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well, the game on saturday night will be the first time england have played away from wembley at the euros. john watson is in rome for us at the moment. john, what is the mood like in the city ahead of this game? good evening from rome. in the shadow of the vatican behind me. it certainly doesn't feel like a city which is on the cusp of staging a quarterfinal of a major tournament. no football banners, no adverts or flags on the street. driving to the hotel, no fans as well. perhaps understandable and inevitable with the restrictions in place. in the way this tournament is being staged across europe with 11 different hosts. it's very hard to replicate that tournament with matches being staged across the continent. another warning coming from the italian embassy for england fans not to travel, they said anybody who has beenin travel, they said anybody who has
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been in the uk within the last 14 days, irrespective of nationality or residency, i will not be allowed into the stadio olimpico on saturday night, even if they have a ticket. we know the sar confident that they will be taken out by the english nationals —— the essay are confident. they were sold long before ukrainian england qualified —— the before ukrainian england qualified -- the fa. after the government advice here urging fans not to travel to italy, we're expecting more fans from ukraine at the match? there is a possibility, i guess so. one of the players was asked how they would feel if there were more ukraine fans than english plans, and he said himself he would be delighted because england have had that advantage so far, having played all of their matches at home. it will be a fascinating contest. with regards to ukraine against england, they faced each other seven times previously, only once have ukraine
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won. that came in a world cup qualifier in 2009. wayne rooney scoring in 2012, when ukraine co—hosted the tournament. we had a couple of matches since then. but fascinating to see gareth southgate going up against andres shevchenko. they were both playing for england backin they were both playing for england back in 2000. obviously didn't hit the height of that shevchenko did as a player, but certainly as a manager, the way he spoken so eloquently on issues such as racism, winning those doubters with his tactical approach. as we know, whatever happens certainly on saturday and in the next 11 days of this tournament, it is really going to define his reign as england manager. to define his reign as england manauer. , ., ., ~ to define his reign as england manauer. , ., . ~ ,, to define his reign as england manager-— to define his reign as england manauer. , ., ., ~ i. . let's get a check on some more of the day's sport now. manchester united have reached
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an agreement to bring jadon sancho to the club. the england forward is currently with the squad the euros, and is setjoin for over £70 million from german side borussia dortmund. five wickets as england were set 2112 to win against sri lanka against the oval —— at the oval. naomi has welcomed the decision by tokyo olympic organisers to allow athletes to bring their children to breast—feed. the decision came too late for her to change her plans with her five—month—old late for her to change her plans with herfive—month—old daughter with her five—month—old daughter taking with herfive—month—old daughter taking in the uk as she competes. and scotland captain stuart hogg will lead out a new look british and irish lions side, for their tour opener againstjohannesburg side, emirates lions on saturday. the match is the first of eight in south africa, finishing with three tests against the world champions. what a story at the tour
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de france today. mark cavendish continues to defy expectations. the manxman was only called up to race the tour five days before it started. on tuesday, he achieved his first win there in five years, and today, he did it again — in chateauroux, the same place where he won his first tour stage back in 2008. drew savage reports. whatever happened today, stage 6 was always going to be all about mark cavendish. 100 miles from the stage start and tour to the end, everyone was expecting a spring finish. thomas 12th overall and still recovering from his crash on monday. for him, and easy day before hitting the hills tomorrow on saturday. —— and saturday. since his win on tuesday, cavendish has worn the green. everybody knew what he was likely to do. it's just at the age
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of 36, the max missile is more rationally back up to talk speed. nobody could catch him. the celebration just the same as it was in 2008. his 32nd stage win. he's not talking about the record of 34. he's happy to be back here and back on the podium. drew savage, bbc news. what a win today. now, for the usa's nelly korda, it's been an extraordinary week. her first major title on the women's tour on sunday sent her to the top of golf�*s major rankings for the first time. she's played on the tour since she was 14 years old and comes from a family packed with sporting talent. her parents were both tennis players. her brother sebastian is in action at wimbledon this week, and nelly will play alongside her sister, jessica, for the united states at the olympics in tokyo. is crazy. i got back home in the first thing i did was watch my
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brother play, and i think i was more stressed out watching my brother than playing on sunday. my heart rate was up 160. but i wouldn't be here without them. we constantly push each other to strive for more and achieve more, and i think my parents have set good building blocks for us and work continuously trying to push each other to make each other better as people. what a talented family. let's get the check on wimbledon now. what's the check on wimbledon now. what's the latest this evening? it's looking good for roger federer. it's looking good for roger federer. ijust it's looking good for roger federer. i just want to mention the korda family because sable will be playing the british number one. their dad is a former australia open champion, and this would really be a huge
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start for korda to beat if he could beat dan evans. that is one talented family, it is safe to say. perhaps today more than the days we've seen previously, because today is called environment day at the all england club where they are talking about sustainability and the importance of sport in the environment going hand in hand. what does that mean tangibly? it means the strawberries this year are being sold in cardboard as opposed to plaskett. we've been told all these grass courts are looked after by electric lawn mowers —— as opposed to plastic. all the vehicles are electric, too. here is sustainability manager telling us a bit more about what environment day means a. �* , . bit more about what environment day means a. �*, ., ., �* ., means a. there's a lot we're doing which is behind _ means a. there's a lot we're doing which is behind the _ means a. there's a lot we're doing which is behind the scenes. - means a. there's a lot we're doing | which is behind the scenes. people can't see or touch our plans to decarbonise are estate, but what
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they can see is they can enjoy the nature and biodiversity around the grounds. they can see that we're doing our bit to tackle single—use plastic by introducing to reusable cups. we're hoping to involve people if they returned their cup, then it's washed. and it's bringing people on the journey with us. people on the “ourney with us. we're auoin to people on the “ourney with us. we're going to show— people on the journey with us. we're going to show you — people on the journey with us. we're going to show you the _ people on the journey with us. we're going to show you the strawberries. true story, we've got one. accidentally throw that cardboard pundit away. let's talk about some tennis. roger federer on centre court, getting a bit tighter in that third set. federer took the first on a tie—break. lots of big serving from both of them. the second step was far more convincing on the eight time wimbledon champion going for his 21st grand slam. 6—1 against
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gasquet. federer has been in the last ten times they fled without even dropping a set. gasquet has only beaten federer twice in any of their encounters. it's 3—3. federer on course to play cameron norrie and the third round. i left you with emma earlier. i thought she was going to be on that the court next to us here, where she was last night when she won. we got very excited because she made it through at 18 years old, playing herfirst because she made it through at 18 years old, playing her first grand slam into the second round, but wimbledon have moved that match. it's being close played on court number 12 and it is under way. these should be live pictures you're seeing at the moment. she's playing the 22—year—old czech player who was a runner—up at the 2019 open. you've got to say she is the favourite, but
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emma has done again. there is been so much talk about her. a lot of people were picking her out with a player —— as a player with real promise. not many people are talking about giving her a chance. it's going well for her at the moment. last night, she was 4—1 down, but came back to win on a tie—breaker. we'll keep you updated about how emma raducanu gets on. she's the last remaining british woman in the singles. what else has been happening here? angelique kerber managed to make it through today, who has been out a form since she won back in 2018. on the grass recently, she won herfirst won back in 2018. on the grass recently, she won her first title since wimbledon, and it's all clicked in place again. she won in three sets. we've seen wins for
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daniel medvedev and alexander zverev. and nick kyrgios, who doesn't like a bit of nick kyrgios? it's looking very good for him. he's won the first two sets. he hasn't played since the australian open. all of a sudden, he's played very well. i want to mention had their watson and harriet dart. as the doubles tennis got under way. you can keep updated with all the results on the bbc sport website. but here, from me at wimbledon, where the son has shown all day, from me on the team, that is all for now. thanks for being with us. good night.
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hello. most of us have seen drier weather and some sunshine around for the afternoon. probably the best in scotland, although a glorious scene in cornwall. although it's been dry for most, there have been a few isolated showers around. notably across parts of the south of england. you can see some of the shower clouds forming on this weather watcher picture from hampshire. overnight tonight, it's a dry night with patches of cloud developing. a few mist and fog patches. overtures drifting down between 12—14 degrees. tomorrow, miss patches lifting and clearing. sunny spells for most, but there will be showers. showers will be a bit more widespread and will focus across eastern england through the afternoon. heavy ones, temperature
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is higher, highs up to 23.
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hello, i'm ros atkins. this is outside source. the trump organisation faces charges in a criminal investigation into the former president's business affairs. a top executive, allan weisselberg — handed himself in earlier. the charges — believed to involve the evasion of taxes — are due to be unsealed, any moment. we'll be live in new york to see where the investigation into mr trump's business empire goes next. president biden is in miami, he's visiting the site of the apartment collapse. the president thanked first responders who searched in the rubble — and will meet the families of some of the 145 people still missing. and after more than 1,000 scotland fans caught covid visiting london for the football we'll speak to this who official about her concerns.


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