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borisjohnson says his promise to recruit 20,000 new police officers for england and wales will begin within weeks. siren the pledge will be carried out over three years — one police chief constable says more officers are sorely needed the types of crimes that are causing concern to the public are around violence, they're around gangs, they're around robbery. and we in the west midlands police, the most deprived, the youngest and most diverse area, and actually we've seen biggest cuts. and so i think putting the money back into the area those challenging crimes are won't only make the public of west midlands safer but actually will avoid that ripple out that we've seen into other parts of the country. but there are questions about how realistic the timetable is. we'll bring you all the latest. also this lunchtime:
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after the record—breaking heat come the storms, halting trains and planes, and causing chaos for passengers. the lack of communication was the biggest issue for us, not wanting to speak to us. they also have our bags, so we're off to the wedding with nothing to wear! arsenal players chase off armed carjackers and escape unharmed, tweeting this morning, "we're fine." and could ireland inflict a shock defeat on england in their test match at lord's? and coming up on bbc news, promoter eddie hearn has asked fans to wait for the facts before judging heavyweight boxer dillian whyte. it's after whyte tested positive for a banned substance.
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good afternoon and welcome to the bbc news at 0ne. the prime minister, borisjohnson, says his plans to recruit 20,000 more police officers in england and wales over three years will begin within weeks. the college of policing, which trains officers, welcomed the move but said there were logistical challenges, partly due to a lack of instructors. forces in england and wales lost more than 20,000 officers between september 2009 and september 2017. 0ur correspondent phil mackie reports. front line policing still goes on, but over the past decade in places like the west midlands, it has got a lot tougher — under violence is on the up. there has been a surge in knife crime here in the past five yea rs, knife crime here in the past five years, so knife crime here in the past five years, so the announcement of more
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investment is welcome news. the force is short of offices, no question, a quarter of the budget is gone, fewer police officers the 1974, and i have been clear we don't have the number offices and sometimes the service feels that. there are currently 120,000 police officers in england and wales. in 2010, there were 143,000 officers, so 2010, there were 143,000 officers, so the extra 20,000 promised by mr johnson over the next three years would see a return to levels of a decade ago. the prime minister has set out this very ambitious target of hitting 20,000 over the next 36 months. now, it is going to be a challenge to get there, the whole policing family will have to come together to see the largest expansion in policing for some time. it is the rise in violent crime that is giving most concern in places like birmingham and other urban areas across the country, which is why the police and crime commissioner in the west midlands, labour's david jamieson, has urged the government to send new recruits
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to big cities. public confidence will need to be restored too. early this month, we learned that a number of crimes solved by the police are atan of crimes solved by the police are at an all—time low. of crimes solved by the police are at an all-time low. if i think, as a former special constable myself, of the challenges facing the police now, a huge increase in violent crime and the resources to tackle that, which everyone agrees are not just about the number of police officers, but about protecting children as early as possible, so the lack of youth services, the lack of sure start, mental health, diversionary activities, you know, we need to think about investing in that as well. the government is also promising to continue to relax rules governing stop and search, which have already made an impact on the streets of the west midlands and elsewhere in the country. get on the ground, get on the ground now! about the new recruits will also help, but it will take time. the government says three years. as this footage shows, the extra help cannot come $0011 shows, the extra help cannot come soon enough. phil mackie, bbc news,
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birmingham. our home affairs correspondent danny shaw is here. 20,000 more officers over three years — how easy will this be to achieve? well, this is the biggest recruitment boost for the police that has ever been undertaken in modern times, never before has a government try to get 20,000 officers in three years, so it is going to be very difficult, particularly because the training infrastructure isn't in place. you don't have so many causes, instructors, and you don't have as many police stations to actually, you know, act as basis for these new offices. 600 police stations have closed since 2010, so that is an issue. as well as that, you have a complicating factor because new rules mean that recruits will either have to have a degree when they apply to be a police officer, or undertake to study for a degree while they are actually in the police service. now, this could restrict the number of potential applicants, and some forces are very
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worried about that. in other areas, it isa worried about that. in other areas, it is a very tight labour market, there is a real shortage of people with skills, and so there are concerns they may not be enough applicants there. so it is going to bea applicants there. so it is going to be a tall order, but of course this is news that is welcomed by the police service, that will be welcomed by the public, but there are others was in it is notjust about numbers, it is about skills, we need officers with specialist skills who are capable of examining digital phones and devices, who are up digital phones and devices, who are up to speed with all those latest techniques, and that is sorely needed as well as numbers and bobbies on the beat. danny, thank you. 0ur political correspondent jonathan blake is in westmister. is boris johnson in campaign mode already? it feels a bit like it, reeta, 20,000 extra police officers the kind of bombproof political promised that a prime minister might want to make just before heading that a prime minister might want to makejust before heading into edge election campaign. it will play well with his party and potential conservative voters, and something
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even his opponents will struggle to criticise beyond saying that it only makes up, if at all, for conservative cuts to be police service over the last few years. and all of that talk about domestic policy, which i think we will hear more from boris johnson policy, which i think we will hear more from borisjohnson in the coming days and weeks, is only adding to the feeling that many here at westminster have that we are heading for a general election sooner heading for a general election sooner perhaps rather than later. meanwhile, the business of government goes on, appointing ministers is not going entirely according to plan. prominent eurosceptic mp steve baker turned down a job last night in the department for exiting the european union, saying that in thatjunior role he would have felt powerless with the real work to prepare for a no—deal brexit being done elsewhere in government. he issued a bit of a warning to mrjohnson, saying that disaster will await if we don't come out of the eu by that 0ctober disaster will await if we don't come out of the eu by that october the 3ist out of the eu by that october the 31st deadline, and an equality president macron last night, we are told by downing street, that boris johnson told his french counterpart that there is no change in his
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position and are delivering brexit by the deadline with a deal means reopening the withdrawal agreement and removing the backstop, something, of course, that the eu has ruled out. 0k, jonathan, many thanks, jonathan blake there. rail and air passengers are being hit by more delays after record—breaking temperatures caused travel chaos yesterday. the country experienced the second hottest day ever recorded. the heat caused overhead cables on the rail network to sag, which were then damaged by passing trains. there were also delays and cancellations at london airports after storms across europe. despite cooler temperatures today, the transport network is still affected, as jon donnison reports. the heat may have relented, but today rail passengers are still getting burnt. at london st pancras anotherfrustrating morning, with many trains cancelled on the east midlands line up to sheffield and nottingham. all the trains out of st pancras
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have just been cancelled, all the lines are down. so we're trying to find our way via peterborough and then over across to loughborough, we think that that's going to work. i was supposed to travel up to luton last night. i wasn't able to so i had to head back home, which is down south. looked this morning and it looked all right, but i've just been stopped at st pancras and i need to find somewhere else. engineers are still struggling to repair overhead power lines which sagged in the severe heat. description remains on thameslink and great northern trains. —— disruption. 0vernight thunderstorms came as a relief for many, but not for those with a plane to catch. at heathrow, dozens of cancelled flights left some passengers having to sleep on the floor overnight. 0thers to sleep on the floor overnight. others were told to simply find a different airport. we were due to fly to denmark yesterday for one of my best friend's weddings, we boarded the flight at about 6:15
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only to be told of delays due to a storm passing through london. the delays kept coming and coming. by 10:45, they cancelled the flight, as the crew had ran out of hours. they also have our bags, so we're off to the wedding with nothing to wear! but hopefully we will be able to find something at gatwick. those travelling, though, like all of us, may have to be increasingly prepared for the heat. but is the infrastructure ready? with climate scientists predicting extreme weather will become more frequent, some argue our networks are in need ofan some argue our networks are in need of an upgrade. we have to go to every part of our infrastructure and look at whether it can cope with the increasing extremes. remember, this is not as bad as it will get, it will get worse in the future. we will get worse in the future. we will see higher temperatures for longer, and so we have to adapt the rail network and our roads system,
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and the infrastructure to deal with the coming climate, and we can't even cope with the current one. the message after another record—breaking week of weather — invest now or suffer the consequences. jon donnison, bbc news. 0ur correspondentjames waterhouse is at london's st pacras international. james. reeta, as the temperatures drop to a more manageable level, the misery for thousands of passengers across the uk doesn't seem to be going away. 0ver my shoulder at st pancras, the ongoing disruption seems to be taking place, thousands of passengers inside who were meant to be on eurostar services going to paris, they have now been cancelled throughout the afternoon. services to brussels have been delayed by as much as an hour. there eu line is going to st pancras that are working out of four, so severe delays or
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cancellations to midlands trains, as well as thameslink, which uses part of the route, particularly up to peterborough. different operators are giving different advice for using the delay scheme, and there is disruption to airports, luton, gatwick, heathrow, and there are reports of a drop in delays and cancellations at heathrow and gatwick, but they are still very much high. joining me is the is travel editor, simon caldwell, i that you can shed more light on the air—traffic control problems. that you can shed more light on the air-traffic control problems. yes, swanwick, which air-traffic control problems. yes, swa nwick, which looks air-traffic control problems. yes, swanwick, which looks after the southern half a briton out into the channel, they say they are having a technical problem which is causing flight technical problem which is causing flight restrictions. this, the busiest day of the year for many airlines and many airports, is exactly the do you want everything to work properly, and i'm afraid it is not. british airways proactively cancelled 50 flights over night, they have in the past hour or two
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cancelled dozens more, i am counting about 80 cancellations, including holiday flights. normally it is flights like places to dusseldorf that gets cancelled, but they have cancelled athens, malaga, ibiza and so on, so tens of thousands of people on those flights, and easyjet flights from gatwick and luton, they are having horrible times trying to sort out their trips. briefly, infrastructure caught out again? yes, we seem to get an awful lot of capacity out of a victorian railway system and a second world war aviation system, but times like this, the lack of slack in the system shows. simon calder, thank you very much. network rail has apologised but says it will need the whole of the weekend to get our rail networks back up and running. reeta. james, many thanks. dramatic footage on social media shows two arsenal players involved in an attempted carjacking in a london street. the pictures show sead kolasinac chasing off an armed gang. he and his team—mate mesut 0zil both escaped unhurt.
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simonjones reports. taking on the would—be robbers. sead kolasinac sees off one at the front of the 4x4, then an attacker approaches from the back. he is armed with some sort of metal object. it is a brief but terrifying ordealfor kolasinac and 0zil, who is in the vehicle. but it doesn't end there. police say they were called to this area just before five o'clock yesterday afternoon to reports of an attempted robbery. what the footage doesn't show is kolasinac then gets back in the 4x4 and the two footballers headed in that direction, but they are pursued for around a mile by the men on motorbikes. but the footballers have called ahead to a turkish restaurant they know, saying they are in trouble and they need help. as the footballers abandon their vehicle and race into the restaurant, the staff come out and chase the motorcyclists away. witnesses say the would—be robbers attempted to smash the windows of the 4x4. it is not clear
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whether the footballers were targeted because of their vehicle or because of who they are. we didn't first of all understand what had happened. and then when we see the motorbike passing from here, we realise it is serious. and the players are very lucky. yes, thank god nothing happened to them, and i think we are all of us it is lucky nothing happened to them. hello! last year, in the same area, the comedian michael mcintyre was robbed by two men on a moped while he was parked outside his children's school. the men smashed his car windows with a hammer before taking his watch and fleeing. last week, a wealthy financier was targeted for her watch. police insist they have not lost control of moped crime and, after a spike, offences are falling. sead kolasinac is being hailed a hero, notjust by arsenalfans. he has tweeted that he is fine. the players are due to be back in action on the football pitch on sunday. simonjones, bbc news, north london.
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a court in newcastle has been hearing victim impact statements ahead of the sentencing of carl beech, who made claims of sexual abuse and murder against mps, military chiefs, and senior figures in the intelligence services. june kelly has been in court. what's been said? well, powerful and poignant testimony, we had first of all a statement read, this is not necessarily in this order but i will read you exerts from some read to the court. 0ne read you exerts from some read to the court. one on behalf of a former chief of the defence staff, a distinguished military career and statement read by his solicitor said that lord bramall said he had never been as badly wounded during his army career as he was by carl beech's false allegation, there was a statement read to the court on be laugh of diana brit tan, the widow of lyon brit tan. she described how
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her husband with was alone in a hospital bed with cancer when he learned of the claims and she said my husband's name has now been cleared. but he will never know this. carl beech will be sentenced at 2.15, 12 counts of perverting the course of justice at 2.15, 12 counts of perverting the course ofjustice and a number of paedophile offences. there's confusion surrounding the release of results from the retailer sports direct, after the firm failed to publish them this morning. well, with me is our correspondent simon gompertz. well, this isnt the first time — what's going on ? well, the results were delayed for more than a week ago until first thing this morning and then they we re thing this morning and then they were delayed from this morning, we are not sure if they will come out today, at all and that is caused consternation in the city of london. sports direct controlled by mike ashley, the owner of newcastle
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united football club who has bought house of fraser, he has been successful. he has built sports direct up from nothing to a billion pound company, but he does unnerve investors in the city, because he is a deal maker, a maverick he does things at the last moment, and the issue here, the first delay seems to have been to do with the auditors grant thornton who needed more time to vet the accounts of house of tracer, which has been losing a lot of money. —— house of frazer, that could be the issue today as well. so thatis could be the issue today as well. so that is a concern, however, the share price has been up for some of today and so what has caused exasperation aamong journalist and the city of london hasn't turned into panic yet. the city of london hasn't turned into panic yet. our top story this lunchtime. borisjohnson says his promise to recruit 20,00o new police officers for england and wales will begin within weeks. the pledge will be carried
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out over three years — one police chief constable says more officers are sorely needed. coming up. the first ever world cup for the popular video game, fortnite — with millions on offer in prize money. coming up on bbc news. a ferrari one—two at first practise in the german grand prix, with sebastian vettel fastest. his team—mate charles leclerc came second and lewis hamilton third. now, video game tournaments — or e—sports — are big business, and some of the world's best players are competing this weekend for prize money higher than that earned by the wimbledon champions. they're playing the popular game fortnite, which is holding its first ever world cup in new york. among the contestants are british teenage hopefuls, asjoe tidy reports.
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for two years, fortnite's unique brand of dancing, shooting and looting has brought gamers together online. avast ye, land lubbers. now it's time for the cream of the crop to meet in person, for the first ever world cup. the prize pool is a record $30 million — or £24 million. the winner takes home $3 million and this trophy. some of the favourites are british, including 14—year—old carljackson from london. he's known online as mongrel. it's a lot more serious than people think. it's notjust playing the game forfun or whatever, you have to play, like, consecutive months, a lot, every day. you don'tjust get here from chance. another contender is 15—year—old benjy fish from middlesex. him and his teammate have both qualified as a duo and individually, meaning they're guaranteed $100,000 each, even before a single shot is fired. i think it will be a bit different when i'm on the stage, because i've never been on a huge stage like that before, i've only ever played in my bedroom,
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but right now i'm really confident. and what a stage it is. 40 million players tried to get here, but now less than 200 remain. it's a sell—out here at the arthur ashe stadium with tens of thousands of fans expected over the weekend and potentially millions more online. it's also a big moment in the maker of fortnite's history as they can finally say they're a big player in e—sports. according to analysts, the global e—sports market will exceed the billion dollar revenue mark this year. despite fortnite being free to play, epic games makes hundreds of millions a month from ingame purchases. investing in events like this is a new avenue for them. the game has already made plenty of millionaire streamers. the most famous — ninja — failed to qualify. almost all finalists are boys under the age of 16. none are female, but 13—year—old deaf player ewok came close.
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fortnite's rise to this point has not been without controversy. prince harry once called for it to be banned for being too addictive. but for these players it's already changed their lives, and with the prizes on offer here, some are dreaming of even bigger things. there's a lot of faces looking back at you, bro. joe tidy, bbc news in new york. a drug for women suffering from advanced ovarian cancer has been approved for use in newly diagnosed patients in england. a trial showed that olaparib could delay the progression of the cancer for three years. up to 600 women with a hereditary type of the disease could benefit each year. lauren moss reports. when florence was 46, she was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer and told she had less than 18 months to live. she had two major surgeries and underwent four separate rounds of chemotherapy.
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0bviously you're in emotional shock. i had two young children and you don't care too much what you have to go through physically, it is the impact on your family is your first concern, and telling your children you have this diagnosis. that was almost ten years ago. it was only after aggressive treatment that florence was eligible for 0laparib, a drug that can halt the progression of the disease. now it has been made available to patients in england sooner, when they've responded well to their first round of chemotherapy. often it presents at a very late stage because the symptoms that women sufferfrom are, can be nonspecific, such as abdominal bloating, pain, difficulty going to the toilet, tiredness, loss of appetite and these symptoms can overlap with many conditions that are not cancer related. this medicine is for women with the hereditary brca gene mutation, which angelian jolie reveled she has. it affects around one in 400 people
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and significantly increases the risk of breast and ovarian cancers. ovarian cancer is a devastating disease that is really difficult to diagnose and treat, and has a really high recurrence rate, but the clinical trials with this drug have shown a reduction in the risk of the cancer spreading by 70% — which is huge. the disease did not progress among almost two thirds of women who were given 0laparib during the trial. usually 70% of patients relapse within three years. doctor says the drug could cully have the potential to even cure over ran cancer in some people. florence has been taking it for 28 months. 0laparib has prolonged my life, given my life, changed my life, all of those three things. without 0laparib, 100% i wouldn't be here, ijust wouldn't be here. charities say it is vital that women with ovarian cancer are screened for the brca gene mutation so they don't miss out. a decision about prescribing it at an earlier stage is expected to be made in the rest of the united kingdom, in the coming months.
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the head of a birmingham school — which was criticised by some parents for teaching about lg bt relationships — has told bbc news the government put pressure on her to stop the lessons. hazel pulley said she had felt totally compromised. the teaching of the course is optional — the government denies applying pressure, and says it's tried to encourage dialogue. 0ur midlands correspondent sima kotecha reports. parkfield community school. for weeks there were protests outside, with parents calling on the school to stop teaching children about different relationships. they can't tell you when and how they should be taught. its equality programme, called no 0utsiders, involves story books with pictures of same—sex couples. in march the school suspended the programme after protests escalated. now the woman in charge of parkfield says it's been a tough experience. i think there's only one word, and from inside school looking out
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it has been horrendous. i have felt, sadly, rather isolated. and she accuses the department for education of pressurising her to stop teaching about equality. the government has told me several times that it did not place pressure on parkfield. that is untrue. we experienced extreme pressure to stop, but we agreed on suspend the programme, to stop no 0utsiders, and we feel it was only with one aim, and that was to keep the protests out of the papers and to stop the protests. how did you feel about that? totally compromised. the department for education said no pressure had been applied on parkfield to stop teaching about equality. it added any suggestion the dispute should be kept out of the media was about bringing an end to the protests and ensuring tensions weren't further inflamed by sensationalist coverage. the plan is for all schools in england to teach lgbt content from next year. but it will be up to head teachers
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to decide at what age. ms pulley wants the new prime minister to change the guidance to say lgbt teaching should be compulsory in primary schools — something some parents are very much against. sima kotecha, bbc news, birmingham. 16 us marines serving at a camp in california have been arrested as part of an investigation into alleged people—smuggling. the military said the move was as a result of information given by two other marines, who were arrested earlier this month, on suspicion of smuggling three mexican migrants into the us. members of cathay pacific airline staff have joined hundreds of pro—democracy protestors holding a sit—in at hong kong's international airport. the protesters handed out leaflets and held banners in several languages, condeming the attacks by suspected gang members on anti—government protesters last week. they say the police were too slow
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to respond to the violence. at lords, ireland is in sight of its first ever test win, as it chases 182 runs in its match against the world cup winners england. joe wilson reports. in the midst of the familiar test match hubbub at lord's there were signs this was different, special. even the stewards seemed to signify it, unwittingly. irish sport has many elements — now it was at cricket's home, its establishment, and here to try to win. well, you walk past a huge world cup replica just inside lord's. yeah, well, things move quickly in sport. talking of which, here's how the day began. and that was england's second innings emphatically over. 0llie stone gone for none, like many english batsmen before him. and, in terms of the match,
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it meant ireland needed just 182 runs to win — which didn't sound like many. well, england may have perceived this test match as a kind of ashes warm—up, but right now the only future that mattered was friday's play here. could they imagine beating australia... ..if they couldn't beat ireland? 182, the target. this is how ireland's second innings began. it was clear that everyone would be cheered, and every moment celebrated in a style that lords had never quite witnessed before. well, he's been here all match. england needed wickets desperately. stuart broad bowling to ireland's captain. now, was that out? no, said the umpire, and he was right. watch how the ball missed william porterfield's bat, brushed his pocket, before ending in the fielder‘s hands. but this one, from woakes, he hit. and jonny bairstow grabbed it. if england were going to take ten irish wickets, they needed
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to be at their best. bairstow was here, and ireland plasma captain could do no more except head back to the pavilion and watch. so who would stand strong and bat for ireland? andrew balbirnie was the hero of theirfirst innings — he failed this time. the experienced paul stirling — clean bowled for none. 19 runs scored, three irish batsmen out. the equation was swinging, definitely, england's way. joe wilson, bbc news, at lords. time for a look at the weather. house of fraser, that we have had the heat wave. it has ended for many but not all of us. at the moment in northern scotland skies look like this, with warm if not hot weather round. a reminder of the temperatures. yesterday we got to 38.1. sometimes more data becomes more available but at the moment we think that was the highest
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