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welcome to bbc news. i'm david eades. our top stories. a number of people are killed after a car hits more than 20 people attending a parade in the us state of wisconsin. we are no longer looking for a suspect vehicle. we do have a person of interest in custody at the moment, but this is still a very fluid investigation. the missing chinese tennis player peng shuai tells olympic officials in a video call that she's safe and well belgium becomes the latest european country to see unrest over covid restrictions. violence breaks out in brussels after a march that drew 30,000 people. in venezuela — where there's extreme poverty despite rich oil reserves — scepticism that regional elections will change
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anything at all. a number of people have been killed after a vehicle was driven through barricades into crowds taking part in a holiday parade in the us state of wisconsin. the incident occurred in the city of waukesha, around 30 kilometres west of milwaukee, around ii.30pm local time. the parade had just got underway in the city centre. police say more than 20 people have been injured — 12 children and 11 adults were taken to hospital. the waukesha chief of police gave an update in the last hour. the vehicle struck more than 20
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individuals, some of those individuals, some of those individuals were children and there were some fatalities as a result of this incident. we will not be releasing information on the facilities at this time while we are working on finding the family members of the deceased. an officer did discharge his weapon at the suspect�*s vehicle to try to stop the vehicle. no bystanders were injured as a result of the weapon discharge, and the officer involved has been with the department for six and a half years. victims were transferred by a wausheka fire department, police officers also transferred victims to the hospital and family members also transferred victims from the scene to the hospital. we are no longer looking for a suspect vehicle. but we do have a personal interest in custody at the moment but this is still a very fluid investigation. we moment but this is still a very fluid investigation.— fluid investigation. we are nettina fluid investigation. we are getting a _ fluid investigation. we are getting a little _ fluid investigation. we are getting a little bit - fluid investigation. we are getting a little bit more i getting a little bit more information from the police
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chief, dan thompson. with me is our news reporter courtney bembridge. you've been following this pretty much from the start, the moment you started to filter through. interesting that we've tried to build a picture as to what has happened without showing some really very distressing pictures. we do have one or two others to illustrate what happened here. images started circulating closely on social media, some of them distressing that they show a red suv, a large vehicle going at speed going down the main road and crowds are trying to work out what is going on because this moments earlier was a very peaceful, slow christmas parade and marching bands and there is a police officer running out of the car there. and these are some of there. and these are some of the images we saw coming out from the city's facebook page and they were live streaming this event and it's a very big event. ~ ,., ,
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this event and it's a very big event. ~ ,, ., event. were saying the video was on a _ event. were saying the video was on a leap _ event. were saying the video was on a loop so _ event. were saying the video was on a loop so it _ event. were saying the video was on a loop so it wasn't - event. were saying the video l was on a loop so it wasn't two cars going by, the same one. we are also cars going by, the same one. - are also seeing lots of videos and mobile phone footage that people have shown and we can show you one here where you can see a little girl dancing as the floats go in and the car just misses her and people are screaming and some of them are running towards the car and trying to help the people who have been injured, so hundreds of videos like this have been uploaded to social media and you can see the shock as people register that this was such a joyful occasion and so quickly it turned and you can see the little girl dancing in the next minute she is looking around thinking, what has just happened. fin thinking, what has 'ust hauened. �* .,., ., , happened. an extraordinary thin . happened. an extraordinary thing and — happened. an extraordinary thing and extraordinarily - happened. an extraordinary i thing and extraordinarily lucky for those who have been far less fortunate. i noticed an eyewitness describing a loud bang, deafening cries and screams from people who were struck by the vehicle. if we
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just get an idea, there were some people who felt that there had been shots fired and in fact there was a shot fired. that's right. police fired a weapon to try to stop the vehicle as it was making its way through the crowd, so we know one police officer discharged his weapon but it's not believed that any bullets came from within the car outwards, so that's what we know from the police so far and we know that children were amongst those injured and have been taken to hospitals to be treated but we don't have any details about the charities and their ages, and that is because families are still being told and we know schools have been closed on monday and counselling is being offered to children because this was a family event and there were lots of children there as we saw in those videos. they won't be required to go to school tomorrow and i think this small community will be trying to make sense of exactly what has happened. figs make sense of exactly what has happened-— happened. as these pictures show, happened. as these pictures show. you — happened. as these pictures show. you can _ happened. as these pictures show, you can imagine - happened. as these pictures show, you can imagine the l show, you can imagine the immediate sense of urgency for the police and the fire brigade
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as well and i think there are more than 12 police units and fire trucks sent straight to the heart of the city to deal with whatever they felt they were having to deal with. a mass casualty incident. and i think dan thompson is speaking again, the police chief. we think dan thompson is speaking again, the police chief.- again, the police chief. we are not taking _ again, the police chief. we are not taking any _ again, the police chief. we are not taking any questions - again, the police chief. we are not taking any questions at - not taking any questions at this time, ipm tomorrow will be the next press conference. sorry, we will work outjust what he was adding to the script as it were there. but he had made it clear that essentially this is closed and people are going to say they were safe again because people were safe again because people were talking about a lockdown of universities and advice from the police department to keep in shelter if you were in the city centre. in shelter if you were in the city centre-— in shelter if you were in the city centre. this was the main street where _ city centre. this was the main street where the _ city centre. this was the main street where the parade - city centre. this was the main street where the parade was l street where the parade was taking place and while people were trying to manage this active crime scene they asked
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people to stay inside and that's now been lifted and people have made it clear this is now a safe and secure site and people don't need to be worried about an ongoing threat but many people are trying to work out exactly what happened on sunday afternoon when things turn very quickly and the information that police have given has gone some way to answering some of the questions but no information about this person in custody and no charges laid yet, so that will be coming in the coming hours. very briefly, they do have someone in custody. that's ri . ht. someone in custody. that's right- they _ someone in custody. that's right. they found _ someone in custody. that's right. they found the - someone in custody. that's right. they found the car, | someone in custody. that's. right. they found the car, no information about where it was found but we've seen pictures of it online and you can see it is in bad shape, so you get a sense of how fast it was going on the horrible result. courtney, thank you for that and if more details coming to us, we will bring them straight to you and we will work out what dan thompson was having to
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say in a very brief appearance before the press a moment ago. the missing chinese tennis star peng shuai has told the international olympic committee she is "safe and well" during a video call with its president, thomas bach. the athlete hasn't been seen in public since she made accusations of sexual assault against this senior chinese politician several weeks ago. 0ur china correspondent jon sudworth reports. this appears to be the first solid evidence of peng shuai's whereabouts since she made her allegation. released by chinese state media operatives, you can hear her name being announced. and then a smile and a wave, seemingly meant to send a message, all is well. but there are few allegations more sensitive in china than one of sexual assault levelled against a man as senior as the former vice premier. and previous material released
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by state media meant to show that peng shuai is not being held under duress has only fuelled further speculation. peng shuai is also reported to have held a video conference with the president of the international olympic committee saying she is safe and well but wants her privacy respected. clearly, she is also cooperating with the chinese state media want her to say and the question is, from now on, to what extent can outsiders really know about her safety? just a few weeks before china hosts the winter olympics, that conversation is unlikely to end the criticism. the government failed to fulfil any of the human rights related promises to get the games we can see that the situation inside the country has deteriorated significantly. 0ne really wonders if players even feel safe to go and compete there. the trouble for china is these allegations are of such
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a sensitive nature that it finds itself in a bit of a bind. the more it tries to prove that everything is normal with peng shuai, the more questions there are, and the greater the gap is exposed between the propaganda value of an 0lympics meant to be all about openness and a political system that's all about control. 0lympics officials insist politics should be kept out of sport. peng shuai has put them front and centre of court. the belgian capital brussels has become the latest european city to see unrest over tightened coronavirus restrictions. tens of thousands of people marched in protest and there were forty arrests. these disturbances follow protests in a number of european countries, and there was a third night of unrest in some dutch cities as anna holligan reports. another day of unrest unsettling another european capital. this is brussels tonight.
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what began as an organised peaceful march quickly turned nasty, some protesters threw fireworks at police, others targeted their vehicles. 0fficers intervened with tear gas and water cannon. belgium brought in new rules in response to a sharp rise in infections. demonstrators are mainly angry about the use of covid—i9 passes, which stops the unvaccinated from entering venues such as restaurants or bars. some object to plans to make vaccinations mandatory for health workers. translation: we know that the virus is there. i but we leave it to people to decide whether or not to be vaccinated. translation: i came to give my opinion about freedom _ of expression and individual choice and really, to be able to respect everyone's choices.
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the netherlands witnessed the most extreme violence this weekend. rotterdam was rocked by rioters. police opened fire, shooting at the crowd with live rounds in response to what they described as a life—threatening situation. vandals torched bicycles in the hague, thejustice minister believes organised criminals may be behind this. translation: these i are not demonstrations. these are attacks on police and firefighters. _ more than 50 arrests have been. made and many more will follow. these startling demos happening too in austria, croatia and denmark, reflecting the frustrations around covid—i9 restrictions to things considered necessary to bring down record high infection rates. and there's more trouble here in the netherlands. small groups of people destroying things in the northern city and reports of unrest elsewhere too. it is mostly peaceful now, but the catalyst for the still
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exists in many countries are watching and wondering whether this latest disturbing symptom may be coming their way. the world health organisation has urged governments to redouble their efforts and reinforce the basics. average 48% of the european population is wearing a mask indoors. any percentage above that will have an immediate effect. with varying vaccine rates, getting the shots and is seen as critical. but they will not cure the distrust or divisions seeping through some european societies. anna holligan reporting there. breaking the stereotypes in asian films — as money streams into asian content and movies.
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president kennedy was shot down and died almost immediately. the murder ofjohn kennedy is a disaster for the whole free world. he caught the imagination of the world. the first of a new generation of leaders. margaret thatcher is resigning as leader of the conservative party and prime minister. before leaving number 10 to see the queen, she told her cabinet, "it,'s a funny old world." angela merkel is germany's first woman chancellor, easily securing the majority she needed. attempts to fly the hot—air. balloon had to be abandoned after a few minutes, - but nobody seem to mind very much. as one local comic put it, it is not hot air we need, | it is hard cash. cuba has declared nine days of morning following the death of fidel castro at the age of 90. castro developed close ties with the soviet union in the 1960s and it was an alliance that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war with the cuban missile crisis.
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this is bbc news, our top story: a number of people have died after a car crashed into a crowd in the us state wisconsin. let's stay with that now. you may have seen the police chief, dan thompson, coming out to speak again. the single main point he was making was that schools are closed on monday now in the town itself, and we should properly not be too surprised at that. our north america correspondent peter bowes has this update. really the new information we are getting is the new information that people are dreading, confirmation that people have lost their lives, that there were children involved, including children
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amongst the casualties, more than ten children taken to hospital and we don't know the condition of those people that are being treated for their injuries and so many questions still swelling around this and we just don't know the motive and we know there is someone in custody and we don't know if the authorities are still looking for other people involved in this. the police a little while ago issued a shelter in place order for anyone within half an hour? half anyone within half an hour 7 half a mile of the downtown area where it happened and to stay sheltered in place until the all clear is given. we don't exactly know the reason given and it might be that they simply don't want people going to the area making a situation even more difficult to investigate and that could be the reason, but people have been told the all clear had been told the all clear had been given in terms of safety in terms of the danger to local people being over, but clearly still a lot of tension in the
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area and as i say, lots of questions remaining unanswered. given there is so much we don't know as you pointed out, one has to be very careful with the facts and speculation, but i do appreciate that wausheka is barely an hour from appreciate that wausheka is barely an hourfrom kenosha appreciate that wausheka is barely an hour from kenosha and carl rittenhouse has onlyjust been cleared over the fatal killings of two men and the other being injured and there are people making connections, which is perhaps slightly loose but it's difficult to avoid. is very difficult to avoid because you hear wisconsin, which isn't a state talked about every day but has been high—profile in the news for the last week or so and people understand and want to know if there's any connection and quite plainly we have no suggestion at this stage that there is any connection between the events of the last few days and in the
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last few hours. clearly there was a very strong security presence in kenosha last night and the authorities were prepared in case there was trouble following the decision of the jury, which there wasn't and there have been protests around the us with people protesting and objecting to the decision that the jury came to but by and large those process and demonstrations have been peaceful so it may might well be unfolding and the opposition in venezuela is taking part in regional and local elections for the first time in years, having boycotted them uptil now amid fears that the vote might be rigged. this time president nicolas maduro has made concessions, inviting eu observers and allowing opposition members onto the board that oversees elections. but there's widespread scepticism that any significant political change will take
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place in a country where three—quarters of the population lives in extreme poverty, despite venezuela having the world's largest oil reserves. our south america correspondent katy watson now reports from the oil capital, maracaibo. singing. an ode to venezuela and an over chore to the world. president nicolas maduro pulled out all the stops to look good in these elections. this week, winning a guinness world record for the largest orchestra. this in a country better known for its record inflation. this was a clear display of soft power, a message to the world that it is feeling pretty confident about these elections. but few musicians
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here in venezuela share that confidence. daniel worked for the renowned national orchestra school, but as with so many government jobs, he never got paid. translation: it's been four years and i can't . afford a piano. there are other priorities, like eating. day—to—day living here in venezuela. we have a huge responsibility, especially today. keen to shake his status as international pariah, president maduro invited the eu to observe the vote. for many, it provides reassurance was doubly micro a lot of them actually appreciate our presence, they think that our presence would make the process more transparent. this was once the beating heart of the country's oil riches. now it is a playground for its poor. oil production has been reduced to a trickle, some of which is seeping out the ageing pipes, and destroying the
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beauty that's left. this lake used to sustain venezuela. you got the oil rigs in the back, they used to be a healthy fishing industry, people used to swim in this lake, and now it's totally dead. it is sticky underfoot and the stench is unbearable. yanis has been fishing since he was a boy but his livelihood has been destroyed. nicolas maduro blamed us sanctions for the country's collapse. there is no doubt they have made the economic crisis far worse, but yanis says the government has to take some responsibility. translation: before| they expropriated this, you could see boats working. there weren't as many oil spills. all this was beautiful. now it is just a cemetery. yanis feels abandoned, as do most people who live from the lake. power cuts keep them in the dark here.
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the disused flares often their only guide. but yanis is voting for change. the presidential election in chile is heading for a run—off between candidates at the extremes of the political spectrum. with 80% of ballots counted, the far—right former congressmanjose antonio kast is in the lead with 28% of the vote. in second place with 25% is the left—wing former student leader gabriel boric. india s bollywood films have been going strong for decades — but the global success of south korea's squid game has raised the barfor asian content. with the success of films like crazy rich asians and shang chi and the legend of the ten rings , there s also a shift in how asians are being portrayed in western movies. slowly but surely hollywood s efforts to change stereotypes reflect the realities of its very large audiences in asia, where the online video market is projected to hit $54 billion by 2025. sarah toms reports
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from singapore. think about all the people that have walked these floors. last madame, a surprisingly steamy singaporean tv drama that falls a fictitious female brothel owner in the 1940s. it won best asian drama at the film festival last year. and the executive director says it doesn't hurt that last madame is now on netflix, giving the series an international audience. i think content is a very important part of shredding the racism and the fear of each other�*s culture. and i hope that these platforms will be able to do that so we are able to show more asian content to the world rather than the other way around. video streaming services are investing heavily in asian content. there's been a wave of financial and critical successes for productions
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in the region. south korean dramas are especially popular. tv series like squid game and the films parasite and minari have been huge hits as more realistic portrayals of asian society in western movies. constance lau has seen both sides with the role in last madame after a small part in crazy rich asians, the us blockbuster with an all asian cast. since i was a little girl i always want to be in a hollywood movie. but because i never saw anyone who is similar to me on screen, except for mulan, but she is a disney character, i thought that that was unachievable. and now with all the new and diverse stories that are coming out all over the world i don't think that a lot of us feel the need tojust be in hollywood. i think we can be everywhere now. with films like shang—chi and
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the legend of the ten rings, hollywood has come a long way. but despite its critical success, marvel�*s first asian superhero movie is still another kung fu epic. so there's plenty more room to break down the stereotypes. there is definitely an opportunity there to tell a broader storyline about asians who are not any of those, right7 asians as mothers, asians as fathers, asians as a working parent. asian audiences want realistic stories about real asian people. and they are prepared to pay for it here at the box office and on streaming services. that has film—makers, studios and content platforms working to ensure that cameras keep rolling in asia and for asia. if you go to the website, you will get the latest on the situation in wausheka as the police chief has laid out a
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number of fatalities resulting after a car ploughed into that parade in the city. hello. sunnier, colderweather by day means clearer, frostier conditions at night. and for many, it will be a frost as monday begins, but a fine, dry, sunny day to come. now feeling chilly although temperatures are edging back closer to average for the time of year. we've lost that straight wind from the north and, around this area of high pressure, some less chilly air feeding in. and so temperatures willjust recover closer to average for this time of year. and it is high pressure and that means a lot of dry weather for the next couple days. so cloud going to increase, as we will see in a moment. not much cloud around though first thing monday with the extent of the frost, just the north coast of northern ireland, far north of scotland and down the east coast of england avoiding that frost. northern scotland with cloud and breeze seeing patchy rain, some showers feeding
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in towards kent and sussex and the channel islands. cloud increasing in northern ireland during the day. but for most, it's another sunny day to come and feeling chilly, although temperatures not far from average. it's all relative compared of course with the really mild autumn we've had so far. cloud increases from the north as we go through monday night and into tuesday morning, across scotland, northern ireland, into northern england and wales. the clearer skies in south wales, midlands and toward southern england is where we are most likely to have a frost on tuesday morning. there could also be some mist and fog patches. but frost is less widespread as tuesday begins. but there is more cloud around. despite the cloud, most places stay dry but still some patchy rain across parts of northern and western scotland. best of any lingering sunny spells in southern england, south wales, parts of the midlands too. more tens showing up on the chart here so temperatures have edged up a little. won't last long, though, because through wednesday there's another cold front moving southwards, for thursday
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we're into colder air coming down the north, at the end of the week we're watching this area of low pressure which is likely turn things windier and wetter. later this week, we're getting back into the colder air. as the wind picks up around that area of low pressure, wind chill will be more of a factor, along with an increasing chance of overnight frost. a fairly quiet few days before the weather turns more active later in the week. colder, wetter, windier and an increasing chance of getting some wintry showers as well.
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this is bbc news,
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the headlines: a number of people have been killed and more than 20 people injured, many of them children, after a car crashed into a parade in the city of waukesha in the us state of wisconsin. police are yet to confirm the exact number of fatalities. a suspect is in custody, the scene is now said to be safe. chinese tennis star peng shuai has spoken to officials from the international olympic committee on a video call. the ioc said ms peng assured them she was safe and well but wanted her privacy respected. she hadn't been seen since making sexual assault allegations against a former senior politician. chile's presidential election is heading for a run—off between candidates at the extremes of the political spectrum. the far right former congressmanjose antonio kast will face off next month against the left—wing former student leader gabriel boric. now on bbc news, dateline london.


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