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tv   BBC News  BBC News  July 12, 2021 3:00am-3:31am BST

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welcome to bbc news. our top stories: celebrations in rome as italy's footballers are crowned champions of europe for the first time since 1968. the 2020 final finished 1—1 after extra time, but the italians beat england in a tense penalty shootout as england's last three penalty takers all failed to score. across england, hope turned to bitter disappointment after their team had made a spectacular start in the final. america's west is scorched by heat as california and nevada brace themselves for even more record breaking temperatures. and richard branson, billionaire founder of virgin galactic has flown to the edge of space
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on the company's first ever passenger flight. i wanted to enjoy every minute of it, and i did. hello and welcome to audiences in the uk and around the world. you could describe it as a classic italianjob. italy have snatched the euro2020 trophy from england at wembley and in the most dramatic fashion, on penalties. it ends a 51—year wait since they last won these championships. england have never won it. mark lobel reports. it was italy's night. coming back from england's electric start and then when winning it on penalties.
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european football's finest honour goes to rome. incredibile! translation: it's incredible, it's incredible! you can't feel better than this. it is amazing, we won the final. translation: i am so happy, we are euro champions. i'm going to celebrate all night. i'm going to celebrate all night! after sky—high expectations for england, it was heartbreak. after 55 years without a trophy, the weight goes on. it was the perfect start for england. ——wait. everyone was rooting for england. in my lifetime, that is the closest i have sent to a championship. it was the perfect start for england. left back shaw hitting the back of the italian net afterjust two minutes, the fastest goal in a european championship final. but italian pressure and position was rewarded with a 67th—minute goalfrom bonucci.
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no more goals in normal and extra time, just an intruder on the pitch and some extremely intrusive italian tackles on display. penalties would provide both ecstasy and agony. following verratti and kane's goals, belotti missed for italy. england's rashford missed the post. donnarumma denied england's sancho before pickford saved jorginho's effort. it all came down to english teenager saka. one kick to win the game for england, but not this time. a cruel ending for the 19—year—old and his team, an unbelievable one for italy. translation: we are happy for our people, for italians i who deserve this after such a difficult period, and this is ourjoy, and the fact that we played really well. it's a sombre time for gareth southgate's young team now, but they can look
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to a bright future after this massive disappointment has passed. they are a team who have pulled together, given the country some incredible evenings. but, of course, tonight, the devastation of getting so close and not being able to give our country the trophy we want to do is difficult to put into context. for italy, now unbeaten in sa matches, the party has onlyjust begun. mark lobel, bbc news. no question about it. there is jubilation across italy, understandably. here's the bbc�*s mark lowen in rome. the fan zone here at the outside dealt he has been well.
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they have been dancing, setting off layers. italy has won its first european football title since 1968. you can hear the fireworks going off. the italians will be celebrating well into the night, and weeks to come. the champions of europe tonight but feel like they are on top of the world. they won the world cup in 1982 and then in 2006. i think that because of that, really, there isn't that sense — although wasn't before tonight's victory, the sense of national trauma there as there is an england where 1966 trauma there as there is an england where1966 almost being carved into the hearts of england's football fans. here in italy, yes, they were waiting for a long time for a second european victory but they had the two world cup titles, they were in the final of the european championship in 2012, and, you know, ithink what is the difference really with italy is that they felt complete shame in 2018 when
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they failed to even qualify for they failed to even qualify for the world cup — the first time in 60 years. suddenly, roberto mancini came in, help the players, gave them confidence and self to believe, i think a sense ofjoy which is the overriding feeling of this championship. the italians are enjoying themselves and they have now had 30 for unbeaten matches. roberto mancini has brought back the smiles to this country, which they have really needed the coronavirus pandemic. mancini knew from the first time — she said — he knew he could bring the italian team here when he took over in 2018. he has kind of taken victory from the jaws of defeat, i suppose, that sense of desolation when he took over and yet he has built italy backup. he has built up great players, chiesa. he has given
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the italians believe in themselves again. they will try and keep them on for as long as they can, i imagine. he looks like he is having a great time and i am sure he will be enjoying the party as well. it is for a cog in the morning there. —— four o'clock. our correspondent simonjones is in leicester square in central london. miserable weather here, miserable mood amongst the england fans. they were hoping it would be different this time. i have to say, at times during the evening here it has almost felt like we are in rome because there are a lot of italian fans around as well. we just saw a group walking past us, waving their flags and still singing. they are absolutely delighted. the mood amongst the england fans couldn't be more different.
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england fans have been gathering down there in leicester square. we had a big group of italian fans a short while ago at piccadilly circus. at times, the traffic had to stop. the buses were finding it hard to get through because the italian fans where there, singing their songs, waving theirflanks. the police their flanks. the police eventually theirflanks. the police eventually moved people along this road back towards leicester square. i must say, even though the mood has been different amongst the fans, they really have shown a positive mood here — people accepting amongst the england fans that this wasn't meant to be. i have to say, this time. people keep saying, football is coming home, but it will a much longer weight once again. england fans are sad, but they feel the team did well. —— wait. you said you saw italian fans, english fans, you have vast
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numbers of fans. how has it been? i think the police will be pleased with the operation because it has been difficult for them. there have been very few official areas where people have been able to watch the game. there is a fan zone it down in trafalgar square but very few tickets available. a lot of people ignored official advised to not come into central london if they didn't have a ticket for a fan zone, the bar, or the match because people wanted to be a part of the atmosphere. there were only limited places that people could go. as a result, people have been in high spirits — for police, it has been difficult and challenging. they have made 49 arrests in connection with the football event and say that 19 officers have been injured as a result. i have to say, another area has caused great concern for the
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fa, which as racial abuse already online — in particular the three english players, including sacco, whose penalties ultimately cost the match but they seem to have been targeted once again. —— saka. yes, a sour note to what has been an amazing tournament with many games held here in london. the three players missing the penalties for england have received this abuse online. the football association says it is completely unacceptable, describing it as disgusting behaviour. they say they don't want people to post stuff like this online to be england supporters or followers. they say they will offer all the support they can do the three players involved, and i going to push for the strongest penalty for those who posted this abuse. of course, england players took to the knee at the start of the game against
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racial intolerance. that was supposed to be a symbol but obviously these players have now face that racial abuse. metropolitan police here in london say they are investigating that abuse as well, and they will look to bring the offenders to justice, but a slightly so a note here in what has been overall an excellent tournament, and generally a very good mood here in the capital today and during last night. thank you very much indeed. simonjones in the middle of the rain in london after defeat. brave man. forecasters are warning that some places including california and nevada will remain dangerously hot, fuelling fears of more wildfires for the area. wildfires are burning with a ferocity that has rarely been seen before. in oregon, firefighters on the frontline of this inferno to be pulled
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back their own safety. after almost a week, it's spread to almost 600 square kilometres. in arizona, two firefighters died when their aircraft crashed while responding to another blaze. dozens are burning in california, including this enormous fire, spreading rapidly close to the border with nevada. the beckwourth complex fires, the state's biggest, was started by lightning. a vast area of forest has been closed and people have been evacuated from their homes. in the california desert, they're used to extreme heat, but nothing like this. this isjoshua tree national park, a tourist destination close to the resort of palm springs where temperatures reached a record for the time of year, 48.9 degrees celsius. it's the hottest place on earth. like, this is hot. it's never been hotter. it feels like we're in an oven, yeah. i came from the caribbean,
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i came from dominican republic, a very hot country, and it's still hot for me so i'm trying my best. officials have warned tourists and residents here that these baking temperatures can be lethal. honestly it can be feel even hotter because there is no shade and that sun is just beating down on visitors so do come either very early for a sunrise hike or stay late and stargaze and be out here when there is no sun. las vegas has also matched its all—time high temperature. the entertainment city reached 47.2 celsius. the authorities said several people were taken to hospital over the weekend with heat—related conditions. scientists say there is growing evidence that climate change is fuelling extreme weather patterns, and they are likely to become more common. last month was the hottestjune on record in north america. the high temperatures of the past few days are expected to ease off by the middle of the week but the heatwaves this summer
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have been relentless and the months that are usually the hottest are still to come. peter bowes, bbc news, washington. well, earlier i spoke to glen macdonald who's a professor of geography, environmental science and sustainability at ucla. i asked him to explain the challenges faced by california in tackling the wildfires. we really kicked off the fire season with the beckwourth fire, fire complex which started 50 miles north of lake tahoe. ourfield area where we are studying long—range climate change and fires is located less than 30 miles away to the south—west. the fire, however, is burning towards the north—east, so it's away from our field area. however, this has been a really unpredictable fire.
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they only have about 8% contained. a bit earlier in the week, it was over 20% contained. winds have picked up, temperatures are so high that water drops are evaporating before they have a chance to get to the fire and people are losing their homes. it's a terrible situation. and it's really the start of the season for us. which, of course makes it more worrying. can you learn, year on year, and how to better manage these sorts of fires? can you pick stuff up on a case—by—case basis? well, i think you can. there are two lessons. one, on a smaller scale, some of these fires, you cannot control. it's just as simple as that. the matter how much we spend, no matter how much in terms of human resources, aerial resources, they are beyond our control. if you look at the 12 largest wildfires in california history, they have occurred in the 21st century.
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our budget for firefighting has never been higher than it is today. we've never had more resources and yet we keep making records. 2020, we had over 4 million acres. so what is the lesson from that? we're not going to get ahead of all of these fires and knock them down, the other longer term lesson from that is that this is a long—term secular pattern, driven in part by climate change, in part, by climate change. a very clear message. thank you. thousands of people have joined protests against cuba's communist government in the capital, havana, and several other cities. the opposition says the demonstrations — which are calling for freedom, democracy and coronavirus vaccines — are the biggest on the island in almost 30 years. they come as the country reports a record number of covid infections. stay with us on bbc news,
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still to come: we will bring you more of that misery and disappointment for england fans as they lose to italy in the euro 2020 final. after months of talks and missed deadlines, a deal has been struck to keep greece within the eurozone. the immediate prospect of greece going bust in the worst crisis to hit the eurozone has been averted. emergency services across central europe are stepping up their efforts to contain the worst floods this century. nearly 100 people have been killed. broadway is traditionally called the great white way by americans but tonight it's completely blacked out. it's a timely reminder to all americans of the problems that the energy crisis has brought to them. leaders meet in paris- fora summit on pollution, inflation and third world debt. this morning theyjoined . the revolution celebrations for a show of military might on the champs—elysees. . wildlife officials in australia have been coping with penguin problem. fairy penguins have been staggering ashore
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and collapsing after gorging themselves on a huge show of their favourite food, pilchards. some had eaten so much, they could barely stand. this is bbc news, the latest headlines: wild celebrations in rome — as italy's footballers are crowed champions of europe after beating england in a penalty shootout. america's west is scorched by heat as california and nevada brace themselves for even more record breaking temperatures. a us delegation is due to visit haiti later to assess the security situation following the assassination of presidentjovenel moise by mercenaries.
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president biden's envoys will also meet the three politicians claiming to be haiti's legitimate leaders. on saturday the former president's widow urged people to continue fighting for their rights. harold isaac is a journalist in port—au—prince. he says haiti's political system is under huge stress. before the death of president moise we were already in a massive political and constitutional crisis, and if anything that death has propelled us in a worse crisis where we have three persons claiming to be able to run the country and, as it is, this delegation, as you mentioned, is set to talk with the parties to try and perhaps find a way to resolve that crisis, but we are accustomed to crisis in haiti. yeah, quite. i mean, iwonder, does the biden team, as it
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comes over, do the envoys basically put themselves in a position where they will have an audience with each of these three and then decide which route to take, or is it pretty clear what the americans would want? well, honestly, at this point, we do not know. because for one, as per reports that have been going around, the delegation seems to already be here, and as for even communication for senator lambert, which is one of the parties involved in this conflict, they've met but we don't have an agenda, we don't have any communique or any sort of information as to what was discussed or what is set to be discussed and what would be the pathway to get this country out of this political and constitutional crisis. can you get a sense at all as to how ready the united states is to step in and help — if i can put it that way — but to take a more active role in trying to bring some
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stability back to haiti? well, as per several of the communications after the death of president moise, in his assassination, the us has claimed and said that they stood ready to help haiti to achieve its goal of democracy and prosperity and security, however, how that formulates in the details of it remains unclear but what we know is that this crisis is serious and there is no clear path forward to it. journalist harold isaac there in port—au—prince. sir richard branson hasjust returned from the edge of space — during virgin galactic�*s first fully—crewed flight. takeoff from new mexico was slightly delayed by bad weather but the flight is being seen as a milestone for the commercial
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space industry. from spaceport america in new mexico — here's sophie long. preparations were made before take—off... about 10 years and 1.5 hours behind schedule, in one of the most desolate areas of north america, a lifelong dream became reality. sir richard branson, along with two pilots and three other virgin galactic employees, were transported to the spaceship unity tethered to the mothership eve. then take—off. this is the moment he's been waiting for. after more than 16 years and hundreds of millions of pounds, sir richard branson is now on his way to space. that's so cool. so, you can see the moment when they release right there. kelly, are you so excited to experience that? forjust under four minutes, they experienced weightlessness and enjoyed a view of planet earth that only astronauts can dream of. well, i've done some ridiculous things in my lifetime.
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really, really, truly ridiculous. but i just can't wait for... day to be able to experience this. it's the experience of a lifetime. and touchdown. safely back on earth after a 90—minute flight. critics call this a billionaire' joy ride, harmful to the planet sir richard says he wants to protect. but for people here at the first purpose—built commercial spaceport on the planet, this passenger flight marks an historic moment in the long and continuing journey towards space tourism becoming a reality. sophie long, bbc news, spaceport america, new mexico. he is full of it that for all other english it is backed down to earth, unafraid, because italy had been crowned champions of europe and won the euro 2020 championships on penalties against england. our special correspondent ed thomas actually spent the day in the north of england, literally on second ave in the town of
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oldham. where the whole community came together to celebrate — and commiserate. a moment to come together. a day to hope and believe. england to win. are you nervous? yes, very nervous. football's coming home! very nervous, about what? come here. i can't. come here. don't show my bottom half! what do you see in this team? different backgrounds, different cultures, all coming together — brilliant. 3—2 to england. what's going on here? i'm getting my england face ready. a nation together — from the grandad who remembers �*66. did you ever think you would see this again in your lifetime? i honestly didn't. i've watched them over the years and it's never happened. what does this moment mean to you? can't explain it.
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just can't explain it. love it. absolutely love it. kick—off, and it didn't take long. i think they're doing brilliant. and you got your face painted as well now. finished the face painting, ready for it to come home. half—time, and they're starting to believe. ecstatic, it feels like you've won it with the atmosphere, but it's going to be a long 45 minutes now. but then came despair... ..tension. .. ..and extra time. getting a bit nervous now. i don't want it to go back to penalties. but it did. and football... ..can be the crueliest of sports. are they going to win the world cup? we're going to win the world cup. it's not just about - football coming home. it is how we embrace each other, yeah? i we have another ten years with that team.
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if you do want more details and you can better follow them, we them all online. ultimately, england have fallen short again. italy, congratulations. that is bbc news. well, it's a mixed bag out there at the moment with some rain around. and we've showers in the forecast for monday too. some of the showers could be particularly heavy across southeastern areas of the country. and here, we could have some thunderstorms as well. so this is what it looks like early hours of the morning. you can see where the heavy rain is, particularly in the south and the southeast. dry weather across most of scotland and most of northern ireland. and really quite mild in the morning — around 16 degrees, for example, in liverpool. so on that heavy rain, then, in the south, it'll come and go through the course of the morning.
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in fact, there might even be some sunshine around for a time. but then through the afternoon, showers will brew across parts of scotland, the north of england, but the heaviest ones probably in the southeast here. and these are the ones that could turn thundery and linger through the afternoon, into the evening hours. best sunshine on monday, i think some of these western areas of the uk — certainly western parts of wales, maybe cornwall and devon too. now, low pressure is still fairly close by on tuesday. you can see it's actually centred around, well, the western half of europe in the alps, but it's just about influencing the weather around the near continent, so there could be one or two showers around in the southeast. the best of the sunshine, i think across western and northern areas on tuesday. in fact, from plymouth through cardiff, liverpool, belfast, glasgow, should be a relatively sunny day, and the temperatures are starting to recover as well. in fact, by the time
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we get to wednesday, it should be a dry day across the uk. high pressure is slowly building from the azores. there could be a weak weather frontjust about nudging into the western isles, giving a few spots of rain. but on the whole, it's a fine day for most of us. and then from thursday onwards, we are expecting that high pressure to build right across the country. the winds will fall light. and given some sunshine, we'll see those temperatures recovering. in fact, we're expecting the mid—20s quite widely across the uk, but it really does depend where the winds going to be blowing from. for example, if it's coming in from the north, the north sea coasts could be a little bit chilly, but further inland, certainly around 25 or so. so here's the outlook, with monday and those showers there, maybe even one or two thunderstorms in the southeast, and then a steady climb in the temperatures as we head towards the weekend. that's it from me. bye—bye.
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this is bbc news,
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the headlines: footballs fans across italy are celebrating in the streets after the team won the euro 2020 championship in a hard—fought match against england in london. the game finished 1—1 after extra time but england crumbled during the penalties as their last three penalty takers all failed to score. america's west is being scorched by heat as california and nevada brace themselves for even more record breaking temperatures. they have already endured the hottestjune on record. forecasters are warning that some places including california and nevada will remain dangerously hot, fuelling fears of even more wildfires. the british billionaire, richard branson, has successfully flown to the edge of space in his virgin galactic rocket plane. he described the flight as the "magical" and said it marked the dawn of a new space age. the six people on board experienced zero gravity forjust over two minutes.
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now on bbc news, dateline london.


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