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tv   Click - Short Edition  BBC News  April 9, 2022 10:45pm-11:01pm BST

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got france because marine le pen has got an unexpected election boost from young people, yasmin. i am young people, yasmin. i am incredibly — young people, yasmin. i am incredibly surprised - young people, yasmin. i am incredibly surprised and - young people, yasmin. lam incredibly surprised and disturbed by this _ incredibly surprised and disturbed by this. but she has done something very clever. — by this. but she has done something very clever, she has completely cleansed — very clever, she has completely cleansed her past. there is a picture — cleansed her past. there is a picture of— cleansed her past. there is a picture of her shaking hands with putin— picture of her shaking hands with putin not— picture of her shaking hands with putin not that long ago, she has cleansed — putin not that long ago, she has cleansed the overt racism and xenophobia and attacks on muslims that she _ xenophobia and attacks on muslims that she and her dad were famous for. that she and her dad were famous for she _ that she and her dad were famous for. she has become this kind of cleansed — for. she has become this kind of cleansed different kind of political public _ cleansed different kind of political public presence but i am surprised that young — public presence but i am surprised that young people are attracted because — that young people are attracted because she is still a nationalist in the _ because she is still a nationalist in the worst sense of the word in that france — in the worst sense of the word in that france belongs to the french in the way— that france belongs to the french in the way that she's defines it. so, i am really— the way that she's defines it. so, i am really surprised and really upset by that _ am really surprised and really upset bythat~ |�*ii— am really surprised and really upset b that. �* , , , am really surprised and really upset by that-_ are i by that. i'll let giles “ump in. are ou by that. i'll let giles “ump in. are you equauy h by that. i'll let gilesjump in. are
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you equally surprised? _ by that. i'll let gilesjump in. are you equally surprised? yes, - by that. i'll let gilesjump in. are you equally surprised? yes, it. by that. i'll let gilesjump in. are you equally surprised? yes, it is| you equally surprised? yes, it is surprising, although there was a poll yesterday which put her marginally ahead of macron. macron so far has had a poor campaign, decided to really stay away from domestic frames and concentrate on global affairs and position himself as a global statesman. so far, it looks to have backfired, it looks like there will be a run—off between him and le pen and you will see him get a lot more stuck into the domestic arena between now and then. big thanks to you both forjoining us, author and journalist yasmin ella by brown and political commentator and former conservative party press chief giles kenningham. we will see you again in just under an hour. thank you very much, yasmin and giles will be back at ben —— back again at 11:30pm. now, click.
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hello there. now, 2020 was pretty much a no—show, for obvious reasons, and last year — well, that was just weird. we've arrived. this is fira de barcelona. yes, the show was back on, but we couldn't go — although you were there in spirit, if not in body. yeah, the less said about that, the better. but this year, it's back in full swing with all sorts of companies showing off their latest wares.
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so, whilst i am here at the design museum in london, where behind me, there's a good old—fashioned brick phone and a nokia 3310 — remember those? — we know how fast these phones change, so we've sent omar mehtab and osman iqbal to barcelona. samsung, nokia, huawei, oppo, xiaomi — they're all here and all got something to show. that's the thing about mwc, isn't it? it's all about the big releases. say, for example, this — the samsung s22 ultra. the supposedly best of their s22 range, it comes with a touch bigger screen than its predecessor, a slightly more powerful cpu and a bigger sensor, so its cameras can take better pictures in low light. so its cameras can take better but they have learnt from the s21 ultra, because instead of flogging a 60 quid case to house the optional s pen, they'vejust given it to you, in here, and they've got a little slot for it within the phone, which potentially spells the end of the note series? who knows.
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but what i can say is this does write smooth. you know, like a pen on paper. the problem is in some tests, the battery life is actually a little bit worse than the s21 ultra and its square design doesn't feel as natural in your hand, either. and at 1,200 quid, you wonder if it is worth the huge price tag with such little differences. but it pairs well with this — the newly announced galaxy book 2 pro. this is the most powerful of its line—up, the 360, and it starts at around 1,099 quid. it offers a few interesting titbits, like a 1080p front—facing camera and auto framing, which keeps you centred in your shot — for your video calls that undoubtedly became more popular over the last two years. can't find me! there it is! it's found me! but the multi control impressed the most, where you can keep watch of your smartphone and also use your tab 58 as a second screen, creating quite an ecosystem. samsung stands for innovation, you know? typically where we
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lead, others follow. bringing all of those the elements of the note and bringing them to the s22 because we listened to our customers — they wanted that productivity, they wanted that solution from us. innovation and what our consumers tell us they want will be at the absolute heart of what we do going forward. and here's the problem. that's it. with smartphones, we've been held in a kind of a holding pattern for years with only incremental upgrades every release. once you've seen one, you've seen them all, and despite how impressive these handsets are, it's all kind of predictable. here's another example. huawei's latest p50 pro is just another smartphone with small upgrades since the last. and this super device software, which they announced at the show, is, again, incredible, but just another ecosystem they've built to bow against the likes of apple and samsung. look, here's the point i'm trying to make, 0k? here are some releases from some of the big companies. and here are the notable improvements from their predecessors — camera quality, battery
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life, screen size. is that all we've got to look forward to any more? 0k, yes, in recent times, we've had some exciting innovations, like the foldable or the rollable smartphones. 0ne noticeable trend is cheaper but feature—packed phones, like from xiaomi here, or going a bit more retro again, like nokia. but otherwise, it'sjust variations of the same thing, and has been since apple debuted the iphone 15 years ago. giant screen. applause. can we really call that innovation? is there a point to mwc, if all you're going to do is go and look at a phone and say, "oh, look — "that camera lens is bigger." there's innovation in the form factor, but there's all in — also innovation in the connectivity and the content. we've seen the content ecosystem basically develop over — over the last years as well, so i think with every touch point that the — that the phone essentially enables, you'll also find subsequent innovation come from that.
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0k, yes, innovations involving phones, but not the phone itself. look, it's no—one's fault, but the next killer device just has not arrived yet and so, it's all a bit samey. so maybe it's not worth coming to mwc again. there's nothing really special out on show. needle sctratches across record. it's not just about the glitzy phone launches, is it? it's not just shiny things. there's a big ecosystem and loads happening. i get that, but people care about the big phone launches. you don't get that, though, do you? what they may upgrade to next — that's what matters here to people. is that what matters?! of course it is! there's loads going on! you know, there's loads kind of innovation, small players, big players. i'll show you something so intense. cheer up! so, what are these companies working on in 2022? 5g bartenders, robot dogs, vr roller—coasters and, you guessed it, the metaverse! and as i finally get back to an in—person event, i'm being made very aware that companies are eager for me
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to embrace the virtual world. but here's one device that is 100% metaverse—proof. as screens get bigger and bigger, what happens if you make a phone with no screen at all? no buttons, no screen, purely voice—controlled. put it on and sayonara, social media. these are titan from mymanu. they are ag—enable earbuds with a phone's functionality, and they can even translate other languages in almost real—time whilst not needing to connect to a phone like most other devices. why don't you tell me an interesting fact about yourself? speaks french. so, you're french. you're from the sunny coast and you live in manchester, where it rains all the time. exactly. that's cool.
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that is awesome, that is awesome — i love that. and whilst one company is ditching the screen, the astro slide 5g is adding even more to it. a regular rectangular phone — where is the innovation? watch this. boom! it's a mechanical keyboard on a phone! and while i may enjoy a keyboard on a phone, it doesn't exactly scream rock star. but this does. zurich—based start—up mictic have developed what they are calling audio—augmented reality. these wristbands connect to a smartphone app and the sensors translate your motions into music. when you think of a cello, here's the neck of the cello and then my right hand is the bow hand, so essentially, it would be like... plays cello. so it's really precise, it's really responsive, it's really dynamic, based on how you are playing. that's all very cultured but,
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let's be honest, nobody plays the air cello. i'll throw a beat behind it. now, i can start really rocking out. plays electric guitar. now, if i do this... it starts looping... beep! ..and again, i can solo over it. but the final word has to go to japanese company toraru, who have found a truly novel way of transporting people to the other side of the world. this is a live video link to japan. someone is standing there with a tablet and you have these buttons along the bottom and all you do if you want to turn around, you just press your button... look at that! you can even push buttons to pick things up or even pay for goods. but some parts do feel a bit dehumanising.
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and i feel super guilty about this — is this button here. and i don't know why, but you can go boop! and they jump! that was a big jump! the buttons that make other humans jump should just not exist. osman and omar, ola! it sounds like some companies are breaking new ground there, so has the visit to the show been worth it? for me? no, it hasn't, because it's the same as every other mwc that i've been to — a new smartphone with a couple of improvements from the last one. see, that's absolutely not true! i've been trying to tell omar all along it's notjust- about these devices, _ it's about the wider ecosystem. we've seen the metaverse and - the advance in connectivity needed. that conversation is happening. 56 low latency, things that are around the phone — - that's where the innovation will happen. _ but there's nothing to see. there is no metaverse as yet — that's the point. yeah, it — because it- needs these conferences like this to sit down, _
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get it done, advances connectivity. it's not just about that. but the reason people care about these conferences is because of the smartphones, the main devices, not secondary things, you know? it's all about the smartphones. but, omar, you're wearing a smartwatch and so am i so, clearly, people do care about these things. chuckles. 0k, yeah, i mean... see, ithink, lara, - i think you have nailed it. that has proven, you know... thank you! the phones — that's all right — the phones may change, - but these things that exist around them, things that connect - to the phone, you're seeing loads of those innovations. _ there's loads of them. loads of great, new cool things. i'mjust saying... that's where things will move forward. i this will be the same mwc this year as it is going to be next year and the year after. rm — how do you know? ok, you're like an old married couple! he's such a pessimist! i'm going to leave you to keep battling this out. you're such a pessimist! we've got the optimist and the pessimist here. osman and omar, thank you. and that's it for the short—cut. the full—length programme can be found on iplayer.
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and, as ever, you can keep up with the teams throughout the week on social media. find us on youtube, instagram, facebook and twitter at @bbcclick. thanks for watching. bye— bye. hello there. clear skies are allowing those temperatures to fall away quite sharply as we speak. it means a frosty start to sunday morning. glorious with some early sunshine but gradually clouding over as the day continues. so, the best of the sunshine certainly will be out to the east. we'll see that sunshine turning increasingly hazy from the west and outbreaks of light rain gradually moving into northern ireland by the end of the afternoon. northern ireland, england, and wales seeing temperatures of around ten to 13 degrees, a little bit cooler once again
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into the north—east of scotland along with the northern isles. now, as we move into monday, all eyes are focused on this area of low pressure, it is going to bring outbreaks of rain, some of it heavy, from the west. the isobars are squeezing together, the winds strengthening but at least the winds are coming from the south—easterly direction, a warmer source. so, a band of rain, some of it heavy, possibly thundery, moving its way across the west and steadily northwards as we go through the day. top temperatures in the sunshine, however, 17 celsius, a little milder.
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this is bbc news ? welcome if you're watching here in the uk or around the globe. our top stories. in pakistan prime minister imran khan is ousted from power in a vote of no confidence. armoured vehicles and new missiles — borisjohnson pledges more support to ukraine after talks with president zelensky in kyiv. there is a huge amount to do to make sure that ukraine is successful, that ukraine wins and that putin must fail. campaigning has ended in the first round of france's presidential election, which takes place on sunday. and there we are. and mission accomplished — as the first all private astronaut team ever launched
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to the international space station — completes docking.


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