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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  October 2, 2021 11:45pm-12:01am BST

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chatting. enjoy the rest of lovely chatting. enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a very good evening. thank you. and thank you forjoining us here tonight. i will see you tomorrow and until then, good night. hello and a very warm welcome to this week's film review on bbc news. guess who's with me and guess what were talking about? there are no prizes for guessing this week, are there, mark? hello. yes, it's quite a big week. we have no time to die — james bond is back, finally. we have next door which is a satirical psychodrama. and we have redemption of a rogue
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which is a dark musical comedy. and... i almost feel nervous for the producers of bond. there just feels like there's so much, so much riding on this for british cinema. it's been such a long wait, you know, 18 months. so the first thing to say is — i know you haven't seen it yet, many people will be seeing it this weekend. so let's not discuss plot at all, 0k? let's just say that after it having been delayed for so long, obviously people have got huge expectations. and i actually thought it was pretty good and better than i expected. it has the seriousness of on her majesty's secret service, it has the grittiness that we've come to know from daniel craig back to casino royale. but it also has the globe—trotting scenery, it has the action set pieces and it has gadgets. cast includes ben whishaw as q, lashana lynch as a new 00 agent. here is a clip. your watch.
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it contains a limited radius, electromagnetic pulse. it will short any circuit in a hard—wired network if you get close enough. mmhm. and how strong is it? it's fairly strong. 'fairly strong?�* what's that mean? we haven't had the chance to test it properly, just be careful. right, this is qdar. it will map the space as you move through it. don't touch that. and smart blood, it will track you and your vitals. bond, you don't mind a shot or two whilst at work? shall we? well i haven't had a drink for 3 or [i — ouch. . . hours. wow, doesn't sound like you. they chuckle. i'm glad it's making me laugh, and i love ben whishaw in that role, and we love the gadgets, so, so far all good.
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and he's made that roll his own, he's done a really brilliant job of that. so, it has thejokes, 0k? it has the action set pieces, it has lea seydoux who is absolutely terrific. more importantly, it has consequences. i mean, i've always said that the characters are only ever as interesting is what they have to lose. if a character has nothing to lose, there is no drama. and i think what this does a very good job of is balancing the stuff that you want from a bond movies. so, you know, the set pieces, the action set pieces, the scenery — all that stuff. but also with a genuine sense of personaljeopardy that is at the heart of all really good dramas. i mean, yes, there are nods to dr no and you only live twice. you hear a queue that casts you back to on her majesty's secret service very early on. and what you get is this kind of sense that it's notjust surface, there is something more important happening underneath. i mean obviously part of me's watching it thinking, i wonder what danny boyle
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would have have done, because, you know, he was on board some time ago now. this is very solidly directed, the action set pieces are very well done, the direction feels very, very confident. the script went through a number of rewrites that phoebe waller—bridge famously came in and did, a polish on it. and there are times that the script feels a little bit like a lot of different voices talking in the same room. but, that said, the underlying dna of the film is strangely coherent. and actually, since i saw it — i only saw it last night — i thought about it more and more and i thought about the way in which the plot very cleverly plays with the idea of family, whether it's personal or whether it's political, or whether it's criminal, and really intertwines that into the dna of the plot. i'd also like to say, daniel craig is my favourite bond. oh, is he? ohhh. he is, he is. and i think it's important to acknowledge that he comes from a lineage that goes from george lazenby to timothy dalton, and dalton is the great underrated bond and i think he picks up that kind of — the mantle from him.
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so i was really very impressed, and i are gone and thinking after all this time, it's going to be, you know, it'll be ok. it'll be ok. yeah. much better than ok. i've heard it said that it helps if you've seen spectre to get the plot — obviously without giving any plot spoilers. do you think you need to have seen spectre or does it stand alone in terms of understanding what's going on? i — well, i mean, put it this way, the first bond film i ever saw, having not seen any bond films, was live and let die with roger moore, i had no idea what was going on but there was a bunch of stuff that was exciting. so on any level bond will — but i mean, who in the world hasn't seen spectre? have you not — you've seen spectre. no, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, but recently re—watched so that i understand it next week. it kinda helps but, you know, i think it makes sense in and of itself. i mean, not all the daniel craigs were great — you know, question of sport was a bit all over the place, but i do think this is a really good film. laughs, question of sport! yeah... quantum of solace, pond of wood, what was that about?
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laughter. ok, well, we're all going to see this weekend and we're all going to have fun and that's lovely, isn't it? and how lovely to get back in cinemas with a big action film, that's fantastic. our second choice... yes, there are other movies as well. yes, i know there are! i know, so daniel bruhl directs and stars in a somewhat stagey kind of tragicomedy. he plays an actor, he kind of himself. he's on his way to an audition for a superhero movie. he pops into a bar, he is waylaid by bruno, played by peter kurth who initially seems like a fan, then starts criticising his role — said, "i saw those films you made, that stasi one, it was rubbish." and daniel bruhl�*s character keeps trying to leave but every time he tries to leave the barfly kind of tells him another detail about his life that you suddenly realise that he knows everything about this actor's life. and the film's about a number of things — on the one hand it's a satire on celebrity, the way in which actors behave like they know everything but they don't. on the other hand it's kind of a political satire about reunification and gentrification. and it's also a kind of cat and mouse psychodrama, it is kind of stagey, you can imagine seeing it on stage, just the bar set, just the two characters just gnawing at
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each other — every time he tries to leave he has to come back in again. i kind of enjoyed it. there's even a tinge of horror to it. it sounds creepy. it is creepy but in a good creepy way. and again, at the beginning i thought, ok fine, i can see where this is going. 20 minutes in i didn't mind. it was like, this is fine because it's got a creepy, slightly nasty seedy edge to it which i liked. ok, interesting, and i really like daniel bruhl, he's really interesting. redemption of a rogue? a dark musical comedy with the biblical twist. so, aaron monaghan isjimmy who's a wretch who returns to his home town where everyone hates them, including his father who promptly dies, and then it starts raining, and his father's will says he cannot be buried unless it stops raining. but everyone in the town starts to think it's not going to stop raining until he is buried. here's a clip. no. how much do you want to cover the cost of the funeral? you think this act of god is caused by my father? |
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oh, yes. which would mean that my father is god. - we didn't say that now. which would make i me...the son of god. go on out of that now. and if i am the son of god then...| am the lord. - here on earth. to deliver god's judgement. judgement? did you ever think this plague might be god'sjudgement on you? - laughs. you were really enjoying the clip! although i was thinking, what's going on? ok, well, as i said, dark musical comedy. um, it's written directed by philip doherty. there are lovely visual nods to clockwork orange on one hand, bad lieutenant on the other hand.
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at one point seventh seal. there is a lot of music played in the film, so you see bands playing in a window, he goes into a bar and there is a bluesy band playing with a character who becomes very, very important to him, there's a busker that they walk past who is almost acting as a kind of greek chorus, and the music's by robbie perry and it does a brilliantjob of commenting on the action while the action is playing out. i mean, i love it when the music becomes an integral part of the drama. i mean, the whole thing is a sort of satirical, spiritual odyssey with a very, very dark sense of humour, but it manages to be both — and this is a difficult trick — it is both tongue—in—cheek and hand on heart at the same time, and i think that is to be applauded. that's going on the poster. best out this week, mark? well, green knight. have you seen green knight? it looks stunning, doesn't it? i mean, it's not my genre but it's extraordinary, to look at, extraordinary. not your genre, sir gawain and the green knight is not your genre? i'm not great with fantasy but it's beautiful to look at. oh, it's... i mean, it's, visually,
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it's extraordinary. so far it's one of my films of the year. david lowery�*s done such a brilliantjob. you can see it on streaming but if you can get a chance see it in the cinema. it comes alive on the big screen, it's made to be seen on the big screen, dev patel is so fabulous... yes, he's wonderful. ..and a brilliant telling of a classic tale. i've seen it three times now and every time it's taken my breath away. it is remarkable, it is remarkable. dvds and streaming, anyone who wants to stay home. well dvds are still around, amazingly! another round which is this fantastic film — i think a career—best performance my mads mikkelsen as a teacher who begins with some of his friends an experiment on drinking at work to see whether it improves their performance at work. so, it's a comedic idea but it's also, it's a tragicomedy. there's an awful lot of tragedy and heartbreak in this film. it was a big awards winner and understandably so. i think mads mikkelsen is just — watching him at the height of his power is... it's just magic. i mean, we were talking about green knight which is full of magic.
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this is real magic, watching a performer of that calibre just firing on all cylinders, and i love another round. it's funny in places, it's heartbreaking in places, it's very, very truthful and yeah, just wonderful, if you didn't see it in the cinema, do see it on dvd now 'cause it's great. fantastic, thanks, mark, great to see you. and great to think about being back in cinemas, isn't it. enjoy bond, enjoy bond! i can't wait! i've booked my tickets. enjoy your cinema going, whatever you may choose to watch this weekend. see you next week, bye—bye. hello. saturday was a soaker where you are. sunday will be a much brighter day. there will still be showers around and it'll still be windy, but there will also be spells of sunshine to be had, as well. of course, low pressure responsible for the soaking rain which affected some parts of the uk on saturday. for sunday, it's close to northern scotland — this is where we'll start the day with the strongest winds, and the northern isles, especially shetland, gusting 60—70mph.
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starting temperatures — the coldest areas will be across the north of mainland scotland, some areas close to freezing as the day begins. most of the early showers will be in western areas. they will travel gradually further east as we go on through the day, and by the afternoon, many of the showers will be reasonably hit and miss, though a longer spell of rain pushing back against northern scotland and the northern isles. these average wind speeds will gust up to 35—45mph. very strong winds in the northern isles ease little, but it remains very windy here with gales. and as for temperatures, mostly in the range of 12—13, to 17 celsius. as for the london marathon, it looks like there'll plenty of sunshine into the morning. into the afternoon, increasing cloud, there will be the chance of catching a shower through for those people who take longer, perhaps, to complete the course. into the evening, the showers will continue particularly across western areas. overnight and into monday morning, there'll be a few more pushing in across south wales and southern
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parts of england. as for temperatures, mayjust start the day on monday a degree or so higher than on sunday morning. and monday will be another day of sunshine and showers — whilst many will be focused across western areas, some again will travel further east during the day, but it's across eastern parts where you're most likely to stay dry with sunshine. rain gathering to the southwest as monday comes to an end, a bit of uncertainty as to how quickly it's wanting to move in. but that's tied in with more weather fronts and another area of low pressure. something to play for in the detail and the position of this going into tuesday, but it's likely to bring another spell of heavy rain and strong winds, particularly into wales and england — although maybe some towards the west and southwest clear up as the day goes on, there'll still be some strong winds and gales around. northern ireland may miss the most of it, some rain could push into the south and east of scotland with more wet and windy weather on the way.
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this is bbc news with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. abortion rights activists have held more than 600 rallies held across the united states, as people protest against recent efforts by states to restrict abortion access. nobody wakes up in the morning and says, "i want to get an abortion today. " it's the hardest decision that a woman will have to make in her entire life, and we should trust women to make that decision for themselves. climate ministers gathered in italy say a lot more after days of queuing at the pumps, the army will begin delivering fuel to petrol stations across the uk from monday. this is the scene on la palma, where two new streams of lava pose a further threat of destruction and the erupting volcano forces more residents to flee.


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