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this is bbc news, i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 7pm. riot police in hong kong clash with thousands of protesters who defied a ban and marched through the streets for an eighth weekend. the riot police coming in here, tear gas, rubber bullets, pepper spray, and every week, it seems to get worse. michael gove, the minister who has to prepare the uk for a no deal brexit — says it's a "very real prospect". getting ready for it — is now the government's number one priority. democrats in the united states have renewed accusations of racism against president trump, after he criticised an african—american congressman. a 15—year—old boy from essex wins nearly one million pounds in the world cup finals — of the online game fortnite — and he's only the runner up.
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she thought i was like spending eight hours a day in my room, just wasting my time. so like now that i've proven to her that i can do stuff, i'm really happy. rain causes chaos at the german grand prix — lewis hamilton spins, while max verstappen wins. riding into history. egan bernal looks set to become the first south american, to win the tour de france. good evening. amid deepening unrest, several people have been injured in pitched battles hong kong, after a third day of violent clashes between pro—democracy campaigners and riot police.
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some protestors had defied orders to disperse — after an anti government rally — instead setting up barricades and blocking streets — before rounds of tear gas were fired. this is the eighth week of demonstrations, sparked by a proposed new bill, which would have allowed extradition, to mainland china. although the plans were eventually shelved, mass protests continue — amid fears of a gradual erosion of freedoms — at the hands of the authorities in beijing. our correspondent, nick beake, has sent us this report, from hong kong. they say it's one of the safest cities you can find. a peaceful place. not today. not this summer. a heavy cloud has descended on hong kong, and there's no sign of it lifting. police and protesters, now in a battle for the future of the place they both call home.
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and tonight, yet another demonstration turned to chaos. you could see it coming. the hard core of activists, who don't just throw insults, refused to leave. but this fire is being fuelled by a wider movement, tens of thousands have defied a band to merge, they say they are fearful of what life will be, under tighter chinese control. because it's our future, we want, we love hong kong, and we want hong kong to stay hong kong. we don't want hong kong to become china. we want our freedom! even you, if you know something, you will still do it. just for justice, right? activists claim that the policing of these protests have been a big injustice, heavy—handed, over the top. tonight, more clashes. after officers have decided, time was up.
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this has been simmering all day, and how this has been simmering all day, and now it's erupting. police are arresting demonstrators. some seem to be injured. others choking back tear gas, this is chaos, it's sunday night in hong kong, the question is, when will this end? hong kong's underfire government has failed to restore calm, and so a violent weekend is drawing to a painful close. and both sides battle hardened, are looking to the next. nick beake, bbc news, hong kong. our correspondent in hong kong, stephen mcdonell, sent this update earlier. the violence has increased here every week in hong kong. but the police and protesters have shown propensity to increase... roughly prepared to throw out the other side of the protesters. it's...
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part of the riot police coming in, tear gas, rubber bullets, pepper spray, and every week, it seems to get worse. all along, the protesters are saying they want to be able to vote for their new leader, it's not something they're going to get in a hurry. so it is hard to see how this is going to be resolved. the president won't easily cave in and let them choose their own leader, for these protesters, who are coming out every week now, and having multiple protests over the weekend, say they are not going to back down either unless they get something approaching one person to one vote democracy, so it's hard to see where the end is. steven mcdonnell there. the government is now "working on the assumption" of a no—deal brexit — that's according to minister
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michael gove. mr gove, who's now responsible for planning for such a scenario, said his team still aimed to come to an agreement with brussels but, writing in the sunday times, he added: "no deal is now a very real prospect." meanwhile the chancellor sajid javid has confirmed he will soon announce extra funding for no—deal preparations. rishi sunak, the chief secretary the treasury, told sky news sophy ridge that the government is looking at every option for brexit, including a no—deal scenario. it is absolutely right we prepare for it. we have to leave on our own terms. we can't be subject to the decisions of other people. we would be happy to enter into renegotiations. we want to remove this undemocratic backstop from the existing agreement but if the eu is not willing to talk about that then it is right we prepare properly, with conviction and with the financial resources that the treasury will now supply properly for all departments to make those preparations for our coming departure. scotland's first minister,
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nicola sturgeon, said mr gove‘s comments showed how out of touch boris johnson's government was. it is an absolute disgrace, and beggar's belief, that michael gove is saying that the government is assuming we will have a no—deal brexit. this is the same michael gove, who has himself admitted how dreadful and no—deal brexit would be. he said that farmers might never recover from it, but now we have a government, apparently with his full support, going full steam from no—deal. it's beggar's belief, and it shows just how out of touch this boris johnson government is, and it is absolutely essential we do everything possible to stop that happening. the labour leaderjeremy corbyn said his party would do everything they could to prevent a no—deal brexit. what we are saying is, no deal we'd oppose and we think people should
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have a final choice on it. they could have a vote then between remain or whatever option boris johnson decides to put to them at that time. our political correspondent, jonathan blake, explained more about what michael gove has started to plan for a no deal brexit. i think he has outlined every possible eventuality in broad terms of leaving without a deal, as he says, in the piece for the sunday times, from everything to pet passports, to travelling to europe, and the implications will be far—reaching, whether you see them as potentially negative, or otherwise, from everything to do with how we trade with eu countries, to how we travel from the uk to the european union, and back and forth. and it's not surprising that he has repeated borisjohnson‘s pledge to ta ke repeated borisjohnson‘s pledge to take the uk out of the eu by october the 31st, as he puts it, no it is, no buts, no more delay, but what i think is new, and potentially interesting is the fact that he is
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talking about no deal as the government's number one priority, and preparing for that outcome, even if it isn't the government's desired outcome, and also, the fact that they are working on the assumption that it will happen, and that is a clear step change, i think, with theresa may's administration, where yes, she always said it was sensible and right that the government should be preparing for or no—deal brexit, but you also got the sense that it was contingency planning, insensible preparation, not something that they we re preparation, not something that they were banking on happening. so there isa were banking on happening. so there is a difference here, and it's clear that the whole machinery of government, if we are to believe what mr gove says is being thrown behind the operation, to prepare for a no—deal brexit, it is of course right in their view, that the uk prepares for that, but remember, it's also part of the negotiating strategy. to try to get the eu to believe that the uk is willing to follow through with that outcome. it's a change here, it doesn't necessarily mean a change of view in brussels, or in paris, or in berlin, oi’ brussels, or in paris, or in berlin, or the various other eu capitals, because they may well take the view
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that, well, they are planning seriously for this, they're preparing for it, but theyjust want us preparing for it, but theyjust want us to think about is the case. and in the end, they will cave in, and try to get the withdrawal agreement through, again, but michael gove saying today, as we have heard from borisjohnson, the saying today, as we have heard from boris johnson, the prime saying today, as we have heard from borisjohnson, the prime minister as well, the withdrawal agreement, as it stands, will not pass the house of commons, mr gove talks about it asa dish of commons, mr gove talks about it as a dish that people don't like. you can't just keep as a dish that people don't like. you can'tjust keep reheating it, and offering it up again, and hoping that it will go down better the next time. they say they hope that you will change their minds, and allow changes to that deal, and a new agreement to be done, but so far, no sign that they will budge. that was jonathan blake. democrats in the united states have renewed accusations of racism against president trump, after he criticised an african—american congressman. the president accused elijah cummings, who's the head of a powerful committee —— of trying to hurt innocent people while doing nothing for his baltimore district —— which mr trump branded a "rodent—infested mess". mr cummings recently criticised the trump
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administration over conditions in migrant detention centres. speaking a little earlier our washington correspondent chris buckler said president trump rarely lets criticism of him go unanswered. president trump had clearly been fuming by some of the recent comments by elisha cummings, at a congressional hearing, he attacked the secretary from homeland security at one stage about the facilities at the us border, asking kevin at one stage, that would he be prepared to have his child sit in faeces, and not be able to take a shower? and president trump has hit back with a stream of tweets, in which he has attacked mr cummings personally, describing him as a brutal bully, and also really sent a stream of insults against the part of baltimore he represents, describing it variously as filthy, disgusting, and rodent infested. now this is a black congressman, in an area with a majority black population. and that
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has led democrats to claim that this is racist, particularly following re ce nt is racist, particularly following recent comments that mr trump also made on twitter about four democratic congresswoman, you might remember that he told them that they should go back to the crime ridden countries that they came from. and asa countries that they came from. and as a result, we now have this really difficult situation, where the white house is trying to defend donald trump's comments, but at the same time, there is widespread criticism, not least from one of the newspapers in baltimore, that set as far as it was concerned, it was better to have rats then be one. and you do get the sense that race, which is always such a sense that race, which is always sucha an sense that race, which is always such a an emotive issue in america, sean, is becoming a very sensitive, and a very important one in the campaign it ahead of next year's presidential election. certainty president trump today has been trying to defend his comments, and i think it was noticeable that he sent a tweet out about nancy pelosi, about the state of san francisco, the city that she now represents. you get the sense that he is trying
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to show that he is spreading this criticism beyond just black and ethnic minority democrats, but at the same time, people will point out that president trump didn't do a lot, despite his claims to stop a chant of, send them home, about some of those democratic congresswoman during a recent rally. there is a sense that race is something that does connect with some of his core voters. and while he wouldn't say that he was trying to be racist, and would deny any allegations of fact, he doesn't seem to shy away from sometimes attacking issues that deal with race as a quantity as part of them. chris butler there. he's 15, he's from essex — and he'sjust become a millionaire, playing a computer game. jaden ashman and his dutch teammate came second in new york — in the world cup duos final of ‘fortnite' — the biggest esports competition ever held. it's a remarkable achievement as around a0 million people attempted to reach the finals —— over weeks of online competition. eventually a hundred made it —
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with 11 from the uk, all vying for a prize pool of $30 million — that's just over £24 million pounds. the winner of the individual title tonight, will take home $3m. joe tidy reports from new york. your fortnite world champions... from underdogs to millionaires. these relatively unknown 16 and i7—year—olds from norway and austria are the first ever fortnite jewel champions. they share $3 million, or £21; million. but success for the 15—year—old british playerjaden ashman, known online as wolfies. he and his dutch team—mate dave young share $2.25 million for coming second. i'm probably going to try to save most of it. like, i know it sounds like a bit of a cliche, but maybe save half of it and put quite a lot into a house and my family. it has taken a while forjaden's mum to accept he's a professional gamer.
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to be honest with you, i've been quite against him gaming — i was more pushing him into his school work. i've actually thrown out an xbox, snapped a headset. we have had a nightmare. three, two, one... this is how competitive this world cup is. 15—year—old british contender, known online as benjy fishy, and his team—mate, were devastated afterfinishing 14th. i did get unlucky in two of the games, got sniped from nowhere, and died, so nothing you can do about that. yeah. but benjy and 99 other players will have one more shot at glory later. the singles champion takes home $3 million. so many of the finalists here have similar stories to jaden — only now is their career choice being accepted by their parents. it is thought this will do a lot to legitimise the already booming esports industry. and with more millionaire teenagers to be made here, this is an event that will have a life—changing impact for these superstars of esports. joe tidy, bbc news, new york.
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the headlines on bbc news. riot police in hong kong clash with thousands of protesters who defied a ban and marched through the streets for an eighth weekend. michael gove, the minister who has to prepare the uk for a no deal brexit, says it's a "very real prospect". getting ready for it — is now the government's number one priority democrats in the united states have renewed accusations of racism against president trump, after he criticised an african—american congressman. the iranian president hassan rouhani says he hopes borisjohnson's "familiarity" with the islamic republic — will help improve relations between iran and britain. earlier this month, british royal marines seized an iranian tanker near gibraltar which was suspected of breaking eu sanctions. later in the month a british—flagged oil tanker was seized by iranian forces in the strait of hormuz.
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meanwhile, senior diplomats from britain, france, germany, russia and china have met representatives from iran in vienna to discuss how to save the 2015 nuclear deal. iran said the meeting was constructive, but warned that it will further reduce its commitments unless its interests were protected. our correspondent bethany bell is in vienna. well it's interesting, we heard from iran's deputy foreign minister, abbas araqchi, saying that the talks were constructive, and that all sides were determined to save the iran nuclear deal, but it's interesting, while president rouhani may have had warm words for borisjohnson, mr araqchi was saying that the seizure by britain of an iranian oil tanker earlier this month was a violation of the iran nuclear deal, and that's a step that hasn't been made before,
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and you will remember that britain seized that ship in gibraltar, because it said it had evidence it broke eu sanctions on syria. now iran is linking that to commitments under the iran nuclear deal, it says it has the right to export iranian oil, so this is a meeting where, in the words, notjust of mr araqchi and the chinese delegate, it was constructive, they say there or sides looking for ways through this impasse on the iran nuclear deal, but it is very, very delicate, and the complications with the tankers are making things that more difficult. that was bethany bell. police in northern ireland have released images of an explosive device found next to a bus stop in craigavon in county armagh. officers were called after a loud bang was heard around midnight on friday — and believe the booby trap was designed to kill police officers. police have blamed dissident
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republicans for what they described as a ‘cowardly and evil act of terrorism'. roads and rail lines have been closed in north—west england — because of flooding, after half a month's worth of rain fell in 2a hours. cars have been left stranded on roads in stockport — and sections of the m60 motorway in greater manchester were temporarily shut following heavy rain. the met office has issued a yellow weather warning for rain across parts of the midlands, the north west of england, northern ireland and south—west scotland until midnight tonight. police in cyprus have arrested a british teenager who had accused 12 israeli men of raping her in the popular resort of ayia napa. the arrest came as all the men she had accused of assault were released from custody. the 19 year—old claimed that the attack happened last week, at the hotel where she was staying. the woman will appear in court tomorrow, and according to a police source, is thought to be facing charges of giving a false statement about an imaginary offence.
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a network described as "the linkedin for black professionals" has attracted more than 30,000 members. kite 0niwinde set up the business in 2017 to help black professionals advance their careers. dougal shaw reports. this is a networking event aimed at young black professionals. this business woman has been organising gatherings like this for two years now. there's a lot of negative stereotypes in terms of black people are all in crime, or we are just musicians or rappers, or we are not doing very well in the educational system. but actually there is a lot of black talent, there's a lot of black people doing well in different fields across the board that are not represented. byp network is all about bringing that talent all in one platform, so others can see us and know we exist. her black young professional network, known as byp, has attracted more than 30,000 members. though targeted at young black people, anyone can take part.
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the idea is to provide a space that if you are black, you do not feel like you're in a minority. members can also connect on an app. it's free tojoin. the network makes money by collaborating with other companies. it is nice when you go into a room and the sea of faces are people who look like you and come from similar backgrounds. it's just nice — it's an atmosphere of being relaxed and just feeling really authentic. it makes me feel like i am in a safe space, being able to share my story. being in an environment today where i am able to network and liaise with people who are predominantly black, it makes it more comfortable and it is also easy to network and just have a conversation without thinking about their filters, or the pre—judgements that may come against me. the business has raised almost £200,000 through investment and prize money. although events like this are concentrated in london for now, with their app being downloaded around the world, the hope is to
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develop the idea on a bigger scale. demolition work has begun on the eight cooling towers at ferrybridge power station in west yorkshire. the power station has been providing the uk with energy for 50 years, but today the first of the cooling towers was blown up in a controlled explosion to make way for a new gas—fired power station. four more towers are expected to be demolished in october. now — you may want to take a look down the back of your sofa, because there are still 145 million old—style pound coins that have not been returned to the royal mint. shops have been unable to take the old—style coins since 2017, but they can still be deposited at most high street banks. the i2—sided version was introduced to help crackdown on counterfeiting. twenty four million old—style one pound coins have been returned to the royal mint over the last year.
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the mayflower ship sailed across the atlantic ocean in the 17th century, taking the pilgrim fathers from plymouth to the new world. when they landed, they set up home in what we now know as the us state of massachusetts. now, a full—sized replica of the ship is being assembled in north devon to mark 400 years since it set sail. but the people who built it, will set it alight and burn it to the ground next year as part of a traditional ceremony. sarah ransome has been to meet some of the volunteers involved in the project. in a quiet corner of devon, a ship is taking shape. but this one will never take the high seas. it's a life—size replica of the mayflower, which carried the pilgrim fathers from plymouth to america in 1620, and in just over a year's time, it will all go up in smoke.
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this is very authentic. because it is mayflower 400, it is identical to the mayflower ship that sailed to america, and they have done their homework on it and it is to scale, and it is brilliant. it makes me feel very proud, actually. we are coming up on deck, andy, and... wow! this is huge. from bow to stern, this is what the pilgrim fathers would have seen when they were standing on the quayside in plymouth? yes, this is 100% built to scale. from the originals, we have had to rescale it to an 800 millimetre ship to 100 foot, the dimensions. i can't imagine the calculations you must have had. there was about a year of them being all over my front room while my wife and daughters were trying to watch telly! what started as pub talk 50 years ago has grown into a group that
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regularly builds and then burns, all in the name of charity. two years in the planning, and another three in the building, it is a labour of love for these men, who give up their time for community projects like no other. it is all down to the 20—odd guys that turn up every weekend and do it. it is one thing to have the plans and another thing to come out here in all weather and do it. it is the latest in a series of huge replica structures they have set alight. a few years ago, thousands came to see a massive medieval castle go up in flames. on the night that we set fire to it, you will see grown men cry. it is quite emotional, you have spent three or five years in this case, putting it together. and afterwards people really feel that there is a hole in our lives.
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this band of brothers don't do things by halves. they dream big and then deliver. with just over a year to go they are confident this bonfire will be the biggest and best yet. you may not know her name — but you know her voice. russi taylor, minnie mouse for more than 30 years, has died, at the age of 75. she was a prolific voice—over artist for animated tv series, films and even theme parks. and she was in fact married to wayne allwine, the voice of mickey mouse — until his death, in 2009. here's ms taylor in her own voice — and many of the other characters she portrayed. 0h oh there were, oh my goodness, 160 people who auditioned for her. and i got lucky. high, i'm minnie mouse.
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mickey mouse! you are late for our date! you made —— take me to the dance in 15 minutes, or we are through! well, at least we have each other, think of port... is only there was a way to sneak in and get back the lab. but there are so many alarms. hey martin, what are you doing? excavating for arrowheads. dude, it's saturday, what kind of freaked... i'll join freaked... i'lljoin you! i am so happy you are here to share this wonderful day with me. oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! russi taylor — the voice of minnie mouse — who's died, aged 75. now it's time for a look at the weather with louise lear
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good evening. sunday has been a day of contrasts, so while some sunshine was to be found, and the best of that in terms of sunshine and warmth was along the south coast, temperatures peaking into the mid—20s, a beautiful weather watcher pictures sent in a long that dorset coastline, but for parts of the midlands, and northwest england, it's been a disappointing weekend. cloudy, with some persistent, and at times, heavy rain, a couple of inches of rain falling, now this weather front really quite slow—moving, as you can see, and this is where the recent rain is sitting through the midlands, northwest england, into northern ireland, with the scattering of showers ahead of it, into western scotland. now that's going to continue through the night, but it will gradually drift its way northwards, at the same time, we could see a few sharp and thundery downpours across the far northeast of scotland. but to the south of that weather front, it stays relatively quiet, and more comfortable night for getting a good night to sleep, with overnight lows of 12—16 degrees. so we start off the new working week, still with that weather front there, but it is drifting its way into scotland, and it will weaken all the time to a band of showers, as we go through the day. a ridge of high pressure builds across england and wales, that's where the best of the weather is likely to be at the start
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of the new working with, but there is an area of low pressure starting to push in the isles of scilly and into cornwall by the end of the day. in terms of the feel of things, if you keep the sunshine, we will see some pleasant warmth, 24—26 degrees, but it will turn increasingly windy down to the southwest. something worth bearing in mind. this area of low pressure, quite a deep area of low for this time of year, will drift its way slowly eastwards for the next couple of days, with gusts of winds 45—50 mph, which is certainly worth bearing in mind, if you are under canvas. so there will be some rain, some of it heavy, may be even thundery across southwest england, moving its way up wales, the midlands, and showers into scotland. sheltered eastern areas will see the best of the weather, with highest values of 24 degrees. now as we move out of tuesday into wednesday, that low continues to drift its way steadily eastwards, so that's where the real emphasis of the showers are likely to be, and stretching up into southwest scotland. it means a better day for northeast scotland, and for wales and southwest england.
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highest values by wednesday of 22 degrees. so our week ahead looks a little different from the weekjust gone, much pressure, and some pretty sharp showers at times. much fresher.


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