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tv   My Friend from a Care Home  BBC News  July 31, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm BST

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gb in the tokyo olympics, with a gold and a world record — in the 4—by—100 metres mixed medley final. team work makes dream work. another gold, in the triathlon mixed relay event — and, finally, a first gold medal forjonny brownlee at his third olympic games. victory for elaine thompson—herah ofjamaica in the women's 100—metres final in tokyo. but before that there was heartbreakfor team gb sprinter, dina asher—smith, who had to withdraw from the games through injury. afghan security forces have been battling to defend three key cities from advances by the taliban. medical experts are warning that an oxygen monitoring device, called a pulse oximeter, works less well for people with darker skin tones. and borisjohnson and his wife carrie have announced they're expecting a second child. their son wilfred was born
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in april last year. now on bbc news — living with arina. nina is experiencing an independence that had always been out of reach for her in the past, but can she make the transition into assisted living?
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hello there. july 2021 has been very changeable, hasn't it? one week, we've had extreme heat. the next, very windy, damaging gusts of winds or heavy rain and it's going to stay changeable for our week ahead, i'm afraid. this weather front here, well, it's the dividing line between a northerly flow and some cooler air that's starting to arrive now. you can see that by the yellow tones. the warmer russet�*s being squeezed down into the near continent and so that means for sunday, where that frontal system is sitting, there's the potential south of the m4 corridor for a cluster of sharp, slow—moving thundery downpours. behind it, cooler, quieter.
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it will be largely dry, although quite a bit of cloud around but a noticeable difference with the feel of the weather if you are going to be out and about, particularly in scotland and northern ireland. highs of 12—17 degrees. a week ago, you had temperatures in the high 20s, low 30s. so that is going to certainly feel much noticeably cooler. now, that weather front will continue to ease away sunday night into monday and then allow this ridge of high pressure to build and quieten things down for a couple of days at least. and so that means on monday, it will be a cooler start but a cloudy one for many. we could see single figures quite widely in scotland first thing in the morning. the early morning showers across that kent coast, well, they will tend to fade away. monday will be a cloudier day but it should be largely fine and dry. that said, we still can't rule out the risk of an odd isolated shower and because the winds are so light, they could be quite slow—moving and temperatures really quite subdued, really, for the beginning of august. 12—20 celsius, 68 fahrenheit. as we move into tuesday, again,
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that dry story stays with us. a greater chance of seeing a little more sunshine on tuesday. still the risk of a few isolated showers but temperatures should peak at around 21 degrees, that's 70 fahrenheit. now we will start to see a change, potentially, from the west on wednesday but not for all of us. this area of low pressure will tend to move in and the position of the low could change. if it's a little bit further north, it could bring its rain into scotland. but at the moment, it looks likely that we'll see some showery outbreaks of rain along western fringes. eastern areas will start off dry with some sunshine in the morning, clouding over a little later on in the afternoon. and with the winds swinging back round to a lighter southerly direction, maybe with the sunshine, a degree or $0 warmer. we could see 21 or 22 degrees, 72 fahrenheit. a similar story as we move into thursday. that low quickly weakens and will be replaced by another pushing in from the south—west, but again, the position of this low is still very much subject to question. you'll need to keep abreast
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of the forecast for thursday. if it's just that little bit further north, it could take its rain into central parts of wales and central and southern england as well. but at the moment, it looks likely to just be along southern fringes, with some showery outbreaks of rain out to the west as well. top temperatures, again, around 20 or 21 celsius. thejet stream has been pretty active just recently and it's been to the south of the uk. as soon as we're on the north side, that's the coolest out of the jet but the jet will weaken. that's going to potentially allow an area of high pressure to build for the weekend and then the jet stream sits to the north. so we hopefully should get a little bit warmer but you can see it wants to squeeze back in on sunday. so, it isn't a consistent picture by any means. it's a really messy story to try and paint, i'm afraid. drier with lighter winds to begin with, some blustery showers through the middle part of the week and the start of the weekend looks promising.
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this is bbc news. super saturday comes round again for team gb in the olympics — with a gold medal and a world record in the four—by—100 metres mixed medley final. and in the triathlon mixed relay, finally, a first olympic gold medalforjonny brownlee at his third and final games. victory for the fastest woman in the world — elaine thompson—herah, ofjamaica, in the women's 100m. we'll discuss how team gb�*s success in tokyo is reflected in the papers tonight at10.30 and 11:30. afghan security forces have been battling to defend three key cities from advances by the taliban. medical experts are warning that an oxygen monitoring device, called a pulse oximeter, works less well for people with darker skin tones.
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borisjohnson and his wife, carrie, have announced


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