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this is bbc news, with the latest headlines in the uk and around the world. the parents of a teenager accused of the fatal shooting of four us high school students using a gun bought by his father appear in court, where they have pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges. doctors�* leaders welcome moves to ease the workload of gps in england so they can focus on the covid booster roll—out, but some patients�* groups say postponing services could be dangerous. a campaign begins encouraging expectant mothers in the uk to getjabbed — unvaccinated mums who were severely ill with coronavirus tell their stories. at least one person has been killed and dozens injured on the indonesian island ofjava as an active volcano erupts for the second time
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in a matter of months. president biden and president putin will hold talks on tuesday as russia's military build—up on the ukrainian border sends tensions soaring. and dozens of troops have been deployed to the northeast of england to help people whose homes are still without power, eight days after storm arwen. hello and welcome if you're watching in the uk or around the world. the parents of an american teenager accused of killing four students at his school in michigan have appeared in court to face charges of involuntary manslaughter. james and jennifer crumbley were arrested after being found
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hiding in a warehouse in detroit. their son ethan, who's 15, is suspected of using a semi—automatic pistol bought by his father as a christmas present. it's an unusual move for prosecutors to implicate the parents of a child's alleged crime. aru na iyengar reports. james and jennifer crumbley in oakland county court as prosecutors announced manslaughter charges against them. earlier, police found the couple after receiving a tip—off, they were hiding in a warehouse in detroit, hours after going on the run. they were in a commercial building, in a room. we weew able to take them into custody without incident, however, they were very distressed as they were walking out. a reward of $10,000 had been offered for information leading to their arrests. their lawyers say they fled for their own safety. prosecutors say they ignored warning signs before their 15—year—old son,
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ethan crumbley, allegedly used his father's gun to shoot classmates in oxford, michigan — killing four and wounding seven. james crumbley bought a gun and made it available to his son. at school, a teacher spotted ethan searching online for ammunition and alerted his mother. prosecutors say she later sent text messages to her son saying, "lol, i'm not mad at you. you have to learn not to get caught." then, on the morning of the killings, teachers contacted the parents over a note ethan had drawn. the note contained the following — a drawing of a semiautomatic handgun pointing at the words, "the thoughts won't stop, help me." in another section of the note was a drawing of a bullet with the following words above that bullet, "blood everywhere." but some question whether the parents really can be held responsible for the actions of their teenage son. i think it's actually highly unusual. it's opening the door for a very
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large, slippery slope. and so that is kind of where i'm having trouble saying that the parents committed manslaughter, meaning they were aware that this was going to happen. bell chimes. at a candlelit vigil in oxford last night, the community came together to honour the four teenagers. four minutes of bell ringing, one minute for each victim. ethan crumbley is being charged as an adult and is accused of terrorism charges and first—degree murder. grant hermes, politics reporter at wdiv local 4 news in detroit, told us more about this case. after the judge read those counts, first of all, you could see jennifer crumbley and the difference between her reaction and her husband, james crumbley�*s, to them reading this charge. jennifer crying, visibly
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breaking down as they were reading off the names of these victims in each of these charges. james, on the other hand, appearing to laugh, shake his head at certain parts, including that text message about ethan and searching for ammunition, being caught by the teacher. and then afterwards, the $500,000 bond for each of them, without a 10% surety, which here in michigan means they don't have to pay that 10% to get out, they have to pay the full $500,000. as well as a gps anklet to monitor their travel after they get out. so, they will have to be released with that tether and that bond, and that should happen, we believe, sometime in the coming days. gps in england have been told they can defer some of the services they provide to patients in order to allow doctors to deliver covid booster jabs instead. routine health checks for the over—75s and minor surgery could be affected. the decision by nhs england comes as 75 new cases of the 0micron variant have been identified in england. that brings the total number in the uk to 134.
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the government has also launched a new campaign urging all unvaccinated pregnant women to come forward and receive their jab. megan paterson reports. more than 90 million covid booster jabs or third doses have been given in the uk so far. as the roll—out continues, demand on gp surgeries grows. we were doing over 30,000 booster vaccinations in september. we get about 800 people come in as walk—ins in addition to people coming as appointments. to meet the growth in uptake, new measures mean gps across england will now be allowed to defer some of the services they provide to patients, like routine health checks for the over 75s, to allow doctors to focus on covid boosterjabs. we are struggling to meet the increased demand, of day—to—day work, our own backlog and also the backlog from the hospitals, but at the same time,
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we do understand the importance of trying to vaccinate the population. but there is concern from some patient groups. they warn the measure will disadvantage older people and lead to early warning signs of illness being missed. this is a clear case of age discrimination. it's another example of when people reach a certain age, their health is not valued as much as the health of younger people and it feeds into this narrative of care homes not being protected. the british medical association insists all patients will still receive the care they need. these measures aim to relieve pressure on gps and increase the capacity of the vaccination programme, keeping people well and out of hospital beds. it comes as the government starts a new campaign encouraging expectant mums to take the jab. 98% of pregnant women seriously ill in hospital with covid are unvaccinated. one in five women need to be delivered preterm. one in five babies need to go to the neonatal unit. so it's really clear that covid—19
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infection has got serious implications for the woman and the baby. but we now have evermore data to say the vaccines are safe in pregnancy and are very strongly recommended by everyone. as all nations push to encourage jab and booster uptake, nicola sturgeon added her arm to the fully dosed total. another case of the 0micron variant has been discovered in scotland today, once again renewing the significance of vaccination programmes across the country. let's look at some of the day's developments as the 0micron strain of coronavirus continues to spread. scientists in botswana say the 0micron strain, which was first detected in southern african more than a week ago, had probably been in circulation since september. health officials there say it could already have spread widely around the world before other countries started to impose travel bans.
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there have been protests in austria against the coronavirus lockdown, which has been extended until at least the 11th of december. unvaccinated people who break those rules now also face fines of up to 500 euros. protests also in the netherlands, here in the city of utrecht, against the coronavirus restrictions which came into force last weekend. the country saw violent protests two weeks ago after the government announced plans to ban most people who have not been vaccinated from bars, restaurants and other public places. nightlubs in ireland are preparing for their last saturday of being allowed to open, as the country enforces new rules to stop the spread of covid. they were only allowed to reopen fully in october. indoor events, including concerts and sporting events, will be restricted to 50% audience capacity. some breaking news.
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the health secretary sajid javid has been speaking about travel restrictions. including putting nigeria on the red list and predeparture testing that coming in from tuesday. since we learned of this new variant, our strategy has been to buy time it to assess it but also to put in place protective measures. we always said we would act swiftly should new data require it. in recent days, we have learned of a significant number of growing cases linked to travel with a nigeria. there are 27 cases already in england and that is growing, and nigeria is now second only to south africa in terms of linked cases to 0micron. today, the government has decided to add nigeria to the travel red list and that will be effective from 4am on monday, meaning the only uk citizens and residents of the uk can enter the uk from nigeria from
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that point onwards, and they will have to quarantine in one of the relevant hotels. we have also decided to require predeparture tests for all in were travellers, that will be effective from 4am on tuesday, and they will be required a maximum of 48 hours before the departure time. we have been clear we will take action if it is necessary but it is important that while we are introducing this new border measures today, the crooners are our first line of defence and the booster programme is hugely important and the booster programme is hugely importantand can the booster programme is hugely important and can ijust please remind everybody if they do get their call from the nhs, please do step up, roll up your sleeve and get protected. sajid javid, the health secretary for england speak in there, and we will catch up with our political correspondent to get some more detail on that announcement. president biden is due to hold
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a video call next week with vladimir putin amid growing fears that russia may be preparing to launch a full scale invasion of ukraine. tensions between russia and ukraine have been building for some time in the wake of russia's annexation of crimea. these are ukrainian troops stationed in the donietsk region on the russian border. on friday, ukraine warned that russia is massing more than 90,000 troops on the other side. it's saying its intelligence analysis points to a possible invasion at the end of january next year. bbc russian senior correspondent 0lga ivshina gave us an impression of what to excpet from these talks. ukraine is the heart of this matter and what's interesting is that recently, mr putin, during one of his public speeches, actually gave a hint that in a way he's enjoying this tension, enjoying this build—up of pressure and he said, you know, yes, we've seen that. there are a lot of intelligent reports from the western side,
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yes, we've seen that. there is lots of harsh rhetoric on the other side, but they should be worried. that's actually what we need. so, in a way, you know, he's enjoying this nervous situation in the west, but also, he needs it from an internal point of view, from the internal political point of view, because russia's economy is struggling, coronavirus cases are on the rise, so in order to distract attention from things which are going wrong inside the country, he definitely needs this international arena, these challenges on the just to show that, listen, we have enemies outside. let's concentrate on that. it actually mirrors, in a way, russia's strategy back in 2007-2008 in the russian—georgian war. back then, russia gave a lot of passports to people who need them in georgian regions and then when the tension started,
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they said, we're just defending russian citizens. you know, we must do that. so russia is, in a way, repeating that trick currently in eastern ukraine, in the regions which are not controlled by kyiv at the moment. this gives them some changes economically because they need to pay them a pension, some social guarantees, but it gives them a lot of trumps on their sleeves in terms of foreign policy. we just heard from the uk government here saying nigeria has been put on the red list. let's speak to ben wright. ben, please give us a synopsis. wright. ben, please give us a s nosis. �* , wright. ben, please give us a s nosis. m ., wright. ben, please give us a sy"0p5i5-_ wright. ben, please give us a s nosis. fl. ., ., synopsis. it's clear that government is concerned — synopsis. it's clear that government is concerned the _ synopsis. it's clear that government is concerned the omicron _ synopsis. it's clear that government is concerned the omicron variant - synopsis. it's clear that government is concerned the omicron variant is| is concerned the 0micron variant is now seeking quite widely across the uk. sajid javid hasjust now seeking quite widely across the uk. sajid javid has just spoken and set the latest figures are there 130 cases in england, 160 across the uk, but we expect those numbers to rise dramatically in the next days and weeks. they still don't really know
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what they are dealing with, scientists are looking at how serious this is, the impact on people whether they are vaccinated or not. this is another precautionary measure. of the government has announced two things, first, nigeria has been put on the red list for travel. that means the only people that can come from nigeria to the uk now our precious citizens and they have to quarantine in a hotel near the airport at their own expense for two weeks. according to the government, there have been 27 out of four cases of this new variant that come from the nigeria. the second koi is is that anyone it comes to the uk has to have a negative pcr protest having been taken within 48 hours of getting on that plane. they are trying to ensure nobody is coming into the uk with covid. the government tightened the screws last weekend, and the fact they have changed again so quickly shows how worried they are.
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have been under pressure to do this, the opposition labour party have been calling for this for a number of days, santa said this would be a valuable step to take. a this is in response to the government's concerned. response to the government's concerned-— response to the government's concerned. , ., ., concerned. any indication that if there is confirmation _ concerned. any indication that if there is confirmation that - concerned. any indication that if there is confirmation that they l there is confirmation that they 0micron variant isn't as bad as anticipated? we omicron variant isn't as bad as anticipated?— omicron variant isn't as bad as anticiated? ~ ., ., anticipated? we don't know, santa sat porton down _ anticipated? we don't know, santa sat porton down are _ anticipated? we don't know, santa sat porton down are trying - anticipated? we don't know, santa sat porton down are trying to - anticipated? we don't know, santa| sat porton down are trying to figure that out at the moment, as they are around the world, and sajid javid said he hoped this would remain a temporary measure. a this takes us back to the summer when it was quite routine for travellers coming back from holidays or business trips into the uk to have proof of a negative test before they did. itjust shows again, 0micron has really indicated this and what we thought had gone is starting to creep back.— starting to creep back. thank you for that so _ starting to creep back. thank you for that so synopsis. _ one person has died and dozens have been injured on indonesia's java
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island as an active volcano, mount seemeru, erupted for the second time in months. the bbc�*s astudestra ajengrastri reports. videos circulating on social media show people are running away from thick, giant volcanic ash. nearby villages are covered in debris. according to witnesses, it's pitch dark due to the ashes from the volcano. a bridge which connects two regencies in east of java has been completely cut off due to the flow of hot lava from mount semeru. this 100 metre long bridge was destroyed by hot clouds flowing through a river. the event prompted the disaster management agency to warn residents to stay away from river channels
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or valleys that originate from mount semeru, given the large numbers flow through the river. this is the first eruption of semeru in almost a decade. the last eruption was in 2002 and the volcanic material travelled as far as 2000 metres. people in around 9,000 homes are facing a second weekend without power in parts of scotland and northern england, following storm arwen. those affected are now bracing themselves for almost freezing temperatures forecast in some areas over the next 24 hours. meanwhile, the energy regulator 0fgem says the cap on the maximum amount of compensation customers people can claim from suppliers has been lifted. 0ur correspondent peter harris sent us this update on the situation
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from rothbury, in northumberland, in northern england. despite the weather here tonight, it is a slowly improving situation. across scotland and northern england, you are now down to about 5000 houses in all that don't have power at the moment. what we see here in northumberland today is the army out in rural communities, in response to yesterday's announcement that northumberland county council had declared storm are when a major incident. it has become quite sporadic now, so they are growing up ruralfarm tracks, looking sporadic now, so they are growing up rural farm tracks, looking for the odd house without power, even when the white area around it is much improved. 0ut there offering supplies as well as just simple moral support. supplies as well as just simple moralsupport. should supplies as well as just simple moral support. should i'm supplies as well as just simple moralsupport. should i'm not supplies as well as just simple moral support. should i'm not out of the woods here yet, certainly an awesome england, not in power grid say it could be a week before the get everyone connected again civilly
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because of the number repairs still need it. if there is that warning that a bit of power companies from 0fgem that it may take enforcement action if it is deemed they did not restore power quickly enough. the sri lankan prime minister has issued a statement saying he is shocked at the brutality shown by what he called an extremist mob, following the lynching of a sri lankan man on friday. he had been accused of blasphemy by an angry mob. this is not the first such attack in pakistan — a week ago, a crowd set a police station ablaze when they refused to hand over a man accused of blasphemy — but this is the first one involving a foreign national. more than 100 people have been arrested in connection with the attack. the bbc�*s farhat javed is in the pakistani city of sialkot, outside the factory where this man was killed. this is the factory he was working in for several years. he is identified as priyantha kumara, a sri lankan national who was accused of committing blasphemy, a deeply emotional issue encircled by highly
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controversial legislation. but this is not the first such incident and many fear it won't be the last. pakistan's prime minister called it a day of shame for pakistan yesterday and today, the sri lankan prime minister has also issued a statement saying that he is shocked to see the brutality by an extremist mob, but he also added that he and the sri lankan nation expected the prime minister of pakistan to ensure a speedy justice for the victim here. initial investigation reports have already been submitted to the prime minister and authority say that they have arrested more than 100 people. out of them, 13 are said to be a key culprits here who not only accused him of committing blasphemy but also encouraged the mob to attack him. police also say that they are doing further investigations in this case, but at the same time, people are angry. many in pakistan are protesting, people are frustrated in pakistan. there are trends on social media since yesterday and especially in civil society,
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they are blaming all those in power for giving space to extremists through their narratives and their politics. the french president, emmanuel macron is in saudi arabia for talks with the crown prince, mohammad bin salman. he's the first major western leader to meet the kingdom's de—facto ruler since the assassination of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi three years ago. the main centre—right party in france has chosen valerie pecresse as its candidate for next year's presidential election. it's the first time the republicans have put forward a woman for the role. she beat beat off a challenge by eric ciotti, who campaigned on an anti—immigrant platform. 0pinion polls suggest the republicans are trailing president macron. the killing of two young women in england, sarah everard and sabina nessa, brought to public focus the safety
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of women on uk streets. their deaths have prompted a group of women to set up a movement to help walkers feel safe going out after dark. safety in numbers now has nearly 100 members, as emily anderson reports. a cold winter's night but already it is very dark and tonight the group is walking up beacon hill together. safety in numbers was set up by dog walker katie hopkinson just less than one month ago. she is passionate about making women feel safe enough to go out when it is dark. it is so important for our mental health to get out in the countryside and enjoy the benefits of the countryside but doing it in a way that does not leave you feeling really anxious i think certainly with high—profile cases such as sarah everard, i think it touched a lot of women's hearts and made them feel like being in alone in the dark
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is not an option. we areat the top of beacon hill now, which is the second highest point the second highest point in leicestershire at 248 metres. ok, so you don't get those beautiful panoramic views of leicestershire that you would get in the day, but i tell you what you do get — a real sense of achievement getting to this peak in the dark. i've been here a million times but never at this time of night, and never up here, so this is a first for me. so, do you feel safe when you're out with this group? absolutely, yeah, no anxiety at all, and sometimes, that does creep up on you when you're walking on your own and somewhere remote. you sort of think "i should not be here. "this is not very clever." but here i do it with the group and i have not thought about the fact. it does not even occur to you. overwhelmingly, what would feel really terrifying on your own - it's a sort of a primitive fear, isn't it? _ when we are in a group,
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there is no fear, we arei laughing and having fun. it's, you know, it's turned out to be a real godsend. - the group hope what started as an idea on social media will expand into a network of safety in numbers walking groups. the pope has arrived in athens at the start of his two—day visit to greece. speaking in athens — the birthplace of democracy — he warned that the principle is in retreat across much of the world in the face of authoritarian and populist movements. his holiness said parts of europe had fallen prey to nationalist self—interest. it's the first papal visit to the greek capital in 20 years. the world's oldest test cricketer, eileen ash, has died at the age of 110. eileen ash, here ringing the bell at the 2017 women's world cup final at lord's,
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made her england debut as a bowler in 1937 and played seven tests either side of the second world war before retiring in 1949. hello, there. a week ago, it was storm arwen battering the uk, today, the weather hasn't been as bad. it was to have this quarter, stronger, northwesterly winds sweeping across most areas and another area of low pressure. and a bit like arwen, this one is moving southward over the north sea but this one is nowhere nearas north sea but this one is nowhere near as deep, the wind is nowhere near as deep, the wind is nowhere nearas near as deep, the wind is nowhere near as strong. but near that area of low pressure, we have seen the wettest of the weather today, not just rain, some snow, particular in higher parts of scotland and will continue to see this wintry mix in
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scotland. perhaps in northern england as well, over the hills. and out towards the west, we do see some clearer spells and those showers are becoming fewer but the wind is blowing strong enough, generally speaking, to keep temperaturesjust above freezing. will be a chilly start during tomorrow morning and some clouds across england and wales, especially eastern areas, becoming drier in the day and across western parts, it brightens up, the winds drop, with lighter winds developing in northern ireland, it will feel much better than today, temperatures a little higher. as we head into the beginning of next week, we start to see weather coming in from the atlantic. this first front coming in from the west are bringing rain to many areas, especially during the morning, maybe some snow across higher parts of scotland come onto the penance for a while. a band of wet weather made
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through and then we see it brightening up with more of these showers coming in, especially to scotland and northern ireland, and this again could turn wintry. code are still on monday and temperatures only four degrees in newcastle and perhaps eight in london. of more concern is what is happening tuesday into wednesday. the steepening of low pressure races and from the atlantic, meaning pressure will be falling rapidly, the winds will strengthen, there will be rain and perhaps no rain for a while in scotland but the strength of the wind will be more of a concern on tuesday and into wednesday, the potential for damaging winds at the moment more likely in the west.
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hello, this is bbc news. the headlines: pre—departure tests will be required for all arrivals into the uk from tuesday to stop the spread of the 0micron variant as nigeria becomes the latest country to be added to the travel red list. we're seeing increasing numbers of cases linked to travel and, again, we've always said we would act swiftly if we need to, if the changing data requires that and that's why i've decided to bring in this change on predeparture tests. the parents of a teenager accused of the fatal shooting of four us high school students using a gun bought by his father appear in court where they have pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges.
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at least one person has been killed and dozens injured on


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