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biodiversity. this is bbc news, i'm sarah mulkerrins live in tokyo where olympics begins in three days time. as athletes arrive, there are more positive coronavirus tests, forcing some athletes, to self—isolate, others to withdraw. we will take you through the athletes to keep your eye on, and some the new sports you'll be able to watch during the tokyo olympics. i am david eades in london. in other news: in iraq, a bomb blast kills at least 3a people in a mainly shia muslim area of baghdad. and, president biden and dozens of western allies accuse china of overseeing a massive cyber—attack earlier this year.
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hello and thanks forjoining us. this after a year—long delay, the olympics games are nowjust three days away, welcome along to tokyo bay, in the south of the japanese capital. we will be here to bring you the latest on the most controversial olympics for a generation, with tokyo hosting the games in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. the olympic village, which hosts the athletes, has been hit by a fourth coronavirus case. two south african footballers were the first to test positive there, followed by a czech beach volleyball player and now an american gymnast. 62 cases in total have been reported among the athletes, media and other personnel. the city of tokyo has entered it's fourth state of emergency as cases rise. but the international olympic committee insists that these
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positive cases do not pose a wider threat to the population. let's speak to our reporter mariko oi in shibuya. we have been on the ground for the duration of the olympics and, firstly, give us a sense of what you feel on the ground from the japanese public in terms of these games taking place and how safe or not they feel. �* , , ., place and how safe or not they feel. a ., feel. as you say there are confirmed _ feel. as you say there are confirmed covid - feel. as you say there are confirmed covid cases - feel. as you say there are i confirmed covid cases within that olympic village and that is definitely concerning a lot of people here if we have been reporting an overwhelming majority of the japanese public have been against the olympics wanting them to be either cancelled or at least postponed once again. but over the last month ago it even among my own friends, people arejust month ago it even among my own friends, people are just giving up. the games are going to go ahead regardless of how they
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felt that there have been semitic scandals and the latest, of course is the composer of the opening ceremony�*s music having to step down after apologising for bullying or abusing disabled classmate when he was at school. also boasting about it in an interview back in the 19905. in an interview back in the 1990s. the criticism was also aimed at the organising committee because if you remember, its own president had to step down because of sexist comments and the creative director wanted to dress up a plus side model as a pig and call it an olympig for the opening ceremony. so i'm curious to know how people feel about it now and i have been finding out what they think. translation: | am a nurse - and hospitals are overwhelmed, so i don't think it makes sense to go ahead with the olympics. translation: | think - we have to live with covid. major league baseballjust
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had its all—star game, so i thinkjapan should go ahead with the olympics too. translation: the number of new infections is rising, l so it's worrying to have many people arriving from overseas. i know they have to quarantine, but i don't think the rules are that strict. translation: the olympics are only worthy with spectators, - there was a baseball game without any fans and it was a bit lame. translation: it would've been a lot more fun if it wasn't - for covid, but instead of more people getting ill i think it's best to have the games without any spectators. we have heard a number of people voicing concerns about those athletes and staff arriving from overseas. but here i almost forgot that the capital ofjapan is under the capital of japan is under the state capital ofjapan is under the state of emergency. people have gotten used to the idea. this is not a strict lock down. the
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japanese government does not have the constitutional power to do something like that so there is no penalty last april when the first state of emergency was declared people actually obliged but now people got used to it and as we have been reporting the number of covid—i9 cases in the capital continues to rise. in comparison to the global average that we have seen in the uk and elsewhere in the number still is quite relatively low but, still, from the japanese per sec —— perfectionist mindset is still rising to rapidly and that is why people feel reluctant about the games. at the same time i think many people are nowjust hoping it will go ahead as safely as possible and smoothly as well. a, ., , as well. mariko there for us. that is one _ as well. mariko there for us. that is one of _ as well. mariko there for us. that is one of the _ as well. mariko there for us. that is one of the sections i as well. mariko there for us. | that is one of the sections of tokyo hosting a lot of the venues, the likes of the old olympic stadium which has been redone since the 1964 olympics
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here in tokyo. we are at tokyo bay and many of the newer events will be around there and we know that away from the coronavirus pandemic there are 11,000 athletes who will be taking part in the games and they have been working ever so hard for that. they will compete against 33 sports, these delayed olympics getting under way, finally for them. all in orderfor them under way, finally for them. all in order for them to win a gold medal, that much prize sought after. lydia campbell has a look at the ones for us to look out for. the countdown to the greatest show on earth is nearly at zero. over the next few weeks the eyes of the world will be on tokyo where over 11,000 athletes are going for glory. simone biles is already an international superstar. she is considered as one of the greatest gymnasts of all time and is expected to add to her five olympic medals in tokyo. i am excited to go out there and represent again but my goal right now is to just go out and hit four
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for every time i get put out there and then we will see how the team is going so i am excited to see what we will bring. one of the most highly anticipated events of any olympics is the 100 metres finals and there we should be able to find the jamaican superstar shelly—ann fraser—pryce. this will be her fourth olympics after bursting onto the scene in beijing and she is aiming for a record—breaking third 100 metre olympic gold. another one of the track stars to look out for is norway's karsten warholm. just last month he broke the 28—year—old world record in the 400 metres hurdles. he is norway's superhero and is sure to light up the track again in tokyo. and it is here at the tokyo aquatics centre where the usa's caeleb dressel will be making a splash. this he already has two olympic gold medals and a number of world records to his name. he could win up to seven medals in tokyo which is why he is one of the standout
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attractions of the pool. there are also a number of new events taking place in tokyo and we will be welcoming climbing, skateboarding and surfing to the olympic programme. the games this year will be different. while there will be no fans, there will be plenty of sporting drama. a lot of those big names will make their way into the city of tokyo and also into the olympic village that we have heard so much about. and if you just look over there you may be able to see some of the olympic village in the background on my left—hand side. they will be based over there and below me, as well, we can see where the triathlon is also going to take place. you can see the rainbow bridge as well that heads towards the heart of tokyo. many of the locations all around the city of tokyo. we are here at tokyo bay where many of those will take place.
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we also know that the opening ceremony will be on friday so in three days time, of course, as is the way the football gets away a couple of days out and softball returning to the olympics the hosts, japan, will get that competition under way on wednesday. we will have a little action before we get to the opening ceremony on friday and then right into things for the next three weeks. with the coronavirus pandemic obviously being such a major story for these games here in tokyo, i think the organisers are potentially feeling once the action gets under way and if they can keep those covid cases under control then they may well be hoping that those big stars that lydia campbell was mentioning there in her report may take over some of those headlines. from tokyo now, back to david in the studio. it would be nice for it to be all about the sport from here on in.
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iraqi officials say at least 34people have been killed and at least sixty others injured in a bomb attack in a busy market in a mainly shia muslim district of baghdad. the islamic state group says it carried out the attack. people shopping on the eve of the muslim feast of eid ul—adha would have been caught in the blast. mark lobel�*s report contains some distressing images. the grim task of sifting through the rubble, looking fro clues after the worst suicide bombing in months. targeted this time, a marketplace and a mainly shia area crammed with men, women and children shopping for food to celebrate the important festival of eid al—adha. there were screams of terror as roofs were ripped off market stalls. the islamic state unleashing the deadliest attack since january. back then they claimed this deadly double suicide bombing in a busy commercial
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area of baghdad, killing 32. since iraqi forces defeated islamic state fighters in 2017 after a three—year battle, large bomb attacks, once an almost daily occurrence in the iraqi capital, have become rarer as is sleeper cells wage a low—level insurgency in the country. but following this attack and killing and wounding of dozens, the iraqi prime minister ordered an investigation into what he called a heinous crime. along with the arrest of the commander of the federal police regiment in charge of security in this once a bustling everyday market. mark lobel, bbc news. more than 2000 firefighters are doing their best controller raging wired fire in oregon. it
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has forced thousands of residents out of rural areas to abandon their homes and burn through more than 1200 square kilometres so far. at least 160 buildings have been destroyed since beginning two weeks ago. it has become the largest of more than 80 wildfires currently burning across the united states. scientist say that climate change increases the risk of the hot dry weather thatis the risk of the hot dry weather that is likely to fuel these wildfires. german police say the mall 170 people are missing following the disastrous floods of last week. around 160 people have now been confirmed dead. authorities say they expect many more bodies will be found in places where floodwaters have not yet receded. the interior minister has rejected calls to resign over accusations there were catastrophic shortcomings in the flood warning system. as for austria it has also been hard hit by the flooding. we have pictures here from the
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weekend which led to emergency crews having to rescue people from homes in salzburg where floodwaters submerged the streets of one town. the fire brigade said the capital, vienna, saw more rainfall in one hour on saturday night than in the previous seven weeks. the election authority in peru has declared the socialist pedro castillo than countries next resident. he addressed supporters from his headquarters in lima. he beat his right wing rival fujimori in a highly divisive run—off election at the start ofjune. the official result has been delayed by appeals coming from the fujimori camp. they claimed with little evidence, it should be said, that electoral fraud had cost her the presidency. just getting some news in from the reuters news agency of two members of mexico's olympic baseball team having just
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tested positive for covid—19. that is two of the mexican olympic baseball team testing positive for covid—19. we already had confirmation of two south africans, one check and one american gymnast so that rings six now, so far, with positive covid tests in tokyo. stay with us on bbc news, still to come: president biden and dozens of western allys criticise china over a major cyber attack, earlier this year. see you coming down the ladder now. that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. a catastrophic engine fire is being blamed tonight for the first crash in the 30 year history of concorde, the world's only
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supersonic airliner. it was one of the most vivid symbols of the violence and hatred to that tore apart the state of yugoslavia. but now a decade later, it has been painstakingly rebuilt and opens again today. there's been a 50% decrease in sperm quantity, and an increase in malfunctioning sperm unable to swim properly. thousands of households across the country are suspiciously- quiet this lunchtime - as children bury their noses in the final instalment of harry potter. - this is bbc world news, the latest headlines: as athletes arrive for the tokyo olympic games, there have been more postive coronavirus cases.
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injust the in just the last few minutes, reuters news agency has said two mexican baseball players have also tested positive. in iraq, a bomb blast kills at least 34 people in a ts muslim area of baghdad. after living with the coronavirus pandemic for well over a year, almost all covid restrictions in england have been lifted. the prime minister, borisjohnson who is self isolating, has urged people to exercise great caution, and encouraged young people to get vaccinated, as infections continue to soar. but there's been fierce criticism of the policy from opposition parties. our medical editor fergus walsh reports. three, two, one! cheering. welcome back, everyone. for some, this is what freedom looks like, no social distancing and very few masks. many nightclubs across england reopened at midnight,
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16 months since they were shut in the first lockdown. it felt like a dream. i feel like we have waited for this moment for a long time. i literally cannot stress how much i have missed being able to go out and just dance, and have a laugh. it has been the best night. but from the end of september, full vaccination will be a condition of entry to crowded venues like this. we want everybody to be able to take back their freedom... the prime minister, self isolating in chequers said getting vaccinated would enable young people to get back the freedoms they love. are you effectively saying to people that they have an ultimatum, that if they don't get the vaccination, they can't go back to crowded venues? everybody over 18 has had an offer to get a vaccine, 3 million of the 18—30—year—old
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group have yet to take it up. we are saying, come on, folks, this is it. you won't regret it, it is the right thing to do across the world, we have seen night clubs and venues where you have got lots of people indoors, crowded together are a focus for potential super spreading events. but the plans have left the night—time economy reeling. it is devastating news. freedom day has all but lasted 17 hours, and then we have been hit with this overwhelming bombshell that in september things are going to change again, so many people are angry and frustrated at this announcement. remember why all this matters. the number of covid patients in hospital is just a tenth of last winter, but has doubled in two weeks as cases soar. vaccination dramatically cuts the risk of dying, and helps prevent the virus from spreading. and labour once face coverings to remain mandatory. lifting all restrictions
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in one go is reckless. and doing so when thejohnson variant is clearly out of control risks a summer of chaos. sophie is 14. she has down syndrome, one of the groups who will be offered the jab. she is vulnerable to infection and has been kept off school for much of the pandemic. sophie will now be eligible for the pfizer vaccine along with other 12—15 —year—olds and at risk groups. we're very pleased and it means we can move forward. the last 18 months have been very challenging for us a family. very stressful at times. in the us, covid jabs are recommended for all teenagers, but here the scientists say that the risk—benefit analysis is against vaccination for all under 18s. after the pfizer studies
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and the reports of heart inflammation, these are very rare side effects but our feeling is that we should take a precautionary approach before we expose millions of well children to this vaccine. on the day most restrictions were lifted in england, anti—vaxxers protested at westminster. the move to make vaccination a condition of entry to some venues will incense those who believe the government is already destroying civil liberties. fergus walsh, bbc news. the us—based ice cream company, ben and jerry's says it will no longer market its products in the occupied palestinian territories. the firm said selling there was inconsistent with its values. pro—palestinian groups have been pressing the company to make the decision. israel's foreign minister,
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yair lapid, bitterly criticised the announcement. translation: ben &jerry's decision is — translation: ben &jerry's decision is a _ translation: ben &jerry's decision is a disgraceful - decision is a disgraceful capitulation to anti—semitism. the boycott and sanctions movement against israel to all thatis movement against israel to all that is evil in the anti—israeli and anti—jewish discourse. will not be silent. a spokesperson for boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against israel, mahmoud nawajaa, said the move was an important step forward. translation: we welcome the announcement _ translation: we welcome the announcement of _ translation: we welcome the announcement of ben _ translation: we welcome the announcement of ben & - translation: we welcome the announcement of ben &jerry's| announcement of ben &jerry�*s of not renewing its agreement with the occupation and to prevent selling its products in the palestinian territories stopping as important as announcement and came after years of pressure on the company to end its involvement in the violation of international law and our palestinian rights. the us, uk and eu have accused china of carrying out a major cyber—attack earlier this year. the attack targeted microsoft exchange servers, affecting at least 30,000
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organisations globally. china has previously denied allegations of hacking and says it opposes all forms of cyber—crime. president biden told reporters today that beijing officials may not be directly responsible, but still play a role. the chinese government, not unlike the russian government, is not doing this themselves, but are protecting those who are doing it, and maybe even accommodating them being able to do it. earlier i spoke to bryan cunningham who's an executive director of the cybersecurity policy & research institute at the university of california. he also helped to formulate the white house's first cybersecurity strategy during the clinton administration. i asked how sure we can be that these cyber attacks are state sponsored actions. hopefully, we have classified intelligence both in the united states and with our nato allies that confirms this in ways that we could never discuss publicly but,
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on a public basis, there is essentially tradecraft that these groups employ that is repeated. the privateers, as i call them, the hackers that work for themselves, sometimes for the governments, they are great, talented, but essentially lazy and do the same thing over and over again. each hacker group has a profile or fingerprint that you can identify. again, i don't believe our government or the uk government would be so public in accusing these groups of chinese government complicity unless we had more sensitive intelligence to back that up, but it is not a very difficult thing to figure out, actually. the privateer analogy is very striking, isn't it? that there are privateers or pirates are out there that can be used to manipulate, or be manipulated by the state, effectively. yes, it is back to the future from 400 years ago. the cyber attackers by day are out for their own personal gain, money, greed, extortion,
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whatever they are working for. and when the government needs them, they essentially make them privateers by sanctioning and, in some cases i am sure, enabling what they are doing, so this makes a lot of sense from the chinese or russian point of view, right? because you can have thousands or tens of thousands of hackers at your disposal without having to put them on the payroll, and you get a certain level of deniability to say, "maybe these criminal groups did it but we don't know anything about it. " the bigger picture is this ongoing antagonism between the west and china, but is there a way forjoe biden, for example, to lead the charge in bringing this sort of thing to an end? i think we have to do now, i have been saying this for years, and i think we have got to a consensus among cyber security experts. we have now essentially drawn lines in the sand and said to putin and china, publicly, that if you don't knock this
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off and don't get these groups under control, we will take matters into our own hands. at think point, in order to have credibility, we have to do it. i think the united states, with our allies, have to head back at either china or russia, or both, in a proportioned and appropriate way. i am not even sure if it matters so much we hit first because, like a schoolyard bully, i hope, when we show we are willing to create consequences, the others will back off, but i think our credibility is on the line and we need to hit back. just want to bring you right up on the news that two of the mexican ball team have tested positive for covid—19. they were both tested at the team hotel, in fact, were both tested at the team hotel, infact, before were both tested at the team hotel, in fact, before their departure for the tokyo olympics which will be of some relief to the organisers tokyo itself, of course. there are four others already who had
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tested positive, including two south africans, a cheque and an american, so two more who tested positive and at this point will not be going to the games. this is bbc news. hello again. monday was another hot and sunny day for the majority of us, but there were a few storms that popped up. one or two affecting sussex and kent, there were a few storms in south wales for a time and there was one in the veil of york but otherwise we have skies like these can be the majority of us having dry, sunny and hot day. and talking of heat, the met office have issued their first extreme heat warning. why now? well, these warnings only started being issued injune and this is just the first hot spell we have seen. but this area, it represents an area of concern to the met office where we could see some impacts from the heat whether that be impacts to health or indeed infrastructure, things like trains might need to go slightly slower due to the tracks heating up in this hot weather. that kind of thing. at the moment there's not too much going on, it's a clear start to the day
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tuesday and of course it has been very warm overnight, those temperatures starting off tuesday morning at around 16 degrees across parts of england and wales. a little bit fresher for scotland and northern ireland. but it's going to be another hot and sunny day. high pressure firmly in charge, however into the afternoon some thunderstorms will break out and i think this is the kind of area we are most likely to see the downpours. they are likely to be bigger storms, so want to hear reports of some localised surface water flooding in one or two of the biggest storms that do pop up. otherwise, it's another hot and sunny one. temperatures widely mid to high 20s, the low 30s in the very hardest parts of the country. and we are used to this, aren't we? after such a hot day those temperatures slow to come down, this is 11 o'clock at night and you can see those temperatures are still up at 23 there in birmingham and london. again, a little bit lower than that for scotland and northern ireland, but still plenty warm enough. now our area of high pressure hangs around to wednesday, the only real change is it reorientation slightly to push that hotter air a little bit further northwards. so one thing you will notice as temperatures tending to rise in northern ireland and scotland into more generally the high 20s i think as we go into wednesday. again there could be an odd
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shower popping outcome of but for the majority it will continue with that dry run of weather with temperatures in the high 20s to low 30s in the hottest areas. beyond that thursday and friday we keep the hot and sunny weather for the most part, there will be a change eventually coming, it looks look at might come through on the weekend. with heavy rain for some.
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this is bbc news. the headlines: the international olympic committee has described the delayed tokyo 2020 as "the most complex" games ever held. two members of mexico's baseball team has become infected at the hotel before the departed. iraqi officials say at least 34 people have been killed and more than 60 others injured in a bomb attack in the capital, baghdad. the homemade device exploded in a busy market in the mainly shia muslim sadr city district. the islamic state group says it carried out the attack. president biden has accused china of providing protection to hackers who carried out a massive cyber attack against microsoft. the us hasjoined a list of western countries that have accused the chinese government of allowing and encouraging cyber attacks.


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