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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  July 16, 2019 1:30am-1:45am BST

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our top story: president trump is refusing to back down over racist comments he made about four democrats. mr trump accused the four congresswomen of being anti—american and said if they weren't happy, they should leave the country. more than 100 people have died after days of heavy rains across south asia, with more than three million people forced out of their homes in parts of india. the state of bihar is worst affected with almost two million people displaced. and many of you are looking at this story on surgeons in london have successfully separated twin girls from pakistan who were born joined at the head. the surgery was so complex it was staged over three major operations lasting nearly 50 hours. the twins are now recovering. that's all. stay with bbc world news. and the top story in the uk: the wartime codebreaker alan turing is chosen as the face
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of the new £50 note. now on bbc news, live to singapore for asia business report. weighing up libre. the us treasury secretary doubles down on donald trump's attacks on facebook‘s planned crypto currency —— libra. money in the moon. 50 years on from the apollo 11 landing, we speak to one company plan to exploit its resources . one company plan to exploit its resources. “— one company plan to exploit its resources. —— planning. good morning asia and hello, world. it's tuesday, glad you could join us for another exciting addition of asia business report. i'm rico hizon and we start with facebook and its ambitious plan to create its own
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crypto currency and the growing scrutiny it's been under since it was unveiled last month. in the last few hours, us treasury secretary steve mnuchin took the unusual step that he had grave concerns libra could be used for illegal purposes, echoing similar comments from donald trump. the social media giant plans to launch its own virtual digital currency, libra and if all goes to plan, libra will be bought, sold, held, sent and even received with the firm's apps, messenger and whatsapp, as well as rival ones, imagine, a and money changes hands almost instantaneously. it hasn't even got started and it's faced a huge backlash. steven mnuchin, the us treasury secretary, said on monday that he agrees with his boss,
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that crypto currencies are for crooks. donald trump tweeted if facebook and other companies want to become a bank they must seek a new charter and be subject to all banking regulations. other high—profile figures share their concern stop either head of the us central bankjerome powell speaking last week, saying libra raises serious concerns about privacy and financial stability. his statements, head of two hearings this week on capitol hill where facebook blockchain lead david marcus is expected to testify before the senate and the house lawmakers. he will tell congress facebook won't move forward with there one crypto currency without full approval and regulation. but will that be enough to satisfy the doubters? michelle fleu ry to satisfy the doubters? michelle fleury in new york. 48 hours and more thani fleury in new york. 48 hours and more than i million deals and the annual amazon prime day has kicked
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off and it set to be the company's biggest ever. what started in 2015 as a day—long sale now spreads over two days and 17 countries. amazon says over 100 million products were bought last year during the event and some estimates put sales figures for 2018 at 3.7 billion us dollars. earlier an expert told me why he thinks the company will do even better this time around. i think they're going to have a fantastic 2019 for a number of reasons. basically this year they decided to extend their hours from 36 hours to 48, so it will be a full two—year event for these guys, which isa two—year event for these guys, which is a first for them. obviously, you know, that's going to increase the amount of sales because of the sheer number of hours basically. you have thousands of workers in amazon sites around the world staging protests about pay and conditions. could amazon shoppers
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say they won't shop on prime day because of what they're doing to their employees? it's a possibility. i think on the margins you will have people cutting back on amazon shopping but it's really hard because they are the premier website for e—commerce. in terms of the selection, in terms of the prices you can get on the website, they are really the website to be. it is tough. it is tough to win yourself off it, it's like an addiction. it is indeed an addiction! because in asia, you have competition from the likes of alibaba and its singles day. how do you think prime day from amazon will stack up to singles day? singles day is larger than prime day. last year prime day $4 billion in two days and singles day in one day did $30 billion, so it's a
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massive event. the only difference is prime day is all about amazon. how important our asian consumers to amazon? amazon continues to be a u.s.—based amazon? amazon continues to be a us. —based company and amazon? amazon continues to be a u.s.—based company and a lot of their revenues still originate from their revenues still originate from the us. they are getting more global but they just pulled the us. they are getting more global but theyjust pulled back the us. they are getting more global but they just pulled back from china, the second—biggest market in the world. not as important as the us but ethnically growing. bao vu on amazon's prime day performance. 50 yea rs performance. 50 years ago, the apollo 11 moon landing marked a defining moment in human history and since then businesses have been looking for ways to make money from our only permanent natural satellite, and that includes mining. earlier the chief executive of japan's ispace told me about his plans. we are looking to be on the moon by
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2021. we have a lunar lander and a lunar rover to explore the surface. how do you plan to make money? well, we are aiming to do business by transportation business to the lunar surface at the beginning and then we moved to the space resource business with water on the moon. and of course, humans have arguably been stripping down earth so much and climate changes have been exacerbated as a result, so do you think if more people go to the moon, this could be the same problem, just like what we are having here on earth? we believe that using space is sustainable for the earth as well. using resources in space, we can maintain the infrastructure in an efficient way and provide better living standards on earth. keeping
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earth sustainable and the moon sustainable as well, how can you have these two ecosystems working together? the key is utilisation of space resources, especially water. water is composed up of hydrogen and oxygen, and that is repellent for the space craft in the future. do you have clients for your moon trip in 2021? yes, we have several deals with a japanese set of private companies as our partner programme, and they have also paid to go on the lunar surface. making business in the moon. the interest in plant —based food that looks and tastes like meat has investors salivating and entrepreneurs busy trying to cook up new products, but our meat alternatives really the future of
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food? samira hussain puts the new wave of vegetarian fare to the test. if you like meatless meats or treasonous cheese, this event is for you. we've got bacon made from mushrooms that taste just like crispy bacon. we are plant -based, fish less seafood. our products are all vegan. last year, all vegan. last yea r, sales all vegan. last year, sales of plant —based meat substitutes hit $19.5 billion globally and in the next ten years the market is expected to boom to $140 billion. it used to be a stereotypical male like me would be happy to go to a steakhouse three times a week but i realised at some point it's not healthy. as restaurant —— restaurant as adapt, there are solutions being created. wheeze went from the fish
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to the plants. peter is a the gun and a chef. with the possible foods and a chef. with the possible foods and beyond meat, we know vegans are going to be here —— is a vegan and a chef. unless you have base allergy. we are going after people eating tuna everyday. meat alternatives have seen a meteoric rise but critics say some of these plant —based meat alternatives are high in fat and therefore not very healthy. vegan food and health don't often go hand in hand. i guess the reply to that is not everything that isn't vegan is not everything that isn't vegan is healthy either, so i guess it's to you to decide what's healthy. the nutritional value might be in question but interest from investors are certainly isn't. food companies believe meatless alternatives are good for long—term health of the bottom line.
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i'm ready for that kind of food! let's look at the asia—pacific markets and how they're faring in early trade. japan was closed yesterday due to a public holiday and it is down by a third of a percent. the all ordinaries down by 0.1% and a lot of investors are waiting on key earnings reports from major us companies, particularly from the financial and technology sectors. the hang seng index and the bombay ‘s sensex are closed today and will reopen later today. thanks for your time. i'm rico and will reopen later today. thanks foryourtime. i'm rico hizon. sport todayis foryourtime. i'm rico hizon. sport today is up next. this is bbc news. the top stories this hour: president trump isn't backing down over his racist remarks about four democratic congresswomen, accusing them of being un—american. floodwaters force millions of people from their homes across northern india after days of heavy monsoon rains.
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anorexia is an eating disorder that can destroy lives. teenage girls and young women are particularly vulnerable to what's long been considered a mental illness. but now scientists at king's college london say it may also be a partly physical illness too. new research showed that changes hardwired into people's dna alters the way they process fats and sugars, making it easier for them to starve their bodies. our health correspondent sophie hutchinson reports. laura shah is in recovery from anorexia. she was diagnosed when she was 15 years old. she was so sick she had to be taken out of school and cared forfull—time at home. mentally, it was probably the most horrific thing i've been through. the trauma that you put yourself through, and just the mental torment every day, it does seem never—ending, and i can see why people struggle to recover from it. anorexia is largely considered to be a psychiatric illness, but a major new study suggests it
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may also be linked to metabolism, the way a person processes food and utilises energy. the dna of almost 17,000 patients across 17 countries was analysed by scientists. the metabolic picture we see in anorexia we don't fully understand yet. but it does seem that people with anorexia are genetically predisposed towards having a lower bmi, towards having lower body fat, towards having a decreased risk of type two diabetes, and towards having higher levels of good cholesterol. anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric illness. it is estimated to affect at least 43,500 women and girls in the uk, and 14,500 boys and men. 46% of those with the illness go on to recover. 33% eventually see symptoms improve.
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but for 20% of patients, treatments don't work, and they remain chronically ill. this is a symbol for eating disorder recovery... laura says she makes a daily effort to stay well, and this tattoo is her signal to do so. this research sheds light on why some people don't have internal signals. warning them when they are dangerously malnourished may help develop new treatments, and save lives. sophie hutchinson, bbc news. hello, and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: yes, prime minister. england's cricket heroes meet theresa may at ten downing street as they celebrate becoming world champions. we will bring you up to date on the movers and shakers
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in the football world, including aaron ramsey's italian job. on two wheels and one leg, we meet the kenyan racer who is a biker and a proud amputee. hello and thanks for joining us on sport today. you can't stop the party when it comes to england's victorious cricket team. having won the world cup in such dramatic circumstances on sunday against new zealand, the celebrations continued with a trip to meet the british prime minister, theresa may, at ten downing street. both england and new zealand scored 241 runs from their 50 overs in sunday's final at lord's, before eoin morgan's side won after a dramatic super over. cricket fan may was at the final, tweeting well done to the team after their victory. meanwhile, earlier in the day, there were a lot of people taking the day off work to meet their all—conquering heroes. eoin morgan's england players were actually guests at their own party.


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