vaccinated and is that safe for them? >> well, we have to decide if we can put into safe measures, and this is why it is so important that we pass the american rescue plan. the american rescue plan which the president and i have proposed is a plan that is about getting our schools back open. why does this connect with what we are talking about right now it is going to be safer for the schools to reopen when we can get our schools the in infrastructure needs like helping them with the ventilation needs and helping with the social distancing needs and the barriers to be necessary to open up in a safe way -- >> i don't want to beat it to death, but teachers are listening and they have said that the cdc should not have to be vaccinated to go back to school. >> we believe it should be a priority and the states are
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making decision individually about who should be on the list to get it vaccinated. >> and shep, as you mentioned, late today, the white house clarified that the president and the vice president agrees with the cdc that the vaccinations are not necessary for the teachers to return to school, but it is clearly the white house preference that teachers are listed on the priority list, and right now half of the states have the teachers on the priority list, but dr. fauci said it is not workable for every teacher to be vaccinated to return to school. back to you. >> thank you, savannah. andy slavitt who is a white house adviser for the white house covid response, and now, this south african variant is more worrisome, and the white house is saying that it could be significant. so what does this look like if the variant starts to take hold
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in the united states as so many believe it may. >> thank you for having me, shep. look, there is no question that there are variants that are coming that are making their way here in the u.s., and some a little bit more quickly than others, and the news on the vaccines has been on the vaccine front on the variants has been i would say measured positive. on the one hand, and the b-1-17 which is the u.k. strain that is here in more abundance and higher confidence that pfizer and moderna work better, but as far as the other candidate and the vaccines are going to continually update that the mutations perform better on, and the one that is better on the south african data is that it depends how you read it, but the way that the scientists explain it to me is that it is less effective but still above the threshold, and so what does that mean, and when i ask what does
7:21 pm
that mean, the threshold that the vaccine has to surpass in orderer to work. and these vaccines is appear to work above the threshold, and so while it is less, people are feeling good that the vaccines are responding, and creating antibodies though not as many, so will it require an amendment, that we don't know, but that is a pretty good, that is a pretty good sign to me fearing that it could have been worse than that. >> everybody is learning as we go, andy. back to the teachers and back and forth and clarifying, and it is complicated and the white house says that it is a priority, but it is the states who are deciding who gets the first shots, so does the president have a plan the request for make the governors move the teachers up on the list >> so you want really another voice from the administration on this topic, don't you? >> i would like that a lot. >> so let me say this.
7:22 pm
if this were easy, it would be done. secondly, everyone wants some certainty. yes, this is safe, no, this is not safe, and really, what we are dealing with is making the schools safer and less risky, and focused on how to get the kids safer and back to school, and not if but how. that is what the cdc plan is laid out, and make the schools safer and safer and safer, and what they have said is that you cannot open up schools with a number of things going, even if you not vaccinated the teachers and this is what they say and nonscientist from the white house not making the scientific, and following the science for policy, and that is important to know, and in terms of the next question, how do we make sure that theteachers get vaccinate and the teachers are prioritized now in 25 and 27 state, and so are other groups as well, and so are the people in nursing homes, and other front line workers and the seniors and for the next
7:23 pm
number of weeks at least, we will have a shortage situation, and everybody is prioritized is not going to be vaccinated and people know that, and it is important to level with people, and not pretend it is otherwise, and the governors have other situations to make, and i have talked with a number of governors who have difficult situations to make, and for anyone to say it is easy to decide between teachers and people who are in congregate care settings or nursing home, and these are difficult situations, and we are trying to support them with the science, as best we can, but until the shortages are resolved, we are doing the best we can. >> did not hear anybody say it is easy. thank you, andy slavitt. and redditers were banding together, and the stock surged and watt street went nuts which is what happened in the gamestop mania to the public. tomorrow, we will learn what went on behind the scenes when
7:24 pm
the lawmaker are set to grill the key players. so who is in the hot seat, and what they will is to answer coming up. and plus, investigating the origin of covid-19. the world health organization says it is likely that it did not come from a lab, but the united states is still not convinced. next, the information that could tell a different story as we are approaching the bottom of the hour, and the top of the news. of the new investors challenging the status quo, the takeaway from capitol hill hearings, and what the regulators the learned about the trading process, and possible changes to avoid future market chaos. a cnbc special tomorrow. of all of the dreams that we have dreamed and the flags that we have held, and oh, let america be america again. the land that has not been yet, and yet must be the land where everyman is free.
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gamestop and reddit mania. what really happened when the stocks surged and sent wall street into a frenzy a search for answers tomorrow and some congressional grilling when key players who are set to testify before the house financial congressional committee. and vlad tenev is set to testify as is keith gill who is aka roaring kitty, and also steve huffman who is reddit's co-founder and ceo and ken griffin who is citadel's ceo and also gabriel plotkin who runs
7:28 pm
melvin's capital ceo. we have more. >> you may flag that it is wrong, but you won't take it down >> congresswoman, it is, it depend fons context. >> mr. dorsey, who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report? >> big tech was the last group the face lawmakers and the bank executives faced the music in the financial crisis and tomorrow, it is a rare combination of wall street and silicon valley. robinhood's 23-year-old ceo is among the most scrutiny, and dan gallagher who joined robinhood last year has beefed up the communications team, and hiring from the wall street regulatory agency and hiring from president obama's treasury department, and they have also hired reginald
7:29 pm
brown, a congressional lawyer who helped to prepare mark zuckerberg. and also, elizabeth warren could hint at the line of questioning from her colleagues tomorrow. she said that robinhood's response to the letter reveals that they did not have enough cash on hand to handle the surge in trading and buried the consumers rights. >> reporter: in a testimony released today, vlad tenev fights back to the allegations that they were colluding with the hedge funds calls it absolutely false and market distorting rhetoric. shep. >> thank you very much, and you can watch the hearing right here on cnbc starting at noon eastern tomorrow. americans wes went on a speg spree last month. and retail sales rose 5% in month of january and this is the
7:30 pm
biggest increase since june, and much larger than had been anticipated. economists say that the latest stimulus checks lured people back into the stores. the biggest gains were department stores followed by electronics and furniture. some mgm casinos will be opened around the clock like the mgm and the mirage and the ceos say that it is based on the decline of covid cases. and there is good news/bad news for jetblue flyers the good, the company is getting rid of the change fees, and the bad? the airline is adding new restrictions nor basic passengea cheap fares will no los angeles ver a ca-- will longer have a
7:31 pm
carry-on bag. and today, the s&p 500 was all-time high and the s&p 500 and the nasdaq down. it is round two of a brutal store, and more than a 105 million impacted. some have not recovered from the first round. more than 2.8 million customers in texas entering the third night without power. no time line of when the power is coming back. in kentucky, crews are clearing the roads and preparing for outages. and they say that heavy wet snow on top of the frozen power lines could make it worse there. local coverage now, catherine collins is reporting for our affiliate in mount vernon, and catherine, how are people holding up there >> everyone is in good spirits here. you can see behind me, they are
7:32 pm
hanging out in this warming center here. this is rock castle county middle school where there is about 26 people here, but we know that thousands are without power in this area right now. so we can see people are in pretty good spirits, and i talked to one man who lives out on a hill, and what he told me is that the fire department came to pick him up this morning and brought him here, so he was excited to be here and to be warm. he said it is definitely some of the most treacherous that he has seen around his home. there was a lot of ice and snow, but we know that with this third round of snow coming to hit kentucky tonight, people are prepared and prepared to have more people stay here tonight. there is enough cots for 30 people in the gym right now, and they have plenty more as well.
7:33 pm
>> catherine collins live for us to night. thank you. the families of nursing home patients who died of covid in new york are demanding a federal investigation as governor andrew cuomo is facing accusations that he undercounted the number of dead. they protested in manhattan holding up photos of the loved ones claiming that the governor lied to the public about how many seniors were dying after being infected in the nursing facilities. >> governor cuomo turned the nursing homes into covid death chambers. all of these people should be here. my father should be here. he can lie and twist the truth, but there is a cover-up. >> they are covering up the number of deaths in the nursing homes so you can look good, and the popularity is still good. >> the republicans on the senate judiciary committee are calling on the justice department to investigate. governor cuomo admitted that the administration should have done a better job to releasing the nursing home data more quickly,
7:34 pm
but he insists no cover-up, and he says that the criticism is based on disinformation, and the governor is now pushing back against a new accusation that he threatened a lawmaker from his own party. >> he has spent ten minutes berating at me and yelling at me and threatening me and my career. >> cnbc's contessa brewer on the latest controversy that the governor is facing. contessa >> shep, the aides who say they were in the room categorically deny that the governor made any threats, but the pressure is building on cuomo, and he is lashing out at the critics calling them conspiracy theories and blaming the opponents as we saw from assemblyman kim. calling it a racket. >> if you attack my integrity and my administration's
7:35 pm
integrity, am i going to fail to respond? no. >> we talked to assemblyman kim, and he says, this is a distraction. >> instead of addressing the reason that their office made an attempt to hide and cover-up the nursing home deaths and failed to give tout number in the height of the pandemic, he deflects, and that is what he does best. >> they are saying that he is hiding the toll, and families are furious. agnes died a couple of days after her nursing home sent her there. her son is a registered democrat and the same party as cuomo said this is not about politics. >> i believe there is an intentional cover-up because of the numbers. he is bragging about the numbers in nursing homes, and you know, he wanted to lower the numbers, and i know what he is playing with here, and it is not right. i want the truth. i want justice.
7:36 pm
>> what is next is calling for the legislature to investigate and plans to strip him, cuomo of his emergency powers and the pedestal that he occupied for so long in the pandemic is crumbling. >> thank you, contessa brewer. the secretary of state an tony blinkken made an announcement to help the world fight covid-19 it is quite a departure of the last administration who withdrew from the w.h.o. and the former president had accused the w.h.o. to work with china to cover-up where covid had originated and the world health organization said that the virus did not most likely leak from a lab from wuhan, but some officials say they are not convinced.
7:37 pm
this is keir simmons. >> reporter: to the world, investigating covid-19 say it originated from animals, but western and government officials say that the united states is not ruling out other possibilities, including a research lab accident though many scientists say it is unlikely. one western intelligence official telling nbc news, the u.s. has substantial intelligence that has not been made public about actions that the chinese government took related to the wuhan lab and other issues designed to obscure the origins of covid-19 and conceal the impact early on. this month, president biden's secretary of state told andrea mitchell that china is not being transparent. >> that lack of transparency and lack of forth coming is a profound problem and twhaun continues. >> reporter: in january, mike pompeo alleged that researchers had covid-like symptoms as early as the fall of 2019.
7:38 pm
and w.h.o. investigators say no evidence of the lab leak, and focusing on the early lab leak trying to determine if it is larger than first reported. the china's original case count is 174. >> and that is probably much higher. >> reporter: investigators say that china did not provide enough specifics about the early cases, and instead, released more general data. >> it would be in the ideal world patient by patient, and we did not get to that stage. >> reporter: for the news, i'm keir simmons. a british royal is hospitalized and dozens of people killed in a bus crash as we go round the world in 80 seconds. india, at least 40 people killed in a bus crash. investigators say that the driver lost control, plunged off of a bridge and into a canal. video shows the bus submerged. authorities say it is designed to carry a maximum of 34 people,
7:39 pm
but some claim that there were as many as 50 on board when it crashed. the crews rescued six people. england, prince philip is hospitalized in london. according to buckingham palace, he was not feeling well, so the doctors admitted him as a precaution last night. prince philip, queen elizabeth's husband is 99 years old and rarely seen in public. the bbc reports that he does not have covid, and that he walked into the hospital on his own. ♪ >> italy, ash wednesday, a bit different this year, because of covid, and pope francis held a small mass at st. peter's basilica and instead of the usual outdoor procession, he sprinkled ashes on top of everyone's heads instead of rubbing them into the foreheads all to keep from spreading the virus, another centuries' old
7:40 pm
tradition on hold for the pan democratic as we go around the world in 80 seconds. north korea, home to the world's leading bank robbers that is what the u.s. government said now, and they just struck again. what they took this time and how. plus trump plaza once one of atlantic city's most successful casinos, and what happened 37 years and 3,000 sticks of dynamite later. and people who make wine should look like the people who drink it that is what one owner told our jane wells in wine country tonight. yeah, shep. i'm in the happy pcela. the title black winemaker sounds unusual, because it is. get used to hearing it more often when we come back. way longer than detergent alone. pour a cap of downy unstopables into your washing machine before each load and enjoy fresher smelling laundry. with 6 times the freshness ingredients,
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that escalated quickly. (sam) 5g ultra wideband, now in parts of many cities. this is 5g built right. only from verizon. the massive solar winds cyber attack that braechd multiple federal agencies is including the pentagon was launched from inside of the united states. that is the word from president biden's cybersecurity security chief, and she says it is still likely that russia was behind the attack, and as of right now the hackers broke into at least nine government agencies and 100 private companies, but there could be more. >> the hackers launched the hack from inside of the united states which further made it difficult for the u.s. government to observe the activity. due to the fsophistication of th techniques that were used we are
7:43 pm
in the beginning of the understanding of the scope and scale, and we may understand the scope and scale and the technologies that were used for compromise. >> and charges were announced against three north korean military hackers accusing them of the scheme to extort more than 1 billion of cryptocurrency and cash of companies and banks around the world. cnbc's eamon javers talked to one the lead investigators on the case. eamon? >> yes, one to lead investigators told me that the north koreans are the world's leading bank robbers, but the u.s. government knows exactly who is conducting all of the bank robberies. >> we can identify them down to the individual, and we are not saying that north korean did this or the north korean military did this, but we are saying that the three individuals who worked for the north koreans did this, and we have pictures of them, and they
7:44 pm
are responsible for trying to steal 1.3 billion. >> these three are the north korean hackers that the u.s. government accused today of a massive global crime spree, a all three are members of the north korean military intelligence unit known as the reconnaissance general bureau. the years' long reconnaissance effort goes back to malta and mexico and including the ransomware of wannacry and also stealing cryptocurrency theft from a new york firm. they used old-fashioned cyber attacks from sony pictures and a link that is from phishing that enabled them to open up some
7:45 pm
cryptocurrency apps to distribute them on the app, and users of those would give them access to the cryptocurrency for the app, which is new innovation here, and shep, it would not be intelligence operation if it weren't involving some of the code names that we have seen including hidden cobra which is the u.s. government's name for this operation, shep. >> eamon javers, thank you. i didn't choose wine, and wine chose me, and that is what tonya pits told me. and that story is next. and baseball is next. the pitchers and the catchers are reporting for spring training, and the schedules and the games themselves will look a lot different. but first, the conservative radio host rush limbaugh died today and his wife made the announcement on the radio show. limbaugh had been fighting stage 4 lung cancer.
7:46 pm
nbc's jeff bennett on the long, lucrative and polarizing career. >> it is time for broadcasting excellence. >> reporter: rush limbaugh was a broadcasting icon and controversial voice in the world of politics. >> now you democrats, when you are going to be tired of losing. >> reporter: it was the most listened to radio show in america. >> i am rush limbaugh -- >> reporter: by the time he was 8 years old he had set his sights on a career in radio. and he had started his career in his bedroom, and then he quit college to become a rock 'n' roll deejay, and after a few fits and starts, he started talk radio and reputation as right wing die hard drew a following on a radio show in sacramento, and then through 1988, the rush
7:47 pm
limbaugh show was a conservative rant, and his racist and bigotry commentary. >> and this is segregated buses, because this is -- >> and this is the nfl too often looks like the game of the bloods and the crips. there i said it. >> and this is looking like illegal immigration. >> america is still not ready to elect a gay guy kissing the husband on the debate stage. >> and limbaugh was a staunch ally of president trump's. >> good times and bad times, he doesn't waiver, because he is tough as hell. >> and mr. trump rewarding the loyalty by bestowing him the presidential medal of honor in his state of the union speech. and having announced the stage 4 lung cancer just a day earlier. >> so i have to tell you something today that i wish i
7:48 pm
did not have to tell you. i have been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. >> reporter: limbaugh had beaten other challenges. losing his hearing in 2000 before getting cochlear implants and missing the show when he sought treatment for an addiction to painkillers. >> my goal was to be the most listened to show, and you all made it possible. >> reporter: rush limbaugh, brash, bold, powerful and polarizing. for the news, i'm jeff bennett. it also helps lower cholesterol and slow sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so you can feel lighter and more energetic. metamucil. support your daily digestive health. take the metamucil two week challenge and feel lighter and more energetic. sign up today at t-mobile is upgrading its network at a record pace. we were the first to bring 5g nationwide.
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wine, it comes in many colors, but the wine industry in the u.s. is overwhelmingly white. not a lot of effort has gone into courting and mentoring black winemakers until now. here is cnbc's jane wells in wine country. >> how did you become a winemaker? >> well, free booze. no [ laughter ]
7:51 pm
>> reporter: phil long grew up in englewood, california, and became an architect, but he discovered wine. and when he and his wife debra moved to the livermore valley, they started to make some. >> wine growing up to me was the four-foot tall bottle of chianti with the basket over it. >> reporter: they opened up longevity wines and named the wine of the region in 2018, and he partnered with bronco wines to go international, and they have big little lies, and then last may, george floyd lie and black lives mattered. >> we saw more online sales in the month of june than the entire year of 2019. >> you can see that he stands out, because less than 1% of winemakers are black, and even fewer black women who are winemakers liketonya pitts in
7:52 pm
san francisco. >> i said that i didn't choose wine, but wine chose me. >> reporter: and the support for scholarships is pouring in. >> is it all changing? absolutely. >> i would love the bowl of jelly beans with all of the colors and creeds and genders of those who drink wine like the bowl of jelly beans who make wine >> but as much as phil would like to continue making wine, he wants to honor debra, and the labels honor debra like the hearts he gave her for valentine's day. >> before she left us, i made sure that she had this get put on, because i wanted her to know that she is always going to be part of the journey and the brand and she is never going anywhere. >> reporter: long says he has more wine orders the first six
7:53 pm
weeks of this year than all of last year, but in the end, it has to be good, and this pinot blanc of his, it earned a 90 among the wine enthusiast, and shep, that is good. >> as he faced any resistance as a winemaker? >> not as a winemaker, but in tasting rooms, ignored even as the only guy in there and as customer service, he is not duplicating that in his tasting room. >> jane wells, thank you so much. the end of the era in atlantic city this morning, the crews demolished the old trump plaza hotel and casino. the building closed in 2014 and it had become a little bit of the eyeeyesore. and the mayor said it was so bad that chunks of it was peeling off and crashing to the ground it is now owned by billionaire carl icahn, that land and the
7:54 pm
pile of rubble. now, into cnbc, breaking news on the investigation by the feds of new york and nursing homes and covid. plus plenty of firsts with the nasa rover approaching mars right now. first to carry microphones and a helicopter to another planet it is the most ambitious mission yet, and now time to land. a feat described as throwing the dart from white house and hitting a bull's eye in dallas. no stress. but then... oh. ah. okay. plan, pivot. how do you bounce back? you don't, you bounce forward, with serious and reliable internet. powered by the largest gig speed network in america. but is it secure? sure it's secure. and even if the power goes down, your connection doesn't. so how do i do this? you don't do this. we do this, together. bounce forward, with comcast business.
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nasa's perseverance rover is hours away from the most dangerous part of the mission, sticking the landing it is being aimed at a small 4x5 patch of land at the edge of a dry river delta. it is going head in the brisk 12 miles per hour. if all goes as planned the rover
7:57 pm
is going to collect soil samples and search for signs is of ancient life. perseverance is due to make the planet fall just before 4:00 p.m. eastern time earthtime. tomorrow, it will be joined by john miguel st. martin, and there he is after his team successfully landed the mars rover, and he was an adviser to this mission. and pitchers and catchers at spring training, but the preseason baseball is going to be looking different thanks to covid. the players and the coaching and the staff are to quarantine and get contract tracing devices. teams in florida will be more relaxed schedule and the teams on the gulf coast will play each other and the same with the teams on the east coast. and if nine innings are not deemed necessary somehow, the fans will be in the stands. but it is going to be limite
7:58 pm
numbers. 60 seconds left on the race to the finish, and nbc news just confirmed that the fbi and u.s. attorneys have now launched an investigation into the covid nursing home deaths in new york state and the new york state governor andrew cuomo's handling of them. millions of texas are still in the dark as brutal storms continue to pound the nation, and the south and the east are bracing for snow and ice. the justice department are charging three north korean military hackers and accusing them of trying to steal more than $1 billion around the world in a massive cyber attack crime spree. and now you know the news of this wednesday february 17th, 2021. i'm shepard smith. follow us on twitter at the news on cnbc and by all mean, stay tuned, because as so often is the case, "shark tank" is next.
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