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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  July 12, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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itself in my opinion. >> mike khouw. >> xle, if you want to make a bullish bet keep it simple december '65 calls work. >> dan. >> i do like call calendars. >> we'll see y bouack here next friday stay my mission is simple to headacmake you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" started now. >> hey, i'm cramer welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, i just want to make you money. my job not just to inform, educate and teach you and entertain. we too often invest for the day. i hear people talk about what is working and in the old days when
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canes ruled the mornings around here, i remember each time i co-hosted he would introduce me as reverend jim bob cramer from the church of what is happening now. it was fun back then seemed like everyone was running their own personal hedge fund. there was an understanding a stock could be here today and gone tomorrow and everyone was fine with it those days, those days are long over if you recommend a stock for trade if you say buy it today for the analyst meeting and sell it tomorrow, there were always be youtube video kicking around that shows you like the stock but never gave the sell call so we've gone well beyond that. tonight we're taking it to the next level where i introduce you to the concept of suitability. basically, what stocks fit you and what investments are right for you and your age and temperament. i heard of the concept of suitability when i was at
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training for goldman sachs that helped small constitutions and individuals. i built individual stocks for myself and others before i gold to goldman in '83 as an intern i was watching news. when i could, i would run to the harvard business school library and long gone firms. it's snice to look back to see what i would do next if i found a stock i would like i would ask for a microfish you read them if they would be six months old everything i did back then was online and instant and updated they were legent. i would spend all week trying to find one stock that i thought would work,
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one stock that would be good for one week for anyone that wanted to invest could take the idea and run with it and take my answering machine and give you a 20-second wrap on that stock answering machines, can you imagine? some companies used to make them -- with all those jobs wiped out by your cell phone, answering machines, same with answers services for that matter talk about jobs that aren't coming back no matter who is the president. i would say hi, this is jim, i'm not here right now but i like the chart and recent numbers from people express. along since bankrupt aeroline that jetted down to new york my best one a recommendation fo a smoke shaw red hot stock two decades later helped save tesla back when that car maker was struggling in 2007, 2008, the last ceo before elon musk anyway, it was like a rocket and ended up with a big bid from far
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down the road. it was the best cramer is not at home call machine i ever had and believe it or not, jim is not home became a rallying cry for lots of people calling me back then hoping i wasn't home to get the tip without having to deal with me. not long after i got a job at goldman sachs, one of the officers called me and got the machine with the recommendation and told me to call him as soon as possible. i did and he asked me if i knew what suitability was i had no idea. how does my suit fit i didn't have a suit he introduced me to the concept. he asked me did i ever consider many people that called me and got my answering machine might not be ready for the stock of the hottest semi conductor company and recommending it to them without any sense whether it was right for them? i said i always thought stocks were pretty much in situation. we all know unlike vacuum cleaners, you can't take stocks
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back they come with no guarantee. what's the deal? before you recommend a stock on a 1-1 level, you have to know what that person wanted. what they wanted out of the stock. you wanted to know if the stock was right for them and for their tolerance and risk the memories, yeah, the memory wasn't right for anyone other than bungee jumpers or k 2 climbers i don't know it was a long time ago ask yourself what is your risk tolerance? how much risk do you want out of a given stock? stocks are peculiar pieces of merchandise. you buy a car and know it's not worth as much as the lot the moment you take it off but there are all sorts of warranties you buy a house and know it could burn down the next day, however you get a binder with insurance and if it does burn down, you get your money back. clothes can be returned, devices, phones, p.c.s, washers, driers, you name it. stocks, stocks
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you buy a share of nike and the next day goldman sachs down grades it and there is a slowdown in jordans, you can't say chief, you never told me this could happen. i'm down $3 and 2,000 shares and out $6,000 i want that $6,000 back. cave caveat i would have been uncome want when i got started to recognize the buyers should recognize this no matter you get the point because you can't take stocks back and get the stock price, the same price you paid because there is no real insurance, although you could buy an expensive put underneath and cost lower the return dramatically and has to be renewed constantly suitability, the concept of suitability is incredibly important. that's why for the next hour, you're going to learn about a way to measure your own tolerance versus a variety of factors because these days with electronic brokers, there is a
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signed form saying you get it. you know what you're getting into and accept it tonight, the bottom line that stops here by the end of the show, you know what suits you and doesn't no matter what your age or style. we'll put it this way, caveat? no buyer be a little more aware of what you might beco committing your hard-earned dollars to when you pull a trigger and want to buy. ann marie in new york? >> caller: hey, jim, thanks for taking my call. >> of course. >> caller: can you talk a little bit about trimming our profits because i get eager and start trimming when i'm up 10 or 20%, which i know you say is a high quality problem but can you talk a little bit more about the trimming >> it is a high quality problem but what would happen if you keep doing that, you'd miss out on the greatest, greatest stocks in the history of man you would own. i suggestion you move that up a little don't start selling around 25, 30%, only sell about a quarter
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position when you're up about 60, 70%, this is a change from the old days i think then sell a little more but let it run and if it comes back, my buy some. i don't want you to lose a great opportunity unless the story changes and then it's -- >> sell, sell, sell. >> reporter: immediately ledo in texas, ledo. >> hey, how are you doing? >> good, how are you. >> caller: my question is as a recent early retiree and one anticipating a market correction in the near future. >> okay. >> caller: should i allocate the stock index fund now from a stable income fund or should i wait until after the market has corrected? >> no, if you're in retirement stage, own equities but i don't want you to have as much equity exposure you really should know more than 50%. that's actually a lot if you're retired. i want you to earn some because people retire tend to live 20, 30, 40 years longer than they
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thought. no, taking the cash out, don't necessarily put them in bonds where interest rates are higher but put money back if the market really craters otherwise, i think you'd be fine and you have to let it ride. marleau in illinois, marleau >> caller: jim, you talk about index funds. can you please tell us the difference between index funds and etfs and maybe give us a couple examples? >> there is not much there it's different what i want you to do, i default to what warren buffet says warren buffet says buy the van guard index fund the lowest cost fund van guard is easy to get to. i want to go with warren buffet, the greatest investor. why? what am i going to do? argue with him that's never been a great call no more expenses i'm helping you form the necessary investingstrategies you need tonight from young to old i'm going to meet you where you are and take you where you need to be on "mad money" tonight, we're
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kicking things off by beginning in the crib, forget binkies, here are the two stocks to buy to give a newborn a much-needed head start and teenagers have a lot to learn but there is an investing option to give them. from your 20s to golden years, my definitive guy where your money should sit at any age. stay with cramer >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question, tweet cramer #m #madtweets or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to
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hey! i'm bill slowsky jr.,
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i live on my own now! i've got xfinity, because i like to live life in the fast lane. unlike my parents. you rambling about xfinity again? you're so cute when you get excited... anyways... i've got their app right here, i can troubleshoot. i can schedule a time for them to call me back, it's great! you have our number programmed in? ya i don't even know your phone anymore...
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excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. welcome to a special show about you, about knowing what you can and can't do because it's not right for you welcome to a special show about suitability. the first kind of suitability we will discuss is age suitability. want to start with kids. particularly with infants. "mad money" has been on so long kids that were born are now in thirteens and if their parents listened to this show what it started, they would be on their way to great wealth. parents, grandparents, you can give a lot of things to families that just had babies
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open accounts or give them shares of stocks from the earliest moment you can start the process of saving that you have to do now here is my commercial for what everybody seems to have come around, the notion of index funds. we've come through a period where all stocks traded together and seen so many managers been let go or fired because they can't beat the market so take a couple hundred dollars and buy shares in an index fund. i'm partially standard and poor as 500 because those 500 stocks represent the bedrock out country's publicly traded companies. as a companion, i like any total return fund that has a broader array of stocks, a mix of both is a good start. people ask me these all the time, total return and s&p 500 your broker or broke cage site you use, might you have a fund that's a higher growth, junior growth fund that can be a nice augmentation because you are buying for an infant who has his or her whole life ahead of them. these funds can really compound over time.
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being if you let it run, the money can build upon itself. you might be saying why am i watching a show about stocks i all this guy is talking about is index funds. i could talk ability every night but wouldn't make for an interesting show the comparison we hear about index funds is to actively manage funds this show is geared to people interested in their money and want to be more involved to make it grow or curious and want to learn about stocks i believe that you can build a portfolio yourself and do better but i'm perfectly silent about the notion they can co-exist i just wish the index funds were such fundamentalest about how bad everything else is their lack of flexibility is stunning yet i had a career of picking stocks better than the market and saw so many investors who would never settle for average and didn't so i say let's give both a try what's a good stock for a kid
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just born? i think you should pick two, one with a dividend where you can reinvest the dividend and get the power of compounding going for you, each year dividend might be increased and you might be able to buy for with that dividend we hearddividend, i like that. which ones come to mind we've liked historically in the show 3 m and proctor and gamble and pepsico. we want something with more juice, okay, i think of fang when i see it. facebook, amazon, netflix and alphabet known as google why these? i think that facebook has the ultimate rapidly growing site you provide content and they provide the ads. amazon there is a $4 trillion market for retail goods and amazon only has a small fraction
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netflix recognizeswhat you wan when you want it game changer. why do i still like this alpha bit? isn't that played out? no, no, no it dominates just the moment you want to buy something so the ad vertizers love it. there is a balance sheet of beauty and people working to avenge something new to plant or compliment search and maybe the autonomous driving vehicles, these are just examples. they are about growth. i know that it seems rather commercial to do what i want done here, but i also think that given how poor income growth has been for so many people in this country, it is important to augment the saving side. there is no time like the prese present. one thought i like, you know i believe gold and silver are terrific insurance components to any portfolio. we'll discuss this later in this show but a highly unusual yet totally blessed by me idea is to buy gold or silver coins for people or pieces of gold or silver, the
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actual i bought slivers of silver for my kids from a dealer and forget about them pretty much they may or may not increase they are the polar opposite of growth or income stocks. they don't throw off money or do anything but in crazy times where inflation could come roaring back, there is nothing that holds up in value better thank mansions, masterpiece art and precious metal if you do this, put it in a safe space and that doesn't mean a hole in the mattress or a hole in the ground, a safety deposit box is my style. invest in the market, time the action you need to take today to set yourself or your kids up for financial success then they have been the source of some of my greatest investing ideas of all time you probably got the same resource but are you paying attention? i'll clue you in i don't look anything like i did in my 20s today. your money should change with age, too i'll explain how stay with cramer
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tell him we're flexible. don't worry. my dutch is ok. just ok? (in dutch) tell him we need this merger. (in dutch) it's happening..! just ok is not ok. especially when it comes to your network. at&t is america's best wireless network according to america's biggest test. now with 5g evolution. the first step to 5g. more for your thing. that's our thing. we're going over knowing thith self-, we discuss suitability and what is suitable for
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newborns, but what about suitable for the kids? do you do for them this is when you make your provprovmove this is when you decide when you're going to get involved in what stocks are. pieces of company they might like you can't explain to a kid what a stock is to save his or her life that's not how i grew up as much as we like sports and world series tickets for the '64 world series given they were six and a half games up with 12 to play we blew them all and didn't make it in my house stocks were supreme. my father had gotten a tip from his brother who knew a stockbroker and played tennis with to go buy the shares of a company called national video for all i know would have made -- could have made it if it started now as facebook live show but it was a total bust that cost us fortunes. the afternoon addition and when you give me the sports section, he would give me the business section. i would look up closing prices,
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the market closed early and try to anticipate based on moving averages how stocks were doing but gained momentum and a lot of time i only knew the stocks by abbreviations. but it was a fun game and i kept the ledger i kept the ledger to see scm, ibm, polrock well, host of other companies that disappeared but i've since, let's just say been acquiring and hanging out in trade and own a lot of airline stocks, eastern, brand of two. they were household names because of advertising i like the stock picking process so much i got the whole fifth grade class involved we would pick stocks and keep track of the closing prices for a week to see who would make the most money the problem is of course, i was
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working the exact opposite i was just picking stocks by how fast they were climbing and backing away if their climbed seemed extended or slowed velocity that's momentum investing. what i should have been doing is picking the stocks of companies i knew and asked to be able to buy the shares in them so let's go over what would have been right and what was wrong in the picture i just presented which would have become paired to the highlights magazines that you always found in the dentist office goofis would never take a tip from his brother who worked for the aformentioned base pop i would learn had no idea what national video was or did you can find out more in google now than you could find from jack the broker then national video made picture tubes and the old days when you had a problem with your television, it was usually because the tube inside had blown. the technology left national video behind and went bankrupt and closed doors about five years after pop bought it but it
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was going straight down since five days after pop first purchased the stock. he averaged down too many times to tell but i know there was many silent meal because of that day's decline in national video stock. there were a host of stocks to have chosen in 1960s, most weren't that good according to the averages but dividends to be had and in retro spect, what we needed was income. maybe the idea of picking stocks because they were going up was buying stocks and companies and more suited to dark throwing at least i bought the hot ones in retrospect. they made sense. many were defense contractors and we were building to the vietnam efforts. it was a lot of fun but in retrospect, i learned the most about stocks from two 3 m board games acquirer and a fabulous game called stocks and bonds my father sold games for 3 m back then and about mergers and
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acquisitions and stocks and bonds was a fantastic game about accumulating wealth for risky and conservative stocks. we have fantasy leagues of stocks but taught you more and cold hold up until this day. now let's go back in time and i think and think about what i could have done. first, when you were a boy or girl, you play with toys it would have been such a natural to have bought shares in mattel i'm not asking kids what it means but i'm simply saying it is a way to teach kids a company can be owned by the public and own a share in a company they know toys i bet they would pick hasborough rather than mattel can you imagine if my father bought 3 m a company that increased dividend for more than 23 years. that's a statement if we lijust looked at the spine
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speaking of, we had a box of chi cherrios, who didn't want to go to disneyworld it's that factor not how many people cut espn off. that's not what matters. the property, the library alone should make you want to own shares in the company but the theme park, let's not out think this i don't know about you but johnson & johnson's band aids or shampoo were staples and i knew to wipe my nose with clekleenex. these are imprinted. i know mcdonald's may not seem like something you want to invest in because of the quality of food because the eceo is committed. the whole food chain would be up ended. a burger would cost a fortune and they would have to crater earnings buy a named brand. something they can see, hear, touch and like
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put it away. stock won't always work out. think of what you liked when you were little or what your parents liked when they were little. look, if it trades, you more than likely have a winner. so the bottom line, if you want to get your kids to investing, buy a brand name, in the this year's version of national video. something they can see and hear and touch and even like. yet, just own it the stock won't always work, but think of what you liked when you were little and remember, that you may have a long term winner on your hands. let's go to judy in texas, judy? >> caller: hi, jim, how are you? >> good, how about you, judy >> caller: great, thank you. hey, my son william has been very interested in buying stocks and he is calling with me now. and my dad gave him some money to purchase some stocks soft we're looking at his very stock
6:30 pm
purchase and how do we look at what to buy. where should he start? >> look at things -- common household things he sees and you see and figure out how much money you want to put in it and put a quarter of it in a quarter of it because if the market goes down immediately, he'll say this is a sucker's game, i don't want to be in it put a quarter in and wait for another three months and another quarter and hopefully get a sell off and you'll be ready to buy if not, put the rest of the money to work by the end of the year but make it in household name brands that everybody knows and can sink their teeth in. let's go to carol in florida. >> caller: how are you doing >> good. how about you? >> caller: good, good. i read and enjoyed "confessions of a street addict" and i want to give kudos to mrs. cramer. >> she knew how to trade better than anyone else in the world. >> caller: good for her and you. i want to know your opinion buying gold and silver.
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>> cash is the best edge okay against the market and monetary system you're right. i like physical gold and buying gold coins if you can't afford those, thy g will do. if you do buy gold, please do not keep it in your house, put it in a safety deposit box but you're dead right about the idea stocks don't need to be abstract ser t certificates or letters or numbers. they are real, you can touch, play with them that's the best place to start more "mad money" ahead including one of the wisest groups of people around, teenagers i'll explain next. and what i think is dead wrong and could reek havoc on your money and i'm taking your questions tweet by tweet so send them my way @mad tweets and send them my way.
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we know teenagers aren't cordial. the last thing they want to hear about is stocks. they have bigger fish to fry which i say so what? i'm not going to tell them what to buy i'm going to let them tell me. people who watch this show have been huge beneficiaries of my two daughters. why do you think you heard me say i like dominos sure i met with patrick doyle and it tasted like cardboard before rereformulated the pizza. i liked the lane ofadvertising and thought i told you it was a good speck but my kids like it they were local.
6:36 pm
most pizza is leocal i'm not so picky sure i recommended it but that didn't make this stock a crowned jewel. it was the technology behind dpz. my kids, most likely like your kids hate talking on the phone they think it is a for losers. awe apps, they love them when my kids discover the dominos app, they were sold. no talking to people that might get the order wrong and no worries where their pizza was in the process. that's the two things the two local joints couldn't do and no cheese option for the veg ter yi -- vegitairans. all this technology was lost on me the phone, i was always patient and never cared about the interchange with the delivery person i liked it i was not the target audience and i called dominos a tech company. many of you know how i found the
6:37 pm
story of apple when my young's daughter asked for a second ipod, not because she lost it like i accused her but she wanted another color they were fashion accessories. personal computers, come on. my various employers never embraced apples but my kids are kids and would rather be caught dead when the new computers come out, they check the resolution. then they want them. they want them despite the cost. which as they get older, they actually start knowing about the iphone is more controversial. they don't like change they didn't like the plug change they didn't want to hear about the ear buds but what they really don't want is the samsung. they are part of the apple echo system, much ignored apple ecosystem so they have to pay to have millions of pictures stored when my kids come and beg for a samsung, you might hear me say different things about apple your kids won't know much about
6:38 pm
income or the power of compounding but what they will know, what they will know is how to feel guilty they feel about the amount of phone chargers they rack up do you think i've been recommending verizon for nothing? it's the cash cow that will continue and continue to work as there is very little growth. how about this google it dad. that's how i found out about google and when i got word from kids they weren't allowed to google something they were involved in at school because it was cheating, that was enough for me when i was doing my senior thesis to do name dropping, we had access to the librarians their job to look up anything that you wanted looked up. they had to go to the stacks for you as they were called and find out things you wouldn't know where to begin with. i wonder whatever happened to those jobs my kids aren't into sports they get the news from their iphones and entertainment from
6:39 pm
netflix. is it the home made content like "house of cards" is it the simple interface the desire for them to watch what they want to watch? all of them. i signed up so we could watch them together. no fang isn't all their creation i figured out amazon but facebook like i said, i went to harvard. when you're a freshman you got a book, called the facebook and had everyone's picture in it it's like facebook. my youngest got sick of facebook early on probably because i got on it but she went to instagram, which facebook made so you didn't know it was part of something that older people discovered i didn't think the ads worked until we had red hot chilly pepper merchandise after a click on something that wasn't an ad but a link does everyone else dream their ad is just a link? it seems only mark zuckerberg has the forethought to care about the user experience.
6:40 pm
how about chipotle the kids love the fresh organic salad. still do they are vegetarians my youngest returned early on after the food sickening incident she did takeout because she didn't want to be seen inside. nothing is perfect but they are picks they will do what if the picks themselves aren't any good? your kid likes a device that fits in your head and takes pictures or fits on a wrist and measures steps that's the cost of learning. it happens go pro and fitbit they have their whole life to make that money back you see that beautiful thing about teen investing you can lose it and no one may notice at the end. you pull the same thing late near real life like me it has consequences but the bottom line is for now you can learn from your teenage children. trust me, invest with them and you won't regret it. "mad money" is back after the
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break. so are you feeling? on a scale of one to five? one to five? it's more like five million. there's everything from happy to extremely happy. there's also angry. i'm really angry clive! actually, really angry. thank you. but what if your business could understand what your customers are feeling...
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and then do something about it. turn problems into opportunities. thanks drone. customers into fanatics change the whole experience. alright who wants to go again? i do! i do! i have a really good feeling about this. dto experiencer gthrilling performance. now, at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 0.9% apr for 60 months on all 2019 models. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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so how about the rest of our lives? are we thinking about suitability then from here on in, things get less and less suitable. not initially. when you're in college, i don't expect you to put money away at all. college costs too much i would try to get people to buy a share or two of stock. it taps the living daylights out of you it's a total hardship to
6:45 pm
contemplate savings. once you're out in the real world it's imperative to save through a 401 k or roth. pick from stocks companies give you and you have to pay a fee. this is where you have to begin the mix of index funds and individual stocks. there is too much risk in individual stocks to put together a portfolio of them of your choosing. so at a minimum, put your first $10,000 beyond what you have from your first 0 ye20 years inn index funds the s&p 500 as my favorite some will argue. i see them arguing on twitter. i don't care i know the truth hurting your nest egg in your 20s is too risky for this guy. with an index fund, no one stock or sector can do that. with the rest of your money, i like stocks and want you to be diversified and play when we can
6:46 pm
where i try to explain what it is in a breezy way and created a club, the action club to show you how to invest, the ones that involve my travel trust. i say involve because the trust is only allowed to invest alongside club members when i mention the stock, restrictions are great to protect you but if you went in depth work we talk about on this show and almost daily updates about them with a once a week update of all of them, the thing i created is the way to go i talk about buying homework and tell you you need to buy a stock but have to keep up with it. remember back to earlier in the show when i said how hard it was to do the homework, those trips to the harvard business school library to study research? now it's so easy that i haven't had to scrap one of my earliest tenants. you don't need to spend a couple weeks an hour studying stocks.
6:47 pm
you can google articles. so many you'll get sick of the process. you get articles and research pushed to you with charts i would have only dreamt of. or you can read what we write at if you own one of those, whatever makes you most comfortable to take charge of your money. that's what i want confident. not overconfidence be good managing your money. i don't have a preference. this stage it's important to know myself in terms of risk and until you get to this age, take all the risk you can whether you like it or not in other words, i'd like to think i have more untknowledge f what you can tolerate until i do when you get to your 20s, all i can ask you to do is think whablt you'what you'll do. can you take a decline and buy more or sicken you and wish you had more exposure or accept stocks went down, not a silly question how they have gone up
6:48 pm
over time. these are crucial questions only you can answer i would like you to take more risk and more individual stocks that have growth characteristics once you put away that $10,000 that's my preference i would hate you to commit more than 20% of your mad money to individual stocks. that would not be my preference. as you get older, capture more income by owning more stocks that own dividends and boast higher than the s and p 500 but don't be too quick to do so. don't do that until your 30s only in your 40s do i want to introduce bonds to your po portfolio. by this time you put enough away, bonds, lower-earning will protect your capital in the old days it would be said don't invest in those until your 30s or 40s life expectancy. many people are outrunning their fortunes and the lack of good fixed income that don't entail a ton of risk. that's why i favor higher
6:49 pm
yielding stocks to most bonds but i recognize as you age, most bonds have the profession. you can and do get your money back as you enter your 60s, it's easy to see how you can put 50% of your money in bonds and take bonds up 10% more each decade as i mentioned to a caller but brings us back to the notion of suitability. if you can't handle the risk, if you think the stock market is not as legitimate inasset clas as it once was because it's prone to deep valleys or what looked like over blown threats, or flash crashes for that matter, then i think you have to decide yourself if cashing out or taking stocks to minimal levels is right for you. the bottom line, it's your life, not mine so get comfortable with what you can live with but risk at least until your middle years should remain a friend. stay with cramer
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your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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here on "mad money" we love to see families investing locking in on the best of breed stock at an early age can set
6:53 pm
you up for life. so your wealth can grow with your age so we're kicking off this edition of mad tweets with cramerican families. first, we hear from riccoz who says get them started young. i like that. that kid obviously has sense here you go. i mean, i don't know -- well, there is charts in there maybe kid likes the charts, too. all right. holds up under much pressure next we have a tweet from david who said at @jimcramer, awesome time at a phillies game this time last year we sat next to you and your dad. pop and i used to love to go to games. remains my favorite player all right. now. sometimes we come across some families that are truly to the show and kids that have real
6:54 pm
horse sense. you theink you know your ceos nobody will stomp the poodle's kid. >> electronics. >> live. >> facebook? >> mark zuckerberg. >> twitter >> jack doris. >> your favorite for the opening bell >> jim cramer and david. >> well, that's it i mean, that should be a show on its own. next up, patrick tucker ask s at jim cramer serious question, are accounting issues pretty much always because of some level of shadiness or can honest mistakes be made? this is -- i can spend -- i may have to do a whole segment on this some day because the answer is honest mistakes can be made and a lot of times my rule will keep you out of a situation where there is an honest mistake and the stock takes off but there are other cases where it's not honest and you lose everything so i am going for the
6:55 pm
maximum risk situation as opposed to the minimum one and i can't really tell from the outside which is which, which is why i'm so cautious. now, a tweet from samuels who wrote my brother is 26 with no 401 k offered at his job should he open a roth? i prefer the roth. joe tweeted @jimcramer, you repeatedly said you prever individu -- prefer individual stocks i want an index, s&p 500 fund and want you to put your first $10,000 there and continue to use that as your retirement vehicle but i also think that you should be able to try to pick some of the best stocks that would normally be in an etf because i trust you. you watch the show you're doing the work. let's make some money together in individual stocks, too. not denigrating mutual funds and index funds saying let's own
6:56 pm
stocks as a mad money situation. up next there is a tweet from cs bowls who wrote just bought get rich carefully we had a kid earlier looking at it and look forward to a fun read enjoy your show, too the reason i like "get rich carefully" it's an in-depth look how to put stocks against each other and the mistakes that i have made so many at times and i detail them all embarrassly so you can learn from them and here is a tweet from eric wolf, you talk about heavy short selling interest what percent is heavy? 10%. if i see 10% shorted, i sense that something could be wrong. got to do your work. got to figure out if the shorts are wrong. they are often are but that's what the percentage is i look for. coach tweeted what do you recommend to keep squirrels out of the garden? we do not -- we have -- i got triple fence i have boxes i have underneath i've got more fence and i've got chicken wire.
6:57 pm
man, we got the whole shooting match and they don't get in. but, you know what my other box they get in and i have to throw the stuff away do what you can. i spend way too much time thinking about penfencing. it is a preoccupation of mine. it would be great to shed light on the age targeted 401 k portfolios, are they well thought? look, i think the index funds are better and you can lower at times, you can lower how much index fund exposure and raise cash and that's a better way to look at it i think that's a much smarter way than trying to assess what may be in an age related fund. may be in an age related fund. stick with cramer. you should be mad at forced camaraderie. and you should be mad at tech that makes things worse. but you're not mad,
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because you have e*trade, who's tech makes life easier by automatically adding technical patterns on charts and helping you understand what they mean. don't get mad. get e*trade's simplified technical analysis.
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i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it just for you right here on "mad money. i'm jim cramer, see you next time
7:00 pm
>> in this episode of "secret lives of the super rich," a revealing look at a mega-home built for the ultimate gadget freak. >> you're talking millions of dollars just in wiring. you could be anywhere in the world and you could say, "oh, i want to open up the doors to my gym." look how cool that is. >> the $80,000 super dog is your best friend or your worst enemy. [ dog growling ] think of this as a giant safety deposit box. >> they don't necessarily ever drive the car sometimes. it's really an investment for them. >> cars as commodity. and an underwater treasure. the fish farm raking in tens of millions of dollars producing a delicacy for the super rich.


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