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tv   Our World  BBC News  July 10, 2021 4:30am-5:01am BST

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and the un to send troops to protect key infrastructure as the country reels from wednesday's assassination of presidentjovenel moise. meanwhile the country's senate has named the speaker of the upper chamber — joesph lambert — as interim president. the taliban in afghanistan say they've captured two major frontier points — one with iran and the other with turkmenistan. the militants are rapidly retaking land as the us—led mission withdraws the last of its troops. president ashraf ghani has conceded his security forces are in a critical transition. california residents are bracing for a weekend of record—setting temperatures as the heat continues to build on the west coast. the us national weather service has issued an excessive heat alert — saying that temperatures in some inland areas could reach 49 degrees celsius. southern water has been fined
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a record 90 million for dumping billions of litres of raw sewage into the sea off the north kent and solent coastline. the company admitted nearly 7000 illegal spills between 2010 and 2015 from 17 sites. a judge at canterbury crown court said the offences were "committed deliberately". duncan kennedy reports. this is havant near portsmouth, one of more than a dozen beauty spots along the south coast where southern water illegally dumped the raw sewage for nearly six years. for many who live and work along the coast, the pollution was shocking. i came down to check my boat to find that there's raw sewage hanging off the mooring lines, it's wrapped around the propeller, the rudder and festooned along the hull of the boat.
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absolute disgust. the untreated sewage was poured into the sea right around the south coast from 17 different southern water sites. the environment agency also said the company allowed it to be released because it was cheaper than treating it. the environment agency also said there were nearly 7000 illegal discharges of sewage along the coast. today, southern water were fined £90 million. the judge said the offences showed a shocking disregard for the environment. the judge said the offences showed a shocking disregard for the environment. it's the largest fine ever imposed on a water company. today, southern water apologised. i am deeply, deeply sorry for what has gone before. thejudge today put the environment in its rightful place, at the forefront, and i completely agree. by not doing that, not acting in that way, this company has let its customers and the environment down. tonight, the government said the findings in this case
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were shocking and wholly unacceptable, and said it was right the fine should be paid from southern water's profits, not customers�* bills. duncan kennedy, bbc news, in hampshire. now on bbc news, our world — and a storm is brewing in the south china sea. there are currently more chinese vessels patrolling this area on the outskirts.- area on the outskirts. there is trouble in _ area on the outskirts. there is trouble in the _ area on the outskirts. there is trouble in the south _ area on the outskirts. there is trouble in the south china - area on the outskirts. there is| trouble in the south china sea. the chinese government is amassing shifts, taking over reefs and rocks. we settled into occupied maritime territory to take a closer look at raising's aggressive policy and the militia it uses to enforce it. —— beijing. five
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years since a landmark legal victory for the philippines, we ask whether china is adhering to the ruling.— to the ruling. what you get is this overwhelming _ to the ruling. what you get is this overwhelming that - to the ruling. what you get is this overwhelming that is - to the ruling. what you get is| this overwhelming that is now global, of china as a rules breaker in the south china sea. we had straight into the filipino fishermen caught in the middle. george has been fishing since he wasjust 12 george has been fishing since he was just 12 years old.
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george's son fishes as well but worries for his future. george and jr fish in the hotly contested south china sea. $3.5 trillion worth of international trade passes through here every year. it is believed to hold sizeable reserves of oil and gas. six countries claim exclusive economic zones according to a united nations treaty. each one stretching up
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to 200 nautical miles from their coastlines. the area in their coastlines. the area in the middle is regarded as international waters. but china stands alone in claiming all of the territory and its resources within its disputed nine dashed line, created after world war ii. george and jr fish at scarborough shoal. around 160 nautical miles from philippines and more than 400 nautical miles from china. it has its own territorial sea, but the philippines claimant has there is. vietnam also claims historical rights to fish there. china has been blockading the lagoon since 2012. george and his sonjr have been repeatedly chased away from scarborough shoal. they have agreed to take me with them. to
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witness what happens at sea. this journey became riskier earlier this year when china changed its coastguard law to allow the use of weapons to eliminate dangers when the national sovereignty is being infringed upon. after 22 hours of sailing, we arrive at scarborough shoal. it is high tide and the reef is hardly breaking the surface, but if you look closely, waves from the deep blue ocean break on a lighter turquoise body of water. that is the limestone reef you can see in the satellite image. easier to spot
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is the chinese presence. so there is a chinese coastguard vessel that is watching us at the moment. it has done three sweeps, first of 200 metres away, then 100 metres away, and now 50 metres away, it is watching our every move. the coastguard ship leaves without incident but it has made its point. going inside scarborough shoal is off limits.
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instead, the crews stay on the outside, fanning out in small boats. they are rigged to compressor pumps and long tubes. a risky alternative to air tank diving. they passed by what looks like old torpedo or artillery shells. possible remnants from the time america maintained military bases in the philippines and used the shoal is a firing range.
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day two and we're going the lagoon. carefully evading the attention of the chinese blockade of the eastern entrance. george and jr take the risk for this. with roughly 40 us dollars. —— worth. that is more than the average daily wage in the philippines. the one thing that strikes me
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about scarborough shoal is how fitting the name is. it is an old english word for shallow and everywhere i have looked, it has been maybe chest height maximum. even how flat it is, it is an ideal place for land reclamation and china have a long history in doing exactly that. scarborough shoal isn't the only reef in the south china sea that china has taken an interest in. satellite images from 2012 to 2020 of mischief reef in the spratly islands reveal it is slowly being transformed into a muscular military base complete with airstrips and anti—aircraft guns. at this reef and six others in the spratlys, china dredge sand and rock onto coral reef, turning them into artificial islands. similar islands have been transformed where china
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maintains a constant presence. some believe if beijing builds on scarborough shoal it will completely control access to the south china sea. tensions rose this year when china began swarming reefs and rocks with hundreds of votes in the spratly islands. philippine secretary of foreign affairs had had enough and tweeted asking china to get the "f out". i spoke with the secretary to ask how he acted so strongly. talk us through your twitter feed and your rant and explosive tweets.
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the secretary deleted his tweet and apologised to his chinese counterpart. a spokesperson said they hoped a certain individualfrom the said they hoped a certain individual from the philippines side will mind basic manners and act in a way that suits his status. this is a scarborough shoal at low tide. it is named after a british trading ship that ran aground here in the 18th century. filipinos refer to it as panatak or peaceful shoal.
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you can see hundreds of these rocks jutting out from the waterline. and although this looks like it benign place, this is at the centre of the major dispute. 0n the one hand, china claims large swathes of these waters is theirs and then you have countries like uk, us australia and india, coming together with this indo pacific doctrine, the idea that these waters should be free and accessible for all. america's indo pacific strategy aims to reassert its influence in asia by working with its allies to promote rules based international order.— international order. they are t in: to international order. they are trying to game _ international order. they are trying to game the _ international order. they are trying to game the system . international order. they are | trying to game the system or tip the rules in their favour and it keeps everything off balance. that is why we are so adamant that these areas of the
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world remain peaceful weather thatis world remain peaceful weather that is the south china sea, the arabian gulf and increasingly, it is of vital interest to america's foreign policy to secure, the united kingdom plans to test that freedom later this year when its new flagship aircraft carrier will sale through the south china sea. china sees international moves to keep these seas open as a plot to contain its rise and sabotage its stability. but the countryside at the 1982 united nations convention on the law of the sea, the international legal framework to settle maritime disputes. when the philippines use a lot to challenge china into the permanent court of arbitration, the tribunal ruled that china
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had unlawfully prevented filipinos from fishing in scarborough shoal. china did not participate in the tribunal nor accept its findings. whence marking the beginning of the monsoon season rock the vote. it is around six o'clock in the morning and we have moved to the eastern entrance of scarborough shoal. 0n the horizon, you cannot see anything apart from three big votes guarding the eastern entrance. normally, underthese entrance. normally, under these weather conditions, entrance. normally, underthese weather conditions, filipina vessels would shelter inside the lagoon. this is no longer possible under china's control. a violation of the 2016 ruling.
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thejr and i want to take a closer look at the located eastern entrance. after ten minutes into the mouth of scarborough shoal, we notice a vote moving quickly towards us. i hide my camera so as not to attract their attention. the jr once as to get out of here. ——jr. the vote loves to china's
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third force, not the navy, not the coastguard but the maritime militia. this year, the same paramilitary group released a music video showing a training exercise where a small fishing vote is rammed. 0ver over the last ten years or so,
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some small component, horribly a few hundred votes of these militia force has been professionalised.- militia force has been rofessionalised. ., ., ., professionalised. the national and provincial _ professionalised. the national and provincial governments i professionalised. the national. and provincial governments have dumped money into upgrading them, building new votes, giving them uniforms and weapons training and integrating dream into the chain of command —— integrating them. now you have a militia that really is a professional paramilitary force. bi; paramilitary force. by cross—referencing our footage with satellite data, it appears a militia vessel that sped at us is called... . a militia vessel that sped at us is called. . ._ a militia vessel that sped at us is called... . we cannot get a aood us is called... . we cannot get a good handle _ us is called... . we cannot get a good handle on _ us is called... . we cannot get a good handle on what - us is called... . we cannot get a good handle on what exactly it is doing other than being there at the shoal for weeks at a time and this is one of the major problems you face throughout the south china sea. we have at least 300 chinese leisure vote operating contested waters every day of
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the year —— militia votes. enter the 2016 ruling, the tribunal found china's vessels had moved in a dangerous manner causing serious risk of militia. the chinese government refers to scarborough shoal...
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filipinos are fighting for control of what they defined as the west philippine sea. under president rodrigo duterte, relations with the us have deteriorated. following into question the alliance. his foreign minister may have told beijing to f off but in the past the president has made no bones about steering the country towards closer ties with china. the president recently said he does not respect the 2016 arbitration ruling that handed his country a legal victory over china.
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this representative is a member of the left wing opposition. the moment the president of the philippines as he will throw into the trashcan, that could be used by china to justify its encroachment of the south china sea so far but is this really dangerous on the part of the president to disavow or at least set aside a decision that is really a major victory not just for the philippines but for other countries that are being trampled upon by china in the south china sea stop president duterte secretary for foreign affairs denies chinese financial aid influences philippine foreign policy.
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it is ourfinal day it is our final day at sea. it is ourfinal day at sea. in the last year, filipina fishermen from the province closes to scarborough shoal have lost an estimated 70% of the income because of the blocade of the lagoon. according to the federation of fishermen. this is a fishing town. this
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couple used to own a living fishing but stopped when they were harassed by the chinese authorities scarborough shoal. now they work here at the market. what is your message to those fishermen who say they are out of pocket because of the incursion in scarborough shoal?
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they are notjust they are not just worried about financial support but also the prospect of conflict between superpower nations playing out on their doorstep. the reasons behind china's combative action in the south china sea is unclear, whether the motive is national resources, fish, oil and gas or to protect themselves from
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invasion, come to traumatic heads will be needed to prevent escalation and a conflict that is in nobody�*s interest. hello there. it's looking unsettled this weekend as well, but it's not going to be raining all the time everywhere. there will be some places staying dry, but the general theme this weekend is for sunny spells and for scattered showers to develop. again, these will be heavy and thundery, and slow—moving as winds will be light. if you look at the pressure chart for saturday, we've got this weather front across the south, bringing an area of more persistent rain to southern counties. it will continue its journey eastwards through the morning through the channel islands, southern and south—eastern counties of england, then clear
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away in the afternoon. elsewhere, after a dry start, we'll see those showers developing a little bit further westwards this time, affecting wales, west midlands, north—west england and scotland. again, it will be heavy, slow—moving torrential downpours which could lead to localised flooding. those temperatures range from 19—21 degrees. now, those showers will fade away during saturday evening, and then, overnight, most places will be dry, but rain will start to push into the far west later on, those temperatures in double figures. it's going to be another mild and muggy night for most of us. now, for sunday, a new area of low pressure starts to push in off the atlantic, affecting northern and western areas. it looks like some eastern parts may stay dry altogether with some hazy spells of sunshine. so, most of the heavy showers on sunday will be across more northern parts of the uk, but wales, northern ireland, the southwest of england will start to see areas of more persistent rain moving in. in the east, with that sunshine, we could see 22—23 celsius, and again, it's going to feel quite humid. so, for wimbledon this weekend, saturday, the early rain will clear away to leave something a bit drier into the afternoon.
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sunday, mainly dry, but i still can't rule out the odd shower there. and for wembley on sunday, certainly it's a dry start, but into the evening, we start to see some of that rain in the west pushing its way eastwards. that's because this area of low pressure will be working its way southwards and eastwards across the country. by monday, this is the position it'll be in. it's going to bring a very unsettled day. most northern and western areas will see sunny spells, some heavy showers. it's england and wales which will see the cloudiest skies and areas of heavy, maybe even thundery rain affecting central and southern areas, which could lead to some issues. the temperatures not quite as high —19—20 celsius will be the high. the heavy, thundery showers clearing away from the south and east on tuesday and wednesday. by the mid—latter part of the week, high pressure wants to build in, so it'll start turning sunnier, drier, and warmer.
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this is bbc news. i'm rich preston. our top stories: haiti heads into chaos, an interim president is nominated, but a rival faction says the move is unconstitutional. the taliban are rapidly retaking land across afghanistan as the us—led mission withdraws the last of its troops. if the taliban push for a military solution, the outcome is likely to be a long war. california braces itself for a weekend of record—setting temperatures, as the heat continues to rise on the west coast.


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