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‘offenders in pfirufr‘" “a “fig“riffigg pfirufr‘" 'u jultuf vnw for offenders in reuniting with theirfamilies. and for offenders in reuniting with their families. and more for offenders in reuniting with theirfamilies. and more diversity gci’oss theirfamilies. and more diversity across the criminaljustice system. the ministry ofjustice says it welcomes the tailored community based programme. finally, after hundreds of thousands of people had their say over who should feature on the new £50 note, the bank of england has announced it'll be alan turing. the computer scientist is celebrated for his work in helping to crack the german enigma code during the second world war. he also played a pivotal role in the development of early computers. the bank of england governor mark carney described turing as a "visionary and revolutionary". the new note will be in circulation by the end of 2021. time for a look at the weather. here's ben rich. thank you. good afternoon, it is saint switzerlanden‘s day today. what does that mean? if the folklore is to be believed, the weather we're get today is the weather we should
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get today is the weather we should get for the next a0 days which judging by this picture wouldn't be too bad. for most of us. however, i suspect we won't make it to the a0 day, we might not make it to four. things will change this week, its will turn wetter, much windier later in the week. you can see serious areas of cloud. waiting to make their move. not able to approach us just yet, because of this area of high pressure keep things fine and settled through the rest of today. most of us dry, there is just the small chance of the odd shower in western area, and we have got extra cloud in east anglia, the south—east into the midlands, that is likely to break up to some extent through the rest of the day. cooler for some of the eastern area, further west the temperatures for some getting up into the middle 20s. this evening and tonight it will stay largely dry, some clear spell, one or two mist and fog patches perhaps. 0ne small change, cloud and the odd splash of rain in scotland later in
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the night. the first of those approaching frontal systems. this one a weak affair. as you go through tomorrow we push it eastwards. not much more than a bit of extra cloud and maybe the odd shower breaking out. some could be on the heavy side but for most tomorrow, it is another fine day, with long spells of sunshine, and certainly for eastern areas warmer than today, temperatures of 25 or 26 degrees. now as we move out of tuesday into wednesday we bring in another frontal system. this will have more life about it so we could see heavy, possibly thundery rain pushing in to northern ireland and western scotland, as we go through the day. the further east you are increasing amounts of high cloud turning the sunshine hazy but it should stay about fine. the winds strengthening across the western area, a noticeable south or south—westerly winds in northern ireland and scotland. turning cooler here but further south and east, another warm day with those temperatures up to around 25 degrees. as we head to the end of the week
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the changes accelerate. this first frontal system moves through on thursday, a bit of rain with that. that. the next one for friday, could bring not only wet but pretty windy weather so as we approach the end of the week thing also turn more u nsettled. the week thing also turn more unsettled. turns cooler as well. so much for a0 days of dry weather, we may not make it to four. back to you. a reminder of our top story. jubilant scenes at the oval as fans of all ages celebrate england's dramatic world cup win. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me, and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. good afternoon. it's 1.30pm and here's your latest sports news.
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it's a day of celebrations for england cricketers after they won the men's world cup for the first time. they'll head to downing street later for a drinks reception with the prime minister, but this morning they've been with fans at the oval. john watson is there for us. how significant an achievement is this john? what has been the agenda for today? as we know, they arrived here to parade their trophy, lots of schoolchildren and other supporters gathered here to watch them lift the trophy once again. numerous interviews, i spoke tojeffrey archer who talked about inspiring the next generation. he told me this is something he dreams of as a young boy. huge scenes of celebration and they will continue without reception to come at downing street later on this evening. we all remember that special moment in 2005 when england
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won the ashes. we saw some players arriving a little worse for wear when they arrived at downing street then, andi when they arrived at downing street then, and i am sure it will be the same this time. only now, as the enormity of what they have achieved, starting to sink in. as we know, no other england team has ever won this world cup before. it was a huge amount of expectation and pressure on their shoulders to deliver on home soil. they did so, didn't they, quite dramatically last night in a way that nobody could have predicted. england will now hope they can build on this and reconnect with grass roots cricket and really grow the game and encourage more boys and girls to take up the sport. fantastic. john, thank you very much. novak djokovic says his wimbledon win over roger federer was his most "mentally demanding" match. in an astonishing day of sport,
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the men's final went to a fifth set, then 12 games all and then to a tie break. it was djokovic who eventually beat federer in a final, which lasted longer than any other in the tournament's history — almost five hours in total. federer actually had two championship points but couldn't get over the line, leaving djokovic to win his i6th grand slam title. england take on jamaica later today in the second round of the netball world cup, but the other home nations are in action too in liverpool. kate gray is there for us. how tough willjamaica be for england, kate? this match, england versus jamaica are set to be a huge one. a surprise for it to be so early in this tournament. jamaica i've tipped to be the team to beat, but they suffered their first defeat against south africa yesterday. the number five seed versus jamaica, the number two seed. that means jamaica now
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play england today. jamaica must win if they want to continue through to the semifinals. england want to make sure they continue their winning streak. this could be the are going to have the crowd behind them. whoever wins, their lives will be easier later in the tournament. northern ireland were in action this morning. unfortunately, they suffered another defeat against malawi. struggling to keep up with the pace of the african nation they lost a3, a7. scotland will be in action today facing south africa. you can keep up with all of the action on the bbc platforms. brilliant. kate, thank you. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website.
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that's let's get more now on the news that a serial thief has been found guilty of murdering and american businessmen. 26—year—old was convicted by an old jury bailey by killing the 5a—year—old in august last year. our correspondence is at the old bailey right now. tell us what happened in court today. there has been extremely tense and emotional in courtroom six today. the family has attended every single day of this trial, waiting for that all—important verdict. day of this trial, waiting for that all—importa nt verdict. well, day of this trial, waiting for that all—important verdict. well, i came today. as the jury read out the word guilty, they leapt up into the air and shouted, yes, rest of your life in prison to gerald. they collapsed
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in tears. as you can imagine, a lot of emotion there. as the jury got up out of their seats to work out, they shouted thank you, thank you so much. he was very much the father, a businessman and a part—time actor. he appeared as an extra in the james bond movie. he was robbed for his wallet, phone, computer and bond movie. he was robbed for his wallet, phone, computerand a bond movie. he was robbed for his wallet, phone, computer and a couple of bottles of wine. he contacted his killer through the gate dating app. he picked him up from a homeless hostel, took him back to the west london apartment and it was there he was drugged with the drug in order to rob him. this drug is extremely, extremely strong. it is used by clubbers and when gerald realised he had given him the overdose, he looked around his apartment and took
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what he could. in the following days, he went back to his co—defendant and used the bank cards ina co—defendant and used the bank cards in a shopping spree. earlier, one of the sand spoke outside of court today. today we have finally received justice for our dad on this long and dramatic road. he was a man who never stop telling us what we had achieved. he was a hard—working man, with a mission to give his children a life ofjoy, that he did with so many years. he taught as what he meant to be loved and was respected by his family, co—workers and friends. he had time for anyone. we could not have asked for a better father. we would like to thank all of the officers from the homicide tea m of the officers from the homicide team who have helped us, there hard work has helped all of us. we would like to thank the prosecution team
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and all the witnesses came forward to help us in our case. we asked now for some privacy so we can grieve as a family. we will never forget our wonderful father. a family. we will never forget our wonderfulfather. he will forever a family. we will never forget our wonderful father. he will forever be in our hearts. gerald has done this several times before. he was known to be using the drug ghb and robbing people for several years, we found out in court they had robbed at least a dozen people. one of the extraordinary instances happened at an east london hotel back and may come with a dutch businessmen, where he robbed him, to everything in the hotel room, including the flat screen tv and the toilet brush from the hotel room. the police could not find the identity of him, even though his profile was on the dating app, and that is why his sons, mr michael's sons, once the drug laws
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to be changed. we had this information today that he also robbed stephen paul. you might remember that name because he was a notorious serial killer, not only he drugged him, which is bizarre and he was arrested for killing four people with that drug. he was found guilty today of merger and also guilty of six counts of administering a noxious substance as so to danger it life and one possession with attempt to supply. he and his co—defendant, mr dunbar, will face a sentence in the next few months. thank you very much. earlier we spoke to the freedom
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charity, which aims to stop forced marriages. mainly are talking about, but not exclusively, are taken abroad and forced to marry against their will. most have no idea it is going to going to happen to them. they are told they are going on a family holiday, they are not told they are going to be a potential bride. and they mayjust find out at the airport themselves. rather than getting on the plane, by raising the alarm, speaking to staff and they eye being interviewed and going through passport control, knowing there a last chance hope to stop them going abroad. that is really important. 0nce them going abroad. that is really important. once they are abroad, they often do not know where they are and it is how to communicate to charities to get help. 0nce are and it is how to communicate to charities to get help. once they are abroad, the type of crime we are talking about, not only domestic abuse, serial rape, and even murder
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in the most extreme circumstances, we are welcoming the work of the police. we are asking, has there been a return ticket bought? 0ften we find is just a one—way ticket. 0ften young aren't allowed to return to the uk until they are pregnant. that is important to check how long the holiday is. what the plans are, when they are coming back home, what the aspirations are, and those questions help a great deal. also speaking to the family. our main thing to do to stop this from happening in the first place, but we have to do more to stop this from happening. 57a cases have been reported for people who are worried about first marriage under 18. it is important the public notice the signs. they may not be allowed to
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have friends, are not allowed to socialise, incredibly over strict pa rents, socialise, incredibly over strict parents, and overbearing brother, trying to spot the perpetrators and that would make a big difference in trying to help that person. let's return to the world cup victory. earlier we spoke to johnny ba i rstow. victory. earlier we spoke to johnny bairstow. what a day. at no point ever we re we bairstow. what a day. at no point ever were we thinking we would rather game and come out on top. it was the best game i have been involved in. i am looking at some of your faces, you involved in. i am looking at some of yourfaces, you do look a involved in. i am looking at some of your faces, you do look a little shellshocked. is the enormity of what you achieve starting to seep in? no, i didn't know if it will. it has been in a lot of hard work over
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a long period of time. people have been through individual stuff as well as a team. to now say we have won the world cup is special. how do you deal with that pressure? 0bviously, you deal with that pressure? obviously, the main aim, the main focus was to win this world cup and that has been the same case. how have you dealt with the pressure? the pressure comes with the pressure we put on ourselves. the pressure we put on ourselves to improve over the last four years, the pressure we put on ourselves to get better, push each other into performances we have done over the last period. yesterday was a completely different pressure because it has not really been a 350 power score, it has been 290. we had a little bit of luck but that helps because we played the type of
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cricket we wanted to play over that long period of time. talk me through the match yesterday. nobody in the tea m the match yesterday. nobody in the team would have envisaged it would have been decided in the manner that it was. the score was level after 50 overs each and then going into that super over. it was a joke, wasn't it? it was a joke. no one will ever come close to ever seeing a game like that. no one well and that is a special part about it. it was a once—in—a—lifetime game. special part about it. it was a once-in-a-lifetime game. we have all enjoyed watching it. has it set you up enjoyed watching it. has it set you up brilliantly for the ashes to come the summer? a great lunch pad and you can continue with the momentum that you have built. i cannot wait. but we also note the australians will be reeling from losing that semifinals. we know we will have a tough test. the guys are really looking forward to it. six weeks to
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90, looking forward to it. six weeks to go, six test matches and off we pop. we are looking forward to that, too. ina we are looking forward to that, too. in a moment he will have all of the business news but firstly headlined. jubilant scenes at the oval as cricket fans of all ages celebrate england's dramatic world cup win. completely unacceptable — theresa may's verdict on president trump's latest twitter outburst, branded racist by critics. a man from south london is found guilty of the murder of a businessman using the sex drug ghb. hello, now for the business news. shares in sport direct fell sharply after it delayed releasing its latest results. it blamed the delay on uncertainty over trading at house of fraser which it bought last year. the results were due out on thursday but could be delayed until late august. two million low—paid workers could get statutory sick
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pay for the first time. right now, only people on minium wage for more than 1a hours a week get statutory sick pay. but that limit could be cut under plans being considered by the government. china's economy grew at its slowest pace since the early 19905 over the last three months, according to the official figures. the world's second biggest economy grew 6.2% compared to the same period last year. it's been hit by the trade war with america. there's good news and bad news when it comes to how the uk is doing in terms of boosting female entrepreneurs. a new survey by dell shows that london is the third best in the world for encouraging women business owners. but the bad news is that london is the only top ranking city in the country and lags behind san francisco and new york. margareta mcgrath is disruptive strategist
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and chief digital 0fficer, dell. let's start only positive note, what is london doing right? good afternoon. london is doing plenty of things right, it is performing as pa rt things right, it is performing as part of this index. for the last three years, it has performed well across culture, economy, talent as well. it is doing a lot of things well. it is doing a lot of things well but could improve for cost of living and access for female entrepreneurs. not doing as well forgetting venture capitalist to put money into female businesses. yes, we have seen this quite recently with the rear report that was published. access to funding is a challenge. —— recently with the report. female founders are having
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trouble trying to access that capital. they get typically 50% less funding than male, so that needs to shift, that ease of access to capital needs to change. you see in needs to change, how will it change, what concrete steps need to be taken? there needs more funding, essentially. we need to open that up and make it more accessible. targeted funding at female founders. it needs a shift in terms of making it more accessible and has not happened to date. why is london lagging behind new york and san francisco? it is not a competition, it is an index, a baseline. london has at laps, it is performing consistently well, but we are seeing other cities upgrading or improving where they had been in the past. across those five indicators i have mentioned, technology, markets capital and culture, those cities
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have made improvements. london continues to perform, but these cities have made significant changes, and that is why they have increased on the index. thank you so much forjoining us. thank you. in other business news, the spanish airline vueling is the least punctual major airline flying out of the uk. it's flights were delayed by an average of 31 minutes last year, according to the civil aviation authority. thomas cook also did badly, with average delays of 2a minutes, followed by wizz air on 23 minutes. the government is hiring new trade negotiators to help with brexit. it's offering training schemes to applicants from all backgrounds to help secure deals for when we leave the eu. the mathematician and computer scientist, alan turing will feature on the new £50 bank note which goes into circulation in 2021. almost 1,000 people were nominated to feature on the new note.
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let's catch up on what is happening with the markets docked at the. the ftse is at the. doing well. investors think that slowing growth in china will lead to the government there doing more to stimulate the economy. so that has led to mining companies like antofagasta also doing well. sport direct has been losing ground after delaying the release of its results because of problems at house of fraser which it bought last year. better news for travis perkins because of speculation that it could be about to sell wickes. thank you very much. last year, the internet went into meltdown when disney released a surprise trailer for its live—action remake of the lion king. now, finally, the wait is over. the stars of the movie, including donald glover and beyonce, were at the premiere in london last night, along with the duke and duchess of sussex. and our entertainment correspondent lizo mzimba.
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the duke and duchess chatting to some of the hundreds of fans who'd gathered in leicester square for the premiere. then it was time for real—life royalty to meet showbiz royalty, led by beyonce, who voices a character in the film, and her husband jay z, as well as other members of the cast and the team behind the movie. even though some of the reviews have been less than spectacular, there's still a huge amount of anticipation for the film because the original lion king is particularly loved by audiences who went to see it in such numbers it became disney's biggest film of the 20th century. everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. this time around, the story's been brought to life using computer—generated characters and backgrounds, but has kept the familiar characters from the original, including the comedic pair timon and pumbaa. let me see what we're dealing with here.
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it's a lion! run for your life! hey, timon! timon, wait, wait, wait! timon, wait! it's a little lion! it gets bigger. me and billy eichner, who plays timon, did all of our recording together, which was a rare opportunity, and i think you can really tell. we were able to improvise and respond to each other in real time, and i think it gives our stuff an incredibly naturalistic feel, which is awesome. run away, simba, and never return. because of the affection so many have for the story, as well as the massive box office of the original, the head of disney, currently hollywood's most successful studio, knows there's a lot riding on getting the movie just right. this is what i would call one of our crown jewels, one of the most beloved films, one of the most successful, one of the most enduring. and, yes, i think there's a lot of pressure on us, but we feel great about the movie thatjon favreau and the team made. you have lot of fans, you don't want to let them down,
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especially the ones who grew up watching the animated film. you have the cast, the new audience, so there's a lot to balance to get this right, but i'm happy with how hard everyone worked and the wonderful interpretations new people brought to the roles and to the songs. # it's the circle of life!# disney have had a lot of success in recent years updating animated classics, like beauty and the beast and aladdin, for the 21st century. they'll be hoping that the lion king will be maintaining that winning streak. lizo mzimba, bbc news, leicester square. now it's time for a look at the weather. good afternoon. as the folklore goes, the weather we get today is the way that we will get for the next a0 days. in shropshire, that will mean a0 more days like this. probably not too many complaints
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about that. however, i do not think thatis about that. however, i do not think that is going to happen. there are changes this week. it turns wet and windy later on. some clout in the atlantic. some frontal systems will be heading in our direction. —— mcleod. high pressure is with us. dry, and some sunshine around. some cloud into the midlands. a small chance of a shower across some western areas. the vast majority will be dry. temperatures for most of us in the lower 20s. many of us will be dry tonight, but could turn chilly in some spots. a change, the wea k chilly in some spots. a change, the weak front bringing some cloud and splashes of rain to northern ireland and parts of scotland. this ever weakening band brings patchy rain. that could cause showers to break
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out in some places. for the majority tomorrow, another dry and sunny day. a slightly warmer one than today as well. 25 celsius in hull, 26 celsius in london. here comes another frontal system on wednesday, with more life about it. potentially thundery rain pushing in and across northern ireland and western parts of scotland. sunshine turning hazy across the uk. the winds will start to pick up as well. in north—westerly wind. the temperatures dripping down a little bit. there is some warmth to be had on wednesday afternoon. top temperatures up to 25 celsius. the changes gather pace by the end of the week. this front for thursday, and this weather system for friday will bring wet weather and windy weather as well. things do turn much more unsettled as we head towards
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the end of the week. turning cooler as well.
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hello, you're watching afternoon live. today at 2: jubilant scenes at the oval as cricket fans young and old celebrate england's dramatic world cup win. iam i am definitely flying. probably has sunkin i am definitely flying. probably has sunk ina i am definitely flying. probably has sunk in a little bit more this morning about a really great day yesterday, especially sharing it with the lads. and i am live at the 0val with more reaction from what has been an extraordinary tournament. a serial thief who targeted victims through dating apps is found guilty of murdering a businessman using the drug ghb. com pletely u na cce pta ble theresa may's verdict on president trump's latest twitter outburst, branded racist by critics. coming up on afternoon live all the sport.


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