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tv   Our World  BBC News  May 26, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm BST

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this is bbc world news. the headlines: victory for the yes campaign in the republic of ireland as voters reject strict abortion laws in a landmark referendum. the majority of votes in favour of the proposal, 706,349. cheering. the leaders of north and south korea meet in the demilitarised border area as the white house says it's sending a team to prepare for a possible us—north korea summit next month. a scheme to protect interpreters who helped british troops in afghanistan is deemed a dismal failure by a group of mps. the champions league final is taking place in kiev between two of europe's most prestigious clubs — real madrid and liverpool. real madrid currently leads 3—1. at ten o'clock, reeta chakrabarti will be here with a full round—up of the day's news.
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first, every week, hundreds of syrians, given asylum in germany, are returning home. for our world, nawal al—maghafi joins them to discover why they're giving up the safety of europe to return to their war—torn country. syrians on the move again. under the cover of darkness and carrying their entire belongings. they're hoping to make a new life. these people aren't entering europe, they‘ re escaping it. many here smuggling themselves illegally back along the same routes down which they had arrived. everyone here is terrified. because the greek police could come and pick them up at any time. but they are so close.
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after years of living as refugees in europe, most people here said there are grateful for the shelter. but, ultimately, their european dream was a failure. every week, hundreds of refugees are sneaking out of europe. i'm joining them on their dangerous journey to try and understand why anyone would give up on safety and security to return to war—torn syria. this is a baden—wurttemberg in southern germany. a far cry from the war in syria.
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a largely rural state, it's now home to one of the biggest refugee populations in the country. in the past few years, around 150,000 people have sought asylum here. i'm here to meet a small but growing number of refugees who have chosen to return to a life of danger over safety in europe. 27—year—old za kariya arrived in germany with high hopes. zakariya says he was ready to
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restart his career as a metalworker. but two years on, and things haven't worked out the way zakariya hoped. he struggles with the language and is yet to find a job. for the past seven months, zakariya has been sharing a house with more than 20 other refugees. together with four others, zakariya lives eats and sleeps
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here in this one room. germany provides free housing to all refugees. but in order to afford better accommodation, zakariya would need to find work. so this is the job centre... these papers basically some up zakariya's life here in the last two years. he has applied forjobs, he has applied to learn german and all he has been able to do is wait because he has had no response. with the lack of prospects here, za kariya's thoughts often turn to home.
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after two years in germany, zakariya is regretting his decision to come to europe. a year or two after their arrival, and many syrians here tell you they are finding it very hard to adjust to their new life. zakariya has decided to leave germany and return home. he's definitely not alone. but without official statistics, it is impossible to calculate the exact number of syrians giving up on europe. although estimates suggest hundreds every week are now leaving. zakariya, like most syrian refugees wanting to leave europe, faces a difficult and dangerousjourney. and it will involve smuggling himself overland
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from greece into turkey. this is the northern greek city of thessaloniki, the next step on the journey. a major tourist destination, it is also a major crossroad on europe's migration routes. the path where those entering the eu from the east and those leaving it collides. at the central bus station, dozens of syrians are preparing to continue theirjourney to turkey and ultimately to syria. zakariya has arrived and says there is no turning back. it's notjust single men like zakariya leaving europe.
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it's families with young children, some of them born in germany. i wondered why they had decided to take a child to a war zone. mohammed has just arrived from germany with his pregnant wife and seven children. zakariya and the other syrians now face a five—hour journey up to the border. it's the last stop before they cross on foot out of europe and into turkey. i'm really surprised to see just how many syrians are making this journey. this bus is completely packed with people and families, and i've spoken to some of them who are too afraid to speak on camera. they're going back for many reasons, some of them because they cannot bring theirfamilies over, some of them who are really disappointed with europe and so afraid of raising their children in a foreign land.
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spending time with the families on this coach, i begin to understand that not everyone was unhappy in europe. some just wanted to be reunited with theirfamilies, no matter what the risk. under the cover of darkness, the family is prepared to illegally cross into turkey on foot. many of these people here are smuggling themselves back along the same route that they arrived in europe. once again, they have packed up their entire belongings into a few bags, hoping yet again for a better life. everyone here is terrified because the greek police could come and pick them up at any time. but they are so close. all they have to do is cross this river and they will get to turkey. with so many people taking this hidden route home, the syrians have started to call it ‘europe‘s back door‘. as they make their exit,
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zakariya has one last message for his former hosts. a few days later, as dawn approaches, i arrive at the turkish side of the border. i'm here to witness the moment when more syrians will leave europe and walk into turkey. i think i can see in the distance one of the families that have just been smuggled across the river from greece into turkey. after many days of travelling, these syrians have finally reached their goal — escape from europe. wading through the cold water, many here will be relieved to have made it across the river. during the winter, some refugees were swept away in the high waters. i see a woman leading the refugees towards us. i'm told she is a smuggler. tired and hungry, these syrians have
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been on the move for at least 48 hours to reach this point. 0ur conversation is cut short. facing arrest for being in a military zone, we're told to move quickly. all 20 people are quickly bundled into this one car. squeezed together, it's impossible to move. my cameraman and i manage to get in, too. guys!
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as we drive deeper into turkey, we're told many refugees sell their german travel documents and ids to the smugglers to fund their trip out of europe. the smugglers then use the documents to take other people from turkey into europe illegally. the 2—way traffic on this route has become a lucrative business. the smuggler doesn't
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want to reveal her identity. it's clear to me that the only real winners in this refugee crisis are the people smugglers. no matter what the direction of travel or length ofjourney, they stand to profit every step of the way. after a long road journey, we finally reach istanbul, where the refugees are dropped off. at 2a years old, nada has been smuggling over a year now. she says she has no other options.
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despite her work, nada's dream is to go herself and settle in europe. on this extraordinary journey from europe, i have met so many people along the way, each with their own unique story as to why they have turned their back on europe. but one thing they all have in common is their desperate struggle to find a home where they can be happy like they once were in syria. let's see what the weather is up to
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over the next few days. in the short—term, very warm and humid but volatile atmosphere and a risk of thunderstorms through the rest of the bank holiday weekend. this is the bank holiday weekend. this is the satellite image in the last 12 hours or so. you the satellite image in the last 12 houi’s oi’ so. you can see angry clouds hours or so. you can see angry clouds across western europe. this is that unpredictable area of atmosphere with storms popping off like popcorn almost anywhere and, true tomorrow, the risk of storms across southern and south—western areas, tracking from the south—east, across the midlands, wales and ended up across the midlands, wales and ended up in northern ireland. anywhere from new cars up to edinburgh and the western isles on scotland, on sunday, you're missing the storms and the weather should be fine here. bright and sunny weather. sunday evening, the storms tracking across the midlands, one or two for the
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east as well, so through sunday monday night, the widespread. first thing monday morning, temperatures i6 thing monday morning, temperatures 16 in the south, so a sticky start the bank holiday monday. how about the bank holiday monday. how about the week ahead? not a lot of change. it will stay warm, more thunder, not for everybody. this is the big picture across europe. most of the really warm air is being displaced towards more central and eastern parts of europe so we are on the edge of it. on monday, fewer storms around, so less of a risk that as overall catching one part, where the storms do brew on monday, they will be heavy with thunder and lightning. you can see how be heavy with thunder and lightning. you can see how warm be heavy with thunder and lightning. you can see how warm it is, 25 in merseyside and mid—20s across eastern parts of scotland. that is bank holiday monday. 0n
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eastern parts of scotland. that is bank holiday monday. on tuesday, notice how many thunderstorms break—out across western europe. all the way from spain, france into germany. very high temperatures, more like june orjuly. germany. very high temperatures, more likejune orjuly. a real heatwave across europe right now. this is to stay‘s forecast. storm brea ks this is to stay‘s forecast. storm breaks out across holland, france, some of them drifting. again, it is the same thing over and over again, it is the south most at risk of catching the storms and always cloudy the closer to the north—east coast of scotland. this is the jet stream. look how far north of tears. it is across iceland and greenland, turning around the arctic circle and back into scandinavia. all of that warmth pushed in our direction so the hot air is across central parts of europe where you can see those storms breaking out. on wednesday, we do it all over again. it is the
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southern half of the uk that is at risk of catching a storm, but less hotair, 2i risk of catching a storm, but less hot air, 21 celsius, the low 20s for scotla nd hot air, 21 celsius, the low 20s for scotland as well. how about thursday? 0n scotland as well. how about thursday? on friday? the computer is not good with picking out individual showers and thunderstorms but partly cloudy skies with fairly warm weather. guess what? next weekend, very little change. it will stay warm, plenty of sunshine around and a chance of thunderstorms. that is it from me. goodbye. this is bbc news. the headlines at 10pm: victory for the yes campaign in the republic of ireland — as voters reject strict abortion laws in a landmark referendum. today is an historic day for ireland. a quiet revolution has taken place and today
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is a great act of democracy. getting to know you — the leaders of north and south korea meet in the demilitarised border area between the two countries. and real madrid claim the champions league title with a 3—1 win over liverpool. good evening and welcome to bbc news.
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