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hello. this is bbc news. i'm sally bundock with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. the secret wealth of dozens of world leaders, from the king ofjordan to the president of russia, exposed in one of the biggest ever leaks of financial documents dubbed the pandora papers. bbc panorama in a year—long joint investigation involving more than 650 journalists has had access to 12 million documents, sparking allegations of corruption, money—laundering and global tax avoidance. new travel rules come into force in the uk with a traffic light system simplified and replaced by one single red list.
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beaches are closed in southern california as a large oil spill washes ashore, leaving dead wildlife on the sand. and two new streams of lava erupt from the la palma volcano as activity intensifies. very warm welcome to the programme. we begin with a massive leak of financial documents which has exposed the secret wealth and business dealings of hundreds of world leaders, politicians and millionaires. —— and billionaires. around 35 current and former leaders and more than 300 public officials are featured in the files from offshore companies. they have been dubbed the �*pandora papers'.
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the files include revelations about the financial dealings of the king ofjordan, the former british prime minister tony blair, the russian president vladimir putin and the czech prime minister andrej babis. the examination of the files has been organised by the international consortium of investigative journalists. in the uk, the investigation has been led by bbc panorama and the guardian. bbc panorama's richard bilton reports. it is one of the world's most glamorous addresses. so this is david beckham's place coming up on our right. this is david beckham's place? uh-huh. home to the stars. that is simon cowell�*s place right there. just there? but even the guides don't know who owns one imposing villa on malibu's cliffs. who lives here, on this house on the left, just here now? who lives here? i have no idea. extremely impressive. the secret owner has bought the properties on either side, too. we know his identity because of a huge leak
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of offshore documents. they were obtained by the international consortium of investigativejournalists and shared with more than 600 reporters, including the guardian in the uk. the documents show the malibu property was held through a company called nabisco holdings, but the real owner is abdullah al—sharif al—hussein, the king ofjordan. call to prayer plays. king abdullah�*s country is not rich. jordan is getting, overfive years, £650 million of uk aid. but we found the king owned properties in washington and london as well, 15 in total. he spent £70 million. it's just very, very difficult for the averagejordanian to achieve just sort of home and family and a good job. to have it really thrown injordanians' faces that he has just been sort of funnelling money abroad all this time, that —
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that would look really bad. the king ofjordan�*s lawyers said there is nothing improper about his ownership of properties and the source of funds is personal wealth, which he also uses to fund projects forjordan�*s citizens. the files show a property deal involving a former uk prime minister. this is not about hiding wealth offshore, but tony blair did benefit from a loophole. 0ffshore trusts get tax relief while homeowners pay vat on insurance premiums. we will create a tax system that is fair, which is related to ability to pay. applause. on his way to power, tony blair promised tax reform but he and his wife saved money when they bought this place in central london in 2017. it cost them £6.5 million. the stamp duty on a property like this would be more
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than £300,000 — that is what you or i would pay if we bought this property direct from someone else, but the blairs did not pay it. that is because the property was owned by an offshore company, and the blairs bought that company rather than the property itself. no rules were broken, no stamp duty to pay. that does not look great and so, even if what the blairs did was perfectly legal, perfectly legitimate in the business world, it feels instinctively really unfair because they got access to an advantage — a potential advantage — that the rest of us don't have. cherie blair told the bbc they did not request to structure the transaction this way and that after purchase, they had brought the property under uk tax and regulatory rules. a spokesman added the couple will be liable for capital gains tax on resale. richard bilton, bbc news.
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here are some of the other revelations in the pandora papers. the investigation found azerbaijan's president and his associates are secretly involved in 17 property deals in the uk worth more than $541 million. the files also found the president of cyprus' own legal firm appeared to have provided fake owners for a rich russian client, though this is strongly disputed. documents also show the czech prime minister, who is facing an election next week, failed to declare an offshore investment company used to purchase two villas for $60 million in the south of france. andrej babis has responded to the pandora papers' allegations on social media. he said on twitter he had never done anything illegal or wrong, calling the claims an effort to try to denigrate him and influence the czech parliamentary elections.
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and you can read more about today's expose on the bbc news app or at our website, and over the coming days, we will also be bringing you more revelations from the pandora papers, including the financial dealings of three major donors to the uk governing conservative party. changes to the traffic light system for international travel is coming into effect today across the uk. amber and green lists will be merged into a single rest of the world category while the red list will remain. 0ther category while the red list will remain. other changes include testing requirements. you are fully vaccinated and returning from a country not on the red list, you will no longer need a predeparture test. katy austin has more. since international travel started to open up again, we've got used to a traffic light system of rules. today it's
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changing. there will still be a red list of countries, meaning passengers must pay to quarantine in a government approved hotel when they return to the uk but from today there are no green and amber list. fully vaccinated passengers returning from more than 50 non— red list countries longer have to take over test the uk. —— covid—19 test. i don't have to self—isolate or take a test on day eight after arriving either. for now everyone under under fives must still pay for a pcr test two days after they arrive. people who have not been jabbed arrive. people who have not beenjabbed have arrive. people who have not been jabbed have to take a test before travelling to the uk and when they get here they must self—isolate for ten days and take the day to make and they ate test. the travel industry had complained the old testing regime was deterring as unjust. the airline lufthansa is currently flying 60% of pre—pandemic services but plans to ramp up further in the winter. the uk announced the latest changes they have seen bookings rise. as the pandemic
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has continued, it's been another extremely turbulent yearfor another extremely turbulent year for global aviation. industry group airlines uk said travel would now be easier and cheaper and next they hope to see more countries come off the red list. katy austin, bbc news. let's get some of the day's other news. japan's parliament is about to hold an extraordinary session in which fumio kishida is expected to be confirmed as the country's next prime minister. kishida won the liberal democratic party's leadership election last week and is widely seen as an establishment candidate. he replaces outgoing prime minister yoshihide suga but he must call a general election before the end of november. a week after germany's inconclusive general election, the outgoing chancellor angela merkel has urged politicians to resolve their differences. her conservative cdu party narrowly trailed the centre—left sdp at the polls, leaving both hoping to clinch a coalition with the smaller greens and the free democrats. negotiations are likely to take weeks, leaving mrs merkel
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in a care—taking position in the meantime. the swedish cartoonist lars vilks, whose caricatures of the prophet mohammed caused outrage in the muslim world has died in a car crash. he was 75. two police officers who were protecting him also died when the car they were all in collided with a truck in markaryd in southern sweden. the driver of the truck is in hospital. an investigation is set to start into why a light plane piloted by one of romania's richest man crushed shortly after taking off malan in italy, killing the billionaire, his wife and son in five others on board. witnesses say the plane was already on fire before it struck an empty building in a nearby town —— milan. north korea has restored communication hotlines with south korea at the same time as
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urging seoul to step up efforts to include times. pyongyang cut off the lines in early august, days after reopening them for first time in a year in protest againstjoint military exercises involving south korea and the united states. live to seoul and talk this through with laura bicker. laura, this is seen as a conditional olive branch. tell us more. morning. these hotlines _ branch. tell us more. morning. these hotlines are _ branch. tell us more. morning. these hotlines are on - branch. tell us more. morning. these hotlines are on again - branch. tell us more. morning. | these hotlines are on again and off again and remember they were switched onjust off again and remember they were switched on just briefly in august as a gesture of goodwill, according to a state media release by kimjong—un, and then they were cut off again when south korea took part in those joint military exercises and today at 9am local time, exercises and today at 9am localtime, communication local time, communication between north localtime, communication between north and south carolina was once again restored. these hotlines, there are many of them and they include fax lines and they go through various departments and the whole point is to avoid
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rising tensions, avoid accidental clashes between the military and there are two calls, one in the morning and one at night. but they have not been happening regularly for over one year now. in the state media release which was put out today from north korea, quote kimjong—un as today from north korea, quote kim jong—un as saying this is a gesture towards durable peace but he has also said to seoul he wants to see active changes towards inter— korean politics. —— policies. this is something we're looking at here because this is an auspicious date when it comes to korean relations. backin it comes to korean relations. back in 2007, the two of them leaders signed an historic inter— korean agreement to work towards peace, economic and military cooperation and it could well be that by restoring the hotlines today, kim jong—un is once again dangling the prospect of inter— korean talks at a special time because here in south korea, we are going towards a presidential election. there will be a new
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leader come march and kim jong—un cannot guarantee that a new leader of the health career will be as happy to him as the current one. —— new leader of south korea. 50 current one. -- new leader of south korea.— south korea. so this is after a few tests in the _ south korea. so this is after a few tests in the run-up - south korea. so this is after a few tests in the run-up to - south korea. so this is after a j few tests in the run-up to this few tests in the run—up to this olive branch as it were so if you put it into context for us, laura? fix, you put it into context for us, laura? �* , ., ., , you put it into context for us, laura? , ., , ., laura? a number of reasons for these missile _ laura? a number of reasons for these missile test _ laura? a number of reasons for these missile test and - laura? a number of reasons for. these missile test and remember pyongyang has shown off four new weapon systems in a month and that is =— shows how precisely pyongyang is able to continue producing new weapons, despite being under these strict international sanctions. and they test these it is clear that have weapons to test but yes, it's also pressuring seoul and washington to say look, we have the upper hand and if you want us to stop testing you had better give us something. it looks like pyongyang is looking for an easing of sanctions and right now they are under very strict international sanctions
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but the us does not look like they want to give them away at this time. it may well be they are looking at seoul right now. let's be friends with seoul in the hope that they can then together pressure the united states to perhaps is sanctions. whether or not the plan will work, certainly the biden administration has said they will talk anytime, anywhere, they are not putting sanctions on the first on the table at this time. on the first on the table at this time-— on the first on the table at this time. �* . ., ., �* m this time. again, laura bicker in seoul- _ this time. again, laura bicker in seoul- -- _ this time. again, laura bicker in seoul. -- thank— this time. again, laura bicker in seoul. -- thank you. - a large oil slick has begun washing ashore in southern california. beaches in orange county, south—east of los angeles, have been closed as oil and dead wildlife wash up on the sand. almost 500,000 litres of oil have leaked from a pipeline connected to an offshore oil rig. courtney bembridge reports. california is known for its beaches, but not like this. clumps of oil and tar the size of softballs scatter the shoreline, as well as dead birds and fish. more than 120,000 gallons of
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oil has leaked into the ocean from a broken pipeline five miles off the coast. we are in the midst of a potential ecological disaster here at huntington beach, and as the exhibits and pictures here illustrate, the oil spill has significantly impacted our community. the broken pipeline is connected to an offshore oil platform run by a subsidiary of houston—based amplify energy. the company says the pipeline has now been shut off and the remaining oil suctioned out. it has been maintained. we are investigating, if the pipeline is the source of this, how this happened. a huge clean—up operation is under way to try to stop the oil reaching sensitive wetlands nearby and people are being urged to avoid the beaches. you can feel the vapour in the air. i saw what i'll describe as little pancake clusters of oil along the shoreline
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and i've described it as something like an egg yolk — if you push it, it kind of spreads out, so we don't want people to disturb those little clusters. local authorities say it is too soon to say whether the company responsible will face criminal charges. courtney bembridge, bbc news. still to come: the us weighs in on rising tensions between taiwan and china. this was a celebration by people who were relishing in theirfreedom. they believe everything's going to be different from now on. they think their country will be respected in the world once more as it used to be before slobodan milosevic took power. the dalai lama, the exiled spiritual leader of tibet has won this year's
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nobel peace prize. as the parade was reaching its climax, two grenades exploded and a group of soldiersjumped from a military truck taking part in the parade and ran towards the president, firing kalashnikov automatic rifles. after 437 years, the skeleton ribs of henry viii's _ tragic warship emerged. but even as divers work - to buoy her up, the mary rose went through another. heart—stopping drama. i want to be the people's governor. i want to represent everybody. i believe in the people of california. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: the secret wealth and business dealings of hundreds of world leaders, politicians and billionaires has been exposed in one of the biggest leaks of financial documents dubbed
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the pandora papers. new travel rules come into the uk. 0ne single red list. to another issue of global alarm. now to another issue of global alarm. the united states says it's very concerned about what it called "provocative military activity" by china near taiwan. it follows flights by chinese militaryjets into taiwanese air defence zones over the past three days, raising tensions between the island and beijing. a former assistant of defence jones is live from california. first of all, give us your thoughts on why this is happening now on the part of china? fin
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happening now on the part of china? . ., , ., china? on october one, the peeple's — china? on october one, the people's republic _ china? on october one, the people's republic of - china? on october one, the people's republic of china l people's republic of china celebrated the 72nd anniversary of its establishment and so the warplanes was going on to taiwan and events identification zone, the number 77, unprecedented unto this point and historic, the second is because china has been very upset about the strengthening relationship between the united states and taiwan and that has been an ongoing thing over the last few years and stretches across party lines. the trump administration did quite a bit and thejoe biden and the joe biden administration and thejoe biden administration has doubled down. the third reason is frankly china needs to practise going to war and when you look at that literature they talk
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about fighting under realistic fighting conditions, realistic combat conditions and if you're going to try to retake taiwan, which is part of their narrative, that taiwan is part of china, it makes sense to train near or even over the area into which a future arms conflict might occur. some of the reasons why we have seen the reasons why we have seen the action taken up.— the action taken up. what can diffuse the — the action taken up. what can diffuse the situation? - the action taken up. what can diffuse the situation? the - the action taken up. what can diffuse the situation? the us| diffuse the situation? the us and taiwan — diffuse the situation? the us and taiwan have _ diffuse the situation? the us and taiwan have done - diffuse the situation? the us and taiwan have done an - and taiwan have done an enormous amount already. whether it is arms sales, for example taiwan acquired 66 f 16 v's last year. lots of asymmetric types of systems that can thwart the chinese operation or other types of attacks it might launch against the island. a lot being done
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but frankly even more needs to be done because pla modernisation and professionalisation is making it a more difficult adversarial to defeat. in the future you will see the us and taiwan working more closely together and also bringing in like—minded allies in partners. we saw with japan, for example, when the formerjapanese prime minister, underscored the japanese concerns. the us, australia and uk agreement a couple of weeks ago on nuclear powered submarines which would complicate china's ability to attack the island with all three countries working together in that domain. thank ou for together in that domain. thank you for sharing _ together in that domain. thank you for sharing your— together in that domain. thank you for sharing your analysis i you for sharing your analysis on the situation unfolding in taiwan. let's bring you
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up—to—date with the latest sports news. there was a riproaring rollercoaster match at enfield. liverpool and manchester city sharing four goals as they battled it out. —— anfield. an equaliser after 70 minutes. a magnificent effort put liverpool ahead before it became too—2. chelsea stay top. liverpool second. manchester city third. i love the premier _ manchester city third. i love the premier league - manchester city third. i love the premier league so - manchester city third. i love the premier league so the l the premier league so the premier league is here so congratulations liverpool and of course my players and the backroom stuff. they were fighting to win the premier league last year. a game of ups and downs and highs and lows. the second half was a game we wanted — the second half was a game we wanted to— the second half was a game we wanted to see. the beauty of
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the vault _ wanted to see. the beauty of the vault. both teams going for it. nobody gave up. we should have _ it. nobody gave up. we should have scored a third. an it. nobody gave up. we should have scored a third.— have scored a third. an action acked have scored a third. an action packed day — have scored a third. an action packed day of _ have scored a third. an action packed day of football. - have scored a third. an action packed day of football. some| packed day of football. some surprising results. leaders in france, spain and germany all suffering defeat. psg had their first leg loss. marissa by katina did not have a single shot on target. —— marissa —— mauricio pochettino. bayern munich with a defeat and now one point clear of the lead. spain's prime minister has promised millions of dollars in reconstruction aid to la palma
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because of the volcanic eruption. incredibly the eruption is into a third week. more love and more force. all that lover and ash pouring into the sky higher and higher. —— lava. the potential for and higher. —— lava. the potentialfor more and higher. —— lava. the potential for more people to be evacuated. they have been out of their homes for a fortnight. i was talking to the director of the canary island volcanic institute and he said he expects this eruption to continue for at least another ten days and potentially another two months and even then, when in the volcanic eruption stops, went the lava stops flowing, that is not the end of the story. it could take years to recover because there are vast lava trails across the landscape, going through towns and villages, destroying over 1000 homes. communication
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lines, infrastructure has been destroyed. what to do with that lava and how to live with it is a major question for the future thatis a major question for the future that is dominating the future potential of people's lives and their livelihoods as well. there are people still living here, right in the shadow of the volcano. some have said they have had enough, after a fortnight. they cannot get sleep, they want to leave. i've also spoken to people who live with that volcano effectively into their back garden per se, as long as the authorities will let me, i will stay and see it out. but this is already much more that it has seen stop it has produced twice the amount of lava of the previous eruption 50 years ago and it is still unknown how long that will continue and how much more lava it will produce and how much more disruption and destruction it will produce. we
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have so much more for you in all our business coverage, including more on the travel changes and we will hear from willie walsh among others. see you soon. hello. we're eyeing up another area of low pressure, another spell of wind and rain heading into parts of the uk overnight monday into tuesday. until then, it is showers, not quite as windy for monday. it will still be breezy out there, especially in wales and england. so, on this brisk flow of air coming in from the west, the showers mostly across western areas developing low pressure, though, to the southwest will bring that rain — later in the day — that next area of low pressure. starting numbers for monday, showers, some heavy, just running through southeast england and east anglia early on before they're clearing away. then many eastern areas will be largely dry for the rest of the day, just the odd hit and miss shower. a scattering of showers to the west, any where you catch a shower could be heavy, could be some hail mixed in and perhaps the rumble of thunder. and as for temperatures, we're topping out at around
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13—17 celsius, some decent spells of sunshine around. rain gathering, though, to the southwest, that next area of low pressure pushing the rain into southwest england and wales. some of this will be heavy on monday evening. then it feeds across the rest of england, and then going into tuesday, it's a question ofjust how far north that rain is going to get. quite a chilly night, though, in scotland and northern ireland, where it stays clear with lighter winds on tuesday morning. so, something to plan for in the detail of where this band of rain is going to come to a halt on tuesday, maybe affecting parts of northern england, but also toward southern and eastern scotland, so we will keep you updated on that. there will be showers elsewhere though much of northwest scotland and northern ireland will avoid the rain from this weather system, it will be a cool day on tuesday and near that rain, there's a chance of gales as well. the area of low pressure will slowly move away into the north sea as we go on into wednesday with high pressure building in behind. still breezy across eastern areas
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with early showers or some spells of rain slowly easing. lighter winds elsewhere with some sunshine around, clouding up again towards northern ireland and parts of scotland later in the day as outbreaks of rain move in on wednesday. now, later in the week, there's a change of weather pattern, if you like, low pressure. this is ex—hurricane sam in the northwest. a trailing weather front, though, will be sitting across parts of scotland and northern ireland thursday into friday with a chance of rain, whereas elsewhere, high pressure is building in. now, all parts will turn milder, but drierfor wales and england, quite a bit of cloud, though, and some mist and fog around.
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hello again you are with bbc news, my name is sally bundock so let's bring you the top business stories. the chancellor will commit £500 million to a newjob support programmes is the uk grapples with a shortage of skilled workers. 0pec and its allies meet today to decide on how much oil to release into a red—hot market as prices rise to three year highs. and it shares are suspended in evergrande is the debtladen chinese property giant fails to meet interest payments.


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