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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  February 11, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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taking us essentially flat. >> market keeps sort of bleeding away some of the excesses. the cannabis group gave up some of their gains and the market kind of hangs in there we'll see if that continues on friday before a three-day weekend. >> we're out of time closing bell "fast money" starts now. >> i'm melissa lee and this is "fast money. tonight on fast we're all over the after hours action both names big reason the reopening trade. we'll tell you what they're saying about the future straight ahead. plus the next big target did the reddit rebel p onset its sites on this company? the telling trades signs bundleble all abuzz but will investors get stung by this stock? we'll bring you the trade. we start off with disney delivering in its latest
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quarter. smashing expectations. the stock is higher. >> the stock up nearly 3% after the company exceeded expectations and reported a profit rather than the loss ana analysises anticipated parks and zreemg outperformed. disney streaming business outpaced projections growing to 95 million disney plus subscriber and direct to consumer customers including h hulu and espn plus >> we've been especially pleased with the success of our directed consumer business. in our recent strategic organization has enabled us to submit towards a business model and further grow our streaming
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services disany plus has exceeded even our highest expectations >> meanwhile, the parks divisions revenue dropped, down by 53%, the company announcing that covid has had a $2.6 billion impact on the park's divisions operating income as a result of closures and reduced capacities >> where we have been able to open our theme parks with limited capacity, guests have consistently kmond a willingness and a desire to visit, which we believe is a testament to the factthat they feel confident i the health and safety protocols we put in place. average daily attendance at wawalt disneyworld. >> saying they are continuing to invest to build out different features of their parks. they say they are very pleased with the rezervation and consumer interest in visiting
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parks. that's going to be in focus as they start go be able to increase their capacity in florida and are allowed to open up here in california. >> thank you disney is up 3% after hours. guy, how do you like this stock? how do you like what they said on this call >> kudos again karen took a pass on the kudos i'll give it to her, anyway. and tim who have been all over this i'm not a huge fan of treadmills this is going somewhere, so indulge me you get on a treadmill, go eight miles an hour, maybe walk, put the incline up, down you're on it for 45 minutes and when you get through you're right where you started. it's great they keep adding to the disney plus. but some pointed out our crew's down year over year. i'll let tim tell you what that means. effectively in a lot of ways, they're running in place the naysayers will say that's a
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bad thing. the optimists say they're buying drew barrymore short with the delorean on it maybe they'll go wild ride when the parks reopen i'm not that optimistic. it's had a great ride. it's at levels where i don't necessarily think it should be. >> i also read that tweet. this past quarter, the revenue per user was $403 for plus and a year ago was $5.56 tim, should we not care about this for disney, for streaming service? >> no, i don't think so. think -- guy may be like george jettison on the treadmill. i'd rather in disney running through the streets with 95 million. essentially when you add in hulu and espn plus, we heard those numbers. the strategic organization is part of the excitement here.
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the dtc division is up 73% during a period when netflix has been in a speed spot of engagement and couldn't be in a better position. the stock outperformed net application almost 40% since august we would all certainly agree netflix is making a move in terms of profitability did we care about that with netflix? should we care about that with disney look, i understand the profitability issues and at some point disney's got to create their own content and we knows expensive. if you're asking me from an investor's perspective, i'm happy with the metrics that are driving the stock the move higher 35 times of 2022 is not inexpensive when you consider
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what is being paid for netflix >> at what point, karen, should we care about the quality of these subscriber numbers the argument would be that disney's effectively giving away its service in india, in parts of asia, and the numbers go up and the r goes down. >> we see similar things with netflix. to me, it's sort of the i guess disney story is one of, ok, while the pandemic is here, that's been great for disney plus extraordinary environment to start your streaming service so that's really great however, once we do reopen, and i'm very optimistic on reopening and i'm very optimistic on how parks will do and how their crews and hotels, that part of the business that is so important to disney. i wonder, i can't help but wonder what kind of drag will
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that have on the momentum of disney plus and this sort of u near ya around the valuation around disney plus, and we don't hear much about the rest of the businesses, the media businesses, that is, that i saw, i think it wasn't as bad as i thought on cord cutting with fees going up a little bit there's that part of the business as well plus they do have a lot of debt, remember, from the fox transaction. it should have created a premium. it does, but sort of too much for me i've missed the run here i wouldn't be a buyer. >> we've spent the last six, five minutes talking about a streaming service when the parks are a bright spot in the context of better than expected. if we are to believe that there is going to be a sharp reopen -- the biden administration announcing it has secured 200 million more vaccine dose for distribution in the united states
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that could be a huge boost to the stock. >> well, it could be a huge boost to the company >> yeah. >> look at what the stock's dhoog. it's going to tick $200. it's up 50% right now from when they reported their last quarter's results in november. it's up 20% in the last few weeks. it's one thing to talk about the fundamentals of the company. for me what i think is interesting is what's baked into the stock right now. if you look at the market and other areas of the market anticipating a better than expected or sooner than expected reopening, then it makes sense, but at some point, this thing's trading about 41 times next year's earnings, 2022. they will probably not get back in the 2023, maybe 2024. i know people care about the valuation right now. at some point they will care, so i guess tim's comparative
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valuation to netflix doesn't -- you know, listen, i get it, except that netflix is a simple business it's about growing content and growing overseas they've got all these competing factors. media is a challenge what knows what the farks division will do when it comes back i'm in karen and guy's catch i don't think you need to buy the stock, it's going to trade $200, up 50% in the last few months but it's a name you want to own on a pullback if we have a multi-year recovery from the pandemic, these guys are going to benefit >> didn't we reset the pe game on disney? once it enters this new business, should we still look back at 2018 as being peak earnings should we say it was x, y, and z for disney and therefore, it should -- >> it's a different company. >> well, isn't it? >> it's a different company.
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it's a different world there are linear tv businesses in a bad decline and we know where that's going that was one of the plumbs of the empire again, studio in the traditional sense has always been there and part of that content fly wheel, but look at the rerating of the stock from november of 2019. this is all about the new business then when they gave you a little more clarity on the reorganization of the company into essentially these two primary divisions, but getting distribution and some of the dtc stuff out there and separating it, and look, to me, it's -- i'm someone that ultimately does default to evaluation. i don't say this pie in the sky who cares. but i -- look at how we're rewarding companies that have either an online, e-commerce or a streaming multiple, and we know who they are. and they've set the bell weather. we've seen a lot of companies. i won't get into what walmart's
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doing. i think there's a chance for a lot of legacy companies to be rerated. disney's going after netflix they may not be able to compete if some areas now. there's no question. tomorrow's trade is different. you wanted to own disney no question about that trade in terms of tomorrow, i think, you know, look, i think disney's going to continue to prove that they're growing this business and they're willing to sacrifice and will have pricing power. they've got a brand. >> for more on disney bring in tom rogers, former nbc cable president and tivo ceo he's a cnbc contributor. always great to speak with you >> thanks for having me. >> this motion of arpu, is this growth for disney plus just too good to sort of ignore >> well, absolutely right.
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disney has been a terrific trade, but i would offer this caution and i'd offer not just about disney but any of the legacy media stocks, not all are equal. we don't know what these subscriber numbers they've announced really are i haven't heard on the phone as they talked an how many of them are hot starts ends ya, rpus and less than a dollar i don't know how many came out of the u.s., how much turn they've actually seen. but revenue per suband profitability of the subreally matter if you look at the cable satellite model, espn and the weather channel both had over 90 million sub. but the value of both subs were totally different. the sheer number of subs, which is a headline numbers, which keeps moving the disney stock, does not really equate to what the ultimate value of the new
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disney business is going to be you really have to look further beyond that and say what is this business replacing it is directory replacing a legacy media business that was getting about $19 per subscriber throughout the entire cable satellite footprint versus streaming subs that are getting 6.99 or 12.99 if you take the bundle you're being paid in the cable satellite world across ever home, whether that home ever watches you or not in the streaming world, you only get paid for those who take you. so disney has in addition to that all the marketing and technology expense of those streaming subs, expense that the cable and satellite companies absorb in the legacy world so you can really look at this and say, well, they've got to bring forward a lot more
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streaming subs to be able to just make up for what they're going to lose on the legacy side so this isn't all additive the market is looking at legacy media stocks, putting up streaming subnumbers and saying it's all additive. you've got to take into account how much downdraft they had. >> hey tom, it's tim look, this is always a great conversation with you because you've been a media visionary. to the extent that netflix has been visionary in terms of their business and arguably disney is trying to catch up -- i would argue that -- but in the same way we've seen this throughout time, sometimes the innovators are then copied and in some sense, it's done better by the next guy to the extent that disney's got a brand, what is netflix' next move here to outflank disney >> i don't think they have to outflank disney.
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they're going straight at disney in terms of producing programming, including kids' movies that are going to go rights at that franchise look, everything i just said about disney could be offset in part by it creating a global franchise, that is, a global streaming service, taking a page out of the netflix book of you can grow on a global basis look, the bulk case for net is beyond if disney follows that playbook of looking beyond the u.s. market and creating that global brand at the kind of inclusion that netflix has, they are going to replace and build beyond the existing media business value. but you can't do that off the back of subs that are worth less than a radar
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you have to think about how they're going to build this and whether disney programming, as strong as the wrapped is, is enough or they have to follow the netflix playbook of nonenglish language, localized content that is really intended to drive pen race in rpu on those local markets. that's the game that netflix is playing that nobody else has netflix can continue to play the game it has if disney thinks about the way it catches up to the play netflix as has been laid out >> great to speak to you as always thanks for your time >> thank you guy, we'll go to you the stock is up almost 2% after hours. hold on to gapes here. what would you be looking for further in terms of color from conference calls, from analysts in the morning >> how quickly things are going to get -- what's their anticipation of things coming back to normal on the park
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front. what's their strategy in terms of filmsand those kinds of things tim's been spot on and i've understood the run as well the question you have to ask is how much of all the optimism that we're talking agents now baked into the stock i'd say it's significant fundamental you've enjoyed the run, there's nothing wrong with holding on to this i'd be inclined to take some off the table here >> coming up, could it be the next big reddit target we've got details straight ahead. plus amamicus the ceo will join us first, an earnings alert for you. shares on the go after reporting results. we'll break down the action when "fast money" returns
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and with fast nationwide 5g included at no extra cost. we've got you covered. so join the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction. and get a new samsung galaxy starting at $17 a month. learn more at or visit your local xfinity store today. welcome back to "fast money. we've got an earnings alert for you on expedia the shares are lower in the after hour sessions. >> the travel restrictions that were reintroduced in late november early december had a negative effect on travel, expedia seeing a 67% drop in
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fourth quarter gross bookings. given that expedia doesn't break out, for verbo, directly competes with airbnb here's what the ceo said >> verbo, not a big surprise family travel being very attractive north america generally has been a relative bright cot. >> he said we believe we've seen good share and share growth relative to our competition. howe, airbnb is dominant expedia has been growing its verbal share the goal is to drive more direct traffic and spend more on grand marketing. ing lack of details on how much. executives say they feel good about capitalizing on the moment rebounds with vaccine but right now they're projecting the choppy -- see the stock down 2%.
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beach, vacation markets where airbnb is more wide by dispressed urban markets are in less demand right now. that could work in verbo's favor. we hear from the hotel operators, marriott, hilton, hyatt. two weeks from now will be airbnb >> thank you karen, your thoughts >> so expedia enterprise value, stock plus debt, which they had to raise during the pandemic it's as high as its ever been. that's sort of troubling the lodging part is normally the best part of their business but vrbo is the vacation rental by owner. you can see the valuation of
5:23 pm
airbnb, well over $200 a share now. to have the whole thing trading higher than it was at the prior peak before this, i don't know i'm optimistic on the reopen trade, but i don't feel like i need to jump into expedia right here >> a market flash here on bausch health josh has details >> headlines dropping on mr. carl icahn he's reporting a 7.8% stake in bauch health company as february 1st. the belief the shares were under value. discussions with management and the board on ways to enhance chair holder values. discussions may include possible board representation and he expects to have discussions with other shareholders to understand their perspective, but the headline, carl reporting a stake in bausch health company back to you. >> thanks.
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carl's at it again, guy. tireless >> yeah. listen, good for carl. we haven't heard from him in a while. he's pulling no punches here, clearly, but just go back for those playing our home game and a few technicians out there, the level we're trading at now is the same we were trading at i believe in september of 2019, so look at where this stock fell from and where we are now. i wouldn't be pouring into it now. my sense is you will see a bit of a pull-back when carl gets into things it's obviously news and wear breaking in with it now >> coming up, did we just spot the next big target? why the company could be caught in the cross hairs of retail later, shares of bumble makes it debut but is this a match dema in heaven? that and more when "fast money" returns.
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welcome back to "fast money. is this $333 billion dp next target in the red itself rebellion? it's a name you know michael. >> we're taking a look at paypal the reddit rebellion stocks, gamestop, at the end of last year, that was a $250 million company. this one's worth more than 300 billion. we're looking at a company that's growing earnings at probably 20 plus percent per year it doubled its revenue over the last five years. one area where we see commonality is in the options market this traded more than three times its daily call volume. similar to those reddit stocks, all of that is very short dated.
5:28 pm
the most active options were the weekly strike calls that expire tomorrow, about 32,000 of those traded for about $2.67 per contract we can tell there's a lot of activity the buyer's risking about $1300 to control 500 shares, less than one percent. the stock needs to rise by more than 6% by the close of business tomorrow this stock did tray over 300 interday today >> thanks for that we'll see you tomorrow at options action as mike mentioned there is a fundamental story. paypal holding its investor meeting today. it doubled its active user base. customers are quote flocking to bitcoin. by the way, cramer's got an interview with don shulman coming up top of the hour on mad
5:29 pm
money. we could see the fingerprints of the reddit traders in the options market, dan, but we've got the fundamental story behind paypal what do you see on the stock >> mike laid it out nicely it's been well rewarded. i would make some comments about that interday pol tillity in the stock and the short dated nature of these calls, we've been talking about it over the past few weeks. ice going to get harder for these wall street bets people to push around bigger and bigger stocks so you talk to institutional trading desk, they'll tell you the one, two, five lot are just noise. they don't really matter when you look at all the buying in this week expiration and next week and you have a interday reversal like we had, that is disastrous if you own short dated options. to me, i just think this is another example of trying to play some of these trends on a short dated base it because it's a mob mentality is not a great
5:30 pm
way to make money, even in great stories like this. >> tim, do you like paypal >> look, i liked it and then i didn't like the valuation. so, you know, i've not enjoyed the last $75 or so in the stock. and look, the issue is the valuation but for a company that's growing incremental margins, has a target of a billion users you talked about an app refresh and some bitcoin going for it, i think it's going higher, ands think it's going higher on fundamentals its comes down to like so many stocks here, what are you willing to pay to own it and i don't own the stock here >> all right guy? >> what happens that thing when we had the mitts and the smart with boards -- what do they call that the power pitch. >> the power pitch right. >> power pitch if memory serves, and it does, can, this is one of his power pitch names. valuations -- evaluations don't
5:31 pm
matter in some of these other things, they certainly shouldn't matter here. i understand what dan is saying about the reversal today it was stark i still think this is higher >> interesting considering bitcoin hitting a new high paypal an ancillary big play along with square, which was higher today you can karen interesting moves, especially if you think about retail investors. they like what the gamestops of the world hot stops. they like bitcoin. >> right they like bitcoin and they like stock trading which they talked about having a stock trading product as well. so you throw all those things together, right, and venmo and what could go wrong. they've done an extraordinary job. it's expensive it deserves to be expensive. i passed the point long ago where i thought it would be an interesting value but they've really done a great job.
5:32 pm
i do think, though, if bitcoin comes back to earth a little bit, the pay pals of the world which have had this last bit of juice, we'll see that come back in a little bit. >> we are following news developments on some of those wild stock swings in names like gamestop and amc kate has details kate kchlt. >> the department of justice has reportedly opened an investigation into whether market manipulation had anything to do with the massive run-ups in stocks like gamestop and amc. federal prosecutors have subpoenaed robinhood on this topic according to the wall street jury room the journal reports that both justice department's broad session and the u.s. attorney's office are seeking the doj and robinhood did decline our request for comment. melissa, this comes as we report today a rise in angry customers
5:33 pm
showing up at the company's headquarters, saying they're able to get anybody on the phone regarding some of these account issues police records obtained by cnbc show a total of ten incidents at the startup as headquarters january 28 through february 9th. this week we witnessed one man kicking and banging on the front door of robinhood, claiming he was unable to access his account. we spoke to another robinhood customer who said he drove 2400 miles from indiana after losing $50,000 trading nokia. he said he was locked out of his account. robinhood declined to comment but they did get back to the one gentleman we spoke to and said they resolved his issue. these are a few of the 13 million customers. their experiences echo what we've been hearing from other customers we've been talking to the last couple of weeks, and
5:34 pm
complaints of the fdc. >> we should note that robinhood squif, citadel executives expect to testify on capitol hill february 18th. an ipo is in the offing for robinhood. how do you think this impacts the ipo, the road show and that whole process. it's democrat tiesing trading but at the ire of certain participants >> yeah. i think at the end of the day they're not going to democrat tiesed if anything, i think it's going to be really not great for the ipo. this could be the rework of 2021 i don't know how you get by this sort of pr issue if you talk to other of the major broker dealers and hear how many people they are signing up that are coming from robinhood, i know there were stats about robinhood downloads that were still really good from
5:35 pm
the app stores, while this was all happening with the gamestop thing. i think when the dust settles, you're going to see the large incumbents are the big winners on this one. >> i have no experience but what always seemed a puzzle to me how did it get to a point where they got phone calls literally overnight saying it needed billions more in capital i think as it signs up a lot of new users, theis going to be a question going forwards. what sort of compliance measures do they have in place to deal with this heavy inflow potentially of retail trades sne. >> yes it makes you wonder whatever the arrangement they had before, if you were their clearinghouse -- do you need them to put up much more money in the future i don't know does that affect their business model? i don't know if that's a more broad thing than just robinhood. that was probably an all night thing for several nights in a row and it's sort of amazing
5:36 pm
my kids asked me a lot about it and they were so furious at robinhood, not that they have robinhood accounts, but -- to me, though, it had to be an existential. i don't know if they do file, are we going to see -- are they going to have to tell us everything that happened during this period? did we get the story i'd want to know that. i'd find that interesting in the risks. i don't know i'd love to hear more about this story because there's a lot there. >> yeah. we might hear it when they're on capitol hill >> coming up, putting a pen in it we'll tell you in honor of black history month we're celebrating some of our own contributors here's bonawyn with advice for the generation >> the generation of leaders, business leaders, politicians, etc., are on the other side of the camera they're not sitting here
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welcome back to "fast money. shares of length tres jumping. microsoft ream held talks to buy the company but those talks are no longer active it would have been microsoft's biggest deal ever with a price tag of $351 billion. $51 billion. i think you're the only one with a pin stress page. i will go to you is that what it's worth? >> no. because i think it has a market cap of $54 million after the move today if there's going to be a deal it's probably going to be north of $70 million respectfully. the only reason i know anything
5:41 pm
about pintrest, an early investor, and yes i was an early adapter to the page. i would put my pin stress page up there with anybody. you have 70% year over year revenue growth and you can ridiculous cps growth. at a certain point it's going to wan but it doesn't appear to now. if they want to do it now it's probably closer to 75. >> when i read the report i thought why does microsoft own pintrest i don't get that i don't know where you stand on that potential deal, tim, or pintrest >> well, a lot of people kwefd what microsoft was thinking on linkedin now it makes a lot of accepts when you consider their display of products. this has been a sneaky way to play the housing trade if you look at his pintrest page he's posting fabrics, things he wants to hang on his walls it's fantastic
5:42 pm
pintrest valuation is another one of those names that makes no sense except for the fact that the scarcity that exists in call this e-commerce, social media, essentially consumption play, this is a great story to play. don't own it don't expect to own it in the near term but congrats to rick and people who have been on for this ride. >> dan >> to your point, when you think of the digital ad market, they are going to do $2.45 million in sales. like facebook and google combined they have to have a plan like they did for linkedin or they're not going to do this deal. i think you should have some other incumbents looking at startups, clubhouse just got valued at a billion. twitter is being really aggressive on new services they're launching spaces i went on it last night. it's pretty cool i'd keep an eye out for what twitter has to say
5:43 pm
they have an analyst day on february 24th. >> coming up, bumble bouncing higher in its trading debut. when, even is bumble and should you buy it first we'll be joined by the ceo of am cuss out with some rare disease data. moving sharply after hours that and more when "fast money" returns. obsession has many names. this is ours. the new lexus is. all in on the sports sedan. lease the 2021 is 300 for $359 a month for thirty nine months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. it used to be that brainstorming required a whiteboard and squeaky markers, but when you have devices that let you collaborate in real time from anywhere, the future works better. microsoft surface devices with teams,
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welcome back to "fast money. breaking news out of the white house, biden announcing deals for another 200 milliondoses o covid-19 vaccines. 100 million from moderna, the other 100 million from pfizer. that deal brings the u.s. total to 600 million doses more than 17% of americans over the age of 18 have been administered covid vaccines. biotech company amicus falling following news for treatment of a rare genetic disease meg has the story. >> john crowley the ceo joins us now. i believe you were on the phone as we were having some trouble with your zoom >> thanks. >> thanks for being with us. tell us about these results in
5:47 pm
pompeii disease. the trial is a little confusing. it did not meet statistical significance on the main goal, although you did show improvements in patients' ability to walk over lumizine from sanafee you also showed improved breathing. do you think it will impact that drug's path forward? >> let me say, first, this is a great day for people living with pompeii disease. it will lift their spirits most all thighs patients have had one drug option for 15 years. with our family's journey here, the data is important. what the data showed is that patients on the amicus therapy compared to standard of care walked further, they breathed more easily and they improved on other multiple measures of the disease compared to already approved medicine. that's pretty remarkable in drug development, particularly in rare diseases,
5:48 pm
it's hard to beat placebo. we went head to head with a billion product. we showed multiple measures including walking and breathing. we're particularly excited about what we saw with patients who were switching from the standard of care. so on the breathing end point in particular, to be able stabilize patient switching, we think is pro nound foundly important. i can tell you the investors that we've shared this with are very, very excited about this product for patients we think it has the potential to become the next standard of care in pompeii disease >> don, you should tell the audience, if you don't know your story, you wear two hats as the ceo of this company but as as a dad with two kids with pompeii. you've got an amazing story that was made into books and movies about how you developed drugs for your kid was lumazine the one you were work on and now you're replacing
5:49 pm
that with a better drug now and would this be something your kids would take? >> i have two hats, the dad and bio scientists i realized that's just win hat yes, while the initial first generation drug that we had a hand in has helped people. what we wanted to do is see can we potentially provide better for patients that's how we founded our company amicus, again, the latin name for friend. the science of this drug was homegrown here at amicus again, putting it all together in the end points in this study, the patient switching importantly, 117 patients finished this review study and all 117, 100% elected to stay voluntarily in the extension study only on the amicus medicines. nobody went back to the approved medicine
5:50 pm
we intended to move quickly for regulatory approval in the united states and elsewhere. i hope my children and everybody suffering with pompeii can take this medicine. it continues to be the crown jewel in the amicus portfolio. >> we appreciate you being with us and we look forward to continuing to follow your story going forward. thanks again >> thank you for having me have a good night. >> all right >> back to you >> meg, thank you so much. what a great story what a fall for the stock, though, guy, down 20%. >> it's a big move to the down side, but to put things in perspective here, if you go back to october of last year, obviously, this was the 14 1/2 dollar stock probably people were hoping positive news. you're not getting that specifically but you know what? round turn and there's still some encouraging signs to that
5:51 pm
interview that meg just did. i think the 14.5 level, which is where it was trading last i looked is the best it's going to get for a while. my opinion only. >> find out if any of our ads are falling for bumble when "fast money" returns. good morning! this is where everything started. the four way is engulfed in history. you're sitting in the place where giants ate. the four way is the heart and soul of the community. ♪
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welcome back wall street falling for shares of bumble after the dating app surged double digits in its market debut tim, i believe you own match this going to siphon away users? >> i tell you, the -- to me, the growth at match is more impressive than i saw in the year over year numbers in their filing, so for a company with this multiple, again, you want growth i realize that the profitability was part of the reason the stock did so well today and part of the momentum into the ipo. clearly whitey wolf, seemingly a great new wave of entrepreneur out there, the site certainly would have made my life easier growing up and i think there's something there. i clearly think that the space is going to continue to trade at a premium. just did an acquisition that
5:55 pm
gets them deeper into asia and not necessarily a full-time dating app so i like the space a lot. >> you mentioned growth. where is it going to come from the ceo was talking about bumble bff, to find friends, bumble biz to find business associates and when i think of those two verticals i think of facebook that already exists, obviously, and i think of linked in, karen. do you think that these paths to growth are valid >> i do think they're valid. i think one other path to growth is more adoption of, you know, i think it's clear this is a great way to meet people i'm very intrigued by her story. i've followed it a long time she has an interesting podcast "how i built this. she was at tint tinder had a falling out and came here. like tim, i was disappointed in the growth
5:56 pm
i'd like to see the trajectory -- i thought that the pandemic would be difficult for match and for someone like bumble but it wasn't there was sort of silver linings there we'll see when things open up they have international expose your i like that part, like the bff i love her at a ceo, but i'm a little -- the valuation's a little rich for me, so being left at the moment but i'm keeping it on my phone for sure. >> all right nt,in tdeupex falra wanna build a gaming business that breaks the internet? that means working night and day... ...and delegating to an experienced live bookkeeper for peace of mind. your books are all set. so you can finally give john some attention. trusted experts.
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ask your healthcare provider about nuplazid. time for the final trade let's go around the horn tim seymour. >> have you seen copper prices lately i think preport ready for the next leg of the journey after a small consolidation. resource trade still has a lot to do. >> karen >> i do have a length tres page myself >> you do? >> i do. i'll accepted it to you. going old school, walmart for reopen trade or not. i really like it >> dan nathan. >> yeah. i'm kind of a guy here if you see disney touch 200 you
6:00 pm
might look to take some profits or sell against your long stock. >> you said bumble was bouncing ts it went over your head lamb research, lrcx. >> don't go anywhere, mad money with jim cramer starts now my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors, there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it "mad money" starts now >> hey, i'm cramer welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain you, but educate and teach so call me or tweet me there are two ways to approach this market. you can charge into the battleground stocks. the short squeezes th


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