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hello, welcome to bbc news. the headlines: british police say no further action will be taken after dropping a review of sexual assault allegations by an american woman against prince andrew. a top north korean defector to the south tells the bbc he doesn't believe kim jong—un will ever give up the north's nuclear weapons. the fbi says it has uncovered a plot is a national secrets concealed in assemblage. —— a sandwich. new south wales begins to open
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up, providing you have had the jab. and it looks like the red planet but where on earth are these would—be martians? a warm welcome to the programme. we begin in the uk where metropolitan police are taking no further action following a review into sex abuse allegations surrounding prince andrew and jeffrey epstein. virginia giuffre claims she trafficked to the prince by the convicted paedophilejeffrey epstein when she was 17 stop the duke of york has consistently denied the allegations. a civil lawsuit in the us is ongoing. our reporter has more. this is the now famous photograph of virginia jeffrey
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and prince andrew. she claims she was trafficked to the uk and are sexually assaulted by prince andrew, a claim that the prince andrew, a claim that the prince denies. this is her last year with her legal team. she is bringing a civil case against the duke of york in america. the court documents claim he sexually abused her, knowing she was a child. the met police have conducted a series of reviews into the allegations against prince andrew and started another one when details of the civil case became clear. speaking last year, the met commissioner said that nobody is above the law. now in a statement, the met say they have concluded their review and will be taking no further action. virginia giuffre is alleged to have been trafficked to the uk by the american financier and sexual offender, jeffrey epstein. epstein took his life in a new yorkjailhouse in 2019. epstein and prince andrew were friends for a number of years. there have been previous reviews into
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the allegations against prince andrew and jeffrey epstein, explaining their decision to not take further action in those cases, the met said... prince andrew has retired from royal duties and is rarely seen in public. the outcome of this review means there is no prospect of a formal criminal investigation here in the uk, but the met says they will continue to liaise with other law enforcement agencies. graham satchel, bbc news. kim jong—un will never give up his nuclear weapons according to a former senior officer in north korea's spy agency. colonel kim kuk—song defected in 2014. he says he was involved in targeted attacks and assassinations, and even built an illegal drug slab for
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the leader. for decades, one family maintained a brutal grip on north korea, but some slip through its grasp and reveal its secrets. translation: there are many cases where i directed spies i to go to south korea on missions. many cases. he claims kimjong—un gave an order to kill off one of the leaders's main critics. the target was this man, hwang jang—yop. back in 2009, he was a high—profile defender in south korea. translation: it was a gift i to demonstrate kim jong-un's loyalty to his father. that's why this act of terror was organised. the attempt failed. pyongyang always denied it was involved. although some were caught, along with all their kit, the colonel claims agents infiltrated many areas of south korean society, including in the early 1990s,
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this level of starvation is unprecedented... that same decade, as thousands of north koreans staffed in a disastrous famine, the colonel said the cash—strapped leader ordered him to produce and sell illegal drugs. translation: i brought three foreigners into north korea . and built a base to produce crystal meth. all the money into north korea belongs to kim jong—il and kim jong—un. with that money, he built villas, bought cars, bought food, get clothes, enjoy the luxuries. as pyongyang stepped up its weapons programme, it too became a way
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to raise funds. translation: | know - that the operations department made arms deals with iran. as for the types, special midget submarines, semisubmersibles. north korea was very good at building cutting—edge weapons like this. north korea continues to build and test new weapons and missiles. it's been accused of selling arms and technology to a number of countries, which it denies. efforts to encourage the regime to disarm have repeatedly failed. translation: the international community was excited - when kimjong—un and trump met. saying it was for denuclearisation. but i didn't view it that way. in the end, denuclearisation cannot be achieved. why? north korea's nuclear deterrent is tied to
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kim jong—un�*s survival. as the young dictator executed many of his political rivals, the colonel realised he too was at risk. translation: i was the reddest of the red and to abandon my - country and to escape to south korea was the worst grief stricken decision, made in utter distress. while the colonel�*s account is impossible to verify, it serves as a timely reminder that the young leader has proved to be an adept dictator, with only one goal in mind — the survival of his regime. laura bicker, bbc news, seoul. fbi agents have arrested a couple in west virginia on suspicion of selling nuclear warships secrets to what the pair believed was a foreign
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power. they sayjonathan toebbe delivered data cards to an undercover fbi agent for in return for about $100,000 of cryptocurrency. mark lobel has the details. this alleged below the radar attempt to reveal nuclear submarine secrets, now sunk, could have been a thriller the name, the spy who fed me, with data cards slipped into a peanut butter sandwich, and a chewing gum package, with a finale with the title — the spy who bled me, the final data drop—off and a plastic wrapper before the fbi finally cut in. neighbours of the detained couple who live here in this discrete neighbourhood of maryland are in disbelief. wow! laughs. no, it is pretty incredible, it is like out of a movie, you know? it is quite a quiet neighbourhood and everyone is very low — neighbourhood and everyone is very low riding so it was a
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little _ very low riding so it was a little surprising. it begun last april when jonathan toebbe began to sell a restricted data concerning the design of nuclear powered warships to an unnamed foreign power. he wrote... but, the fbi says one of its foreign undercover agents was passed the letter which had a return address in pennsylvania and used encrypted e—mails to smoke the sender out. after sweetener attempt of $10,000 in cryptocurrency and further diplomatic gestures to win trust, jonathan betts. the fbi says he agreed to drop off data in a secret location and west virginia with his wife, a humanities teacher, on the lookout. there, at data code was fed into a peanut butter
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sandwich, for which he received an additional $20,000. then in august, a further drop of an eastern virginia involving a chewing gum package and a $70,000 payoff. finally, the fbi pounced during a third drop—off in west virginia on saturday. the secrets were up for sale on these nuclear powered warships weeks before america agreed to sell similar secrets to the australians in an attempt to counter chinese influence in the asia—pacific region. but, no more as the spy who has been dragged in from the cold will now appear at court on tuesday. mark lobel, bbc news. 16 people have died in a plane crash in russia nearly 1000 kilometres east of moscow. a further six people who were on board the light aircraft were rescued, with serious injuries, and have been taken to hospital. the plane, owned by a local
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flying club, crashed soon after take—off. most of those on board were members of a parachute team. the austrian prime minister will be sworn in head of government later today. he replaces sebastian coates who reside on a saturday after being placed under investigation over allegations of corruption. —— kurz. the new chancellor admits he faces enormous challenges. tens of thousands of poles have been attending rallies to support the eu membership. rallies took place in dozens of cities after controversial ruling against the privacy of european union law, leading to speculation the government was planning what is being called a pole exit from europe. travel between the uk and dozens of other long—haul destinations such as mexico and south africa have just opened
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up. 47 countries were removed from the red list at 4am, meaning arrivals from these locations will no longer need to spend 11 nights in a quarantine hotel. in 20 minutes i will be speaking to the chief executive of provider about those changes to travel restrictions. two restrictions over the northern ireland protocol looks set to come to our head again this week. ministers are trying to make significant changes to what they had agreed to under the terms of the brexit deal, and the eu is due to put its own proposals forward. 0ur brussels correspondentjessica parker gave this update. in terms of each side, they both were different things. backin both were different things. back injuly, they set out significant proposals for significant proposals for significant changes to the northern ireland protocol. the protocol agreed by both sides is designed to preventjacks between ireland and northern ireland. the eu will as we
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bring forward its response and is expected to offer up some compromises, so reducing checks from goods moving from great britain to northern ireland and allowing the continued import as well as chilled meats, handsome of those headlines you may have heard about sausages, but on the issue of how the protocol is to list, brussels is not expected to budge. the uk want to remove the oversight role of the eu top court, the european court ofjustice, and thatis european court ofjustice, and that is a position that lord frost will reiterate in a speech on tuesday. heading into the next week, these brexit dividing lines are becoming clear. coming up — prince charles tells us about his long commitment to environmentalism and why action and not words is now desperately needed. parts of san francisco least affected by the earthquake are returning to life, but in the marina area where most of the damage was done, they are more
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conscious than ever of how much has been destroyed. in the 19 years since he was last here, he has gone from being a little—known revolutionary to an experienced and successful diplomatic operator. it was a 20—pound bomb which exploded on the fifth floor of the grand hotel, ripping a hole in the front of the building. this government will not - weaken, democracy will prevail. it fills me with humility and gratitude to know that i have been chosen as the recipient of this foremost of earthly honours. this catholic nation held its breath for the men they called the 33. and then, bells tolled nationwide to announce the first rescue and chile let out an almighty roar.
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your are with babies: police in britain have completed a review of sexual assault allegations against prince andrew and say no further action will be taken. a former top spy for north korea tells the bbc pyongyang will never give up its weapons. stter in australia, cafe �*s and gyms in sydney have welcomed back customers, 7% of the population having received two doses of the covid vaccine. 70%. let's go live to sydney now, our correspondence there. shaima khalil, people there must be so thrilled to have some freedom at last? someone linin: u- some freedom at last? someone lining up from — some freedom at last? someone
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lining up from midnight - some freedom at last? someone lining up from midnight outside i lining up from midnight outside pubs and restaurants, waiting for the clock to strike midnight, for them to be able to enjoy a drink out with trends, is the first step out of lot down after more than 100 days, it is a very exciting day in life is going to look quite different, even though there are still restrictions and limitations in place, it will look different for those residents in new south wales who had the double jabs. as the state has reached 70%, it means cafe �*s and restaurants and pubs, hairsalons cafe �*s and restaurants and pubs, hair salons and gyms are open, it was nice to go and get my morning coffee this morning and see the local cafe opening up and see the local cafe opening up the tables and chairs ready to receive customers, some have started their day at the gym as early as six o'clock in the morning, i will not doing that but i did get a hair appointment which was my big news and while all of this is quite exciting, there are rules and restrictions still in
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place, for example, inside venues, only 20 people are allowed together with social distancing and masks still mandatory in the big feature is that it mandatory in the big feature is thatitis mandatory in the big feature is that it is up to businesses to make sure customers have to show a proof of vaccination when they come in. i show a proof of vaccination when they come in.- show a proof of vaccination when they come in. i was about to ask that, _ when they come in. i was about to ask that, talk _ when they come in. i was about to ask that, talk as _ when they come in. i was about to ask that, talk as to _ when they come in. i was about to ask that, talk as to how - to ask that, talk as to how this works, because for businesses, these new logistics they got to put in place, new processes. absolutely, and this is the first thing we heard from the emir today, dominic perrottet, while it is a big step, they will be challenges and teething problems in the logistics will be interesting, to see how it plays out. there has been the talk of vaccination passports, these have not materialised yet, the mere talk of them has been quite controversial. what we are being asked, you are asked to show your official vaccination certificate to show you've been double jabs. interesting in the next few
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days to see how robust the businesses will be in asking for those, businesses will be in asking forthose, how businesses will be in asking for those, how forthcoming people will be but if there will be fallout from this, especially with those that the first jab and especially with those that the firstjab and says it's not our fault we had to wait that long for our second job and we won't feel left out in this coming few days. essentially new south wales is the first place in australia to move from elimination or zero covid to actually reopening and ramping up actually reopening and ramping up those vaccination numbers so i think the rest of the country will be watching quite closely to see what living with the virus looks like in the practicalities of how it will work. thank you for now, shaima, we look forward to seeing the new look. so much more to come. now that bring you all the latest sport. hello there, this is sport. we start with foot well. france have beaten spain 2—1 two in the us the nation �*s league title.
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after a goalless first half, spain was leaving shortly after the one hour. less than two hours later, benzima levelled the scores before mbappe got the scores before mbappe got the winner. the world champions held on emmaline. before that in turin, italy beat belgium, two second—half goals saw roberto man seni's side get back to winning ways after their world record streak of 37 games unbeaten and did last week at the hands of spain. belgian, top in the world, saw their defence reached too often yet again. we their defence reached too often et auain.~ ., their defence reached too often etauain.~ ., . yet again. we cannot concede five goals _ yet again. we cannot concede five goals into _ yet again. we cannot concede five goals into games, - yet again. we cannot concede five goals into games, we - five goals into games, we cannot concede to penalties even the decisions are not correct and that something we need to be very much responsible about it. wales are backin responsible about it. wales are back in action when they travel to estonia in group e. rob
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page's side drew 2—2 with the czech republic on friday nothing less than victory will do with the checks up against bottom of the table belarus. max first up and has taken the lead of the formula one after the term —— turkish grand prix. thanks verstappen. lewis hamilton got as high as third until the late pitstop put in fifth. his mercedes team—mates took the chequered flag for the first time this season. 11 hamilton standings, with six races to go. andy murray has moved to the third round of the indian wales masters after a win over his spanish opponent. he recovered after losing the first set, dropping just five games and after that, to get 5— 76-3, 6-2. games and after that, to get 5— 76—3, 6—2. later on monday, defending champion and former us us open champion bianca
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andreescu played. that is the latest sports stories. the prince of wales are spoken exclusively to the bbc ahead of the cop26 talks of climate change. 0ur correspondence was invited to his arboretum near aberdeen. this was a rather empty field of the farmer didn't need any more. the thing is, i managed to plant in the same year that my grandson was born, my eldest, george, so i thought i'd recall that prince george's. i'd recall that prince george's-_ i'd recall that prince george's. i'd recall that prince georue's. ,, ., , i'd recall that prince georue's. ,, . george's. this is what is so interesting, _ george's. this is what is so interesting, coming - george's. this is what is so interesting, coming back. george's. this is what is so | interesting, coming back 50 years later and talking indisputable garden of yours, but the narrative has changed. a lot of the things you've said i now mainstream. going to glasgow to talk about the issues. , , ., ~ ., issues. they 'ust talk, and the roblem issues. they 'ust talk, and the problem is — issues. theyjust talk, and the problem is to _ issues. theyjust talk, and the problem is to get _ issues. theyjust talk, and the problem is to get action - issues. theyjust talk, and the problem is to get action on . issues. theyjust talk, and the | problem is to get action on the ground. 40 years.—
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ground. 40 years. what other eo - le ground. 40 years. what other peeple protest. _ ground. 40 years. what other people protest, what - ground. 40 years. what other people protest, what about i people protest, what about extinction rebellion? d0 people protest, what about extinction rebellion? do you understand _ extinction rebellion? do you understand why _ extinction rebellion? do you understand why christian - extinction rebellion? do you | understand why christian yes, but isn't helpful to do it in a way that alienates people so i totally understand the frustration, the difficulty is how do you direct that frustration in a way that is more constructive rather than destructive? the point is, people should really notice how despairing so many young are. let me ask you this, is our government doing enough to make these things happen? i couldn't possibly comment. you've got a pretty hefty carbon footprint. really like this, it must take a lot of gas to heat a palace. yes, but i have tried a very long time to make sure the heating is done in a way that is as sustainable as possible. i put in boiler systems, solar panels, i got electric cars, it's not been so difficult. one thing nobody _ it's not been so difficult. one
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thing nobody knows - it's not been so difficult. one thing nobody knows about you is you are a bit of a clarkson, jeremy clarkson, a bit of a petrolhead and you've always enjoyed cars. petrolhead and you've always enjoyed ears-— enjoyed cars. no, no... that was before _ enjoyed cars. no, no... that was before we _ enjoyed cars. no, no... that was before we knew - enjoyed cars. no, no... that was before we knew what i enjoyed cars. no, no... that| was before we knew what the problems were, particularly, but mailed aston martin which i had for 51 years, that runs on surplus english white wine. what would you say to people watching this in terms of diet. should they be eating less meat? , , , , ., should they be eating less meat? , , ,, ., ., meat? the business of what we eat of course — meat? the business of what we eat of course is _ meat? the business of what we eat of course is important. - meat? the business of what we eat of course is important. forl eat of course is important. for years, i haven't eaten meat and fish on two days a week, and i don't eat dairy products on monday. i mean, that's one way to do it. if you did that, more did that, you would reduce a lot of the pressure on the environment and everything else. prince charles that stop now to
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mars, and the dream of human exploration, rovers like nasa's perseverance and its ingenuity helicopter have offered a new insight into the red banner�*s surface, reigniting our fascination but there is another mission under way, a little closer to home that may also prove bushel or getting humans to mars and beyond, as tanya dent rios reports. bounding on the red planet, a captivating dream that has long mesmerised us, but this is not mars. this is the israeli desert. we have researchers from 25 nations gathering here to simulate the first human mission on mars, so we have a carefully selected crew of six astronauts from various countries, who are mimicking our first steps of society on the red planet. for the next month, the ramon crater, selected for its unique geological features, will be centre—stage for research into human mars missions.
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a series of experiments in fields ranging from biology to geology will be undertaken by the crew, along with a team of engineersm who will be looking at improving autonomous navigation on the planet where gps is not an option. we are six people, working in a tight space, under a lot of pressure to do a lot of tests. there are bound to be challenges but i trust my crew that we are able to overcome the challenges. we have a motto of "fail fast, fail cheap and have a steep learning curve" because, for every mistake we make here, on earth, we hopefully don't repeat it on mars because we have done it before. those behind this earthly simulation mission believe that people who will, one day, take those historic first steps on mars are already born — a dream inching closer to reality. tanya dendrinos, bbc news. we've got all the top business stories coming up next on the bbc said to stay with us, among my guests, the chief executive
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of trivago talking about the changes of travel restrictions. see you soon. hello. last week brought us some heavy rain followed by some particularly warm weather. the week ahead, well, things will be much drier, rain mainly confined to the north of scotland, but it will be also cooler. temperatures will actually be around average but there will be incursions of chilly air towards the north and east at times, all running around the eastern edge of an area of high pressure which will dominate through this week. that's what's happening into monday, but we're on the edge of it, so we're going to have a rather chilly start — certainly compared with the morning commutes we saw at the end of last week. much cooler out there — temperatures down into mid—single figures as we start the day. but there'll be a lot of dry weather to begin with for england, wales and northern ireland. a bit of patchy mist and fog
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with some good sunny spells. the sunshine will be a bit hazy, and that's because we've got a weather front pushing in, mainly across the north and west of scotland, where the rain will be persistent in the highlands and the western isles. some of that rain willjust extend erratically to parts of southern scotland, maybe the far north—east of england, but most places away from the north will stay dry. still breezy, but not as breezy as it has been across northern scotland. lerwick in the colder air at nine degrees. still pleasantly warm with the heavy sunshine further south, 16 or17, a bit above where we should be for this stage in october. as we go into monday night that weather front is still there, bringing rain and drizzle across parts of scotland, also down across some eastern parts of england. but it does mean more cloud around. the temperatures shouldn't drop too much, and there'll be clear skies in the south. some mist and fog initially to start tuesday. we could also see some aurora hopefully on monday night, but cloud amounts will be crucial. that's because we do have that weather front draped in across the eastern edge of a high—pressure
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system for tuesday. the exact position could change a little bit, but certainly across parts of scotland, maybe into the north and east of england, the chance of some light rain and drizzle. 0n the eastern edge of it, we'll drag in some colder air. temperatures around ten to 12 degrees for scotland and parts of eastern england, whereas to the west of that weather front 18 degrees possible with some sunshine breaking through the cloud. a bit more sunshine and dry on wednesday. more of a westerly drift, so those eastern areas should warm a little bit once again, back into the mid—teens. only a few showers across the far north and north—west of scotland, but as we going to thursday, heavy rain pushes its way southwards across scotland. that's going to bring some colder conditions into the north as we go through the latter stage of the week and potentially some overnight frost. further south it does get colder, but it stays dry.
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time for the top business stories. blue skies ahead for uk travellers, the red list is reduced to seven countries, we talk to the boss of trivago on how crucial the move is for the tourism industry. british pig farmers want time is running out and demand action from the government as a labour shortage leaves at 20,000 pigs at risk of slaughter. and plant —based nuggets are on the menu at burger king. we assess the growing appetite for meat free food, with some estimates of it being worth $40 billion within the next decade.


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