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i'm happy about that. i could get a shame issues. oh, democracy activists risking their lives fighting autocracy was me. i know that i might go to prison. good. so i will join the raw democracy, may be exposed. the struggle of those who believe democracy is worth dying for we never know when an opening is going to come when of through the vendor is going to emulate themselves and say enough is enough. my life for democracy on al jazeera ah, for 8 people have been injured as a gunman, targets of boston, occupied east, jerusalem. it's believe the suspect remains on the wrong. ah,
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i'm told mccrae this is al jazeera alive from dar ha. also coming up. more questions for for me you as president donald trump as fresh revelations emerge about classified documents found that his florida harm this week. a man pleads not guilty to the attempted murder of salman rushdie. the raja remains in a critical condition after he was stabbed on stage in new york state. in an exclusive interview, said you taliban? later on this connie tells al jazeera how he sees the groups achievements and failures since seizing power in afghanistan almost a year ago. ah, i'd people have been injured in a shooting and occupied east jerusalem. it's believe the gunman targeted passengers
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on a boss and an a car as well as pedestrians. the police haven't ruled out the possibility of more than one shooter. israeli forces a searching in the district of sil one. natasha goodnight has the lightest from occupied east. jerusalem. israeli medias reporting as many as 8 people were injured in this shooting 2 of them seriously. one of them is a 35 year old woman who is pregnant, according to media with hordes, at least one person ambushed a bus as it arrived at the western wall in the old city on sunday morning. witnesses say that as people were boarding the bus and it was packed, they heard gunshots screams shouting and warnings that this was a terror attack. a bus driver tells israeli media he tried to pull away, but he was unable to do so because the wheelchair ramp had been lowered to accommodate a woman in a wheelchair and it blocked the. busy d,
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preventing him from leaving police flooded the area cordoned off the area near the western wall. and since then have been reading several homes in a palestinian neighbourhood in occupied east jerusalem called still won a short time ago. there were alerts that 4 people have been arrested, 2 of them women, and they might be possibly run related to the suspect. as i said, there are reports that there could be one or more shooter. there was actually c c t, v footage that shows someone shooting at the bus. that no doubt will be helpful to police as they search for the person or people responsible. the shooting comes a week after egypt negotiated a ceasefire between is thrill and the armed group, palestinian palestinian islamic jihad in the gaza strip. that followed 3 days of his really airstrikes in gaza. that killed almost 50 people,
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including 17 children. israel says it conducted this operation to thwart a terror attack by the islamic jihad. the ceasefire had been considered quite fragile because the stomach, you hyde is continuing to press for the release of 2 prisoners, including a man who has been held without charge for months and is on a hunger strike and is in very poor health. uni ben mitchum is a senior, middle east analyst and west jerusalem. he says the attack follows a week of high tension and israel garza ends the occupied west bank. the atmosphere is an epl through engine a or forced re shamay for the palestinians of a 4th street. if a what happened a godaddy for them? it was at the c a c, a slamming jacket, b, because a israel a made this success
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a little cooperation. and they know what the, the cease fire, but still eventually he's a very high because a, the sunny cat demands the release of policy. prisons it, prisoners. and i don't know that it's only speculation would not know if it's the ricky connected, but they atmosphere, he's all tension and frustration. donald trump is facing mounting pressure following reports. as lawyers signed a statement back in june, confirming all classified material at the former president's florida home had been returned to the government. that's according to the new york times. the statement would be at odds with this week. seizure of 11 sets of classified documents from our lago mishandling or sharing top secret information. critical to national security is a violation of america's espionage act. trump says he had declassified all papers
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he took from the white house wallen office, hottie, joe castro has moore from washington. we know that not only is tromping investigative for potentially violating the espionage act, but he is also be investigated for possibly obstruction of justice. and that is what this key document speaks to. the context of this is the department of justice asked air subpoenaed trump and his aides back the in the spring for all of the classified materials that he had improperly removed from the white house and brought to his private residence at mar logo. that was followed up by an in person visit from the top counter intelligence off official in the department of justice, the national security division who went to mar lago again in person in june to try to get those materials back by the reporting from the new york times says that. trump's attorneys did present some classified documents,
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then and shortly after signed that written statement saying that there was no longer any remaining classified documents at mar a lago. that's what they said back them. but what we saw unfold on monday in that dramatic search i conducted by the f b i of mar logo revealed that it was not the truth because there were 11 sets of classified materials that were so marked that was again removed after that search several of those materials were top secret, which is can only be held and read in a secure government building. ortho salman rushdie is no longer on a ventilator and is talking after being stab several times on friday brush. these friends and fellow author attached to, to sheer, posted the update on twitter. the man accused of the attack has appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and assault in the 2nd degree 24 year
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old, haughty baton, was detained after rushing on stage and stepping rushdie in the naked stomach, the altar, his face years of death threats for his novel, the tenant verses like hannah is following developments from washington. the alleged to perpetrator of the attack. my cause has appeared in an upstate new york court in mabel new york. he's pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder and a sold charges. now police say that they are investigating the man's background, particularly in new jersey, which is where he comes from, the state, neighboring new york state. they are questioning people there to establish whether this was a attack carried out by the men on his own or whether there was some element of planning and some outside assistance in the attack. while there's been overwhelming reaction not just from within the literary world, but also among the society of general, some have described it as the ultimate sense to ship of the artists such an attack
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. his close friend and fellow writer in mature and also issued a statement saying that rusty has been an inspirational protector of those writers and journalists who being persecuted around the world. this also being questions raised about securities at this latree event. how did the attacker get so close to rush de, who has been under threat for such a long period of time? there was a state trooper present, but some contending that the security shouldn't be much greater. monday marks one years since the taliban took control of afghanistan earlier this week and i saw a suicide bomber assassinated a key taliban figure in just last month. the u. s. drones strike in cobble killed al qaeda's later. i'm and also adi and an exclusive interview. a, some of the javin spoke to senior taliban later and asked connie he asked how the government will ensure afghanistan is not used by outside groups to commit acts of
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terror. baudelaire, since the signing of the agreement, we have been honoring all obligations. we dare anybody to give a single example or a single occasion where our territories were used to undermine other countries. security down with the statement made by the islamic emerett explaining its position was very clear. we are committed to the doha hurry. it clearly sets out the obligations a lot later on us as well as the u. s. if any violation was committed, it was the us who entered our territories without permission, even without notifying us. this was a clear violation on the part of the us. there's is a malicious propaganda aimed at smearing the image of the islamic emerett we reject and refute these false claims. and i reiterate, we have not violated any of our obligations under the doha agreement. either we are committed to honoring our obligations while wished to see the other party honoring affairs and live up to their responsibilities way in which dozens of women in
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afghanistan have held a rear protest and cobble just days before the 1st anniversary of the telephone's returns power i about for he demonstrates as much on the education ministry chanting breed work, and freedom fighters beat some of the women and fired into the ear. to break out, the protest will fill a hit on al jazeera and other british trains strike. but stranded passengers refused to blame workers for a system that's gone off the rail. and athletes from muslim majority countries are fixing some muscle with the olympics less than 2 years away. ah. you're locked into your world's weather update for the americas. how they're good
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to see you. the forecast on sunday shows those temperatures climbing in sophie on. once again, up to 33 degrees. vigorous system finds into southern chillies, some rain and snow, over the southern andes. what we do have rain falling quite vigorously, just to the east of the pe ruby and andy. some showers for bo guitar overcast. stay though in limbo with a high of 17 degrees. a week tropical disturbance is going to spread rain into that east coast of mexico. is also gave us some rain for southern portions of texas, but there it is, scooting away into mexico. some driving rain can also be found in florida, while monsoon, moisture is caused big problems in las vegas. so this is the what is monsoon season in 10 years, and there's still another month and a half to go is parking lot looking more like it had a river running through it. so flood watches in play for se, california, se nevada pushing into utah and wyoming on sunday. much cooler, fresh air for the great lakes toronto just 22 degrees,
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some cloud cover and showers to be found here on sunday and will end in the west and improvement and conditions for vancouver and portland suns. out temperatures getting pretty close to 30 degrees c later. ah, we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. on counting the cost, the you and just tax on the profits of oil and gas giants couldn't help ease the energy prices. biden signs a bill to boost chip reduction. who's winning the semiconductor and video game fails. death is a game over for the pandemic boom. counting the cost on elders era blue .
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ah, you're watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories. the sour 8 people have been injured in a shooting and occupied east jerusalem. it's believe the gunman targeted passengers on a boss and in a car as well as pedestrians. police haven't ruled out the possibility of more than one. shoot him. don't trumps lawyer signed a statement in june saying classified material at trump's florida home had been returned. bets according to the new york times. the statement would be at odds with this week. seizure of a live in the sense of classified documents from mar lago. the man accused of staving also salman rushdie, his now pleaded not guilty to attempted murder. meanwhile, rusty's agent has confirmed he is able to speak and is off of vin to lice f
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ukrainian president. volota me zalinski says his forces a targeting russian soldiers shooting at all from zapora ration nuclear power station. russia and ukraine have traded blame for recent shelling around the facility. it sparked phase of it, nuclear catastrophe, good buncombe, marginal decisions. the occupiers are trying to intimidate people in an extremely cynical way, using this app for region nuclear power plant. the actually hide behind a station. they may constant provocations with shelly and tried to increase the number of troops there in order to continue blackmailing our country and the entire free world. abolition or she's kitty's coley and every russian soldier who either strikes the plant or shoots from its territory, must realize that he will become a special target for our intelligence special services for our army. this fighting is raging on the eastern and southern fronts of ukraine, but in the capital where ukrainian troops drove back the russian invasion, there's
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a sense of a new normal john, hindrance reports from keith. ah, in key there is a defiant celebration. residents are out unafraid and active. call it the new normal months ago, people hidden bomb shelters, fearing the russian invasion, but ukraine's troops pushed them back. and now the battle lines are far away. to normal life slowly coming back to cave, we open right now much more arrest roscoe fer it sir. the visa scullen baggins this slowly starting to walk but her it's allusion blue sky, sunshine, summer and the we have been there. forget this, couple congress canada's eastern key. if it's hell, his big basel, we're our buttress. defend our country. the city's famous opera house is open,
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but no one has forgotten that this is a country at war and not far off. we're not, your caregiver should be under shelling every day. we're not like you done bought somewhere. so me. yeah, no, like we're not scared, not tourist from the other parts of ukraine have returned to their capital. it might be a war zone, but it doesn't have to feel like wine, and that's the point. these people are out despite the occupation is difficult as it is the residence of keeps a life goes on. i had to flee to other counties. constant was to scary to stay in ukraine, but now i'm back and it's still okay every day when we have air res everson has changed, but we need to move forward. and to me for
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the youth of key the rave parties downtown, go on, though they now start at 5 p. m. in order to end in time for curfew. ah, amid the fog of war, the celebration, the defiant insistence on living, something like normal life continues. john henderson al jazeera keith rising inflation in sierra leone as pushing many families into extreme poverty and on to the streets. on wednesday, anti government protest turned violent leading to the deaths of $27.00 people, including 6 policeman homage addressed reports from free town. business is slowly picking up a pre tones, made market. on wednesday, the country was rocked by the worst violence since the end of its 11 year civil war . in response to the government announced a reduction in the price of petrol. the 3rd in less than a month,
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but for shop was like maria, my gallo fuel wasn't the only issue on the demonstrations did nothing to bring down the cost of food just now. i went to my pig room. i think it's 10000 units. i couldn't buy because i lived a bit like 3 days ago. it's 1000 on today's 10000. so i don't know what the problem people here say the prices, especially of food aqua, higher than most people can afford. just 6 months ago, this couple price was print to $0.01. now it's 50 percent more worth thread us. and buyers lose as a result. making it harder for small traders like a one that i don't like to go on at anybody. i've been sitting here since morning. no one came to buy. that means there is no money for me and the orphans in my care . the government says it's working to stabilize prices in north goblins, hospital on essentials, on pharmacist committee. i'm headed by the chief minister horse basic
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responsibility is to monitor all the brighten, monitor, availability, and prices of various essential up what it says, the constantly, the food basket. but for the inflation isn't the only problem. people have to contend with transport and rent have also gone up with inflation exceeding 25 percent. several unions may have to brace themselves for more price increases. it's not clear if the government's latest measures will be enough to prevent a repeat of the 6 violet protest. i'm a decrease al jazeera free town saturday or vote his in kenya, us still waiting to know who the next president will be. the country went to the polls nearly 5 days ago. bitter an opposition leader, rolla dunker, and deputy president william roto are in a close rice for the top job. 10 years election commission has until this coming tuesday to announce the results. the towns defense ministry says 13 chinese air
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force plans have crossed the taiwan strait. median line. china has been carrying out large scale military activities close to the island. after the u. s. house became nancy pelosi visited last week. the u. s. is china has overreacted to the visit and called the military drills. destabilizing of heavy rains have sparked flash floods and southwest china killing for people in the fish farm province. have also trapped people in their cars and homes. and shang g province. rescue as have been carrying people to safety scientists. the warning that normal summer floods are becoming more frequent due to climate change. the united nation says at least 77 people have died during storms and flash flooding in yemen and the past 2 weeks . around 35000 families have been effected. most of them had already been displaced by civil war lasting 8 years. homes and farms have been damaged and civil roads
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remain cut off by flood waters in the southwest and the capitals and are the extreme with it is expected to continue for at least another wake. overshoot emma is a spokesman for the international committee of the red cross and human. he says the floods are adding to the suffering of millions of people. children and women. and you know, i internally displaced at b building mad, joe eyes everywhere, everywhere across, across yemen. they are losing their properties, you know, id be living in camps, bid, there have been completely destroyed and they become and they have become again no display. it's very difficult situation. and the condition so difficult, they need material support. they need to be, you know, assisted in different ways. the flood st. add add, enter the layer of difficulty and suffering the lives to the people in the i'm and
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we are talking about millions of people more than 60000000 are in for support. we are expecting more suffering in the month to come as a result of the ongoing floods. thousands of supporters of pakistan's, former prime minister and ron khan, had been rallying in the city of la hor, can address supporters as his party commemorate 75 years of pakistan's independence . the former prime minister has been campaigning for a political come back after losing and no confidence vote and parliament in april. the country is struggling with a plummeting economy head by record inflation. protesters in me and mark say, the military gentle must be held accountable for executing political activists. 3 weeks ago, the democratically elected formerly to anson, should she remains and detention on corruption charges. she said to appear in court this week, tony ching reports ah,
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another flash mob protesting against the recent executions and streets of young gun and mars. biggest city caught a risk being jailed oh was but demonstrate to say the executions had made their opposition to military rule even stronger. and one day the generals will face justice. blow your mind. ang, it's a gone. we should hold these boot or turn to leaders and a military accountable for what they have done, no exception for anything. that's what people strongly believed now. for the families of the executed men, the anguish continues. these pro military protest has came to denounced german, you known as co, jimmy outside his house after his execution. his wife, seen with him in this family video, is fled the home. but she told l deserve from a hidden location, for the international community must be more than just condemning the execution. i would like to emphasize the importance of impact in diplomacy. not just talking
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about a topic in diplomacy, condemnation, and urging do not work, especially in the case of our country mamma. while there was much condemnation of the executions at a recent meeting of southeast asian foreign ministers, there was little talk of measures against mere mars military. others are taking a more proactive approach. i will chris gunner's new co jimmy when he was a student activist. and it worked with him after his release from prison. now he's trying to bring a criminal case against the gender in the turkish judicial system. so the gender can run, but they can't hide. there will be accountability against them just as there was against the war criminals in the balkans. it's what years and years from a loss of which and character managed to end up in the hey, but they did up in the they did end up in the hague. we imap house accountability cases, criminal cases against the john to all around the world at the international court of justice in the hague man. mars already in the door. in late july,
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the court dismissed objections saying that a case brought by the gambia for genocide against the ringer, ethnic minority can proceed. although the trial may take years, the wheels of justice are in motion. tony chang al jazeera rail passengers in the u. k. have faced major disruptions as train drivers go on strike . thousands of employees at 9 rail companies are calling for bitter pie and working conditions. harry faucet reports from central london. one of london's busiest stations closed the business to the unlucky if constant stream of would be travellers arriving at london, houston, the same story, confusion disappointment, a hasty remaking of plans, but a time when so many a struggling with a mounting cost of living, notably little condemnation of the striking rail workers, people cleaning and listening, working plus people say we can't afford it. so maybe this will help. it's a shame, but i think for the great good after a rail holiday through europe,
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shawn's frustration was with the ro companies as he had his friends struggled to get home to dublin. this is plans, you know, it wasn't, they didn't decide to not turn up to work today. so this absolutely could have been avoided, planned around alternatives offered or at the very least they could have di, listed the trains for today. thousands of rent workers belonging to the as left union went on strike on saturday, leaving no services in some parts of the country. are greatly diminished elsewhere . it's the latest and far from the last, in a summer of transport strikes long simmering disputes compounded by a cost of living crisis. what we are now saying, there's many other groups and many other sectors saying across the how do you is now we need because living increase against background of that. then the company who signed a contract for the government, apparently, whereby they call us more than to, to say, without the govern sites with passage numbers and revenue still well short of pre pandemic levels, the rail delivery group, which represents the train companies. so as any pay rises,
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will have to be paid for. it says unions need to agree to modernized working practices more cooperation of sundays into the regular working week and high productivity from each driver's shift. but this is about more than just the rail industry strikes have taken place or a plan across numerous seconds. the governors worried that high wage awards could embed the inflation that it hopes will relent. the pressure from ukraine, the pandemic sauce, for those pressures. the pit cod in household across the country will be still more disruption next week. another major rail union is calling for tens of thousands of workers to walk off the job on thursday and saturday, hurtful. sit al jazeera london, some of the best as leads from muslim majority, countries are competing in the islamic celera as solidarity games and turkey for many as the chance to prove that got what it takes to represent their countries at global events like the olympics result,
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soda reports from the central turkish province of kona why we're slid up the cornea sky as turkish president, jeff de paragon, integrated islamic solidarity gains. $4000.00, at least from $56.00 muslim majority countries taking part in the tournament for 25 year old. saudi weightlifter, arnold sherry, his games are very important. unity, unity and getting to know each other when making community boys and others voice. it's a news 1st international competition, but there are more experience athletes as well. i'm at the hello grandparents were forced to leave their home in haifa, israel during the 6 day war of 1967. they settled in the ask a refugee camp in nablus in the occupied westbank. his parents were born and raised there as was a hm. at himself, a lifelong dream was realized when the palestinian pike won the federation's other
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mouth fighting in 2018. since then, the 20 year old has participated in $72.00 national competitions and won 6 metals, including one gold hello. so what do you have for all of the difficulties we face are tremendous. international travel is one of the main problems as getting a permit from israel. authorities is not easy. we have limited resources and poor facilities to train and prepay for the games. but despite these obstacles, we have achieved great success. and in these games in conyers, i will do my best to win a gold medal. i love my mother's also set his sights on her present in palestine at the 2024 olympics in paris. ah, these let me sort of dorothy games isn't a high profile competition, but for many young athletes, it's an opportunity to showcase their parent. a millions of muslims, how can suffering from poverty on thickness, the ability and even simon was for decades despite.


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