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tv   Review 2021  BBC News  December 25, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm GMT

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and to picture the very first stars. the queen is expected to give a very personal christmas message later — her first since the death of her husband, prince philip. she'll speak beside a framed photograph of the couple. volunteers in england help give vaccines in the race to fight the surging omicron variant in the country. the government is offering every adult a booster by the end of the month. pope frances has delivered his traditional christmas day urbi et orbi message to the world. he deplored the "immense tragedies" in yemen and syria which he said were "being passed over in silence". now on bbc news, review 2021, we remember. prince philip, una stubbs, charlie watts, sarah harding, captain sir tom moore, christopher plummer and jimmy greaves. just a few of those whose lives are celebrated in this year's programme.
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# we're all going on a summer holiday...# why doesn't he stop honking his horn? there's plenty of room to park! we're not going on a london bus if that's what you had in mind! well, you're not going to get very i far on your holiday in this thing. i we're not on our way on holiday. we're going to an engagement! i don't wish to impose upon you. my pleasure. in that case, you might as well do the laundry while you're about it, and dust the furniture. boys! you've got another one! what? goodness, here? i think i might! applause. i say, he forgot to pay. i wasn't a trained dancer. i didn't go to any. lessons or anything. my dad was a barber, _ but he'd come home and start... and i copied him, but ii could always tap dance. # raindrops keep falling on my head
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# and just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed # nothing seems to fit # those raindrops are falling on my head, they keep falling # so ijust did me some talking to the sun and i said # i didn't like the way he got things done, sleeping on the job # those raindrops are falling on my head, they keep falling # because i'm free, nothing's worrying me.# we'd like to play a bo diddly number. i played the drums for keith and mick. i don't play them for me.
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i can't play the drums at home. to play the drums, i have to go on the road. to go on the road, i have to leave home, it is a terribly vicious cycle. it has always been my life. # but it's all right # jumping jack flash is a gas, gas, gas...# there is more money in this than there is in all the other parts parts of our business put together. you might need to think this through. stop wasting my time. because omar will come back tomorrow and the next day and the next day. and i will put a bullet
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in all of y'all behind what happened right now, you heard? # i'm through with romance, and through with love # i'm through with counting # the stars above # and here's the reason that i'm so free, my loving # baby is through with me. # whoa, yeah...# applause. laughter.
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marlene, have some sensitivity, don't talk about millions of pounds and big houses in front of del. laughter. # hey, hey, we're the monkees, you never know # where we'll be found...# we alljoked about the sound of music, you had to. when you do something very delicate and sentimental and coy, in order to avoid being sentimental and coy, you have to joke about it and see the funny side of it. # happy to meet me...#
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# ..lifts a finger, and a mouse is there... # puts his hands together and a seagull takes the air...# seeds. lots of seeds. well, i want to collect some more seeds today, and finger mouse, i hope, is going to help me. # underthe sea, darling, it's better, down where it's # wetter, take it from me.
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# up on the shore they work all day, out in the sun, they slave away...# i don't think a dictionary has got enough words in it to describe me. i think i'm such an amazing, complicated... i'm more like a sensation, an idea. the best way to describe me is with a fragrance. you'd smell it, and you go, "that's sean locke." it'd be like hot tarmac in a vet's flannel. # you can't hurry love...# # stop in the name of love...# eventually we got into the lobby, we'd sit in the lobby and every day. we did that until eventually they signed us. we pestered them to death.
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# someday we'll be together # i hope someday we'll be together...# there can be no doubt that saddam hussein has biological weapons and the capability to rapidly produce more, many more, and he has the ability to dispense these lethal poisons and diseases in ways that can cause massive death and destruction. i wish he would just do what nixon did and that's step down. someone ought to go up there and tell him, it's over. the plane's waiting for you, you're out. there are known knowns, there are things we know that we know. there are known unknowns. that is to say there are things we now know we don't know. but there are also unknown unknowns. there are things we do not know we don't know. he sings.
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i, without qualification, apologise for the pain and the hurt and the indignity and the damage that apartheid has done to black, brown and indians in south africa. # from a distance, we all have enough...# too many good men and women in this
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party have remained silent. too many have done something which is known as keeping your head down. we even stand a chance together with the liberal party of winning a majority of seats.
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# and this is a song of every woman, man and child...# we went to the cinema on the friday night, and just as we're getting off the coach at the cinema, alf took me to one side and said that i would play the next day. it was fantastic news. he has done it, yes! so many people come to me and say, "was it over the line?" and the other one is, "why didn't you knock it in?" i thought is was over the line and bouncing into the roof of the net. i'm still certain it was over the line. i couldn't force myself to join the festivities
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because i had built, in my own mind, i had built myself up that i was going to be in the side and i was going to be one of the key people. hello there. well, euro '92's all over, jim and i are still here in stockholm. we can't get a flight home. # was that a teardrop in your eye? # i never thought i'd see you cry # it's ok to cry...# # music was my first love
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# and it will be my last # music of the future # and music of the past...# there is a very major part of my art which is about trying to create a world which is influenced for the better through public space, through private space and so on. you can't change that baby. wherever you go, whatever you do, you can't change it. you and god made her. and you're going tojust have to love her that way. very nice, jackie. is it? yeah, lovely bit of roast squirrel.
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roast fox. what's that? so, where did you find a dead fox? the road. what, walking along the road? no, you wally. it was dead, knocked over, poor thing. - at least you gave it a decent burial. next to the frozen peas. gunther, six glasses! six? you want me tojoin you? no, i thoughtjoey was here, five is good. i did it all by myself! and there's nobody to hug. he was obsessed with rachel, loved her, hated ross. the writers could have just had that for two episodes, but they kept it going for ten years. ijust have to tell you, i love you. i love you, too! probably not in the same way. the last member of the band is... ..sarah. cheering.
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actually, i don't suppose by any chance you know a tracy barlow? yeah, i mean, we've all chosen different avenues, and i'm not completely saying i don't want to sing any more, but the acting is something i've always wanted to pursue as well. # yes, sir, i can boogie, but i need a certain song # i can boogie
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# boogie boogie all night long...# # red, red wine...# so, it's ready, it is go, go, go, go! and schumacher leads! brilliant start by
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the austrian driver. hill second... ayrton senna up to fourth, challenging schumacher... damon hill exits the chicane and wins the japanese grand prix, and i've got to stop because i've got a lump in my throat! real spectacular driving, watch this! looks through a completely clean windscreen, and that's the big advantage, of course, of being in front. # chain, keep us together...# i have no idea...
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at the moment, it's quite easy. 0k, and now accelerate, accelerate, accelerate...accelerate! it's not really a corner! your driving style is really funny. you're not 100% talent—free, but 80%... i tell you something, i do that lap time in a van. i show you what's really fast levels, 0k? # like a bat of hell, i'll be gone when the morning comes...# 1010.8. # then like a sinner before the gates of heaven...#
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you try some things and they succeed and sometimes they don't. _ i don't look back on it and say to myself, it was a wild idea i that people didn'tjump on it, because that is not true. - it wasn't good enough - to succeed and that is that. three, two, one... lift—off, we have lift—off! we crew felt the weight of the world on our shoulders. we knew that everyone would be looking at us, and we wanted to do the best we possibly could. the time that i was by myself,
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i had hot coffee, the command module columbia had every facility i needed and i really enjoyed my time by myself. instead of being terribly lonely, i was not one iota only. # there are bugs...# a natural myth about the artist, that you sit in your room whether you're a composer or painter or writer and wait for the muse to come. and they don't understand that it's exactly as much hard work and maybe harder than making a shoe. 0r anything that you make out of nothing. # in america... # everything free in america...# # isn't it bliss? # don't you approve? # one who keeps tearing around, one who can't move
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# where are the clowns? # send in the clowns...# aaaarghhhh! deformed, unfinished, sent before my time into this breathing world scarce half made—up. i did an audition at rada when i first arrived in this country, and they sent a letter saying, not only have you failed the audition, not only do we not want you to try again, but we strongly recommend that you think about another career. i think my biggest problem is being young and beautiful.
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it is my biggest problem, because i have never been young and beautiful. more importantly, i will never be young and beautiful. do not make me mad! # truly scrumptious, you too are truly scrumptious # scrumptious as the breeze across the bay # when you're smiling, it's so delicious # so beguiling, you're the answer to my wishes...# # i bet you wondered how i knew
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# about your plans to make me blue # with some other guy you knew before # between the two of us guys, you know i love you more # it took me by surprise, i must say, when i found out yesterday # don't you know that i heard it through the grapevine? # not much longer would you be mine # baby, i heard it through through the grapevine...# you're watching bbc news from london. a short while ago, buckingham palace announced the death of his royal highness prince philip,
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the duke of edinburgh. i've just done what i think is my best. i can't suddendly change my way of doing things. i can't change my interests, i can't change the way i react to things, that's someone's style and that's too bad. he is someone who doesn't take easily to compliments. but he has quite simply been my strength and stay all these years. and i and his whole family, and this and many other countries, owe him a debt greater than he would ever claim or we shall ever know.
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# when you walk through a storm, hold your head up high # and don't be afraid of the dark...# after the second and third number ones, we thought, "blimey, we're making some money. and the money came, that's nice! we can make money as well as enjoy ourselves!" # walk on, walk on! # with hope in your heart! # and you'll never walk alone
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# you'll never walk alone!# day after day after day, with the money getting bigger and bigger, every day seemed to be a highlight. never in 100 years would you ever have anticipated a total that we got, which is virtually 30 million. i mean, 30 million, that's a lot of money. you are the uk's- official number one. that really is truly amazing, isn't it? # you'll never walk alone.#
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hello, and merry christmas from everybody here at bbc weather. we know of course what adds a little extra meteorological magic to christmas is some snow. that is lacking from much of the uk today. for many, it is just a continuation of the rather grey and damp weather we've seen of late. but we have seen snow, and it is officially a white christmas — in shetland, parts of central and eastern scotland, into the higher parts of the pennines and yorkshire dales as well. there may still be one or two flurries out there on through this afternoon. away from some sunny spells in northern most parts of scotland, it's a mostly cloudy christmas day, and there's some quite heavy rain through parts of south—west, southern england into wales, and northern ireland turning particularly wet in armagh and down for the rest of the day. it's a strengthening east or south—easterly wind adding an extra bite to proceedings today, pardon the christmas food pun, because this is what it might say on the thermometer, but when you factor in the strength of than wind, and particularly through northern and eastern parts of the uk, look at the difference it makes. it will feel like it is at or even below freezing, whereas it is still mild
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in the south—west. now this rain not moving very much during daylight hours, it does march further north and east tonight into boxing day across more of wales, england, still there in northern ireland, and as it runs into cold air across northern england first, then southern and central scotland, see that rain turning to snow, particularly into the hills. this is where we're going to be seeing a frost as we start boxing day. there could be some difficult conditions on the higher routes across northern england, southern and central scotland for a time on boxing day, with the snow falling and the wind blowing it about as well. could see some snow to relatively low levels out of this for a time, but as it moves further north through scotland tomorrow, mostly in the hills we will have the snow, still the far north seeing some sunny spells. elsewhere, there will be quite a few heavy showers moving on through northern ireland, wales and england, but brightening up towards the south—west on through the afternoon, and temperatures, well, a little bit higher, but still feeling colder because of the wind. and here is a look at boxing day evening. some clearer spells down to the south and south—west, but you can see elsewhere a lot
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of cloud, still some showers or outbreaks of rain around. now we have had a battle between the mild and cold air for christmas weekend, beyond that, though, it is very clear it's the mild air that wins, with areas of low pressure coming in, bringing spells of wind and rain, but pushing mild air, even very mild air in places
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this is bbc news — these are the latest headlines in the uk and around the world. the world's most powerful telescope begins its journey to offer unprecedented images of the universe. queen elizabeth is expected to give a very personal christmas message this year — her first since the death of her husband prince philip. christmas day boosterjabs in england — thousands of people are expected to be vaccinated today, as the race to fight the surging omricon variant doesn't stop for the holiday. in his christmas message, pope francis highlighted the tragedies in yemen and syria which he said are being passed over in silence. tributes are paid to the former england and yorkshire captain ray illingworth who has died at the age of 89.


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