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tv   BBC News  BBC News  July 11, 2021 9:45pm-10:01pm BST

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stress and anxiety because right at this moment, england have a free kick, so they are having to defend that. across england, what's happening? preston, this is the fan park in preston, and the free kick there is, i don't want to ruin it but goes wide. still 1—1. we have five or six minutes left, plus whatever is added an extra time, and thenit whatever is added an extra time, and then it could potentially be extra time, 30 minutes of that, and if still equal after that, then penalties. i don't know how much some england or italian fans can take of that. back to the fans, but this is trafalgar square in central london, and it's a funny contract, because before kick—off, the mood across italy and england was very, very feisty, exuberant, drinking, lots of celebration, lots of singing
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and ever since kick—off, really, the mood to�*s been very, very tense in fan parks right the uk. the minutes are ticking away, just under five minutes of more normal time left at wembley. italy are pretty used to winning these big matches, england, not so much, the last major tournament they won was back in 1966, so quite a long time ago. we'll keep you up—to—date with how the fans are taking it in and the result as and when get it. on to wimbledon, and it's been a centre court thriller for the final of the men's singles, winning his sixth final, novak djokovic has equalled roger federer and rafael natal�*s 20 grand slam titles. the italian matteo berrettini took the final 2a sets but the world number one was
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just too strong. at wimbledon, there are always people we miss. strong look. but now, a first opportunity for matteo berrettini. against him, novak djokovic, the ultimate immovable opponent. but when berrettini raised his game, we heard. oh, it's in! london supporting italy, hours before wembley. 71 minute first set settled in a flash. wow! that is a bullet! well, if djokovic was shocked, a bit, he reacted. took the second set 6—4 and let's be clear, he is respected globally as a true sporting great. but djokovic wanted to feel the love on centre, "let's hear you", he gestured and then, "read the score". and as berrettini faulted, it was 6—4, it was 2—1. passed three hours went the final. louder grew the noise. "matteo" chanted many. djokovic chased everything. who's winning this point?
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the world number one. and the break of serve followed. it should be a gripping rally on championship point. it should be a challenge to achieve something momentous. it was. grand slam title number 20. the last ten years has been an incredible journey... ..that is not stopping here. with this, djokovic is now level with federer and nadal and surely they will have been watching. while euro 2020 is wrapping up as we speak, thousands of people took the streets of the argentine capital buenos aires to celebrate their national team's first major football title for 28 years. argentina beat their biggest rivals brazil 1—0 in the final of the copa america. controversially, the authorities in rio dejaneiro eased covid restrictions and allowed a limited number of fans into the stadium. russell trott reports.
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0ne one of the world's great landmarks and a suitable backdrop for one of sport's great rivalries. despite rio�*s mostly empty american are stadium, supporters of argentina and brazil were determined to cheer on their sides, with south america's championship, copa america, at stake. in the midst of a pandemic, it was never going to achieve its billing as a classic encounter. argentina scoring the only goal of the game in the first half. through angel di maria. but approach at 928 years of hurt and they star player, lionel messi, who won his first major tournament with his national team. it major tournament with his national team. , ., , ., team. it is the moments where lionel messi has finally _ team. it is the moments where lionel messi has finally won _ team. it is the moments where lionel messi has finally won a _ team. it is the moments where lionel messi has finally won a national - messi has finally won a national tournament with argentina. how many barroom discussions about the greatest of all time will have to be
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altered as a result of what has just happened here in rio? shot altered as a result of what has 'ust happened here in rifli altered as a result of what has 'ust happened here in rio? shot after the final whistle. _ happened here in rio? shot after the final whistle, a _ happened here in rio? shot after the final whistle, a long _ happened here in rio? shot after the final whistle, a long embrace - final whistle, a long embrace between messi and neymar, a side of the respect these players share. but it was not the's night. messi may have had a quite game but a team and the fans back in buenos aires were going to make it a night to remember. sir richard branson flew to the edge of space this afternoon, during virgin galactic�*s first fully—crewed flight. take off from new mexico was slightly delayed by bad weather but the flight is being seen as a milestone for the commencial space industry. sir richard said it was the experience of a lifetime. from spaceport america, sophie long reports. about ten years and an hour and a half behind schedule, it was the most excellent areas of north
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america, a lifelong dream became reality. sir richard brunson, along with two pilots and three other virgin galactic employees, were transported to the spaceship unity, tethered to the mother eve. then, take off. this is the moment he's been waiting for, after 16 years and hundreds of millions of pounds, sir richard ranson is now on his way to space. forjust underfour richard ranson is now on his way to space. forjust under four minutes, the experience weightlessness and enjoy it if of planet earth that only astronauts can dream of. i didn't think i would see this in my lifetime. ijust can't didn't think i would see this in my lifetime. i just can't wait for this to one day be experienced like mine. and a down. safely back on earth after a 19 minute flight. critics
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call this a billionaire's joyride, harmful to the planet but that sir richard says he wants to protect. but for the people here at the first purpose—built commercial spaceport of the planets, this marks the historic moment to the continuing journey toward space tourism becoming a reality. parts of the united states are braced for more record—breaking temperatures, having already endured the hottestjune on record. forecasters are warning that some places including california and nevada will remain dangerously hot, fuelling fears of even more wildfires. charlotte wright reports. in the western united states, the heat is relentless. on friday, death valley in california reached 54.1; degrees celsius, believed to be the highest temperature ever reliably recorded on earth. now more warnings that much
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of california and nevada will be dangerously hot in the coming days. we definitely took the time to take extra precautions. we brought a cooler full of water and we are making sure everyone stays hydrated. it is the hottest place on earth. this is hot. it's never been hotter. with the extreme heat come wild fires. firefighters in the region say the air is so dry that much of the water dropped by aircraft to quell the flames evaporates before it reaches the ground. as soon as you get these hot temperatures and these extreme drought conditions, that leads to the explosive growth on these wildfires, so not only are we dealing with these temperatures that are breaking records, affecting more than 30 million people, now, as those wildfires grow, in the coming days we are going to have to watch the air quality impacts in the region. in northern california, nearly 200 square miles of forest have been closed, and homes have been evacuated close to the nevada border, while in idaho the governor has declared a wild fire emergency and mobilised the state's national guard.
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because of our drought that we just came out of this winter, our fuels, the trees, the shrubs, they are very, very dry, and so as we extend through the summer, we can expect larger fires. so, it's quite challenging, the months ahead. the national weather service has advised those in the region to drink plenty of water and stay inside air conditioned buildings. the high temperatures are expected to continue well into next week. the final of euro 2020 is taking place in wembley right now. a italy 1-1 place in wembley right now. a italy 1—1 england. 89a minutes gone of six minutes of extra time, such as two left in normal time. if no—one scores, we go to 30 minutes of extra time and if no—one scores after
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that, then it is penalties. so, how did we get here? let's take a quick look at how exactly italy equalised. this was in the second half. england had been on top but italy then did this from the corner, eventually. a director's, eventually bundling it of the dates, and italian fans going wild. a that was the equaliser at. we have to go right back to the second minute of the full game for the england goal, this is luke shaw, great cross, great finish, kept his head down, back of the net, england went wild and they looked good in that first half but couldn't hold onto the lead and it is still 1—1. how are the fans are hung coping with all this? trafalgar square, central london, an iconic spot, a bit underwhelming. eight attention,
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you can feel it, they want to be celebrating wildly but that italian equaliser means they are pretty subdued. going to rome and pretty quiet there too. it is unbearable if you are italian or an england football fan right now. let's look at what else we can head around the country. preston, we can see fans there. it's tense, even for fans hundreds of miles away from wembley. coventry, what's happening there? anger at a refereeing decision there, i think. anger at a refereeing decision there, ithink. but anger at a refereeing decision there, i think. but if we go back to there, i think. but if we go back to the match, we are done, 96 minutes played, but a final free kick, the match, we are done, 96 minutes played, but a finalfree kick, these are the dying seconds of normal
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time, can england clutch it? no, not with that attacked. we will leave it there can keep you right up—to—date. that's lacks a little and get the weather now. hello there. it looks as though we're to see something a lot more like summer as we move into the new week. major change in weather pattern. much of the summer has been wet because of low pressure close by, as we have now, bringing the rain. that's because the jet stream has been to the south of the uk. hop the other side of the atlantic, run things on a bit, we have much more amplification of the jet, meaning we'll find a strengthening jet running to the north of the uk, allowing high pressure too slowly but surely build up from the southwest and settle things down. things are not settled at the moment, though. we have rain developing and pushing its way eastwards across england and wales, northwards too, so turning wetter here, some heavy bursts of rain. does turn drier across scotland with the thundry downpours moving away, and largely dry overnight in northern ireland. a touch cooler here, warm with the cloud and rain in england and wales.
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still some heavy bursts of rain in the morning. the rain moving slowly northwards, it may ease for a while with sunshine coming out in places, triggering the thundery downpours. scotland, but also in particular towards the southeast of england and east anglia, the threat of some localised flooding by the end of the day. not as wet for northern ireland, wales and perhaps the south west, and should be a bit warmer than it was today. low pressure with us for the start of the week, hence that flooding rain in places. the low transfers out into continental europe, most of the thundery downpours are away the other side of the channel. but the low is close enough by to bring the threat of heavy showers towards the south east but generally, we have fewer, lighter showers, turning drier from the west, bit more sunshine coming through, so temperatures a little higher on tuesday. and it continues to dry out during wednesday as that rain pushes away. yes, we'll find a weak weather front arriving in the northwest, bringing more cloud, but otherwise dry and decent spells of sunshine.
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as a result, those temperatures up to 25 degrees. it won't get hot just yet, we have the high pressure building in towards the uk but this is where the air is coming from, more of a northerly breeze. but certainly an improvement as the week goes on. starting wet with flooding rains in places. from midweek onwards, much drier with sunshine and looks as though summer is coming home at last.
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welcome to bbc news. our top stories: the battle to be crowned champions of europe goes to extra time as england and italy finish the 90 minutes with one goal apiece. england went one up against italy in under three minutes thanks to a bit of magic from luke shaw. and fans went wild as the goal went in, but it wasn't to be the last word in england's first final in 55 years. but italy hit back in the second half to level up the scores, with leonardo bonucci putting them back in contention. in other news. the uk's vaccine minister says the government is confident that in other news. the uk's vaccine minister says the government is confident that plans to lift a range of covid restrictions will go ahead
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onjuly 19 in england. but he also said masks are still expected to be worn indoors.


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