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tv   Click  BBC News  July 3, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm BST

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spell of heavy rain clearin northern england as it moves northwards across scotland going into this evening. elsewhere, there may be some warm sunny spells around, but we are dodging the downpours, heavy showers and thunderstorms. there could be a nasty line of them affecting parts of south—west england. varied rain totals, someplace is staying dry, other places with a risk of flash flooding. warm, muggy night to come. many of the downpours easing the p°ppin9 many of the downpours easing the p°pping up many of the downpours easing the popping up again later in the night across southern and south—western parts. tomorrow, outbreaks of rain clearing northern scotland. some sunny spells developing, further heavy and thundery showers to contend with, bear that in mind if you have got outdoor plans. there are met office weather warnings, certainly worth having a look of those. the winds are light, so some of these downpours will be quite slow moving. as ever, some places will avoid them and stay dry. getting quite humid out there with temperatures into the high teens and just the low 20s.
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hello, this is bbc news with me, lukwesa burak. the headlines: england prepares to take on ukraine later in the hope of winning a place in the euro semi—finals for the first time in 25 years. england fans have been told not to travel to italy for the match, but for those already in the country, the excitement is building up. supermarket chain morrisons accepts a multi—billion pound takeover bid by a us investment group led by the owner of majestic wine. britain's main doctors' union urges the government to keep some measures in place after the 19th ofjuly when all covid restrictions are due to be removed. and she's done it. teenager emma raducanu becomes the youngest british woman to reach round four of wimbledon after beating romanian world no 45 sorana cirstea in two straight sets.
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now on bbc news: click becomes a contender at the ai eurovision event. this week, it's a mobiles and music special. we're sending a robot in to explore a show floor, write a winning song, play the violin and make a pop video. and is that nick rhodes from duran duran? hey, welcome to click! i hope you're well. for months now, we've been fantasising about places that we can't go to at the moment, stories that we can't cover in person, and the big tech expos that aren't happening in the real
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world — they've moved online. but not this week! lara, would you care to accompany me to barcelona? absolutely! i've been looking forward to this! now, mobile world congress was one of the first events to be cancelled last year. and this year, despite a few delays, it is actually happening, but we're not heading off to sunny spain. well, not really. but we are gonna be there in spirit, ok? you ready? absolutely! let's do it! all right, let's go. and. . .we've arrived! this is thira, barcelona, and this is mwc. and we're not only here in spirit, but we are here in body too — a robot body! with my face on it! and the good thing is that this robot is connected to the same zoom call as me and you, so you can ride along pillion. oh, crikey, you're in control. am i in safe hands?
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absolutely not! so i can look up and down, like that, and i can go left and right, and forward and backwards with the arrow keys. here we go — look, it's working. 0h, left! they're saying left, go left. it's like when someone tries to help you park. so if ever the robots do try and take over, we're just going to be a pushover because we're gonna be filming it on our phones, rather than running the other way. so true. and the good thing is do you see that down the bottom of the screen you get a bird's—eye view... ooh, yes — nice! right, that's the bird's—eye view of the bottom of the robot, so hopefully we won'tjust run over someone's feet. it does feel great to be back at a tech show — even if it is inside a tablet that's stuck to the top of a segway — and i guess this is what we're now calling a hybrid show, with some exhibitors and attendees in barcelona and some online. and we'll bring you a couple of the stories from mwc in a few minutes' time. it looks nice, doesn't it? it looks...mwc looks nice.
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it does look nice! look at those actual people there! actually there! oh, dear, we've stalled. the connection to mwc is frozen but you're moving normally. yeah! actually, if you remember the times that we've been to mwc and we've struggled to get a mobile phone signal, as you say, and look at what we're trying to do now. all right, these people — these people had better out the way. i'm sure i've got right—of—way. they seem oblivious to us. i've gone up to the bar. can i have an orange juice, please? there we go — look! she's pouring me an orangejuice! right! amazing! now you got a problem! where do you stick it? you've got to try to drink it! it's gonna go all over the screen. ok, there were some other robots i wanted to visit, some really little ones. they're here somewhere. ok, shall we go look for them? let's try. all right. and we are off. hello! so these are pretty cute robots and some playing cards on the table as well —
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what's going on here, please? so this one, we can use our robot to teach coding, stem and artificial intelligence education from age four to 16. this one is compatible with lego and can speak up to ten different language. so students can play our robot. at the same time, they can learn. launched in may 2020, the bot�*s optic sensors —— late 2020. and algorithms help to get kids coding across subjects from maths to music. robot plays a note when it lands on a card. apparently, they even play football better than me. so actually, we have four steps. the first one is the on—flow activity by cards. the second, application. the third one is micro bead and scratch. and the last one is piper. there aren't many kids there at mwc this year, so i wonder what the best reactions from the adults have been. one thing, i make them
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surprised, even if we don't any manual, they can learn how to use a robot. my robot also didn't need a manual, although maybe i should've taken a driving test first! meanwhile, while i leave spencer to play the part of a robot — or is it a robot playing the part of spencer? — other machines are also trying to take some work away from us, like creating music. chris fox has been finding out more. 8-bit version of eurovision theme plays. # circus coming to town. # oh oh! # tearing my heart apart. # oh oh! the a! song contest is back for a second year and unlike last year's show, which was eurovision—themed, this year, anything goes. # i feel the wires, i feel the wires. # wires. # my blood flows and my heart breathes. like eurovision, the goal is to create a song that
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will impress the public and a jury of experts. # like a bird flying in the sky... but each of the 38 entries had to use some artificial intelligence in the process, whether that was to create lyrics or the melody or even virtual instruments. # can't you tell. # if i could fly. # i'd take you high... that song there was by a group called smorgasborg and if you recognise the pixelated face, that's because it's click�*s very own lj rich, who has entered the contest. so, lj, how do you even get started with creating a song using ai? when i work alone, the music always comes first, the melody, the chords — all of that come first. but when i'm working with other people, i normally feel inspired by their lyrics and so with this, it felt very natural to get the al to generate some lyrics for me, which is what we did. we used gpt—3. it's incredibly good
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at generating text. you can do anything from writing a question and it giving you an answer to writing a few sentences and it just completing them. and i wanted to write a dance track. i don't know why, ijust got into my head that eurovision requires a dance track. and so, i put in the following prompt: and i thought and i thought it was gonna come up with a kind of, like, you know, proper dance—type thing. and it returned "walking like a zombie in the dark" as a completion and i thought "hmm! that's really strange and unearthly and odd!" once you had your lyrics, how did you turn that into a song? how did you decide whether it was gonna be a ballad or a banger? it felt naturally that it was falling into a ballad. a few years ago, i was commissioned to analyse the eurovision song contest, so i had a lot of data about what's successful in eurovision.
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if you've got a song that's too happy in a major key, it's not gonna do that well at eurovision. you want something in a minor key. plays tune in minor key. that's going to do a lot better than... plays happy tune in major key. and so, i decided, actually, let's do this at 80 beats a minute in d minor, which is an incredibly popular key, and give it the sort of feel of a wide—reaching, slightly unearthly love song. and when it came to writing your melody, i believe you had a little bit of a helping hand from the chart—topper adele? i mean, kind of! she was the dataset that i trained an al on to work out where the melody should go next. jukebox ai is a programme that you can run which you can train on particular bands or artists. so adele, i think, is an incredible songwriter. why not train an al on adele and then enter the lyrics
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in and see if the music that the machine creates can give me some inspiration as to where to go with the melody? the machine generates a few seconds of audio and gives you three or four different choices as to where you want it to go next. so it might play... plays tune. or it might go... plays slightly different tune. or it might go... plays slightly different tune ending in an off-key note. now, one of those is definitely wrong, right? but the other two are probably ok. so every three seconds, which would take 12 minutes or so of processing time, i would then say yes, i want option one, and then set it running again. and then brrrrr, ok, i'm gonna choose option two for this. and i would slowly build this melody with the machine that felt like a better fit. # i'll be the one to watch you shine. well, good luck, lj, and everyone in the competition.
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public voting has already closed but you can listen to all of the songs at and the winner will be revealed onjuly 6th. hello and welcome to the week in tech. it was the week elon musk announced that his satellite internet service starlink can reach 500,000 customers over the coming year. speaking at the mobile world congress in barcelona, the space x boss also said that customers would soon be able to access the internet anywhere on earth, excluding the north and south poles. also at the mobile world congress, tcl revealed a pair of smart glasses which operate like a display by projecting videos onto them. the glasses will go on sale later this year for about £500. facebook�*s stand—alone newsletter platform bulletin launched. and mit and harvard engineers designed a face mask that can
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diagnose covid—i9 within about 90 minutes. a flying car has completed a 35—minute flight between two airports in slovakia. klein vision's aircar takes just over two minutes to transform from a car into an aircraft. the company says a future preproduction model will be road and air legal. and finally, robots are entering the world of pop. boston dynamics' robot dog spot challenged korean boy band bts to a dance—off. athletic performances like dance help to improve the programming of the robot by stressing the mechanical design and testing the algorithms and the software. no rusty screws here! violinists actually only play one string at a time. i kind of thought they were doing chords with the — the bow? the stick? oh, i should have asked. bow. laughs.
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i'm getting a crash course in how to play the violin here at pompeo fabra university in barcelona. researchers have created an artificial intelligence system that helps. it's called telme, which stands for technology—enhanced learning of musical instrument performance. the tiny finger is there to... using trackers on the violin and the bow, as well as an xbox connect, they can monitor how fast i'm playing and if i'm tilting the bow and the quality of contact with the strings. but first, a quick lesson. hey! plays off-key. hey! ok! so i've had my crash course in how to play the violin — or hold the violin — and the computer software over there is showing me whether my bow is perpendicular to the string. plays slightly screechy note. that's helping me keep the bow perfectly perpendicular and stay on that one string. so let's try another string. plays slightly screechy note.
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laughs. ok. beautiful music this is not, and i apologise. now, once you've mastered the movements, the system can also tell you whether you're playing nicely using artificial intelligence, so it's been trained what nice, smooth movements sound like and it's also been trained what bad playing sounds like. so if i play a note here. plays two notes at once. ok! so i was sitting two strings at the same time there. it came up yellow to say that was a bad note. let me just try it again. plays note. i got a green circle because i was playing like a pro. so we took four professors of the royal conservatory and they recorded a series of exercises from very easy to very complicated, and then we ran algorithms in the computer to understand what makes good playing and then trying to then compare these to beginners. presumably, you've also taught it what bad players sounds like — is that why you have invited me here today? chuckles.
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it was not the purpose but actually, we recorded you and we will use you! chuckles. using the system, i was able to get an idea of how well i was playing. it helped me self—adjust and play the note a little bit more in tune. i can't say how easy it would be to [earn an instrument completely from scratch using software like this, but i think i am improving and i can get real—time feedback on whether i am getting it right or wrong. i had a "very good" from raphaeljust a minute ago so, you know, nailed it. of course, raphael turned on the style and showed me up, but that's ok — the point of the system is that it can help players of all skill levels. we were targeting really professional players, very high level players, but the solutions or the technology we have developed ahs also impacted developed has also impacted the ability of beginners, so the whole spectrum of players.
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we always say, this is not to replace a teacher, but this is to complement the teachers. i can see how a setup like this would help someone learn how to play an instrument, but is going to take a few more lessons before "violin maestro" is a string on my bow. vanessa may, watch out. spencer: amazing, that was chris fox. but here at mwc, the tech isn't just teaching us music, it's using music to learn about you. time to trundle over to musimaps, where thomas lidy is about to do a deep dive into my music tastes. hi! hey spencer! one thing that we do is analyse moods and emotions in the music, but then we can do more than that, we can also analyse the people's personality profile based on the music they are listening to. so what does his system make of that song by marina and the diamonds? # i'm nota robot... musimaps produces an array of graphs, picking up style, tempo, genre and
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emotional cues as well. here we see the song is friendly, it has good vibrations, warm—hearted, passionate, sensible, happy and also a little bit melodramatic. just like me, then. let's go for something much more sombre — paranoid android, please. we have some happiness, it says it is a friendly song, but it also says innocent, warm—hearted, cool, uh, sentimental. there is some happiness in paranoid android, that's what your system is saying? yeah — we don't do lyrics analysis at this point. so this is more like, really looking to the audio signal. i'd still call that an optimistic reading. ok, ifeel the moment has come, we've given you my spotify playlists for you to tell me about my personality. and here are my results. plenty of character analysis, or assassinations, complete
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with myers—briggs style personality types. i am not sure i am that agreeable though. you are also a challenger, and ifeel that. it's myjob! and number three type is the performer. can't see that at all. laughs. i can see that! now i thought that streaming services like spotify already provided many mood music playlists, so haven't they done this already? for the mood—based playlists today, it is still a lot of manual curators involved, but more than that we are building right now an emotional base recommender system so that the ai would sense you already, sensewhat you would like to play and what you would like to hear, we would find the music that fits a certain environment or a certain advertising, and even moreso, by knowing what music you are interested to, we could also recommend you other products that you are interested in. so, moody music prediction,
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great — although when it comes to serving up my emotions to advertisers? maybe i am a paranoid android after all. of course, ever since the invention of the music video, music icons haven'tjust had to think about how their music sounds, but also how it looks. lara: they've sold over 100 million records, are in their fifth decade of performing, and have shared a stage with many a great act. but duran duran have been trying a new type of collaboration — the band's letting artificial intelligence loose on creating the video for their new song, invisible. how is a machine brain going to make a video? how is it going to construct it? to conceive ideas? how can we feed in enough information to get something
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valid back? and...then i was introduced to huxley. huxley is the a! that was trained to get creative. this is where it all starts. the process of making an a! video involves teaching the ai how a human would think. so first of all, you've got to really take a close look at what is going on inside a human's brain, and that can happen right here. it's meg scanner, or a magnetoencephalography scanner, and what it does is it uses really strong magnets to measure very sensitive signals firing in the top part of the brain, known as the cortex, and that is where we think a lot of the information for creativity and things like, other tasks like this are encoded. so if you want to imbue them into ai, we need to first measure them in humans and understand what is going on and then translate that over to the code. this sort of data was used to teach huxley to interpret what it sees in the same way
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a human brain would. then images of the band, lyrics and video footage were all put into the system, leaving the al to generate its version of that — creating a collaborative process between the band and the computer. this is what it came outwith, eventually. # you don't hear a word i say... so what did nick make of it? thrilled, astonished, amazed, stunned and bewildered! how was it to work with an ai? i quite like collaborating with an ai, it doesn't answer back as much for sure, and it doesn't ask very difficult questions. but it does come up with surprising results. i just love the way that some of the thought processes were working. you didn't understand what on earth it was coming up with sometimes — it became obsessed with the dogs
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for several days, but when it was fed in some information, some keyboards, some imagery of keyboards, nick plays keyboards, it came back with a zebra. that is my kind of surrealist game. black and white. of course, stripes, it makes perfect sense. i think for a bass guitar it came back with a fish, but actually if you think about it, i suppose, it had been through its dictionary, sea bass. and then there were the band's faces, created by broken—down data on their images being totally rebuilt by huxley. it made the images of us, we did it with our iphones, just literally lip syncing so that it could see and learn the dimensions of our faces and what all the measurements were as ourjaws moved. and it took that in, and made its versions of us. but a music video also needs to tell the story with feeling.
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it is notjust "here is a sentence, generate me an image". say you generated an image that was dark or really happy, we would classify it as such, so you bring emotion into this thing. we went to the band and we generated each frame from the lyrics itself, so the lyrics were the input for each frame, but the first output was a bit random, and not too cool. so we spoke to simon, he wrote the song, and he wrote down the emotions that were going through his mind next to each sentence. and we added that in there as well and we really started getting something really interesting. it certainly captured the emotion of the song, but don't you miss being in the actual music video yourself? i quite like robotic me, i could send robotic me to do a lot of things, i can tell you. both laugh. we'll make videos with us in them again, of course. it was just thoroughly appealing to do something different.
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moving forward, is it something you would want to use again? how do you perceive the future of music videos and ai, for you? obviously it's a joy to be first with something, because it's nice to... jump off a bridge and realise you can land somewhere with something magical. # we all become invisible... spencer: so sounds like they loved being the first ones to do this, but they won't be doing another one. sounded that way, although nick was very into a! in general, and robots, although he didn't need to try and make this episode of click. which has been challenging to say the least. trust me, world, we are not the stage yet where driving a bot wirelessly around a crowded trade show is easy or reliable, but we made it, just. and i am ejecting... here we go. oh, welcome back! and as ever you can keep up with the team throughout the week — find us on youtube, instagram, facebook and twitter at @bbcclick.
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and don't forget you can see all the entries for the ai song contest at and a special treat this week, we are going to play out with an acoustic version of lj's a! song. so enjoy this, thanks for watching and we will see you soon. # can't you tell, if i could fly, i'd take you high, # i'd give you all the things you need, # to make it through the lonely night... # i'll be your star, your satellite... hello, their chance of seeing some warm, sunny spells, yes, but also plenty of heavy downpours out there as we going through the rest of the
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day. threatening skies, varied rain totals, but some spots will see a lot of rain and a short space of time. notjust to be put into tomorrow with this area of low pressure staying close by. high pressure staying close by. high pressure in italy means heat and humidity for the england players to contend with in rome for that match later on. temperature just slowly edging down towards the mid 20s by the time we get to kick off. as we go into our evening, it is a showers, thunderstorms, could be some quite nasty downpours stretching from cornwall, devon, somerset into the cotswolds. downpours of rain pushing out across scotland overnight. some clear spells elsewhere. a good deal of cloud. showers turn up again later across southern parts. a warm, muggy night to come. quite a lot of dry weather to start the day tomorrow, some outbreaks of rain clearing northern scotland. heavy showers to boards parts of south wales in southern england. these showers and thunderstorms break out more widely again during the day. if you are warm, sunny spells around them. not
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everybody will catch a downpour, but if you do it could have quite an impact. that in mind if you have travel plans or outdoor plants. keep in touch with the latest met office weather warnings, there are some in force this weekend. you can look at those online. some of the showers and thunderstorms will still be around as we go into sunday evening. by around as we go into sunday evening. by monday, just an area of cloud and outbreaks of rain, some heavy brush possible just pushing further north across scotland. within that, there could be some thundery downpours. elsewhere, drier, still the chance of a shower, but another weather system bearing down on the south west later in the day, bringing more rain end and strengthening winds as well. it is notjust wet, it is potentially very windy with his next area of low pressure as it swings and across england and wales as we go on into tuesday. further showers following on behind that. during tuesday, could well be left with an area of rain affecting parts of england and wales. showers to the north of that. that begins to clear away. as we gone through the rest of
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the week. leaving us with an low of your coming in from the atlantic, with some sunny spells, showers around, turning a bit drier later in the week but not much warmer.
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this is bbc news. the headlines at four with me lukwesa burak. the countdown is on as england prepare to take on ukraine in the hope of winning a place in the euro semi—finals for the first time in a quarter of a century. the opportunity is there, the confidence is there, and the belief. and i think they are looking forward to the challenge. meanwhile, england fans have been told not to travel to italy for the match. but for those already in the country, the excitement is building. for the future of england, it will be european champions 2020, it will be world champions 2022 in qatar. we will be there from dubai as well. come on, england!
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i'm john watson live in rome with all the build—up as we edge


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