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tv   Newswatch  BBC News  July 17, 2021 3:45am-4:01am BST

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now, last friday, the financial times reported that the person who worked at the news website huffington post and the bbc was in line for a seniorjob bank the corporation overseeing its news channels. but formally theresa may's communications chief and i'll executive director had tried to block the move. sir robbie had texted
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the director of news to say that she cannot make this the belief that some politicians is that huffington post uk have left—wing or antigovernment sympathies in the affair prompted leader of the house to say... others felt the bbc independence and impartiality were being damaged from the opposite direction. robbie gibb has not commented directly on the financial times story, but newspaper said that a source close to him said they denied the words attributed.
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if concerns about impartiality were prompted by the previous jobs held, there was another row over impartiality this week with social media at its heart. it emerged recently as reported on news watch that a journalist had posted offensive tweets about israel and hitler three years previous to her employment there. on wednesday, she put out a statement saying that she had
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been dismissed from herjob and objecting to the decision and offering a heartfelt apology for posting without thinking. news watch contacted her when she had this. in my early 20s, social media was the only way to vent my helplessness and anger. living under occupation in the west bank, i the bbc had no comment to make on the case but the issue of its staff or potential staff posting their views online is clearly a front one for the corporation as it is rather journalist organisations. the director general warned stephanie took over last year that sharing their opinions on social media could harm the organisations reputation for our impartiality. reprimanded by the bbc executive complaints unit after she retreated a post
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asking she deleted that retreat quickly but they said that... last year, the bbc commissioned an independent review into this whole area headed by richard, formerly a director of global news of the bbc and now professor of journalism at cardiff university and hejoins me now. thank you for coming on news watch. should bbcjournalists not just be on social media or is there a clear line that they can stay the correct side of? is unrealistic to suggest that they should be on social media at all because social media has such a big place in our public consciousness in public debate. but they did to be extremely careful when they're on social media and they cannot behave
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in the way that many of the people in many on social media behave because they have a responsibility towards the bbc its values and to be impartial. that is where the difficulty arises because the informality of platforms like twitter in particular and the activist that we see on twitter contempt bbcjournalists to cross that line. i think that although it is inevitable for the bbc journalist to be on twitter to communicate and further journalism there, it is a disproportionate place in many of the biggest staff, journalists minds because of most of the population is not on twitter and frankly, most of them are never going to see it and it does occupy a lot of time and attention from bbc news journalists they think maybe there needs to be reset a little bit. what about the issue of what you retreated years in the past before you work for the bbc —— retweet. if you treated something in the past before
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we were for the bbc, you did not have the responsibilities towards the bbc values as you do when your member of staff. but equally, social media is a public platform and if you want to work for the bbc or other news organisations that have summer standards, that they give a responsibility to train behave responsibly in the run—up to that in order to clean up the media account retrospectively and we know employers in all areas ofjust the media absolutely go and look through potential candidates past social media to get a sense of who they are. so, frankly any sense of that will mean they are represented who they are today as opposed to the journalists talking about who they might have been several years ago. we should also note that a lot of people are not review social media as a tool to hit the bbc and other organisations as well. we have seen similar incidents with other organisations. in my view, that is a game to try to politicise the bbc. the bbc should bejust on its performance and output
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may think it is wrong to judge it on its input. so trying to second—guess what a particular individuals political views might be or whether they're going to be biased in a particular direction whether or not they're going to be tempted to secure coverage is a bit of a mugs game and not really but the bbc should be judged on what it's broadcast that's a completely separate issue. of i should get led down a rabbit hole we have to say every time a government changes party, perhaps the whole of the news division needs to be changed as well and that's ridiculous. as forjudging it on its performance and output, not trying to second—guess the inputs which is an unfair and illegitimate game. but he think of the question of if you work for a known right wing publication in the past, should they disqualify you from working for the bbc? getting a job at the bbc?
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no, i do not think it should as long as we join the bbc, you subscribe to its values in the behaviour expected to behave in terms of impartiality. otherwise, we have with the people and bbc news who have been members of the conservative party and members of the labour party and many other parties that work for left ring and right wing organisation. the performances have been subscribing to the bbc values when they are in the post. is a reference on executive directors who were incidentally in the past themselves, the head of the bbc political programmes, to express a view on the editorial appointment? the bbc now has a unitary board which means members of the executive and nonexecutive directors consider on the table together and i do not think it is surprising or improper for them to share views about all sorts of issues around what would be improper
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it would be for nonexecutive director to seek a veto for the process. the bbc, like most organisations and certainly more public organisations have appointments, framework to ensure selection, diversity and it would be quite improperfor them to trade interfere in that, but there's no indication that that happened. nonexecutive director docking with the head of news and saying board with potential appointments or any other issue seems to me entirely routine. thank you for all of your comments this week. if i do share your opinions on what you see or hear on bbc news, radio online and social media, e—mail news watch on bbc. we can find us on twitter. you can call us on and do have a look at our website for previous interviews. that is all from us and we are off the air for a few weeks now and will be back at the start of september.
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until then, goodbye. hello. a few places got close to 29 degrees on friday, it's likely over the weekend we will get above 30 for the first time this summer. mostly dry with hot sunshine and it is all because of high pressure which is taking up residence right on top of the uk. but notice there is a frontal system to the north, that will provide more cloud, especially across the north—west of scotland. some cloud to start the day across the irish sea coast, england, north wales, quite a lot of cloud for northern ireland and a little bit across the south of england. that will clear quite quickly but some mist and murk for northern ireland and a little bit across the south of england. that will clear quite quickly but some remaining for north—west scotland, 17 degrees in aberdeen, highs of 25. the cloud in northern ireland
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retreating to the coast, 26 inland through the afternoon, murky for some irish sea coast of north—west england and north wales, but inland, temperatures in a few places up to 29 or 30 degrees. always cooler around the coasts with sea breezes. at silverstone, for the british grand prix, it looks hot through saturday and more especially for race day on sunday, lots of sunshine. strong sunshine, very high uv levels for many, especially in the south and west of the uk. make sure you protect yourself if you are out and about for any length of time. heading through saturday night, we see long clear spells, especially down towards england and wales, northern ireland and scotland have more cloud, some of that filtering across the irish sea towards north wales and north—west england, pretty mild and warm night in places, 14, 15 or 16 degrees. sunday, the further south you are, expect sunshine again, further north, generally more cloud in the mix, and some patchy rain across the north of scotland.
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temperatures a little bit lower across the northern half of the uk, further south, another very warm or hot day, one or two places in the london area could get up to 30 or even 31 degrees. into the start of next week, our area of high pressure will still be with us but tending to slide further west, that will allow something of a northerly wind, knocking the edge off the temperatures, turning less hot, the odd shower in the south on monday and some rain later in the week.
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this is bbc news our top stories: europe's flooding disaster — with the deathtoll at 120, rescue teams in germany, belgium and the netherlands search for hundreds of people still missing. president biden slams social media companies for not doing enough to tackle vaccine misinformation. they're killing people. i mean, look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. and they're killing people. a policy change in the uk — double vaccinated passengers arriving from france will still have to self—isolate because of a surge in cases
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of the beta variant. after days of rioting and looting — south africa's president says efforts to overthrow democracy


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