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tv   Al Jazeera Investigations The Oligarchs  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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ah, safe them. mm hm. and then international anti corruption, excellence award boat. now for your hero from the for various of correct us. so the battle fields around most of our job is to get to the truth and empower people through knowledge. i believe you're like everywhere. connectivity is paramount. and yet for infrastructure and dependence on foreign corporations means too many remain offline. now, a politician and tech activists are building a home grown solution. connect libyans and secure the nation's technological sovereignty. ah, regular geeks, the citizens network, honor just you. ah, ah,
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i'm john hall in london, the top stories on al jazeera, palestinian families a morning, the victims of days of deadly bombardment by israeli jets in garza a ceasefire deal between israel and the palestinian group. is la mic. jihad is still holding after it was established by egyptian negotiators on sunday. una lci. odd reports now from garza. ah, families in garza, our morning. this funeral is for yesterday in the beginning. he and his 3 children, mohammed, dahlia and met, were killed in debate. hannah and home by an easy way in the air strike. not far away. other palestinians are surveying the damage. some have set up temporary shelters, either is they're trying to salvage their possessions in the them. listening or
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according to phillip huddle, 3 years, 3 wars, and we suffer every time they bombed the house from a different side, once from the east, once from the west, once from the north. and every time they ask us to leave. and every time we suffered, great fear, oh, the cose, israel says, a hunt for leaders of the palestinian islamic jihad, israel and its allies call them tourists. but the relatively small armed resistance group enjoy support among palestinians. the fact heavy aerial and are truly attacks on neighbourhood sing. garza and retaliatory rocket fire into east rail egypt mediated the ceasefire between israel and the islamic jihad with support from the un. and cutter is lanika had, has told a da 0. that is why of the deal. it has been assured that senior members held in
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israel lee jail will be released something that he israel denies. we had a medically decision that will not the leasing a so my son will be nauseous for the amount that will be bringing for regular my song. his name is albert law. fire we eat wanton. recall since living under decades of illegal occupation in an open air prison. the latest cease fire is just that a brief bows until the next attacks. unit c, l j 0 godsa. the palestinian ambassador to the u. n. re add monsoon has addressed the security council criticizing israel security operations. rail is so called coat and called tried to security, has become a license to killed and it must be invoked in an international law based order.
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international law is the measuring stick for anybody's actions. we are bound by its rules and remain ready to abide by them. what about the other party? can it keep rewriting the rules as it wishes? and can you accept such double standards that undermine the protection of the law everywhere? how many more times will is there a get to justify bombing our people in garza? until someone says enough is enough. russia says it's ready to facilitate a visit by monitors from the international atomic energy agency to the zapora, asia, nuclear plants, the biggest atomic power complex in europe. ukraine and russia. blame each other for recent recent shelling at the facility. the region is under russian control.
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moscow's defense ministry says a high voltage power line has been damaged. ukrainian officials accused moscow of trying to cause power blackouts. to more ships, carry and grain have departed from ukraine's black c ports under the deal agreed with russia to unblock exports. at least 10 vessels of now left ukraine's ports loaded with corn and soybeans. one ship had the pol, are ne, reached its final destination in turkey. on monday, al jazeera investigations is next revealing a daring plot hatched by powerful eastern european ala galks. ah, a president on the run,
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the certainty of corruption was amazed. aliens stolen algiers investigative unit has obtained a cache of secret files. sounds like an agreement between the criminal justice got assigned to his your blood, the nation robbed with the help of western banks. they use london as a safe haven. it's the kind of business funnel. we reveal how ukraine is being robbed for a 2nd time. under the nose of the authorities, we simply didn't have confirmation. and this looks like confirmation the proceeds go to an oligarch in hiding a man fueling a war fought by russian separatists in ukraine. just shows the way these guys do business, the gene, it 1st 3 or read off. not relevant in the media by my information you present. it is what i call the pipe through which dirty money from russia and ukraine. other countries all flow through
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hm. hopefully he can, might done. now they need to sophisticated during the uprising key abs musicians headed to independence square alongside thousands of protest is among them. was all for training. tatiana, such as a full, i think in the field. you ear 50 more well, so yeah. from will show you and i love fear. sure. extra nash not for me for the keith chin. he is that i'm not sure of his law. my book. ah, the president had refused to sign an agreement to bring ukraine closer to europe.
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the goal of revolution was not only thriving towards the e u. the goal was also to how the fair play and the perils of the game. and there was a she was against, grabbed the 3 months key of independence square became a battlefield over a 100 people lost their lives. ah. then 1 february night, you cranes president began to move house. ah, president vick deanna cove ich fled his country with help from russian special forces. he was flown by helicopter to moscow. ah, this is deborah behalf of my project in the system. my son archie ah, for tatiana ukraine's leaders alike villains in
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a comic opera. okay. in chris castillo, new martha. corny down. hello, this is robert. this walk you show me was swallow. oh, the basic one away from the country. then ty, ukrainian treasury leads accounts had a few $1000.00. so the point is that entire treasury was robbed. a soon after the revolution ukraine's people discovered how their president had been living, luna, so, so, so, so most of that iraq isn't that bishop broke me now to give dollars. the extent to sort of absurdity of corruption was amazing. it's a 6 story log cabinet. i think the biggest loan coming in the world sat in front me amazing a status so enormously. if you're going to walk around it,
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you're not gonna get around in a day. ah, was return label of what's in the palace. you see crashes could feel a 3rd or 5th. so perhaps i, you know, push the monday at noon when a little bit of a bush. gotcha. previously the palace was hidden from view even on satellite maps. now a nationalist group runs guided tours of this monument to corruption ah news from below my city of $91.00 this $4.00. when these nearly travel of recei, you will receive forgiveness to sudden ins oldham yet the command of the command picture shows up. let the ladies to pieces yield christology. and then ye know, is the nic lose. start from up within budget to swadell sky, blues store, le, give leverage keith douglas. no,
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they said she thought tim saw laulan stanley thought for drawing on doing that thing. but it thought not even is all in there when you for calling a mountain of texas, which will solve them some of course and then those the situ today. but i will not one of you know mean that if we mccord on suitcase yet, but my point is, was a decision on the pilot still got a secrecy them within the name of its re alone there would be a few young butcher in the club which did not keep money on his name. even his main house may spend last years of his life and grant it was registered on the charity
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fund. not on the garbage himself. behind that charity, a dizzying web of companies based in tax havens around the world. the ah i'm will jordan. a come to key of ukrainian capital. alger 0 is investigative unit, is obtained and dr. filled with hundreds of documents about yana coaches, network, bank statements, contracts and e mails from 2011 through the revolution until 2015. ah. they place vic tiana cove. it's the ultimate eastern european oligarch at the helm of global corruption network.
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this investigation is about how that network still operates today. and through one crooked contract, we see how oligarchs do business. often with the unwitting assistance of western banks. we've called it the quick pace deal. unbelievable. it sounds like an agreement between criminal justice if can assign it to his your blood. ah! by most estimates yana cove ich stoled, billions ukrainian investigators traced and froze 1500000000. a cypress based company called quick pace limited holds $160000000.00 of that in cash and bonds. but prosecutors froze this money because it's stolen. it can't be legally bored. no sold, can't trade. it's the point of the says it's happened to come trade them as
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a lawyer. i read this document and i understand that it's not a legal document. i wouldn't expect any court to enforce children just shares way these guys do business. i mean, the genius of really the quick pace deal involves 2 oligarchs agreeing to buy the company and it's 160000000 unfrozen assets from a mysterious seller. the contract is unsigned, but our evidence indicates the deal went ahead. they treat quick pace like buying a bankrupt company and agree a knockdown price of just $30000000.00 that they throw in a private jet as part of the payment. this is really interesting discovery. this is distress debt. basically, you get these companies in the city of london who, if someone's refusing to pay the debt, they buy it for $20.00 pay on the pound and then do their utmost to get it back and
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make a profit on it. in the oligarchs would make a clean at $130000000.00 profit. they believe they can unfreeze the assets, or as they call it, removed the arrest and pocket the money. they just need to persuade a judge to lift the fries in. if you have influence, if the course which you do in a crock jurisdiction, you crate, you can then use that influence to try and release the assets and make your money out of it. ah, the majority of judges in ukraine, they are themselves engaged corruption. they steal those. i pointed onto yardi, cookie analog ah, we've gathered evidence that establishes which all agog. so trying to make elicit profits from the quick pace deal does. we've shown this to investigators including
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john benton, the former head of the international corruption unit at britons national crime agency. these are really, really complex investigations. you've got to go through thousands and thousands and thousands. it's following the money and working out essentially the route the money takes. it appears that quick pace, limited was part of a massive embezzlement and money laundering network. under the yacht cove, it regime is illegal to be trading frozen assets. let's face planning for them moving. they say criminal offense. the whole idea is i phrased yes it, because i think it's the proceeds of crime. he's like trading in stolen goods that have been taken by the place you put in a cache and the getaway car on. yeah. ah, documents revealed it by a one in the quick place deal is alexander on his shanker,
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who operates behind offshore company, fast to low trading limited. you'll typically ukrainian oligarch, ah, oligarchy is a term that most people don't know 20 years ago. it's kind of come out of the russian system that with the russian privatization program, and these are extremely rich people with he loves horses. he's a flamboyant oligarchy. like spending money on expensive things like they all day with piece bone said miss ukraine contest and partied with the stars. pamela around assembled paris hilton, jean claude van damme with anesha co, like a lot of ukrainians, made money in the gas business. and i started
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to produce gas in ukraine. actually, a lot of the biggest company agree that was sold 3 years ago on a shank. i was seeking asylum in europe and agreed to be interviewed because he believed it would help clay his name. at 1st we didn't say that we knew about the secret, quick paced deal. he was happy to talk about his famous friends. you know, donald trump. yeah. he's doing horse competition in on beach. also, she was no one on this conquest miss universe kid. he'd want this in moscow then i met him there. so i'm here with released shoes. mm. i'll document reveals by a to in the quick pace deal public folks, his company, dorchester international incorporated. he's
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a real estate tycoon who featured in a russian business program. pina fido combine. you see to see me nipple a geniune was in not only defeat corbett by famous enough that on these the key folks promotes a hard man imaging fuel the liver like via one folks, is friends with now u. s. president donald trump is negotiated with him several times since 2004, but never completed a deal to build a trump hotel in moscow. president putin has honored folks for his contribution to the russian economy. folks own several prestigious properties in the russian capital. he built this complex in partnership with the powerful son in law, a former russian president, boris yeltsin. another partner was
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a catholic businessman, latest sentenced to jail over a multi $1000000000.00 fraud. will show something a little. he's a tough boss. the ocean, the very then you would really when the food she couldn't go to view it and won't call it a few that she'll be with you for via the wisdom. go to include the of the deal. good. you live short of personal doc. i know that's good enough with the crocker for them for the star liquid. mr and mrs. folks publish, social media snaps with a high profile julia and his wife jacob ariba was jailed for 2 years in 2008. any u. s. money laundering case. folk socializes with influential politicians, a russian m p from president putin's party now a senior banker, the mayor of ukraine, 2nd city cock, if left in a wheelchair, after
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a mafia style assassination attempt. mm hm. what's interesting about it is it the extent to which she shows that the separation between ukraine and russia can be a bit skindeep, deletes have both ukraine in russia for them. it's basically the same country, the money flows backwards and forwards the business day. ok, backwards and forwards the recently is oh, sure. company. documents to panama papers establishes folks at the helm of a huge global business empire. it begins with his offshore company, dorchester international incorporated registered in st kitts, uneven. it has holdings in companies all over the globe, indirectly in golden, eagle trust, in jersey, owned by billionaire v j. malia today facing extradition to india own fraud charges, which he denies. another link mining and tanzania and cameroon,
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to palm oil 1000000000. as in malaysia, even state to run pharmaceuticals in cuba, they all operators are kind of transnational klan now. have them lawyers and cyprus that have them money enough. yeah. it's a national structure which they have creative since the former soviet union, which is very, very resilience and very hard to penetrate to since the collapse of the soviet union a quarter century ago, ukraine's been cold between russia and the west. after the 2014 revolution, pro western governments been in place, but it's launched a war on corruption forwarded by a national anti corruption bureau built on american and european money. opening it up, some of the many, i think on this and then also go into on the america bother you. more than likely they, well,
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the bureaus well known for arresting low level judges and civil servants and counting out that cache on camera. but it hasn't got any high level convictions, typically an ocean because this has put on with didn't pick up place. it's just not going. so was discussion bushes. but when it is emotional abroad in those live in gym bush with shameless opportunity, and it appears that the revolution that toppled young coach did not remove the oligarchs who served him with augusta and the mother of both of shows of the process of, with both at the grace caput immovably this mission. mm hm. okay. and so clean cleaning of said the pin in mine is i suppose she looked at the foot in by a one in the quick pace deal. alexander on
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a shank is on the run in western europe with his riches the ukraine government says he swindled them out of a $100000000.00 on a gas deal. on a shank o says the president told him to bribe m pays and has now turned against him and wanted in. okay, and that's why am i now in europe? mm. actually this case is political motivation. case. would you say you're against corruption there, but you've paid bribes. you've been corrupt. i've been corrupt and in just a selection of what is it and say, in the whole country that is not other way. that is not a bonus. shank, i was the anti corruption bureaus. most wanted fugitive the hunting him for the guests swindle. they rated his office in march 2016,
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even had his mother arrested in madrid. during that rate we understand. they picked up a copy of our document, the quick pace deal. despite this, they seemed to be doing little to bring the oligarchs involved to justice. vanessa anesha, e missus, this is kim businessman of fulsome visibility. and they been my only because of when you simona, i'm with just asked anybody and company in the you, mr. sanction. i'm due very soon by a to hobble fucks, a man whose business empire spans the globe. we traced some of his property assets . missus folks is a social media star regularly in london. the photographer always takes pictures in the same place. the up market bell gravy. a neighbourhood near the spanish embassy and at home. sweet home. we located the building,
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property records show it was purchased in 2012 for 25000000 pounds or around 40000000 dollars by another company based in the british virgin islands called latina associates limited using a mortgage from barclays bank, and the panama papers leak reveals that latina associates is owned by misses folks and mister folks, his company to which is the international london is a favour destination for many oligarchs and their money. london as an international fund that you said, we don't just have the professional services that could be hijacked and used. we also have all the trimmings where you might want to spend your money in london. you buy anything. you buy yourself mentioning kensington. you buy yourself a lot of fanatics on the base. you buy yourself a yacht at the lunch by shy. ah,
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this building in central london house is a company called chesterfield group. is what's called a company formation agent. the crucial tool for any oligarchs such as pebbles, folks for a small fee, they'll set up a company for you and you can remain anonymous. it can be of sure with an address that is not yours. the names director would be you. the name secretary wouldn't be you. you simply control it in the background. while you'll know many cutouts protect your identity. mm hm. if anyone ever comes to ask the question, they just throw their hands up in the air and say, i don't know, i was just nominee director and i was this just to feel group. i came to ask you some questions about public books. and so effectively, these cut out characters, then d, personalize, and distance, the money from any of the real perpetrators of the situation. we emailed and cooled you, but you didn't respond. you can create
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a company in the u. k. 13 pounds. and it takes you, i've done it that 9 minutes and i'm no one checks the information that you provide. literally no. and there are 350000 companies created by company formation agents in the u. k. every yeah. ah. this all face and chesterfield group a closely linked to folks ah, chesterfield building is owned by a company based in the british virgin islands. gibberish group bought in 2015 for around $5000000.00 with barclays mortgage gerberg group is owned by fixes company, dorchester international chesterfield has branches in cyprus. i love matt island, the bahamas, and of course, london, in many cases. dorchester international is the named director. if you could accompany formation nature registered and that company formation page,
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it is fully companies for you that and that media lay suspicious. it's a huge, huge alarm about chesterfield appears to be a captive company formation agent. in other words, creating companies for its own. it makes perfect sense lane. if i was not gump, i'll do that. yeah, i mean, your own company flesh vision. why don't sell them to you makes given a slight 2nd christmas present, a guy who's a london company with the bank jack, bring him in part to we confront alexander on a shank co, one of the buyers of quick pace. there is like general business that you can buy cheaper in regard to, to fix the problem, to, to make the money. and we reveal a man believe to be the seller of the frozen assets. these unbalanced and unhinged,
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he's a vengeful person, unprincipled, and ruthless. the 1960s, the decade of change across the middle east and north africa. in the 2nd of a 3 part series al jazeera world explores the explosion of arts and culture. intellectuals were building new dreams and ideas because the revolutions of the 964 non political, but all the mining from music to t v. the poetry of protest and revolutionary film making the sixty's in the arab world culture. oh, now jazeera, i care about how the u. s. a gated with the rough world. we're really didn't take you into a play. you might not visit otherwise and feel as if you were there. lou .
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journal in london, the top stories on al jazeera, almost 24 hours after it was declared, a cease fire between israel and the palestinian islamic jihad in garza appears to be holding at least $45.00 palestinians were killed in the conflict. the egypt bro could truce followed 3 days of violence with israel targeting members of islamic jihad. in response, the group fired hundreds of rockets into israel, but most were intercepted the palestinian ambassador to the you and reared mansoor has addressed the security council saying the children of garza deserve better and we need protection. our civilians are entitled to protection our children deserve protection. a law cut doom was a 5 years old. and i am sure that all of you have seen had pictures.
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innocent injury. do you know how hard it is to speak in the past tense of those who have yet to experience life? allah cut, doom was 5 years old. and she was already 3 wars old. she survived the 1st 2, not the 3rd one. russia says it's ready to facilitate a visit by monitors from the international atomic energy agency to the upper asia nuclear plot. it is the biggest atomic power complex in europe, ukraine and russia. blame each other for recent shelling at the facility. the region is under russian control. moscow's defense ministry says a high voltage power line has been damaged. ukrainian officials accused moscow of trying to cause power blackouts, a top commander of the pakistani taliban. abdul,
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while a moment has been killed. a package on government officials says he was killed along with 3 others in neighboring afghanistan. my man was on the u. s. state department's wanted list. the european union has table to final text us talks about reviving the iran nuclear deal wrap up in vienna. the united states says it's ready to quickly conclude a deal based on the text, but iran says it's not ready to talk about finalizing things just yet. al jazeera investigations is next. ah, in part one, how full me ukrainian president, victor young coverage stole billions. $1500000000.00 was frozen. we have obtained documents that expose applause in 2015 to steal again $160000000.00 of that money
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is held in a company called quick pace limited. it involves 2 oligarchs payable folks and alexander on a shank, i'm planning to buy a quick pace is frozen assets at a knock down price on blue. it sounds like and go in and between criminal justice if can assign it to his your blood. now we reveal where the stolen money is destined and the identity of the reclusive 3rd oligarch believe to be selling the frozen assets. these unbalanced and unhinged, he's a vengeful person, unprincipled and ruthless. a story about documents takes us back to the hey day if the corruption of ukraine's former president yana cove itch. deeper into one network of his offshore companies . it traces to path of hundreds of millions of dollars out of ukraine from 2011 to
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his escape. in 2014 through foreign bank accounts, and into the pockets of jani coach and his cronies. she cried and became independent in 1991. it has been essentially looted by its beliefs again and again and again. and the tactics they use are essentially always identical. faceless lawyers, accountants and bankers helped to pass hundreds of millions of dollars around the network summers loans referenced redistribution of means. summers payments for building materials, home electronics, some because motor bikes, even park, a flooring in the philosophy of money, wonders is to create a situation where the money has moved through so many different companies. and so
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many different countries, i'm in so many different accounts, thereby effectively wandering and because nobody has the resources to i figured out, ah, while he was still in power, the piano coverage network used quick pace to launder money. sometimes moving relatively small amounts via complex paths. with the help of western banks. one document showed a payment of full point $4000000.00 made by quick pays from its nominal home as a cypress registered company. the money was held in a quick pace account in vienna with austria's mine old back. it was wired to an account in frankfort with comments back on to deutscher bank in new york. it ended up at voltage international bank in latvia, new account of a shell company, folks trone networks, limited foxtrot, like quick ice is registered in cyprus. none of the banks appear to have raised
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a red flag. what's called a suspicious activity report. it's very easy for a bank to fill out a suspicious activity. 4th is actually present, but the trouble is a who's digesting this. the switch 2nd reports. and the answer is, in many cases, nobody. the documents, linking quick pace to foxtrot networks in turn, link quick pace to one of the world's highest profile. money laundering scandals. it was discovered by russian accounted sir gay magnet school. he was working for an investment firm based and moscow and run by bill brown. sergei exposed it. he was then arrested, tortured and killed in prison. mm. the russian government says magnet ski died of natural causes and accuses browder of the fraud browed, a claims russian officials stole $230000000.00 in state fund. a huge quarter
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$1000000000.00 russian government, embezzlement, synonymous with justice and corruption in russia. frightening reminder of how quickly money can disappear. all documents reveal that foxtrot networks had been wired money by quick pace. in march 2014, we then discovered that folks drawn was owned by one of the companies at the heart of the magnet ski a fed final limited final limited is one of the central parts of the apparatus, like the spigot on the pipe. mm. final is effectively a nominee company, that is the director for a number of very crucial points in this money laundering network. very quick pace and the company wide money to folks troll networks, a registered in cyprus,
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which ukrainians funnel their money offshore to cyprus. and then um, which beyond and then bring it back again. so it looks like foreign investments. you can't really tell the loans in the quick pace deal. another cypress company, pronto service limited, is named as the seller of the $160000000.00 in frozen assets. but prone to service is just a cut out and no money shareholder is owns the assets on paper. but the re alona is hiding behind it. christina cyrus is the name secretary of prone to service. the cypress is loya and off shore expert. cyrus refused our request for an interview war to divulge the name of the person behind the service. but we tracked it down in a secretly recorded conversation. she confirmed that quick pace had been sold looking at a company called quick pace time,
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so i remember it was enough. closing ended with the cypress company registry shows quick pace was transferred to one of public books is many companies and the mole property holdings with the help of his company formation agent, chesterfield. ready ready ready ready ah, the leaked documents also provide evidence that the quick pace deal was done, or at least that his 1st phase began. pebble folks apparently made a payment from a london bank, a transfer $2000000.00 from barclays, canary wolfe, georgia bank in new york was used to move the money. they passed it to an offshore company with an account in latvia and a mystery owner. the money went through no red flags. western banks have had
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a hard time making money over the last few years. so when somebody shows up and says, i like to set up an account, but $100000000.00. i have to look for a pretty good reason, not to set up the account of the documents in the li cletus to a british village, north of london under british law as a type of company that allows foreign owners to avoid tax and scrutiny. it's called a limited liability partnership. companies for it, some people call them getaway. 'cause, for corrupt money i have had to better described is on the plate. 0, one of the companies is registered here. this is the official office of a company with hundreds of millions of dollars. finkel resources, l. l, p. according to bank statements, lead to us then cool, made $328000000.00 in just 6 months of 2013. but in
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public accounts filed with u. k. authorities finkel claimed it made less than $7000.00. it looks like fraud. so he came to ask about it. the manages of the address of the registered office had refused our request for an interview. another one is will jordan, i work with our 0, we doing a, an investigation into a ukraine. this hod fit your office has registered over 1500 companies. so the people who work here just run a post book service with the director, secretary and address all be in proxies finding out who really owns a company, can be almost impossible if you own something in your own. then if you look on the company, registering the property registered so that you guys all have his house. but if i
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own that house in company, and if my british company is owned by that, say, a separate company, big my separate company is owned by, let's say, a panamanian company. and if my many companies i'm buy uneven company, and if you want to find out who owns this house, you have to go to every one of those jurisdictions and ask them to enter that company. ah, hello. hello . i wanted to ask about a couple of companies ah, single resources, ah finkel resources features in the files. it's know many directors were also involved in the magnet ski scandal, latvians citizen, cool, the jewelry bittman signs the papers for fin cole. he's just to cut out for the person who really owns and controls the company. another director is stun goren.
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again, a cutout whose name is regularly used as a frontman by money loaders. these name direct as may be paid for, then no many role, but a likely ignorant of any fold information you've presented is what i call the pipe . this is the pipe through which dirty money from russia, ukraine, other countries in that part of the world all flow through these are all effectively part of the same criminal operation. ah, the pipeline leads to moscow. as well as the links with the magnet ski effect, the documents feature, hundreds of emails from lawyers faced here. s o consent to conceal the name of that client. they right in cryptic language. good evening. february 26th, 2015. for the book on the top shelf technical task,
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read the book and give a positive review of the council. the decision of 3 flaws to leave enforced the decision of one and 2 flows. sincerely is it agreed with my supervisor. but who is the supervisor? we found the answer buried deep in a key document alone agreement shows. quick pace was used to put up collateral by a company called vet, act media, invest, in order to borrow a huge funds in october 2013. vatike belongs to sir gay kit chang, time known as the baby faced gas king of ukraine. by age 27, he was with $400000000.00 from a president janica, which apparently treated him like a wallet. could jenko gave cash to the president whenever he needed it? ah,
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he's given control of a chunk of the gas trade. he made a lot of money for himself and then he cut back most of it then to his pistol patrons, which was a kind of issue which is on. there's more evidence pointing to get jenko was the seller a lawyer called or is good self appears in the emails. russian business records show, he's director of united media holdings. united media used to belong to sir gay. katrinka gretchen co was just business men, but i can say a very talented corrupt guy because he used to retreat you schemes very unusual schemes to still mon today. he's in hiding and moscow wanted in ukraine sanction in the u. s. and europe. his office is
11:47 pm
in a skyscraper complex, developed by puzzled folks. his companies, 2 of his former drivers told us more about him. katrinka was always asking when we will arrive. if you don't answer immediately unified. it was the worst job i ever had. he swears he screams at his employees. he fires $2.00 to $3.00 people every month. he's very inadequate. the drive is a worried that they'll be in danger. if that former boss finds out they've been talking to us these unbalanced and on the engine, he's a vengeful person, unprincipled and ruthless kinko's only given 3 interviews to journalists, one was the van golden off at the law. he, i wish thing that you will leave by you really? my leave to up chris the leave, the diversity will resolve my problem in the media of come up. yes.
11:48 pm
awesome. ah yes. although i can them. yeah. us of sna dash excel. i keep glucose 20 says i have to put sheet james alcohol daniels spa coitus. yeah. but the important that you will, the majority of us yoga fell almost i didn't. you don't wish revenues though. we tracked down could jenko using information from his full my show for us is guarded by alpha group fullness counter terrorism, special forces they are, fulton was and have state metals. they are armed with rubber bullets just before 7 a. m. the guards receive information that he's coming. they get in position. ah, there are 5 calls, 18 people in the convoy. the cause a fitted signal block is with a $200.00 me to range. the convoy includes on security. could
11:49 pm
jenko travels in the 2nd bullet proof vehicle as a mobile ambulance with a medic is a 4th vehicle blocking the entrance to the complex and a 5th sweep, a cock. jenko had an argument with some chechen guys in a restaurant. after that step of his security coaching co rushes out jim's for a split 2nd before he's inside the building his doth bring his things and the driver's park and white. we often drive into the ministry of economic development, the ministry of natural resources, the national space agency, full. so the russian presidential administration stated gas,
11:50 pm
firm gas from state oil firm rosen, aft state funded the tb bank own just with ha gyla. i thought of his intake of sketchy school based. ah, and now the, the shipping is the good old, but those are up to 30 sash when you were used. forgive us more than institutionally when you crash, like i will, that ukraine spy agency reports that he's helping the russian side in the conflict in ukraine. he's running some of the biggest coal oil and gas companies in annexed crimea and areas controlled by russian separatists on stalls whistle. and so no a huge, we're e and i just renewed, we'll guns for the next connect next week. in most countries, you have the government. if criminals, i have business men in russia,
11:51 pm
all those distinctions and effectively disappeared. it's the interest of fresh air to destroy crane from inside. it's against the interest of kremlin, for ukraine to succeed in anti corruption. ah. through the quick pace deal, we've uncovered a plot to profit from the 1000000000 stolen by the clans surrounding for me ukrainian president, victor yana. coach. the baby faced felina used dozens of lawyers seemingly to turn frozen assets into clean money. our evidence was confirmed by one of the buyers of quick pace was one of the business term, their ex government. so gay cut chairs and it was etching thoroughness,
11:52 pm
jenko, buying assets stolen in a grand corruption case is just another day at the office. there is like kind of business that you can buy cheaper and to try to how to say to fix the problem, to, to make the money she's about to come. when i revealed that we had the quick based document on a shanker denied that the deal went ahead. that was like normal, but this one is not happened yet. we didn't buy it didn't, but no, they wanted to sell us assets which was already frozen. they get us very good discount, but then with chick coolest laker on kosovo to on for the record. ah, they may not yet have made money, but all evidence directly contradicts on a shank. his account that the deal did not go ahead. official documents recorded change of ownership of quick pace. a lawyer in cyprus said the sale had happened
11:53 pm
a crime something? yeah, i remember a concussion was in that was closing, ukraine's anti corruption bureau also confirmed the sale. ah, anesha e. mr. this is, can businessman of, fulsome legal predicted to it never happened to marry him? ah, oil was about but not visible on shows 0. when was the just read the offices of ukraine's anti corruption bureau, a powerful politician with his entourage. his arrived to complain of june the cold war colon nate's game. oberman la baran was just was adaptive with wandering waco monday. oh, what was what the, give me not use for our both. there was like a while to get in on you for watching the mission of a millionaire politician had just learned that he was under investigation. yeah.
11:54 pm
where you go with one, how would you, when he that what, what do you think we really knew that he would die without the argument all streamed live on national television. he craved corruption aside of wealthy politicians verses and as a holiday netscape, the young new anti corruption prosecutes, obviously more of cousin admitted to put the last oil show you. but also wish chambliss could the supplemental going to provide you either way of massage but which does not. okay. no it was dallas eat gone. cynical. acute bluffs are all brick wall while you are the grades you miss young. i thought, yonder, what longer do y'all radio, grady we are witnessing old, traditional corrupt system. always with you. i wanted to know who tried to the heiress. impossible to destroy this new agency. only with sure that diseases think you bought this girl.
11:55 pm
she wasn't, they all know who don't kill at all. my dad is my, i'm sure that's the only but a that the anti corruption bureau is drowning in paperwork. and it's case against on a shank o is falling apart. what chances do you think there are of seeing the strong shanker behind boss, to god that an a gully who she man, but i'll hold on said middleman wolf, sasha, been for his production. and what chance do you think there is that you will ever go to prison? i know, like we say in ukraine that nobody should come to please him. yeah. ah, ukraine's anti corruption chiefs console themselves by saying they've seized on a shank as private jet. but height, so thankful it's of wins, but as it has your locals at night, a little mill on what i want to put that was pretty high. so it's pretty high school. but even that appears to be an illusion.
11:56 pm
ah, we tracked down the jet, sitting at luton airport in the u. k. m. it was sold in march last year for $25000000.00. today it's for cha to the super ready, costing around $30000.00 an hour. can i see one of your private jets? now? the book fair is not. this is not for me. not julia. ah. for its people now the poorest in europe. the ukrainian tragedy plays on carson on channels picked out my done. i ended up on a fuel. yeah, oh my gosh, yes, blue it went up within that that it was it that was there like before the so what,
11:57 pm
what the roster and i said it was a there was an issue. see if was united, so delincia police on the person that are starting to push the little ugly was with alexander on a chateau, has now been granted asylum in spain. pebble folks is stepping up his investments in ukraine buying gas companies and possibly a bank. ah, so gay kit jenko has london lawyers working to overturn his sanctions and on fries is money. never get away with it. if you look at the amount of money that stolen in developing countries globally for a year is estimated at a trillion dollars with a t. how much is recovered out of every $1000.00 that stolen? $0.25? ah, yes, it is honestly,
11:58 pm
there should be other need to pull up in the global call. it's actually my beneficial katie oil is full cost for sienna marshall with ah
11:59 pm
ah m.
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ah, what is the ocean with this place? what is different says witness change. witness happiness, witness, blood, witness. sunlight, witness. blood, witness, loss. witnessed charity, witness confusion, which is clarity, witness, family and witness. friends. witness the beginning. witness. the end witness. life witness on algebra. ah.


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