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tv   Click - Short Edition  BBC News  July 4, 2021 7:30pm-7:45pm BST

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to two there, you are doing well. 0k, to two there, you are doing well. ok, so, what is next on your agenda? 0h, what's next? i don't know — smarties? oh, what's next? i don't know - smarties?— 0h, what's next? i don't know - smarties? ~ , ., ., ., smarties? we should say that other brands are available. _ smarties? we should say that other brands are available. i _ smarties? we should say that other brands are available. i must - smarties? we should say that other brands are available. i must excuse | brands are available. i must excuse the state of my hands. i've been gardening. i do apologise. i get told off by my mum. anyway, will, thank you very much for sharing that. i think you are keeping it a secret, but thank you very much and huge congratulations. i'm going to keep on trying. in the meantime, something a little bit more scientific — helen willetts has got the weather. hello. the damning menacing clouds across many sing to make many parts of the uk today and there is heavy thundery showers will continue through the evening. little bit of
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thundery comic sunshine but particularly clear that we will continue to see them, particularly through northern ireland, northern england, that's a thundery element easing away but a cloud in a settled night, mile two, fewer showers and we get to dawn, also south, lengthy spells of sunshine to the day tomorrow, not ruling out the odd shower here and after a fairly damp start northern ireland and northern england and eventually the rain starting to pull away and some drier brighter spells coming through. little bit more rain for the north—east of scotland compared with today and look what is looming large towards the south. some unseasonably windy and wet weather coming in as we go through into the weekend evening. so quite warm in that sunshine but overnight england and wales due for some wet weather and in the south particularly windy weather. hello this is bbc news. the headlines... a cabinet minister indicates that the use of face coverings
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will become a personal choice when lockdown restrictions in england are eased. we trust the british public to exercise good judgment. people will come to different conclusions. more than 20 million people watched england's brilliant night in rome as they thrashed ukraine and moved on to the semi—finals of the euros. ministers extend the period in which legal action can be taken against housing developers in light of the cladding crisis. street closures and evacuations after a fire breaks out in strabane. from retail to real estate — john lewis outlines plans to build 10,000 homes for rental over the next few years. now in bbc news — click.
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hey, welcome to click! i hope you're well. for months now, we've been fantasising about places that we can't go to at the moment, stories that we can't cover in person, and the big tech expos that aren't happening in the real world — they've moved online. but not this week! lara, would you care to accompany me to barcelona? absolutely! i've been looking forward to this! now, mobile world congress was one of the first events to be cancelled last year. and this year, despite a few delays, it is actually happening, but we're not heading off to sunny spain. well, not really. but we are gonna be there in spirit, 0k? you ready? absolutely! let's do it! all right, let's go.
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and. . .we've arrived! this is thira, barcelona, and this is mwc. and we're not only here in spirit, but we are here in body too — a robot body! with my face on it! and the good thing is that this robot is connected to the same zoom call as me and you, so you can ride along pillion. 0h, crikey, you're in control. am i in safe hands? absolutely not! so i can look up and down, like that, and i can go left and right, and forward and backwards with the arrow keys. here we go — look, it's working. 0h, left! they're saying left, go left. it's like when someone tries to help you park. and the good thing is, do you see that down the bottom of the screen you get a bird's—eye view? 0oh, yes — nice! right, that's the bird's—eye view of the bottom of the robot, so hopefully
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we won'tjust run over someone's feet. it does feel great to be back at a tech show — even if it is inside a tablet that's stuck to the top of a segway — and i guess this is what we're now calling a hybrid show, with some exhibitors and attendees in barcelona and some online. it looks nice, doesn't it? it looks...mwc looks nice. it does look nice! look at those actual people there! actually there! oh, dear, we've stalled. the connection to mwc is frozen but you're moving normally. meanwhile, whilst i leave spencer to play the part of a robot — or is it a robot playing the part of spencer? other machines are also trying to take some work away from us, like creating music. chris fox has been finding out more. 8-bit version of eurovision theme plays. # circus coming to town. # oh oh! # tearing my heart apart. # oh oh! the a! song contest is back for a second year
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and, unlike last year's show, which was eurovision—themed, this year, anything goes. # i feel the wires, i feel the wires. # wires. # my blood flows and my heart breathes. like eurovision, the goal is to create a song that will impress the public and a jury of experts. # like a bird flying in the sky... but each of the 38 entries had to use some artificial intelligence in the process, whether that was to create lyrics or the melody or even virtual instruments. # can't you tell. # if i could fly. # i'd take you high... that song there was by a group called smorgasborg and if you recognise the pixelated face, that's because it's click�*s very own lj rich, who has entered the contest. so, lj, how do you even get started with creating a song using ai? when i work alone, the music always comes first, the melody, the chords —
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all of that come first. but when i'm working with other people, i normally feel inspired by their lyrics and so with this, it felt very natural to get the al to generate some lyrics for me, which is what we did. we used gpt—3. it's incredibly good at generating text. you can do anything from writing a question, and it giving you an answer, to writing a few sentences and itjust completing them. and i wanted to write a dance track. i don't know why, ijust got into my head that eurovision requires a dance track. and so, i put in the following prompt: feel the bass, dance all night, headphones on, smartphone light. and i thought it was gonna come up with a kind of, like, you know, proper dance—type thing. and it returned "walking like a zombie in the dark" as a completion and i thought "hmm! that's really strange and unearthly and odd." once you had your lyrics, how did you turn that into a song? how did you decide whether it was gonna be a ballad or a hanger? it felt naturally that it was
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falling into a ballad. and when it came to writing your melody, i believe you had a little bit of a helping hand from the chart—topper adele? i mean, kind of! she was the dataset that i trained an al on to work out where the melody should go next. jukebox ai is a programme that you can run which you can train on particular bands or artists. so adele, i think, is an incredible songwriter. why not train an al on adele and then enter the lyrics in, and see if the music that the machine creates can give me some inspiration as to where to go with the melody. so every three seconds, which would take 12 minutes or so of processing time, i would then say yes, i want option one, and then set it running again. and go brrrrr, ok, i'm gonna choose option two for this. and i would slowly build this melody with the machine that felt like a better fit.
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# i'll be the one to watch you shine. well, good luck, lj, and everyone else in the competition. public voting has already closed but you can listen to all the songs at and the winner will be revealed onjuly 6th. of course, ever since the invention of the music video, music icons haven'tjust had to think about how their music sounds, but also how it looks. lara: they've sold over 100 million records, are in their fifth decade of performing, and have shared a stage with many a great act. but duran duran have been trying a new type of collaboration — the band's letting artificial intelligence loose on creating the video for their new single, invisible. how is a machine brain
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going to make a video? how is it going to construct it? to conceive ideas? how can we feed in enough information to get something valid back? and...then i was introduced to huxley. huxley is the a! that was trained to get creative. this is where it all starts. the process of making an a! video involves teaching the ai how a human would think. so, first of all, you've got to really take a close look at what is going on inside a human's brain, and that can happen right here. it's meg scanner, or a magnetoencephalography scanner, and what it does is it uses really strong magnets to measure very sensitive signals firing in the top part of the brain, known as the cortex, and that's where we think a lot of the information for creativity and things like, other tasks
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like this are encoded. so if you want to imbue them into ai, we need to first measure them in humans and understand what is going on and then translate that over to the code. this sort of data was used to teach huxley to interpret what it sees in the same way a human brain would. then images of the band, lyrics and video footage were all put into the system, leaving the al to generate its version of that — creating a collaborative process between the band and the computer. this is what it came outwith, eventually. # you don't hear a word i say... so what did nick make of it? thrilled, astonished, amazed, stunned and bewildered! how was it to work with an ai? i quite like collaborating with an ai.
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it doesn't answer back as much, for sure, and it doesn't ask very difficult questions. but it does come up with surprising results. i just love the way that some of the thought processes were working. you didn't understand what on earth it was coming up with sometimes — it became obsessed with dogs for several days, but when it was fed in some information, some keyboards, some imagery of keyboards, nick plays keyboards, it came back with a zebra. now, that's my kind of surrealist game. black and white. yeah, of course, stripes — it makes perfect sense. i think for a bass guitar, it came back with a fish, but actually if you think about it, i suppose, you know, it had been through its dictionary, sea bass. it certainly captured the emotion of the song, but don't you miss being in the actual music video yourself? uh... no, i quite like robotic me. i could send robotic me to do a lot of things, i can tell you.
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both laugh. we'll make videos with us in them again, of course. it was just thoroughly appealing to do something different. moving forward, is it something that you would want to use again? how do you perceive the future of music videos and ai, for you? obviously it's a joy to be first with something, because it's nice to... ah, jump off a bridge and realise you can land somewhere with something magical. # we all become invisible... spencer: so, sounds like they loved being the first ones to do this, but they won't be doing another one. sounded that way, although nick was very into a! in general, and robots, although he didn't need to try and make this episode of click. which has been challenging! to say the least! trust me, world, we're not the stage yet where driving a bot wirelessly around a crowded trade show is easy or reliable, but we made it — just. and i'm ejecting...
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here we go. ah, welcome back! and, as ever, you can keep up with the team throughout the week — find us on youtube, instagram, facebook and twitter at @bbcclick. and don't forget that you can see all the entries for the a! song contest at and a special treat this week, we are going to play out with an acoustic version of lj's a! song. so enjoy this, thanks for watching and we will see you soon. bye bye. # can't you tell. # if i could fly, i'd take you high. # i'd give you all the things you need. # to make it through the lonely nights. # i'll be your star, your satellite...
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hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm jane dougall. another win for max verstappen in front of red bull's home crowd. but where does it leave lewis hamilton? still basking in their rome result, england men have flown home to prepare for their first euros semifinal in 25 years. and the weather in bristol scuppers england's chances of a third one day international victory against sri lanka. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm jane dougall. welcome to the programme. we start with formula one, where current world champion lewis hamilton is trailing in the wake of this man. max verstappen has won his third grand prix in a row


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