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grand suite at the commodore hotel, the next room i was in was underground the tiny prison. so as a hostage, a route the commodore war hotels on al jazeera. ah diets define who we are. but who are way, if we don't know what way you take in a disturbing investigation into globalized food fraud, people and power reveals long hidden scandalous practices. the def, infiltrated international wholesale markets, and supermarket chains. and asks, what's really on our plates. food in glorious food on to on ouch is sierra ah, for 8 people have been injured as a gum and target the bus and occupied east jerusalem. it's believed to suspect
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remains on the wrong. ah, i'm tell mccrae, this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up more questions for for me you as president, donald trump, as fresh revelations emerge about classified documents found his florida home this week. a man pleads not guilty to the attempted murder of salman rushdie. the writer remains in a critical condition after he was stabbed on stage a new york state in an exclusive interview senior telephone, leda. honest connie tells al jazeera how he sees the groups achievements and failures since seizing power in afghanistan almost a year ago. ah . i to people have been injured in a shooting and occupied easter,
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sullen as to leave the gunman. takata passengers on a boss and in a car as well as pedestrians. the police haven't ruled out the possibility of more than one shooter as early force as a searching in the district of salon. natasha and i'm has the lightest frome occupied east. jerusalem was really medias reporting as many as 8 people were injured in this shooting. 2 of them seriously, one of them is a 35 year old woman who is pregnant. according to media reports, at least one person ambushed a bus as it arrived at the western wall in the old city on sunday morning. witnesses say that as people were boarding the bus and it was packed, they heard gunshots screams shouting and warnings that this was a terror attack. a bus driver tells israeli media he tried to pull away, but he was unable to do so because the wheelchair ramp had been lowered to accommodate a woman in a wheel chair and it blocked the door. busy preventing him from leaving police
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flooded the area cordoned off the area near the western wall. and since then have been reading several homes in a palestinian neighbourhood in occupied east jerusalem called still won a short time ago. there were alerts that 4 people have been arrested. 2 of them women and they might be possibly run related to the suspect. as i said, there are reports that there could be one or more shooter. there was actually c c t, v footage that shows someone shooting at the bus. that no doubt will be helpful to police as they search for the person or people responsible. the shooting comes a week after egypt negotiated a ceasefire between is thrill and the armed group, palestinian palestinian islamic jihad in the gaza strip. that followed 3 days of his really air stripes in gaza that killed almost 50 people,
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including 17 children. israel says it conducted this operation to thwart a terror attack by the islamic jihad. the ceasefire had been considered quite fragile because the stomach to hide is continuing to press for the release of 2 prisoners, including a man who has been held without charge for months and is on a hunger strike. and he's in very poor health. you only been minish him is a senior, middle east analyst and wish jerusalem. he says the attack follows a week of high tension and israel garza and the occupied with bank the atmosphere. and it was through extension, a office 3 shannon for the palestinians of a 4th street for what happened in gaza for them it was at the feet of the city slamming jot that be because it is well made. this
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success a successful operation. and they know what, there's a cease fire, but still eventually very high because a, the sunny job demands the release of the student, prisons it prisoners. and i don't know if it's still that it's only speculation. we don't know if it's directly connected, but they atmosphere, he's all tension and frustration stole trumpeters facing mounting pressure. following reports, his lawyer signed a statement back in june, confirming all classified material had been returned from the former president's florida home. that's according to the new york times. the statements would be at odds with this week. seizure of 11 sense of classified documents from our lago mishandling or sharing top secret information critical to national security is a violation of america's espionage act. champs is he had declassified all pipe, as he took from the white house of wallen office, had asia,
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castro has moore from washington. we know that not only as tromping investigative for potentially violating the espionage act, but he is also be investigated for possibly obstruction of justice. and that is what this key document speaks to the context of this is the department of justice asked. air subpoenaed trump and his aides back the in the spring for all of the classified materials that he had improperly removed from the white house and brought to his private residence at mar logo. that was followed up by an in person visit from the top counter intelligence off official in the department of justice, the national security division who went to mar lago again in person in june to try to get those materials back by the reporting from the new york times says that. trump's attorneys did present some classified documents, then and shortly after signed that written statement saying that there was no
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longer any remaining classified documents at mar a lago. that's what they said back them. but what we saw unfold on monday in that a dramatic search of conducted by the f b i of mar logo revealed that it was not the truth because there were 11 sets of classify materials that were so marked that was again removed after that search several of those materials were top secret, which is can only be held and read in a secure government building. ortho salman rushdie is no longer on a ventilator and just talking after being step several times on friday. rusty's friend and fellow author attached to it posted the update on twitter. the man accused of the attack has appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and to soften the 2nd degree. 24 year old, haughty matar was detained after rushing on stage and stepping rusty in the nick
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and stomach. the author has 5 years of the threats for his novel, this a tennis versus mike. hannah is following developments from washington d. c. the alleged to perpetrator of the attack harvey. my cause has appeared in an upstate new york court in mabel new york. he's pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder and assault charges. now police say that they are investigating the man's background, particularly in new jersey, which is where he comes from, the state, neighboring new york state. they are questioning people there to establish whether this was a attack carried out by the men on his own or whether there was some element of planning and some outside assistance in the attack of his being overwhelming reaction not just from within the literary world, but also among the society at general, some have described it as the ultimate sense to ship of the artists such an attack
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. his close friend and fellow writer in mature and also issued a statement saying that rusty has been an inspirational protector of those writers and journalists who being persecuted around the world. this also being questions raised about securities at this latree event. how did the tech get so close to rush the who has been under threat with such a long period of time? there was a state trooper present, but some contending that the security shouldn't be much greater. of thousands of supporters of pakistan's, former prime minister emron can have been rallying in the city of law con, address supporters as his party commemorates 75 years of pakistan's independence. the former prime minister has been campaigning for a political comeback after losing a no confidence vote. in parliament, in april, the country is struggling with a promising economy hit by record inflation, or now getting new pictures and from islam of odd as officials mark the anniversary
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of the so called partition. there are several events on the ship for today. one of them is a flag raising ceremony at president house, as we mentioned this week, max, 75 years since the state of pakistan was formed will be crossing there throughout the day for the latest on commemorations. rising inflation and sierra leone is pushing many families into extreme poverty and on to the straits. on wednesday, anti government protest turned violent leading to the deaths of $27.00 people, including 6 policemen. hammered address reports from free town. business is slowly picking up at 3 towns mean market. on wednesday, the country was rocked by the worst violence as the end of its 11 year civil war. in response to the government denounced a reduction in the price of petrol. the 3rd in less than a month, but for shot was like maria,
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my gallow fuel wasn't the only issue. and the demonstrations did nothing to bring down the cost of food. just now i want to buy paper. when i say it's $10000.00 is i couldn't buy because i love the paper like 3 does. it will it's 1000 us least $10000.00. so i don't know what the problem people here say, the prices, especially of food aqua, higher than most people can afford. just 6 months ago, this couple price was print to $0.01. now, it's 50 percent more worth renters and buyers lose. as a result, making it harder for small traders like i want it. i don't like to go on an advisor . then i've been sitting here since morning. no one came to buy. that means there is no money for me and the orphans in my care. the government says it's looking to stabilize prices in north goblins, hospital on essentials, on services committee. i'm headed by the chief minister horse basic responsible. that is the one. it's all the primary monitor availability and the prices of
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various essential of commodities. the houses in the food basket, but for the inflation isn't the only problem people have to contend with. transport and rent have also gone up with inflation exceeding 25 percent several years may have to braced themselves for more price increases. it's not clear if the governments latest measures will be enough to prevent a repeat of this is violet protest. ahmed edris al jazeera free town saturday or the still ahead on al jazeera. oh, yeah. let me mass protest is demand more than 5 words from the international community as they risk their own lives to oppose the military government plus an act of defiance. 200 kilometers from the front lines people and give them says, life must get back to normal.
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ah, judy has begun. the the full world cup is on its way to catherine book. your travel package today. hi there, thanks for joining in. lets go with your world weather update beginning in the middle east. temperatures have come down a smidge for buck dead and you wait. we're now into the upper forties, out of san in dust spinning around in the empty quarter of saudi. and there was windsor shifting around once again in cats harbor. next i got to take you to pakistan. there is a tropical cyclone spinning around the north arabian seas. so that's chucked a lot of rain into karachi over the past 48 hours a months worth of rain has fallen. and that's now shifting into pakistan, baluchistan province, where we have seen some flooding for turkey. here's how this story goes. those clouds and showers never really too far away from is stumble. so still putting the risk in there on sunday, but by and large it will be dry. and for africa around the gulf of guinea,
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let's take it to nigeria. douse with rain, southern and northern portions here, both of those spots. we've seen some flooding. so that's certainly not good news. and the weather maker that crashed into the western cape now shifting into the eastern cape. but it's going to file up some cooler error. so keep an eye on my put so 31 degrees on sunday. but let me show that 3 day forecast. there's wind shift around from the north to the south. that means you go from 31 degrees to 23 on monday, what my on my, on a chain i saw air with issue airline of the journey. a 3 year investigation into the program lobby. we've been working with product. really. diners revealed secrets, me one point put messaging out there. they're going people out, race get of man and connections. some don't want to exposed many in legacy media. love, mass shoes. jack netflix, my al jazeera investigations,
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how to sell a mexico on al jazeera. oh oh, you're watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories. the sour 8 people have been injured in the shooting and occupied east. jerusalem is believe the gunman targeted passengers on a boss and in the car as well as pedestrians. police haven't ruled out the possibility of more than one shooter. donald trump's lawyer signed a statement in june saying classified material that trump's florida home had been returned bits. according to the new york times. the statement would be at odds with this week, seizure of 11 sets of classified documents from our logo. the man accused of
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stepping ortho salman rushdie has now pleaded not guilty to attempted murder. meanwhile, rush, these agent has confirmed, he is able to speak and is off a ventilator. or monday marks one years since the taliban took control of afghanistan. the group says it's taken the country forwards, but security remains a big issue. earlier this way, can isolate suicide bomber killed a key taliban figure. and just last month, the us drones strike in cobble killed al qaeda's later in an exclusive interview. osama been javin, spoke to senior taliban leader and asked county, he began by asking him about the groups achievements and failures since taking over had handed a le nannan ash hurdle he had over the past year. we have achieved huge and numerous developments are chiefly freedom and independence. as we rid our country of foreign occupation and justice and oppression. this is what any people or
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country under occupation aspires to. it is a source of pride for us. it is also a blessing. you have been out and about and you can see for yourselves the huge transformations in our country in terms of security. it is the 1st time in 40 years to have a central government taking control of the whole country corner to corner, inch to inch. the central government, which without any levies or foreign aid, is capable of paying government employee salaries across administrative institutions. these are just a few examples. so let's talk about when you came to campbell, ah, why did the taliban not respect the agreement that there was signed in doha? why did you use force? why did you take over cobble by force rather than negotiating your way inside he and would the, to, albert ashura shall throughout 14 months since the withdrawal of the u. s. in nato forces there has not been a single case of violation. a living proof of such fact is the host and sponsor the state of carter roughly in contrast, numerous violations actually more than 1000,
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were committed by the u. s. forces and with former cobble government, for example was when biden came to power, he extended the date of the withdrawal by 4 months without negotiating with us, let alone the delay in removing names from the black list. the delay to release then prisoners, there is a long list of violations. despite our frustrations, we preferred not to resort to violence or however, the sudden vacuum incapable was the reason for us to step in, in addition to the request made by cars. i and abdullah for us to come and take control. you promised a lot of things. he promised peace. you promised rights for uh once you promised and inclusive government. you promised women's rights. how many of those promises have you kept ireland? well, susan, the foreign occupation that has been controlling afghanistan over the past 20 years with their advanced technology is huge capabilities and resources. they failed throughout that time had failed to restore the security and order our people are
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enjoying now. it has been only one year since we assume power and the world should not expect us to achieve all our goals overnight. it is next to impossible, especially when the international community has not fulfilled promises, including the recognition of our rule and foreign aid. despite the delay on their part, we by the grace of god, achieved huge progress on many fronts might now you can see girls joining universities and schools. needless to say, there are many measure still to be taken in all our ministries and other state institutions. security and order is the paramount goal or does your family do the leaders off the taliban who are under restrictions? do they need to be in government? isn't that an impediment on of line? a son? why aren't other people involved in taking care of the government? because there are a lot of sanctions against many members of this government. ah. the audi fuller till this day, the whole world has not come to a uniformed definition of terrors unless it has been the usual habit that those in
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power label any one standing in their way as a terrorist, enemy, hostile, et cetera, in history, has many examples. yasser arafat and nelson mandela remained for years on the blacklist. later they were awarded the nobel prize. blacklists and sanctions are nothing but a political to our paramount goal was to free our country of occupation to regain our freedom and independence. and as i think that is what your complex you have now, we do not wish to interfere with other conference and other people's affairs. we and the whole african people regard our leaders highway or leaders are regarded as heroes as leaders and to freedom and independence. more than 3000000 people are internally displaced. in terms of food insecurity. it's what is considered to be the 2nd largest, a crisis for crisis in the word. do you think you're satisfied with what you would use in one year and what are you doing for the people who plan to come up with the service? as i stated earlier, again,
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this in today is totally different from what it was 20 years ago. for example, the former government failed to do anything, but was our sharif, they were really under pressure's from the occupation. we started to do something in the right direction. well, now you see minerals and natural resources are being extracted using local and foreign companies. and by the grace of god, through these projects, we are now able to generate revenue for the functioning of our ministries and other institutions. all these revenues used to fall into the wrong hands. in the past, all the state revenues are now channelled into the government treasury. having said that, we aspire to enjoy good and friendly relations with the whole world. we're here to serve our people. i believe we have managed to achieve a lot for our people, but we aspire for more. despite the challenge we are facing from the international community, including the issue of recognition, it could very quickly if you could tell us, one of the promises that you made to the outside community was that the oven swell
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is not going to be used by any outside groups, they're going to be 0 tolerance for any terrorist organizations or individuals who might be working against the governments. in the last few weeks, the seen a number of assassinations take place the leader of the day. i think it's all about by dishonors being killed. the leaders of elk either has been killed in cobble up. what is your government doing, and how is it going to keep its promise? me no badly since the signing of the agreement, we have been honoring all obligations. we dare anybody to give a single example or a single occasion where our territories were used to undermine other countries. security with the statement made by the islamic emerett explaining its position was very clear. we are committed to the doha, everybody. it clearly sets out the obligations that place on us as well as the u. s . if any violation was committed, it was the us who entered our territories without permission, even without notifying us. this was a clear violation on the part of the us. there's is a malicious propaganda aimed at smearing the image of the islamic emerett we reject
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and refute these false claims. and i reiterate, we have not violated any of our obligations under the doha agreement. either we are committed to honoring our obligations one wish to see the other party honoring affairs and live up to their responsibilities. tre, in wish of dozens of women in afghanistan have held a re, a protest in kabul, ah, without, for, he demonstrates his mind. on the education ministry chanting bread work and freedom fighters beat some of the women and fired into the year. to break out the protest, the taliban has limited afghan women's rights despite the pledge is made. when it re took power. you kind says fierce fighting is continuing in pesky despite russia climbing full control over the area. russia says its forces took control of the village in the east and denise green on saturday. but you kind insist that's not
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the case. moscow has focused its if its own seizing the dumbass region with the backing of separatists will. meanwhile, ukrainian president followed me. zalinski says his voice, his forces a targeting russian soldiers shooting at or from a nuclear power station. russia and ukraine have tried it blind. the recent shelling around the is operation plant. in spite phase of a nuclear catastrophe, glanton elijah knowledge in the occupiers are trying to intimidate people in an extremely cynical way. using this after region nuclear power plant, the actually hide behind a station. they may constant provocations with shelly and tried to increase the number of troops there in order to continue blackmailing our country and the entire free world. a host, or she's cookies coley and every russian soldier who either strikes the plant or shoots from its territory, must realize that he will become a special target for our intelligence. special services for our armies
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or fighting is riding on the eastern and southern fronts of ukraine. but in the capital days, a sense of a new normal john, hindrance reports from cave in key, there is a defiant celebration. residents are out unafraid and active. call it the new normal months ago, people hidden bomb shelters fearing the russian invasion, but ukraine's troops pushed them back. and now the battle lines are far away. to normalize, slowly coming back to cave, we open right now much more restaurants, cafe. it's her the business coming back and this slowly starting to walk. but her, it's allusion blue, sky, sunshine, summer and the we have never forget this couple, congress come at us east or key if his hell is big bottle
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where our buttress defend our country. the cities famous opera house is open, but no one has forgotten that this is a country at war and not far off. we are not caregiver. we should be under showing every day we are not like you dunbar somewhere. so me. yeah, no, like we're not scared, not tourist from the other parts of ukraine have returned to their capital. is might be a war zone, but it doesn't have to feel like wine, and that's the point. these people are out despite the occupation is difficult as it is the residence of keeps a life goes on and had to flee to other counties because it was too scary to stay in ukraine. but now i'm back and it's still spooky every day when we have air res
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everson has changed, but we need to move forward and to leave for the use of the key. the rave parties downtown, go on though they now start at 5 p. m. in order to end in time for curfew, ah, amid the fog of war, the celebration, the defiant insistence on living, something like normal life continues. john henderson, al jazeera keith, taiwanese defense ministry, says 13 chinese air force plans have crossed the taiwan stripe, median line. china has been carrying out large scale military activities close to the island after the us house began. nancy pelosi visited last week. the u. s. is china has overreacted to the visit and called the military drills destabilizing. a heavy rains have sparked flash floods and southwest china, killing 4 people and the shrine province. that all so tramped people in their cars
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and homes and changi province. rescuers have been carrying people to safety scientists, so a warning that normal summer floods are becoming more frequent due to climate change. who protesters and me and mass a, the military joint must be held accountable for executing political activists. 3 weeks ago, the democratically elected former leader on santucci remains and detention on corruption charges. she said to appear in court this week, tony chang reports. oh wow. another flash mob protesting against the recent executions and streets of young gun and mars. biggest city. if caught a risk being jailed, oh was the demonstrate to say the executions had made their opposition to military rule even stronger. and one day the generals will face justice below your wiring ethic on the should hold these boot or turn to leaders and
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a military accountable for what they have done. no exception for anything. that's what people strongly believed now. for the families of the executed men, the anguish continues. these pro military protest as came to denounce german, you known as co, jimmy outside his house. after his execution, his wife scene with him in this family video. his fled the home. but she told l deserve from a hidden location. the international community must do more than just condemning the execution. i would like to emphasize the importance of impact in diplomacy. not just talking about a topic in diplomacy, condemnation, and urging do not work, especially in the case of our country mamma. while there was much condemnation of the executions at a recent meeting of southeast asian foreign ministers, there was little talk of measures against me and mars military. others are taking a more proactive approach. i will chris gunner's new co jimmy when he was
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a student activist. and it worked with him after his release from prison. now he's trying to bring a criminal case against a genta in the turkish judicial system. so the johns can run, but they can't hide. there will be accountability against them just as there was against the war criminals in the balkans. it's what years and years from a loss, a bitch and carriage managed to end up in the hay, but they did up and they did end up in the hague. we in math, house accountability cases, criminal cases, against the john to all around the world at the international court of justice in the hague man, mars already in the door. in late july, the court dismissed objections saying that a case brought by the gambia for genocide against the ringer, ethnic minority can proceed. although the trial may take years, the wheels of justice are in motion. tony chang al jazeera ah.


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