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tv   Political Capital With Al Hunt  Bloomberg  March 8, 2014 12:00am-12:31am EST

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>> this week on "political capital," jeffrey goldberg on his interview with barack obama and the latest on ukraine. julianna goldman talks obama's budget. and paul ryan's plan. >> we start the program with governor rick perry of texas. thank you for joining us. you have a commode to us reception when you spoke your this morning. you have said that you're going to hold off on whether you will run again for president until
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the end of 2014. the conventional wisdom has been another texan, ted cruz, has stolen your thunder. >> i hope ted and i are working towards the same goal, which is to make washington less consequential in people's lives evolve the power back to the state. i believe with all my heart that the state is the laboratory of innovation. >> you think being a governor puts you in a better position for senator cruz? >> i think that is a question better for other people to answer. being the governor of texas, you have to do with issues. you don't have the opportunity to push them off or have a cr or what have you.
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we have a balance budget but a minute. i think that is a good thing. i was the u.s. had that restriction. >> he has not had that opportunity? >> he has chosen to go his row. he is serving a great role in the senate. >> let me ask about the primary in texas. it appears that the tea party, the more right-wing challengers, did not do very well. >> i am not sure that i have analyzed that election well enough. i know the people of texas have a lot of really good choices in the republican primary. there are lots of good conservative individuals that did not make it to the top of the heap. the fact is there are some great candidates that will be serving in texas. >> this is not a turn away from the right? >> greg abbott is going to be a fabulous governor. i think texas is as steady as you go. >> chris christie also got a pretty good reception at cpac. do you think he is applicable to most movements? >> i think he is doing a great job of governing his stay.
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that is the beauty of these 50 laboratories of innovation. chris gives a great speech, fires people up, leading the rga. i am not sure that it matters that present. he came to texas and raised money for rga and flew well. trying to pick any of us against each other at this point in time is -- >> i would not do that. >> it is not healthy for the republican governors association. >> it has been said that edward snowden is more of a whistleblower than a criminal. do you agree? >> i think we have rules, regulations, and laws in this country that mr. snowden broke. if washington dc or the nsa are breaking some of those laws,
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then we need to go after them. from my perspective, and i don't know all the details, but we have rules and regulations and we cannot have people passing out information that could do damage to our military, could damage our intelligence gathering. there are people in this world that want to do really bad harm to the united states and making all that information available the way snowden apparently did is against the law. i would suggest to you that he is more a criminal that he is a whistleblower. >> do you worry that ron paul's libertarianism maybe too much for the republican party? >> i hope that libertarians as they pick and choose between the parties decide, as reagan did, i would rather have people around me that i support 80% of the time rather than 20% of the time. libertarians are going to be substantially more comfortable with republican theory and concepts than they are the democrats. >> one issue is immigration. with the energy boom in mexico, it may be that the immigration
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issue subsides. you were attacked harshly by governor romney last time you ran for president. has that changed your view? >> it has not. i think governor romney made some statements that were harmful to him, to the republican party, to americans who have come here, gone through the process, they have become american cititizens, but they still relate to the individuals who have come here who may not be legally -- >> and he paid a price for that. do you think republicans are getting back more? >> i think republicans are wisely going to address the issue of immigration. the first thing that has to happen is you have to secure the border. this administration has sent signal after signal that they are not interested in securing the border. up until that border -- listen, i am a border governor.
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i understand that. the president of the united states is not interested in securing the border. if he were, the troops would be on the border. the technology would be in place. the focus would be there. it is not there. >> after that, would you consider a pathway to citizenship? >> there is one now. >> you wouldn't change that? >> not at all and i don't think you have to. reality will be this -- i will suggest you substantial numbers of people that have come here because they were alert you're in search of a job. our government has basically said that this is not just
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democrat and republicans, but for 30 years they have said come over here, wink and nod, don't worry about it. we don't need you. and then, no, we're going to round them up in sonoma. >> the house killed an immigration bill that the senate passed with bipartisan support. you don't think of the house republicans do that that it will hurt the party? >> i don't think the american people are really paying attention to anything other than you need to secure that border first. that is the most important thing to them. passing an immigration bill with a border that can basically be a revolving door -- people understand that. secure the border first and then we can have a conversation about whether or not -- again, i go back to come out, and i think i have a fairly good handle on this. when the mexican energy industry starts booming, mexicans that are here illegally will go back home to better jobs, to their
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hometowns, and at that point in time i think washington needs to be having a real discussion about how do we address our immigration issue to get the workers that we're going to need in this country to address the job shortage that is going to be in a lot of these industries of agriculture and hospitality and construction? >> ted nugent recently called president obama a mongrel. >> i said that he should apologize, which he did. >> you think it was racist? >> not at all. as a matter of fact, i don't think it was as racist as what president clinton said to ted kennedy trying to get him to help his wife in the 2008 election when he said, ted, a few years back, this guy was carrying her bags. >> governor perry, thank you so much. we come back, we'll talk to jeffrey goldberg about his interview. ♪
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>> unease continues in ukraine as president obama threatens more sanctions on russia. for that, we bring in jeffrey goldberg. but start with your exclusive interview with barack obama. this is the fifth or sixth in a continuum. what changes have you seen in him, either in substance or style? >> in foreign policy, the world, basically, i think that he has become much more confident and fluid in the way he talks about his issues. i think he feels he has mastered the subject. when he was in the senate in 2007, it was more talking point-ish at that stage. he feels he has a real mastery and he feels as if he has a long view that he is hovering above.
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>> that leads me to what he was trying to achieve. you are the most distinguished columnist on this subject. obama was clearly trying to send a message to benjamin netanyahu. did he succeed? >> there is a fantastic passive-aggressive thing going on. kerry has been trying for months -- his strategy is very sound. he looks at netanyahu. obama was clearly trying to send a message to benjamin netanyahu. did he succeed? >> there is a fantastic passive-aggressive thing going on. kerry has been trying for months -- his strategy is very sound. he looks at netanyahu. he thinks, this is the only guy that can make peace, who can bring 70% of the israeli public with him.
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i have to figure out what is bothering him and work his issues down one by one. this has created an impression among the palestinians that kerry is functioning at netanyahu's enabler. i think over,, whether it was cooked up or not, did something in this interview. he kind of said, i'm still putting the heat on netanyahu also. it's also, let's put him under a little pressure. as i wait of signaling to the palestinian leader, who will be in washington next week, that i've got your back, too, in a way. the question is -- >> and when netanyahu spoke before aipac -- >> he was praising obama. and that kerry, what a guy! he went on for a minute or two.
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obama, when i talk to them a week ago, talked about the benefits of peace and the benefit of a two state for israel. you will open up a gateway to the wider muslim world. it will the great for your economy and politics if you take the steps. netanyahu talked about that issue. it was almost as if he was echoing what the president was saying. it was like he was selling the idea. >> you mentioned kerry a minute ago. what is the obama-kerry relationship? >> only they know that for sure. there's something funny. one of the lines about the
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class. is that obama is disengaged from the middle east press. i asked him how much they talk to kerry. they consoled almost every week but they get a status report at lunch or something. he said this line, and if you followed obama it you know he is a wry guy and he says we consult often and he occasionally takes direction. and i took it as a little bit of a -- little bit of a, "there." a little deadpan. >> one of the things that seems to plague obama is the charges that he is weak. syria is the prime example. does that bug him? >> yes, because he will come back to the i took out bin laden and upped the troops in afghanistan and invaded libya, so he does not like that line. i asked him the sort of question, the obvious question, syria.
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if you could roll the clock back three years, would you -- if you could do it over again, would you provide more support to the rebels and he gave an example -- a very elaborate answer of why not. he said, i know things that people do not about the quality and status of the rebellion at the time and i'm not going to get america sucked into another war. >> he is faced with the dilemma of ukraine. it really shows the limits of american power. >> it is not even in the same basket of issues when you are talking about syria and iran on one hand and rush on the other. if russia wants to do something in its backyard, it will. it will do the same level of impunity that we do things in our backyard. i'm not equating the united states and russia in any way because this was egregious. that said, this is russia.
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it is a nuclear power. we are not going to have a no fly zone over crimea. the most interesting question is, is this criticism obama, if we would've spent stronger, you would not have done this. really? vladimir putin was going to say, president obama fired missiles in damascus so i will not take what is mine. >> jeffrey goldberg, thank you. it was a fabulous interview. all was good to have you on. we will talk about the february jobs report. ♪
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>> welcome back. we will get to margaret carlson in a moment. first, the february jobs report. we are joined by julianna goldman. unemployment went up a bit, but a lot of jobs were created. >> 175,000 jobs. better than expected. ease anxiety at about the weaker data from previous months. there might be a spring in the step of the jobs market right now. construction jobs are up. we do not have a discernible impact on the expiration of the unemployment benefit and that may take some of the steam out of the push to get them in place again. >> in the middle of everything
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this week, president obama released his budget, $3.9 trillion. that used to be a big deal. it almost didn't happen. it was the middle of the night. >> the tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear. didn't happen? $3.9 trillion budget. the reason it didn't get much play because it is basically dead on arrival. it is a wish list of democratic priorities. the president to some of the entitlement reforms off the table and that is because in a midterm election year, the demographics, the voting age is skewed higher so they don't want to make social security and medicare flashpoints in this election year. one item that might have momentum is the expansion of the earned income tax credit.
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that is for low-income families who do not have children. that is something that republicans like paul ryan could get on board with. the flashpoint there is how to pay for it. he wants to close a loophole. >> the president does not have especially close relationships with congressional democrats but is promising to go out. this that reflect a worry that they really could lose the senate and have a nightmarish few years? >> there is. there are no rose-colored glasses going into the midterm election. he was in boston, fundraising. he told donors that we do great in presidential cycles but we do a little sleepy when it comes to the midterms. they can raise a ton of money and they can help and understand the specific needs of candidates in specific states and then began to set the national message which we saw in the budget blueprint this week. >> the senate, seven democrats
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joined the republicans, rejected obama's nominee for the civil rights division. was this a careless nomination or was there demagoguery? >> it points to how poor the president's relationship is with democrats, with senate democrats and congress in general. the president was making calls this week. the chief of staff calls, vice president joe biden was making calls. they miscalculated what they were up against with police unions, with officer faulkner's widow -- >> he was the officer who was shot. part of the defense in the latter years. >> red state democrats who are facing vulnerable, tough reelection. there is some finger-pointing with harry reid's office. they really miscalculated this one. >> thank you. margaret, megan, let me turn to you. paul ryan says we are going to
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reform welfare. it is not working and i have a bunch of new ideas. >> this is an over political document from paul ryan. he still wants to cut taxes on the rich but he also wants to punish the poor. the poor are to blame for their situation and medicaid and food stamps make them lazy and not want to work. he has almost no evidence -- he has no evidence for this and he cites social science that does not support his view. this is where the republican party is. there are no compassionate conservatives love. >> megan, you're compassionate. >> i'm not sure i'm a conservative. there is evidence of these traps
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at various levels with poverty that at some level you are losing benefits because the phaseouts for means testing and then people have negative incentive to work. i think what is interesting about this document is that it exists and at this point you are seeing a switch right now with republicans being the party of ideas looking to actually put proposals out there while democrats are defending the status quo. anything that exists is a good program, anything the republicans want to do is bad and i think i will be the dynamic in 2016. >> literature to hillary clinton, who said this week, drew a parallel between what putin did and what hitler did in the 1930's. was that smart to say? >> when large powers start invading smaller neighbors, the comparisons in europe tend to be obvious and are going to get made.
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obviously, this is russia. it will not be pleased about this. they fought germany in that war and it is still a political flashpoint in this. >> how you know that hillary is running for president is that you walk that back the next day. she made a mitt romney mistake. she was at a private event, but no events are private. even when it is there and there is some point to be made, you should always stay away from the holocaust and hitler as a comparison. >> i agree. putin is a thug, but there are some things you just do not mention. thank you so much for being with us today. thank you for watching. we will see you again next week. ♪
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>> tonight on "titans at the table" we talk football and the big apple. >> there will be a coin toss right here. >> with the man who is bringing it all together. jonathan tisch, co-chairman of the loews corporation and co-owner of the new york giants. he was born and raised in a new york family. in 1959, his family branched out and bought loews theaters. today the loews have billions of dollars in assets that generate 15 billion of dollars in annual revenue with interest from everything in hotels, insurance, oil and gas, to theaters. jonathan tisch runs the company


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