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tv   On the Money  CNBC  December 15, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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makai. into hi, everyone. welcome to "on the money." i'm becky quick. no paper, no passport. you may know her from her hallmark movies. now danica mckeller was to help parents and kids when it comes to homework. pop in the cork, enjoy the new year why it could matter for your money. and the motorcycle that runs on ka tequila. on the "money" starts right now.
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imagine getting on a flight without ever taking out your id or waving a boarding pass. as our phil lebeau found, using your face as your ticket can speed things up at the gate. >> smile your face is now your ticket on some of delta's international flights out of atlanta that means from baggage check-in through security and on to a delta flight, many passengers will never take out an id or look for a boarding pass >> this will be an entirely biometric concourse where customers, through facial recognition, will not need paper any more >> how does it work? if you are flying internationally, you need a pass poured but instead of showing your passport when you check bagser or go through security as flyers have done for years, delta's
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biometric system will know you're scheduled for a specific flight pa passengers will no longer have to take time looking for and showing paperwork to agents. >> if you can save a little bit of time up front and get through that cue faster, hopefully this is making the airport screening process that much more efficient. other airlines are testing facial recognition system and the private firm clear uses them to identify passengers at airport. so it may not be long before showing your boarding past will be a thing of the past >> i like being quicker.
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there's always the invasion of privacy thing that you think about. >> we love it. sinus up we'll be first in line >> and biometric screening for domestic flights may take longer sips travelers are not required to show a passport but make no mistake, they will get to work on that and biometric screening is rapidly coming into how we will board flights in the future. >> i guess i can understand the desire for convenience for this. how much faster do you think boarding will get down the road? >> it will improve because of this system, no doubt about that the question then becomes you have the issue of people bringing their bags on board and taking time looking for the overhead compartment they haven't found a solution for that >> we can always home. so will biometrics be coming to your airport soon mike boyd is president of aviation international
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thanks for being here today. it's good to see you >> good to see you >> is biometric identification a good thing for passengers? >> yeah, he think it is. this isn't like a system where big brother watches you. this is something if you have passport, that's mall and they're using that to the highest degree to get people moving through airports. >> i think back to this marriott breach where information wasn't protected well i on worry about the same thing happening with a system like this is that fair >> i think it's very fair. but since the core of this is your passport, if that's not safe, let's not bother with anything so overall, this isn't big brother, it's just processing faster >> maybe i'm too skeptical, but i think about all these breaches and think about the incredibly sensitive information that's not been protected it seems like this is one more
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checkpoint, one more electronic verification and i get you want to save people time, but what are we talking about, a few seconds here or there? >> for an airline, if they can save 10 minutes boarding, that's a big deal to them >> do you think this could become mandatory, one that it's the only way you can board >> that's entirely possible. as i understand it, the technology is no longer buck rogers stuff it's here. hertz is going to be doing it. i have a problem with that if it isn't voluntary for the same reasons you just mentioned we're mott sure of all the security of the information. >> let's talk about the year-end travel holiday season. we are headed into the thick of things right now from somebody who will be flying this holiday season am i going to be paying more and
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am i going to be more jammed >> they'll tell you you're not paying more, but you are fees are so much of the down payment to get to omaha. over all, there will be about 4.5% more seats out there. there will be 5.2% more people thae that's probably accurate but it's not going to be jam packed airplanes more than they are in july. in the holiday season, you have more kids, more am dateur flyers >> mike, it's great to see you thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you >> mike boyd up next, we're on the money from winny in the wonder years in hallmark movies to mckeller math she's an actor, a mathematician and throw in author for good measure, too our conversation with danica mckeller and later, is money stressing you out? how to get a fresh start on your
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finances in the new year by making a few small changes right now, let's take a look at how the stock market ended the week
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you may know her as winnie cooper from the wonder years, but actress win mckeller is also an author and a mathematician. >> thank you so much for having me >> i knew you grew up acting you knew you loved math and knew you had written some books what i didn't realize is you graduated from ucla suma cum
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laude. what is the excellence atmath? >> the paper is not as relevant as the books that i am writing now. i took my love of mathematics. i just love the beauty of math and i took my love of entertainment and i intiecombind them into entertaining math books. i teach math with comics and cartoons because i believe math can be fun >> this book in particular helps kids and parents understand common core. can you help us briefly explain common core. >> there are so many parents saying i don't know how to help my first and second graders with their math homework. they all figure come middle school they might need some extra help but they figured they would have their 6-year-old's math under control. with common core, things are
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more visual. they break down the numbers a lot more so i realized there was a need for a book and i wrote do not open this math book with parents and children in mind in fact, if he end of the book, i have new math translation guide for parents because a lot of the terms are different there's no carrying and borrowing. it's grouping and ungrouping and reborrowing. there should be be such confusion. when it comes down, it is the same they are just praeking it down so i thought let me break down what they're doing so it's not confusing parents or kids any more >> you said you always loved math when you were growing up yet you were surprised you were so good at it and didn't really realize this was something you would be going into. what happened? why do you think that was? >> yeah. i was always good at math. it was always a challenge for me but but i did very well in it. i took the ap calculus math exam
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in high school and scored a five, which is the highest you can get. then i went to college and i thought i wouldn't do well if i'm honest with myself, i didn't look the part and that was a big part of the reason as to why i started writing these books years ago. showing them math is for us, too. you don't have to be, you know, limited by stereotypes in your head about who is going to be good at math math is for you. math is a good brain sharpener even if you don't love math, doing it exercises the problem solving part of your brain and will make you better able to pursue your dreams, whatever they are i had friends in college who literally changed their major because they were afraid of taking calculus. i had a friend who wanted to be a doctor and she stopped because they didn't think you could do it i wanted to say yes, you can do
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it, girls. you don't have to choose between math and being smart >> you have you seen a change and encouragement for girls and young women when it comes to going into those s.t.e.m. education and careers? >> anecdotally, absolutely i have people finding me in book signings and they love my hallmark movies and the next breath they are saying you helped my daughter with math and now she's successful i had a girl come up to me at a film festival years ago and said you changed my life. that kind of stuff makes my day and i feel so grateful to be a part of their lives. >> you haven't stopped acting. you would be in hallmark's movie i christmas at grand." >> hallmark owns christmas they have 37 christmas movies this season alone.
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it's incredible. i feel like hallmark is the antidote to their crazy world we're living in these days, all the stuff we hear on the news all the time and we need a break. we need to reconnect with core values and remember connection with family and the importance of of that and the holidays is a great time for that and hallmark is the great place for that. for me in terms of reconnecting on my movie, christmas at grand valley, i have a great costar and i get to act with dan lauria again who played the dad on "the wonder years." >> i love that show. you were amazing in it and so is he >> thank you so much when i saw my dad in the character would be a big character, i said guys, can we go dan lauria? because we were great friends and i couldn't be more thrilled. >> danica, it's great to see you. we appreciate it >> thank you
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you, too up next, folks, we are on the money. want to save more and spend less in the new year? it may sound easy, but it's not. the common mistakes people make and how you can avoid them later, from classic cars to the maker of motorcycles amazon prime video is now on xfinity x1.
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so when you say words like... show me best of prime video into this... you'll see awesome stuff like this. discover prime originals like the emmy-winning the marvelous mrs. maisel... tom clancy's jack ryan... and the man in the high castle. all in the same place as your live tv. its all included with your amazon prime membership. that's how xfinity makes tv... simple. easy. awesome. new year's is a time for resolutions. while you're thinking about eating better or exercising more, don't forget about your financial health, too. joining us with some ideas is
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senior finance correspondent sharon herson. we all do in this time of year where we start to come up with things to make ourselves better, to improve ourselves for the new year >> fidelity just came on out with a survey looking at what people say they want to do in 2019 and the financial resolutions that they put forth are similar to what they've been in past years. they want to save more they want to pay down debt and they want the to spend less. >> we did our own very informal survey, too. we asked a lot of people in "new york times" square to share their financial resolutions. listen in. >> to save more money and to prepare for the rest of my life. >> to make more money, definitely, and to save more and not spend it on a bunch of little things. >> make sure to put stuff away for the future and not digging into my savings. >> to be more tlifty with money, probably, especially since this
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trip cost a lot. >> saving more money is a common theme. what can people do to get that money put aside? >> one of the smartest things people can do in 2019 is play the interest rate game to benefit you. shop around for savings accounts with the highest interest rates. you can really do that people say, 2%, that's not a lot of money for my savings to get a return on that, but it's more than you would generally get in a regular savings account, which is a fraction of a percent the other thing to think about is the way that you pay yourself back so when you get a paycheck or you get a check for the services that you have rendered, make sure you put it in several different accounts most people automatically put that check into checking put some into savings. put some into a couple of different savings accounts for different goals. the needs, that's a checking account. the wants, that's a saving account and the third place to save is for retirement, your
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i.r.a. or 401(k) >> if you don't see it, you're not as likely to spend it. >> exactly >> i know how the healthier eating resolutions tend to go. how about with this? >> this fidelity survey shows more than half of the people surveyed said we made a big mistake in 2018. one of those mistakes it was going out to eat think about going out to eat less and think about drinking less out maybe have that glass of wine, invite people over to share a bottle before you go to the restaurant because you pay so much per glass the other thing to think about is when you're looking at your credit card bill, those recurring subscriptions that you have, whether it's to a streaming media service, whether it's to a gym, when it's to an app that you thought you wanted and now you never use, get rid
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of those those can cost you a lot >> get rid of the gym, give up on that resolution >> the other thing is the splurges plan now for things like that summer vacation. you don't want to pay for your summer vacation come wintertime. start budgeting now for that and perhaps booking some things you might get great rates on >> pay it forward. >> exactly >> sharon he epperson, thank you so much. up next, a very special bike that uses a custom fuel. >> i've never filled it with pe the trone totally up it would be a very expensive fill pethe trone totally up it would be a very expensive fill he trone totally up. it would be a very expensive fill pe trone totally up it would be a very expensive fill trone totally up it would be a very expensive fill petrone totally up it would be a very expensive fill
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here are the stories coming up that may impact your money this week. on tuesday, we'll get housing starts for november. on wednesday, existing home sales for last month will be released we'll be getting a statement from the federal reserve's open market committee after a two-day meeting. it is widely expected to raise interest rates then on friday, we'll get the durable goods numbers for november we'll see how fast the economy is growing with the third quarter gd p number being reare leased, as well. folks, dig into your closet because it's also national ugly christmas sweater day. he's the co-founder of hair
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care company paul mitchell and the liquor brand >> welcome to my garage. >> if you really want to get to know billionaire john paul dejoria, a look inside his relatively modest four-car garage reveals a lot about the founder of the patron spirits empire and his gorgeous partner. >> all the super cars here really belong to my wife, eloise this was made for her. it's a very customized lamborghini. it took them, i think, about a year to make this car. i'm more of a funky guy, old school i think my newest car is 12 years old. this here is a 1934 ford it's a two door sedan. what's really cool in these days when they used to build cars like this is you actually had room in the back seat. >> jean paul's garage reveals
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he's a motor system lover. >> this is one of the newer indian motorcycles, one of the best motorcycles ever made it's a real cruiser, very comfortable for long rides over here is another fun motorcycle this is a bmw with a side car. if we come down this had way -- oh, there's alexis alexis is my daughter who is one of the greatest race car drivers ever >> during on our shoot, j.p.'s little girl, who also lives in austin, stops in for a visit >> it's like i'm always here watching over his bikes and his cars >> and right now, alexis is watching over her dad as he fuels up one of his favorite two wheelers and you're about to see where it's called the patron bike. >> we customize the whole thing on out and retuned and readjust the cash ragz so this will run
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off of patr are on on tequila or gasoline i've never filled it up with atron. it would be a very expensive fill, several hundred dollars. ready, lex let's go you when you use your brakes, it lights up powered by patron. >> and what better place to park a motorcycle that runs on tequila than in the garage of a billionaire garage that runs on patron >> and that garage is located in austin, texas. also in his garage is a small house that he built for his dogs and because it's him, it comes with heat and air-conditioning in my next life, i'd like to be one with of his dogs >> in austin, you would need the air-conditioning >> dujoria has a huge passion for his car, his motorcycles and his pa the tron.
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but his wife and the lamborghini that you mentioned, that had something really special what was it? >> she's the real car fanatic. the inside was designed after a shah nell purse. >> what? >> so you're basically crawling inside a chanel purse. beautiful, the leather so the only thing better than a chanel bag is one that goes 200 miles per hour >> so it has a place for your lipstick and your cell phone >> exactly >> folks, that is the show for today. i'm becky quick. thank you so much for joining us next week, holiday wines that pair well with your wallet. each week, keep it here. we're "on the money. have a great one and we will see you next weekend
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hey there, live from the nasdaq market site new york city times square the guys getting ready for the show in the meantime here is what's coming up next. >> houston, we have a problem. >> stocks have spiralled in correction with the fed decision, a looming government shutdown and options expiration next week, we show you how to protect yourself from more pain. plus -- retail stocks are reeling. with just 11 days left until christmas. and mike khouw and carter wirth say the next retail shoe is about to drop. they'll lay it out


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