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tv   Adam Peaty  BBC News  July 17, 2021 7:30pm-7:46pm BST

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this is bbc news, the headlines... more than 160 people are now known to have died in severe floods across western europe, with hundreds still unaccounted for. the german president has been visiting one of the stricken areas. here in britain, as coronavirus cases continue to surge, the health secretary sajid javid says he is self isolating after testing postive. in a video on twitter, he said he felt a bit groggy, but he'd had both doses of the vaccine. a new round of afghan peace talks is under way in qatar. it follows substantial taliban gains in afghanistan, in the wake of the withdrawal of us forces. both sides are expressing cautious optimism that progress can be made. the first case of coronavirus inside the athletes�* olympic village
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in tokyo has been detected, with just six days before the games open. organisers have not given details of the patient�*s nationality. now on bbc news, gold medal—winning swimmer adam peaty takes us behind the scenes as he prepares for the tokyo olympics. legacy is something that you can't create. it creates itself. i just want to be the best. come on! come on, daddy! adam peaty takes olympic gold for great britain. ijust had mad dreams last night. i haven't raced in, like, so long. i had dreams of getting beat. a year in, it's like a siege. delete that bit!
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two seconds. there has been news about the olympics being on and then off and then on and then off. it doesn't change anything for us. keep building, keep getting faster, fitter. just two lengths, isn't it? when you are best in the world, you do think of people beating you. just natural. i have a target on my back and have had it on my back for the last six years, seven years now. and you have just got to be one step ahead of the opponents. adam peaty! at the age of 21, adam peaty became olympic champion. now he is back in the water preparing to defend his gold medal. he will swim like he is being chased, and that is because he is. you have let us into your home. you have been filming for us for months and we are at the point now where we are ready to wave you off. i have just said to myself, treasure these moments because we will never get this back. it has been a very, very enduring and hard two years,
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because there has been highs, obviously there has been lows, there has been times when i ask why i even do this, because it is so demanding. when yourjob requires you to be extremely disciplined and extremely focused 365 days of the year, that is not normal. so i have just had to completely sweep the whole drive sunday night, training on a monday morning. i'm not used to this really, because in january, for about six weeks, i go to australia and it is normally about 35 degrees, a0 degrees on the gold coast and now it is about —3 and we have got about a good two foot, three foot of snow. this is what you have to do. you check your availability. i have done it this morning. training, tick. "how do you feel physically?"
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physically normal. "any contact with covid—i9?" anyone in your household with covid—i9 symptoms? sleep, stress, energy, soreness, any of them, and you do that in the morning before you turn up. check the thermometer. and you go in. in sport, i think you need to believe in yourself and back yourself, because no one else is. when it is quiet, when the blocks and you take your marks and go, it is complete dead silence. you need to be right in your mind saying, look, i will beat any one of these here and, for me, you have to work on those mindset skills every single day. was that good on the last one? to me, it is not what you are doing is impressive, but to me it is the journey and how you do it. how real do the olympics feel? how near, how close? really close. i think we have spent a long time in the dark with covid and all the restrictions
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and everything, so starting to get close now and getting really excited about going. i have said to the athletes, we must go and get what we deserve this summer. you have got 25 seconds. i think the nhs has taken care of health and it is sport'sjob to take care of hope. we have to go and represent this country and represent that people have found a way to still achieve things and make progress even though it has been really difficult. for the average person, - they probably would be terrified, but for adam, knowing _ that he is going to inspire so many is such an exciting feeling for him. so, i have arrived in manchester and i'm just going to wait in the car now for, like, a few minutes whilst we have been given certain slots to go into the hotel. i think i am 3pm until 3:30pm. it is creepy i am in a carfilming right now. i don't know why i have so many cases.
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only a coach. don't need that much. this is the line for the covid test. you'll not be beaten by a pandemic. and my number. you will not be beaten. i'm going to wait in here now. we are free to roam, i guess. well, not even free to roam. good evening, manchester. obviously downstairs we must wait in line and get, like, a takeaway meal and this is nowhere near enough food for me. what do they think i do? that is not enough food, is it? it looks lovely, though. there is the man - himself, adam peaty. the greatest breast stroker of all time. | i think emotionally, because there is no crowd or noise, even the coaches cannot shout because of covid, so you are literally on the block and it is really quiet. you could hear a pin drop, but that is the thing, that if we create hard environments now, hopefully by the olympics, it will become normal. the mature approach now as an athlete, nowjust have to take
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each competition as it goes. my muscles are tired, my body is tired but my mind is fresh. do you think you push too hard? is that in you? it is in my blood. it is hard—wired, unfortunately. my dad was like it. he was a bricklayer. i have always been like this in sport, i have always chosen the hard path. in my head, i would rather die than lose. if you want to be the best in the world, you have got to have that mentality. but it is how you use that to your advantage and do not get consumed by it. some days, i think, as i'm getting older, now i have my own son... is about the balance. some days you are like, yes, it is ok to take a loss today and not be as hard on myself. i'm still training for a pandemic and trying to race for a pandemic and trying to make the most of what we have got every
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single day, and sometimes you get up and you think, what is the point? that is daddy! for me and george, it is the emotional. support that adam needs. he needs some separation- from the pool, somewhere he can come home and not talk- about his technique and times and stuff like that, _ somewhere he can escape from it. the olympics is obviously what i live for. so, today is moving day. i have literally forgotten my pants, my socks and spare trousers and everything else, so that was great. great start. we are literally 30 seconds from the new house and it is very exciting. it took two days to pack up. there are butterflies in my tummy! are you excited ? oh, my gosh, i feel so emotional. that is the messiest bit of the kitchen. there. honestly, this is why all the hard work is worth it. this feeling of having your own
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home, owning your own home and providing and having yourfamily and i don't think anything can compare to that and i am feeling more motivated than ever to push on now. the kitchen is a mess! how much has george changed you? having a son calms a lot of people down. i think, for me, it is more about broadening my vision of my purpose. excited for the olympics? yeah? for me, it is all about being the right role model, as every parent wants to be, they want to be the best person they can be so they look up to you. there is such a difference in him. i think it is an added motivation i as well for him to do well in sports and outside of sports, i because he has his son watching his every move, really. it takes a whole team effort to get the performance that we are going to need in the olympics, and you play a little part
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in that too, don't you? i also think in terms of motivation, i want to prove you can be a dad and you can be best performer in the world. people on comments and websites, they say he will not be the athlete he was meant to be because he has a child now. challenge accepted. overseas ticket holders for the delayed tokyo games have been left disappointed after organisers confirmed the event will go ahead this summer without them. the announcement was this week that there will be no international visitors allowed at the tokyo olympics, which is disappointing as an athlete. the scenario is that, as an athlete, it will not be that you walk out and see tens of thousands of people, which is unfortunate. we have looked at sport and how it has adapted, you look at football and adapting without crowds. the olympics will still have that aura. can you explain to us what adam is doing now? is this sprints?
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this is basically his race—specific stuff, so he is trying to swim exactly how we would like to swim when it matters. how has adam's year been? talk about a whirlwind. he has become a father, he has had to survive a pandemic, he has had lockdowns where it has just been him and his partner and obviously george all in a house. peekaboo! i've already qualified for the olympics but it is about putting down some good times and seeing where we are at with some rest. you have grown so much! you have! really, it is all about the europeans and stuff then. adam peaty gets the gold and that was a i masterclass in swimming. i love you so much! what can adam achieve this summer?
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the best thing to do is to wait and see and i know he has prepared really well, i know he has had to battle through the challenges of sport within a pandemic, i know he has given me 110%. not long now until the olympics. igoin... actually, george is here. hello! i go to the olympics in four days. we are in yokohama and i will miss my little boy, my family, but it'll be amazing and i have a good feeling that i have a good performance in there. i willjust enjoy it and have such a smile on my face, like george. hello! yeah? he said, "daddy is going to go really, really fast." we love you and no matter- what happens, we are so proud of you and we are looking forward to cheering you on. _ so i'm going to show you what goes into packing for the olympics. potentially, this bag is going to be my weighted blanket. i still have to put my pillow in here. taking my weighted blanket because i sleep better with my weighted blanket.
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mel says you are going to carry hope with you. yes. and i think i want to prove to people back home that, yes, we have been out of the water and have not had the perfect preparation. we handle all competitions we normally do, but i will show fury and if you can see that and one person wakes up that day and says, i will do better today, myjob is done. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm chetan pathak, coming up on the programme... we'll be live at royal
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st george's where, louis oosthuizen�*s in a battle to keep hold of the lead on day three of the open. all set to win the yellowjersey — tadej pogacar�*s second tour de france title will be confirmed tomorrow as he finishes the penultimate stage with a lead of over five minutes. a good day too for the formula one championship leader max verstappen, who'll will start the british grand prix from pole after winning the new trial sprint race at silverstone. welcome along, thanks forjoining us. it's been a dramatic hour at the open golf since we were last with you. withjordan spieth and collin
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morikawa fighting hard. but louis oosthuizen, who began the third round with a two—shot lead, is trying to keep his nose in front. ben croucher is at royal st george's for us and has been following the action. it has come alive in the last hour or so. we had a three—way tie for the lead about 15 units ago and now it has all changed on what we call moving day at the majors. but no change for louis oosthuizen at the top of the leaderboard. the 2010 open champion had a little bit of a wobble in the middle of the round and madejust one bogey in his first two rounds, but then it made a couple of bogeys in three holes. on the 14th it did not help, but then showed his mettle and made a birdie on the 16th, making all the difference to him. collin morikawa, that means he is a shot behind leader, louis oosthuizen. collin
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morikawa isjust leader, louis oosthuizen. collin morikawa is just a shot hind and


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